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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  August 3, 2014 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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bay area firefighters battle large flames tonight in just the last couple of hours. this grass sparked across sonoma county. good evening everyone i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm eric rasmussen tonight. we get right to that developing news. this is a look at that grass fire in nuwark near stevenson boulevard. our video captured this dramatic look at the flames. the fire department tweet had the the steveson fire is
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burning up to five acres. it started around 5:00 p.m. we're told the fire is not threatening any of the buildings in that area. mark tamayo says winds are 10 to 15 miles per hour right now. of course we'll have more coverage on some of the other major fires in northern california later in this newscast. >> i think there's some things we can do better and we are going to expect to do better and we're going to do better. practice makes perfect even for a stadium operations. the 49ers took notes and have spent the day dissecting the first sporting event. reviews are in for the new stadium. and debora villalon is live now that the reviews are in. >> reporter: we're in the glendale neighborhood. this is where signs posted were supposed to keep the stadium
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crowd out but people here say they may need more defense. as fans soaked up the lush surroundings of levi stadium. another team besides soccer was in intent on its goal. >> it's a work in progress. you're never going to open a stadium without issues. >> we look at everything. every single thing we can do better every single event we're going to try to do that. >> reporter: staffing was spot on but he didn't like seeing fans jam some entrances while others were under used. >> everybody wants their bag at the same time. >> reporter: too large for security guidelines and lines to retrieve them were long. >> we had to tag it and bag it and i didn't like that experience and i know most
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people didn't so we're going to work on that. >> reporter: maybe be the ninest biggest hurdle. >> i didn't know the three lanes were going to be condensed to one. >> reporter: fans complained about long waits to get into parking lots. >> there's a clear line that says, resident parking only, no stadium parking. >> reporter: neighbors closest to the stadium report overflow cars and parking on their streets. >> i'm not going to be confrontational at this point. because like i said there's a lot of kinks that need to be worked out. >> reporter: the 49ers are aware of those kinks as their first game and a crowd 20,000 larger bloom. 9,000 fans arrived on large rail, and getting more on board may require more planning. one thing not coming to this 2 million square foot facility a parking lot. >> the sustainabilities
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perspective. who wants to elect a 10 story garage from a customer service perspective, parking in a 10 story parking garage is not the best either. >> reporter: this storage has a retention center under ground and the mini jail got its first customers last night. a handful of fans behaving badly. in all the team says it is happy with how the stadium and fans performed. while people say hello to levi stadium others got to say goodbye to candle stick. it's be the last time that fans
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can see the park firsthand. and the stadium wanted to give people a way to celebrate the stadium's rich legacy. >> it's been 54 years of incredible history and such an important part of san francisco's fabric. >> the farewell series will take place august 17th. if you want to buy seats to remember it forever just go to our website we also have rules for parking for levi stadium as well as the new foods served at the new home. it's all under hot topics. the man wanted in connection of his wife and two young daughters is now over. his skeletal remains have been found. the man hunt began in may of last year. that's when his wife sandra and their two daughters were found
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shot to death in the family home in shasta county. while searching for miller investigators found an under ground bunker. miller's remains were found not far from where his truck was located in humble county last year. no word on how miller died or how long his remains had been there. mow to -- now to the out of control california wildfires. we learned that the eiler fire has grown to nearly 26,000 acres. the fire forced a small hospital in the community of burney to evacuate patients. evacuation orders are still in place for several other communities. that fire has destroyed eight homes so far and many more are threatened. lightning sparked that fire on thursday night and there's still no containment. firefighters from as as far away as montana are helping
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fire fight that fire. and crews are up against high temperatures and tinder dry vegetation. changing winds are also a big problem for firefighters. a strong gust helped spread a fire in oregon to california. the oregon gulf fire is burning in sisque county and so far it's burned 25,000 acres. some positive changes on the way should help this week. mark tamayo is tracking possible rain that's headed north. >> shower chances will be going up. as we start a new month fire danger goes up quite a few levels for august, september and october as things continue to dry up. as far as the eiler fire take a look at current conditions. 74degrees and the moisture levels are going up to 43%. another fire to the north that
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is the day fire. temperatures staying at 74 and relative humidity at 64. wind out of the west southwest at 14 miles per hour for this part of the fire zone. as far as the shower chances here is our forecast model. we'll put this into motion monday. this forecast model generating a few showers across parts of northern california for monday and into tuesday. good news we could have some showers, the bad news the possibility of thunderstorms and potential lightning strikes that could start new fires for this part of the state. where is this moisture coming from. it's all coming down from southern california, coming up from southern california. here's the radar this evening and wider perspective. this will be the source of showers and possibly some thunderstorms for the mountains of northern california. possibly here in the bay area as well. we'll have more on that coming up in about 25 minutes. prayers today for an american doctor and american
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nurse infected with the ebola virus as churchgoers praise them for their work. and there's a way to stop this deadly virus. >> reporter: there's brantley lay lying safely in georgia this afternoon. walking into an atlanta hospital to be treated for the potentially deadly ebola virus. >> having exciting to watch on tv as he came and walked out of an ambulance. i think everybody's spirits were lifted to see that. >> reporter: brantley's wife also releasing a statement through the christian volunteers he was working with. >> we can stop it in hospitals
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and we can stop it in africa which is really the source of the epidemic. >> reporter: the virus has spread to three different countries. it's possible to contain the virus keeping it from spreading further. >> we're going to put 50 staff on the ground in these three countries to help stop the outbreak in the next 30 days. >> people in liberia's capital were seen protesting demanding urgent action from the country's health authority after several reports of botched burial practices for ebola victims. the mortality rate for ebola is extremely high if not properly treated. more than # 00 people have already sucomb to the virus. meanwhile the nurse that had been treated patients is expected to arrive to the u.s. early tuesday. for a second day a half
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million people in and around toledo ohio are without drinking water after a toxin was discovered. tests show elevated readings for microsystems blooming in lake erie. the toxin can cause diarrhea, vomiting. >> this toxin may cause liver issues. >> the governor ordered the national guard to deliver drinking water to toledo and surrounding areas. high temperatures lead to
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rescues. a man and his dog had to be pull ed off a san francisco cliff. that was just one of several rescues this weekend. >> reporter: 10 people had to be rescue. more than half of them had to be plucked from the waters here in the bay. >> they came up through the crevase here. >> reporter: firefighters say a beagel had gotten stuck first then the owner got stuck trying to help. >> we used two ropes to lower somebody down. we put them in a harness and secured them so they can't fall and put the dog in a bag so they can't fall. and then we bring them back up. >> it was quite an evidentful rescue and everybody was up here applauding when it was all done. the dog was wagging he went on home. >> reporter: the coast guard
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rescued six boaters yesterday. then helped three distressed jet skiers stranded on a remote piece of shoreline early this morning. >> they weren't able to ride it to a point they could return back home with it. at that point when the coast guard did find it they picked up the three individuals and brought them back to the marina. last sunday, san rafael -- two days before that a chp helicopter rescued two teens stuck on the face of a cliff near rodeo beach. first responders say during the summer when folks are out enjoying the weather it's not unusual to get a steady stream of rescue callless. we have an influx of rescues it just comes at this time of year. this is a good reminder that before leaving to a recreational outing it's important to let someone know where you're going to be and when you plan to return so they can help for help when necessary.
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cara liu. a public restroom in an east bay apartment now a crime scene. what police are looking for tonight. bay area moms teaming up with the oakland raiders to keep kids safe. three key areas of concern on the field parents are learning about. and growing tension in the israeli-palestinian conflict. what brought this proisrael group to the streets of san francisco today. the 10:00 news continues in just 90 seconds.
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harsh words for israel from the obama administration and the united nations after an air strike outside a school in gaza kills at least 10 people including an 8-year-old boy. >> survivors rushed to help those who could be saved when the israeli missell struck outside the psychological. 3,000 displaced people were seeking shelter there. three people were lining up to buy ice cream and people were buying food when the missell struck there. the u.s. state department called the strike appalling and disgraceful. the u.n. secretary general call -- called it a criminal act. >> the locations of all these locations have been passed to israeli military multiple
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times. they know where these israeli shelters are. >>ist -- israel says that seize fire does not apply to towns such as rafa where israeli forces are currently operating. here in the bay area hundreds of proisrael protesters were out in san francisco. both sides shared their frustration with the unrest in the middle east. what started in san francisco civic center ended at civic plaza. thousands of israelis walked down the street to make their message heard. >> there was a big protest here in san francisco and i think it was very one sided.
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it refuses to address hamas. >> reporter: nico black who says his mother has been in a bomb shelter since the month long conflict begins. >> i hope mom doesn't get hit by a missile and i hope she didn't break a leg or gets hurt running from a missile. that's it. >> stop bombing our youth. >> reporter: connie a teacher who visited a school in the west bank was walking her dog when she saw the israeli flag. she decided to stand with the pelestinians. >> i'm standing for the children. they're not launching bombs. they're not doing anything. >> reporter: the situation is very upsetting. we all want peace but we need
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to be able to defend ourselves. >> reporter: about 40 san francisco police officers were on hand for today's protest. while they've had issues in the past today was rather quiet and no arrests were made. in san francisco, azenith smith, ktvu channel # news. the sunday talk shows were full of political jabs at democrats and republicans in congress for not doing enough to solve the immigration crisis. >> this is not a crisis that occurred in the last two months. the lack of collaboration and then to show up in the 23rd hour, saying we need you to approve a $4 billion project it's not the way to do it. >> the congress has now had several years but especially the last two to do something and republicans have failed to move on it. he will do everything within his power and within the law. >> congress is now on summer
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recess without solving the crisis. >> i think both chambers need to be back in town until we get this fixed. i think it's unconscionable that we're not trying to find a solution. >> reporter: the white house is saying the president has no choice but to act alone. he's expected to take unilateral action by the end of the month and before congress returns from its recess. an update now on that developing news. alameda county -- sorry we want to update you on that developing news. coming to us in newark. within the last 15 minutes alameda county tweeted that no structures are being threatened by this fire. there are no reports of injuries to firefighters or any of the people living near by. you're looking at some of the video that our crew shot when this fire broke out just about two hours ago. the fire is near stevenson boulevard. there's no word yet on containment. we will though keep you updated
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throughout the newscast and bring you new information on both facebook and twitter. we know a hard hit on the football field can be tough for parents to watch when they have young players out there. the new effort to help moms keep their kids safe. and the roles the oakland raiders plays today. >> and details that led up to a suspect being shot and killed. in weather tracking lots of showers and thunderstorms in southern california. all of this activity approaching northern california in the next several days. i'll break down thunderstorm chances in our local forecast. see how much you could save. ♪ great rates for great rides. geico motorcycle, see how much you could save.
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a public bathroom in is now a part of a police investigation. a girl tells police that's where she was assaulted. they're worried the attacker lives near by. >> reporter: along a quiet
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manicured paths sits the clubhouse of an apartment complex. inside the clubhouse, there's a public restroom where a girl says she was assaulted. >> i've been living here for 11 months and it's been cool. >> reporter: police say someone could have potentially followed a tep -- tenant in. the restroom is now closed. >> it's shocking but not shocking at the same time. also i'm from oak ran. -- oakland. unfortunately i hear this kind of stuff, a lot. >> we found out that there are a couple of registered sex offenders that do live here. and that did definitely discourage us to a certain degree. >> reporter: the megans law website shows more than 20 sex offenders live within a one
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mile radious of the lake house apartments. >> kind of average build. nothing specific regarding him. even that generic of a description was there in the area we would like to talk to that person to see if they saw something. >> reporter: neighbors plan to be on the look out to keep each other safe while hoping police make an arrest soon. we reachedded out to the leasing office and left a message for management but have not heard back from them yet. police say that the entire staff is fully cooperating with the investigation. cristina rendon. a convicted murder who escaped from prison guards in merced has been recaptured. authorities say that 34-year- old jeffrey landers escaped from a prison. he was arrested this afternoon in an orchard with a large
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screwdriver and returned to prison. he is serving a life sentence for the stabbing death of a river side man. a football clinic is helping dozens of bay area moms keep their children safe on the football field. it's designed to give parents a better understanding of football safety with information about proper tackling, concussion recognition and hydration. one of the moms tells us the clinic is especially safer now that her daughter is playing the sport. >> this is her first year so i want to make sure that she has proper protection. she's a girl so i look at her like my little girl. but she's pretty tough. i want to make sure that she's out there hitting proper and that the boys are hitting her properly. >> reporter: this clinic benefits both the parents and the game of football over all. so future players stay safe. it was the third largest wildfire in state history. why there's still an argument about how to bring hundreds of thousands of acres of the
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sierra nevadas back to life. and a tense situation this morning, what led a sheriff's deputy to shoot and kill a suspect. ♪ whoo! mmm! ♪ ♪ oh, yeah [ male announcer ] discover your new orleans. start exploring at
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[ man ] it's big. quickly reconnects families. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. a possible suspect in a home invasion robbery is dead shot by a sheriff deputy. we heard the tense police radio call of that pursuit that took place in oak ran. noelle walking tells us more of what happened. >> reporter: early this morning before many people were awak -- awake, police were looking for a suspect. >> all they said is they were looking for someone with a gun. >> it's crazy to me but there's always stuff happening in
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there. >> the male, he's actually fleeing. >> reporter: alameda sheriff canine was called out to help flush out the suspect. >> fired, shots fired. >> reporter: police tracker spotted at least eight shots and the suspect was taken down. >> suspect down. >> we can't confirm there's been an officer involved shooting. >> reporter: patrol officers first spotted this stolen silver volvo near the intersection of 55th and fairfax avenues. the car was reported stolen during a home invasion robbery on mcarthur boulevard july 12th that involved a gun. >> during that home invasion robbery, some of the victims were pistol whipped. the vehicle and a very similar description of the suspect was described. sirens are common place in the neighborhood where the drama ended. >> it's just reality for us out here. we have to grow up and see
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stuff like this. it's a nice sunday. >> reporter: the park across the street that was overrun by drug dealers has been closed for years. now it's overrun with weeds and discarded alcohol bottles. >> it will get better one day but i don't see it. i don't see it. >> reporter: a future that's hard to focus on through a police car's flashing lights. this started out as an opd case but because the alameda county is involved there's multiple investigations going on at the same time. from opd police, the alameda sheriff's office and district attorney's office. noelle walker, ktvu news. police in palo alto hope that a new sketch will help find a man they say exposed himself at a playground. witnesses describe the man as an african american weighing 170 pounds with a thin build. they say he was wearing a baseball cap, blue jean jacket
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and white pants. the partially naked man walked through the park. and the former wood side elementary school teacher is scheduled to go through closing argumenting tomorrow. he has maintained that the contact was not sexual. many people believe officials should allow the forest to recover on its own others say the remaining timber should be salvaged. today was the first day of camp for a group of young burn survivors. the campers gathered in
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sacramento to board buses for tahoe. the free week long camp helps children meet other children facing the same challenges. >> having fun. getting away from problems, from schools and things like that. it's kind of hard to get around with people that are not burned like me. >> nobody knows what they go through other than themselves. so when they're able to talk to each other. and find out that they're not the only ones going through a certain thing. they're able to help each other and really helps them get back to society. >> the camp is now in its 21st year. a 9-year-old new jersey boy who was lost in manhattan for two hours he described his experience as the best day of his life. we want to show you the picture of chris viavicencio and his sister. chris who is mildly autistic says he didn't panic he just started walking and looking for
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his parents. he eventually walked 20 blocks until police found him at the bus terminal. clearly not the best day for the boys parents who wept when they were reunited with their son. a california amusement ride company has been fined $100,000 for a violation at the fair. that company is linked to more incidents and accidents. >> is there a way that they should be better equipped and versed to safety. >> i think we hold everybody to the same standard regardless of size. >> port through year of accidents uncovered a common threat that connects some of the worse cases. tomorrow at 5:00 what our investigation uncovered and what is being done to keep you safe. why this suspect wasn't the hardest subject to catch. plus back to work in the
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morning. meteorologist mark tamayo is tracking what you can expect when you head out the door.
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we want to go back to that developing news we told you about at the top of our newscast. a wildfire two to three acres burning in newark. they even named it the stevenson fire. the fire is now contained and they are in mop up mode as you see. dramatic images of firefighters battling those flames. no structures damaged. no homes threatened. obviously firefighters certainly in harms way.
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firefighters say they are in mop upstage. we're following fire conditions. the breeze 10 to 15 miles per hour. a quick look at the mapping system. the fire is burning it still is at this hour in mopping stages. there's an over all look at the terrain. not much of a terrain or elevation in this area. a bit of a breeze. winds at 10 to 15 miles per hour. reports of smoke at the san jose international airport because that smoke is drifting a little bit more to the south as well. as far as current temperatures right now we'll take a look at those out there. currently 57 in santa rosa. san jose 61. partly cloudy skies in livermore. here is the wider perspective on the satellite we're flying out toward southern california. we can see rain showers here. some thunderstorms producing heavy rains earlier today. you can still see some coverage right now right around barstol and palm springs. all of this activity will be
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approaching the bay area. a bit of a sea breeze kicking up. today partly cloudy. still cloudy skies. tomorrow fog. tuesday look what happens we're tracking shower chances here in the bay area. overnight lows to start out monday morning in the mid-50s to the low 60s out there. san francisco 56 and san jose checking in with a forecast low of 60 degrees. so there's a weather system down in southern california. so for monday it's going to be drifting a bit closer in the sierra. it'll be humid once again. there's a slight chance of an evening shower approaching the region by monday night and into a tuesday. look what happens on tuesday. we're going to bump up rain showers. close enough to the bay area. we're going to bump up those shower chances as well. still humid on tuesday and at least shower chance holding until early wednesday morning. we put this into motion and we have the clouds, the fog. lots of fog near the coast and
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near the bay. then the higher clouds moving from the east. partly to mostly cloudy skies once again. it'll be muggy out there. and then we'll put this into motion into tuesday. look what happens all of this activity popping up in northern california. there's more inside chance. some are more aggressive with showers here in the bay area for tuesday. we're going to have to watch that forecast for tuesday. even possibly lasting into wednesday morning as well. with potential lightning strikes of course fire danger will be going up once again for northern california. we really cooled off today. we're going to stabilize those temperatures for tomorrow. santa rosa mid-70s. san rafael 44 degrees. lower 70s and head inland you'll find mid- to upper 80s out there. santa clara 78 as well. san francisco in the upper 60s. here is a look ahead. your five day forecast with a bit of a change in weather patterns. a change in the cloud. there's a chance of a shower by monday night into tuesday.
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tuesday the highest chance especial little for the north bay, east bay. slight chance of a shower on a wednesday. with your weekend always in view. looks like a typical weather pattern. of course potential lightning strikes. >> something we're seeing here too. firefighters say the fire in yosemite park is now 96% contained. firefighters say the el portal fire should be fully contained by next saturday. the fire scorched 260 acres and destroyed two homes. they won't yet know what sparked this fire. tonight coming after the 10:00 news on the a second look we'll have an insight look at yosemite after lincoln signed a bill that created that beautiful park. police in a southern california community went on what they're calling a very slow speed chase this weekend. >> i don't think it would be
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very high speed chase. even when they caught up with their suspect that was half their battle. officer spotted this 150-pound tortoise yesterday afternoon. that's why it couldn't be a very high speed chase. it took the strength of two officers to hoist the reptile into their police car. the tortoise did try to make a run for it but they're officers, there in el hambre are pretty fast. and tiger woods has to put out on the final round. we'll tell you why. >> and fred inglis is coming up next with sports wrap. ambers to sense your movement, heartbeat, breathing. introducing the sleep number bed with sleepiq™ technology. it tracks your sleep and tells you how to adjust for a good, better and an awesome night. the difference? try adjusting up or down you'll know cuz sleep iq™ tells you. only at a sleep number store, mattresses with sleepiq™ start at just $999.98. know better sleep with sleep number.
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good evening everyone and thanks for joining our sunday night edition of sports wrap. local radio sports talk show have new ammo for the weeks. the a's trade cespedes and will never hit another run. well they did score a run. kansas city scores all four of their runs in the 5th inning. infante two, comes home cashner. royals had a perfect game going when josh redick opens the 6th inning. >> i don't think that's the type of music for us to get a rally started. >> well redick's unlikely walk off


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