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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  July 29, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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look at all the damage on the concrete. that water came up with such force it buckled the concrete. millions of the gallons of water go down the drain in a drought. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm ken wayne. tonight the department of water and power says eight to 10 million-gallons of water was lost. and we now know why it took three hours to shut off the flow of water from that broken pipe that flooded ucla. a spectacular site in the heart of west la. a water main ruptured under sunset boulevard busting through the pavement and
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sending a towerrering column of water into the air. >> it's going to get worse before it gets better. >> reporter: water filled the street stranding cars and buses and shutting down one of the main arteries in westwood just as the afternoon commute was beginning. worse still was the damage to the campus of ucla. students slobbed through flooded sidewalks. water swept into basement parking garages. the pavilion went a $136 million renovation just two years ago. at one point up to 8-inches of water covered the first floor. >> you see the sandbags they went around the entire pavilion to sandbag those doors but it may have happened too late because we saw them sandbagging the doors before the water breached that complex. >> reporter: it's not yet clear if age was a factor in the rupture. water crews said they had to
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turn off a series of valves in different locations. >> they don't want to starve the system of water on one side. they don't want to create a situation that creates a problem. >> reporter: some students tried to turn the poly steps into a water park something officials said was dangerous. >> campus police, firefighters, somebody is going to come in here and ask these students to vacate this portion of the campus. >> reporter: five people were stranded in their cars as they were trying to leave the area. >> i don't believe there was anyone trapped. we did help the people that were stranded in their vehicles early in the incident. >> reporter: now all that water is being cleaned up. tractors are pushing it away from poly and workers with squegees, paddles and brooms are clearing it off the steps. here are some of the tweet
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this is shows the picture at poly pavilion. you can see all of the water coming down the steps. here's another picture. at one point authorities were urging people to seek shelter in those garages but clearly not a good idea in this particular garage. here's another picture of students walking through the flooded campus of ucla. one last shot of poly pavilion. just got a look at poly court ruined. you can just barely make the ucla bruins logo right in the middle there. we're going to go live to los angeles for an update on the damage and the work under way right now to make repairs. there's word tonight the oakland raiders are considering a possible relocation. al davis moved the team to los angeles and back. now his son mark is looking at san antonio texas. ktvu's amber lee is live now
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in alameda. >> reporter: it's a buzz, but there's word that oakland is meeting in san antonio. >> you're involved in this community you just can't pick up and leave. you can't do that to the people. >> reporter: others say the team owner is doing exactly what a good business owner would do. >> the raiders is a business and it's important that you keep your options open. >> reporter: negotiations with mark davis will begin in august or september. i asked miley what are the odds of the raiders staying in oakland. >> 60-40. 60-40. to build a new stadium is about $800 million. we're about 300 to $400 million
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short. >> the comradery, the spirit. >> reporter: kim lee says the raiders are the face of the city. >> when there's a home game. people are at the sports bars, hotels, restaurants so we get a huge influx in the committee. >> reporter: mark davis confirmed today that he was in san antonio on july 18 to honor a former player. and said former san antonio mayor henry cisneros is a friend. and suggested that we meet with officials while i was in town. >> he is our son. he learned how to get the most out of his product. >> reporter: he says it's heartbreaking to think davis is consider moving the raiders. davis looked at potential stadium sites and that the team
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could move as soon as next year. and play its initial season at the alamo dome. reporting live here in alameda, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. federal prosecutors charged pg & e with obstructions an operation in the wake of a deadly pipe explosion. because pg & e was operating under the draft policy the inindictment says the utility failed to prioritize and assess risks to its oldest gas pipelines. the san bruno explosion back in 2010 killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. this new inindictment replaces 12 charges we told you about in april. the utility says it does not believe the charges are warranted. it issues a statement that says even where mistakes were made employees were acting in good
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faith to provide customers with safe and reliable energy. chevron has announced a billion dollars project. heather holmes is live at a city council meeting where the refinery's future is at stake. >> reporter: that meeting at this late hour is still going on as expected. turn out was huge for tonight's city council meeting that's why it was moved here to memorial auditorium. as supporters and opponents of this project made their cases. public pleas for chevron's $1 million upgrade of its richmond refinery. >> i'm here tonight as a west contra costa county resident and as environmentalist. >> reporter: sheila is hoping
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to side with the chevron. >> we also agreed to look at 11 and look at greenhouse gases. >> reporter: it will increase environmental to $90 million. up from the original proposal of 30 million. >> some though argue that that's still not good enough and they believe that chevron should adhere to all of the planning commission's organization. >> with the adoption of alternative 11 our emissions will go down. >> reporter: the main component of the project is replacing a 1960s era plant with more modern technology. it would give the refinery a crude oil. the project has the support of furry of the trade's council.
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>> san francisco, santa clara had construction crews. we've kind of remained stagnant. this project here will generate 1,100 construction jobs and 2- 1/2 to three times that of a secondary job. >> reporter: now ken and julie i just checked and public comment is now over. right now council members are asking questions of both chevron and opponents. be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter for an update on tonight's vote. reporting live tonight here in richmond. i'm heather holmes, ktvu channel 2 news. a hayward neighborhood was sealed off for more than seven hours today because authorities suspected there might be a bomb in a house. s.w.a.t. officers were called to a house on gainesville avenue this morning. sheriff deputies had gone there to serve an eviction notice, once inside the home they spotted suspicious notes and items. they pulled back, sealed off the area and called for reinforcements. a neighbor said she texted a man who lived in the house. >> if you went crazy and are going to set a bomb off i said
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tell me so i can get out of here. he said i don't know what you're talking about. >> reporter: officials are still looking for the people who live there. neighbors who had been evacuated were allowed to return to their homes around 5:30 this evening. a well known bay area attorney is pushing for a federal investigation of the salinas police department. this comes in the wake of four deadly officer involved shootings in four months all involving latino men. civil rights attorney john burress was joined by members of the latino community outside the federal building. the shootings may representation a pattern of police discrimination. carlos mejia was shot and killed as he backed away from police with garden sheers in his hand. the incidents have prompted community outrage. the father of one of the victims spoke out today. this sounds like, kill now and ask questions later. very unprofessional officers we've got.
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what we're asking is for justice. >> reporter: his son frank was holding a cell phone when he was fatally shot by salina police. officers say he wanted them to think it was a gun. new economic sanctions against russia over a moscow support for separatist in ukraine. the president has the support of the european union and was asked if this was the start of a new cold war. >> it's not a new cold war. what it is is a very specific issue related to russia's unwillingness to recognize that ukraine can chart it own path. this comes as fighting escalates between separatists and ukrainian forces. tensions between the u.s. and russia have deteriorated since the crash of malaysian airline 217. the white house blames the russian separatists for bringing that plane down. in a rare display of
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bipartisanship, robert mcdonald was approve as the new secretary of foreign affairs. he says he hopes to turn the v.a. around. he takes the place of former army general shinseki who resigned in may. mcdonald says he plans to address systemic failures of the v.a and approve accountability. hundreds of hens rescued. in some areas triple the amount of humidity we're used to for this time of year. how long this tropical moisture will stick around. next, half a million dollars worth of high tech gadgets stolen. what may have turned this local company into a target. ♪
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new at 10:00, a high tech heist at a bay area start up. the company says the thieves made out with a half million dollars in goods. jana katsuyama is live, she learns the burglary comes right after the company received some national media attention, jana. >> reporter: julie this company says they were on the verge of making it big now they're just struggling to replace the stolen products. they say it seems like the thieves may have bypassed this key pad and cut a chain. they called security and they are offering a cash reward to help catch the burglars. >> this is something we just
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got in. >> reporter: this was going to be their breakthrough product. a 15 minute fast charging battery pack for sell cell phones that could boost profits for the company. but they say overnight thieves struck. >> there was a 3-foot by 4-foot floor in the metal bay floor. the hole was actually right here. >> reporter: on the outside two wooden pal -- pallets had been positioned to hide the hole. about 1,000 newly delivered battery packs were gone somewheres this has how we found it in the morning. everything was sort of all over the place. >> reporter: westball says the products each cost 60 to $100. bringing total loss to $100 million. they got an e-mail from a property owner it said another tenant was also hit. a delivery van stolen. west fall wonders whether it
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was used to move all of the unu products. the break-in comes just as uinu was poised to get its big break. glowing prize friday put the company in the national spotlight now they're scrambling to meet orders and are notifying customers about delays to the next shipment. >> this is a young tech start up company. we're all very young. probably still paying off college loans and this is very difficult to have to deal with. for someone to have to do this is very terrible. >> reporter: uniu says they did have insurance but they just want to get this equipment back and they are offering a reward for any information that lead to an arrest. jana katsuyama, ktvu news. police released images of a man they say attacked a woman.
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they show the man to have attacked a 69-year-old woman earlier this month as she was leaving the casino. the man offered to walk her to the parking lot then put his hand down her shirt and tried to drag her to the ground. casino workers and bystanders helped her. called the retail workers bill of rights it would encourage employers to give part time workers regular hours. employees say that would help them earn a stable wage, arrange for child care and even look for a second part time job. the board of supervisors is said to hold hearings in september. a quiet neighborhood could soon be the site of a four story hotel. while neighbors are concerned, city officials say the development should bring in hundreds of thousands of the dollars. >> the ellenwood parking development in pleasanthill is
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a peaceful place to call home. >> a lot of foliage, a lot of hills. great places. >> reporter: and right now city officials are considering a project and it's design. >> the benefit to the city is one to continue the economic development of the city. the lot has been vacant for about four years. it was a restaurant. a chevy's restaurant. >> reporter: opposition is building. >> you wake up and you see this monstrosity. >> reporter: and it's mostly coming from across the street. >> to have a huge stucco building up against the street, over looking these homes, there was zoning for a reason it were tim clarity say it is zoning will have to be changed from three stories to four. >> they have the luxury of just looking at this project based on what the adjoining parcel owner or the resident who lives across the street. i have to look at what the viewpoint of 33,000 residents as well as the overall good of the city.
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>> reporter: one man said the hotel will help the city with hundreds of thousands of the dollars in tax revenue. >> with more business comes more money to the city. >> it's not that we don't want the hotel it's that this is going to be a big block like downtown san francisco and it doesn't fit our neighborhood. it's not that appealing. >> reporter: if it's built, these flags show just how tall the building. the construction will likely not start until next year. john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. firefighters in the south bay say a car accident sparked a three alarm grass fire today. it started in the hills above allam rock park. firefighters from san jose, calfire, milpitas and the volunteer department worked together to battle the flames. fire officials say a car ran off sierra road and crashed setting the car on fire and then starting the blaze. the flames burned about 12 acres. the fire was contained by about 4:00. there is no word on any reports
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of injuries or damage. pretty hot day out there today. here comes more subtropical moisture moving north. we might even see a sprinkle in the latest model suggests perhaps an outside chance of a sprinkle. here are the highs from today. 88 in napa, 80 in vallejo. 95 in the concord area. as we look at the moisture we come in closer and you can see more of the moisture showing up in point rays. maybe a little bit of drizzle. the thing to note is overnight lows tonight are going to be pretty warm. right now it's 84 in antioch. 40% humidity. 70 in fairfield. so another muggy night out there. and as we head into tomorrow, it's going to start off warm like this so you know tomorrow is going to be a hot day. should be the hottest day of the week in the inland valleys. around the bay and at the coast
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it's going to stay pretty similar. you get around hayward and fremont. just one of those days a lot like today but warmer still. we'll end up being the warmest day of the week tomorrow. there's a slight chance as you see the models, suggesting the moisture tomorrow morning. we'll be tracking it. i don't think it's going to happen but this pattern is really tough. the models have done a poor job with it and it's very hard to forecast. let's just keep a chance of a thunderstorms. warmer than it was today, warm inland and high humidity. this pattern wants to stick around. i'll get more specific as we get into the forecast. concerns about contamination at a popular wading pond. in the next half hour the action to protect people including children and questions about who's in charge. >> but up first hundreds of hens rescued and now recooperating in the bay area. what saved them from imminent death at an egg farm.
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hundreds of egg laying hens now in a new home after being rescued from cramped conditions and certain death. they were due to be gassed because their egg laying productivity had dropped. but as ken pritchett reports, they're now in a ranch rescue looking to be adopted. >> reporter: for her, and her. and hundreds of their fellow hen, four days ago was the first time they ever saw this. the sun, clouds or blue skies. >> you're safe, you can come in. >> reporter: so says the rescue group that saved from their life. >> they are cages so small they can't spread their wings. they can't walk. >> it's 500 clickens. >> reporter: she manages the ranch that saved 499 hens from an egg farm along with this
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guy. >> this is the one rooster. he has 499 girlfriends. slipped through the cracks. >> reporter: jen won't say which egg farm because they want to work with farmers to rescue more hens. these hens before considered spent, not producing eggs fast enough and would be gassed. >> gassing is a way to dispense of hens. >> reporter: many of the hens had parasites, mall nourishment and other conditions. it's a behave they carry through. volunteers have to come in at night and separate the chickens that are clumped together. it's an operation called declumping if they don't do so they could suffocate. >> experience chicken behavior for the first time in their life. get scrapy if they want to. >> reporter: they've rescued 14,000 chickens in the past few
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years and these two will be adopted into new homes. >> that's a lot of lives, that's a lot of chickens. >> reporter: ken pritchett, ktvu news. twitter has something to tweet about tonight. the san francisco company reported a big jump in its second quarter growth. that took investors by surprise. twitter said the gains were driven by the millions of tweets during the soccer cup game. and on the news twitter shares were up almost 29% or nearly $11 in after hours trading to $49 and change. the broader markets closed lower. the dow closed 75 points, nasdaq dropped two. traffic trouble at the 49ers new home. >> on friday it took me about an hour. it was about 45 minutes to an hour to get just to work. >> up ahead an apology from the team everyone before the first
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game. we'll take you inside ucla historic poly pavilion. a live update on the damage thereafter a massive pipe rupture.
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continuing coverage now of that massive water main break in los angeles. these are live pictures above a giant hole at ucla where a geyser spewed water for hours this afternoon. christine o' donell is live where work is under way to try to save the basketball court, christine. >> that's right julie, we're live inside the heart of the ucla campus. if you look over my shoulder here you can see there are staff, contractors and even students out here tonight trying to get the water off of this floor. in total this flooding costing the university millions of the
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dollars in damage. >> like watching your house burn down that's how some are describing the flooding on the ucla campus. >> we have to divert the water down this channel. >> reporter: track and field athlete thomas hart grabbed sandbags to try to help firefighters stop the flooding. >> i said what the heck, i will just try to help as much as i can. >> reporter: despite efforts to stop water from getting inside poly which recently went under a $133 million renovation, that basketball court looked more like a swimming pool. >> we're looking at its highest point down there four to 5- inches of water standing. >> reporter: in total we're told eight to 10 million- gallons of water flooded into two buildings and parking structures. if john wooden building so large they wouldn't let us get
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inside. students brought us through the acosta center next door. the floor also covered. water leaking into the basement. >> what do you think about all this damage? what can you tell me about it. >> it's very sad. i mean, tremendous damage. right now everybody is trying to understand what is going on. the biggest concern is to dry fast. >> reporter: you see those holes down there on the court right now i'm told that the entire court is actually floating. and they are using vacuums and hoses to try to dry it out. they tell me it's warped a little bit and they're trying to assess the totality by friday. but all of the damage i'm told could take weeks to clean up. now i'm live in ucla, i'm christine o donald back to you. >> and our coverage continues.
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look for it in the hot topics section. and that flood comes on a day where new rules are released. hosing down your driveway or sidewalk. watering your lawn or yard so much it causes run off. washing your car with a hose that does not have a shut off nozzle and using potable water in a fountain unless it recirculates. not guilty that was the plea from a former accounting professor. he's accused of secretly filming students in the bathroom of his home. mark landis did not appear in court. his attorney entered the not guilty plea to 15 counts of invasion of privacy.
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he is accused of filming 15 students that attended a party at his home. one student found the camera in a box of tissue. >> for the district attorney to say they are reaching out additional victims i think is disengenious. gaza's electrical power plant was knocked out that leaves most of gaza without power, running water or sewage treatment and it's expect to be out of commission for months. on the diplomatic front, hamas militant rejected a seize fire proposal offered by leaders in
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the west bank. a patient has been found and placed under arrest. authorities have been looking for roses cruz. he left a hospital after he was told to stay there where he was being treated for tb. they only prosecute tb patients to protect the public not to punish the patient. the water has been shut off in a pond because of concerns of analogy contamination. the ponding is in rock park. this time of year it's usually full of water and children. allie rasmus found out. >> i thought the water was going to be on. >> when he got here his bottle was the only water around. >> we were going to have a play date and get together and play in the water all of our six
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kids together. this is kind of disappointing. >> normally water is pumped into this pond from an underground -- analogy bloom has kept the area closed. there was confusion about who's responsible for frog park. what ktvu learned is alameda county is responsible for the water. >> we own a large culvert that runs through the under under ground here. the the surface is operated as a park. >> reporter: but no one is in charge of testing the water on a daily basis to make sure it's safe. >> unless there's an obvious oil spill or something like that. >> reporter: that's true for any spring that is not a
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recreational area. enter at your own risk. >> who's going to take responsibility for testing and has it been tested and when will it be tested. >> on a regular basis. >> on a hopefully more regular basis. >> reporter: after ktvu and neighbors brought the issue up, water officials did test the water today to see if algae may be a problem. although they won't have their results until later this week. in oakland, allie rasumus, ktvu. a no hassle way of copying your key. and fog is turning in, how far inland it's going to go. temperatures will continue to climb. gridlock at levi stadium. >> we can do a lot better. >> the parking dry run gone wrong. and what can be done to make it right days before the stadium's first event.
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quick thinking and self- defense training is being credited for helping keep a girl safe from an attempted kidnapper. 53-year-old martin gonzalez tried to kidnap and sexually assault an 11-year-old girl. deputies said he had his pants down as he tried to pull her into his car in san leandro yesterday. the girl ran where she had taken a self-defense court. >> she was one of the smallest but if you were in the class she was one of the most energetic. she loved to be here. >> reporter: the girl stayed calm and was able to describe the man. the arrest came a short time later. gonzalez is said to be arraigned at 2:00 p.m. tomorrow. the san francisco 49ers are apologizing to fans who attended a recent open house at the new levi stadium and found themselves stuck in gridlock. maureen naylor is live now in santa clara and tells us 49ers
10:40 pm
management is promising things are going to be better than today's dress rehearsal, maureen. >> reporter: this lot is empty now but a few days ago it looked very different. this was the great american parking lot next to levi stadium on friday. in what was the first step for the new facility. 28,000 people descended on the stadium for an open house. but this is what most experienced. bumper to bumper traffic. including jesse who usually gets to work in 20 minutes. >> it took me 40 to 45 minutes. >> reporter: she describes the traffic crazy. at times not moving for 20 minutes. >> people started yelling at each other because it was more like the parking situation. so now one really knew where to park so everyone was
10:41 pm
frustrated. kind of confused. >> was i happy? no. >> reporter: today we spoke to the 49ers chief officer after a meeting. >> we know it's not perfect yet. i'm sure every single ticketholder infrastructure is here and we're going to make that happen. >> reporter: last night 49ers send this e-mail. tonight the team posted this video. >> from i880 take the 237 westbound. >> reporter: it details five parking areas by color each with a different rout to get to the stadium. >> green lots one through six come from the u.s. 101 freeway great america parkway. >> reporter: unlike friday on a game day there will be three times as many parking spots available. more public transportation running and police directing traffic. >> one of those times of the weekend if i'm out in this area, i will stay away. because the parking is going to
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probably be a nightmare. >> alguido tell us tomorrow he plans to meet with officials to go through the entire transportation plan. the next big test is saturday when the stadium will host its first ever game. an earthquakes soccer game. maureen naylor. on you will find a link to several videos made to help you navigate your way through the parking lots at levi stadium. our web team has posted it under web links. the oakland a's new 10 year lease passed another major hurdle today. the board of supervisors agreed the agreement. the deal does give the a's an out. they could leave after the 2018 season. and oakland has a right to evict the a's if it decides to build a new stadium on the site. the lease is expected to get approval from the coliseum joint powers authority. netflix makes a deal. the latest agreement to make sure your streaming movie has a good connection.
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>> plus the warning to parents as they go to a famous destination. >> and the warmer weather is already in the works but what about the conditions. >> and an easy way to get a copy of a key, but how it's also raising security concerns.
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police and firefighters in antioch worked together to free 44-year-old james marklin. he was driving a stolen car when it broke down during a police chase. marklin then hid in a trench. police hosed him off and gave him a drink of water before taking him to jail. a new app for something we all need is raising some security issuesful. >> now he can make keys with just a few taps on a smart
10:46 pm
phone or tablet. as david stevenson talking to some experts say the convenience may not be worth the risk. key making is a daily grind for clerks. >> on a slow day 20 to on a busy day in the 100s easily. >> reporter: websites and apps are now taking key making online. with a couple of clicks from your cell phone camera, new keys can be made. >> the magic trick of taking a picture of something and a few days later getting an exact picture of something. >> reporter: keys duplicated has createdded tens of thousands of new keys. ali rahimi says the system is set up to fight fraud. >> this person would have to type in their credit card and their mailing address which leaves a pretty long paper trail that just points to them. >> people are operating these services are putting other
10:47 pm
people at risk. >> reporter: security analysts say now everyone can copy your keys using a cell phone and prepaid credit card. >> it's like if you give your keys to a valet they can copy your key and they might know where you live through your car registration for example. >> it's going to be a lot easier for them to use an old fashion crow bar. we're not an easy way for someone to gain elicit access to your home. >> reporter: it doesn't store shipping address for the keys it creates. to make sure there's no record to what keys unlock which homes. netflix says it's made a deal with at&t to ensure smooth online streaming. the los gatos company has agreed to pay at&t but there's no word on how much. netflix have been battling the unite accusing at&t of slowing down loud speeds. the new connections should be up and running in days. netflix has reached similar
10:48 pm
deals. a restaurant is serving up controversy with a ban of noisychildren. some say this line at old fisherman's grotto sends the bad message. the owner says he doesn't care if people are offending. if they don't like it, they can eat some place else. >> you either go in and abide by the rules or find a place that's more suitable to your dining. >> the owner says this policy along with two signs have been in place now for two years and they recently added a third sign. we want to know what you think of the policy. join the thousands of people sounding off on our facebook page. go to it's a hot one inland today it'll be hot tomorrow, warmer than it was today. inland valleys are going to get up into the mid- and upper 90s. these were today's numbers. you had humidity up there.
10:49 pm
40 and 50% range. which is at least double what you would expect this time of year. maybe everyone triple. 88 in napa today. temperatures tomorrow are going to push the upper 90s. we're also going to see more of this moisture slide in from the south as it does it's going to push to the top of us. giving us partly to cloudy skies. this is point rays headed to bodega bay. and even with the moisture coming back in view. you have to go with the thunderstorms or chance of a thunderstorms. i don't see anything on radar. i don't see anything right now that indicates that that's what will happen. this type of pattern you have to call it. so look for a chance, a slight chance of thunderstorms late tonight early tomorrow morning but very slight. 83 in the antioch. 70 in fairfield. the cool air is lingering at the coast. it's not going to get that hot inland. overnight the lows are going to make it into the 60s.
10:50 pm
tomorrow ends up warmer than today. today was pretty hot especially east of the bay bridge. san francisco, right now you got fog and low clouds. by tomorrow morning, the fog and low clouds stay. the high clouds are kind of in the area partly cloudy, partly sunny. look at the heat tomorrow. we're going to see plenty of 90s and low 100s in the inland bay valleys. that's a strong temperature footprint. tomorrow this temperature day will be the hottest day of the week for sure. san jose right now 68 degrees. it's muggy there. san jose tomorrow you're going to get -- downtown san jose is going to be hot with all that concrete. this pattern isn't going to change much as we go through time. the clouds kind of start to push out of here as we head thursday night into friday. the moisture being the subtropical moisture will clear out and dry out a little bit. in the meantime tomorrow is going to feel hot and it's going to be hot.
10:51 pm
97 in brentville. 80 in hayward in the santa clara valley, upper 80s. with the fog you're going to see mid-60s, low 60s. the bay area weekend in view, we are certainly concerned with thundershowers so steve will be here to check those out. the ncaa has reached a tentative settlement over head injuries. it would create a $70 million fund to diagnose current and current college athletes to see if they suffered brain damage while playing football or other contact sports. they will also spell out a single policy for how athletes should be treated after a blow to the head and how soon they should return to play. currently that's up to the schools. and i tell you most of the game it didn't look like it was going to be good news.
10:52 pm
seemed like the a's had been lulled to sleep. 9th inning houston didn't know what hit them. sixthrun, it's more than the giants have scored in a week. let's fast forward to the top of the 4th inning. now into the ninth. now cespedes. has hit a lot of balls but none more timely. the beat goes on as it is moss just shredding the ball to right. but the cherry on top. check out donaldson here. he just crushes this thing to center field. up on the gas ramp up there 436 feet. they will track it down. by the time they do it's a 2- run double. shawn dolittle does right. now if things weren't rotten enough for the on field giants, off the field might even be
10:53 pm
worse. three words pitchers don't want to hear. doctor james andrews. renowned surgeon specializing in tommy johns surgery. matt cain headed for his office later this week to be examined. that is usually not good news. as for giant's fans we've all seen this boring movie before. tim hudson who's now 8-8. josh harrison for the distance. second with a man on. long ball again. this time off the bat of travis schneider. 3-0 with the giants offense. that's it they're done but michael moore solo homer his first in 36 games. 3-1 the final. now get this the giants have won 21 of the last 27 at home. in those six consecutive losses they've scored a grand total of six runs. it's not going to get it done. just the fact we have no injuries to report from niners camp. a step in the right direction
10:54 pm
today. looking extremely healthy and happy to be back in the niners uniform. brandon lloyd talks about why he decided to return to the niners. sports part two next.
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it's electric! it's electric! the first electric vehicle from mercedes-benz. it was a glaring weekend
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you might say. might turn into a strength this time around. it looks like a versatile cast of character. the 49ers will have to throw to like new addition brandon lloyd who's actually in his second tour of duty in san francisco. by all reports, having a sensational training camp despite sitting out all of last year. he talks of why he decided to return to the niners specifically. >> when i was younger i was in love with the winning attitude and culture that the team had. and when i was finally able to play for the team it didn't have that. now the team does have that. and the team has always held a special place in my heart. i wanted to come out to san francisco and bring a closure to my career. >> we'll see. venus williams won her match at the bank of the west event. her sister serena tomorrow night. that's the sporting life for a tuesday. >> mark, thank you. thank you for joining us
10:58 pm
tonight. our coverage continues at >> have a good night. 34r57 -- good night. #
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