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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  May 13, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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help. it is cool and there are will be a few records close today including mountain view and richmond. the heat is coming at the same time and people are being asked to cut back on water. >> the near endless source of water near the drought. we are live near the start -- starting lineup. . good morning, thank you for waking up with us, police are searching for a little girl this morning, a 7-year-old who has not been seen since
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yesterday evening. alex savage has more on what police have to go on this morning. it is may 13th, i am pam cook. >> good morning it is may 13th tuesday, i know that is real steve but we have good weather. >> it is 2014, right pam? >> yes, that's right. >> the almost full moon and san rafael, records are 1 hub and you know that is a very dry year and the record is 99. at fso the record is also 90. and the record was 99 back in 1976 on this date. heat advisory is out, i don't
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know but anyway, i just call them as "see them. 40s in santa rosa and that 90 is looking good already unless the west wind kicks after the and i have been working out and drinking the prose and sunny and hot, it will be cool mild to most here is sal. steve, things are looking good on the roads and i want to mention traffic is moving along very nicely and let's start off with the golden gate bridge. the lane workers are out there and traffic is moving along okay and you will see has the
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lanes are clearing on the golden gate bridge and it is still nice and early so you may want to jump ahead. that ramp is closed and the pest thing you can do 5:01 let's go back to the desk. they want your help this morning. they want to find a 7-year-old girl who vanished last night. you are with us for the very latest, what did you find out she disappeared from her home here in this oakland neighborhood. >> reporter: you can see one oakland squad car parked near the family's house and they are
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still on the lookout. she was last seen at her house here on 73 avenue, weigh is was last seen wearing a black shirt and blue tennis shoes. she is considered at risk because of her age. officers did a full scale search which turned up nothing and now they are hoping somebody spots her this morning so they can bring her home to her her -- presenting her home to her family. -- bring her home to her family. alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. kimberlywise said her 8- year-old daughter was sexual little harassed several times
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at school. it started six week ago and the boy was suspended for one day but then a day ago, the same boy touched her daughter again. >> he grabbed her private areas and went behind her and made sexual motions like he was having intercourse with her. >> they want to transfer or have the girl transferred to another school. this is the second time in the week they are questioning the punishment procedures. last week a teacher was accused of slapping a student and that teacher was to return to school but following media reports, they decided to keep that teacher on leave. with this week they are
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reporting where anybody can recycle water. businesses can fill up tanks for recycled water and bay area residents can fill buckets for free. the water districts can recycle up to 11 million gallons of waste water and it is not for drinking and it is safe for irrigation or construction and it is almost an endless supply. >> as long as people keep flushing their toilets, it is a very drought resistant supply. >> they plan on sending 12 trucks a day tadpole of city parks and anybody who uses the water will have to take a training session to make sure it's clearly marked not for consumption. they are marked for
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consumption and funding start ups. earlier he launched what he called the new digital inclusion. it started with the rainbow bush inclusion shareholder meeting. happening today, the best cyclist in the world will race across the area and it begins in san jose this morning. ktvu janine de la vega is at cunningham park where it is set to get underway shortly, janine? >> reporter: and it is day 3 and starts near the raging water supply but you can see they have the archway and they have the white tent set up for the various booths 16 world class teams are competing which takes them in a tour defrance
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course. yesterday there was a time trial in folsom with bradley wiggins and today the cyclists will ride in the queen stage as the most difficult. the they will then descend and skirt the east side of livermore and go up 3300 feet of mt. diablo to where the finish line is. it will lineup throughout the course cheering on the competitors, some follow- through the tour which stands over 8 days through the scenic highways and coastlines. san jose is the only bay area always brings lots from the tour as the morning goes on and
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the actual start time is 10:00 a.m. this morning. janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. yes, the race kicks off, 10:45 in san jose, many riders are expected 2:45 steve paulson said it will be at least 70 degrees and the remaining stageels takes riders down the coast then through southern california, st. cape you' all to the oaks. it doesn't matter there is a fight over parking spaces. people with v.i.p. seats park closest to the stadium and others will have to wash in the media, some are as
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far away as a mile from the stadium. >> i wish parking would have been planned into some of this and it seems a bit scattered and slightly inconvenient. >> they say parking is to avoid long traffic backups for fans getting in and out of the stadium. the decision comes less than a week and she is the third person hit while crossing the intersection this year alone. that include a deadly accident in february and they plan on having a new light installed ahead of the installation date.
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and near the territory, that is a long tie after cop likes am and they also spotted one dashing across several lanes and this will be in place next month to make room for the construction on doyle drive and it is 1,000 feet south ahead of the old one. the new 911 dispatch system, coming up, the information some officers say they can't get to that could put their lives and the public in danger. the big danger may not be on the pages, the shocking claim that triggered the
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project. and it looks good, you can jump ahead of the crowd on north we will tell you tap looks like they are on track for a record high today, we will show you that coming up. heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures. are those thrusters burning? that's a negative. what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop.
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come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything. with the u-verse tv app, the u-verse revolves around you the u-verse revolves around you
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. the trial is underway for two
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men accused of killing a three- year-old boy in a gang shootout in oakland. he was caught in across fire of an ongoing gang fire and yesterday the jury was shown some. surveillance video taken after the shooting on international boulevard, the trial will not show up until they give the information. a book entitled the most dangerous animal of all, he claims his father was the serial killer. gary stewart was adopted and his years of research led him to conclude his biological father was the zodiac killer. the zodiac case remains
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unsolved unsolved. it continues today one day after the bill on air retailed a decision to cut off and he took the stand yesterday afternoon and had no recollection of martin's beach with his property manager and that surprised the prop tip manager fighting to keep the beach open to the public. >> it appears everything you get out there is cloaked in attorney/client privilege. he cannot remember a thing. >> he also doesn't remember him to lock it and he closed it when he bought it in 2008 and
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his property manager gave him all the decisions to make about that land. the california black bear is out after spending a day wandering the city of coliseum use disa. the -- wandering the city. it wandered around before curling up and going to sleep under a canoe. nobody is exactly sure where it came from but the little girl next to where the bear was found has her own theory. >> i think the bear came from hawaii? >> well, it is an idea, pam. >> no, i will leave that alone. >> they think it came along the sacramento river and they strand liced him and let him go
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in his new home. >> i think that looks like a better spot. >> 517, sal is keeping an eye on traffic. what are you looking at? >> we are looking at a commute that is not all that bad right now. we have had commutes that have been kind of slow, a lot of people have been complaining and let's go to if the east shore and speeds are up and also looking at the bay bridge toll plaza the commute looks good with no major problems and contra costa, not bad, venetia creek looks good and san francisco traffic is moving along well, they have a mind much their own ,2 4 westbound
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between the walnut creek interchange. not bad, 5:18 let's go to steve. flip flop shorts... >> we have clear skies, and it is not much of a breeze and they may be dealing with the breeze but there are some 40ss and remember 91 is what we are forecasting, 91 is the record and 1976 a lot of records were set on this date, san rafael is 100, and that was also 1976, livermore today is hot and the record is 99. fso, record was hotter and san jose, yes that is hot but the
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record is 99, guess what year. 1976, there is not for those and then when it is the 0 for san francisco, and others around the bay, 06 at antioch and there is a huge difference in some of these temperatures. 60 in mountain view, it will not take long. days are longer, large and in charge we will help them clear. we are definitely warmer than yesterday and even lake county, yesterday and today. if it and it include san
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francisco and inland temperatures on their way up here include being vallejo, san francisco 90 and everybody will be pretty close here. and fog starts to open up on the weekend. a young man of a woman who crashed, the family of brook reached a settlement before gm reached them for faulty ignition switches and they hit developments and no word on the original settlement. and wall street again opening at record levels, s&p 500 had it's biggest gain in nearly a month up at 18 points
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and friday is now almost 17,000. and 6 5% of the people said the world would be a better place if people and the survey helped people in '91 countryies. mark zuckerberg is being sued. claims of a broken promise. and a face off with an armed man. the video is incredible, the violent chain of events that led to this destructive fire : >> the plane the plane.
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. a house exploding right there in brentwood new hampshire even worse, a police officer lost his life a chopper camera reported on a deadly shootout involving local police. it started with a domestic violence disturbance call. one officer was shot and later died. another was driven out by intense gunfire. the suspected gunman was also killed and the explosion
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occurred shortly after it is called objecting pounds and it's installed on a police boat. it helps police see what is under the deep and mirky waters it got mixed revised when it was used for the search of a plane after a mid-air collision. >> this might not have been as affective or we may have needed more training to enhance the picture. >> police say the octopus can help divers know what is under the water before they take the plunge. that is bigger than the entire city of san francisco which is 49 square miles. they now say it looks like
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it is un-- unstoppable and it is passed the point much no return. they say warm ocean currents are to play and the melting ice sheet could raise sea levels by four feet but the melting could have an impact on coastal areas over the next 100 years and what some cityies are doing to help. and some say the glitches could be an accident waiting to happen. good morning at the mcarthur maze, traffic is moving a long okay and so far we had a couple of rough days and we'll see what happens when the turn is over in the commute. it is already pretty mild,
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we are checking in with lower s, take a look at some of your record highs today.
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. well good morning to you, live cameras are panning around and they are just about to get underway starting in just a
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couple of hours and steve said the temperatures are starting to climb into the 90s and we will tell you what to keep in mind if you head out to the race we are all over it this morning, i am dave clark. >> 5:30 it is just a short little race, up mt. diablo? >> that's it? >> yes, that's it. it will be in the 90s and on the start, record is 87, 1927 going 90 and that's officially, and oakland 89 and the record is at the airport, and richmond 88 which ties a record going back to 1976 which
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is also 88. this ties in to coast and bay, 48 santa rosa 61 antioch, 61 redwood city and fso could set a record going 90 and the record is also 90. today, tomorrow and hot. if tuesday is not the hottest it will be close and temperaturewise on the high side, wednesday and thursday there are some cool ocean temperatures out there and we don't have a breeze and it is just warm to hot, near 90 for some. san francisco to oakland, here is sal . good and you may want
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to get out there soon we have had plenty of slow complaints about 80 and getting up to the bay bridge and when you get there you will see just a slight delay in some of those lanes and still plenty of time for you to arrive before it gets really bad. now let's move out to the south bay, they are all doing well and we have a problem from 880 and if you pass this ramp will be closed ail day for emergency roadwork, just use 280 to get to 101 instead and you will avoid all much this and ever course we will keep an eye on
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it. >> they say there is a glitch on the new 911 system which could mean the difference between life and death, tara? >> reporter: we spoke to supervisor who said transitioning to the new 911 system has not been easy. they launched its new 911 dispatching season and that system has accessed information information -- important information about calls from the field. they must rely on their radios which means they are tied up more than normal. had it also means they have tourette more than normal for impacted services. they are coming and working on it and they will try to talk
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about it and we will let you know what they have to say when they clock in here. ktvu channel 2 morning news tara moriarty. a 7-year-old girl is still missing this morning. she was last seen at her home at 6:00 last night. she was wearing a black shirt, bluejeans and blue tennis shoes, wears black pants and has brown eyes. temperatures are rising another 5 to 10 degrees too help them, this has been set up around are pay area.
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on our web sights just look for our web link section on the home page. firefighters across the bay area are on high alert. they say the drought conditions are intensifying fire conditions and they say in walnut creek firefighters have been busy trimming back a lot of the dry brush, they can help protect themselves from the dry brush around their house. today the combination will create some unhealthy snag conditions. any activity should be done later in the morning. also and and they are still
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searching for a hit-and-run driver who hit two people. it happened on lincoln avenue and 23rd street. they saw a man talking on a cell phone before crashing into a car. they say he stopped, looked got out of his truck and ran away. two people in that car were badly hurt. if you have any information call richmond police. there is some new fall out from a controversial fall out created for catholic school. she said she would rather loose her job to abide by teaching at school and at home. she does not expect to work in the fall after the amended contract she handed in would not be accepted. >> because i have crossed this out i will not be able to work
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there anymore. >> how does it make you feel? >> i am grieving, it makes me very, very sad. >> previous couldn't be tracts did not happen outside the workplace. they fear she will use it to target those who done agree on gay rights and other issues. >> it is their latest speaker and she was sworn in yesterday and she is a lesbian and only the third woman to hold the title of speaker. she is replacing perez, atkins was selected to the state assembly in 2010. set up underway for the largest cycling event and as it gets ready to take place in sap
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hose where janine de la vega is and we have more on what the heat could do to spectateors and more. >> reporter: we are here at the water slide park and they are already setting up and they are using this parking lot as the starting line as well as the area for a festival that will be here all day long and they are excited to see the best races in the world. the tour de france stretches on highways roads and coastlines. it began sunday and today in san jose, they will ride in a queen stage which is known as a
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difficult climb. it'sit is 5 miles onto the stable and has 22 switch backs. it will descend and skirt the east side of livermore and head up 3300 feet of mt. diablo and the heat will play a factor and pet ters are likely to go through double the amount of water. racing fans should take shade and brings lots of water with them if they plan on standing on the side and we will definitely catch up with fans and catch up with race organizers as they all begin to arrive. ktvu channel 2 morning news ktvu channel 2 morning news janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news.
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they will prepare to receive the highest military honor for what he did in afghanistan and the bay area connection to today's ceremony. a freeway crash caught on tape and road rage may be to blame. right now we are looking at a commute which is getting busier and you can see it for yourself which is not stop and go and we are already getting some slow downs here in contra costa. temperatures are running from 40s to 60s and it looks like a record-setting day and we will look at how long this heat will last.
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. authorities say the driver of a pickup is upset for cutting her off and so she moved over making a certain type of hand gesture and she almost immediately lost control of her truck and they went off the road, neither driver was seriously hurt but the driver of the pickup could face some serious charges. the actor is suing portion. she said they were killed because of a design flaw and they claimed after a suspension failure found they were
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traveling 94-mile-per-hour. well, now there is a new controversy over donald sterling's remarks and they are outraged about what he said about magic johnson. here is what he said to allison cooper. >> what kind of guy goes and has sex with every girl. is that somebody we want to respect and tell our kids about. i think he should be ashamed of himself. >> they are calling his remarks malicious and cruel personal attack. he issued a personal apology to magic johnson and he is talking about his remarks. and said i would rather be talking about these great nba playoffs than his interview. they are being sued and
5:46 am
mark zuckerberg said he offered to buy three pieces of property. now according to the mercury news, he gave up the right to build for cash and mark zuckerberg's promise for him who want to buy homes. they are now calling it a breach of the contract and mark zuckerberg said there was no written contract. it is now in the hands of a judge and it is now located at ellerby camino -- at camino royal. the city of palo alto appointed an administrative law judge to decide if the compensation is
5:47 am
enough. the. >> the average mobile home is 17 6,000 when his proposed buy out is 118,000 when you can just imagine how much we can do with that. >> many people say they would like to stay in palo alto, they like the schools but fear they would have to leave because it is too expensive and they would have to make a ruling after achieve day hearing wants that and they are drawing awareness to lung cancer and raising money for that and the color teal is the color for today. >> i like it, you wear it well. >> helps you wake up this morning. >> it is a good color for him. he is more of a fall. let's go out and --
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>> i stole that joke from steve by the way. let's look at the commute t- traffic is moving slowly at the 15 minute delay. people do not want to put up with the ridiculousness we had at the bridge and we are trying to figure out why every day has been slow and it is 548 and metering lights are already on to keep putting them on and except for one thing that, would be northbound 108 connector ramp to southbound 101 this can't do that, but it has been a huge morning issue and they will have it picked up by 5:00 and so says, 5:48
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let's go to steve. we have it a little cool for some and it will be a record-setting day for some and they have the best opportunity for highs and officially it will not be in any neighborhood be and the record is 87 and richmond 88 would also tie the record. heat advisory is out and unless you are thinking anything over 75 is too hot. i get that. this is mainly for coast and bay and san francisco will be. napa, fremont was 85. palo alto checking in at 90 and today 9 and 93 -- 94 and 93. i think about the same today and tomorrow will be the warmest day.
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napa airport, five degrees warmer and 61 and it is itching and rearing to go and it will not take long and then it really starts to loose its, and the hottest day will be today and tomorrow and they will be close kind of a push on which will be the warmest but by thursday a sea breeze starts to work its way back and winds out. it will be not only a heat advisory out but also the fire danger goes out and there is a little puff of one at oakland and east to northeast, a sunny but cool to me and mid-90s for
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everyone else and hot on wednesday and here comes some of that fog, it will be very shallow mainly confined to the coast and temperatures go from the 90s to the 70s over the weekend. >> at&t is actively closing a deal confirmed put that fell through, it would be nearly $18 billion and they have 20 million customers. a few months ago they reported american shopped less after exploring in march and that's after growing 1.5% in march. time now 5:51 a five-year- old history may be solved, what
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he says he found with a mugging experience the things she said she will never do again.
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. welcome back. take a look at this woman, a
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woman was targeted in san francisco. her doctors tell her she is lucky to be alive. virginia schmidt was mugged by a man armed with a tire iron. the attack happened on york street in the mission district at 7:30 while she was walking to work. >> all of a sudden i heard a ringing in my ears and felt a blow and all of a sudden i felt my bag being pulled. >> she never wears ear buds while walking. you may not think the charred area will used. but mushroom hunters can't wait
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to get in. they are waiting for a very expensive mushrooms called morels. they say it's too dangerous but this means a multi- million dollar bounty of mushrooms is just going to decay. they are delaying several upgrades and they are launch and had hoped they could get instruction and more environmental permits. this comes as pg&e waits to hear about the penalties from the san bruno explosion. they are still hitting the city and its finances. the refinery shut down for eight -- shut down for eight
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months and they have learned the city manager has cut their budget by 17%. >> nothing is really off the table, it is still kind of early but we will be looking at everything. >> the city manager and as many as 17 which will stay off the street. a desperate search goes on for a missing seven-year-old girl from oakland. what police are telling us this morning 12 hours after she vanished. and the heat is on, 12 world class cyclists as they roll on as they feel the heat. and they are trying to
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stretch this commute out and temperatures wins it gets ready we will take a look at some of the possible record highs today. and why with our partner in brazil, we are producing a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane to fuel cars. let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go.
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. a search is underway for a missing seven-year-old girl, what they want you to know about her disappearance. and some say the city's new 911 system may be putting people's lives on the line. we will tell you what they have to do is givens. maybe some record highs and we have more on how the hot weather may affect some of the best cyclists in the world. complete bay area news coverage starts right now this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good mornin


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