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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  July 30, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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gushing water, major flooding, filling the streets of ucla for nearly three hours. tough questions facing the water department. >> and after a long battle, a vote on major upgrades at the chevron refinery in richmond. the decision reached and the possible multimillion dollar benefit to the community. >> thieves target a startup company in union city. we will tell you what the burglars stole and why it was such a blow to the company's owners. good morning. you are taking a live look in oakland. we are following breaking news. firefighters still on the scene of a fire. you can still see smoke coming from their homes. two damaged homes at least. in the past 35 minutes firefighters have made a lot of
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progress. we are getting word there is a downed power line in the area. christien kafton is at the scene checking it out. he will give us a live report in a few minutes. it is wednesday, july 30th i'm claudine wong in for pam cook. >> good to see you. >> good to see you too. >> the day is starting really busy. i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic. steve, you let claudine come back? >> any time. we have a lot of cloud cover over us. the low clouds are not going anywhere. a few showers up in mendocino county and a few tropical clouds toward central california. some of these may lift toward us. there are a couple of lightning strikes earlier. it looks like those have fizzled out. a thunderstorm in fresno. that does not happen this time of morning. it stretches all the way up to mammoth.
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there is a little westerly breeze at concord. northwest napa and northwest oakland. it lookalikes it will stay -- it likes like it will stay mainly south of us. without the cloud cover temperatures 90s to 100s. 60s and 70s coast and bay. we are still looking at a commute that is starting off well. you can see it is light so if you want to get on to the city before it gets too crowded, two right ahead. now is a good time to do it. the traffic looks good on interstate 880 in oakland. both directions here as you drive past the coliseum. and this morning's drive in the livermore valley is getting heavy and slow. if you are driving into castro valley that looks very nice. let's go back to the desk. we are following breaking news from oakland. firefighters getting the upper hand on a fast moving house fire at 46th avenue and melrose. christien kafton was the first
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reporter on the scene. you are back now. you are telling us in the past 15 minutes they have finally been able to put out those flames. >> reporter: yeah this was a stubborn and difficult fire. but i just spoke to the battalion chief who did told mel they do have the upper happened. there seems to be a lot of steam coming out of these buildings but the firefighters have the flames out. we have seen crews moving around inside the homes. they are still on scene here. prepared to continue hosing down these houses and watch for hot spots. we learned at 3:40 this morning the time firefighters arrived two buildings were on fire. we are hearing the fire started in the upper unit of the building to the left there. spread to the lowerout and spread to -- lower unit and spread to the build together right there. pg&e has killed power to parts
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of this neighborhood. when we first arrived on the scene, we saw two buildings engulfed in flames and a power line down. crews went defensive immediately, backing away. and part of the reason is because of that downed power line which presented a danger not only to residents but firefighters as well. >> we had a power line that was down that was a charged power line. so the sparks were coming off the line. we made sure we isolated the power line. >> reporter: neighbors are telling us they believe the fire again started in that upper unit and it may have actually started as a cooking fire. at this point, we are not exactly sure how this fire started. there is a fire investigator on the scene. the big news according to residents here and to oakland fire is that everyone made it
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out of this fire safely. that is a blessing to them. the two buildings appear to be heavily damaged. we talked to one resident who would want to get a sense of how badly the girl was burned. we will stay on scene to monitor this. we are hearing as many as eight children may need a place to stay. may need to stay with red cross. we will work to find out how many people are displaced and where they are going. christien kafton ktvu channel 2 news. happening now the ucla campus is preparing to open up for the morning. that is despite the flooding from yesterday's water main break. all classes will go on as scheduled. crews this morning will continue to mop up the water and clean off the mud in the northern half of the campus. that water main break created
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geysers that sent water shooting 30 feet in the air. 35-75,000 gallons of water gushed out every minute for about 3.5 hours. the line ruptured under sunset boulevard. that road is closed today and could be shut down for awhile as crews try to repair the water main and fix the road. inspectors still don't know what caused that 30-inch wide pipe to burst. however they believe the age of the 93-year-old steel pipe was a factor. campus stairwells turned into streams. perhaps the most damaging both economically and emotionally is one of the most recognized buildings polly pavilion. ucla just spent $136 million in 2012 to renovate that facility. >> it's painful.
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it's painful. as you know we just refurbished polly. >> i kind of didn't believe it at first. and then finally i just see the water start pouring out and cement started falling everywhere. >> 8-10 million gallons of water was lost before the water was shut off. firefighters also rescued people trapped in their cars in that water. they are being criticized for how long it took them to shut down the water main. the line burst just before 3:30 yesterday afternoon. but water was not turned off until 7:00 last night. officials blame the delay on a delicate and precise set of procedures that needed to be followed to turn off the water. they needed to slowly close three separate valves. shutting down too quickly could have triggered additional ruptures along the line. >> that huge water main break
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occurred as new rules because of the drought took effect. it is now illegal for you to hose down a driveway or sidewalk unless there is a health hazard. you also can't water your lawn to the point it causes runoff. you also can't wash your car with a hose that does not have a shut off nozzle. and you can be fined up to $500 a day. a bay area startup is offering reward for information after $1.5 million in products were stolen. tara moriarty is outside u-new with what was taken and how thieves got the items out without even opening a door. >> reporter: these thieves were pretty crafty. this startup says it is a huge, huge blow to the company. it appears the burglars cut through a gate somewhere here on the complex making off with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of the u-new product. u-new staff took some video of the damage.
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you can see there is a hole in the middle of the door. two palettes have been positioned to conceal it. u-new that is located on union city boulevard. they made off with a load of its fast break charging battery packs. the company is scrambling to make orders. >> this is a young tech start- up company. we are all very young. we are all still paying off college loans. this is very difficult to have to deal with for someone to have to do this. >> reporter: the break in comes just as unu was poised to get its first big break. it puts the company in a national spotlight. the property owners say another tenant also had a delivery van stolen so is that could have been used to haul away the stolen goods. the company is offering a $10,000 reward for anyone with information that leads to an
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arrest. live from union city i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. time is 5:09. it's official chevron has the approval of the richmond city council to upgrade its aging refinery in richmond. ish collude using high-tech technology to process crude oil. including oil that has higher levels of sulfer. critics say there is not enough safety and pollution improvements. the upgrade plans are good for the community. >> already goes above and beyond what is required in the law. >> we know this project is going forward. we want to find this refinery become as safe as it possibly can be. >> labor groups say 1,000 construction jobs will be created as a result of the upgrades and thousands more that support those work earns. chevron also agreed to increase its environmental and community investment agreement to $90
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million. three-times above the earlier offer. pg&e is formerly responding to new charges tied to the pipeline disaster four years ago. yesterday a federal grand jury indicted pg&e on 28 counts stemming from the explosion and fire that killed eight people. and destroyed dozens of homes. pg&e is accused of lying and obstructing the investigation. force they have issued this statement. saying quote even where mistakes were made, employees were acting in good faith to provide customers with safe and reliable energy. the 49ers will hold a very special meeting today. it's about the traffic problems outside their new stadium in santa clara. problems surfaced last friday during an open house for the 28,000 is ticketholders. a lot of fans complained about horrendous traffic conditions. they say it took more than an hour to get into levi stadium.
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the 49ers admit there is a parking problem and last week's traffic mess was a learning experience. >> it wasn't a typical game day operation. we had about 8,000 stalls available to us that day. we'll have over 25,000 on game day. we'll have additional transit lines. >> the next big traffic test this saturday. that is when levi stadium hosts its first ever game. a san jose earthquake soccer match. pizza delivery people attacked in one bay area community. in 20 minutes the armed reasoners still on the loose that has drivers and police both on high alert. >> but first a controversial policy. who is being banned and why some say this sends the wrong message. >> we are looking at interstate 280 in san jose. we'll tell you which commutes are changing. >> it's currently 66-degrees in livermore. three hours ahead of us in
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atlanta it's 63. in july? what are you kidding me? what is going on around here? there are a lot of clouds.
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is a 15 people were killed and dozens of children were injured after -- the school was acting as a shelter for more than 200,000 war refugees. the shells hit two classrooms and a bathroom.
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besides the school, the israeli military says it hit 75 other sites in gaza including five mosques. back here in the bay area a vigil is being held tonight to oppose the israeli invasion of gaza. it is being put on by the north coast coalition for palestine. time is 5:16. governor jerry brown still in mexico. he has put himself in the middle of that hot immigration issue. he announced that california is willing to provide shelter to more migrant children coming from central america. governor brown says the topic can't be ignored and he is committed to helping these children that are trying to run away from poverty and violence in their native companies. the governor didn't offer any specific details but he called
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for increased investments in latin america to improve the economy there. the oakland city council rejected a proposal for the november ballot one that would have gradually increased the minimum wage over the next three years. that is according to the east bay citizen blog. the ordnance was similar to a measure already on the november ballot that if passed would raise oakland minimum wage to $9 to $9.25 an hour. they say a higher minimum wage would mean they would have to reduce the number of jobs that they could offer to needy workers. a restaurant is serving up controversy for the policies that ban noisy children. old fisherman got toe is one of the most popular restaurants.
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the owner says he doesn't care if some people are offended. >> if the place have the rules, they know what the rules are. you abide by the rules or find a place that is more suitable. >> the owner says its policy along with two signs have been in place for two years and to make sure everyone gets the message he recently added a third sign. let's check in with sal and see how our roads are doing. you are watching the east shore. >> we are watching the east shore freeway and the traffic is going to be getting a little busier as you drive from the carquinez bridge to the mccarthur maze. and the drive time is 17 minutes. so if you are driving through, you can see the traffic is a little busy. there are no major delays as you drive to the mccarthur maze. let's take a look at the toll plaza. you can see traffic is moving along very nicely. and there are no major problems. if you are driving this morning out to the livermore valley. we already have slow traffic as you drive through to the
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altamont pass. which is not unusual. 580 is a little slow in dublin. if you are driving into castro valley, you might want to do that before the whole crowd gets there. it's 5:18 let's go to steve. >> at 8:00 in the morning atlanta georgia, georgia is 63. livermore is 66. >> this is crazy weather. >> up state new york 37 for a record low. i was talking to a buddy of mine that works in new york city, he said it's amazingly cool. that's all they are talking about is how cool it is. tropical clouds continue to stream around the area of high pressure. it's a dome of it. we do not have an offshore
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breeze thank goodness. otherwise i think we would be waving the white flag. there is a lot of fog there. the problem is there is also tropical moisture and the low clouds giving us really high humidity. a little bit of shower activity. it looks like it's flying out of the picture but went right over fort bragg and the mendocino coast. now just to the east of will ets i think it will be gone pretty fast. it's not often that froze gets a thunderstorm at 5:00 in the morning. also up toward mammoth and living toward the central sierra nevada. dealing with a lot of tropical clouds. 66 livermore. walnut creek 67. a little cooler to the north bay but not that much. almost 70 in lake port. calistoga is 56. 55 petaluma. somebody is at least get into the 50s. a lot of areas just simply can't get below 61-62. 21 travis not bad. after that it's less than 10
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miles an hour. 56 in omaha, 54 in bismarck. these are really cool. there is that 63 down in atlanta. these are really cool for this time of year. for us though, 67 in ukiah and 68 in reno. just really warm air. remains of a tropical system right there continue to work their way up toward southern california. from l.a. to monterey. that will be the highway where it goes. it is just to the south of us. there are clouds to the north and east. if your don't get any of these clouds at all, it will be hot. and a little humid for some. way too humid for others. 90s to 100s. 60s on the coast. there is so much fog. there are signs of a little northwest breeze which would really help. that would cool things down. i will see it when i believe it or feel it. it does look a little cooler as we head toward the weekend. could the oakland raiders be moving to texas? coming up in 20 minutes what the raiders owner is saying
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about reports that he is shopping around for a possible stadium site in san antonio. >> but first more on that deadly ebola outbreak. u.s. officials are look for anybody who has had contact with a u.s. citizen that has died of that disease in nigeria. the effect it's having on some flights in africa. ♪
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into the landing gear of a jet. this time it's a tragic case raising public health concerns. u.s. military says the body of a teenager was found in a compartment just over the rear landing gear of a u.s. air force cargo jet in germany. >> the deceased was aned aless dent black male possible of african origin. it is unknown where or when the deceased entered the landing gear rear wheel. >> however, early lab tests on the stow away's body they have come back negative for the ebola virus. this comes months after a teenager survived a trip to hawaii. a leading doctor that risked his own life to treat ebola patients has died from the disease. he had been hospitalized and in quarantine. health workers are especially
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vulnerable to contracting ebola which spreads through sweat, blood, and other bloodily fluids. and now they are look for anyone that has had contact from a u.s. citizen who died from ebola. patrickwayier was scheduled to fly home. u.s. air carriers have received guidance on how to identify and deal with passengers that show signs of ebola. they are also explaning how to disineffect airplanes. nearly 700 people have died from ebola since march. tesla says it's willing to work out a compromise to allow electric car chargers to be
5:27 am
used in china. they want the cars to use the planned network. china is still working out the standards for those stations. tesla's current super charger technology is not compatible with any foreign made cars. we will be keeping an eye on twitter stock. they were reporting a profit when most were expecting a small loss. and now it has 271 million monthly users. that is up 24% from a year ago. many investors worried about continued growth. all of those positive numbers pubbed twitter stock up more than 30% in premarket trading. time is 5:27. two buildings on fire this morning in the east bay. >> one house fully involved in flames. that already -- >> we have been all over an early morning house fire. the extra danger facing the firefighters and the people
5:28 am
living in that neighborhood. >> plus a pizza delivery man attacked on the job. the armed robber is still out there on the loose that have drivers and police on high alert. >> good morning. right now we are still looking at a commute that is doing very well in many areas on 680 but things are beginning to change as you drive into the south bay. we'll tell you where the freeways are getting busier. >> a lot of low clouds out there. a few high clouds. most of them are all around us. it will be hot for some inland. we'll show you the toasty temps coming up.
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good morning to you. welcome back. we are still following breaking news in oakland. these are live pictures. firefighters still at the scene of a fire that damaged two homes on melrose near high street. the flames are out as you can see for yourself, but now there is another danger facing both residents and those firefighters. stay tuned we will bring you a live update coming up in 90 seconds. wednesday morning, july 30th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, to you i'm claudine wong in for pam cook. let's head right on over to steve paulson for a check of how our wednesday is shaping up. hi steve. >> hello. low clouds around. plenty of that. tropical clouds north, east, and south. just hot right here. expect for a few. it doesn't matter humidity factor will be very hot. water temps continue to be
5:32 am
warm. there has been a few little showers. most look like they are flying out of mendocino county or lake county. lots of moisture out toward the valley. and also heading up into the sierra again. that is associated with moisture coming up from southern or central california. some of the higher elevations continue to be really warm. i mean you get up around 1500 to 2,000 feet it's in the 70s. a lot of mid 60s. see the clouds south you can see some of that cloud cover just taking aim along the mendocino coast and points north. it will be mostly sunny. a few high clouds. hot inland and i can't get rid of the humidity factor. 60s and 70s closer to the coast. here is sal. right now, steve, we are still looking at a commute where traffic is doing well but it's getting busier at the toll plaza. now at 5:45 is usually when the metering lights come on and we see the crowd all the way across all the lanes expect for the car pool lane.
5:33 am
no major problems on that bridge. we are also looking at interstate 880 nearby and the traffic continues to look good. passing oakland heading south on the left 880 on the right. as we take another look at 880 from hayward to fremont it's also off to a good start. it's 5:32, let's go back to the desk. we want to update you on the breaking news in oakland that we first reported an hour ago. let's take you back out live to the scene. fire crews are still there. you can see very active. this is an early morning house fire that started in east oakland in the area of 46th and melrose avenue near high street. those are the homes there that were burned. and you can see the smoke is gone. we did see big flames just about an hour ago. however, power is still turned off in that neighborhood for the safety of fire crews. now the first emergency call came in at 3:40 this morning when firefighters arrived. flames were shooting out of the home and they were spreading to
5:34 am
the next door building. one man who was sleeping at the time was woken up and told to evacuate immediately. >> the neighbor upstairs hollering saying call the fire department. the house is on fire. >> it took firefighters more than an hour to put out the fire and complicating matters was a downed high voltage power line. pg&e is at the scene and working on that line. investigators say it is still too early to discuss a possible cause. neighbors tell us they are hearing the fire may have started through a cooking accident. ktvu christien kafton will have a live update from the scene coming up at 6:00. time is 5:34. terrifying moments for a couple of people delivering pizzas in the south bay. they were threatened and robbed. ktvu janine de la vega is live in sunnyvale now to tell us exactly what happened out there. good morning janine. >> reporter: good morning, dave. the suspects are still at large. this is one of the
5:35 am
neighborhoods where one of the robberies did take place. both victims worked knows pizza -- at dominoes pizza. in the first incident monday night the employee made a pizza delivery on remington avenue just after 9:00 at night where two suspects entered the persons vehicle and forced him to drive to another area. they stole cash and a phone but the injury man was uninjured. they are considering the incident a kidnapping. officers say the victim ran away and the thief tried to steal the victims car. the delivery man was also uninjured and his car was located but no one was inside. on the doors of domino's pizza there are signs saying the delivery people only carry $20 cash on them. but that didn't stop the thieves. we have reached out to police to confirm whether or not these
5:36 am
are connected because they certainly sound like they are and if patrols have been beefed up in the area. we are still waiting to hear back. reporting live janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. happening now crews are trying to patch up one of the most famous roads in los angeles after a massive water main break flooded streets in and around the ucla campus. check out these live pictures coming to us from los angeles. you can see a lot of heavy machinery still on the scene. but there is still a lot of water in that very big sink hole. this is what it looked like yesterday. that water main break send ising water 30 feet in the air and causing quite a mess. 35-75,000 gallons of water every minute. people this morning are still being urged to avoid sunset boulevard so that crews can continue to try to repair that
5:37 am
line. now inspectors don't know what caused the 30-inch diameter pipe to burst. but what a mess it created. crews believe wear and tear to the 93-year-old line was a factor. polly pavilion the historic basketball and volley ball arena was flooded along with surrounding athletic fields. at one point there was eight inches of water on the court. and they have not yet determined if it will be usable this year. >> polly pavilion has taken quote a bit of water. which has rated a problem for many of our employees and visitors who's cars are under water war we're not able to get them out for awhile. >> 8-10 million gallons of water was lost before the line
5:38 am
was shut off. water district officials are asking people in los angeles to conserve even more water than before. and while there are no reported injuries from this water main break, there were were close calls. >> this is exactly what we were afraid of. we had someone in the water, they got swept off their feet and with a current that was pushing, they got trapped underneath their car. >> many cars and buses got stuck in that rushing water and mud. firefighters searched more than 200 vehicles. and rescued five people that were trapped in their cars. a high-tech heist at a bay area startup. thieves stole a half a million dollars worth of new products. tara moriarty is outside the companies headquarters in union city to tell us what the company is telling customers. >> reporter: this theft was a huge blow for this startup. it does appear thieves cut into a gate on this property and were able to make off with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of the unu
5:39 am
product. two wooden palettes have been positioned to conceal the hole. burglars made off with a load of its fast charging portable battery packs. they cost around $60-100 and used to charge cell phones. >> to be hit here it's not only the products but it's the price of the reputation of the company. >> reporter: now this break in comes just as unu was poised to make its first big break. it has received glowing praise from an online article yesterday. the property owners here say that another tenant also had a delivery van stolen. that could have been used to haul away the stolen goods. the company is offering a
5:40 am
$10,000 reward to anyone with information that leads to an arrest. and coming up, we will tell you how the batteries might be able to be traced. live in union city i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. time is 5:39. one of the main figures in the fbi sting operation that led to the indictment of leland yee he is due back in court. child faces several charges that imcollude money laundry and conspiracy to sell alcohol and tobacco. last month the judge denied his request for bail. saying the gang leader still is posing a danger to the community and should remain in jail. high fire danger in the south bay. coming up at 6:00 the activities no longer allowed after this fire that burned 12 acres in the nearby hills. >> but first an app aimed at fixing a problem may create a bigger one. after the break the way a high-
5:41 am
tech solution to replace lost house keys could open the doors for criminals. >> and on the golden gate bridge traffic looks good. a little bit of fog there. it's not effecting the traffic in southern marin. we'll tell you about the bay bridge and metering lights just went on. >> there is plenty of fog that is for sure. a very mild temperatures for many here and lots of tropical clouds.
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and that includes financially troubled cover ritz january colleges. those schools operate around heald, wyotech, and everett.
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next week the u.s. military will take a closer look into how army sergeant bowe bergdahl was captured by the taliban. the 28-year-old soldier was released in may since being held in 2009. he's expected to meet with a general next week who is investigating his disappearance and capture. some soldiers who served with bergdahl accused him of diversion. deliberately leaving his post in afghanistan. he is back on regular duty at a texas army base working with a unit responsible for homeland defense. time is 5:44. the owner of the oakland raiders naive ponding to reports raiders are considering a possible move top texas. san antonio newspaper reports owner mark davis is looking at possible stadium sites in that city. he confirms he met his city leaders in san antonio two weeks ago but he would only say he went there to honor his close friend and former raider
5:45 am
great cliff branch. davis wouldn't reveal whether he is planning to move out of the oakland coliseum to a new home in texas. however, his current chances of getting a new stadium in oakland appear to be slim. >> build a new stadium is $800 million. we are about $300-$400 million short. >> the move out of oakland could happen as soon as next year. but the raiders initially playing at the alamo dome in san antonio. the report of a possible raider move came hours after some big news involving the baseball team that shares the oakland coliseum with the raiders. yesterday the alameda county supervisors approved the new ten-year lease agreement for the a's. that includes a provision allowing the raiders to tear down the oakland coliseum to make way for a new football stadium. but the raiders feel the a's lease creates more problems in the teams effort to build a new
5:46 am
home in oakland. a new high-tech solution that replaces lost house keys is raising concerns about security. new apps allow you to order a new house key by taking a photo. the keys are sent to your home. but there is a new concern the technology could be misused. >> they could copy your key and know where you live through your car registration. >> san francisco based lights w
5:47 am
down. if this starts -- if the crash we just looked at the bridge, there is no effect on the bridge. there is a big delay because of a three-car crash. no injuries because they have pulled off to the side. this is about already a 25 minute drive into san francisco. all right. we are still looking okay on the san mateo bridge. this looks like the way it
5:48 am
should at 5:47 in the morning. relatively light. 11 minute drive across to the high-rise. and this morning's commute is looking okay on the dumbarton bridge as well and on the nimitz freeway. if you want to sneak on down to the san mateo bridge, it's early enough for you to do that without any major delays. now let's go to steve. sal, i'm blaming everything on the humidity. >> are you? me too. >> it's just crazy. >> a lot of tropical clouds. also light rain up in minute see though county. and there is a lot down toward central california. thankfully we do is not have a north or northeast breeze. if we did, it would be so hot we would be in serious trouble. there is still a lot of fog. light rain went through. and there is still stuff
5:49 am
offshore. some of that may swing in here. it's not heavy or anything. there is a little bit there. there is pretty good rain already and thunderstorm near fresno. a lot of that lifting up toward mammoth and sierra nevada. mid 60s. again if you missed it. livermore #e is warmer right now -- livermore 66. is is warmer than atlanta. but it's very cool for some and it's very warm out here in the west. 68 walnut creek. 68 brentwood. 54 in bismarck. 56 in omaha. really cool. there is that 63 in atlanta. 65 in washington, d.c. for july. just amazingly cool. a lot of record low maximum temperatures. a lot of 60s around and the cloud cover continues to remain tropical system favoring areas to the south. i think it will stay there. it's so close yet most of that misses. and then also might be some santa clara valley. we are dealing with more fog than anything else. it is hot and the humidity
5:50 am
factor is still very high. 90s to 100s. i will tell you absolutely stuck. it is a long time since i can remember the pattern not changing here hardly at all. upper 60s and 70s. still kind of balmy and mild for many in the coast because the water temps are still very warm. although there are signs of a northwest breeze which is something we have not seen much of. that will cool things down a little bit. just a few minutes ago the government announced the u.s. economy grew more than expected during the second quarter of this year. the commerce department says the economy grew at a 4% annual pace. most economists had expected to be up nearly a point less than that. consumer spending accelerated 2.5%. that is twice as much as the economists forecast. the total report boosts expectations for a stronger performance for the rest of the year. a new report shows the economy added 218,000 jobs in the private sector this month. that is from adp was a slight disappointment from most
5:51 am
analysts. they expected 230,000. now the adp report is usually an indicator of what the federal governments jobs will show. it includes government and nonprofit organization jobs as well as the private sector. that report is expected to come out on friday. the biotech giant amgen is cutting as many as 29 hurricane jobs before the end of next year. that is more than 12% of its global work force. amgen plans to close research facilities in colorado and washington state. but the san francisco business times reports some of the workers will be moved to amgen facilities in south san francisco. the company is restructuring some of the older drugs lose sales to generic competition. time is 5:51. targeting people who waste water. coming up in 25 minutes, what you cannot do anymore and the big fines you can pay for breaking new statewide rules. >> but first ways to beat the heat are drying up in one bay
5:52 am
area community. after the break, the new place where algae contamination concerns are leaving people hot and bothered.
5:53 am
5:54 am
president obama is announcing new sanctions against russia. this comes as a team of international investigators remain blocked from reaching the crash site of malaysian airlines flight 317. a new round of sanctions will
5:55 am
accept key factors from the u.s. economy. this all comes after russian president putin refused to help stop the constant fighting in eastern ukraine. >> every day that goes by is another day lost in terms of possible loss of human remains and of really crucial evidence. >> the teen that has been prevented from reaching the site includes dutch investigators in charge of finding out what happened. they say they have made it about two-thirds of the way to the site before heavy bombing force the them to turn back. back here at home the man accused of trying to kidnap and sexually assault an 11-year-old girl in san leandro he is due in court today. investigators say 5:hey-year- old march -- investigators say 54-year-old martin gonzalez tried to pull the girl into his car but she ran off. she ran to a nearby youth center. that is where she took a self- defense class and she got help. because of her quick thinking,
5:56 am
she was not hurt, he was able to give a good description of her attacker to police. shortly afterwards gonzalez was arrested. water has been shut off at a popular pond in oakland amid algae concerns. that pond is located in frog park which is in the rockridge neighborhood. alameda county shut off the water friday after learning its pump. a toxic algae bloom closed the lake to swimmers. and now that another popular watering hole is shut down, many visitors are becoming increasingly frustrated about what to do with their children as the temperatures continue to climb. >> we were going to have a play date and play in the water. it is kind of disappointing. >> oakland public works says no one in charge of testing the pond -- no one is in charge of testing the pond because it is not a designated swimming area. however alameda county did test the water yesterday. they are not going to have the
5:57 am
results until later this week. it has been a busy morning already. huge flames in east oakland. >> all i have is the clothes that we've got on. >> people inside of two homes had minutes to get out of there. christien kafton is the first reporter on the scene. we'll have more from the people that live in one of those homes. >> scary moments for pizza delivery drivers in sunnyvale. the two robberies in just under an hour. >> good morning. right now we are looking at a commute where traffic has slowed down by a crash that is out of the lanes. you can tell it's still having an effect on traffic coming into the city. >> hot and humid. that is going to be the end result for many inland areas today. there is a lot of fog go by the coast. another big difference in temps.
5:58 am
5:59 am
more about this fire in oakland. how many people were displaced and how it started coming up. >> the cleanup goes on in los
6:00 am
angeles after a giant water main break that stole millions of gallons of water. >> we are live in sunnyvale where a pizza deliver man has been targeted by robbers. one even kidnapped part of the time. we will tell you about the police investigation. huge flames engulf two homes at an east oakland neighborhood. more than a dozen people including children escaped. some with just the clothes on their back. this is what the scene looks like right now. pg&e has cut power to that neighborhood because of a downed power line. christien kafton was the first reporter on the scene at 4:00 a.m.. coming up in two minutes, he is going to tell us the trouble crews faced out there. good morning. it is wednesday, july 30th i'm claudine wong in for pam cook. >> good to see you. good morning, i'm


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