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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  July 25, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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tonight's sunset has brought a bit of relief to the area after 100-degree heat and record breaking temperatures. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. the combination of triple dim temperatures and the drought have boosted fire danger. the sand fire has burned 1,300 acres so far and right now is
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zero percent contained. at least one house has been destroyed. a car fire apparently sparked the blaze. the smoke plume could be seen 15 miles away. around here people were beating the heat any way they could. >> there was really no escaping. swimming pools, ice cold water in cooling centers all helped folks deal with the heat. it was even hot at the coast where san francisco actually set a new record for the day. we have team coverage tonight. ket -- ken pritchett is live but we start with mark tamayo. >> right now concord is still in the lower 80s.
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but look at all all these hot numbers. santa rosa in the upper 90s. san francisco in the mid-80s. you can just tell it was a very warm evening out there. as far as the records, san francisco 85 degrees breaking the order record of 82. mountain view in the 90s. we'll highlight the warmest day, the hottest day of the weekend. now to ken pritchett who's at the foot of mount diablo and how the threat of fire is changing some of the summertime tradition there is. >> reporter: the threat of fire, the risk of fire is an ongoing concern, so much so the visitors are not even allowed to smoke.
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it's hard to imagine it could look any drier than this. yet mount diablo is where the champ family decided to camp. no campfires for one. >> no smores for now. we'll just be eating marshmellows. >> reporter: bricket stoves are the only ones allowed. >> i just checked it not to long ago the relative humidity was in the double digits. new signs went up warning visitors of what some already
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knew. >> no water, no showers were rehad -- >> we had to bring our own water but it's okay. we're really roughing it. >> reporter: the sign here said weather danger high. there's one more step above that one and that's severe. a fire started at a home. fire crews quickly called for three alarms. the fires were threatening another home. one neighbor says the crackling alerted him. >> we're up at the top of the hill. we grabbed the family, the dog
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and out we went. >> reporter: the contra costa fire marshal says heat and low humidity were definitely factors today but luckily there were no winds and no one was hurt. it appeared the fire started in the garage. but investigators are still trying to pinpoint what started it. >> on top of mount tam there's an extra set of eyes watching for smoke this weekend. at 10:30 we will take you to a fire look out staffed and pressed into service because of the high fire damage. it's the end of the line for bryman college. students and staff got the news late today. local campuses are closing after the school's parent company filed for bankruptcy earlier this week. bryman runs three colleges in the area. students are out of luck and staff members are out of a job, amber. >> reporter: i just got off the
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phone with a staff member. he told us the school had trouble paying its employees the last year. when we got here, we found people locking up and leaving. >> reporter: each person i approached declined to speak. >> is there anything you want to say to the students? >> no. >> reporter: while the san jose school was closing up. the last class to graduate was graduating. one grad showed me her diploma. the first to graduate in her family. >> i'm feeling great. i just graduated. >> reporter: but her and others are also expressing sadness. this celebration was marred by the school's closure. leaving staff members out of work. the students were told before the ceremony started this
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evening. >> my instructor who helped me get a career does not have a job anymore. it's heartbreaking. >> reporter: the graduates said they paid $15,000 for an accelerated lesson that took less than a year. now they're happy they completed their education before bryman closed. >> it's really sad. because over the news we heard. >> reporter: this mother of two tells us her heart goes out to other students who haven't finished their courses. >> some of them have one month to finish and some of them like some weeks to go. but, there's nothing we can do about it. >> reporter: on the california department of consumer affairs website, state officials say they will have staff at each of the schools locations to assist student monday morning. one worker told us he's been told to contact the u.s.
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bankruptcy court to claim unpaid wages. amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. what's happening with bryman comes at the same time that corinthian colleges has agreed to more clearly disclose plans to sell off its california colleges. corinthian runs five bay area schools. wyotech and heald colleges. leland yee is facing new charges tonight in his federal corruption case. prosecutors filed what's called a supercedeing indictment. yee is accused of selling his votes on various bills. in one case yee allegedly agreed to take $60,000 from a
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supposed nfl team owner in exchange for his vote on a bill dealing with athlete compensation. and at we have posted the 148 page inindictment outlining the new charges against yee. you can look for it right on our front page. b.a.r.t. is getting a $17 million grant to protect a crucial part of the system against a potential terrorist attack. ktvu's john sasaki shows us where that money will be focused it also explains why b.a.r.t. is so guarded about the exact focus. >> reporter: thousands of people do it every day. board a bart train heading toward san francisco and the east bay. >> coming down the tube it's like you're there in a split second. >> reporter: it's a quick albeit noisy ride through the trance bay that riderslike. >> today i'm taking the subway to go out with friends.
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>> reporter: that's why the mayor said this grant is a smart investment that will enhance the critical infrastructure against a terrorist attack. >> i live in fremont and that's my means of transportation to get here back and forth to san francisco. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. officials are being vague on how the money will help. >> we're not going to go with the level of detail with the the money because it is a very high risk situation. >> reporter: but they specified the funding is not for additional police. >> the money is going to be used for critical infrastructure workment. >> reporter: that may mean the structures shell may be hardened to protect it from under water threats. b.a.r.t. officials wouldn't even say when the work would begin again for security reason. but now that the project is secure, it will likely go out
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for bids. just minutes ago, a seize fire was set to go into effect in gaza. it comes after a day in which israel and hamas exchanged air strikes and rocket fire. 18 days of fighting has left 18 million pelestinians dead mostly civilians. most of them soldiers. tomorrow u.s. secretary of state john kerry is said to join other foreign minister to push for a more comprehensive seize fire. safeway is based in pleasanton. a spokesperson says the company does not expect to close any bay area stores as a result of the merger. the deal still has to be approved by the federal trade commission if it is it would create a chain of more than 2,000 stores which would be second only to kroger's which is the nation's largest grocery store chain. one man versus mother nature. >> i'm watching most of the time. an up close look at the
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simple but effective weapon against wildfires. shot at while trying to do his job. a repo man comes under fire while trying to repo a car. why others who do the same job say that it's a risky job. and the operation to the event and while this will be different to the kind you see in spain.
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running with the bulls it's an american take on a long time spanish tradition. tomorrow it's coming to alameda county. 3,000 people have already signed up to run with the bulls tomorrow at the alameda county fairground in pleasanton. >> jana katsuyama is there live tonight with why organizers say despite the opposition it's actually safer than many people think. >> reporter: we're actually on this track a quarter mile track where people will be lining up tomorrow. and for safety organizers say they build in these little pockets you see on the side where people can step off the path. this is a dirt track, softer than the pavement that you see in pamplona spain. and the bulls will be running along it along with the thrill seekers. workers spent hours in the hot sun today. putting up red barriers and preparing the alameda county fairground for a run unlike any
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others in history. running with the bulls. >> you don't get many opportunitys in our very civilized and seditary lives to get a rush of adrenaline. >> we've been feeding them and taking care of them. >> kind of crazy that something like that draws so many people. >> reporter: his advice as a long time rancher. >> some will hook you. if you go in, it'll chaste you up the side of the fence.
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if you're not careful it'll run you over but i don't think it'll stand and stomp you. >> reporter: an online petition drew more than 1,700 signatures. the organizer dickens says there are risks. >> we usually have about two dozen injuries. not serious, scratches, bruises. i think we did have one broken bone in total. >> reporter: reporting live in pleasanton, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel two news. we have new information on the name of a san francisco woman who died in a fire today at her apartment in the park merced. she's been identified as eva black. she lives in the apartment for 30 years. authorities say the fire was confined to just her unit. they also say it appeared
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cluttered with items she had been hoarding. the fire may have actually been smoldering for a while. a repo man who was just trying to do his job had to dodge gunfire today. ktvu's paul chambers spoke with another repo driver who told us how they tried to finish the job in under a minute because of how dangerous it can be. >> these are just some of the vehicles that were repossessed at active auto recovery in fremont. drivers say they get paid by the number of vehicles they repossess. in an average shift, a driver will bring in about three. >> it can be very dangerous. especially with angry car owners that just want to get their car back. >> reporter: a man started firing shots in the direction of the driver. >> the tow truck driver left the area.
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with the shooting no persons were injured. the tow truck did sustain some gunshot damage. >> reporter: at least two bullets pieced the tow truck. police say the shooter ran into a home leading to a stand off. several hours later it ended with the man surrendered to officers. >> the man who came out of the house was identified as the shooting. >> it worries me since i'm out there doing the same job. >> reporter: over the last two years he's been a repo man. a job he acknowledges is very dangerous. that's why his goal is to repossess a vehicle in under one minute. he says after today's incident he'll be extra guarded. >> you have to be able to talk people down and calm a situation down. because at the end of the day we can't carry a weapon. >> reporter: repo reality shows paint his job in a bad light. he says of course he never wants to take anyone's cars but
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the cars he takes actually still belong to the dealers. we have an update on a a shooting in a park. a gun battle left an innocent teen wounded. investigators say more than 20 shots were fired between a group of people in the park and another group in a car. one bullet traveled clear across the park and hit a 17- year-old innocent bystander. a boy playing basketball at the far end of the park. people in the area told us today they're afraid. >> my grand kid that bicycle up and down the street or scooter or even play across the street in the park on their scooters it's very scary. >> reporter: last night's shooting comes less than a week after a 10-year-old girl was hit by a stray bullet while attending a birthday party at lowel park in west oakland. the bay area in the clear right now. look at these current temperatures. these are the 10:00 reports. we're still showing 80s in concord, even antioch back up
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into the upper 80s. san jose mid-70s. still very warm out there and that's what you would expect after a record breaking heat today and temperatures topping 100 degrees across parts of the bay area. we're also tracking higher clouds approaching southern california right now and also a patch or two of some fog. that patchy fog will regroup over the next six to 12 hours out there. with that a mostly clear skies to start your saturday morning. coastal fog, temperatures at 7:00 upper 50s to the upper 60s. then into the afternoon hours, we'll thicken up the high clouds especially by mid- to late afternoon. look at that evidential temperature range. 68 to 100 degrees. temperatures tomorrow still very hot inland. the hottest locations back up into the upper 90s to 100s. oakland lower 80s. we're going to warm things up. san francisco instead of the 80s we're thinking low to mid-
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70s. another warm to hot day for your forecast saturday. also a few more changes with the high clouds moving in from the south. we'll have timing for those clouds and when muggy conditions could run to the bay area forecast. the president meets a central american leader to search for a solution to the immigration crisis. at 10:0, why time may be running out to broker a deal in congress. >> how much more you will have to pay to eat at a 49er game this season. of these. so, we can measure, plan and install it for you. yea, let's do that! ikea. professional kitchen services at a low price.
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woah, this kitchen is beautiful! give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all. about 30,000 season ticketholders got their first look at the new 49ers stadium in santa clara. fans were thrilled to check out the new digs and even get to sit in a seat. as ktvu's anne rubin explains
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that inaugural game involves a different type of futbol. >> i tell you i've never had as many game requests like today. >> we want to see the stadium up close and personal. >> this is like relieving tension. because everybody is like, come on. open, open, open. open. >> concession workers and park attendants got to practice too and they say they're nearly ready for the same thing. >> i think everything is going to be good. >> reporter: while stadium officials have been planning for every contingency they hope fans will be doing some planning too. they say their website and apps can be useful ways to prepare for parking. >> my advice for people coming
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down, buy a prepaid spot. because that way you get directions how to get there. >> reporter: there's amtrak too. on that first day, die-hard 49ers fans say they'll be expecting two things. a great event and a bit of traffic. >> i'm going to be there. and everybody else is going to be there and there will be problems but like everything else they work themselves out. >> outside levi stadium, anne rubin, ktv channel 2 news. once people get into the game they're going to have to pay a little bit more to eat. the 49ers released prices today for food and drinks and they are higher than they were at candle stick. first up here they are no longer calling them hot dogs at levi stadium. instead they're calling a frankfurter with a custom bun. $6.25. how about a slice of pizza. a slice from stone pizza oven is $8. a basket of garlic fries made
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with fresh gilroy garlic that's going to cost you $8.50. if you're thirsty, a 16-ounce budweiser will cost you $11.25. a 20-ounce bottle of plain old water, that's going to cost you $6. ktvu news had a chance to tour inside levi stadium while it was still under construction. on you can look at that and compare it to what the new stadium looks like now. just look under hot topics. crews in san francisco are working through the night to paint new transit lanes on market street. it hopes new red paint will prevent private vehicles from driving in transit only lanes. the paint is being added between fifth and 12th street. the agency says it plans on retiming traffic signals and adding cross hatched markings in intersections to keep munni moving. the work will continue on friday and saturday night through november. a carjacking takes a deadly turn. what two suspects did before
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the car they stole hit and killed three children on the side of a road. >> there are people that come up here and never get a chance to see smoke. it's like an island in the sky. the mountain perched in the bay area where fire spotters are being pressed into service this weekend. a reminder that you can get ktvu news to go. download the ktvu app, download the live icon and you can watch all of our newscasts live on your mobile device.
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we are coming up now on 10:30 at night and here is a live picture from downtown san jose. and right now the temperature is still hoovering at about 75 degrees. as we have been telling you those high temperatures are fueling fears of wildfires in the bay area. the city of san jose tweeted today about restrictions tomorrow at alam rock park. parkgoers won't be allowed to
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have cook fires or any other type of open fire. other wise alam rock will be open for business. and they're using an old fashion but effective fire prevention. the fire spotter. debora villalon with one of the look outs who says he has the best volunteer jobs ever. >> reporter: as long as you don't mind height and being all alone up -- don't mind height and being all alone up here. the pay off is amazing beauty and helping keep it all safe. >> it's amazing being out here. i never get tired of being here. >> reporter: levi's home is on top of the mountain that towers over marine. his perch that little notch at the top a look out built some 80 years ago. >> it's a secret butt world class destination. >> you kind of you have to like
10:31 pm
the quiet and you have to like the solitude. i like being on the mountain it's very easy for me. >> reporter: and the vistas are unbelievable. as easy as it is to get lost in the views. >> you know there's so much going on and you don't hear any of it. i'm above it. i'm above it all. >> reporter: levi mission here is serious. watching for the whisp of smoke that is the start of wildfires. he prefers the walk out because there's no glass glare. and he rotates between he and other watchers. levi has tools to map locations. he's seen smoke only once in his three seasons but it
10:32 pm
doesn't easy about the potential for file. >> it's all fuel, all fuel. there's nothing that could stop it. >> reporter: after years of biking and hiking, this retired carpenter feels a personal connection. >> i give back. i protect the mountain as a way of saying thank you for all the pleasure that the mountain gave me over the years. >> reporter: the fire look outs here and on near by mount barnaby can stay overnight but they don't have to. levi says in a full moon or immersed in fog it's really magical but most nights he prefers to go home to his wife. reporting live in millvalely, debora villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. the east bay regional parks district has expanded the swimming restrictions at shadow cliff parks in pleasanton to include the entire lake. high levels of e-coli bacteria forced the closure of the south
10:33 pm
beach on wednesday. levels on the west lake were found to be too high today there's no word when swimmers will be allowed back into the water. time is running out for lawmakers to address the crisis of unaccompanied illegal children crossing the border. today central american leaders met with president obama at the white house. but reform might not happen before congress heads out for their summer break. >> reporter: the slow down of a flow of immigrant children coming over the border is coming into play. >> we need to be cognizant of the children who are coming across the border. >> reporter: after a closed door meeting, members of the gop tell me the new plan is a
10:34 pm
dialed back proposal. it's a far cry of the president's request of 3 billion dollars. another potential problem, congress is leaving town for more than a month next week. >> an agreement between the house and the senate next week is extremely unlikely. >> reporter: it would make it easier to deport children coming from central america. a potential deal breaker for democrats. >> there's no reason why they have to be tied. >> reporter: meanwhile the senate is heading in a different direction. it will vote on a bill that will send billions of the dollars to the border. new details. a new poll find that 16% of americans say the primary focus for illegal immigrants coming
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across the border is deportation. it looks like apple may be headed for another patent battle. accused beats electronic on infringing on five of its patents. apple is in the process of acquiring beats electronics. bose says it's been working on noise canceling head phones for the last 20 years. this comes after the u.s. supreme court found such searches violate constitutional rights to privacy. the formal agreement to stop the searching helped settle a lawsuit brought by the aclu. it filed a lawsuit on behalf of a civil rights activist who's phone was searched by police without a warrant after his arrest in 2012. in a statement today an aclu
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spokeswoman said quote our cell phones carry a wealth of information. we don't surrender our right to privacy simply because we choose to carry that information around with us or because we've been arrested. the uss hornet in alameda plans to hold a special event to mark the 45th anniversary of the apollo11 moon landing. the hornet was the carrier which carried neil armstrong and michael collins on their return from the moon. aldridge is scheduled to be the special guest. the anniversary event is scheduled from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. tomorrow at pier three in alameda. a growing number of seals and sea lions turning up with serious injuries. and the high tech tool helping to rescue them. >> the areas that will cool the most this weekend and with
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muggy conditions could return. three children hit and killed while raising money for their church. >> this is one of the most saddest cases that i've come across. >> how police say another crime led to their tragic death.
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a week after malaysian airlines flight 17 was shut
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down in eastern ukraine. prorussian rebels are still refusing to assess the crash site. the rebels are lose patience with the investigation. there's still human remains at the crash site. three children were killed after the driver of an suv ran into them. the kid had set up their stand on a street corner with their mother. the girl was 15 and her brothers were 10 and seven. their mother is said to be fighting for her life. people in the german town neighborhood of philadelphia are outraged. >> i know them kids. for somebody to hit them kids like that and just keep going doesn't make sense. all i'm saying is turn yourself in. >> reporter: a $100,000 reward is now being offered for the two suspects.
10:41 pm
police say they carjacked a woman and forced her into the backseat at gunpoint. she was also injured. the two suspects drove away after the crash. new developments tonight about an attack on a woman outside of at&t park. the two men who were arrested with what happened have agreed to a plea deal with prosecutors. that fight happened on july 10th as you saw there injured a 27-year-old woman from oakland. she was hospitalized but has since been released. 42-year-old anthony rutger pled guilty to felony assault he faces one year in jail and three years probation. 32-year-old francisco lopez pled no contest to misdemeanor assault. the san francisco giants kickedded off a three game series against the los angeles dodgers this evening. the rivalry always drives passionate fans. all of the games are night games and traffic is likely to
10:42 pm
be heavy around at&t park. then sunday is the san francisco marathon. the course takes runners in a loop around the city over the golden gate bridge. starting at mission and the embarcadero. the elite runners will get the head start at 5:30 a.m. 26,000 runners are expected. there will be some street closures until about 3:00 p.m. the ultimate fighting championship is coming to the sap center tomorrow in san jose. at today's weigh in that's robby loller and matt brown staring down each other ahead of their mixed martial arts fight. if you don't have tickets you can still watch the fight. we're carrying it right here on ktvu two news. record heat. but what about tomorrow? plus a sharp increase in
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the number of marine mammals found entangled in traps this year alone.
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a limousine went up in flames today in vallejo. the driver pulledded over on fairgrounds drive near the solano county fairgrounds because he thought his engine was overheating but when he lifted his hood it was in flames. firefighters eventually put out the fire but by that point the limousine was a total loss. a mother and son pled not guilty to charges stemming from fraudulently obtaining disabled parking plaquered. this is video of 29-year-old chen and his mother chao yun chen. the video was taken last week when they appeared in court. the two are accused of lying to
10:46 pm
obtain the the plaquered. the two are currently free on $30,000 bail each. a third person is also arrested in the alleged scheme has pled not guilty. the southern california based restaurant el pollo loco went public and soared today. the stock close at $24. concerns about consumer spending drove wall street lower. the dow fell 123 points closing below 17,000. nasdaq dropped 22. both visa and amazon said they're worried about the second half of the year. bay area marin mammal experts say they are seeing more and more animals getting hurt because of trash in the bay area. as ktvu's cara liu told us technology is helping rescuers free the animals. >> reporter: this sea lion named o'neil was found by
10:47 pm
rescue workers. >> the net was cutting through her tissue and right around their ears. >> reporter: the entanglement likely damaged her hearing but is now recovering at the marine mammal center. another sea lion was nicknamed snowty after finding a crab net wrapped around his snout. the marine mammal center reports taking in 16 entangled animal. there were only 15 all of last year and 11 the year before. rescuers say the numbers are herer this year in part due to a new capture technique. they started using this spring using a tranquilizer device. part of the reason why the animals become entangled is
10:48 pm
because of all the trash in the ocean. >> they're coming in contact with all this fishing gear and ocean trash. they're trying to catch fish in the net. >> and this sea lion was found last year with a toilet seat stuck in its net. >> we all hate to see these animals being hurt by human negligence. >> cara liu, ktvu news. >> as the state drought continues you may see more insects coming into your home. >> i know it gives me a more intense feeling knowing those are around because i feel they're crawling on my skin. >> when it's hot and dry insects move to urban areas to find nourishment. during this drought they're looking for water. if you're seeing lines of ants in your bathroom or kitchen you're not alone. global exterminators tell us they're getting two to three calls a day.
10:49 pm
most of the ants are going into homes to look for water sources. and the bay area in the clear right now. in fact, temperatures soared rapidly throughout the day. pretty much the same story for tomorrow. mostly inland. you will notice a few more changes right near the immediate coastline. the heat inland that was the big story for today. look at all the temperatures topping 100 degrees out toward brentwood. some changes developing to our south. you can see high clouds approaching southern california and for us we have some patchy fog trying to regroup just offshore. that will actually increase in coverage a little bit for the overnight hours. current temperatures, santa rosa 66 degrees. san jose in the clear reporting 75 degrees. the forecast time line throughout the day. on track to reach the upper 80s possibly 90 degrees for tomorrow afternoon. so we still have mostly clear skies out there. a bit of a breeze kicking in. here's our live cameras looking
10:50 pm
toward the bay bridge. tomorrow we cool things off toward the coast. minor cooling showing up in the five day forecast. overnight lows first thing tomorrow morning, mostly clear skies. except some patchy coastal fog. temperatures to start out your day will be in the mid-50s to upper 60s. sticks around for tomorrow inland. so we're still expecting upper 90s to near 100 degrees. a stronger on shore breeze will cool things off if -r -- off for the coast. wind speeds do pick up. whenever you get that big temperature different that creates wind. here's the temperature model trying to show fog regrouping. then our first batch of high clouds moving into the reson by mid- to late afternoon into night. those high clouds could create muggy conditions for saturday into sunday. for the garlic festival in gilroy, temperatures on track to reach the 90s by 3:00
10:51 pm
tomorrow afternoon. a warm to hot afternoon for that part of the bay area. santa rosa 92. oakland 82 degrees. san jose forecast high in the upper 80s. morgan hill mid-90s and san francisco instead of the 80s we had today we're thinking 90s. here we are with with your forecast with the weekend in view. not too much change on sunday but we will gradually shave off a few degrees for monday, tuesday and wednesday. still going to be hot inland still in the upper 90s so stay cool out there. >> i wish i knew someone who lived in pacifica so i could stay with them. >> good friend. >> so you can camp out for the weekend. >> hey, how are you. >> how are ya. and dodgers come to town skr-z time to separate or get separate in the national league
10:52 pm
race. pui was the one with the big whooping stick. uggla went 0-2. sanchez gets bumped in the head. he left with a concussion. and gordon scores to make it 6- 8. puig three hits tonight. here's d-gordon scoring again. dodgers collect five all together. now just a half game back of the giants. the a's own the best record in baseball. texas carries the worse record in the major league so why are they 5-5. i guess in texas they let any clown throw out the first pitch. but the team mascot misses its
10:53 pm
and the tkpwaoeup in the back k- pt be happy. and former giants pitcher williams. williams is the 34th fourth pitcher used by the rangers this year. that's the a's only run. oakland starter jason hamel is now 0-3. rangers win and they're still 22-1/2 games back of oakland. when the raiders open their summer training camp it was hot. we will hear from the quarterback of the now, next. . (daughter) i'm really tired. (vo) the transfers. well, that's kid number three.
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(vo) the co-pilots. all sitting... ...trusting... ...waiting... ...for a safe arrival. introducing the all-new subaru legacy. designed to help the driver in you... for the passenger in them. the subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru.
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temperatures hit triple digits today in napa but the raiders did not complain as they opened training camp. because this year there's no xcuse. raiders have not had a winning season since 2002. that was the year they went to the super bowl. yeah, safety charles woodson was on that team.
10:57 pm
they also added some veterans like jones drew. he's healthy again and should help the running game. this may be the best quarterback core in a dozen years. matt schaub had a horrible season in haous -- houston last year but feels this team is headed in the right direction. >> the first day of training camp. everybody is excited to be back. excited to get the season started. it all began in otas and but it's a different animal when you get to training camp. it's an exciting time to get back to work and get all the guys going. >> you want to go out and get a veteran quarterback. he has seen a lot of different looks. i think it's something we're going to look at as we continue to go. i think that's a good thing and i think it'll help us out a lot. >> they go for full pads on sunday. >> boy they haven't had a winning season in 10 years. >> how about 12.
10:58 pm
>> excuse me, 12. >> all right. >> thanks fred. >> thank you for joining us tonight. our coverage continues on, facebook and twitter. have a good night everyone. >> good night.
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