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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  August 12, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>reporter: we're live in marin county where neighbors and fans are still reeling after robin williams' death. we will have the latest from the marin county sheriff's department. a newborn is safe and back home after a terrifying incident happened at a south bay hospital. how a security system may have prevented a tragedy. also a plan for mandatory water rationing in san francisco. find out who would be directly affected. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. in case of an emergency, the exit is here, here, here,
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here. anywhere. >> keep your hands and arms inside. >> the sheer talent and warped speed wit from robin williams' performances will live on forever in classics such as "aladin," as we continue to remember the indellible mark he left on hollywood, we mourn with the rest of the world for one of the greats. this is a live look outside williams' home in tiburon. you can see the massive presence of media outlets covering this devastating news. ktvu's tara moriarty is out there too. in about two minutes she'll take a look at the star's life that sadly came to a tragic end yesterday. good morning, it's tuesday, august 12th, i'm tori campbell in for pam cook. >> good morning, and i'm dave clark. let's look at your weather and traffic. steve, what should we expect today? >> cooler, that's for sure. we have a few high clouds responsible for that. the low is pushing off to the east, being helped along by a system coming in. some of that tropical cloud cover was close yesterday, we were just too far west, but the fog is there, no doubt about
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that. there's the low right there pushing out. but there's another system coming in right there that's going to dig into, well, southern oregon, northern california and that's ushering in a cooler pattern. still one more day maybe up in the sierra nevada and also out to the mother load in northeast california for a possibility of thunderstorms and lightning, but, again, everything seems to be pushing out, but not completely, but it's out of the bay area, that's for sure, unless you're traveling up to the mountains. you don't have to worry about oakland today, starting off cloudy, 62. we'll go 71 for a high today. temperatures coming down here the next couple of days as this next system kind of drops into the picture. 50s and 60s coast, north bay, south bay, east bay, everybody is really close, only about a four-degree spread. brentwood 61. 40s up in the mountains, 50s, 60s and 70s out to the valley. highs today with some of that thunderstorm activity now out, but the fog here will be in the 60s and 70s. here's sal. >>reporter: steve, good morning. we have hit the mark at the toll plaza of the bay bridge where those metering lights have been turned on. the traffic is backed up for a 20-minute drive into san
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francisco. now, if you are driving from oakland -- or from san francisco to oakland, that traffic is a lot less and it's doing well. no problems on the bridge heading the other way. this is a look at the san mateo bridge westbound 92. it's about a 15-minute drive from hayward to foster city. if you are driving on the westbound highway 4 commute antioch to concord, it still looks very good. 680 southbound venetian bridge to the walnut creek interchange doing well. westbound 24 is off to a good start on the way to oakland. 6:03. let's go back to the desk. >> all right, sal, thank you. across the nation and around the world memorials are growing for actor and comedian robin williams. the 63-year-old star was pronounced dead yesterday afternoon. despite being a legend in hollywood, robin williams called the bay area home. he lived in san francisco before moving to tiburon. ktvu's tara moriarty is outside that home where a memorial to robin is growing. tara.
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>>reporter: there is a small pile of flowers, cards and candles growing in front of robin williams' home here. but this is a pretty private street, so we imagine most folks will be leaving condolences at his old sea cliff home or mrs. doubtfire in san francisco. you can see the street is filled with media from all over the united states. a very sad time when you think of how much joy robin williams brought to people worldwide. he was last seen alive at 10:00 sunday night at his home near tiburon. sheriff's deputies found him monday morning unconscious after a 911 call. he was pronounced dead around noon. the coroner's division says it suspects his death to be a suicide due to asphixia. sources tell ktvu the 63-year- old actor hanged himself. over the years williams did battle substance abuse and his agent said he suffered from depression. a picture of a man difficult to take in, especially neighbors who saw him routinely. >> he was such a sweet man and such a talent. i mean, we loved him as an actor. but as a person he was such a great neighbor and he looked
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like he was happy, he was content, you know, we didn't see that other side of him, that might have been depressed. >>reporter: robin williams is survived by two sons, a daughter and two stepsons. he lived here in tiburon with his third wife, susan schneider. williams was raiseed raiseed in michigan, but moved to wood acre in marin when he was an adlessent. he went to redwood high school and college of marin before he was accept today gilliard. he rose from comedy clubs in san francisco to become a worldwide sensation in film and television. now, the sheriff's department says it will release more information about the circumstances surrounding williams' death because of his public status. it will be holding a press conference later this morning at 11:00 and says it will release more details then. live in marin county, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news >> thanks, tara. the memorial for robin williams is growing and his star on the hollywood walk of
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fame. photos and notes were left at williams' star overnight. he was inducted into the hollywood walk of fame on december 12th, 1990. last night the premier of the three -- the premier of expendables 3 was held on hollywood boulevard and the stars of the action movie stopped to share their thoughts. >> he had a lot compassion and did a lot of things for a lot of people, publicly and privately. >> other celebrities have been take to go twitter to express their thoughts on williams. they say he is gone too soon and they feel blessed to be a part of the industry he worked in. president obama issued a statement about robin williams, saying "robin williams was an airman, a doctor, a genie, a nanny, a president, a professor, a bang-a-rang peter pan and everything in between, but he was one of a kind. well, during his career robin williams acted in or provided the voices for characters in at least 73 movies. and one of his best known animated performances was in the form of a genie.
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>> excuse me. are you looking at me? did you rub my lamp? did you wake me up? did you bring me here? and all of a sudden you're walking out on me? i don't think so. >> and, you know, there was also a serious side to robin williams. in 1997 he starred in the movie "good will hunting" alongside matt damon. that performance earned him an academy award. he most recently appeared back on tv in the sit-com "the crazy ones" alongside sarah michelle gellar. the show was canceled after one season last year. now, this picture is one of robin williams' last public appearances. back in june robin appeared at the san francisco zoo. he was there to meet and feed a monkey, a howler monkey that was named robin in honor of the actor. robin williams used his fame to help causes he believed in, that included holiday fundraisers at glide memorial church in san francisco. but church founder, the reverend cecil williams says one time the church was able to
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turn the tables on williams. the church choir surprised him by singing a song just for him. >> he was just thrilled, crying. he cried, he was so touched by the fact that we was there singing to him and giving something back to him. >> the reverend williams also called robin "an original" and said the actor was like no one else he had ever met. williams also entertained active duty american military troops. he traveled to afghanistan, iraq and kuwait and performed in u.s.o. shows for u.s. soldiers in war zones. the u.s.o. posted a message on facebook saying "he will always be part of our u.s.o. family and will be sorely missed." the people who interviewed robin williams say it was like a nonstop roller coaster, nothing like it. and during his appearance right here on ktvu "mornings on 2" with ross mcgowan, it was no different. i do want to talk about the movie. >> also there's a small grass
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fire in mendincino. it is a grass fire. we actually think it's a marijuana field and the entire small town near russian river has stopped for chocolate, but we'll talk more about that later. >> you remember that invitation for sal? robin williams was interviewed by ross in 2004. robin was live in los angeles. he was supposed to be talking about this latest movie "the final cut." instead the interview went off in a lot of different directions as he stayed true to his comedic form. and make sure you stay right here with us at ktvu as we learn more about the death of robin williams. we're going to bring you any new information or any new tributes as they become available. you can also find a photo gallery and special coverage on our channel 2 website, 6:09. a man is recovering in a hospital after being shot in san leandro outside of a mall. police say the shots were fired yesterday morning after two men argued at a shoe store at bayfair mall and the altercation spilled into the
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parking lot. a man was shot in the leg. he was rushed to the hospital, but is expected to survive. >> i got down on the ground fast because it was scary. >> the mall is re -- will reopen during the investigation. anyone with information on the gunman's identity is asked to call san leandro police. time now 6:09. last night dozens of people gathered in san francisco's bayview district for a very emotional vigil. they were honoring the memory of two young motorcycle riders killed in a crash and shooting sunday night. the vigil was held at the same intersection where they died. lasalle avenue and cashmere street. many of the mourners are frustratedded with the deadly violence in the bayview and other parts of san francisco. >> and there's nothing that we see, that i see that's really being done to help erradicate this problem. >> police say the two young men died after crashing their motorcycles trying to escape gunfire. at least one of them had been
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shot. so far no arrests have been made. it is 6:10. blinded by the light, coming up at 6:30, the fight over one bay area city's effort to go green with new energy-efficient street lights. but, first, a rivalry among ride-sharing companies. after the break why uber and lift, they're going bumper to bumper over new accusations. >>reporter: good morning. we are looking at 101 commute in san jose. you can see a little bit of slowing on your way up to sunnyvale and cupertino. we'll tell you more about the commute in the bay area -- and the bay area weather. plenty of clouds in place getting helped by a system coming in, the one responsible for the thunderstorm activity is moving out. still some around the area, but it'll be a cooler pattern. we'll show you how much.
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6:13. ktvu has learned four hospitals in the graryt bay area could be -- in the greater bay area could be sold within three weeks. they are seaton medical center, seaton coast side, st. louise regional hospital in gilroy. they are all owned by the daughters of charity health systems. nurses and city leaders demonstrated in front of daly city seaton medical center. they're demanding the hospital and its emergency room stay open because it's the only one for miles and one woman said it saved a family member last year. >> having a 24-hour open e.r. in a facility and able to take
6:15 am
care of emergency care as well as urgent care, it worked out beautifully. >> daughters of the charity told us it is losing millions of dollars a year. no one is saying yet who the buyer is, but there is speculation that it is prime healthcare. that company is being investigate for overbilling medicare. time now 6:14. the world health organization says more than 1,000 people now have died from the ebola virus, including a missionary from spain. that missionary was evacuated from liberia just last week and flown to madrid for treatment. it was a first time an ebola patient had been flown to europe. the missionary was treated with the experimental drug zmap but died of complications from ebola. two american missionaries who also have ebola and contracted it in west africa have also been given that drug. southern california company that makes the experimental drug says it has run out of it. the announcement comes after the fda approved a request to send the drug to liberia to
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help stop the ebola epidemic. there are no proven vaccines or drugs for treating ebola. patients, including those two american missionaries now being treated in atlanta gave their consent to take the experimental medication which had not been tested on humans. it is 6:15. a rivalry between the ride sharing company lift and uber is heating up. lift is accusing uber of questionable business practices, including booking more than 5,500 lift rides rides and then canceling them. lift says that make it is harder for real customers to get a ride, increasing the likelihood that they'll use uber. euber strongly denies the claims. 6:16. let's bring sal back. how's it look, sal? >>reporter: it looks okay. we are getting busier progressively, though, and every minute that wears on. you know the deal as you leave later in the morning, you see more slow traffic up to a
6:17 am
certain point. and right now at the bay bridge, it is about a 25-minute drive. at some point it starts getting busier -- i'm sorry, starts getting lighter, but that's after 8:00, if you can wait until 9:00 -- who can wait until 9:00, though? a lot of people can't. i know this. let's move along and take a look at 101 in san francisco, northbound 101 approaching the 80 split, that looks good. no problems southbound 101 heading down to the airport. and speaking of san bruno and the peninsula, southbound 101 traffic does look good over to san mateo and highway 92. and no troubles on the san mateo bridge. at 6:17, let's go to steve. >> all right, sal, thank you, sir. well, a decent little push on the fog for some, not for all. north bay looks like it's taking the bulk of it here, south bay mostly clear. some of that low cloud deck pushing over the bay and toward the inland areas. there's a few high clouds, but most of those are associated with a low that was right off san francisco yesterday where there's a system coming, an actual front. it's staying to the north, but that increases the fog and drizzle. also picks up that west wind, but bumps that low out of the
6:18 am
picture. that's the low that's accelerating out, right there it goes. that's called a little kicker, at the same time that will take any tropical threat out of here. still up in the sierra, northeast california, ku see some of that wrap around, but not here. the low then -- this one, there's another one, that's going to dig in right into southern oregon and set up shop here, so for the next 48 to 72 hours look to shall lower temperature wise and a few high clouds will drift over from the north, not from the south, up towards mendincino county and points north, not a big deal, but it's there. san jose mostly clear, 60 to start. we'll go 70 at noon and then a high today of 78. most temps near average to slightly below here over the next couple of days. 50s and 60s. everyone is remarkably close here. livermore 58, half moon bay 61. a little bit of a west wind for some, a south wind for others. higher elevations have cooled down. once that low comes in, that really cools air aloft and that sends temperatures translating to the surface as a cooler pattern as well. everyone is within a couple of degrees. only about a three to four- degree spread.
6:19 am
when you get to fairfield gusts to 30. they were last hour. now it's coming down a little bit, still 24. a decent delta breeze, westerly for most here, southerly for some closer to the coast. 57, 67, well, i should go 47, 57, 67, that's tahoe, ukia up to redding. still some thunderstorms up to the northeast, maybe up near the oregon border, but this system is taking some dryer air into us. there's a big slug of moisture down towards arizona and california rotating around for las vegas, but not for us. the pattern is just not conducive for bringing that up here. fog, sun, breezy to the north, there's plenty of low clouds and drizzle there, but temperatures coming down after a little warmup yesterday. they'll come down today, sonoma 77, clearlake 84 after yesterday's 90ss. concord 79, 85 brentwood. that will be one of the warmest, 71 oakland, 67 alameda, danville, san ramone at 78. 79 san jose, 78 santa clara, warmer in morgan hill and gilroy, 68 san bruno, and 60s on the coast, in the city and
6:20 am
mainly low- to mid-70s on the peninsula, palo alto at 75. not much of a change here, our pattern staying a little bit below average wednesday, maybe thursday a little bumpup, but not much change going into friday or even the weekend. >> all right, thank you, receive. it is 6:19. square is offering a new service to businesses. it already helps handle financial transactions. now it's unveiling appointments which is an online scheduling system that businesses can use to book times with customers. square is offering a 30-day free trial. after that it will charge up to $90 a month. square says it had 200 businesses test appointments and half of them reported a boost in bookings. southwest airlines is now using its own planes to fly to mexico. the discount airline offers service to cancun and lascobos from orange county as well as atlanta and washington d.c. southwest had previously served those destinations using its airtran subsidize which it bought three years ago. southwest has slowly been
6:21 am
converting its airtran routes and destinations into its own operation. >> all right, tori. time now 6:20. breaking down barriers. >> my mom cut my hair off, my braids, and then what i had left i tucked up into my brother's baseball caps. >> wow! how a california woman is being honored by little league baseball after it banned her more than a half century ago. but, first, the dramatic rescue off the coast of hawaii. after the break a look at the dangerous conditions that left three men stranded on a sailboat for nearly a day. female announcer: when you see this truck,
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6:24 am for the passenger in them. the subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. welcome back. at least five new arrests were made overnight in ferguson, missouri after another night of rioting over a deadly police shooting of an unarmed african- american man. the new arrests follow a riot on sunday where two police officers were hurt and 32 arrests were made. police used tear gas trying to break up the crowds. protesters say 18-year-old michael brown was not armed and they say the police shooting of brown was racially motivated. >> it's hard. he was my best friend too. it's hard not seeing him, not
6:25 am
talking to him on the phone, him cracking jokes, just playing around being him, you know? >> now, police say michael brown was shot to death saturday afternoon after a confrontation with a police officer. witnesses say brown raised his arms before he was shot to show he was unarmed. the fbi is now investigating this case and family members have hired an attorney from the trayvon martin case in florida. trayvon martin was the teenager who was fatally shot 2 1/2 years ago. 6:25. a local coast guard crew has returned to alameda after spending almost five months in central and south america. officials say the crew of the bertalls seized more than 12,000 pounds of illegal drugs valued at $183 million during the deployments. >> i'm very proud, very proud. i'm very excited for him to come home and see his little one and we've got another one on the way. >> as a mother, you miss them,
6:26 am
but i do, i really do. but he's having the time of had his life and we couldn't be more proud of him and everyone else on the ship. >> thebergtall will undergo routine maintenance before sailing again. three men have now been rescued after their sailboat got caught in hurricane julio near hawaii. officials say the men were sailing from california to hawaii when their boat started taking on water northeast of oahu over the weekend. winds of 115 miles an hour and 30-foot seas battered the boat, causing the mast to break and tossing the life raft overboard. a container ship finally reached the sailors. the ship's captain was treated for high blood pressure and chest pain, but the men are all expected to make a full recovery. 6:26. an attempted kidnapping of a baby, how a san jose hospital managed to stop the abduction and why the baby's father is under arrest. >>reporter: and the bay area says good-bye to robin williams. we'll tell you why this home in
6:27 am
san francisco has become a shrine to the actor and comedian. and we're still seeing a lot of slow traffic and it's actually building in many areas, like on highway 4 as you come over to concord. we'll tell you more about this contra costa commute coming up. more tropical clouds are pushing out of the area because another system is pushing it from the back side which means fog is here, but no tropical clouds, but temperatures coming down a little bit. we'll show you those coming up.
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during his movie career, comedian and actor robin williams brought many characters to life, like mrs. doubtfire. that movie is special to all of us here at ktvu since some of the scenes were filmed right here in our studio where we're sitting right now. and we're live now, this a memorial is growing outside of the san francisco home that was made famous by the movie "mrs. doubtfire." live pictures. the camera panning down to this memorial, flowers and others on the steps right there. ktvu's alex savidge is there now. alex talk today a former ktvu employee who worked side by side with robin williams. you'll learn more about his experiences in just about 90 seconds from now. good morning, thank you for joining us here at ktvu channel 2 morning news, tuesday, august
6:31 am
12th. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell in for pam cook. we also just have a statement in from robin williams' wife expressing her feelingsment we'll have that in a moment as well. first a look at weather and traffic. a little cooler today, steve? >> absolutely, tori, dave, sure looks like it. a system to the north, a few high clouds in mendincino county, it's enhancing the fog bank a little bit and taking the low that was right off the coast of us yesterday and accelerated that inland, so there it takes the thunderstorm potential and most of the tropical clouds out of the picture. a little bit more of a westerly breeze. san francisco, we'll start you at 60, go 66 today. temperatures near normal to slightly below, especially inland. 50s and 60s on the lows. doesn't matter if it's inland or coast, everyone is within a couple of degrees of each other and there's an okay delta breeze here, it was a lot stronger a couple of hours ago. 50s on the temps for some, 60s, but look for this cloud bank to kind of keep the fog in place, cooler temps today. so here's sal. >>reporter: steve, good morning. we are looking at traffic that is getting really busy in some areas already.
6:32 am
bay bridge backed up for a 25 to 30-minute drive into san francisco. most of the slow traffic is waiting here at the toll plaza and once you get onto the bridge, it's a little bit easier, actually, to cross to the san francisco side. we're also looking at interstate 880 which has improved a little bit. it started off kind of slow and it is moving along very nicely past the open coliseum and the oakland airport exit. we're seeing some slow traffic, though, a little bit farther down from 238 down to highway 92 as you're driving south. but after that the drive to fremont and the silicon valley looks pretty good so far. 6:32. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. robin williams made his name in hollywood, but his home was right here in the bay area. he's also credited for keeping san francisco's film industry alive in the '90s. ktvu channel 2 reporter alex savidge is live outside his san francisco home that's become a landmark because it is where one of williams' many movies was shot. alex. >>reporter: tori, good morning to you. fans of the actor and comedian
6:33 am
have been dropping by this home behind us here in pacific heights ever since learning about his death yesterday. and you can see those fans have been leaving behind flowers, candles and notes. this home was made famous in the robin williams classic "mrs. doubtfire." >>reporter: of course you'll remember in the 1993 hit williams played a struggling actor in san francisco who transforms himself into a scottish nanny, mrs. doubtfire as a way to spend more time with his children. in the movie williams' character worked at a tv station and ktvu was where they shot those scenes. in fact, a couple of ktvu employees even had some small roles in the film. a number of williams' other films were shot in san francisco, including "patch adams," "flubber" and "jack" and many credit williams with keeping the city's film industry afloat during the 1990s. williams, of course, got his start at san francisco's comedy clubs and one of his fellow
6:34 am
comedians, bob sarlet calls him a legend. >> when people think about george burns or jack benny or bob hope, you know, that's the kind of career he had and you don't think of that until he's not here. >>reporter: and williams was always a fixture here in the bay area. he was known for dropping by unannounced to local comedy clubs or for cheering on the giants at at & t park. and as we bring you back out here live with one movie, williams turned his pacific heights home into a landmark. now it is becoming a shrine to the comic icon. williams was reportedly in talks to do a sequel to "mrs. doubtfire" before his sudden death yesterday. we're live this morning in san francisco, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thanks, alex. and susan schneider, the wife of robin williams released a statement saying "i lost my husband and best friend, while the world lost one of its most beloved artists and beautiful human beings." she went on to say it is our
6:35 am
hope the focus will not be on robin's death, but on the countless moments of joy and laughter he gave to millions. schneider is robin williams' third wife. they were married in 2011 in napa. time is 6:34. robin may be gone but fans of robin williams still have a lot to look forward to and enjoy. he starred in a movie called "merry friggin' christmas." it'll be released in november. the cast includes lauren graham, joel mchale and candacebergen and in december "night at the museum secret of the tomb" comes out. robin williams playing teddy roosevelt. he's also the voice of dennis the dog in "absolutely anything." that comes out next year. and he was in "boulevard" where he's been seen at movie festivals but hasn't been widely released as of yet. make sure you stay right here with us at ktvu as we learn more about the death of robin williams. we'll bring you any new information or any new tributes as they become available. you can also find a photo gallery and special coverage at
6:36 am
our channel 2 website, 6:35. new street lights in berkeley are prompting complaints from some neighbors. the city started converting old street lights to l.e.d. bulbs last month. officials say the new lights will cut down on crime and make it safer for people to walk at night, but some neighbors say the new lights are just too bright. >> i was on an early morning walk on sunday and it suddenly seemed very artificial, the light all around me. i looked up and i noticed there were these very bright lights. >> the new lights are supposed to use 85% less energy and last 12 years longer. the city expects to save $400,000 a year with the lights. fnlg time now 6:36. a baby girl safe and back at home after an attempted abduction at a south bay hospital. ktvu's janeen del la vega joining us live now from san jose at o'connor hospital to let us know how staff members were alerted to the abduction
6:37 am
attempt. janeen. >>reporter: it is a frightening situation for a mother who just gave birth. in this case the hospital says that the security system in place worked as it should. hospital officials say it went into code pink when the baby's father carried down his newborn down the hallway from the mother's room and was trying to walk out the doors which leads to the elevators. he set off alarms after passing through two security areas. now, it's unclear what the relationship was between the father and the mother, but his actions did lead to his arrest because of this attempt. o'connor hospital uses a tiny security band and an electronic device that is put on an infant after they're born. the alarm is triggered if the baby goes out of a certain area, away from the mother. other moms we spoke to reacted to the news. >> it gives me chills because that's exactly what those systems are in place and you always wonder when you're there if they really work. >>reporter: many other
6:38 am
hospitals use the same technology with newborns as a security measure. o'connor hospital says the mom and the baby were apart for about 30 seconds. they both now have been discharged. the father, again, was arrested and he now faces charges of domestic violence and child endangerment. the case is being still reviewed by the d.a.'s office. reporting live from san jose, janeen dell la vega, ktvu channel 2 news >> thanks, janeen. 6:38. the recent lease deal at the oakland coliseum has not stopped san jose from trying to lure the oakland a's to the south bay. this morning lawyers for the city of san jose will appear in federal court to push ahead with the anti-trust case against major league baseball. it's the latest move to force the league to allow the a's to move south to san jose. the a's recently signed a 10- year lease to play at the oakland coliseum, but there is an out clause allowing the team to move. our time is 6:38. the final preparations are under way for thursday night's big paul mccartney concert at candlestick park.
6:39 am
it is the final event ever for the stadium that was the scene of the last paid beetles concert in 1966 as well as many great 49ers and giants games over the years. the long-time head of the stick is also retiring after that paul mccartney show. superintendent mike gay has worked at kand p dll stick for 36 -- candlestick for 36 years. he's glad the 49ers have found a new home in santa cla. >> by this sunday, this concert after this, it's done, it's over with, and i'm kinda glad, just get it over with. >> gay says he doesn't have to worry about covering the grass to protect it during the paul mccartney concert. that's because candlestick is going to be torn down next year. in the meantime tickets for thursday night's mccartney concert sold out in hours. but some seats are available on the resale website stubhub. we checked early this morning. tickets start about $125.
6:40 am
two side-by-side seats in the sixth row at candlestick are going now for, tori, $11.000. >> wow! a lot of money. , 6:39. a northern california woman who was banned from little league baseball in the 1950s for being a girl will now be honored at the little league world series. at the age of 12, katherine johnston disguised herself as a boy, changed her name to tubby, tried out for a local team in corning, new york and made it. she became one of the best players, batting third in the lineup and playing 1st base, that is until she got caught and the league benched her for good. >> no girls under any circumstances will ever play little league baseball, so i can remember when my dad came home, he said now look what you've done. i said what. he said because of you girls can't play. >> johnston who is now 64 lives in yuba city. she says her love of baseball came from her father. the league now wants her to throw out the first pitch this monday at the little league
6:41 am
world series in williamsport, pennsylvania. she's been practicing in her back yard to prove to the league that she has still got it. we mentioned yesterday that the 13-year-old pitcher, mondayay davis is in the little league world series. she is actually the 16th girl to play in the world series, there's another girl playing as well. >> and they're all good. >> all fabulous, absolutely. time is 6:40. we're going to continue our team coverage for you about the death of robin williams. coming up in 20 minutes we'll tell you how he used his fame to help causes he believed in and the very special way he surprised a well known bay area minister. >>reporter: and the city of san francisco responds to our record-breaking drought. the vote today that could lead to mandatory water restrictions for many people in the city. and we're still looking at slow traffic all over the bay, including in the silicon valley where you can see 280 is a little bit slow approaching the 17/880 interchange. coming up we'll take another look at 280 from downtown. a mostly sunny san jose, but mostly cloudy on the coast
6:42 am
and also the north bay. there's more of a westerly breeze. and it'll be cooler today. we'll show you how much cooler on this two for tuesday. it makes me happy to go on the computer. i like feeling smart. internet essentials from comcast has brought low-cost internet access to over 1.4 million low-income people at home. internet essentials helped me progress in my schoolwork. it helped my grades move higher. today it's the largest broadband adoption program in america. it helped me a lot. comcast nbcuniversal. helping to bridge the digital divide.
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welcome back. time now 6 sclo 44. happening today -- 6:44. happening today an important meeting about water usage in san francisco. customers who use a lot of water outdoors may be hit with penalties if they don't cut
6:45 am
back. ktvu's brian flores in our newsroom right now to explain what this vote would mean. brian. >>reporter: hi, dave. good morning. yeah, this plan would call for mandatory water rations for at least 10% in san francisco. city officials were hoping voluntary measures were enough, but in this time of drought, every drop counts. now, this plan calls for residents to reduce outdoor watering by 10% or face penalties. the vote by the san francisco public utilities commission would apply to customers who use most of their water outdoors like golf courses, schools, shopping centers. and according to the chronicle, the plan would double water rates for customers who don't reduce by 10% of what they used last year. the paper also says the commission would start fining repeat violators $100 after giving at least three warnings to customers who don't follow the cutbacks. if approved, san francisco would become the latest city to ration water in california. now, in the meantime, california lawmakers are giving themselves a little more time to come up with a final deal on a water bond that will appear on the november ballot. yesterday the director -- they
6:46 am
directed the secretary of state's office to delay printing this year's voter pamphlets so they can debate and revise proposition 1. the latest plan calls for the state to spend billions of dollars in new reservoirs and a number of other major water projects. lawmakers now have until wednesday to agree on the language of the water bond measure before it goes to print and voter guides, had this not extended that deadline, they would have had to print a supplemental voter guide and, of course, that would cost taxpayers more money. in the newsroom, brian flores, ktvu news. >> thanks, brian. it's time to take a look at weas coming up on mornings on 2. it's a case that made national news as an example on the poor way that universities handle sexual abuse claims after a stanford student says her ex-boyfriend raped her. but we're learning that a district attorney has decided not to bring charges in the case and we'll tell you the reason why. also a major setback for an organization that helps feed needy families in the south bay. the recent theft that now has it asking the community for help. those stories and more coming
6:47 am
up at 7:00 on "mornings on 2". dave. >> tori, thank you. time now 6:46. let's get you out the door. hey, sal, you taking care of our friends in the south bay? >> we are, dave. as a matter of fact, 280 northbound looks pretty good approaching highway 17 out of downtown, but just around the corner you will see some slow traffic on the way to sunnyvale, 101 is already slow as well. so if you're driving to cupertino or sunnyvale this morning, you will see some slowing but i still think you can jump ahead of most of the crowd. at the bay bridge toll plaza we have a 30-minute drive into san francisco with most of the waiting being done right here at the toll plaza before you actually make it onto the span. and in marin county, southbound 101 between nevado and san rafael, this traffic is problem. no problems on the bridge in and out of marin county. 6:47. let's go to steve >> sal, thank you, sir. we have a pretty good fog bank out there. for some there's a westerly breeze, for others there's a southerly breeze. if you get that south wind, it might actually be on the mild side. there's a front moving into the north and the low cloud deck is
6:48 am
being helped along by that system, but it also bumped in that low which gave us a hint of tropical moisture yesterday, but it's flying out of picture. it's out towards sacramento, alta cumulus out there and towards the sierra nevada, a couple of active days up in truckee and reno and more in northeast california. but the low that was sitting right there, once that gets kicked inland, it takes all that moisture with it because that system is bumping it along. this low will replace the one we just had, it won't dig as deep, but it'll dig into northern california, so that equals a cooler pattern here, more of an onshore push and a few high clouds and showers towards humboldt county. there'll be some clouds moving into the north, especially into mendincino county, maybe up into northern sonoma county. morgan hill yesterday was 93. today we'll go 85, livermore was 90, we'll go 81. concord 88, today down to 79. santa rosa 74 today. a lot of low clouds up there, that equals a cooler pattern. coast and bay will be near average. it's the inland temps that will actually be a little bit below
6:49 am
here. we'll go 71 in oakland, pretty good sized fog bank out there. 50s and 60s in santa rosa, 61, san jose 60. half moon bay 61. they have a south wind there. pacifica also 61, so is concord and walnut creek. crazy here. i should add real quick here. it just came across, kansas city, missouri, third fewest 90- degree days this summer. they've only had 10, the average is 41. that's a cool summer. so, again, i've had people from atlanta tell me this, from kansas city, up there, man, it's been a cool summer. not here, it's been a weird summer, it's been odd and humid for some. we'll get a cooler pattern here once this system moves in. a lot of tropical moisture, monsoon moisture still rotating around. this will not make it here, it'll stay in southern california. fog, sun, cooler, a little breeze at times, maybe even down right windy out towards the delta. clouds to the north from that next system dropping in. that means temperatures are coming here, 60s, 70s,
6:50 am
petaluma74. fairfield 80 with a rather robust breeze. 84 antioch to 74 castro valley. alameda at 67 degrees. 79 san jose. 80s morgan hill and gilroy, but that's down considerably from yesterday. 79 in cupertino, 66 pacifica because of a south wind. san mateo 71. 76 in redwood city. looks like a cooler pattern today into tomorrow, kind of levels off on thursday, then just kind of keeping it there, really not much change here for a while. >> all right, steve. time now 6:50. consumer reports may be changing its review of the tesla model s. at first the magazine gave the tesla its highest rating. now it says the electric car has what it calls a few minor problems. the biggest complaint? the outside door handles that don't always extend outward as the driver approaches or touches them. there are also problems with the car's center screen going blank, also a problem with the trunk latch. consumer reports says it won't downgrade the model s's average reliability rating unless it
6:51 am
hears more complaints in the annual owners' survey. the upscale store barney's reached a settlement over claims of profiling shoppers. workers and shoppers at the retailer's new york flagship store complained that detectives in the store followed minority customers more than other customers. they say it happened even after employees identified the shoppers as frequent customers. the barney's was also accused of investigating minority customers' credit cards more often. the store has agreed to pay a $525,000 fine and they're going to retrain their detectives. our time is now 6:51. more about the passing of oscar winning actor and comedian robin williams. coming up we'll tell you about the many celebrities expressing their condolences and sharing their thoughts about the stunning news of his death. and we'll tell you what president obama said about the loss of this comedy genius. but, first, a warning about a new scam on facebook, the damaging video that's going around, it's already duped tens
6:52 am
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see they're called winglets. at the end of the wings? winglets may not look like a big deal, but those little do-hickeys save about 54 million gallons of fuel a year. you know what that means? $73 airfares. thank you, little do-hickeys. for a limited time only, southwest airlines is offering flights starting as low as $73 one way to select destinations. if it matters to you, it matters to us. book now online, only at time is 6:54. stockton's police chief has revealed that the hostage who died in last month's bank robbery and wild shooting was killed by police gunfire. chief eric jones says 41-year-
6:55 am
old misty holtzing was used as a human shield. he also says the bank robbers had the chance to escape but instead set up an ambush for officers. the chief says officers were under constant fire and were concerned the suspects would kidnap other hostages and take over businesses or even a school. >> early indications of the investigation also show misty holtzing was shot about 10 times. that is consistent with the cowardes act by the surviving and uninjured assailant as using her as a shield. >> the surviving suspect is 19- year-old jamie ramos. he is charged with 35 felonies, including murder. two other suspects were killed in the shootout. police are looking for a fourth person who drove them to the bank. time now 6:55. happening today in just a couple of hours from now congressman mike honda and alameda county's district attorney will hold a news conference about efforts to clear a backlog of untested rape kits. the congressman honda says
6:56 am
there are 500,000 rape kits nationwide that have yet to be tested. alameda county is working to clear a backlog of almost 2,000 rape kits. these rape kits from sexual assault victims have to be tested so the dna evidence can be put into a national database and be used to identify suspects. that news conference is set for 10:00 a.m. in oakland. 6:56. the city of oakland has received a $2 million grant from the state to help reduce crime. oakland police chief sean wendt says some of the grant money will be use today hire two new technicians to track weapons. funds will also be allocated to programs that target gang activity and help former inmates transition back into society. the violent crime remains an ongoing problem in oakland, but homicides are down 16% since last year, robberies are down 37%. time now 6:56. water is back on in oakland and piedmont after a water main
6:57 am
broke, but this could be a warning about things to come. now, the water main broke about 10:30 yesterday morning on kingston avenue on the oakland/piedmont border. neighbors say the pipeline broke and the water just gushed out, flooding the street. east bay mud says a six-inch wide water main was installed in 1910. federal officials say california is going to have to spend more than $44 billion over the next 20 years to replace or repair those old water pipes. a bill that requires smart phones sold here in california to be equipped with a so-called kill switch is now just one signature away from becoming law. the bill introduced by san francisco lawmaker mark leno passed a final vote in the senate. it's now on governor jerry brown's desk. supporters say if the governor signs it, it'll be the only law of its kind in the nation. the kill switch would instantly shut down a cell phone after it's stolen. 6:57.
6:58 am
facebook users need to be aware of a new scam. it's a video that promises to teach you how to change your profile from the standard blue and white to something more colorful. however, once you click on the video, it downloads malware on your mobile device or computer. cheetah mobile security says more than 10,000 facebook users have already been duped. all right, tori. time is 6:57. coming up on "mornings on 2", we'll continue team coverage about the death of robin williams. a news conference scheduleed in marin county this morning. also a newborn is safely back home after a terrifying incident at a
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