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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  July 25, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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. close to 400,000 people ride bart every day. now the federal government is pledging millions to protect the public. good evening. i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. it's one of the most important parts of the bay area's transit network. transbay 2. tens of thousands take bart's transbay tube every day into and out of san francisco. new at 6:00, ktvu's john sasaki live in oakland with the reason millions of dollars in federal funding is headed our way. john? >> reporter: frank, here in west oakland, thousands of people have been coming out this afternoon, after coming from san francisco under the bay. they took the transbay tube, which is now the beneficiary of a big federal grant. thousands of people do it every day. aboard a bart train heading between san francisco and the east bay.
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>> on the tube, you're there in a split second. >> reporter: it's a quick, albeit, noisy ride through the transbay tube. >> quite a bit. i don't mind taking bart back into the city to go out with friends. >> reporter: east bay congressman announced a new $17.4 million federal grant is coming to bart. he said this grant is a smart investment that will enable bart to enhance security of its critical infrastructure against a potential terrorist attack. the failure to do so could cripple the bay area's economy. >> i live in fremont. that's my main mode of transportation, get back and forth to san francisco. >> reporter: bart officials are being vague about how the money will help. >> not going to go into the level of details what the money is for, because it is a very high risk situation. >> reporter: but first, specified funding is not for additional police. >> the money will be used for critical infrastructure needs, for the transbay tube, to make sure it's safe and secure. >> reporter: because the tube runs under the bay, officials say riders won't notice any work being done. that could mean the structure's shell will be hardened to protect it from any underwater
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explosives. >> given all things that's been happening around the world, i think every security measure is important. >> reporter: bart officials wouldn't even say when the work will begin, again, for security reasons. but the project will soon go out for bid. john sasaki, ktvu channel 2news. a bomb threat shut down the oakland coliseum bart station for more than an hour today. that caused major problems for the morning commute. bart says a person overheard a threat, then called 911. police evacuated the station and bomb-sniffing dogs came in and searched the area. in the end, nothing found. record-breaking heat scorched parts of the bay area today in san francisco where it was slightly milder than in the east bay. crowds enjoyed the farmers market. also, many dined outside today, as temperatures there broke a record. and ktvu viewer jackie border sent us this picture of a thermometer hitting 100 degrees in the shade in vallejo. meteorologist mark tamayo is live in the weather center now, where he has been tracking the
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hottest spots. mark? >> yeah, in fact that vallejo temperature matches the one we had for today, with the high in parts of the region. so as far as the temperatures from this afternoon, you can see a couple records. san francisco went up to 85 degrees, breaking an old record of 82. so more temperatures to report for you, the highs from the national weather service. san jose, 94. santa rosa, 98 degrees. lot of 100s toward concord, fairfield, livermore, 102 degrees. we still have very warm temperatures out there right now. but one part of the bay area cools off a bit heading into your saturday. more coming up in about 10 minutes. >> thank you. our team coverage continues with ktvu's john valor, live in concord at one of the spots that hit 100 degrees today. john? >> reporter: julie, it's still unexpectedly hot here, 100 degrees remaining the unofficial temperature here. many people sought out swimming pools, ice cream, air
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conditioning, just plain slowed it down. in the diablo valley, oppressive heat. these women left alameda for cooler temperatures. >> we get 60 to 70. it's hot and uncomfortable. hard to keep the babies calm. >> reporter: the kids of bay point savored cool confections. >> it doesn't feel that hot anymore when you eat the cool ice cream. you feel a little warm instead of hot. >> reporter: at the park, dozens of campers braved the heat for walnut creek's traditional paper boat race. [ cheers & applause ] >> we make sure we have the kids remember to put sunscreen on, drink a lot of water. we bring out our water jugs. >> reporter: while some people spent a little more keeping the landscape cool, some with smart meters were saving during today's peak usage hours. but homeowners say bigger savings come as you let the utility turn off your air conditioning when it wants to.
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at the air conditioned concord senior center this afternoon, the annual volunteer appreciation dinner, but this designated cooling center is not scheduled to be open thursday afternoons. >> it gets hot on thursday all summer. i don't know how they can arrange that. >> reporter: staff tells me, though, on health department designated cooling days, people will be allowed inside and the building will be staffed until the evening hours. in concord, john fowler, ktvu channel 2news. >> and if you haven't already, make sure you download the ktvu app, weather app for the latest temperatures and weather conditions where you live. a frightening day on the job for an oakland tow truck driver who found himself dodging bullets, as he tried to repossess a vehicle. tonight, the alleged gunman is in police custody. oakland police tell us it happened just after 9:00 a.m. they say a man opened fire, hitting the tow truck, then ran into a home. the shooting prompted a police
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stand-off that ended a few hours later when the suspect finally came out and surrendered. luckily, the tow truck driver wasn't hurt, but other drivers who repossess cars tell us the job can be very dangerous and people often threaten them with dogs and weapons when they try to take back a car. >> you have to really be able to talk people down and kind of calm a situation down, because at the end of the day, we can't carry a weapon. >> he also tells us that his rule of thumb is to try to repossess a vehicle within one minute. now, an update to a reported car jacking we told you about at 5:00 in san jose. news chopper 2 was over the scene at blossom hill road at snell avenue 3:30 this afternoon. that's where police responded to reports of a woman in an suv that had been carjacked. now, police are telling us the incident involved a conflict between the woman and her boyfriend and they are trying to determine if, indeed, a car jacking actually took place. what we can tell you is that the woman wasn't injured. new developments now in the
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corruption case against suspended state senator leland yee. prosecuters filed new charges in federal court today against yee, former gang leader raymond chow, and 27 other people. the new charges include racketeering, running a criminal enterprise, carrying a potential 20-year prison sentence. yee is also accused of agreeing to vote for several bills in exchange for campaign contributions. a city councilman is under investigation tonight for misuse of campaign funds. the fair practices commission tells the contra costa times that he is accused of reimbursing himself $2500 in cash from his campaign fund. he's also accused of using $18,000 of campaign money to pay rent for his own personal business offices. he says the offices were used for his campaign, not his business, and says the $2500 was used to pay campaign workers. a busy weekend in san francisco going to affect
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traffic. the monthly bike event known as critical mass is set to start at this hour in justin herman plaza. also, giants playing the dodgers at at&t park tonight, tomorrow and on sunday. 26,000 runners are expected at the san francisco marathon on sunday, with street closures along the embarcadero, in the financial district, and in the south market area. and also on sunday, the up your alley street fair will close door alley between howard and folsom streets. the 49ers are still weeks away from their first game, but today, fans were out in force. season ticket holders were invited to levi's stadium today. take a look at their seats. thousands came out to give the stadium a game day feel. but as ktvu's anne ruben explains, a different type of football will be played on the field first. >> reporter: they are getting final practices and counting down the days the san jose earthquakes will kickoff the inaugural year at the new levi's stadium. >> i've never had more ticket
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requests than for this game. >> reporter: they are selling out the lower bowl, just about 45,000 seats. the idea, to test the stadium's infrastructure that day without taxing the system. today, season ticket holders got a first look inside. >> i want to see the stadium up close and personal! >> this is relieving tension, because everybody is, like, come on, open, open, open! >> reporter: concession workers got some practice, too, and they say they are ready. >> i think everything's going to be good. >> reporter: while stadium officials have been planning for every contingency, fans will plan, too. they say their website and levi's stadium app can be useful ways to prepare for parking. >> the my advice for people coming down, buy a prepaid spot. then you'll know where your spot, is directions on how to get there. >> reporter: there's light rail and track today. fans will expect two things, a
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great event and-- >> i'm going to be there. everybody else is going to be there, and there will be problems. like everything else, they work themselves out. >> reporter: anne ruben, ktvu channel 2news. >> if you want to be the first to check out a sporting event at levi's stadium, there are still a few thousand tickets available for the san jose earthquakes game for next saturday, playing the seattle sounders. we have more information about the stadium, including food and pricing just released. look under hot topics on our home page. financially troubled corinthian has agreed to more clearly disclose plans to sell off its campuses in california. corinthian colleges owns 85 campuses, including five in the bay area. under a new agreement with the state attorney general's office, the company is required to send notices to its students in california about the planned sales. the agreement also calls for clearly posting information about pending sales on its website. this comes amid allegations
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that recruiters have misled students about the company's future. corinthian colleges denies those claims. a limousine engulfed in flames. we'll tell you what the driver saw just moments before this limo caught fire. >> it provides a safe place for families with children battling life-threatening conditions. now, some families are packing up and moving. the short-term challenge that will mean bigger things down the road.
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. a limousine went up in flames this morning in vallejo on fairgrounds drive, near the solano county fairgrounds. witnesses say the driver pulled over as the limo appeared to overheat. when the driver lifted the hood, he saw all the flames. he called the fire department, but by the time they got there, there wasn't a whole lot they could do. fortunately, there were no
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passengers inside the limo at the time and no one was hurt. police are looking for a gunman who wounded a teenager at a basketball court in east oakland. it happened at brooke dale park at about 7:15 last night. police aren't saying much, but neighbors tell us a fight broke out on the basketball court and escalated into gunfire. the boy was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound to his leg. he is expected to recover. and that shooting comes less than a week after a 10- year-old girl was shot by a stray bullet while attending a birthday party at lowell park in west oakland. that shooting occurred at about 5:15 last saturday evening. the girl was struck in the arm, but is expected to be okay. police say the gunfire came from across the park, near 12th and fillbert streets. no arrests have been made in either shooting. there's new information tonight about a soccer coach now accused of molesting a child at a summer camp in livermore. management at cabernet indoor sports tells ktvu they thoroughly vetted jesse scllicker before hiring him.
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he is now suspended and not allowed anywhere near the facility. he's accused of molesting a child there during lunch at one of the soccer camps last week. parents say they were stunned, but plan on keeping their children at the camp. >> no matter where you go in america, you'll have problems and issues and people will slip through the cracks. >> police say there may be other victims and they are asking those families to come forward with any information. the san francisco archdiocese said today a priest who was ousted from his post in guam will not be allowed to work in the church in san francisco. earlier this week, father john wadeson, seen here on the right, was removed from his home diocese over child molestation allegations. the alleged abuse happened in the 1970s, while wadeson served in the archdiocese of los angeles. the diocese of san francisco confirms he has been granted permission to minister here, but today, it issued a statement saying, quote, father wadeson will not be allowed to undertake any ministry in the
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archdiocese of san francisco unless and until his home archdiocese confirms that he is suitable for ministry. san leandro police say they caught two burglars red-handed as they walked out of a home they had just ripped off. police say a 20-year-old man and a 30-year-old man, both of oakland were arrested yesterday outside a home on ebb tide street near spring lake boulevard. investigators didn't say how they knew they were inside the house. police also say the pair are suspected of committing another burglary on monday in that same neighborhood. new at 6:00, a number of young patients at the ronald mcdonald house in palo alto are being forced to pack up and move out. as ktvu's mike mibach reports, doctors at stanford hospital gave the go ahead when they realized dust from a construction site could jeopardize the children's lives. >> reporter: boxes and bags, placed one at a time into
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yellow bags. it's moving day at the ronald mcdonald house in palo alto. >> it's frustrating. the loss of the community is very, very difficult. >> reporter: six inpatients and their families are being ordered out, into alternate housing. patients like 2 1/2-year-old riley mcmillan. >> by the time we leave, he will have had three open heart surgeries, a liver transplant. >> reporter: and his mom alicia. >> we came in december for a liver transplant and they discovered problems with his heart. >> reporter: the reason some of these patients and their families are having to pack up and move into apartments and hotels, there's actually two, one, a doctor's order. second, construction. >> construction sites can increase the risk of infection for certain immune-compromised patients. >> reporter: laura is with the ronald mcdonald house in palo alto. she says it will remain open and providing services, but certain patients are indeed moving out. >> so some of the patients that are here, their doctors have advised they stay elsewhere during the digging portion of construction. >> reporter: right now, you the ronald mcdonald house is
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expanding to 52,000 square feet, becoming the largest ronald mcdonald house in the world. diana comesman says her son james has an unspecified bleeding disorder. while they is grateful for the care the house provides, moving out into a hotel is worrisome. >> lot of times our kids have to wear masks. they come back with bandages. lot of the people don't understand that. so the loss of community is very, very difficult. >> i guess the next question is, was ronald mcdonald house prepared for this? >> we have been talking about this with the hospital for a very long time. >> reporter: she says the patients will continue to be provided food, activities, and transportation. she says safety of the children is first and foremost, and when the construction dust is settled, the door here will be open to those who are now having to leave. mike mibach, ktvu channel 2news. well, the advertised warmup, right on track. temperatures inland today
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topped out at 100 degrees, even a little above 100. a few changes developing to our south, down towards southern california, a few high clouds approaching los angeles. we had low clouds and fog. right now, closer to monterey bay earlier today, but more of an onshore breeze. that will kick in, sending in some cooling near parts of the bay area, primarily near the coast, a little around the bay as well, heading into saturday. current numbers, it is still hot. right now, 100 degrees in antioch. livermore, right now in the upper 90s. san jose currently 90. san francisco, remember san francisco maxed out in the mid- 80s, already cooling off quite rapidly, checking in at 66 degrees. mostly clear skies, but a strengthening onshore breeze. that will thought be the case tomorrow, winds 15 to 25 miles an hour. here's our live camera across the bay, with clear skies out there. this weekend, cooler for the coast, hot temperatures inland, then minor cooling for next week. overnight lows to start out your saturday morning, mid-50s to mid-60s. i'm thinking mostly clear skies, but patchy fog returning to the coast, maybe a few patches into the bay as well.
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this area of high pressure, the source of all the heat for today, sticks around into the weekend. the key change for your saturday, we'll have a stronger west-southwest wind, sending temperatures down about 10 degrees coastside, 5 degrees around the bay. inland spots, still back up into the mid to upper 90s, right around 100 degrees, maybe a little bit of cooling heading into sunday. but these are all just minor changes inland. not much relief in sight toward concord, livermore and antioch. forecast model showing you the fog for morning near the coast. putting this into motion for the afternoon hours, partly to mostly sunny skies, upper 60s for the beaches. warmest locations inland, back up into the upper 90s. we'll take a look at your forecast highs for your saturday afternoon. santa rosa, 91. richmond at 80, right around the rim of the bay, lower 80s. inland, you'll find the heat, livermore, pleasanton, antioch and brentwood. san jose south bay at 89. morgan hill, mid-80s.
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san francisco, instead of the mid-80s, we'll go with 73. here is a look ahead at the five-day forecast with the weekend always in view, not much change in your sunday. we'll thicken up clouds. cooler for tomorrow, but still upper 90s, still pretty hot inland. >> one of the things we always worry about cases like this, are fires. unfortunately, we're following developing news right now east of sacramento, where fire crews are battling a wildfire. it was reported just about 4:30 this afternoon in amador county, in a remote area near the town of plymouth, highway 49 and sand ridge road. we've been monitoring this and we're told that a house went up, just like that, and was completely engulfed in flames in no time at all. >> we were just showing you live pictures. we also have other video to show you. we can tell you that calfire has told us a car fire sparked the grass fire and it quickly spread. as you can see, there are pictures right now of what
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looks like a house there. the smoke plume from the fire can be seen from at least 50 miles away. at least one home, as we mentioned, has been destroyed that we know of. here are pictures shot just a short time ago of this home, destroyed by this fire that just started about 4:30 this afternoon. it's burning in a remote area, but there are other homes nearby and a winery just south of where this fire is burning. >> reporter: temperatures reached triple digits here in napa, but the raiders kept practicing at a great pace in their first practice of summer training camp. we'll have a live report, next in sports.
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let's go straight to fred live at training camp. >> reporter: 99 when they took the field at 4:00, very productive day here for the first day of training camp in napa for the raiders. if anything, they can take solice in knowing this is perhaps their best quarterback corps in 12 years or so, is and matt schaub, their starting quarterback, is feeling this camp is already productive. >> first day of training camp, everyone is excited to be back, excited to get the season
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started. obviously, it all began back in ota's and mini camp. it's a little different animal when you get to training camp. things ramp up a bit. it's an exciting time of year to be back to work and get all the guys on the field and get going. >> you want to go out and get a veteran quarterback, because it gives you more flexibility, gives you the ability to do more things. seeing a lot of different looks from a lot of different defenses. >> he he's got the ability to make the adjustments and put us in the right place. i think that's something that we're going to look at as we continue to go and i think that's a good thing and i think it will help us out a lot. >> reporter: 4-12 in back-to- back seasons. this is a must-year for them. owner mark davis says no more excuses, as they take on the regular season in about a month or so. reporting live in napa, where i'm breaking the cardinal rule of all newscasters and sportscasters, don't let them see you sweat, now back to you guys. >> i think it's okay today, fred. it's that hot. >> we'll give you a pass. >> thanks, fred.
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we're always here for you at, on facebook and twitter. thank you for joining us. we'll see you at 10:00. have a good evening, everyone. >> stay cool out there. >> good night.
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