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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  May 9, 2014 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman time for great videos from the web "right this minute." a long boarder wipes out during a race but -- >> looks like it is not a big deal. >> see what happened. ♪ a bride and groom have their wedding guests going. >> incredible. >> the story behind the song from the heart. a car has got the green light but watch what comes out in the streets. the terrifying sight of a toddler in danger.
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plusz, h, how to win an ipa miniand a master sergeant is created by his dog- dog-molo. >> see the moment she knows daddy is home the south africa long boarding races. you think, what could possibly happen? they slide off the course and hit these hay bales right here. kind of what happens. that was jed kenny taking a bit of a tumble. he flies off the course and hits the hay bale. looks like it is not a big deal. let's play that video now. what! he gets creamed by one of the other long boarders coming down the course behind him. he knew it too. you can tell. he slides into the bale. he knew he needed to try to get out of the way. he stands up quickly and tries to evade this oncoming hit. he had to get the wind knocked
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out of him at least. a little bit more than that. here is a photo on jed's instagram. he was in the hospital for the day. no word on the exact injuries but he was hurt by this. in a different race, here comes steven purple hayes down the track. >> same curve? >> same spot. steven hayes slides down and goes down two riders behind him. both guys smacking him right in the face. stephen credits the predator helmet with saving him from much more serious injuries. here is stephen's picture on his instagram panel. >> she see when he hit his head a helmet pops up a little bit. you can tell how it protected his head. >> a really brutal crash. >> as a fisherman, sometimes you cast your line when you reel something in. what's on the other end of the line isn't what you were out there to fish for.
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>> like a boot? >> or another fish that's not necessarily what you are out there to catch. that's what happened to the robert arrington, our buddy from the deer meat youtube channel. he was out there using a technique called a long line, which is intended to fish fortuna or durado, ma he, ma he. he actually hooked a big sailfish. these things are spectacular creatures. robert, as we know, cares a lot about the animals. he said, if he could keep this on the line, it could die. >> what does robert do? >> jumps in the water. >> i'm just going to jump in. >> just going to jump into the water next to this giant fish. according to national geographic, 100-120 feet long. it is the build i'm wore rid about. also, the fastest fish in the ocean at 68 miles her hour it
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can swim. think about the car on the highway. eventually, we get so close we are able to see the whole thing. it got part of the eye too. >> poor little fellow. now, robert has a glove on. he got ahold of the fish's bill. there it is. a few tugs of the hook and you can see what's left there after he unhooks the hook. >> he is just swimming along holding the fish's bill for a few moments getting a couple more awkward sts of this beautifu animal. there you see theakback into th sure he will heal up just fine. this dash cam video demonstrates every parent's nightmare. this car has a green light but watch what comes out in the street. >> oh, my gosh. >> oh, my goodness. >> that was the taxi. now, mom is giving chase. mom doesn't catch up to this kid until they get across the street. let's go back in the video and you could see that driver had to
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see that kid running on the sidewalk on the side of the road. that's an alert driver. well done to that driver. that is a tiny little toddler. that child couldn't be more than two years old. >> you have to be thankful that little kid is wearing bright clothing. maybe that helped the driver too. >> now, in helsinki, the person that posted this said, quote, it seems to have been my fault. you can see here this driver is in the right lane. the driver is going up to the light. the light turns green and the driver this is he has the right of warrant look what's coming across the street. >> oh, biker. >> a biker was coming across the street. >> that is the driver's fault because the biker has the crossing sign. >> bicyclists aren't supposed to be on the sidewalk and they are not supposed to be going into traffic. >> hey, everybody. we have an ipad minito give away coming up in a minute. >> you are going to need the buzz word and a twitter account. >> now, remember, you have to be
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at least 18 years old and a u.s. resident to enter. that buzz word is coming up. >> hang tight. the rtm ipad giveaway is coming up in just a little bit. >> always pretty fantastic when our service members come home. that reunion is amazing. what about when those service members get a surprise where they are at. this is at mazza wa air force base in japan. that is amanda williams and she just showed up to surprise her boyfriend jake who is stationed there. >> all the way in japan. >> she is a college student in florida. during spring break, she decided to take the long flight to japan. right here is the moment he walks out of that door. >> of course, the moment of what's happening? am i seeing what i think i'm seeing. then, the yes, it is. they run over and hug each other. it is awesome. >> that is a weird moment where you see somebody completely out of place where you are not
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expecting to see them. you might as well go that way. >> her dad was able to help pull this off. he too is stationed there. i think he is the one behind the camera. >> that has to be nerve-racking for the boyfriend. >> dad can keep an eye on you. >> of all the places to go, that's cool she went could to a military base. >> check this other reunion out. this is the opposite. this is dad coming home after a long deployment. it is not the son, sister, brother, mother. it is actually his dog lola. these are fun too. puppies are so excited. >> puppies. >> it looks like she is posing for pictures. >> a quick look back at the camera. here we are. >> this actually happened back in 2013. but it is just now getting a lot of attention online.
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>> 360 degrees around the world on a bike. >> 36 countries in the course of 600 days. >> hear all about the diaries of a modern motorcyclist. >> explain what it is like to just leave society for three years. >> some p.d.a. gets freaky. >> it's not like a little peck. it is one tongue-touching. >> why this sucky-face setup was so over the top? dog: get four years interest-free financing
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i love this video so much. it makes me want to run through this office wall screaming and never come back. wow. sg glion. >> this was alex chacone, traveling around the world on his motorcycle. 125,000 plus miles, 36 countries in the course of 600 days. >> that's freaking awesome, that land, that sea. under water, desert. >> he is jumping off a bridge or something? >> he went bungee jumping. he is 26 years old. he does this for fun but also does a lot of charity works ahe travels. he is a graduate of the university of texas graduating with honors. he decided to sell everything and set off. >> the cool thing about this is that it shows, it proves that material things are worth nothing. >> here to tell us a little bit more about these modern moto diaries, we have alex chacone to
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celebrate. explain what it is like to just leave society for three years? >> i can tell it is one of the most liberating experiences any human can have, basically disconnecting with the technological world we live in today. >> what made you drop everything and go? >> as a kid, i was always looking at a globe and wondering what places in the world looked like. finally, after graduating college, it is time to go search in a much long and time-consumed career. >> what would you sa i to people who say, i don't have the money. i don't have the means. i can't go do this. >> if that question was asked of me a while back, i would have told you, i fell all that criteria when i first went. it was something that needed to be done within he moo. there is something greater and very profound that i need to go capture, grab and share with everybody. how does this adventure change your perspective of the world. >> it is not as scary as you think. it is very humble with amazing people, places and experiences
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that i wish everybody could experience themselves to help enrich their own lives. >> how about the charity work you did. >> it was more about showing people about personal goings to different places in each of the 30 some countries basically to help inspire people saying, whether you are at your local homeless shelter or halfway across the world to help someone in need, it is always a hands reach. >> it might be hard to answer this one. your whole video is pretty incredible. do you have one favorite shot? >> if you had ten kids, could you really choose one that you loved the most. >> good answer. trut me. you are going to want to see is this entire video. go to and click on today's show. hey, everybody, jack vail. i am out with my son justice and my daughter, ashley. >> jack vail took his two kids, fraternal twins out to the street to freak people out a little bit. his two children, his two twins are actors. they want to practice their scene. >> they got a lead in the school play and they are practicing
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this little thing, trying to get it down perfect. would you watch? >> you said you have always loved me. >> help me. >> i will help you. with this tip. >> brother and sister? >> brother and sister. they are twins, fraternal twins. they are playing the leads in the play. >> thank you. >> that's perfect. >> that old dude said, that's perfect. >> i think he was trying to be nice. >> fraternal twins. we are not eye dependent tall. we are just fraternal. like that makes it better. >> they were born at the same time and technically came out of the same vagina. >> how do you kiss your brother like this? >> they were just acting. >> that's acting, whether you are acting or not. >> i'm surprised as how quickly people are led to believe that they are brother and sister. they don't seem to consider that
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this could be fake. >> you did. you guys did good. you don't want to say what. >> brother and sister. >> we don't actually get to see the big reveal where they tell people that they are not really siblings. it is still pretty hysterical to see these people try to wrap their minds around this. >> gut, gut. >> how does a lottery ticket prank end up with a homeless man getting a fully furnished house? >> i love this story. this was so fantastic. >> next, "right this minute." and, still to come, the bride and groom put on a show. they are about to play a song for the crowd that they wrote. ♪ i will stand by you ♪ >> the musical vows that have the web feeling the love. plus, a machine that let's you flap your wings. >> this is designed to simulate bird flight. this is like that dream we've all had where somewhere you figure out you can fly. >> and, don't miss thursday's
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i have a video that i think is going to showcase what true love looks and sounds like. this gorgeous couple, michael and charissa, when the video starts, you can tell it is their wedding day. this is very different from what you normally see at the wedding. the groom is holding the guitar and has a stand mike if front of him. the bride has a drum strapped around her neck. they are about to play a song that they wrote. when they started writing the song together, they realized they were writing their vows. ♪ i will stand by you ♪ i will right there to help you stay strong ♪ ♪ i won't let you go
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♪ i won't let you go ♪ no matter where you are, no matter where you are. . >> this song called "no matter where you are" this wedding happened in front of friends and families but this video was just released. this duo, this he have some talent. they released this wedding video to promote their brand new album that was released on republic records. the album appropriately titled no matter where you are. >> much different than the old until death do we part. ♪ >> they both have that kind of superstar quality. you can also tell that they are so in love and they are incredibly popular, because of their vine video. ♪ drunken love
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♪ don't give up >> that's awesome. incredible. >> the guy makes a lot of music with his mouth. i'll be there. >> since the beginning of time, i've got to believe man has been trying to fly like a bird. >> looks like a sensation that we all want. now, we're getting closer. check out this device. it was called bird leap. it was built and designed by students at the university of the arts. you see a fan and a couple of different is p tons. it is a pretty odd-looking device. you soon realize this is designed to simulate bird flight. it simulates. >> this is not lifting off the ground. >> not lifting off the ground but you lay on this table. you stick your arms through these wing-type things and you wear an objecting cue lus wrist. that's a virtual reality set of
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goggles that gives you a 360-degree view. you flap your wings like a bird. you flex your wing tips to steer and those pistons underneath your wings give you the resistance of flight. a fan is there. the faster you fly, the faster the fan goes. so it feels like the wind is going through your hair even faster. there is even a sensation for your nose, different scenes that you pass over. you will smell cerp things. you may manage to include all five senses then. >> that's insane, like sensory overload. >> you are not tasting anything. >> i couldn't think of the word. we got them all. >> this could be as close as people may get to that sensation without having to do one of the extreme sports of sky diving or wing flying or anything like that. >> okay, everybody. it is time for us to give ayea an ipad miniz to enter, you ep
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ter on our website, "right this minute".com. click on the win a miniand enter today's buzz word. >> the buzz word for thursday is internet. >> get on over to "right this minute".com and click on the ipad button and enter thursday's buzz word, internet. >> don't worry, if you don't win today, we are giving away another ipad minitomorrow and don't forget to follow us on twitter. >> good luck, everybody. there is a big bear in the yard and not everybody is happy about it. >> whoa! here is how the bulldogs won on each side. they flank this bear. >> see
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train ride. >> that can happen now. some cooky animal behavior caught by surveillance cameras. this first video. you see this giant black bear in this new hampshire backyard. i'm going to turn on the sound for you. oh, did you hear that? some barking dogs.
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two bulldogs. >> a big bear. he is so big. i am always amused when they stand up. is that somebody with a suit. no. it is just a bear. two bulldogs were out on the porch. this he get so excited by the black bear. they go after the big bear. the bulldogs, one on each side, they flank this bear. >> they are protecting the house. the dogs, not afraid. this is the most docile bear in the history of bears. >> it almost looks like he is going to dance with him for a second. runs off the screen. you think the bear would just realize it is a bear. the owners did know, you can hear them in the background screaming. this video is a little older but it is just now trending. >> we are watching this lady who just kind of pulled the stroller down the sidewalk. you see her talking to her neighbor and she is looking for something. she is peeping under that porch. what could be under there.
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>> that is a crazy scream. what could it possibly be. >> it is a raccoon. >> she leaves a baby in the baby stroller. >> that was the question of the day. i don't know. if there is a child in there, that's scary. watch it again. the raccoon doesn't look too terrified. >> what scary is that a wild animal is coming after you. we are sort of freaked out. >> that's our show. we'll see you next time.
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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we have the best videos of the day right this minute. groomsmen spot a fisherman in trouble. so they strip down to their underwear. >> how their heroic action made for one memorable wedding day. >> a speeding driver spots a cop. so he decided to turn up the wick and take off. >> why running from police just might work this time. >> the little girl sees something scary. >> dad is like,


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