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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  June 28, 2014 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. a woman and her young daughter killed in a horrific head-on collision and tonight nearby resident say something needs to be done to keep another tragedy from happening. >> good evening, i'm eric rasmussen in for ken wayne. >> hello i'm heather hoaxes and that tragic head-on crash is raising questions about the safety of a contra costa county road. rescue crews rescued to willow pass road in concord near the former naval weapons station after an officer came across the crash scene. debora villalon is live in concord where people are talking about victims and why torchlights to that stretch can no longer wait.
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>> reporter: heather, it's pitch black out here, a two-lane road with no room for error. and the rise of the road means that you may not see what is coming until it's on top of you. on this windswept two lane road balloons mark the spot where two lives ended and loved ones have left sorrow physical megs about a mom named lorena and a little girl named khloe. >> we heard the sirens, but had no all right idea. >> ithe iwatas cross the same stretch and its risks are well- known. narrow, no shoulder, no dilfer. >> worse thing really at night, there are no lights. there are no overhead lights so it's a very dark road. >> it's a treacherous road to be on. >> it proved treacherous when an suv and sedan collided head- on. five people were injured and
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three had to be extricate and one woman driving dined at scene of the accident. rescuers try without success to revive her little girl. >> the area is a free-for-all right now. >> they expect money to be spent once the city and military settle on a redevelopment plan for the weapons station land. but until then. >> you have to be so careful. i'm all for dividers, lights, i'm all for lights, and it wouldn't hurt to widen the road. >> reporter: and frequent drivers feel it is urgent before more memorials are left behind. >> that just broke my heart this morning when i turned the news on. >> they need to do something now. >> you just can't put a value on a human life and now, tragically two people lost their lives. >> reporter: investigators are looking at whether distraction or dui were factors in the accident. the coroner is holding off on
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the victims' names, but people posting online say the mom worked as a hairstylist and her daughter was 2-year-old reporting live in concord, debora villalon ktvu channel 2 news. happening now, san francisco city hall, lit up in honor of pride weekend. you see a live picture there all in honor of the festivities that tonight are in full swing. pride weekend is expected to bring about a million people into the city to enjoy tomorrow's big parade and all of the other festivities as kutv christien kafton reports. >> we love being called dykes, because it's a dykemarch. >> reporter: she says even in the party
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atmosphere it's important to highlight the issues of women. >> women in general, really sort of fight back on the body of oppression we're facing and really fight for liberation. >> reporter: visitors to tonight's festivities agree it's a party with a privilege. >> all of it used to be focused on day men, and women tend to be more marginalized and so having this event all to ourselveses is incredibly important. >> reporter: pride activities are bring in people from all over the place and with all of the work done to widen the sidewalks on castro, businesses in the area say those visitors could not have come at a better time. business is buzzing inside louie's barbershop. >> it's a fantastic gay. >> paul garlington is visiting from the carmel area and is spending his money in getting into the spirit of pride. >> i'm spending money here, we went to the brown sugar kitchen and we really are enjoying our time. >> that is good news for
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businesses like louie, steve holly says the widening project slowed business to acronal now the sidewalks are clear and packed with visitors and, things are looking up. >> i would say we're seeing a good 40% increase from visitor, so it's good for business. >> reporter: visitors and businesses say they are looking forward to sunday's big parade, sitting in for pride weekend, in san francisco christien kafton. >> on twin peaks volunteers set up the giant pink triangle visible for miles around the bay area. gay and lesbian were forced to wear a pink triangle in nazi concentration camps and it's a symbol that the fight against bigotry goes on. >> you can only celebrate and in this city of san francisco we have a lot to celebrate and
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we have a rich history of struggle for our lgbt community. >> this is the 19th year of the pink pink triangle. more details now, this year's pride parade theme is "color our world with pride." we got a sneak peek of some of the 23 floats that will roll along market street tomorrow. the festivities start at beale street and goes to market to 8th street. organizers say it's a good idea to take public transit to that event. you can find more information on, look under the "san francisco" news tab. >> new video of a two-alarm house fire in sonoma county that caused an explosion in a garage and scorched two neighboring homes. the fire was first reported around 4:00 this afternoon on west school road near maple avenue. firefighters say the fire began in the garage and when the homeowners smelled the smoke, they got out of the house and
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tried to put out the flames with a garden hose. however, the fire caused an ox oxyacetylene tank to explode. pge was called to close the supply of gas. trick-or-treats say no one was hurt and the cause of the fire is still under investigation. new developments tonight in the case of a missing man from petaluma. today we learned he was found safe after a strange journey around northern california. all on foot. police say 51-year-old jay roy martinez was discovered in napa. now he says he spent the last three weeks walking, long distances from healdsburg all the way to sacramento. martinez says he walked along railroad tracks and ate fruit he found away. he told the police he had to get away because of stress. his wife says he injured his ankle and lost way, but otherwise is okay. >> a man was left dead east of
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auto center drive last night. homered detectives say when officers arrived on the scene that victim had multiple gunshot wounds. he was pronounced dead at the scene. his name has not yet been released. >> now to a disturbing report of a shooting in san francisco. a non-profit group tells us that a youth outreach counselor was gunned down right in front of youngsters while they were playing a game. ktvu's patti lee is live in san francisco, where she has learned the victim had turned his life around. patti. >> reporter: no one is in custody for this brazen shooting yet that took place in broad daylight in front of dozens of children. the fields and courts are empty today, yesterday they were filled with about 45 kids taking part in summer programs. >> you should feel safe in a summer camp for kids, around all the other kids. >> reporter: that sense of safety was shattered on this basketball court. where an outreach counselor was playing dodgeball with kids he was overseeing. he was shot in the head at
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close range in front of them. and today, balloons and candles have been left at scene to pay tribute. >> the executive director of turf, tells us that the victim's name was alan callaway and that kalway worked for the non-profit together united we're committed forever, which is funded in part by a city and county department to run free programs for kids. according to acting board member elizah abdul-salam, calloway worked there for years. calloway's story well-known in the neighborhood he grew up. >> he had turned his life around and he was good with all kids. he loved to smile, laugh and all that. >> that. it's sad, because you never know. you could just be walking down the street or doing anything. >> reporter: i have learned that turf is
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planning an emergency board meeting to discuss getting counseling for the kids that lived through yesterday's horror. and talk about ways to keep kids and counselors safe. live in san francisco, patti lee, ktvu channel 2 news. a building blown off of its foundation, the clues that could lead to suspects and the cause of that explosion. secret experiment, what facebook was hoping to gain by manipulating users' moods without their knowledge. and going hollywood, how the felon with a flattering mugshot is trying to cash in on his 15 minute' of fame stp hey! welcome home! hey mom!
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. two people are being sought in oakland after an explosion that knocked a building off of its foundation. investigators say butane gas canisters may have caused the blast that happened about 10:45 last night. two people who may have been burped were seen leaving the area. a dog was injured. the building was declared up safe. red cross is now helping reports he with housing. official say a grass fire in tracy may have been sparked when someone tossed fireworks out of a vehicle. that fire charred about five acres of grass land this morning along interstate 205. investigators say this fire illustrates just how dangerous and destructive fireworks can be, even those ones that are
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labeled "safe and sane." when they activate they create heat. they are all create heat. which has a potential of starting a fire or burping somebody, given the right condition and situation. >> chelkellogg says that fires can feed on the brush creating dangerous conditions of because of the dry conditions officialion are you urging people to be cautious when using fireworks this 4th of july. we found dozens of people buying up the so-called safe and sane ones at a stand in dublin. that city is just one of a handful in the bay area, where the fireworks are legal. they are banned in most other cities. dozens of youth football coaches got a workout of their own, learning how to keep their young players from getting hurt on the field. photo journalist joseph huerta. >> let's go, nice and smooth. there we go. just getting the heart rate
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going. >> today we're going -- head's up program. >> back in line, back in line. >> i just don't want anybody to be sore. >> player safety clinic at the wonderful oakland raiders practice facility, working with dedicated pses on a saturday. >> this is just getting you ready to go back and teach, so they can teach their individual organizations and student- athletes and parents. >> right underneath you. >> about making the game better and safer. this year we have close to 100pses. we believe that our sport demands a standard. >> youth football today is losing bodies to basketball, baseball and other sports that have less contact. >> we don't need any children tackling with their heads.
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today we modeled proper footwork, balancing. and proper hitting. and tackling. >> football is very safe if it's taught the right way. clinics like this are not only geared towards the teaching aspect, but also the team- building. >> good job, good job, can good job. >> do it again, do it again. >> we feed them now so our young student-athletes can grow up loving the game and want to pursue it even further to high school, college and maybe to the oakland raiders. >> the accused mastermind of the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi pleaded not guilty to a terrorism charge. four americans were killed in that attack. ahmed abu khatalla was taken to
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washington dr. where he appeared in federal courthouse. the government says it intends to file more charges against him. witnesses say he directed the assault, he maintains he is innocent. the iraqi government says its army has pushed sunni extremists out of the town of tikrit. also today there are reports of iraqi air tacks in the rebel- held town of mosul. cnn reports that at least seven civilians were killed and two wounded. >> the government always in the problems, and the only losers is the iraqi people. we need a solution. >> the u.s. confirms its flying armed drones in iraq to protect u.s. personnel on the ground, but say that american troops are not directly involved in the fighting.
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some 300 us military advisors are in iraq helping the iraqi military confront the militants. >> house minority leader nancy pelosi says she has little hope that congress will pass comprehensive immigration reform this year. more than 52,000 children have been picked up entering the u.s. illegally alone since october. president obama called this wave of immigrant children "an urgent humanitarian situation." the supreme court is deciding whether a for-profit corporate can deny its employees contraption coverage based on religious beliefs. hobby lobby and conestoga specialties brought the suit. if the justices rule in favor of the company it would be the first time in history that the religious rights of a corporation would be
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recognizeed. >>? governor brown repealed a passed law that was supposed to take affect on july 1st and the governor agreed with independent chef and bartenders it would disrupt their hand- washing routines. on the california court of appeals san francisco deputy city attorney terry stewart will be the first openly lesbian justice to serve ot first district court of appeal and jim humes was the first openly gay justice on the court when he was named an associate back in 2012. nearly 700,000 facebook users took part anyway giant psychology experiment without knowing it. facebook researchers wanted to see if emotions expressed on- line were contagious. so for a week in 2012 facebook manipulated some users feeds, some saw mostly positive post and others saw negative ones and the stut study found the posts did reflect the mood of
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what they saw. facebook's terms of use do allow it to conduct research on its users like you and me. >> you read those terms? >> i certainly haven't, maybe i should. >> maybe i should too. talk about a disappearing act. the san francisco sea lions have left their home at pier 39 -- have you noticed? the possible reasons behind their disappearance. >> fired, but refusing to leave. a southern california family fights to evict their nanny. item now a victim in my own home and it's completely legal. >> the roadblocks that the favis facing now, trying to get their former nanny to leave their house. and in weather, the bay area, clear right now, coming up how much warming in your sunday forecast and when triple- digit heat resurfaces in our five? >> day?
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but for half the cost. the bring your own phone plan. that's wireless your way. unlimited* talk, text, and data on the best 4g lte networks starts at just $40 a month. net10 wireless. . we're following developing news out of arizona, that is
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where the san juan fire is threatening dozens of homes. the fire scorched more than eight square miles in arizona's northeastern white mountains. strong winds pushed flames passkey containment lines yesterday. about 200 people have been evacuated from the area since the fire broke out on thursday. firefighters say the fire was start by human activity, they have not yet determined the exact cause. >> we're getting new details about a father charged with murder after leave handwriting his toddler in a hot car in tuscaloosa alabama. >> his father has created not guilty to murder and child cruelty. he harris was allowed to call into the son's funeral. he told police i searched the internet for information about child deaths inside vehicles prior to cooper's death last
10:23 pm
week. there are reports from seoul that north korea fired two missiles into the sea of japan. according t-wolves it's believed the missiles were scuds with a range of about 310 miles. reports of the apparent test come days before the chinese president is due in south korea to discuss the new north's nuclear program. new concerns about pope francis' health after he canceled his visit nearly an hour after he was due to arrive at the hospital yesterday. due to what the vatican called "an unexpected indisposition." the pope kept his appoints, but observers noted he seemed tired during a 10-minute audience with the president of madagascar. he only has one lung and suffers from a bad back. vatican insists that the pope
10:24 pm
is not suffering from major issues. tonight is the first night of ramadan, when food and water is prohibited between sunrise and sunset. and this is the first time that ramadan has coincided with the world cup since 1986. some soccer fans worry that the observance will put extra strain on teams with muslim players. . a southern california family might be making progress in their fight to fire a nanny and get her out of their house. 64 diane stretton was hired three months ago to watch three finish and do housework in exchange for room and board. she soon stopped working claiming health problems and when the family fired her and asked her to leave, she refused, threatening legal action. >> when i called the police, they are telling me it's now a civil matter and i have to evict her. so this lady is welcome inside
10:25 pm
my house, anytime she wants, to eat my food, anytime she wants and harass me basically -- i'm now a victim from my own home and it's completely legal. >> all right, a little update. it appears stretton finally did leave that house. she was seen last night in her car outside of the upland police department. had he hid niradash cover refusing to speak to reports. the stockton felon who got a lot of attention for a flattering mugshot has a hollywood agent. jeremy meeks was held on $1 million bail for charges and he gained worldwide fame after stockton police posted his mugshot on facebook. his agent is looking at modeling officers and reality show. it was once a muni bus and what the new bus is offering
10:26 pm
transformation instead of transportation. plus an unmade bed to some, a valuable piece of art to others. the price people are willing to pay for it. a reminder that you get ktvu news to go on your cell phone, download the ktvu app, click the live icon and watch all of our newscasts live. be expect
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it is something most of us take for granted, but for the homeless, something as simple as a morning shower can be life change. >> ktvu's katie utehs with the place volunteers are getting a clean start. >> reporter: a crumpled newspaper clipping
10:29 pm
directed him to this facility. converted muni bus offering showers for the homeless, the economy brought him to san francisco. >> i'm a machinist by trade, i'm from detroit. detroit had a pretty bad recession. i lost my job and san francisco, now it's a port city seems a lot more machining than detroit. he wouldn't talk with us before his shower. he was too embarrassed about being dirty. >> here is the button on the top to turn it on. >> seeing the despair on the crow streets struck sandoval. >> i knew it probably meant a lot of thing i would probably never understand. >> witnessing the homeless woman's struggle, inspired the founder. >> if you can put gourmet food on wheel, why not showers and toilets? >> the water is hot. it comes from a city fire hydrant. there are go private bathrooms,
10:30 pm
with two-minute appointment time and 10-minute showers. monty like others only took the time he needed. time on the bus, that isn't a cruel reminder of his situation. >> i feel refreshed of the i could probably sit on the regular muni, but not the shower bus and not have people make comments that i smell bad. >> reporter: the goal is to serve more than half of the homeless living on the streets, because sometimes, all you need is a clean start. >> the boss, you know, or the people that are doing the interview, immediately look at your hands, look atour face and the way you smell. so i think if this service could offer a shower in the morning, it might help people get jobs. >> reporter: in san francisco, katie utehs ktvu channel 2 news. at is san francisco's pier 39, the question is where did all the see lions go in she arrived in 1990 not long after
10:31 pm
the loma prieta earthquake. they left suddenly as they arrived. marine biologists say they might be look for food or joining in the migration to the channel islands. transportation officials ares were in berkeley trying to get people to go electric. ehpeople could choose from chevrolet and other manufacturers. the mayor hopes that this campaign will boost interest. >> it's the future. we need to realize that continues and cars are here to stay. and people need to familiarize themselves with it, because they are going to be blown away, like i have been. >> the next experience electric event is set for next month in fremont. >> police say a southern california mobile home was so full of explosive chemicals that the only way to disclose of them was to set it on fire.
10:32 pm
the controlled burn happened before 11:00 p.m. last night in cathedral city, just east of the palm springs. police discovered the cacce of the fireworks powder and say it was so voltiality, there was really no safe way to remove it. closer to home the oakland police department is set to unveil its new and improved dispatch center tomorrow. the new center on edge water drive takes in all 911 calls made in oakland. among other improvements the facility has improved workstations for dispatchers. the city has the project was a result of a new focus on infrastructure and technology upgrades to make communication between dispatchers and police officers clearer, easier and faster. the state supreme court will decide whether government officials private e-mails should be considered public record? the case in san josi in 2010, last year a santa clara superior court judge found that they should be covered by the
10:33 pm
state public recordses act in the e-mails cover government issues. that decision was later overturned by the district court of appeals. those justice say the state legislature should make the determination. hikers and nature lovers in napa county have have a new open face preserve to explore in northeast american canyon. it's 642-acres of range lands and grassy hills and oak groves. land was donated by the late jack and eunice newell. a controversial piece of art work that showed a disheveled bed from a love sick artist is slated to go up for auction. the work by tracey emin was nominated for a prestigious art prize. emin says she spent four days in that bed after a tumultuous heartbreak and when she finally got you will, lo and behold she saw the artistic value. >> when i sit on that bed, i
10:34 pm
actually have a shudder going past me. it's like a piece of history and i think people identify with it because i think most people have time capsules in their memories or minds. >> when goes on the auction bloke at christies, the piece is expected to fetch between $1.3 million and $2 million. gosh, why didn't i think of that? flying saucers are real, at least one is according to nasa, the text mission of the not so unidentified object and how it could have an impact on the next big leak through in space? the bay area in the middle of a warming trend. ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo will tell you just how much heretofore your sunday will be and when areas will see 100- degree heat?
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that's wireless your way. unlimited* talk, text, and data starts at just $40 a month. and now android smartphones start at under 50. net10 wireless. . well, bay area warming trend has started with mostly clear sky and first you see the map behind me an earthquake to report at 9:59 a magnitude 5.2 on the border of arizona and new mexico. you can see where the epicenter, where that is located. and reports according to the u.s.g.s. website of moderate shaking in the area, but no reports of damage just yet. once again this just happened in the past hour and something that we'll be watching for tonight and into your sunday. back here in the bay area, we do have mostly clear skies out
10:38 pm
there. some fog out, basically developing on parts of immediate shoreline right now, but that will gradually increase in coverage a little bit before the next -- over the next few hours. san francisco 56 degree. san josi mid-60s. livermore 64 and fairfield 69 degrees. we were advertising the warm yum for today and you can see santa rosa 89, san josi 77 and livermore maxed out at 85 degrees. for tonight, we have mostly clear skies not much in the way of fog just yet. a few patches developing across the immediate shoreline. towarding the oakland estuary and bay bridge, we're talking about a warmer forecast and in san francisco, for the pride parade we're going to have mostly clear skies. maybe a few patches of clouds when the parade startses, but as you can see along the parade route towards civic center plaza, about 3:00, 73 degrees.
10:39 pm
we're expecting that and then the extended, the fog makes a comeback. we're expecting cooler conditions as well. overnight lows first thing in the morning, low to mid-50s force santa for santa rosa and san jose. tomorrow, 3-6 degrees higher as high pressure offshore is strengthing. monday will be the warmest day of the week and that translates to a few neighborhoods inland could be approaching 100 degrees. in fact, that will be the hottest day of the week. with that fire danger goes up as well. this time of year and the drought out there, fire danger will be a constant concern, especially for tomorrow and into monday. especially by monday, warmest locations will be approaching 100. here is our forecast model showing you patchy fog regrouping. more sunshine utthere, that orange
10:40 pm
contour links to the 80s, napa 91, santa rosa 91 degrees. oakland, 9. 91. san francisco 73 and pacifica,degrees. a look ahead your five-day forecast with your weekend always in view. monday the hottest day the week. we'll shave of on a few degrees for tuesday and that cooling trend kicks wednesday, thursday and by friday we're thinking 60s 70 and 80s with minor cool on friday for 4th of july. >> a flying saucer was seen off the coast of hawai'i today, it was fired off from the coast of kauai near the pacific missile range facility. they are testing the conditions there that are similar to mars. today was the second day of
10:41 pm
play at the special olympics in northern california. [ laughter ] >> had there was plenty of enthusiasm in davis. some 700 athletes from 28 countries are taking part in the three days' of games. organizers say it's not about winning as much as athleticism. >> it's really nice, competitors want to compete and do the best they can and when the race is done, they are really happy to congratulate their competitors. we also have a lot of volunteers here cheering them on as well and family and friends. >> the events continue tomorrow. they are free and open to the public. >> coming up, matt cain looks to snap his losing streaks as the giant goes extra innings against cincinnati. it was a marathon ballgame in miami where the a's and marlins battled for 14 innings. highlights next in sportswrap. water. i can't u buy this. oh. crystal geyser please. crystal geyser. bottled at the mountain source.
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. good evening everyone and thanks for joining us our saturday night edition of sportswrap. the oakland a's still own the best record in baseball. and they still create more quirky story line than a quentin tarantino movie. how about 14 innings? although looked like had was going to be easy easy as the a's scored four times off eovaldi, who gives off this single to moss, moss had 59 rbi's right now, but the marlins score five times against starty gray. moss strikes out, but the ball
10:45 pm
pops free and saltalamacchia throws out moss. a's led 6-5 and gregerson faces jake marisnick. 6-6 and doolittle's first run allowed in 26 and two-thirds inning. we go to the 14, 6-6. moss make a great slide to score the go- ahead run. oakland, but the marlins aren't taking the hook to easy. baits load jeff francis looking for his first career save. solano flies out to right. a's blow the lead, but win 7-6 in 14 innings. they are 6-1


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