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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  June 2, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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taken down. tonight, the subject of an fbi explosives investigation is under arrest after three days on the run. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'll julie haener. tonight, a well known social media consultant is behind bars accused in an explosives probe. we get the details from jana katsuyama. live at crissy field, where police made that arrest tonight. >> reporter: julie, all of this was closed off, but san
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francisco police towed the car away after the bomb squad investigated it. videos of chamberlain being taken down. this is how the three day fbi manhunt for ryan chamberlain ended. san francisco police officers ordered chamberlain on the ground, handcuffing him. two officers had been on patrol, and spotted the white nissan altima. they ran the license plate, and confirmed it was the wanted car. an uber car parked nearby took video with his phone. >> i took a look at my window, saw there was an arrest being made. got out of the car, and started rolling film with my iphone. >> reporter: he says a wanted man called for help as officers took him away. >> i was rolling with my iphone. the cops said back away. the guy who was getting arrested looked at me and said help. >> reporter: the 42-year-old, a
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former consultant to gavin newsom, became the target after officials found explosive items in his home, but chamberlain had disappeared. all weekend long, the fbi tried to chase him down. getting word he used an atm at the mad dog bar in the lower haight. >> a couple of officers with three pictures of the guy, asking if anybody's seen him. i recognize the guy, i've seen him before, but not today. >> reporter: police brought in the bomb squad, and used a robot to search the vehicle. >> i do not imagine running into him at the beach. >> reporter: chamberlain is being held on federal charges of possessing explosives. i'm told the fbi and police are planning to have a news conference tomorrow morning to provide more details about this
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investigation. jana katsuyama, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> within the last 30 minutes, we obtained police audio from chamberlain's arrest. this is from the radio call between police officers and radio dispatch. >> 33, i think this is him. >> 33, where are you? >> come here, put your hands here. >> confirm, is he in cuffs? >> negative, negative. the suspect is in custody at this time. notify the fbi. >> chamberlain was considered armed an dangerous. >> all day long, messages were popping up on social media that appeared to come from chamberlain. one message read, no stashes, not armed and dangerous.
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i explored some ugly websites a year-ish ago. i was depressed. no one was ever in danger. that was apparently to the fbi raid in his apartment. authorities say they found explosive materials there and that's what led to the search for him. a letter also talked about his depression. it read in part, i got real dark. i explored myriad ways i could put an end to what i was going through. on, our coverage continues, we have posted all of ryan chamberlain's letter today. just look for the link on our front page. continuing coverage of the muni sick out that kept hundreds of muni workers home. the big question tonight, will the transit trouble continue. live in the city, after speaking with a driver who says many will call in sick again tomorrow. >> reporter: julie, it's not looking good for tomorrow
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morning's commute. public transit service here along the busy market street corridor, and all over the city has been lighter than normal. much lighter. causing many passengers to run late, and they're now figuring out what to do tomorrow. sealed muni buses. sfmda says it was able to run only 200 of the normal 600 buses, leaving passengers scramblingment. >> i left early tonight, so i can get my kids restroom many passengers tell me they were late getting to where they needed to go, by up to an hour. >> today, i was trying to get to school. i left early, but i still got here late. >> reporter: when buses, or light rail vehicle arrived at that their stops, there was little, to no room. >> they were telling people to get off the stairs, because the doors don't close. it was busy. >> what can commuters expect tomorrow? >> they can expect it not to be
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back to normal. some only will take today. there will be quite a few that will still stay out further. >> reporter: this driver says the sick out is a last resort, because muni operators are not allowed to go on strike. he says they're protesting lack of pay raise. >> that wouldn't be nice. i don't have a car. >> reporter: sfmta says it has made adjustments, including b.a.r.t. letting muni passengers ride with bus tickets. more than the normal has already called in sick tomorrow. >> what do you have to say to commuters? >> we're sorry. it's nothing personal. >> reporter: the transit agency sent letters to drivers today, letting them know if they want to get paid today for being out sick, they need a doctor's note. amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. tomorrow morning, turn to ktvu morning news for the very
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latest on whether muni is running, and alternatives for your commute to work. our coverage begins at 4:30 a.m. an intel executive is among one of the six climbers believed to have been killed last week, during a hike on washington's mount rainier. park officials believe the group fell or got caught in an avalanche of snow and debris. a spokesman for the park says it's highly unlikely the bodies will ever be retrieved because of the tough at the -- terrain. a spokesperson for the santa
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clara chip maker said he was widely loved and respected at this company. saying, we are most definitely mourning his loss here. the hotly contested race for san jose mayor. the candidates final push tonight. >> reporter: the two top vote getters will go onto the general election in november. it seems as though practically everyone on the city council is running, as well as a supervisor demanding change. in what could be the lowest turn out store a primary election in years, san jose's mayoral hopefuls are wasting in time. walking door-to-door in south san jose, having raised nearly $800,000 in campaign funds, his strategy, giving the undecided a book he just wrote for the
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campaign. >> this is a book that describes my plan for making san jose, the safest city in america. >> if elected she could be san jose's first vietnamese mayor. >> to me, this is really the american dream i'm living in right now. >> reporter: also, dave cortezy. he lost the mayoral race in 2006. this time, he's backed by big time union support. >> the current direction of city hall, where we've lost 450 police officers, and crime has been skyrocketing is really attributable to the last five years. >> reporter: he's looking to get votes on his record alone. >> jenna gray hayes. mayor reed. they were all people that, they don't have a chance, and all of them won without raising the same amount of money, and the
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same endorsements. >> reporter: i just spoke with councilwoman rose herrera who was hospitalized after falling ill yesterday. she tells me, she had a sinus infection, she is still in the hospital tonight, hoping to be released tonight. she is still making calls from her hospital bed. reporting live in san jose, ktvu, channel 2 news. it is a very safe bet that governor jerry brown will take the democratic vote in tomorrow's primary election. the real question is who is going to come in second to challenge him. tim donnelly says he's cautiously optimistic he will come out ahead. although recent polls show kashkari has momentum. the top vote getter will face governor brown in november. the federal brown plans to have election monitors in the bay area for tomorrow's
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election. the monitors will be stationed at alameda, and napa counties to make sure there is no voter discrimination. federal monitors have checked on alameda county elections for the past three years looking out for people who are having trouble speaking english, and may be having problems voting. we'll bring you up to the minute returns on the air, and also through our facebook and twitter pages. after hours, atm's. behind a locked door. 2 investigates why it provides less security than you might think and the trick many criminals already know about. >> i'm timing out when you could feel a noticeable balance in temperatures. >> police say this motel is a haven for drug dealing, prostitution, and other crimes. so why are some families against it closing?
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new at 10:00, newark officials are taking the dramatic step to close this motel. they say it's crime riden, but a closure could create a new problem. among those staying there are families who have either lost their house to foreclosure, their jobs to layoffs, or both. >> reporter: heather holmes is live with the city's case for shutting down the motel, and the fight for others to keep it open. >> reporter: these documents show that over a five year
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span, newark police made over 630 arrests at this motel. as the city looks to shut it down, some families are concerned they may wind up on the streets. it's hardly the ideal playground, but this motel parking lot is the backyard for many families with nowhere else to go. >> it's going to be devastating. >> reporter: we first told you about angel and roger, the couple have been living there for two years. city officials say motel management has allowed the property to become a haven for criminal activity. >> i would say we go three or four times a day. >> three or four times a day? >> a day. >> reporter: mike carol showed his crime reports on the ez8 motel. they range from drug dealing, to prostitution, to assaults and robberies. >> there are only 8% of our rooms for rent, but they
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account for 58% of the arrests we make out of hotels and motels. >> reporter: part of the city's case to close the motel. >> the situation has become so egregious that we have to take action. >> reporter: officials sympathize with the families, but the city has to draw the line. >> with some of the activities that are going on over there, we don't believe it's conducive to families with children. >> we have security here. 9:00p.m. to 5:00 a.m. every morning, seven days a week. >> reporter: the motel's general manager tells me the numbers are being exaggerated. something angel ramirez believes too. in just a few weeks, they will finally move into a permanent home, but any still worry about the other families here. city officials worry the criminal activity will
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continue, so they will push for this motel to lose its permit at a planning commission. extra police were poeted today at an east bay elementary school, where a 9-year-old girl was attacked with a hammer. police arrested hasime diame. investigators say the woman lured the girl into a bathroom on campus, and beat her with a hammer. the violence was apparently fueled by a feud with the girl's family. the girl is expected to recover. police in san francisco have arrested one of two men accused of robbing a group of park workers. officers were called to hudson avenue in the bay view district after witnesses reported seeing the men run inside a building. officers arrested one man after he jumped out a window. the other man got away. the men are accused of stealing wallets, and cell phones from workers near the young blood coleman playground. happening now, the coast
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guard is searching for a boater who's sail boat sank today. a distress call came out from a sail boat near the golden gate bridge. the boat was eventually found near yellow bluff on the other side of the bridge near sausalito. >> reporter: frank, that sail boat launched from a marina in alameda. they said they helped a young sailer in his mid-20s, load that boat for provisions for what would have been a grand adventure. an adventure cut short, apparently in view of the golden gate. this is the scene at marina village. the man prepared a boat similar in size to this one. the boat, named alma, a 30- footer who departed this morning and the coast guard received an automated distress call. the sail boat was spotted crashed on the rocks near
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yellow buff before it sank. the alma, according to the men who helped the sailer prepare, was loaded with water, and they say it was well equipped for what would be a roughly three week journey to hawaii. divers expected the vote to obtain the name of the vessel, but no boat was found. the search continues tonight. >> definitely a difficult task, but with all available resources that we have, it's something that's 100% attainable. >> the coast guard has not released the name of the sailer, but the fellow sailers i talked to say they believe he has family in the bay area. there is no indication of what caused this boat to crash and sink. in the newsroom, ken pritchett, ktvu, channel 2 news. unseasonably cold weather will continue into your tuesday. i think by tomorrow morning, very widespread once again. the onshore breeze continues at
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this time. it's been with us all day long. this will also help to drive some of that deep marine layer all the way inland. fairfield reporting gusts about 30 miles an hour right now. that's really been the scene all day long. here we are this evening, along the coastline, where we've been stuck in the gray all day long. in the east bay, it came before sunset, and now is beginning to move farther inland. i think we wake up with low clouds, fog, and patchy drizzle once again. a lot like how we started this morning. our temperatures will be a lot like how we started this morning as well. 53degrees expected tomorrow morning as you get out the door in hayward, 52 for san francisco. 52 for san rafael, and 52 for vallejo. 49 tomorrow morning in pacifica, with the possibility of patchy drizzle. you may need a jacket. chances are you will. 49 for santa rosa. into the inner east bay, temperatures not too bad. still a little cool, but
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relatively mild. 56degrees in antioch. partly cloudy skies away from the coat line. once again, away from the coast, i think we will continue with the clouds. but we will see a late morning early burn off for most of us. 67 in oakland tomorrow. 79 in concord. mid- to upper 70s for the north bay, and a few low 80s for antioch as well as livermore. as we get into wednesday, i see a significant warm up coming our way. i'll show you when we'll be back into the 80s and low 90s coming up. tonight at 10:30, 2 investigates why you might not be as secure as you think you are, even behind closed doors. >> first up, apple unveils the latest and greatest. the software updates coming soon, and also how apple is enter two new areas.
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it was new software, not hardware that took center stage today as apple kicked off it's conference. the new operating systems thatle showed off today. >> reporter: 6,000 people turned out for the kickoff of apple's wordwide development conference in san francisco's muscone center. they wasted in time unveiling yosemite. >> hey doctor, you're on speaker phone via my mac. >> continuity story is a very strong story across the platform, it's going to appeal to both developers and consumers. >> today, we're announcing
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ios8. there's also new software for the iphone, which will self- destruct in order to save storage space. >> we were all expecting hardware. i thought they were going to release some sort of iwatch, and i guess they're not. >> reporter: the only hardware on display were this ferrari. apple unveiled swift. it said it would enable developers to create new security apps for its touch id software. >> that's one of our biggest things, is security, making sure our customers can log in, and manage their insurance accounts. >> reporter: apple and analysts say any hardware is unlikely to debut before fall. david stevenson, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> apple also introduced health kit. it's a new health monitoring
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app, which can track heart rate, sleep. home kit allows iphone users to manage things inside their home, such as lights, garages, and door locks. apple stock was down more than $4. the stock is up about 20% over the past three months. young americans are being squeezed out of the housing market. it says that a number of factors are keeping people under the age of 35 from owning a home. they include student loan debt, tight lending standards, and stiff competition against other buyers. according to the census bureau. 36% of americans under the age of 35 own a home, and that is the lowest level since 1982. the man behind the hidden cash craze is planning some
10:26 pm
sort of indoor event. breaking it up into teams, one big prize, yes or no. then, okay, it's nearly unanimous. many small prizes it will, and it will be in sf this weekend, and going forward. he tweeted clues for five drops at a location in bakersfield. it didn't take long for swarms of people to show up there. the accusation targeting a bay area law enforcement agency and one woman who says the practice is not only offensive, but illegal. >> this type of atm is supposed to make getting money after dark a little easier, but ktvu investigates how you don't have to be a customer of anything to get in these doors.
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the oriental fruit fly is causing some concern, after a single fly was found in san carlos. officials announced they will be conducting an extensive survey of the area, which covers 81 square miles. that includes the laying of 3 a -- 351 additional traps. the female flies lay eggs in produce. those eggs then turn into maggots, and leave the produce inedible. crews will be spraying for mosquitoes starting in sunnyvale. they're targeting the area from state route 85 and interstate 280. crews are working to prevent the spread of west nile virus. after the second discovery of
10:30 pm
infected mosquitoes. people protested the spraying. they said the pesticide is more dangerous than west nile virus. protesters also say there isn't much of a need to spray right now because of the drought. >> it's unnecessary. there's a drought right now. where are mosquitoes? mosquitoes need water to breed. there's not one case of west nile virus in the state of california. this needs to be stopped, it's a fraud. >> health officials say the virus first arrived in 2003. a multimillion dollar development is creating quite a controversy. opponents say some 200 trees would be cut down. at issue is the planned orchard's development. 25acres at ignacio valley, and oak growth. it includes a 55,000 square
10:31 pm
foot safe way, along with restaurants, senior housing, a children's play area, and a two acre park. it's estimated to generate $83 million a year in sales. but not everyone is onboard with the plan. >> i really don't need another supermarket over there. >> if it's good for the city, it is consistent with our general plan policies. >> the city council is set to vote on the matter tomorrow night. 2 investigates tonight, a security loophole when it comes to using indoor atm's after hours. we've learned you often don't have to swipe a bank issued card to get inside. ktvu's eric rasmussen is live with his investigation and the results that surprise customers and some security experts. >> reporter: julie, the idea is that at least you're a little safer after dark. 2 investigates discovered what many criminals already know. you don't need a bank card to
10:32 pm
unlock this door. 7:00p.m. at this chase bank in san jose. we didn't need a bank card to get inside. it's the same place police say a man robbed customers twice in 2010. look what happened in seattle. a blind man robbed inside a bank of america vestibule in march. it's not clear if the attackers used bank cards to get inside. 2 investigates found, they don't have to. this expired american express gift card opened up two. the results even more surprising on market in san francisco. 2 investigates a stack of nonbank cards. this lucky's grocery store card worked like a charm. so did nine other cards from costco, to southwest airlines. even a starbucks card, with no money on it gets us right in
10:33 pm
the door. >> that's really weird. you would think that it's secure. >> reporter: her wells-fargo card worked, as did nearly all of our cards. including a club card for a bicycle shop. >> it's really weird. >> reporter: 2 investigates showed our video to a security instructor. >> do you think there might be a false sense of security? >> before i saw your videos, i would have felt a false sense of security. people might walk in, with an ear phone in, i might not even hear them come in. >> the safe way card worked. >> reporter: ktvu contacted each of the banks for answers. ironically, sterling bank cited
10:34 pm
security issues. bank of the u.s. denied an interview the next day. in an email, u.s. bank says it cannot explain why club cards open its vestibules. >> reporter: san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi says consumers shouldn't be the only ones taking responsibility for their safety. >> i think it's a message to the banking industry, and financial institution industry that they should upgrade their technology. >> reporter: until then, he says visiting an atm after hours, should be approached with the same caution, whether you're behind closed doors or not. a spokesperson told us its members are constantly trying to balance security with convenience. she urged everyone to always be aware of their surroundings. live in alameda, eric rasmussen, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> if you have a story for 2 investigates, we want to hear from you. email us, 2
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google reportedly has very big plans to bring the internet to parts of the world that don't have access. the plan calls for google to spend between 1 and $3 billion on 180 small satellites. the wall street journal says google has been hiring satellite engineers to work on the project. it's estimated that 2/3 of the world still doesn't have computer access. a spokesperson says internet connectivity will improve their lives. a report said u.s. manufacturing grew last month, correcting an earlier report that said it had slowed down. word today of the death yuri kuhchyama. she spent much of her long life working for revolutionary causes. one moment many remember of her
10:36 pm
is holding malcolm x, as he died from an assassins bullet in 1965. forced to take a pregnancy test. >> i'm 69 years old. i'm pretty sure i'm not pregnant. >> the bay area law enforcement agency, this woman says is administering pregnancy tests, and what's being done to stop it. >> our roller coaster weather continues. i'm tracking when warmer air is on the way, including when highs in the 90s return to the forecast. >> and next, the controversy surrounding a prisoner of war's return to america.
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democrat john perez for controller. some of the man who served with taliban prisoner bowe bergdahl are speaking out. he is said to be in stable condition.
10:39 pm
the taliban freed him this weekend in exchange for five detainees. bergdahl's fellow soldiers believe he walked away voluntarily from the outpost. >> i do believe he needs to be questioned, or tried basically. for him to just live us like that, it was a very big betrayal. >> the pentagon says the circumstances shouldn't be the focus right now, because it's the obligation of the military to try to bring its prisoners home. four are heading back to work after confrontations with the gunman responsible for that massacre in isla vista. the deputies were involved in two gun battles with elliott rodger, during that massacre on may 23, that killed six uc
10:40 pm
santa barbara students. three of whom were from the bay area. rodger then killed himself. the quick response helped prevent more deaths. all of those deputies were placed on routine administrative leave, but again, they are now back at work. a santa clara sheriff's deputy is recovering tonight after his vehicle was broadsided by another vehicle. investigators say the accident happened at about 1:20 this afternoon at the intersection of basken, and moorpark. the deputy suffered a head injury, but was alert, and conscious after the crash. ktvu has learned two men killed in a crane accident in yolo county were from the bay area. they were killed last friday when the basket they were in, detached from a crane and fell more than 80 feet. the men worked for a construction company based in burlingame, which was building a bridge over a creek in the
10:41 pm
city of winters. cal osha is investigating the accident. the competition is getting fierce as police departments all over the bay area are looking to hire new officers. many departments are flooding the airwaves with television commercials and reaching out through social media. fremont police have set up a facebook page. the department offers a program that pays officers to exercise during their shifts, and with a starting salary of nearly $81,000, fremont offers the most money to entry level officers compared to major cities. >> it's different from other departments where they pay you a training pay, or a candidate pay. we pay you your full salary. >> starting pay for officers in oakland is $69,900 a year. for san francisco, it's 80,500, and san jose starts at just over $75,000. students at milpitas tested
10:42 pm
out california's new earthquake early warning system. the new quake guard technology warns students seconds before an earthquake is felt. it was created by a scotts valley company, and is expected to be installed at other schools, and public safety agencies throughout the bay area, and central valley. hundreds of new jobs, still ahead here, the hiring underway at california campuses, and where the money for all of these positions is coming from. >> meteorologist rosemary orozco is tracking our weather. >> she was arrested at a protest, now she is suing law enforcement over a pregnancy test that she says is standard practice.
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
the alameda county sheriff's department is accused
10:45 pm
of violating the law by forcing women to take a pregnancy test. >> just trying to figure out when. >> susan hartman has a past, and she's not shy about sharing it. >> here we go. >> reporter: on july 8, 2010, harman was among those who came to protest the verdict in the oscar grant trial. it was not her first protest, but it did lead to her pregnancy test. right here at the alameda county jail downtown oakland. >> we all had to pee in a cup, and. >> did you know why you were doing that? >> yes, they said it was a pregnancy test. i said i'm 69 years old, i'm pretty sure i'm not pregnant. >> >> reporter: it claims department policy requires women 60 and younger to take a pregnancy test. >> this is not part of any
10:46 pm
comprehensive screening. >> we know alameda county is the only county in the state that is doing this, and it's highly offensive. >> i can hear me yelling help. >> reporter: this former arrestee, and mother, who's childbearing days are behind her agrees. >> to know whether or not you're pregnant is very intimate, and personal, and something that a woman would want to discuss with her loved ones and her doctor. not with some matron in a jail. >> reporter: now she has a lawsuit to add to her file. carmen says she's part of this lawsuit, because requiring that pregnancy test, she said was an intrusion. not just for her, but for any woman. they haven't been served with this yet. but when they are, they'll have a response. noel walker, ktvu, channel 2 news. seattle may soon have the
10:47 pm
highest minimum wage in the u.s. the title currently held by san francisco. seattle city council unanimously approved a measure to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. that's the highest minimum wage in the nation, and significantly hire than san francisco's $10.74 an hour. seattle's is set to take effect in april. however, a business group is threatening to sue. here in the bay area, the city of richmond is set to take on the same issue tomorrow evening. councilman jim rodgers is proposing a move it push the city's minimum wage to $13 an hour by 2018. it allows for certain manufacturers to be exempt from the wage hike. she too is asking some manufacturers be exempt. the csu system is set to hire 700 new faculty members across its universities next
10:48 pm
year. the hiring spree is welcome news across san jose state. during the recession, teachers were furloughed, and classes were cut. all of this comes after the passage of prop 30, and a $125 million hike in state funding. each cal state university school will decide individually how to best use their budgets. the chancellor at san jose state says he's making hiring full time faculty, a priority. subtle changes in store area your tuesday, which means some of us will be cool once again and a mild day for some of us, giving you a snapshot here of the satellite, and radar. you may notice a little bit of green over northern california. this cool weather system that is bringing us the fog and the low clouds, and the cool temperatures, as well as the patchy drizzle is sparking off a little bit of rain over northern california. for tomorrow morning, a lot like what we had today. we're going to wake up with the
10:49 pm
low clouds, very widespread, patchy drizzle once again. by the afternoon, a slight warm up in store. it may be noticeable. some of us may not. it may feel very similar to how we started out for today and into the afternoon. as we get into wednesday, a more not notable jump is going to come our way. this warming trend will continue into the weekend, when we'll get into the upper 80s and low 90s for some. 57 in oakland. 54 in san francisco. novato already checking in at 49 degrees. i do expect we'll have 40s and 50s outside our door tomorrow morning as we get started. so be prepared. 53 in hayward, 54 in oakland tomorrow morning. 52 in san francisco. along the peninsula, low 50s. a chilly start at pacifica with patchy drizzle.
10:50 pm
49degrees outside your door. morgan hill checking in at 50 degrees tomorrow at sun advise. upper 40s, in santa rosa. here's a look at what we'll be seeing tomorrow morning, all the way into the central valley. i showed you in the last half hour, the onshore breeze. quite strong all the way through the delta at this hour. winds gusting to 25, even 30 miles per hour. we'll see that mid-morning, to afternoon burn off again. shades of green, and blue indicates 50s and 60s. 60s on the east side of the bay. 70s, widespread 70s. a few warm 80s for our eastern locations. here's a look at the afternoon highs. you can expect 73 from novato. upper 70s to low 80s. 82 expected in livermore. 60s for the east bay shore line. a beautiful day in san jose,
10:51 pm
and morgan hill. it will be cool in san francisco, 61. cloudy and cool at the coast. the extended forecast showing you again, the dramatic warm up will hold off until wednesday. once we get started, temperatures will continue to warm until we get into the first half of the weekend. then a minor drop in temperatures on sunday. overall, it's going to be a warm weekend. >>
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
there is nfl football to talk about. the raiders voluntary workout continued this week. the wily veteran, charles woodson talks about what the team has going for them in the right direction. sports part 2, next. brown to pass three balanced budgets, on time. for the first time in thirty years. today, the deficits are gone and we've invested an additional 2 billion dollars in education. now john perez is running for controller, to keep fighting for balanced budgets. democrat john perez for controller.
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if you talk to anyone who's had success in life. 99% of you will say, just show up. tom flores on hand. imparting a little wisdom. along with future hall of famer, charles woodson, back for his 17th nfl season, and happy to have other 30 some things on the defense with him. experience an undervalued commodity in all of sports, according to charles. >> i think in any league, you know, i think the spurs were undervalued, but look at them, they have an older team, but they're playing for the whole thing again. it's going to be our job,
10:57 pm
especially some guys like myself to show that, hey man, our best days are not behind us, just because other people say our best days are behind us. there you go. just one of the many reasons the warriors winning 50 games this season, they bout into the idea of defense, leading directly to victory. the league certainly noticed newcomer andre iguodala had a lot to do with propagating that idea. he was named to the nba's all defensive first team. defense and the warriors not exactly synonymous with the warriors over the last few years. the last time the warriors had a all defensive player, back in the 1977 season. >> that's been a while. >> nate the great, back in '70- '71. >> thank you for choosing the
10:58 pm
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