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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  June 24, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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conclusions about what went wrong when asiana's boeing 777 slammed into the sea wall killing three people and injuring 187 others. federal investigators say the pilots relied too heavily on automated controls and didn't realize how low or slow the lane was going until -- the plane was going until it was too late. they turned off an automatic speed control and the planes controls were so automated they were too confusing. two of the three girls who died were not swearing their seat belts when the plane crash. the ntsb also found room for improvement more notably in the case of young girl who was run over because she was left on the tarmac and not properly triages. >> we have live team coverage, john fowler spent the day looking at how pilot training could change because of this. but first david stevenson on the lessons for first responders, david. >> reporter: yeah, ken those
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lessons have led to changes on how the department responds to emergencies like that one. but the department tells us it's also looking at the death of one of those passengers. the 16-year-old is passenger 41e the asiana victim who was thrown from her seat at the crash at sfo last july. national transportation board today said at least two firefighters missed their chance to rescue her before she was run over by two fire riggs. >> these individuals observed by multiple firefighters who believe she was deceased and therefor did not perform triage. >> it was devastating for us, the family and everyone involved. >> reporter: the girl's death spurred new guidelines in which a recon crew may scout a crash before riggs came close. and a so called blue card certification process with 50 hours of online training. a new triage system will track victims all the way from the hospital to a crash site. >> the question that was raised
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many many times is how did she get there, how did she get there. >> reporter: the teen was one of two girls ejected from the plane. >> officials also believe she would have survived had she been wearing her seat belt. >> we're not here to second guess the coroner at all, but that races a good question and that's something that is being discussed. fire officials also said special energy response buses loaded with equipment to help victims once sent to the crash site say those will be dispatched from now on. reporting in san francisco, david stevenson. >> the ntsb blames pilot mismanagement. that mismanagement was a basic flying mistake. john fowler is live now at the oakland airport with an inside
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look at what happened from the pilots perspective, john. >> reporter: we spoke to a pilot and he put it bluntly. >> it's a rookie mistake. it's something that i would expect from a new pilot. >> reporter: gave me a dramatic demonstration of what the asiana pilot did so wrong. >> a little high, pull tower. like he did. >> reporter: this ntsb animation shows the airliner too high, too close. power off and diving. >> now you've got 700,000 pounds of airplane desending too quickly. >> reporter: moments later too low. note four red lights and too slow to avoid a crash. >> 10445 contact. >> reporter: we also got low intentionally on our flight.
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four red lights but kemp reacted. >> i'm going to go ahead and put power back in. >> reporter: attention to power, speed and altitude the most basic flying -- flying skills could have brought the pilot back on target. it disconnected auto throttles that would have connected with the track. reporting live in oakland ktvu news. >> has complete invest investigation, you can watch testimony. and learn more about the victims just click on the asiana crash tab. officials are on the scene of a deadly fire in union city it started just before 3:00 at home in san carlos way. fire crews put out the fire quickly but one person died inside the home. another person was taken to the
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hospital for nonlife threatening injuries. so far no word on how it started or the identity of how the person died. fire crews did say there were a lot of belongings inside the home which made it difficult for them to get inside. he says he was just trying to do the right thing when he sprung into action. >> i ran after him and i tackled him. >> bergdahl is now in custody. police say despite the ending, they recommend that people call
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911 instead of taking it into their own hands. right now there are not any that operate in unincorporated areas of the county. however there are about 80 in san jose. the county is concerned that some of those cannabis clubs may want to move to unincorporated areas after strict new levels go into effect in san jose. county officials say they want to have regulations in place in case that happens. >> what the board asked for is, make sure we're taking care of compassionate youth and access because what we want to do is balance making sure children don't have access and that people who need medical marijuana do have access. the county says it receives about 10 inquiries a year for people interesting in opening dispensaries in unincorporated. our amber lee is live and amber you just got an update from the oakland fire chief. >> reporter: that's right ken,
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just a short while ago the fire chief spoke about what happened here this morning but she was not ready to release the identity of the veteran firefighter. i'm told the accident happened around 11:43 this morning. chopper2 captured the video of the fire truck that was involved in the accident. the chief says it happened during a monthly drill that deals with how to respond to a plane crash. the firefighter was driving alone in what's called an aircraft rig. it's equipped to carry 3,000- gallons of water and 420- gallons of foam. the vehicle rolled during a turn in front of the oakland center which used to be known as the united hanger. the 28-year-old veteran was not thrown from the vehicle but suffered serious injuries and was taken to highland hospital. right now the department has been shocked. like i said this firefighter was very well known and laked with all the members within the organization. >> we are really praying for
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him. you know for his recovery. we're praying for the strength of his family. we will be staying at the hospital until he gets into a more stable condition. i've learned the injured firefighter has been participating in this type of drill for 10 years. the highway patrol and cal osha are investigating this incident. it did not disrupt services here at the airport. reporting live, amber lee, ktvu news. a petroleum tanker overturned about 5 miles north of the junction of highway 116 that's just north of jenner around 10:30 this morning. the highway patrol says the tanker was carrying 5,600- gallons of oil and some of that oil leak on to the road. crews crews spent the day trying to contain the spill. whole foods has agreed to pay $800,000 for overcharging customers. the complaints of overcharging
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came from stores in los angeles, santa monica and san diego. state and local inspectors found whole foods did not sub subtract for the weight of containers. film maker george lucas has decided where to build his museum and it is not in san francisco. the creator of star wars has picked chicago. the windy city was competing with san francisco for the lucas museum showcasing his collection of items. san francisco had offered the site of a waterfront after the precidio trust rejected lucas bid to build the museum in the precidio. ron emmanuel and mayor lee had
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been -- cox will now own fox stations in boston and memphis. in announcing this deal cox media groups ceo bill hoffman recognized the teams at ktvu and kicu saying quote, we are proud of the work they have done for us over the decades to super serve the bay community with award winning broadcasting. fox ceo jack aberna --thy also commented. the deal is subject to regulatory and other customer approvals and conditions. a new call for actions. community activists want federal investigators to step in after the shooting of a 13- year-old boy. >> if you don't clear the brush
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around your site there's someone who will but it isn't free. the penalty to homeowners who don't have it. >> and a slight chance for sprinkles. i'll have the specifics after the break.
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even the mayor says this place is more than just a place for children to create. but the art center future is in jeopardy tonight. the richmond art center is on the chopping block as the city struggles to close a budget gap. ktvu's rob roth is live there now with a new push to try to save it, rob. >> reporter: ken, the richmond city council budget hearing is now just beginning here at city hall. and facing the possibility of a
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massive cut the richmond art center. art camp at the richmond art center. these richmond students are painting sculptures they made. but this and other art programs for young people and grown ups could see deep cuts. the richmond city manager is proposing cutting all of the $375,000 a year it provides the center. about 1/3 of the center's budget. >> it will impact a number of programs particularly the youth that we serve in the community. they are bringing their endeavors to the art center. >> reporter: the art center is the largest in the east bay, it displays the work of local artists and holds classes. >> getting ideas and putting them where everybody will see them. >> reporter: and has other benefits. >> usually kids have nothing else to do. so they go around and do stuff, weird things. >> reporter: the city says it need to cut more than $6 million from its budget. a little down from $20 million. >> that was an idea that was put on the table to see if the
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richmond art center can make it on their own without the city subsidy. >> reporter: the cuts have not forced the art center to close says the executive director but has rallied the community to fight the proposed cuts. we spoke with richmond major mclaughlin she said she does not support cuts the art center. they hope to get some con consensus from the council this evening. rob roth, ktvu news. nine months after a sheriff deputy shot and killed andy lopez, activists are calling on the department of justice to investigate use of force incidents in yuba county. the department of justice issued recommendation s -- for the sonoma sheriff. none of the recommendations were carried out. they say in the years sense
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there's been more than 60 incidents involving law enforcement. >> where's the training on how to diffuse the situation with a mentally ill person? it doesn't exist. >> reporter: the group is also critical of the sonoma county district attorney. she still hasn 't issued her decision on whether to charge the deputy who shot and killed lopez. that deputy says he mistook the toy gun that lopez was carrying. stow suffered a seizure and that's why he has not been in court. he is going to meet with his attorney but will not be back if court for the closing argumenting on thursday. and a new exclusive ktvu
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field poll find, 52% of voters prefer governor brown. 16% of likely voters are still undecided. voter sentiment has shifted a bit since the last field poll back in april. 52% of voters have a favorable opinion of brown. and temperatures start to trend down as that fog behind me starts to push inland tonight. a little further and further as we head into thursday. we've had slight chance for a few sprinkles out there. the temperatures today got up there. as i said warmest day of the week by a couple of degrees. it was not that warmer than yesterday but warmer still. you probably haven't forgotten but the weekend was pretty chilly. sunday and monday. 91 in antioch. your high is tomorrow we're going to be down a good 5
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degrees then we'll drop another five degrees as we head into the bay area thursday. looking at the fog, it's been pretty chewed up just a little bit. with that fog being chewedded away we're going to get clearing at the avenues. the fog is acting maybe an hour and hour and a half it'll be clear. the fog will be working its way across san francisco. tomorrow when you wake up plenty of fog and low clouds. daytime highs cooler than they were today. here is the current temperature. you see lots of mild numbers along the coast. this weather system is the member -- mechanism for that cooling. and then thursday, it get as little closer and there'll actually be rain north of us. that rain will translate to a few sprinkles south of san francisco as we head into thursday morning. so we'll see how that goes. breezy along the coast the next couple of days. the fog footprint for tomorrow morning. the model is kind of right on
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it. i think we will see fog there. and there's going to be fog here and fog here. when you wake up, many of us will have low clouds tomorrow morning. notably cooler. forecast highs tomorrow burning off a little slower than today. look at the 90s they're way east. these areas are going to have numbers that are in the mid- and upper 80s. yellows are 70s so cool day tomorrow. forecast highs tomorrow, 63 degrees for a high in san francisco. right now 60 degrees. san francisco tomorrow, a cool one. the forecast model brings this weather system by thursday. here we are wednesday night. tomorrow night. no big change just some fog. here comes all the high fog cover. here it goes. it will bring us a slight chance for drizzle along the coast thursday morning and by thursday afternoon distant memories. fog everyone goes away because that system comes in and breaking up the inversion. what happens?
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cooler next couple of days and we have a good shot for some sprinkles as we head into thursday morning especially in the north bay. forecast highs 82 in pittsburg. thursday's temperatures will be cooler than these with fog at the coast. then in the five day forecast with the bay area weekend clearly in view. starts to warm up as far as the bay area weekend. i think sunday will get back to the hot range. >> it'll dip down for a while. kind of unusual. >> the upside is the fire danger. >> and the fourth of july will be nice. speaking of fire danger, fire inspectors are trying to get homeowner to cut down dry weed. their checking on open spaces. if homeowners don't take care of it the fire department will but not for free. the county is counting on homeowners to pitch in. >> we have 1-1/2 people that do weed awayment for 300 square
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miles. we really want to emphasize this message. we want people to voluntarily comply. unlike contra costa county some property owners in oakland don't pay for the cutting of weeds. a new grand jury report shows that oakland fire inspectors fine property owners almost $2 million since 2010 and have received less than half of that amount. lebron james makes a major announcement on his future in the nba. and at the world cup, italy really bites it in brazil. mark will fill you in, sports next.
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we're only days away from the opening of levi stadium. the stadium is 95% done among its notable highlights the 60,000 feet stadium has more than 2,000 tvs and two huge high definition led scoreboards. levi stadium will be unveiled on july 17. the first event will be a san jose earthquake game on august 2nd. the 49ers first preseason game will be there on august 17th against the denver broncos. mark ibanez is here. he's probably the biggest name
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on the nba. >> and no doubt the best player. there's a few teams teams fantasizing on lebron picking them. he is for the second time a free agent, free to choose. opting out of his contract with miami. this does not mean he will return to the heat but he has what you would call major leverage right now to go wherever he gets the best deal. you bet, miami wants him back. that's for sure. one of the most popular teams in the world. that would be italy, they are out of the world cup. and they are not a bit happy about it for a variety of reasons. always a big support. kicked off at officiating first a red card. sixty-eighthminute claudio marcasio called for hitting over the ball.
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then later you will see urugian suarez bites one of the italians. to no aveil. then a few minutes later, godin heads it in and that's the winning goal. england and costa rica 0-0. the utter dejection by the italians as they are officially out. it looks like the a's are going to be out in the big apple. the mets taking care of them in a big way. playing long ball against the ace of the a staff none the less. remember young couldn't hit much when he was with the a's. but he has two home runs tonight. this one leaves the yard. so far he gave up seven runs and the a's getting pummeled right now. late in the game in the eighth as a matter of fact. they are down 10-1. we'll bring you if there are any highlights of that game and of course the
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giants playing the padres tried to break back after losing to the padres last night 8-0. so that's the sporting life right now. >> going in for the bite that was crazy. >> going tyson on him. holyfield i should say. >> we took you inside the new raiders home. the stadium is having a ripple effect on neighbors around them. one person's fear about a neighborhood park. we'll have that at 10:00. >> thank you for joining us. good night.
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