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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  May 10, 2014 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. from police officer to fundraiser. the efforts tonight to help a family devastated what an apparent road-rage incident ends in death. >> i didn't expect to have this type of response. >> good evening, i'm kebpritchept in tonight for ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes and that san josi police officer like others in the bay area was shocked over the killing of a man after a confrontation on the city street. he and other officers have launched an interstate-fueled fundraising campaign. new at 10:00 ktvu's patti lee spoke to the over and the drive's widow, who is struggling both emotionally
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financially. >> the fundraising site wept live at midnight and already it has raised more than $11,000 and remember the original goal was to raise $10,000 in the next 51 days dh winn lights a candle in memory of her husband and two sons. fook lam was shot by a driver who was enraged after their cars nearly collided and lam's sister describes him as generous and gentle. >> he worked from 4:00 a.m. in the morning, i'm sorry. >> it's one of those things that it hit home. >> when officer juan winn
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heard about the family's plight, he chipped in and helped out. >> they need a future and without raising the money that future is not looking that bright. >> reporter: a father of two himself winn says he felt compelled to help a family he never meted and he wasn't the only one. >> it was very surprising that people opened their hearts and wallet to help the family in need. i didn't expect to have this type of response. >> reporter: over the past few hours from has been so many interest raised in the fundraising effort that the ultimate fund raising goal has been raised to l50,000. as for the investigation, police say there is no one in custody because because the shooting happened in broad daylight and so many witness accounts they say it's just a matter of time. patti lee, ktvu channel 2 news. >> if you would like to help, go to our website of the we
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have posted the information on look under "web link." history in professional sports the national football league drafted its first openly gay player. kutv's debora villalon is here with the moment and reaction to michael sam's selection. >> reporter: sam is a ram, picked by st. louis and he had to wait for it. finally getting the call at the tail-end of the draft. >> there you see him on the phone and there you see the raw emotion. we have seen this so many times over and over again for so many players. >> reporter: michael sam sent just any player, but the first to be drafted by the nfl as an openly gay man. the pressure the joy, it all poured out as he sobbed, doubled over until the call ended and sam did what draftees have been doing for three days, kissed his partner in celebration, an embrace felt around the world. >> oh, no, oh, no! >> reaction as one of the bay
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area's most traditional sportsbar, ricky's in san leandro. >> i was raised in catholic family, the world is changing and i'm happy for it. >> i wish you guys would say michael sam, how is football going? how is training going? >> reporter: the spotlight has been on sam since he came out in february. >> i just wish you would see me as michael sam the football player rather than as michael sam the gay football player. >> reporter: but after all of the accolades for his college success, talk lately shifted from his sexuality to his football skills and how his size and speed would transfer to the nfl. >> the st. louis rams select michael sam, defensive end, missouri. >> the team had to need him and not be deterred by his
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notoriety. >> he deserved it. >> well, maybe nobody wanted to take a chance, nobody wants to cross that barrier. >> to tell someone that i am gay shouldn't be a big problem. i have endured so much many my past. >> michael sam is beloved in missouri from his college stardom and st. louis assumes a good fit assuming he makes the team. the sportsbar owner ricky says he would love to see michael sam drop by, too. >> debora villalon. >> more details reaction on social media was swift. openingly gay nba player jason collins responded to the draft pick on twitter. he wrote "i am getting ready for my game against the miami heat, but i wanted to say congrats to mike sam football and the st. louis rams great pick and good luck."
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and singer john legend had this to say on twitter, "congratulations to michael sam, it's a victory for love." we'll take a look at tonight's wrap and tell you the players picked by the 49ers and raiders. now to some big weather changes from sunny and warm to cool and windy. want to show you a live look at oakland's jack london square. you can see large american flag kind of waving there in the wind. it was a rather windy day at times throughout much of bay area. and rain splashed across the lens of our highway 4 camera at about 4:30 this afternoon. we sped up this video so you can see the mix of sun and clouds as they moved through. that same system brought a little snow to the sierras. this is what it looks like in the soda springs area tonight and you can see some snow sticking to the ground along interstate 80. the clouds and rain along mount diablo. we have got warmer weather on the way and fire danger will
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soon be a concern. >> certainly will be a little bit of he everything today. as ken just said ketget ready for some change. >> meteorologist mark tamayo. >> two different weather worlds with the cool winds and spotty showers, but we're in a transition to a major warm-up and increasing fire danger here in bay area. as far as the winds, lots of complaints about the winds around the coast and bay. some of the gusts you can see sfo 46 miles per hour. napa at 35 miles per hour. san josi, topped out29 miles per hour. now one shower band clipping parts of bay area, parts of north bay from mapa to closer parts east bay, concord and this afternoon at 3:00 and 4:00 here is the wider perspective. as you can see that energy moving into the sierra as well in the form of clouds and some snow showers. things have cleared out quite a bit over the past few hours. i was talking about the warm-up and already a fire weather warning being prepped out
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towards southern california beginning tomorrow, last until 8:00 tomorrow night because the winds will be a factor and here in the bay area, we're expecting a big jump in the temperatures as well. that will increase our fire danger. so today temperatures in the upper 50s to 60 s 070s. how much of a temperature rise you can expect in mother's day forecast? >> follow mark and the rest of the ktvu weather team for the latest on the conditions, posting updates to twitter and facebook. a robby in san leandroo ended with a chase and deputy opening fire. alameda county sheriff investigators say two men robbed a store at 1:30 this morning a sheriff spokesman said two men beat up the clerk who managed to set off the silent alarm. one deputy says he saw one of the robbers reach toward his waistband and that is which the deputy opened fire. >> when you are involved in
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the business of robbing people and beating them up, you put yourself at great danger of being shot during the process and that is what happened today. >> the other robber drove off. deputies chased him along interstate 880 towards hayward, where the man crashed on highway 92. officials say money from the 7- eleven was in his position. according to the sheriff's office, the man who was shot is a parolee who has been arrested seven times. both suspects are expected to survive. a scare onboard a united airlines flight to hawai'i forced it to return to the airport today. flight 1296 was about an hour into the flight from los angeles to kona, when smoke was reported in the cockpit and cabin. a passenger said when the oxygen mask came down he knew it was serious. >> i they came back to l.a.x. and informed us that we would
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land and had everyone get their lifevests. so it was different. >> that boeing 757 landed safely at l.a.x. just before noon today. none of 143 passengers or crew was hurt. there is no word on where that smoke came from. this was a big day for hundreds of law school students in san francisco. the class of 2014 graduated from the uc hastings college of law this afternoon at bill graham auditorium. thousands of friends and family members cheered on the 400 graduates. school chancellor frank wu said the students as parts of their education did more than $1 million of pro bono work. some graduates said that they are relieved. >> it's a lot of different emotions, all mixed into one. exciting, i'm very proud of all of my friend and myself, but
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it's also scary, because we're leaving school. >> uc president janet napolitano gave the keynote address the federal secretary of homeland security was a controversial pick because of immigration issues, but the om protest was a few students raising their fists. the search tonight for one more person after a hot-air balloon strikes a power line and then catches fire. the college program that connects two of those victims. >> a pint-sized rescue on a busy bay area freeway. >> not happy and was definitely very frightened. >> a highway patrol officer comes to the aid of a tiny dog in big trouble on a busy bay area freeway. >> well, and michelle obama does something that only one other first lady has ever done and the action that she took today to try to bring home those 200 schoolgirls kidnapped in nigeria.
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this tillamookmook old fashd is absolutely amazing. creammmmmy. it makes my tongue dance. me too. hey you two, stop that tillamook tongue dancing and get back to work! tillamook ice cream, tastes better because it's made better. . new details tonight on the hot-air balloon crash many virginia that is presumed to have killed three people. tonight there is word that two those onboard were staff members with the university of richmond women's basketball team. now two bodies have been recovered following last night's crash. at this hour the search for the third person continues. and as scott thompson reports witnesses describe a heart- breaking scene after the balloon burst into flames. >> it was the most horrific thing i have ever witnessed.
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>> we saw things falling from the sky. witnesses captured these images a hot-air balloon hit a power line and burst into flames as it descended of the several reports seeing two people plunging perfect the basket. >> you could hear them screaming please dear god, sweet jesus help us. >> reporter: the rescue operation is now refocused on recovery. >> we do continue to keep finding debris and various items that would have been on the hot-air balloon. and that is encouraging to the search crews are more than 20 hot-air balloon team were scheduled oimportant into the mid-atlantic balloon festival this weekend, but the festival has been canceled in the wake of the accident. >> can't even imagine what those people are going through to go othis festival and be so excited and making memories with their family and not coming home. >> reporter: a tragic end to what should have been a festive day. i'm scott thompson reporting.
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a chp officer with two dog of his own at hem lens a helping hand to a dog in a very precarious position. the officer approached the tinily little chihuahua. it's on top of a concrete barrier right in the median of interstate 680 near north main in walnut creek. the highway patrol tweeted this photo of edmond trying to coax the dog with a bit of trail mix, something that the dog showed little interest in. we want to show you the dog this afternoon at the contra costa animal shelter in martinez. he had no chip and no tags. officer edmonds said the dog what was really the only relatively safe place to be when she hopped up on that barrier. >> we attempted to coax it. we could tell it was very frightened. it was shaking. we were able to pet it a little bit, but other than that, we could tell it was not happy and
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was definitely very frightened. >> poor little thing. animal control eventually came out and picked up the dog. edmond says while this incident is getting apawful lot of attention, he says that dogs end up on the highway weekly and in case you were wondering, one of his dogs is a rescue from a shelter that he picked out. >> one person was killed and as many as four others injured in a drive-by shooting in sacramento. it happened about 5:00 this evening at paraquinn park near the junction of highways 80 and 5. among those injured was was a 7-year-old child. police say one person was pronounced dead at the scene and say that the shooting was gang-related. >> high winds hampered efforts of dive teams to search for three people missing from the boat named "he had freedom."
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it flipped this afternoon near granite bay. the vessel was recovered, but so far there is no sign of the crew. a state park's spokesman says it's not clear why the boat capsized. the search is expected to resume tomorrow. mothers who have lost children to violence gathered in san leandro today to support each other. ♪[ music ] >> after a walk, mourning mothers and families came together at marina park for a fundraising concert. the organizers say that help others helped her in her loss of her son. >> i called another mother who lost her son to violence in front of her house. she walked with me and i realized that walking helped me. i know that grief is crippling. but walking does help ease the pain. that emotional pain. >> lorraine taylor turned her grief in action creating the non-profit one thousand mothers to prevent violence. that organization offers support groups and services for
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children. an east bay community is making something positive out of a tragic loss. annual arroyo classic car show was in his 13th year, featuring hundreds of vintage cars, trucks and motorcycles. the show is held at arroyo high school in memory of rick devecchi killed by a hit-and-run motorist. >> they can't get the athletic gear and pay for buses or pay for uniform or whatever it is, we try to keep the kids on the fields on the courts and in the gyms. >> over the years the classic car show has raised more than $100,000 for young athletes. now to our continuing coverage of that crisis in niagara. nigeria, hundreds rallied in support of hundreds of girls
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kidnapped from their boarding school in that country. those who came out today called for the return of the more than 200 abducted girls and spoke against all effort to keep girls from getting an education. >> to hear that people can't go to school because of a belief or religion. so that is why i am here, to make the whole world hear. >> the terror group boko haram kidnapped those girls last month, threatening to sell them into slavery. the first lady today used the president's weekly address to say that both she and the president were outraged and heartbroken by the abduction of the girls. mrs. obama acknowledged the bravery of the kidnapped girls who refused to give up on their education, despite the danger. >> their school had recently been closed due to terrorist
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threats, but these girls still insisted on returning to take their exams. they were so determined to move to the next level of their education. >> this is only the second time in history that a first lady has addressed the nation by herself during the weekly speech. meantime the u.s. sent an advise and assist military cell to the nigerian capital to help the local authorities and capture those responsible. as alex crawford reports some of the 50 girls who escaped are now speaking out about their ordeal. >> reporter: the hunt for the missing schoolgirls is speeding up, but the intelligence already gathered is unlikely to bring much cheer to the parents. western intelligence sources believe they know where at least some of the girls are, but they have been split up into at least four groups and that will make a rescue raid much more risky. some of the girls who got away from the militants told just what it took to escape. it'sing
10:21 pm
ayny for the-points who just wanted an education for their daughters, and they are suspicious about who knew what about the attack and when? >> some students their parents are in the school and nothing happened today because i was told that they were informed earlier. so they checked out their daughters, and send them home. >> reporter: it follows claims from amnesty international that the nigerian military were given warning of the boko haram plans to storm
10:22 pm
the school, but did nothing. >> we have received credible information that the military was given advance warning athat boko haram was about to attack the school in chibo and the abduction of more than 200 schoolgirls could have been prevented. >> reporter: the western expertiation being deployed involves air surveillance and advance eavesdropping equipment as well as human intelligence, that is eyes and ears on the ground. but even as the international teams can pinpoint where the gunmen are holding the girls the final decision on any rescue lies with the nigerian. >> being told to back up and leave, the reason why some mom and pop stores in the bay area say they are being forced to close their doors. and truly man's best friend and how a dog was able to dial 911 when its owner began too suffer a seizure. and in weather we're in the clear right now, coming up how much warming in your mother's day forecast? and the two days in our forecast that could be topping out near 100 degrees.
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. the first same-sex marriage licenses were issued today in arkansas the it came less than 24 ours of a jumin the state struck down a constitution amendment approve by voters in 2004 banning gay marriages of in his rule the judge said that it was driven by hatred and no racial basis for preventing same-sex couples to we had. state officials say they plan to appeal the ruling as soon as they can. >> under a gray and overcast sky a somber procession as the victims of the 9/11 were carried to their final resting place. the remapwere escorted by fire and city vehicles through lower manhattan back to the world trade center. there they will be placed an
10:26 pm
underground repository in the same building the 9/11 museum. that museum is scheduled oopen later this month. about a dozen family members of 9/11 victims staged a protest and are unhappy about the decision to put the remains below the museum. city leaders say the remains will never be part of the museum's exhibit. well, a specially trained dog is being credited with calling 911 after his owner suffered a seizure. terry mcglade served in the u.s. army overseas when he was injured by a rode side bomb. the dog is trained to sense when mcglade is about to have a seizure and get help. he called 911 was mcglade laid helplessly in his backyard. >> he actually was able to get the phone out of my pocket. i don't have the phone anymore, but if i had the phone there are teeth marks in the phone. >> mccrady called the pit bull
10:27 pm
lab mix his hero. one smart pup. plus a big project hurting small businesses? and why some bay area mom and pop stores say they are being forced to close their doors. a prom date decades in the making. a family's gift to a 91-year- old woman who never had a chance to dance at her own prom. at shell, we believe the world needs a broader mix of energies, to move, to keep warm, to make clay piggies. that's why we are supplying natural gas, to generate cleaner electricity,
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that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go.
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eand a congress standing in the country ready way.ove forward... their budgets are late; jobs bills are stalled... and special interests run rampant. as an economics teacher at stanford, i know education means good jobs. so here's my plan: i'd start teaching computer coding in public schools right away. open doors for women in science and technology. and prepare young people for middle class manufacturing jobs. i'm ro khanna and i approve this message, because change starts with us. . >> a revitalization project in the north bay is causing business owners to feel hike they are being pushed out. small shops have struggling against bigger stores moving into the area. ktvu's cristina rendon explains how one store is packing up and leaving after nearly two decades many marin county. >> reporter: in just a few days, haute
10:30 pm
jewels will see their final shoppers at corte madera town center. loyal customers are checking their reflection one more time and leaving messages on the wall. >> oh, i can't read them yet because i will cry. >> owner susan murray lost her lease after 18 years at the shopping center she says it recently cram under new management and now is she is closing the door on monday. >> the leasing guy told he me i wasn't luxurious enough for this and i asked him what he would put in chanel or what? >> reporter: stores are being remodeled order new ones are moving in line at the marin country mart. >> i have definitely noticed in this shopping center a lot more upscale shops being brought in. but it's beautiful outdoor market. >> reporter: new shops are bringing in new customers, lots of them, but
10:31 pm
for some, finding a place to park is just a sign of how their small town is changing. >> parking is probably the most negative change. >> but you put all high-end stores in and it's no longer marin county. >> reporter: murray prides herself on knowing her customers personally. >> i will miss her and miss knowing her integrity isn't here. >> reporter: murray plans to move her jewelry store to danville. >> just moving on and getting better. >> reporter: better, but not bigger because here, good things do come in small packages cristina rendon, ktvu channel 2 news. we did reach out to mall management about the issue, and the claims of the small storeowners, but we were told that no one would be available to speak to us until monday. health care workers organized a community meeting today in hopes of saving an east bay hospital from shutting down. a few dozen attended the meeting this morning at doctor's medical center san
10:32 pm
pablo. earlier this week voters rejected a parcel tax to keep that center open. the hospital handles 40,000 emergency care cases a year, including heart attacks and strokes. >> we have historically served a lot of uninsured, underinsured patients. we don't turn them away. that is the big reason why we're constantly having a deficit in our budget. >> without more funding the hospital is due to close july 25th. on tuesday the county board of supervisors will consider how to address the gap in emergency services. dozens of people turned out today hope to be the match that could save a little boy's life. 7-year-old baylor fredrickson of albany has an aggressive form of leukemia that was diagnosed two years ago. today potential donors came to the high school for
10:33 pm
for a bone marrow drive. >> we're in desperate need and pleading to the people to find someone who will sail baylor's life. >> the test is a painless mouth swab. there is another drive tomorrow in walnut creek and next saturday at the asian heritage street fair many san francisco. caltrans is warning of a complete closure and plans call for highway 101 in santa rosa at airport boulevard to be closed at 10:00 tonight, just a few minutes ago, so crews can demolish the old overpass. detours will be in place and engineers plan to open the southbound lanes at 6:00 a.m. the northbound lanes at 7:00, a partial closure at that same location is set again for tomorrow night. well, are you feeling a bit
10:34 pm
stressed out? perhaps you live in san francisco or oakland. according to ara blog san francisco ranks no. 4 on the list of most stressed out cities. oakland ranks no. 6. the most stressed out? washington, d.c.. the list looks at seven criteria including commute time, crime, hours worked and the cost of rent? >> do i seem stressed? >> not at all. >> i live in the city, so i guess i'm against that. this weekend the high school opened its doors to a very special prom date decades in the making. aren't they cute? 91-year-old edna lamping and her husband joe and it seems edna has never been to a prom before and her family was very strict and said proms were out. this year edna's family enlisted the help of a high
10:35 pm
school and have a prom date. >> we used to dance friday, saturday and sunday, but not anymore, because the legs don't carry us. >> edna says she had a great time at prom. as for joe, this is so cute, he bragged that he brought the prettiest girl to the dance. >> great story. well, someone in the bay area is almost a half a million dollars richer. where a mega millions ticket was sold and why the storeowner says he is excited even though he is not making a penny from it. >> our meteorologist mark tamayo joins us next with how much warm it's going to get the next several days? hey there. did you select these things on purpose? not a color nature. there's nothing wrong with tha. n hear your arteries clogging. ok. no. this is tap water. i can't let you buy this. oh. crystal geyser please. crystal geyser. bottled at the mountain source.
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. well, looks like temperatures have bottom out for the week. we're we're going to begin to warm things for mother's day, but the real warming is coming up in the five-day forecast. as far as temperatures from today, ranging from the upper 50s in pacifica, lots of 60s, warmest locations in the lower 70s. of course a few pop-up showerses developing, quite rapidly, moving into parts of the morning bay and east bay between 3:00 and 5:00 this afternoon. also a snow-producer in the sierras. just a few lingering clouds out there. another big characteristic of today's weather, the wind. and you will see the latest observations, the winds have backed up quite a bit. still a bit of a breeze, winds from 5-15 miles per hour, but not as strong as today. sfo 20 miles per hour and north wind gusting to 30 miles per hour at half moon bay. san josi around 7 miles per hour. tonight clear and windy out there. still a bit of a breeze as we
10:39 pm
showed you, but still looking great-looking towards the transamerica pyramid with mostly clear skies. warming up for mom's day, for the sunday forecast. mostly clear skies. by 12:00, 60-72, warmest locations on sunday will be approaching the 80s. overnight lows first thing tomorrow morning we'll be starting the day on the cool side, around 40 degrees in napa, san francisco 49 and we have a frost advisory posted towards parts of mendocino county for sunday morning. one weather system moving into the state was the source of a few showers in the bay area, the gusty winds. this is moving out of towns. high pressure returns, warm mothers' day and it sets the stage for a big warming trend.
10:40 pm
we're thinking 80s and 90s and the warmest locations could approach 100 degrees by wednesday. santa rosa 94. look at san francisco? 89 degrees. even the beaches back into the 80s. livermore, 94 and possibly approaching 98 degrees. and san josi 96. warming with up for san francisco and right near the immediate coastline, mid to upper 90s well-inland. patchy cloud covwell offshore. 60s and 80s and warmest locations inland, 82-83 degrees. these numbers up a good 8-12 degrees over today's high, oakland 77, livermore at 82 degrees. san josi in the upper 80s. 80s towards morgan hill and gilroy and san francisco 76 degrees. your five-day forecast with temperatures beginning to warm up tomorrow. but then the real warming moves
10:41 pm
in monday, tuesday. we're talking about some serious heat by wednesday, warmest locations back into the mid to upper 90s. so a little bit too hot in that extended forecast 100 degrees inland. perfect forecast for mom's day on sunday. we have a correction earlier in the newscast we showed a photo of former raiders quarterback campbell, but identify his as jason collins and do regret that error. someone picked up a mega million, tickets in last night's drawing. one came from san leandro express liquors. that ticket is worth almost $469,000 before taxes. the storeowner doesn't get a bonus, but he says he is excited to have had a winning customer. >> it was just great, wonderful for more business, a lot more people will be coming
10:42 pm
in to buy more tickets. >> the mega millions jackpot for it's as you drawing is up to $121 million. >> a big day in the nfl, the 49ers and raiders finished up their draft and who they select? plus the a's battle the nationals with a sweet finish. sportswrap is next lk and text, with ten gigabytes of data for the five of you would be... one-seventy-five a month. with a year of high-speed internet, free. ah, "frs not deductible! i smell audit! i smell savings...
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female narrator: it's posturepedic versus beautyrest it's posturepedic versus beautyrest with up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three years' interest-free financing. mattress price wars are on now at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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. >> good good evening everyone and welcome to this dat night edition of sportswrap. the oakland a's and walk-off hit have been a common combination in recent years and tonight's a fireworks crowd had to waityun extra inning for the pyrotechnics, but it was worth it.
10:45 pm
jaso answered in the bottom of the inning getting oakland on board with the third run of season. 3-1 nationals. well, that lead stood up into the a's battled against rafael soriano. jed lowrie with this shut going to 2nd with the down. jaso scores to pull them within a run. donaldson followed with this lit and jaso slides in safely and the nationals got out of the inning without further damage, but the a's got what they needed. jas yo came to the plate and did this nate mcleod back to the wall, but can't make the play. pinch runner punto makes the score and three for five walk- off for jaso. when that happens op a's, you know that is coming. 4-3 oakland in 10:00 we'll see gonzalez when


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