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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  June 9, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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a bay area police department issued an amber alert as the search for a woman and three children intensifies. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. a man is found dead in his home. his wife and his children all missing. here is who is missing.
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>> reporter: friends of the man are describing him as hector ortiz. police are still trying to to piece together who would want him dead and why his wife and children are missing. what has happened leaving an empty feeling for manuel contr era s who casted oscar and kids as close family friends. >> he was so friendly with everybody. he was so friendly with everybody. he doesn't make trouble with anybody. >> reporter: he had divorced
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his wife alicia a few months ago. the relationship was strained. he only spoke to the kids mothers when she had visitation. >> the mother is gone. obviously that's some what suspicious. we haven't said she's a suspect in the case. she's someone who we need to locate. and make sure that she's okay, make sure the children are okay. >> reporter: police say shortly before 8:00 this morning, neighbors discovered oscar dead from a gunshot wound in a yard behind this home. he lived in a unit behind the home. >> i only heard two gunshots that's all. i don't know what time. i woke up. >> reporter: contreras says he doesn't know why anyone would hurt oscar saying he was a good christian. >> how are you feeling? >> bad, bad. so he was a very good friend. and this is kind of like a
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surprise. because i just talked to him yesterday. >> reporter: the family's mother alicia ortez weighs 160 pounds and has brown hair and brown eyes. police say they've exhausted all the leads. >> here's another look at those three children who are still missing tonight. you're asked to call san pablo police or 911 if you see them. the death of a toddler at fisherman's wharf is prompting changes at that tourist attraction. a family was visiting the statute. cason wrapped his body around a
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dolphin structure. his sister trys to stop him but the dolphin structure fell on top of the little buy. >> he was just a sweet spirit. just always smiling. >> reporter: after the incident, police and port officials cracked down on shops displaying items outside their stores beyond a blue line where there is pedestrian traffic. police say majestic gallery had been warned last year during the america's cup race. a shoot out on the streets of oakland this evening left a small child graze by a stray bullet. it happened right near the intersection of international boulevard and sixth avenue. sheriff deputies say people in two cars opened fire on each other. innocent bystanders at a near by transit stop jumped on a bus for safety. the boy was shot in his foot. a man in his 30s was also injured. tonight no word of any arrests.
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and now more on the long waits for medical care at v.a.s across the country. 57,000 new patients had been waiting more than 90 days for their first appointments. we checked the bay area's two largest medical center for palo alto's various facility the wait is 42 days. for san francisco's hospital and clinics it's nearly 30 days which is more than twice the vas goal. tonight ktvu's heather holmes is in livermore with why officials want to take a closer look at that facility, heather. >> reporter: frank it is the only v.a. facility in the bay area that inspectors say needs further review after an employee here raised concerns. america's veterans shut out from seeing a doctor. a new audit looks at the significant and potentially different delays for health care of those who served the country. >> american veterans deserve
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better. >> this is a breach of trust. it is irresponsible, it is indefensible and it is unacceptable. >> reporter: the report described the problems plaguing va facilities at systemic. investigators found a scheduling program that is systemic and confusing. >> if patients have to wait, that's unconsciousable. >> we have taken that as an opportunity to go talk to our directors and change our training. that does not represent the message that we give. >> reporter: upon learning
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about the need of an investigation, he says he was assured the long wait times and access issues are not issues here. reporting live tonight here in livermore, i'm heather holmes, ktvu news. oakland mayor gene quan is defending herself. mayor quan says he was not talking or texting or using her phone in any way when she was involved in a fender bender. as claudine wong reports it's still unclear whether mayor quan or the other driver ran a red light. surveillance video shows the lexus being driven by mayor quan going down the street. it's quick, we can't see her or what she's doing but we know two blocks later she crashed. >> i was on market. when i was hit from the rear. and it spun my car around. >> reporter: it was just a minor accident with the exception of bumps and bruises
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it doesn't appear anyone was hurt. but the other driver's version of events has people talking. >> she had her cell phone near her ear. she wasn't texting. >> reporter: the mayor owns two phone, one for her campaign and one for the city and adamantly denies being on if phone. she says she pulled over 10 minutes prior to the accident to get directions and insists she didn't touch it again. she says phone records back her up. >> i sat it on the seat next to me. wasn't in my hand for sure. during that period, i stopped beforehand so i called my husband about the accident. there are no texts and no phone calls. >> reporter: but there's one part of the story the mayor isn't sod adamant about. this is what she said when she was asked she ran a red. >> i do not believe so but we're going to let the police investigation confirm or not confirm that. >> reporter: the other driver and at least one more witness are a little more insistent. >> she blatantly ran a red
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light and hit the woman's car. >> 100%. >> reporter: mayor quan says she got a violation last year in a rolling stop. in that case she was headed to a mayor's race. yesterday she was in between events. her office says they're looking into getting her a driver. we posted more video of mayor quan's new conference. just look for the topic on our news teenage. falling temperatures throughout the area as our heat wave comes to an end. the bay area saw a temperature differential of 40 degrees. in the coast it was only in the 60s because of all the fog. the fire broke out in the 3200 block of shadow brook place.
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in all five condos were damaged and three families tonight are looking for a place to stay. azmith smith is in the shadow box with what may have started that fire. >> reporter: frank, nearly six hours later and fire investigators still have no idea what caused this fire. you could see the damage behind me. what they do know is it started near the patio and quickly spread. news chopper 2 is there when this two story condominium building caught fire around 4:30 this afternoon. smoke and flames seen coming from a balcony of an upstairs room. >> as the wind is blowing, embers start flying and we have to start looking into a possible spread into the next complex. >> you take 100 degrees, the fire and workload the crews have to go through to get inside as they're fighting the
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fire. it takes a toll on you. >> reporter: extra firefighters on stand by for relief. crews making sure they stay hydrated as they help families salvage what they could. >> what did you guys salvage? >> that's it. everything else is burned. burned down to the ground really. just a few papers, we went in and got. but nothing more. >> reporter: john piper says most of his family's belongings are gone except for a few papers and pictures. his family members among the eight displaced. while the cause of the fire is a mystery -- >> quite a disaster to us. not good. >> reporter: he is thankful for the firefighters efforts and not the best conditions. >> a tough job to try to get that out. yeah, feels impossible to get it all over. it's still burning. but oh well. >> reporter: a local chapter of the american red cross is assisting the families tonight.
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that includes three children. live in san jose, azenith smith. two firefighters suffered heat and smoke related injuries while fighting a fire. crews say the temperatures reached 100 degrees. the injured firefighters are expected to be okay. they were called to las quebradas lane. los angeles clippers owner donald sterling is now saying no deal to last year's agreement to sell the basketball team. sterling now says he will fight to keep the clippers. last weekend sterling said he would allow the sale of the clippers to steve balmer for $2 million. since then sterling has apparently had a change of heart. he's also accusing the nba of violating his right by banning him from the league. moving a problem from one
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area to the other. the new trouble created after a long time homeless encampment was shut down. we had another day of triple digit heat. how long it's going to take for temperatures to tumble. next a disease spreading in the bay area and beyond. and getting more difficult to treat. >> just sleeping at night you should be having nightmare that is this is a problem. >> why some say this health threat is not getting the attention it deserves. pack your bathing suit? wearing it. niiice bank from almost anywhere with the citi mobile app.
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debora villalon with who's most affected, and why. >> reporter: it's happening here and around the country more men and women getting and spreading gonorrhea. and unlike past generations a prescription may not knock it out. >> gonorrhea? i have not heard anything about it. >> reporter: gonorrhea among gay men spreading up to 30 times. but he remembers high school. >> i actually learned about it in high school and i paid attention. when you see a picture of all kinds of things that could happen to you you pay attention. >> reporter: if you're sleeping you should be having nightmares
10:16 pm
of what could happen to you. >> reporter: finding more resistance to antibiotics and few new drugs in sight. >> 2024 for women. and 2024 for men. >> reporter: african american rates are highest among black youth five to 10 times higher than other young adults. >> there's a resistant train out there. we're trying to make sure that we have people to understand this and take care of themselves but we don't think the message is getting out there. >> reporter: funding cuts reduce the amount of outreach in schools and at the jails where he thinks inmates consider the clap a badge of honor. >> i've talked to so many people, i've gotten this disease so i'm the man, i'm a mack i'm the player. >> reporter: for this 17-year- old who has grown up with messages on hiv, gonorrhea is starting. >> i know there were many teens
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that got it. >> i'm going to tell all my friends to make sure they don't do nothing with a girl without a condom. >> reporter: the city's public health clinics are tracking it. gonorrhea's infection rate up almost 1/3 in six years. experts say the fact is more people use condoms back when hiv seemed more threatening. reporting live in san francisco, debora villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. the san mateo county district attorney said his office may decide this week if a high ranking judge will be charged with drunk driving. joseph scott was stopped on highway 101 last month. this here is video of scott from the recording website. scott is the san mateo county record judge. his office is awaiting the results of blood alcohol tests before deciding on formal charges. the search for a missing student from uc berkeley came up empty today in the sierra foothills. 23-year-old vernon cody matthews spoke to his mother by phone telling her she was going
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to go on a hike near el dorado county. teams from several counties are helping in the search. matthews is said to be an experienced hiker. his mom is worried he's been injured. police have issued a silver alert for annie richards. she's described as being 5'3" tall, 140 pounds with gray hair. police say she suffers from a medical condition and may be disoriented. if you see her, you're asked to contact authorities. a teenager was arrested late this afternoon for intentionally setting several fires in livermore thanks to an alert police officer. the latest incident happened on l and k street. this afternoon's fire burned in vacant lots between two homes. police say that a motorcycle
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officers followed firefighters to the scene and talked to a teenager who had a lighter in his hands. >> he made a statement that he was responsible. >> the officer knew what to look for because he had previously been an arson investigator. the fog is back along the coast. it's thick along the coast and trying to work its way across the city. now working its way through bay view's district and moving across the area as well. we'll see fog around. we've already seen cooling from 10 to 13 degrees cooler than it was this time last night.
10:20 pm
antioch is is little cooler. fog along the coast is going to play big into this. because each day as we go through this week is going to get a little thicker. it's really going to push in on these strong on shore winds. right now oakland has a sustained wind of 15 miles per hour. san francisco blowing straight west at nine. these winds are going the right way to cool us off. spare the air day tomorrow, not going to happen. it's going to be cooler tomorrow. that cooling trend is going to continue as we go through this week. when i come back at 10:45, these are not specific temperatures. when i come back we will give you specific numbers for your forecast tomorrow and as you head into the workweek. see you back here. belmont police arrested a man this morning after his dog died inside a hot pickup truck. police say 50-year-old joseph regis jr. was asleep inside a motel room about 10:30 this morning when the they responded to a call about the dog. officers say they found an 8- year-old german shepherd unresponsive in the man's
10:21 pm
locked truck with no food, no water, and no fresh air. they broke a window to get in unfortunately the dog died on the way to an emergency clinic. regis claimed he had checked on the dog at 3:00 a.m. and said at that point she was fine. the clean up of a large homeless encampment that appears to have just moved the problem to a neighboring city. but up first, a new target of thieves automated postal machines inside postal offices. why your financial information could potentially be at risk. ♪
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take the nestea plunge. nothing refreshes like nestea.
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thieves have discovered a new place to use skimmers to steal data. they're now targeting those self-served kioskses that are
10:24 pm
located inside postoffices. >> reporter: self-service kioskses like this one could be -- postal inspector for the law enforcement arm of the postoffice. it's rare but crooks have targeted postal kioskses in the bay area. authorities found a person installing a skimmer. >> we have a standing $10,000 reward. if you're engaged in this kind of activity we will be looking. >> reporter: postal technicians check the machines. there's also a surveillance camera is installed in each.
10:25 pm
you can also take steps to cover yourself. covering up the key pad before you enter the pin and checking your bank statements regularly. >> did you think there could be such a thing as a postoffice. not really. but now that i'm aware of it i may have to pay attention to it more. >> reporter: las vegas police today revealed details of yesterday's deadly shootings that left five people dead including two police officers ambushed while eating lunch. you tube video showed the shooter a married cupper amanda miller and 31-year-oldjared miller. police describe them as white supremesist. they walked up to two officers and shot them. a bystander carrying a concealed weapon tried to confront jared miller not knowing that amanda miller was
10:26 pm
armed. >> amanda miller removed her firearm and shot him one time in the ribs area and where he immediately collapsed. >> reporter: that man also died after exchanging fire with police inside the wal-mart. witnesses say the couple spoke to each other and then amanda miller shot her husband in the chest before shooting herself in the head. police radios that don't work when officers need them the most. >> there's multiple officers trying to communicate, dispatch trying to communicate. there's a lot of, i didn't hear you, what did you say. >> and tonight the possible source of the problem. >> behind me is interstate 80. and right below it a major homeless encampment. how one city's homeless prom became anothers. and a reminder, you can get ktvu news to go. download the ktvu app, click the live icon and watch all of our newscasts live on your mobile device.
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new at 10:00, the eviction of people from an encampment is now causing problems in another city. we're told people have set up camp on the streets of berkeley. >> reporter: ken pritchett is there tonight and tells us one city councilwoman says she's not surprised here by what's happened, ken. >> reporter: well frank, if you look behind me you can see interstate 80. as we zoom in there you can make up a tent. this is the overpass over gilman street. on both sides of the street there are tents and part of this homeless encampment. many of people here say they were forced to leave another place. they came here to make a home and in the coming days they'll be forced to move again. >> reporter: look at the foot of this sleeping bag and you can see a rose. it's where christine rose
10:30 pm
spends her night. under interstate 80. she was one of 60 people removed from a homeless encampment on the albany shoreline where christine lived for three years. >> doesn't compare. under here, no. that was the bomb. >> reporter: she says many people from moved here under interstate 80 with the noise and nasty air. about 24 bulb residents were placed in homes but more than half were not. >> i'm one of them. yeah. i'm one of them. >> reporter: the gilman overpass encampment has long before here but swelled when the bulb closed. it's in berkeley which now has albany's homeless problem. >> the services that albany funded were able to help a number of people but not everybody. >> reporter: the encampment is in linda mias district. she says it was very predictable. >> where do people go that
10:31 pm
don't have homes? we hearly don't have housing for enough people. that's clear to me. >> reporter: the city is working hard to find homes for those who were displaced. before that happens, rose and the others might be gone. they've been ordered to leave by this thursday. >> what are you going to do? >> probably stick it out. yeah. stick it out. >> reporter: christine says that police told the people who are living under this overpass they will get a citation if they are not out of here by thursday. where they will go remains unknown. in berkeley, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. an antioch police officer shot and wounded a man during a pursuit late this afternoon. police say several officers stopped a group of people in the 1600 block of sicamore near the fairgrounds. one man had a handgun and started to run and that's when the officer fired. the man has not been identified. he was taken to the hospital. his injury is described as nonlife threatening.
10:32 pm
new information tonight in the shooting death of a man in san jose last week. police identified him as 36- year-old homeless man named jose gamez. he was found dead on pearcy road. investigators say he had been stabbed at least one time. silican valley crime stoppers is offering a reward for information on his killer. this is san jose's 18th homicide of the year. an east bay liquor store owner who says his business is a constant target for thieves is taking matters into his own hands. cristina rendon visited the store and learned those thieves struck again just over the weekend. >> reporter: the latest group of thieves got on camera over the weekend is like watching the video on replay. >> i'm fed up with him. i'm just fed up. >> reporter: he says his business in the fruitvale district gets hit almost every week by different thieves and police tell them there's not much they can do because no one gets hurt.
10:33 pm
rios believe it is shoplifters live near by. >> just across the street is a haven for them. this apartment building they're using as a haven. they come in right across the street, take whatever they want and just walk out. >> this is not the first time or last time i'm sure. but it's a problem we have on international. >> reporter: manuel gallos says the issue is part of police enforcement he's looking into the issue of the police department being staffed. >> we're being violated and we should get immediate response from the police department. >> reporter: rios says burglar bars and bullet-proof glass offers some protection but he wants the thieves to know he's not afraid to put their faces on display. >> you can't get away with it. i got you on camera and you're going to see your picture on my door that says thieves. have a little shame. >> reporter: the public safety initiative is expected to be on
10:34 pm
the november ballot for voters. reporting in oakland, cristina rendon, ktvu channel 2 news. san jose's outgoing mayor chuck reed revealed who he wants to replace him as major when his term ends later this year. today major reed officially endorsed sam licardo. licardo is facing off against cortezi. cortezi got 33% compared to 25% for licardo. the two men will now go head to head during the november election. mayor reed's endorsement of licardo does not come as a surprise because licardo sports reed's reform. >> we need to continue to work to ensure future residents resources that are sustainable and prosperous.
10:35 pm
>> that was the issue in the primary. obviously people trusted me enough to make me the front runner in the primary. >> reporter: dave cortese has the support of law enforcement and is promising an overhall at city hall and a stronger focus on public safety. supporters of marcus books held a rally tonight asking for then con at the then -- contents of the business to be returned. owners say they were locked out by the new owners. they claim the new owners have taken their books and equipment in retaliation for bad press and won't return their property. no word tonight from the new business owners. it happened during a homicide investigation and then again as police responded to a robbery. >> this is big enough to clearly be system wide. >> the trouble that's interrupting the crucial flow of information between officers. >> relief from the sweltering heat. how long it's going to take for
10:36 pm
temperatures to tumble in your area of town. how sheriff's officials say in 19-year-old allegedly pulled a heist off. what? you expect me to stay up there all day?
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sonoma county sheriff investigator say more charges could be filed against a 19- year-old accused of using a stolen credit card to rent a mansion and a quarter of a million dollars sports car. holloway is in custody in lieu of $1 million bail. sheriff officials say the former high school basketball star represented the mansion and car online. a neighbor said he was odd. >> i'm surprised he did this. i mean he was just off from the beginning. weird. just out there. >> reporter: holloway is due in court friday morning to try to
10:39 pm
get his $1 million bail amount reduced. he's also awaiting sentencing in berkeley after a fraud conviction there. we now know the name of a mother killed by a suspected drunk driver in petaluma. we now know that a grandmother was killed after she was head on. paramedics smelled beer on the driver. a southwest doctor was charged with murder today in connection with the death of his wife. police arrested 68-year-old dr. baldi on thursday. his wife 74-year-old doris knapp was found at the home april 4th suffering from what investigators called severe upper body trauma. the cause of her death has not
10:40 pm
been revealed. baldi remains in custody. authorities are looking for 69- year-old david galvez of tracy who's described as being 5'8" tall, 220 pounds with gray hair. galvez should be considered armed and dangerous. shares of apple are appearing many many attractive tonight. for example shares closed friday at $645 each before the split. today investors responded and bought. stock markets edged up today. the nasdaq is nearing 17,000. it gained 14. excuse me the dow is closing in on 17,000. the nasdaq gained 14. those modest gains came despite
10:41 pm
a lack of big economic news. the heat in the east bay did not stop people from getting outside for a very good cause. the fifth annual fallen heros celebrity golf and bochy ball tournament was held today. the fund raising continued into the evening with a tribute dinner and auction. fallen heros was started in 2009 to help families of four police officers that lost their lives. that's our friend and colleague ktvu's own julie haener. ktvu and tv 36 are proud responsible -r sors of fallen heros. we're following breaking news right now. after the break, what we've learned about a shooting within the past hour that has injured three people including a small child. plus a big fix in our
10:42 pm
weather. the cool off we can expect in chief meteorologist bill martin's complete forecast. >> critical radio traffic that goes unheard. the technical trouble affecting a bay area police department not once but twice this past weekend. ll use citi mobile. it takes two seconds, better safe than sorry, right? yeah, who knows if we'll even get service on the island? what! no service? seriously? you guys might actually have to talk. to each other? we do it all the time. i like it. should we? no. bank from almost anywhere with the citi mobile app. to learn more, visit
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breaking news right now into the channel 2 newsroom. police are at the scene of a triple shooting in oakland. the call came in at one minute before 10:00. the shooting was on 23rd aver in east oakland. a kt ktvu camera person just sent us these pictures from the scene. a man, woman and a child were all shot and wounded. the child was hit on the shoulder. three ambulances responded to the scene. it's several blocks south of hegenburger road. at this time police are not releasing any information on suspects or motives. the berkeley police department is trying to figure out what led to a break down
10:45 pm
with this police radio system over the weekend. as allie rasmus reports, it causes problems for victims. >> reporter: their lifeline in an emergency broke down. >> it was either garbled or you could not hear at all. there were dead spots throughout the city. >> reporter: chris stein says it's normal for audio to drop out from time to time. but saturday's problem was different. >> this is big enough to clearly be system wide. there's multiple officers trying to communicate. dispatch was trying to dispatch. >> reporter: when officers responded to call about a robbery. the raid yes problems happened again. >> they had gone to a robbery call and they were having difficult having trouble again. and dispatch couldn't hear them. so again the critical pieces of
10:46 pm
communication weren't happening. >> reporter: berkeley police department spokeswoman jennifer coast says officials have been looking into the problem. >> that's been an ongoing process. we're still trying to determine what's going on. >> reporter: the problem may not be on the city's end. berkeley's radio system may not be at the -- the city has been in touch with the dispatch system. >> we're trying to figure out if there's a problem on our side or their trouble too. >> reporter: a spokeswoman contacted us with new information. she said the radio system encountered interference from an outside source. alameda county investigated but appears like the system has
10:47 pm
already fixed itself. the. former ucla basketball star filed the suit. he claimed today that the free education is just a front for a luketive enterprise and that all of the money goes to the ncaa. >> i do things that athletes in particular basketball players that are in college as well as football players in college, when they are bringing in the amount of money they're bringing in. they should probably get a piece of that pie. the ncaa says on its website that 90% of the revenue goes to support student athletes. much of it in the forms of scholarships. >> also today, the ncaa
10:48 pm
announced a settlement. the settlement stems from a lawsuit who was filed in 2009 who grew up in van dill. the announcement comes as electronic blocks agreed to pay further money the. >> the man behind cash craze says he's not done. he did his first interview. >> typically when people give back they do it through charity. and we do it too. this is a fun way to give back. >> reporter: jason boozie told anderson cooper -- jason buzi told anderson cooper he has already given away thousands this month. he plans to expand by the first week of july. it's a hot one out there.
10:49 pm
we did have record heat. right now it's just breaking. we have pictures of it a fire up in mount hamilton. it's about five acres. i can tell you the conditions up in mount ham my toll. this fire is about 70 degrees. it's not that hot. the wind are light. the humidity is always up, it's about 40% up. the fire conditions things are cooling off. tomorrow's temperatures are going to come down a good five and 10 degrees. we have some just -pl cooing up on the fire now we will get you more in fact, to you. this was this afternoon and just upper 50s in ocean beach. it was really a 40-degree spread easy across the bay. more temperatures 105 today in livermore. that was the record that was tied today. and it was hot. boy i tell you. at the fire zone, up in mount
10:50 pm
hamilton and outside benchtures are already 10 degreeser than they were this time. the marine layer is going to kaog us off. temperatures are gradually cooling down. you can see it vividly here with the greens represents 50s and 60s. if antioch is still burning pretty hot. in the next hour it won't be. it's going to be a nice sweeping night. overnight hows are going to see him back into the 60s. it's hot toáe -f not hot tomorrow and wednesday and thursday. maybe some trig -l and just turns to cool us down. and it gets rid of your law epbs to have thement. tonight it gets it to the coast
10:51 pm
and the sea breeze is blowing. that's why tomorrow. look at the bite of cool air those 70s around oakland. low 80s up around santa rosa mid-80s. we're going to see lots of 80s tomorrow. sot low 90s but not 105, not 102 like we saw today. 92 in vacaville. these are the forecast highs for tomorrow. 90 in livermore, 90 in pleasanton. higher danger is still theology árology -- is still looking at this map. we just got back that into the newsroom. mount hamilton no damage. and a little stumble to start the week. everyone the two best teams in baseball are allowed an off night from time to time. the washington nationals also
10:52 pm
met their fist look at former own -r matt williams as manager. this one did not get. -- blanco could not make the play at center. blanco came to the plate in the tenth with the bases loaded. compare that with steven straus burg and you have the end of the streak at nine. >> the giants 8-1/2 in front of the dodgers. the oakland a's were slowed down tonight. you always know you're in for a battle against mike trout. he has damage even if he retires. up trout's bad in the third. that was still good for a like
10:53 pm
shot. he road one to the opposite field. that was the first ruling by the umpires but they reviewed it said the fan out there topped the ball behind the top of the fence. either way the angels went on to win it. pulled within three points of first place oakland. you can't win if you can't sorry. that's something new york laingers live together. john than quick put on a show and the stanley cup. asoyal as a subaru. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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the los angeles kings are one win away from taking the stanley cup for the second time in three years. they already led 2-0 in the second period when kyle clifford passed a mike richards on that pretty 32-1. and jonathan quick gets a 1-0 shut out. they can wrap it up on wednesday in the garden. the oakland raiders have been praised for the moves they made this offseason now time for practical installation on the field. they're get ago good look at branch. branch has had three seasons
10:57 pm
with more than 100 tackles but last year played all but 8- quarters. considered to be 200% last night. that makes for a pretty good pairing once the two suspects look familiar. >> he is more of a ball hog. i think i'm more of a hitter. we balance each other out. we're very versatile. we like to both outside, inside, he looks to go deep. he always comes to the sideline and says what can i do different in this play. >> reporter: the warriors got steve curr that left the fees with someone. fisher is now going to be their coach. >> thanks bill, thank you for
10:58 pm
choosing ktvu news. >> the ktv morning news starts bright and early at 4:30. you can follow us any time on facebook, twitter and
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how's the family? great. kids are getting so big. haley's about to go off... you can stop holding your stomach in. college. you still exercising? (exhales deeply) clearly. i look at a clint eastwood or a chuck norris and i think, there's no reason i can't stay tough like... (giggles) oh, tickles! but... ow. that hurt? no. not r--ow. oh. what? it's probably nothing. you feeling okay? yeah. maybe we'll just run a couple of tests, just to be safe. what kind of tests? if there's anything wrong, i'll give you a call. oh. okay. so how's the real estate market doing? well, interest rates are low, so it's a great time to be a buyer, but if you're a seller, you really have to... bend over? (gloves squeak) true, but a quality property is still a quality--


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