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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  May 13, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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this is not the regular example but there are a lot of areas near 90s today but san francisco will will. 59 mount tape view, although father filed said 4 , so if you like sunshine and warm temperatures, it was not that bad. tuesday and wednesday will be the hottest days. sunny and hot today. a cool to mild morning near 90s for most, i would say that coast inland areas, napa 94, morgan hill 94, 88 will be a record and oakland, here is sal. >> we do have a look at some of the commutes also hearing fire
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near a free weigh look at the -- freeway, look at it westbound, and it is looking good getting in westbound and the traffic mere is moving a long nicely interest of between downtown coliseum has been issued. there has been a significant assert issued not a huge commute for the morning but it will be closed until 5 and also have word that some sort of a feetingit as been reported. this just crashed and we don't know much more than that
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because the that a seven-year- old girl went missing from her home last night. here is more on what they are doing to search for her. >> reporter: still no sign of in the missing girl and according to a police officer, you can see there is a squad car filled this morning and they are on on the lookout for key anna. she was on the 1400 block of 73 73rd avenue. she is 4 feet tall 50-pound, last see black and she is considered at risk because of her age of. last night they did a a full
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scale filter term. they are hoping they will bring her home to her family and if you recognize the little girl from that napoli we will be out here continuing to month to we will bring you any updates in oakland. well, steven has been telling us temperatures are rising another 5 to 10 degrees from yet. other cooling centers have been set up around the bay area at ct is looking for the heat, just looking for the section on our home page. firefighters are cross the bay are on high alert.
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they are intensifying fire dangers in well nut creek crew have been busy. they say homeowners can protect themselves by clearing dry brush as well. and today is the second spare the air day. the combination of high temperatures and lower winds will create more and if possible, any activity should be done early in the morning the her app should be available in your android device. police are looking for the person who hit two people and send them to the hospital. they saw a man and a woman
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before rash caring joined and anybody with inform -- injured and anybody with anybody is asked to call police. they are calling the new 911 computer system a nightmare. they lawn muched the million dollars dispatching system but a cording to the to the information is the -- information they admit there are some glitches that need to be worked out and so far it has not impacted emergency services. clatsop lean is a wish pop in oakland and she would rather sign clause promising she will abide by church teach this is in both school and at home.
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she does not plan on turningit this is she will not be able to work there. how do you feel? >> i am grieving. she fears they should use the language to challenge others. assembly woman tony atkins is now the assembly peak ever she is replacing john perez who is the first openly gay speaker who was elected to the assembly
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back in 2010. they are taking on what could be the toughest part of the race and they will have an extra challenge, the heat. it caps to the top of the riders. nobody is mom it up. the heat is expected to add some extra challenging. >> there is only one ambulance assigned to rehabilitate vend. >> there is always a large concern for as you that people will spree tried walter and they are earning expect state ings bring extra water or shade
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or hats along. many riders expect under at mt. diablo at 2:45, taking riders down the coast and then to mountain high and before the final name tampa bay of the that as well. coming under water relee from the bay area heat, way and donald sterling's interview with his new racist remarks that udonis haslem the nba apologizing. traffic is moving very well but you can see the traffic took and we will take a look at
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some of the areas that are closest to set record and we are mild here in the 60s and downtown as well.
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. welcome back. time now 4:41 we are learning new details about the cal football player. he is charged with felonious assault. he was at a game and hit a fellow student after the student's dog bit him. the student resulted in a broken jaw andrew posted $100,000 on saturday. donald sterling's first public comments has outraged everybody. here is what he said to c nbc.
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>> first he goes with every girl and then catches hiv, is that sin we want to respect, i think we should be ashamed of himself. >> they call it accrual personal attack and sufficient have a has issued a personal apology and sterling is waiting in and i would rather be talking about these great nba playoffs than sterling area interview. the want to know who knew what and when about the plan to close document lanes on the george washington bridge which caused huge traffic jams and reportedly it walls done for a mayor and christie say he knew
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nothing and that's after the man was locked in a tight race and reports say he died after falling in his home in north carolina, he was 71 years old, he offered all of his condolences and ache end was trailing and it all but ensures he will be the democrat today. he has become the highest living soldier living. white was knocked beyond conscious by appellate grenade. >> 2007.
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wheat showed roux expect for most of the men. and -- showed respect for most of the men. for weeks, people who live there have been protesting trying to stop the property owner from selling the land which lies underneath their home. they are deciding if the compensation is two current residence at the park is enough. >> i think it is 17 6,000 when his proposed buyout is there and how we can deal with that. many residents say they would like to stay in palo alto and they feel they will have to
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legal because it is too expensive. they feel they would like to make a ruling after they don't colluded tomorrow and it could be at risk if the highway trust fund runs out of money. the highway trust fund is funded through federal gas taxes but it has not kept task with the transportation needs. others that could be affected are antioch an improvements to the bart system. from 9:00 to 5:00 m near
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series point work crews have two ways around the closure are go through crocket and the richmond san rafael bridge. sal, keeping an eye on traffic and you are also keeping ten -- keeping an eye out, wolf road near the fashion, they call it a fashion park but you know it is not a parkings right, but northbound 208 traffic may be low in the area that traffic looks good and there are no major drive times heading out to the high-
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rise and also i neglected to mention it but 880 connecting to southbound 101, it will be closed for emergency roadwork. >> clear skies, we had a little bit of fog and it is too much pressure so i will sort it out forecast back in 1927, oakland 89, and the record is 88 going back to being 732 a lot of
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those which is a have i i dry air, it will be rot but i am not going to argue with the national weather service. and also oakland for some this will be a little toasty, 50s and 60s and a half moon bay is sleeping in. 59 so a lot of them are pretty clothes here. it and as the -- it is -- as it is, near 70s already, but the rim is already here for a couple of days and flat inning
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it we will trap out and tomorrow is the hottest day and they will be very similar there. and 96 livermore 94 morgan hill, it will be warm to hot for almost everybody. and water temperatures are cold, warm to keel and then a huge drop on the weekend. wellexperts are not sure how the viruses spread. the centers for disease control are trying contact people who
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were on four separate flights and they traveled in boston and atlanta. it was first reported in saudi arabia in 2012. doctors have confirmed 38 cases in 14 countries and at least 114 people and known knowels where the virus came from. that fire started sunday between the texas panhandle and 15. some are staying at churches and local schools. 89 homes were burned and they plan on going home no reports of injuries. and the embattleed factory,
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in the town of irwin dale. they have been complaining about the bad odor the plant puts out. they were urged to move and a final decision as been he been talking about he can anding over there. well a possible first for the city of coliseum lutz is a, a large bear spotted and the theory from a little girl about how that bear made it into town a woman who suffered a brutal attack while working to work in san francisco, the seemingly harmful thing she used to do,
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that she will never do again.
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. it was caught on camera, doctors tell her she is lucky to be alive. she was mugged by a man on what appears to be a tire ire on.
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-- tire iron. the attack happened in the mission district at 7:30 while schmidt was walking to work. >> all of a sudden i heard a blow and i felt somebody pulling on my bag. >> she ended up needing 6 staples in her head. since the attack she is now more aware of her is your roundings. an estimated completion date and a number of upgrade to the system. the company launched this to the 2010 san bruno explosion. they had hoped to finish the work this year and now will be carrying it 2015. this comes as they wait for the
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san bruno explosion. meantime, the fallout from the richmond fall out, ktvu has told all department heads to cut their budgets by 17% and that's because they shut down production by 7 or 8 months. city expenses continue to increase. >> nothing is really off the table and again it is still kind of early, but we are going to be looking at everything. >> he said that include police and fire services and they say as many as 70 part-time workers do be laid off. a celebration was held for african-american honor role student in the district. more than 8,000 students were recognized at last night's
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celebration for those who made hop nor role. >> i am really proud of myself. >> oakland's african-american honor roll event, they say they honor them every year. am coming up, a possible sexual assault in an elementary school classroom. >> i can't believe it, and on top of that i can't believe the response i am getting not to protect my child? el. >> and the claims which has a mother outraged. good morning, traffic is moving a long better. we will tell you more about the bay area commute and the bay area weather. it will be hot and it is
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already hot for most, take a look at these records.
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. searching this morning for a 7-year-old girl. the information they want and why they ne the public's
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help. it is cool and there are will be a few records close today including mountain view and richmond. the heat is coming at the same time and people are being asked to cut back on water. >> the near endless source of water near the drought. we are live near the start -- starting lineup. . good morning, thank you for waking up with us, police are searching for a little girl this morning, a 7-year-old who has not been seen since


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