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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  August 26, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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big delays for b.a.r.t. riders at the height of the evening commute. the problem with the track to be the and why full service still hasn 't been restored. good eving i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. a problem with the b.a.r.t. tracks delayed thousands of commuters headed home tonight and even now the trains are being single run because of problems. >> reporter: we've moved to the pleasanthill b.a.r.t. station. b.a.r.t. is able to get around that damaged section of the track by single tracking the trains in
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both directions one train at a time. but that is resulting at of 9:00. that's resulting in delays of 15 to 20 minutes. initially b.a.r.t. service was completely shut down and that resulted in a long wait for some passengers just trying to get home. >> reporter: for many b.a.r.t. passengers at the peak of the commute the walnut creek station was the end of the line. outside we found people waiting for a ride. >> it's so much time, it's okay. >> reporter: some took it in stride. many did not. >> my phone was dead. i had no cash on me and i just -- i am very mad right now. >> reporter: the problem was just -- >> and damaged track way we had a train that somehow got out of service and caused some sort of damage to both the track way and the third rail at an interlocking and it was at a place that's called a cross over which impacts both track.
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>> reporter: it happened around 5:10 this evening. a piece of the wheel was found on the track. b.a.r.t. ordered a complete shut down of service between walnut creek and concord. it was more than an hour before limited service was restored. sims says she was told at first to get off the train train. >> then they told us, oh no you can get back on. >> reporter: for her it was too late. she called for a ride. >> this is the worse thing i've ever seen here. >> reporter: christopher sly was waiting on a free bus provided by b.a.r.t. but the parking lot was jammed. >> the bus i'm waiting for has moved like 50 feet in over an hour. >> reporter: sims says she's getting a ride to concord b.a.r.t. station hoping a train can get her on to pittsburg and home. >> maybe a b.a.r.t. train is going to come because i don't know if i'm going to get a ride off of pittsburg,
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maybe you guys can come see me there and we can talk some more. >> reporter: repairs could happen overnight. b.a.r.t. says it is confident that trains will be running for the morning commute. it is possible that the single tracking situation can be in place tomorrow. if that is the case that may result in delays. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. now you may remember that same b.a.r.t. line had problems back in february when four cars went off the tracks near the concord b.a.r.t. station. in that derailment b.a.r.t. said the front set of wheels on one of the cars went on a cross over track to a maintenance yard but the back set didn't follow. that train was out of service at the time. no passengers were on board. now we're beginning to be tracking b.a.r.t. service for tomorrow's morning commute. be sure to tune in to ktvu morning news. our coverage begins at 4:30. now to the latest on the napa earthquake where the
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ground keeps moving even as people are trying to get back to normal. we had fair sized aftershocks today. a 3.9 hit at 5:30 this morning. that's the biggest we've seen so far. also today we saw a 3.0, a 2.8, 2.7 an 2.5. those after shocks rattled buildings and people's nerves. we found more inspectors at businesses and homed and they red tagged more people. jana katsuyama is live where the red cross is busy tonight. >> reporter: we're here at first street. this shelter has been busy. 20 people have signed up to stay overnight. they've given out hundreds of these care kits to people who have come h in as well as clean up supplies. and a lot of help for the emotional stress. today growing piles of debris showed the quake's damage on the personal side. people leaving parts of their
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homes and prized possessions. >> i just like, i miss having a place to live and i feel like i'm homeless. >> reporter: nerves shaken by today's aftershocks. >> most of our family is in texas and we have some family out here but, it's just been an emotional two days. >> reporter: these twin sisters says the quake damaged their home. minutes later they were evicted by their landlord. they were told to drive to the red cross center. >> i don't know where we're going to live. i feel really stressed out. >> reporter: mike thompson of napa toured the shelter this evening offering handshakes and hope. >> federal folks and state folks are on the ground in vallejo tomorrow morning to do an assessment. i think thursday they're scheduled to be here in napa to
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do a thorough assessment. >> reporter: 120 water main breaks have been reported by evening 640 customers were still without water. >> we have garbage cans in the back of the truck to run them in the toilet and take showers. >> the water was off last night. it didn't come on until 5:00 this morning. >> reporter: more hours were red tagged. and roads had lane closures to fix cracks discovered today. >> this is the biggest artery in and out of the valley. the biggest thing now is to get it repaired. >> reporter: officials say that napa's emergency 911 center downtown nearly failed when the back up generator went out after sunday's quake. repairs continued today. the question is whether quake damages will meet the federal threshold of $55 million for the region for fema relief funds. i just learned that they are planning to open a second red
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cross shelter in vallejo. that is open tonight and will be around the clock. napa schools reopen tomorrow and again a lot of people just trying to clean up the mess left by the quake. reporting live in napa, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. there have been at least 80 aftershocks since that 6.0 quake early sunday morning. this map shows the number of aftershocks that have occurred during the last 24 hours. the largest that 3.9 that we mentioned hit just after 5:30 this morning. it was set at about 2 miles northwest of american canyon. >> you are actually seeing the early warning in action. >> reporter: and this happened as ktvu was conducting an interview at the usgs office this morning.
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because engineers found cracks in structural damage that the school. the superintendent say it is other 30 schools in the district have all been deemed safe. the district there serves 18,000 students. some napa businesses closed since sunday reopened tonight and with the holiday weekend just ahead many in the napa valley want people the know they're open for business. our team coverage picks up now with cara lu she's live at the napa waterway and says some businesses are having to evacuate. >> this is very much a town
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right now that is trying to show the world it's resilience. >> at a restaurant in napa the kitchen is about full steam, cooking up pizzas and serving wine despite the 6.0 earthquake. >> we're looking some where between 30 and 50% of our wine inventory was just obliterated which in napa valley is you know, that's kind of our deal. >> reporter: tonight a hostage was set up outside letting customers know they were open. the restaurant reopened yesterday with a partial menu using cast irons panned to cook in the wood burning oven. because the gas was not restored until last night. >> you have to look at it as
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an opportunity to be creative. >> it looked like an acopolypse. >> reporter: the owners credit it to their friends and volunteers to help them clean up so rapidly. >> putting the facebook postup, putting the instagram postup. >> reporter: the downtown napa association is working to get the word out that 3/4 of the businesses in napa are open including all of the river front and ox markets. >> it means you can come up here and enjoy the full napa experience. you obviously can't go to all the restaurants. 70% of those are open right now. and again, more will be coming online this week. >> reporter: and we found many patrons doing just that. >> we're glad that we're here supporting the local community. >> reporter: several hotels are
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currently closed due to damage including ondas, the napa mariott and napa westin. that's about 2,500 of the napa's rooms but others are offering competitive prices. the oakland raiders are pitching in to help napa recover from the quake. the team says its donating $50,000 to the american red cross. napa valley unified school district and the napa valley education foundation. in a statement the raiders called napa a summer home. the team just wrapped up its 19th training camp at the napa valley mariott and middle school. stay with ktvu for the latest as napa recovers. we learned that three people killed today in a car crash were all in their 70 70s. the accident happened on the
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lake herman road. a kia spectra had a minor collision then the kia went off the shoulder and hit the wall of a drainage canal. the three people in the car were killed. they've been identified as a 76- year-old man from napaville and 76-year-old wife. a second man was a man from bay point. we're learning new details about u.s. surveillance missions tracking isis militants who are believed to be holding three american hostages in syria. the u.s. is using a hybrid hot drone such as this. at the american legion today president obama promised justice for james foley. the american journalist beheaded by isis last week. >> america does not forget. our reach is long. we are patient justice will be done. we have proved time and time
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again we will do what's necessary to capture those who harm americans. >> reporter: whether to launch air strikes inside syria. a part of your home that you may not think of as a earthquake hazard. and next, flooding on city streets during a drought. how one neighbor made the best of the sudden urban river.
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a stream of water pouring down san francisco's streets after a water main breaks in the city's noe valley neighborhood. within the last hour nearly two dozen customers had their power or water rather restored affidavit their broken pipe released a torrent of water this afternoon. paul chambers is live now near castro and 28th street where work is still under way at this hour, paul. >> reporter: hey julie. they had to dig two holes to locate that broken pipe. they say the cause of the break is twofold. sunday's earthquake and the age of the pipe that dates back to 1920. for several hours -- >> it was gushing. it was pouring down from both sides. >> reporter: crews worked efficiently to find out what caused the water main to break. >> when it's on there it
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buckled the asphalt. >> pretty exciting. different from how it usually is. >> reporter: flooding 28th street between castro and diamond. >> at a time like this it's kind of unfortunate to just have all this water being wasted. so i grabbed some buckets and tried to capture as much of i could. >> we're in a drought, our guys are very fast to come out here and turn it off. >> reporter: crews dug up the asphalt which neighbors say is less than a year old. >> they were trying to find out where was the water coming from. they started dusting off but they didn't know what was broken. >> reporter: finally they found the cause. a 4-inch break at the bottom of the pipe that was installed in 1927. the break also caused a part of the street to buckle and water continued to flow. >> they tend to have the pipes are under pressure so when they break they do cause some push. sometimes that's a little bit of up flow on the pavement. >> reporter: there's 2,000 miles of pipe running underneath san francisco, some date back to 1903.
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each year crews replace 15 miles of pipe, still with the aging infrastructure, breaks like today right-hand turn uncommon. >> there's still breaks in the system. they last a long time but they do eventually fail over age. >> it's good that that's all it is and they can get it resolved tonight and we can flush our toilets. >> reporter: tonight they're going to do the finishing touches. tomorrow they will repave the road. i'm paul chambers, ktvu. the santa clara board of supervisors unanimously voted to move forward with new water reduction goals for county government. the move comes for an immediate reduction of at least 25% by each county department. the proposal also asks for a report on water use by each department. supervisor dave cortezi says the government is going to ask people to stop watering their lawns then the government needs to do its part as well during this drought. hundreds of people were told to shelter in place in hayward this afternoon
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following an apparent mishap at a chemical company. as ktvu's john sasaki reports the shelter in place order was issued for everyone in a one mile radio of contractors chemical incorporated on depot road. >> reporter: the emergency response was swift. hayward fire and police rushed depot road where suspicious smoke could be seen and smelled starting around 1:30. >> please shelter in place. please close all windows. >> reporter: that was an automated call to some people in the area. near by body shop got that call. >> we didn't see any smoke so there was no, no danger. >> reporter: but there was smoke. pouring out of two barrels behind the contractors chemical building and for hours the danger was unclear. >> the strong odor you know, filled the air. and that's what was making people in the area smell those odors. there was a report of some people feeling nauseous, light headed, dizziness.
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>> reporter: the situation shut down depot road to people and traffic for several hours leaving delivery trucks with nowhere to go. >> an hour and a half sitting here. the only bright thing is i'm making double time right now. >> reporter: once firefighters tested the fumes they determined they were nontoxic. workers of the now shuttered company tried to get rid of chemicals but in doing so they mixed too much of a bonding chemical. the company will be responsibility to bring in a clean up crew to dispose of this mess. now to oakland where police are looking for a possible arsonist after a brush fire broke out at 4:00 this afternoon. firefighters put out hot spots near el centro and benavides. this is the same area where a number of suspicious fires were set earlier this summer. police are asking anyone with any information to please come forward.
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still fog free along the coast. it was a beautiful sunset out at ocean beach. the fog just took off today. it was around this morning but it burned out quickly. down in the tropics we have a hurricane. we will bring it back here in the loop. as that hurricane works its way north it will fall apart and become a bunch of humid air mass but it's going to move through the bay area on sunday. with that in the forecast look for clouds and thunderstorms showing up as we head into friday. that's not in the forecast yet. any time you bring that kind of moisture this far north. what we're looking at tomorrow is a warmer day. it warmed up today. it'll warm up tomorrow by another four or 5 degrees. a little bit of cloud cover out there but very little. by tomorrow morning fog is back at the coast. with fog at the coast you will expect a typical mortgage -- morning with fog and low clouds. we won't see fog in novato but we will in these areas. temperatures during the day tomorrow are going to be warmer
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again. so as you move through the bay area microclimates you have mid- 60s, upper 60s in san francisco. over into oakland and berkeley mid-70s. over in the castro valley and south toward menlo park you're in the low 80s. when you get to the eastern edge of the valley you're going to find upper 90s. as we head into the next 48 hour, warmer still. how hot is it going to get and how about that subtropical moisture. how about that threat of showers. we'll take a peak at those at 10:45. aftershocks sparked new fear about the safety of chimneys. we follow an inspector looking at an especially vulnerable part of homes. yes means yes. the question of sexual consent and the new legislation meant to protect college students. female announcer: when you see this truck,
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protesters testers gathered tonight in san francisco to what they called an overly segregated and militarized police. hands up don't shoot. it's in response to the killing of michael brown. he's the teenager who was unarmed when he was shot and killed by police in ferguson missouri earlier this month. tonight's rally by the way was peaceful. a new seize fire went into effect today in gaza between israel and hamas. people spilled out into the streets of gaza city to celebrate afterward. talks are set to resume in cairo in about a month. previous seize fires have failed and it's not clear if this one will last. over seven weeks of fighting, 2,200 people haven been killed. most of them were palestinian. the california senate is expected to vote on a boat tomorrow that could affect every public college and university in the state. the proposed law would define
10:25 pm
what constitutes sexual consent. rob roth has more on the legislation yes means yes. >> reporter: uc berkeley junior says she was sexually assaulted. she supporting the new law, yes means yes. >> this law promote as culture change. >> reporter: warner said had the law been in effect two years ago she may have felt more encouraged to report what happened to her. >> a common fear of survivors is that no one is going to believe them. they're just going to question them. very common and i definitely felt that way. >> reporter: the proposal would require all california universities and colleges that receive public funds for student financial assistance to clarify what is sexual consent. silence or lack of resistance would not constitute consent. >> it's a long time and coming.
10:26 pm
>> reporter: christopher cummings is the head of women against ape. >> i think this puts a lot more clarity and focus on not the victim of the crime but on the perpetrator. >> reporter: uc berkeley has presented their -- >> reporter: senator barbara boxer sent letters to all heads of universities today. a quick thinking patrolman is being credited for saveing the life of a 5-year-old boy. highway patrol officer art montillo was off duty and at a
10:27 pm
grocery store in redwood city last friday when he came across a woman who was hysterical because her son was choking. officer montillo raced to give him thrusts in the back and quickly threw out a grape. the 5-year-old is doing just fine. he was crushed by debris and almost killed. in five minutes we hear from that napa teenager who barely survived after that accident. a deadly accident has shut down lanes in a bay area freeway. the victim in a car beneath a big rig truck. (vo) ours is a world of passengers. the red-eyes. (daughter) i'm really tired. (vo) the transfers. well, that's kid number three. (vo) the co-pilots.
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all sitting... ...trusting... ...waiting... ...for a safe arrival. introducing the all-new subaru legacy. designed to help the driver in you... for the passenger in them. the subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru.
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we have breaking news from oakland where most lanes of southbound interstate 880 have been shut down because of a deadly crash. it was reported just about 90 minutes ago on southbound 880 just past jack london square. the accident involved a big rig and a car you see there the car was crushed understood beneath the big rig and the driver of the car was killed. the driver of the big rig was taken to the hospital. we're still working to get more information on what caused the crash but we do know that the coroner has been called to the scene. only one lane is open right now and there's no estimate on when those other lanes of southbound 880 will be cleared. back now to our coverage of the napa quake as aftershocks continue to rattle the area. we are seeing chimneys becoming a common casualty. ktvu's amber lee is live now in napa where she spoke to inspectors on what to look for. >> reporter: common chimneys
10:31 pm
have become a concern and homeowners are trying to figure out what to do. taylor usually plays on the side yard of his family home. >> taylor, come on, let's go this way. >> reporter: but his parents are now nervous that the chimney damaged during sunday's quake could tumble over him. the chimney now shifts easily to the touch. >> one finger if you push it you can move it a good 4- inches. referee: logan and his wife hired a chimney service for inspection. >> definitely a lot of lose mortar. >> reporter: a visual inspection on the roof and another from inside with a digital camera. both are recommended. >> with a tv camera i can now get really close and look at the mortar joints. >> what are you looking for? >> cracked tiles, missing mortar joints. >> reporter: the owner of captain kirk's chimney service says the camera can more
10:32 pm
accurately gauge the safety. >> there's fractured tiles at the roof line currently from this sunday's shaker. >> peace of mind. that's the biggest thing, peace of mind. >> reporter: whatever they will decide they will need to take down the current one as soon as possible. >> just still taking it all in. i didn't expect it to happen and now it's just kind of a juggle to get everything put back together. >> reporter: chimney service companies are an unregulated i -- unregulated industry. i called several around the bay area and they recommended that you check with the better business bureau before checking with anyone. amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. for the first time tonight we are hearing from the 13-year- old boy who was almost killed
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after the quake on sunday. he said he was in a great mood because his mother had let him have a sleep over with one of his friends and the two boys fell asleep in the living room. the friend was on the couch. nicholas was on the floor when the quake hit and bricks from the fireplace fell right on top of him. but he said fortunately he was able to crawl far enough to avoid being totally crushed. >> i was crawling to get to the door. just when i went to put my right knee on the floor the chimney collapsed on my back. i stumbled a little forward. and i was screaming my mom's name. she was trying to get to me. i thought for two or three second i couldn't feel my legs, i couldn't feel my back. >> reporter: nicholas underwent a 10 hour surgery for a fractured pelvis and back. and although he will spent some time in a wheelchair, doctors
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say he will make a full recovery. the earthquake crumbled its foundation. >> it's a completely different skyline as i drove up into town. >> the bell town no longer is close to god as it once was. >> it's just different. >> reporter: the top of the tower came down this morning. >> you rocked and rolled this morning. >> reporter: just two days ago, church leaders were counting blessings. today the building is red tagged, unsafe to enter. >> you notice, they lost the place. morning coffee, help yourself. >> reporter: the church usually searches 120 meals a day. today the salvation army stepped in. >> god bless.
10:35 pm
>> god bless you too. >> reporter: feeding hungry souls. >> i ate now i'm happy. >> reporter: aida has a curb side table. >> there was a lot of concerned faces out there too. i'm one of them. >> there you go sir. >> you're welcome. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: this place that help it is needy. >> i need salt and pepper. >> reporter: got a little help itself today. >> that's why i do what i do. a sense of joy and fulfillment. >> reporter: it's a foundation of community building up in a city where history is coming down. >> i just want to come down here and watch this. i wish i had all day. >> reporter: downtown this 1920s era building will soon be gone. building inspectors are looking closely at vallejo's past. >> i hate to see them close that. >> reporter: to see if the buildings can stand in the city's future. the updated number tonight is there's 12 red tagged buildings
10:36 pm
in the city of vallejo. but late this building they cleared all but the bell tower church of the building. some of the youngest people affected by the napa earthquake are doing their part now to help that city rebuild. a group of children organized this bake sale and lemonade stand today. the money raised is being donated to help the city of napa rebuild. >> it was just such a big event for this town, and there's so much like, it's just really sad and we want to give back to our community because they've done so much to help everybody. >> how about that. jordan senior says she has always had an appreciate for the older buildings in the city and she wants to see them rebuilt back to their former state. promising news about consumer confidence sent stocks higher today and the s & p hit a record high. the dow gained 30 points. nasdaq was up about 13. and after several days of coming close the s & p closed above the 2,000 mark today
10:37 pm
which is a new all time high. an american plans to pull fairs for u.s. air flights. the move comes after a long dispute between american and orbitz over the fees that orbitz charges to post fares on its site. shares of orbitz fell 5% today on the news. american airlines says a dispute over leg room prompted the airline to divert a denver flight. the source of the argument was a device called the knee defender. it which -- it clips on to the
10:38 pm
table to keep the front passenger from reclining. united says it does not permit those devices on its flights. firefighters scrambled to get enough water. the quick fix needed to put out the fire. >> foggy mornings are turning into pretty sunny afternoons. the changes to come in the coming days. and next believe it or not that sereal tow away was arrested again. the airport that she was caught loitering in this time.
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10:40 pm
the bay area woman known as the serial stow away is set to undergo a mental evaluation after she was caught in the baggage claim area at sky
10:41 pm
harbor airport this morning. how she got there is a mystery but it was the second time she had been spotted at sky harbor without a ticket. you will recall hartman was arrested at l.a.x. on august 1st sneaking on to a flight without a ticket. hartman was sentenced to six days in jail but was released because of overcrowding? a shooting instructor was shot by a 9-year-old girl in a bizarre accident in arizona. this is video of charles vaca and the unidentified girl just before the shooting. sheriff officials say she was teaching her how to fire an oozie at the last stop shooting range in white hills arizona when she accidentally shot him in the head. authorities say the 39-year-old man was air lifted to a hospital in las vegas where he died. deputies say the girl's parents had taken her to the range. a 19-year-old man was taken
10:42 pm
into custody saturday after a mother found him in her home with her 14-year-old daughter. investigators say knight often hung out with young teens at parties and sporting events. he was also very active on social media. his facebook page has more than 3,000 friends and most of them young girls. that is troubling to police. >> we have a reason to believe that two of them were involved in social media conversations. sometimes parents kind of out of sight out of mind and they don't ask about texting or social media accounts with their kids. >> police say they are releasing knight's picture to make sure there are not other victims. a former middle school teacher in richmond now faces 60 more counts for allegedly molesting students. 32-year-old ron quinto was a teacher at making waves academy. police say he set up field trips not approved by the
10:43 pm
school. quinto has pled not guilty to all charges. police are looking for two men they say robbed a couple of dutch tourists who were visiting a san francisco landmark. the victims both men in their 20s were taking pictures at the base of lombard sunday night. that's when two men also in their 20s walked up to them, pulled out a gun and ordered them to hand over their cameras. they did and the two suspects got away. perfect through 7 innings, madison baumgartner's performance tonight as the pennants heat up. and the weather that our chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking and what it means for the holiday weekend ahead. the challenge firefighters face in fighting the flames.
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10:46 pm
a fire on meryl island presented several obstacles for firefighters. the water pressure was so low due to a leak that may have been caused by the earthquake. there was also a homeless population and firefighters had to break in to make sure there was no one inside. one says she was sad to see the building on fire because she used to work there. >> it's depressings because this was such a vibrant place for so many many years for so many people. and to see it now falling apart. >> reporter: the building used to be a navy commissary with groceries, clothing and a snack bar. battalion chief says the fire is considered suspicious since the building was boarded up with no utilities. the family of a man shot and killed by santa clara county deputies last year filed
10:47 pm
a wrongful death lawsuit. the family of the former adobe engineer was trying to get help when police intervened. the fight to keep a hospital open will return to court tomorrow. doctors medical is examined to shut down as soon as october. the hospital has already cut services including emergency room care because of an $18 million deficit. patients are being diverted now to other hospitals and some say that's putting people's lives at risk. a hearing is set for tomorrow in san francisco on a lawsuit seeking to keep doctorses medical center open. the eye that may have caught the eye of president obama is no longer on the market. the estate recently sold for $3.5 million. a couple from omaha is said to be the new owners.
10:48 pm
rumors that the commander in chief was interested in buying the home began circulating after the first family stayed there this summer. the gates to burning man opened up after rain delayed people from getting there. many ended up parking their cars in reno. here's a look at the festive thes about an hour ago. close to 70,000 people are expected to attend burning man which includes the burning of that huge wooden man on saturday night. we have clouds to talk about as we head into the bay area friday. not tomorrow but i'm tracking this hurricane down in the pacific. it's down to a category one. it's falling apart quickly this is the forecast. these are the different forecast paths. but they're all agrees it's going to go like this. but it falls apart certainly. what it will do as it gets
10:49 pm
further north it's going to break up. we're expecting increasing clouds. probably have a muggy day and there's always a chance of thundershowers. 89 in antioch. 87 in livermore. in fact, it did warm up today for us. tomorrow it will warm up another 5 degrees or so. along the coast there's really no fog right now. all clear along the coast. the fog will be coming in though tonight. it will just stick right at the coast. therefor temperatures tomorrow will be slightly warm slightly -- warmer. just because you don't have the big push of air. especially out in the fairfield area which is typical. current temperatures, pretty warm out there. especially inland 68 in fairfield 72 in anti anti -- antioch. and so temperatures you will see more reds right. more 90s. tomorrow is going to be a
10:50 pm
warmer day. temperatures 87 in san helena. 90 in fairfield. these numbers will be a good five or maybe, yeah five maybe 10 degrees warmer in some places tomorrow. you will notice it tomorrow especially in inland. these forecast highs and then 82 in san jose. and then 67 in pacifica and 66 in daily city. the five day forecast with the bay area weekend in view is a good one it warms up. these are pretty warm days. wednesday, thursday and friday. here come these clouds. i've seen this enough if this does occur anything can happen on this friday. the models aren't callings for showers but if it does get sucked into our flow it'll be something to contend with so pay attention to that. here's the five day forecast. we were talking about how the difference in damage there in napa when you were frank were up there. when some areas were untouched. my grandpa was in the avenues during the 06 quake. remind you on what you're
10:51 pm
sitting on how the earthquakes hit. and he said we did not feel the quakes, we saw the fires. but down in town where you guys saw yesterday was impressive. >> the damage can be so random. >> yeah. >> thank you, mark. and a little bit of history at the ballpark. >> so close. so close to perfection. but as they say nobody is perfect. but i will tell you what madison baumgartner the next best thing. masterpiece of a one-hitter. the very game giants ride into a much needed, don't stop believing on this victory over the rockies. made four errors last night. perfect tonight including -- including blanco with a beauty. and baum would take the perfect game. two run shot here. his 16th of the year.
10:52 pm
that would be all mad baum would need. he had 17 homers later. the lead off man justin morneau. nothing cheap about it. that was it. nothing else allowed. nothing another base runner from baumgartner. he struck out the last four hitters after that double. he ends up here with a little pop up with joe panic. one hit shut out. 13 strike outs. 103 pitches. l.a. did win tonight but the giants remain five become -- back tonight but as the season closed tonight, they remain in the wild card. and come on, still astros, you have to beat those guys. 44 games looming this weekend. athletics are like heavy momentum going into anaheim. about 47 people to see the game
10:53 pm
tonight. houston, man, looked like ace would have a little momentum. johnny gomes lead off to get things going in the fourth with the single. petaluma kid returns on defense. khris carter two on, two out. and that ends the third inning. have another look at it. who said he can't play defense. carter's revenge in the bottom of the eighth. the former a's, 3-run homer. five of carter's home runs came against the a's. 4-2 finals. angels beat miami 8-2. but the a's again one game back. and the lack of up and coming talent for quite some time now. but it could be the bay area has provided some new blood. she is the teen of the town back in new york city tonight. sports part two next.
10:54 pm
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i tell you what it's about time we had a fresh look at american tennis. might say. could be a sensation in the making. not only that a local product from aserthon. near court u.s. open. she becomes the youngest girl to become a match at the open since 1996.
10:57 pm
15years old, cc upsets the 12th seed. in three sets. lots of charisma, something lacking in tennis these days. well i'm not sure you can call it a tune up when you're averaging 20 point victories every time out. don't know if they needed a tune up. final game before they count the final championships. steph doing what he does best. pops the three. he had 10 plays. they didn't need him that much against slovania. 101-71 the final against slovania. next game for real versus finland on saturday in the world basketball championships. that's the sports life for a tuesday night. >> all right, mark, thank you. >> that cc is so cute.
10:58 pm
>> good for her. >> go cc. our coverage continues online on >> if you missed part of our newscast you can catch the rebroadcast starting momentarily on tv 36. good night. >> good night.
10:59 pm
11:00 pm
icked a soccer ball, and it hit another kid so hard, his eye popped out. awesome. really? his eye popped out? well, got to hit the sack. big saturday tomorrow. that's right. it's somebody's birthday. not just that -- the ipad comes out on my actual birthday. it's like steve jobs and god got together to say, "we love you, phil." what is so great about that doohickey, anyhow? "doohickey," elly may? it's a movie theater, a library, and a music store all rolled into one awesome pad. a library is a place where people get books. a movie theater is a place where people go on dates. i better load the beach chair into the trunk. i'm gonna need it for the line in the morning. wait, honey, hang on. you can't spend your birthday in line. well, not the whole day. i have to be there at 6:00, or forget about it,


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