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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  August 27, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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new information tonight about a security breach at a pg and e facility that has already seen scrutiny after a sniper attack raced concerns about domestic terrorism. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. thieves stealing construction equipment from a pg and e substation are sparking larger concerns about the vulnerability of the power grid. tonight, a u.s. congressman is telling ktvu news, he is deeply concerned. ktvu's azimuth smith live. this is the same plant that was damaged last year by a sniper. >> reporter: it is.
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and pg and e believes the vandals used wire cutters to break into this chain link fence behind me, at the back of the substation to get into this yard. many are wondering how they went undetected in the first place. investigators spent the day collecting evidence, and retracing steps for any clues as to how thieves cut out three large holes in a fence of the pg and e met calf substation. >> preliminary information in our investigation. one of the fence alarms did go off. was that properly followed up on? >> reporter: thieves broke in near the power grid. the thieves got away. the sheriff's department call out more than five hours later. last april, a sniper shot at 17 transforms, and vandals cut
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at&t lines, knocking out 911 service. >> since the april incident, this is the first time we've come out here for a crime incident occurring back at this substation. obviously, we understand this is a very critical infrastructure to the region. >> reporter: already drawing concern from congressman mike honda of san jose. in a statement to ktvu, he says in part, after the first incident, i expected that security would be bolstered at the facility. this news is troubling, because it shows us, this facility clearly remains vulnerable. >> i cannot believe that something that obvious would happen after last year. i would think that security would be much tighter than it was. >> reporter: after last years' breach pg and e dedicated $100 million to the next three years to improve security at its critical substations, including a solid wall to replace the chain link fence here. that's supposed to go up in the fall. part of the money coming from pg and e customers. >> the hope is that they wake
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up, and are actually held accountable. >> reporter: as of now, the sniper in april's tack has yet to be caught, despite a $250,000 reward. they are looking at all the evidence to see if there is a link. live in san jose, azimuth smith, ktvu, channel 2 news, earlier this year, 2 investigates probe security. an open gate, and very little in the way of security personnel. in fact, she drove around the substation for half an hour before anyone even stopped her. we've posted her story at look for hot topics. from the southbound, to the north bay, where fire crews jumped in to protect homes. ktvu's ken pritchett is live now in vallejo near the junction of highways 37 and 29, where the fire caused tense moments for residents, and
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first sponsors. ken, authorities are telling you it started in a homeless encampment. >> reporter: that's correct, we're at the interchange. it is just beyond the highway 37 overpass, it's out now, but not before putting a scare into a neighborhood. it burned through dry grass and marsh land. not a fast fire, but it moved fast. the fire burning just behind the neighborhood. just behind barbara mcdermott's home. >> first of all, i was still nervous from the earthquake on sunday. and i thought, oh, my gosh, now we've got this. >> reporter: her driveway, sprinkled with ash that flew over her house. >> my concern was that thieves would land on the roof. >> reporter: vallejo fire says 25 homes were threatened. for barbara, it was too close. >> you see where the brush ends. >> reporter: at one point, the fire was climbing up into the trees. cal fire helicopter aided crews on ground, which couldn't drive
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trucks into the burning marsh land. vallejo fire says when it arrived, four homeless people were walking out of the fire. >> one of them came up to us, and advised that her daughter was still in the tent, and that she was trapped inside the fire. >> reporter: instead of its typical response to a grass fire, firefighters went into rescue mode, and rushed into the flames. into a homeless encampment, searching for a victim, none was found. vallejo crews say this wildfire started in one of several homeless encampments, where you can see clothes, a barbeque grill. even a child's swing, and melted toys. this is an ongoing problem in vallejo. >> they've been escorted out of these areas in the past, but they eventually come back to them. >> reporter: barbara says she figured homeless people were living in the wildland behind her home. >> i worry about the dangers. like right there, that could have taken all of these houses. i'm concerned for them, and i'm concerned for myself. >> reporter: all of the
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homeless left a scene, and did not come back, which vallejo fire says is typical. as for this fire, which burned very fast, and very close to those homes, the battalion chief says they were very lucky today. in san jose, firefighters made quick work of a 1 alarm brush fire burning near highway 880 tonight. the flames burned up to the sound wall behind ferrari avenue. crews had it under control for about an hour, but they remained on the scene, putting out hot spots. the u.s. forest servicecies it plans to move forward and allow logging on forest land that burned last year in the massive rim fire near yosemite. the decision announced today is controversial. environmentalists oppose it. they say they create a healthy forest, and a vital habitat.
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it says the proceeds will help pay for replanting the forest so the public can use the land. continuing coverage of the napa earthquake and the work underway to restore vital services. today, a ktvu camera spotted this crew in fairfield. at last check, napa still had more than 80 broken water lines that need to be fixed. the city says all gas and electric service has now been restored. napa put in an initial estimate of the damage to private homes and businesses at $300 million. but that does not include damage to public buildings, infrastructure, or economic losses. >> some have homes they can't live in, or cars they can't drive. fore many, their sense of normalcy is gone, and they can't seem to get it back. amber lee is live with the struggle many are experiencing days after the shaking stopped. >> reporter: julie, city officials tell me there are
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still about 400 customers without water service tonight. this is one of two water stations set up by the city. tonight in various neighborhoods we found people still looking for help. >> i'm very overwhelmed. stressed. because it's like i don't know what i'm going to do. >> reporter: it's been three days and counting. vehicles trapped beneath carports at charter oaks apartment. life interrupted. >> i'm a college student. i have to go to school during the week. >> reporter: wife and mother has been borrowing a car to get her husband to work, and son to school. >> we're pretty much left to deal with it on our own. >> reporter: a feeling of frustration and helplessness. she says her insurance won't cover the damage, and that the apartment complex won't either.
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it's considered a natural disaster. >> we live in an apartment. we can't afford to up and buy a new vehicle. >> reporter: red cross has set up a shelter at crosswalk church for families at a crossroads. >> blankets and food. >> reporter: this woman has packed her pickup truck with necessities, in case of another earthquake. >> i close my eyes, and i listen to the sound. and i'm scared. >> reporter: she is now weighing moving to another state. but concerned that it will disrupt the lives of her children. inside the shelter, other families are trying to regain a sense of normalcy. >> reporter: the earthquake shifted howard's home, making it uninhabitable, but he says patience is something he's learned in his 70 years. >> we're staying with a neighbor down here temporarily, until we find out tomorrow what happens next. you have to wait for things to
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happen. >> reporter: hornsby's home is among dozens destroyed. back at the carport, people are salvaging what they can. >> it's hard, it's hard -- >> you'll get through it. >> yeah. >> reporter: while this water station is up and running, city officials say crews are working round the clock to restore water service to all residents by friday. reporting live in napa, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. today was the first day back to school in napa since sunday's earthquake. all napa valley schools, except stone bridge charter school were found safe to open. administrators at napa high tell ktvu, they're expecting low attendance today, but only a few students stayed home, because they're helping families with cleanup work. giving students a chance to talk about what they're going through. >> stuff fell from our house,
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but we've been sleeping outside. just in case another one comes, we would be prepared. >> i was very moved the compassion that everyone had. no one made jokes. >> here you can see one of several cracks that opened in the playground at stone bridge charter school on las caneras high school. today, the napa valley vintner's trade administration announced it is donating $10 million to provide a relief fund. it will be used to provide temporary housing, medical care, and food. the fund will also help businesses recover. and the oakland raiders are lending a hand as well. today, the team that trains in napa, donated $25,000 to napa schools. the check was presented by raiders hall of famer cornerback, willie brown. at, we've posted a list of organizations helping
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people affected by the quake, look for it on our home page. now to southern california, where tropical storm marie, is causing huge waves and damage along the coast. look at that. waves as high as 20 feet pounded catalina island today. the surf is being stirred up by the storm hundreds of miles out in the pacific. in malibu, lifeguards said they made as many as 60 rescues today of surfers who were lured out too far by those giant waves. here you can see some of the damage left behind on catalina island. the harbor master says a number of boats that were in dry dock were knocked on their sides. there was even a van that was tossed onto the shore. the strong surfed conditions are expected to last through tomorrow. heats up tomorrow. i'm pinpoint the areas where temperatures will reach the 90s. >> a reminder of jim crow racism in one bay area city. >> we're people too. we're humans. we're not going to stand for
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this. >> the investigation after a noose was found hanging from a worker's truck. >> coming up, a dog dies after being beaten with a golf club. >> he was limp, and wimperring really badly. >> the young teens accused of the brutal attack. (vo) ours is a world of passengers.
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the red-eyes. (daughter) i'm really tired. (vo) the transfers. well, that's kid number three. (vo) the co-pilots. all sitting... ...trusting... ...waiting... ...for a safe arrival. introducing the all-new subaru legacy. designed to help the driver in you... for the passenger in them. the subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. the long holiday weekend is approaching, and many people are getting ready to hit the road for some r and r. in san
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francisco, caltrains is closing highway 280 at 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. ktvu's cara liu is live in santa clara tonight, and tells us, law enforcement is also gearing up for the labor day weekend starting tonight with a dui check point. tavern is right, this has been underway for about an hour now, here near winchester and stevens creek. officers are tapering traffic down to one lane, then randomly selecting about one in five cars for screening. this is one of at least three dui checkpoints planned during this holiday weekend in the south bay. >> reporter: sporting goods stores. people getting ready for labor day travel. >> looking to get out in the wilderness, in tahoe, and getting away from the busy city life for now. >> reporter: starting at 2:00
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tomorrow afternoon, northbound 280 will be shut down all the way to kings street in downtown san francisco. southbound 280 will remain open. the closure was planned for the holiday weekend when traffic is lighter. giants fans will still have to find an alternate route, or take public transportation to the games at at&t park this weekend. >> i feel like i'll be forced to take it inside. rather than try to go around it, it's just too much of a hassle. but definitely, go giants right? >> we're just not going to be going anywhere. we're just going to stay home and avoid the traffic, and having to find an alternate route really. >> reporter: the work is scheduled to be complete by
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5:00 a.m. tuesday, in time for the morning commute. and back here live, officers say they plan to be out here until about 2:00 a.m., and hoping to screen about 1,000 cars in all. check points are planned in campbell, and cupertino, later on this weekend. for now, we're live in santa clara, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> aaa tells us, it expects nearly 4 million californians to travel this holiday weekend. that means going more than 50 miles from home. that's an increase of 1.6% over last year, and evidence of increasing confidence in the economy. at, we've posted details about tomorrow's 280 close your. look for web links, under hot topics. a major marijuana operation has been uncovered in humboldt county. authorities discovered more
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than 10,000 marijuana plants growing on private property. the plants were 6 to 9 feet tall. deputies also noticed two pipelines drafting water from a nearby creek to those plants. a 13 and a 14-year-old boy are under arrest, accused of going on a crime spree that police say included the beating death of a family's dog. ann reuben tells us how those teens were caught. >> they actually came to give me a card from the police. >> reporter: eric mckenzie came you home to find -- home to find the doors open, the home ransacked, and his beloved dog, sparky dying on the floor. he rushed sparky to the emergency clinic, where the 11- year-old chihuahua mix had to be put down. the mckenzie's believe, the golf club used to beat him was taken from hair garage. at least seven homes in their neighborhood were burglarized
10:19 pm
yesterday. and san jose already had two boys, ages 13 and 14 in custody. >> certainly concerning, not only to the officers here, but to the members of the community. at this point, the juvenile justice system will be taking over, and looking to any counseling services they can provide. >> reporter: the teens were caught by an alert neighbor. both appear to be freshman. they've been roaming the neighborhood all afternoon. >> it's the way they did it it. knock on the door, no one answers, go around the side, and kick the door in. that's pretty brazen. >> mckenzie, still trying to make sense of what happened. >> for the life of me, i don't know why you'd kill a little animal. 15pounds. he couldn't have done any damage to either one of them. >> while he's glad the teens are in custody, he fears they won't be for very long. >> i don't know what a just punishment is, but i sure know
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it's not just to be released to your parents so that you can do it again. >> reporter: both teens have been charged with burglary and one has been charged with animal cruelty. police are still trying to determine if there are other victims in this crime spree. the state senate approved legislation today that would take guns away from people who were found to be at risk of hurting themselves or others. the legislation would allow law enforcement and family members to petition the courts for a temporary restraining order that would bar possession of a firearm if the gun owner poses a threat. the bill is headed back to the assembly. it comes in the wake of the deadly rampage on uc santa barbara in may. temperatures warmed up a good 35 to 10 degrees in some locations. the ridge of high pressure is building in. it's going to continue to build in tomorrow. so about the same, if not a little bit warmer for your bay area thursday.
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there's fog right back at the coast. the fog went away the last couple of nights. fog is back now, so it will be there in the morning when you wake up. 92 entiat. highs tomorrow, very similar to these, maybe a degree or two warmer, but that's about it. along the coast, i mention there's fog. it's filling all the way in back at the coast. you can see it right here. see how it's lined up against the coastal hills? it really isn't getting over. i think they'll be fog inside the bay tomorrow morning. fog inside oakland and alameda, and berkely. fremont, and san jose, you wake up mostly warm. the winds, at 35 mile-per-hour out in fairfield. san jose's light at 6 so out of the west. there's are the current numbers. the forecast for tomorrow, looking at temperatures through
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the microclimates to be 30- degree spread. low 70s around san francisco, to mid-70s in berkely, to low 80s, and mid-80s, towards walnut creek, castro valley. a day tomorrow, just like today. as we head towards the holiday weekend, certainly a cool down. i'll let you know which day on the weekend will be nicest, we'll be back here at 10:45. cops is a television show that follows police officers in action. in two minutes, the real life shootout that killed a crew member. and who fired the fatal show. >> we're humans. we're not going to stand for this. >> a symbol of racial intimidation on a city truck. up next, we hear from the workers targeted, and the response from city leaders.
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some oakland city workers are on edge tonight after
10:25 pm
discovering a noose. it was tied to a city work truck. as john sasaki tells us, the city is vowing to take action. >> reporter: dozens of city workers did their jobs today under a dark cloud. >> after we came in at the end of our shift, we noticed the noose hanging from one of my coworkers' truck. >> reporter: after years of racial tension this happened last night. >> it was laced back and forth, on a ladder wrack, with the news hanging back. >> we can't see stuff like this here. if we see it, we've got to strike. we've got to stand up. we want everybody to know, we're people too. we're humans, we're not going to stand for this. >> reporter: oakland police came in to investigate, and collect evidence. >> this is brought to the oakland police department's attention, that two nooses were found on the property in the city of oakland courtyard. we take these crimes very
10:26 pm
seriously, and we will be investigating. >> reporter: a union representative showed brian flores the other news that turned up 4 months ago. >> this is something that brings up times from the '60s, and the '50s. i was not allowed to go to certain areas, because this could happen. >> reporter: he told us there will be serious consequences for those responsible. >> our job is to make sure that the workplace is free of intimidation, free of the most outrageous forms of racism. we take it very seriously. >> reporter: there are surveillance cameras like this one around the courtyard and police say they hope they can use the video to find who did this. a crew member of the television show chops was shot and killed during shooting. the fatal bullet was fired by a police officer. lice in omaha, nebraska say
10:27 pm
officers were responding to a robbery, when sound mixer brice yon. the suspect fired at them, with what was later discovered to be a pellet gun. >> while it looked, and sounded, and the slide slid like it was real, it was a pellet gun. >> reporter: the chief says three officers were involved in the shooting. they're now on paid leave, while the incident is investigated. it was a welcome home, that was 22 months in the making. >> total strangers have been coming up to me and saying, hey, we're just glad you're home. >> this hostage, after being held captive by al-qaeda for 22 months. >> one insurance agency's unique struggle, and what they say everyone in the bay area should be doing.
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now back to our continuing coverage of the napa quake. today, we learned damage to homes and businesses are already up to $3 $300 million. >> reporter: julie, you walk around town, and you see houses like this, and it really does tell the story. a lot of people right now are just trying to figure out how to pay for the damage. we did talk with one woman, who is not only cleaning up her own house, but she's trying to help other people. >> reporter: this was the biggest miss here. she remembers the sound of
10:31 pm
shattering glass and china. her house still has closets and hallways filled with damage. caughtive cleanup that still remains because of adams other work. >> the phone literally rang, rang, rang. as soon as you would hake hang up, there would be another one. >> reporter: the napa native is also an insurance agent. one, who's mobile home was destroyed by fire. >> it gets your heart. it really does. you just have to stay focused and get it taken care of. >> reporter: for adams, it's personal, a blow to her hometown. while she had earthquake insurance, most people don't. insurance companies have tents up at the center to help answer questions, and there are many. >> a typical homeowner's policy
10:32 pm
unfortunately does not cover earthquake damage. so the california earthquake authority is the policy that handles earthquake related damage. >> reporter: experts say people should still talk with their insurance agent. some damage might be covered under another policy, such as auto coverage. their advice for everyone throughout the bay area. >> take time now, to go through each room of your home and take photos. document what's hanging on the walls, what's in your closest. >> reporter: insurance agents are saying really, save receipts for cleanup tools, hotels, meals, because those might be reimbursable. a lot of people are just hanging on and hoping they'll get some form of city or state aid. today, he talked publicly
10:33 pm
for the first time. >> i had no idea when i was in prison. i had no idea that so much effort was extended on my behalf. >> reporter: al-qaeda captured him 22 months ago in syria. they handed him over to u.n. peacekeepers. today, he talked from his home in massachusetts. >> i suddenly remember how good the american people are, and what kindness they have in their hearts, to all those people, i say a huge thank you. >> the mother of another american journalist held hostage, released a video to today, pleading to isis to release her son. >> i want what every woman wants. to live to see her children's children. i plead with you to grant me
10:34 pm
this. >> isis has threatened to behead steven sotloff. he was last seen in syria one year ago. san francisco police need your help tonight in finding the person who knocked down, dragged, and robbed an 87-year- old woman. police released these two pictures today. they say the attack happened about three weeks ago on leavenworth street in the tenderloin. the victim suffered multiple broken bones. the attacker is described as a black man, 40 to 50 years old, and may have been wearing a knit cap, and dark jacket. san francisco police are at investigating a disturbing case of vandalism, targeting the a.i.d.s. memorial grove. this is not the first time the serene memorial had been defaced in recent weeks. >> reporter: the a.i.
10:35 pm
a.i.d.s. memorial is considered a refuge. the latest incident, a shocking predawn attack on monday, in which someone tried to obliterate names. >> for 23 years we've been in existent, and we've never faced this. >> reporter: john cunningham says rocks from a river bed were used to try to destroy some of the names. >> he also attacked benches that were memorialized, and dedicated. >> this is really shocking, and it's very sad. >> reporter: the police captain told us it is too soon to call these hate crimes, silverman says it's difficult to spot late night vandals. >> definitely increased attention that we paid to this
10:36 pm
part of the park. >> reporter: cunningham, says the orangal stone and carver will be here. >> more likelihood, the cost of the damage is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. may even approach $1 million at this point. 2 investigates goes inside a special program implemented by only a handful of police departments. that keeps tabs on drunk drivers. the so-called hot list names people with du inofficials who aren't supposed to be behind the wheel. officers used emergency to establish surveillance. >> we're trying to get as much information about them as we can. if we could find a work address we'd follow them. >> tomorrow at 5:00, the major
10:37 pm
challenges the program neighses, and whether it keeps you any safer on the road. a 2 2 investigates report called for action in sacramento. in some cases, the dmv has been issuing disabled parking placards to people who have been dead for years. even after they tried to cancel the account. a volatile mix of chemicals. >> please shelter in place. please close all windows. >> nearby students never got this call. why the school is defending its decision not to lockdown. >> will beach weather stick around? what to expect for the holiday went. >> next, the ceo who's company caught on camera, kicking a dog several times. learn how his company voted to discipline him.
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10:39 pm
10:40 pm
an elevator camera captures the owner of a concession company kicking a dog. you can watch him kick his friends dog once when they get
10:41 pm
on the elevator, and again when he's lays on the ground. today, center place board of directors put him on probation, and made him donate. plus, he will have to spend 1,000 hours of community service. hague apologized, saying i am ashamed, and deeply embarrassed. a minor frustration caused me to lose control of my emotional response. the usc athletic department suspended josh shaw indefinitely after he admitted to making up a tale of how he sprained his ankles. he said he was injured after jumping off a second story balcony to save his nephew. today, shaw issued an apology, and said he was wrong not to tell the truth. he has yet to explain how he
10:42 pm
was actually hurt. an effort to lure film, and television production back to california is one step closer to reality. today, governor brown announced a deal that would increase the state's film, and tv tax credit program to $330 million a year. that's up from $100 million right now. tax credits would also be allocated by how many jobs a project creates. governor brown says the deal would put thousands of people to work. a marin county superior court judge has ordered lowe's to pay more than $1 million to settle a lawsuit. they are immediately required to remove products from sale, or correct false product descriptions. lowe's must also pay $150,000 to fund consumer protection activities. the san ramon police department is asking for the public's help tonight in
10:43 pm
finding a missing woman. the 77-year-old was last seen around noon today walking from her home on fountain hill drive. she has light brown hair, and brown eyes, and speaks with a heavy russian accent. family members say she suffers from dementia, and does not have her medication with her. monster waves to our south, as a hurricane kicked up the surf. more of these pictures, and bill's forecast for the bay area. >> first, students moving about on a college campus, while a shelter in place is ordered nearby. how officials are responding to the concerns that the students should have been warned. hey pal? you ready?
10:44 pm
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can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class. introducing the all-new subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. we are learning new details on a hazmat situation in hayward. dozens of people who live in the area near depot road were told to shelter in place
10:46 pm
yesterday. but thousands of students were not. mike mibach went to the campus to find out why. >> two smoking drums. a shelter in place for a one mile radius resorter. >> please shelter in place. >> reporter: yet just one mile away sits shebow college. thousands of students walked around class to class like it was any other school day. >> something could have definitely happened to us. so i am disappointed that i didn't find out until i got home. >> the college responded with alacrity, and with appropriate due diligence. >> reporter: upon hearing the news, she went directly to the scene, and was told that they should not be concerned.
10:47 pm
>> because of the distance that it is from the site of the spill, in combination with the prevailing wind pad everyone. >> reporter: she said issuing a shelter in place even a a precaution may have caused more harm than good. >> people panicking. there are even potential safety issues there. >> reporter: he says his daughter attends. >> they should have given the students a chance to make the decisions themselves if they should stay indoors or outdoors or whatever. i know my daughter, she didn't know anything about it. >> reporter: the president says to her knowledge the school never received one of those shelter in place robocalls. that's probably because the school is located just outside, or probably on that 1 mile radius. in hayward, mike mibach, ktvu, channel 2 news. a new twist tonight in the long running court fight between apple, and samsung. a federal judge in san jose has refused to issue an order that apple is seeking to prevent
10:48 pm
u.s. sales of 9 older samsung phones. earlier this year, the jury found they infringed on iphone patents. on wall street, stocks ended the day mixed. the dow was up 15 to close near an all-time high. the nasdaq was off a little more than 1. repairs are taking place on a disabled ship that arrived in san francisco today. they told the 485-foot tanker to port. it became stranded off the coast of oregon after a fire. a crew member died in that fire, and the tanker was left without power, or propulsion. today was a great day for big wave surfers. huge waves were crashing all day in newport beach. beaches that typically see waves in the 8 to 12-foot range were seeing breaks of 15 feet. sometimes higher, in spots that typically see bigger surf, were seeing waves closer to 25 feet.
10:49 pm
the huge swells were generated by hurricane marie which has been downgraded to a tropical storm hundreds of miles out in the pacific. that swell is really not getting here, because the hurricane, as you look behind me is south. it is now a tropical storm, but it's in a position where when it was down here as a hurricane, and this line, it was generating, you know 130, 140 mile-an-hour winds that in turn generated very large swell. what's happening here in san diego, and southern california, is these areas that are facing south, i'll come a little close bier the wedge, or newport beach. see this nook here? that's kind of a seal beach area here. this is facing south, right? so the swell is coming directly, hitting it. then newport wedge is right here. places like this right here, this swell is going to go right by it. this area is getting blocked by
10:50 pm
the island. it's interesting how the swell angle changes everything. the high temperatures today, warmer than yesterday. highs tomorrow will be about like today, slightly warmer in some places. very similar to what we have today. fog is back at the coast, we got a break from it tonight. last night too. so you saw the sunset along the beaches. if you're going up by stinson. out by the water, the rip currents are pretty nasty too. because these are large interval movements. if you get out in the water, be careful. the forecast for san jose tomorrow, 66 degrees right now in san jose. tomorrow, i think you wake up, mid-might be puffy clouds around, but for the most part it's sunny. mid-70s, by afternoon, mid-80s. a nice warm day in san jose tomorrow. a beautiful day for thursday, throughout the bay area, with temperatures just like today. tomorrow morning, the fog wants to get inside the bay. you see how it gets stuck in
10:51 pm
the east bay hills. temperatures have a chance to warm back into the 90s. 90 in vacaville. 93 in brentwood. a little warmer than today in many places. but a beautiful day. air quality starting to take a little bit of a height. fire dangers come up. we had a little bit of energy, keep going. fire danger is coming up. air quality is going down. the temperatures, as we head into the holiday weekend are just exactly what you'd want, i think for this time of year. a beautiful weekend, with temperatures into the low 90s, right through the weekend. >> boy, it does look good. all right, thanks bill. thank you bill. mark is here now. thrilling victories. very exciting, you could call them. both nail biters, the giants and the a's today. >> down to the 9th inning. we'll start with the game that just ended. for most of the season, giants fans, you've heard the whispers, what's up with buster posey? as we turn the corner, it is
10:52 pm
all about buster ballgame lately. looking like his mvp self again. quite a good stretch now, and the giants need him. just getting warmed up in the 7th inning with the bat. angel pagan with the run that breaks a 1-1 tie. 2-1 san francisco. now a little of buster's work defensively, behind the plate. 8th inning, tie ballgame. out on a beautiful throw. the rockies in it. a man on for buster ballgame. >> high drive left field it is outa here! >> oh, yeah. the walkoff home run. his third in two nights. 18 on the year. giants take it 4-2. and they do remain five back of the dodgers in the west. the a's? they love to live dangerously, but they're good at it. 18 times. get this, 18 times they've
10:53 pm
trailed in the 7th inning or later and have come back to win. the high wire act again tonight in houston. a game they needed to stay within a game of the angels. a's fans, alive and well in houston. fast forward, 9th inning. a's down, 3-2. eric sogard, a soft single scores gentry. stanford man, sam fold. ticket to ride. long shot. 5-3 lead, oakland, going to the bottom of the 9th, against the stubborn astros. two out after a disputed double play. cris carter, there you go. another home run against the a's. it's gone. his 33rd. he's hit 5 in the last 6 games against his old team. the a's survive. the penalty race is about to turn the corner into the stretch run. but it's all about nfl football tomorrow night. both the ravens and the niners,
10:54 pm
you're up for the real deal. seattle's richard sherman has a little something to say about the nfl's fine levee on the super bowl champs. sports part 2 next. female announcer: through labor day at sleep train, get 36 months interest-free financing, plus big savings of up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get three years interest-free financing on serta icomfort and tempur-pedic. plus, free same day delivery, set-up, and removal of your old set. when brands compete, you save! but this special financing offer ends labor day at sleep train. ♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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thursday night football tomorrow night for the niners and the raiders. the stars will be rested, and
10:57 pm
the borderline guys trying to win a job. the super bowl champion seahawks, smarting just a little bit today, as the nfl has slapped a $300,000 fine on them, and taken two mini camp practice sessions away from next year, violating the league's contact policy. reportedly, a session got a little too physical. richard sherman was in the middle of that, and had this to say about the sanctions. >> we continue to play it the right way. everybody just complaints and whines about us breaking the rules. they break the rules a lot more than we do. it's just funny to watch it. the same thing that makes you laugh makes you cry. so it makes us laugh. >> he's warming up. niners and raiders a lot of big cuts following this activity. saturday is the day they have to have it down to 53 players.
10:58 pm
might see some familiar names on the list. >> our coverage continues at >> have a great night, everybody. good night. >> night. hey pal? you ready?
10:59 pm
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it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. tes. you're destroying those things. ay, jay, leave him alone. well, i'm sorry, but that cow has suffered long enough. fun. whoa, whoa, whoa, wait. hang on. dinner's ready in five minutes. coach wants us to practice lay-ups. they are deceptively hard. a curious mix of dance and strength. you're making it lame again. sorry. ay, dios mío, that coach. i hate that guy. he seems to have the kids motivated. oh, dad, you haven't seen him. he taunts the kids. he's abusive. if this was a colombian soccer league, long time ago, one of the kids would have taken that guy out and kkkhh! a coach is supposed to ride the kids hard. phil, help me out here. he's a mean man. oh, you're such a woman. come to the game. you'll see. this guy's a real mother-scratcher. pardon the language, gloria. mm-hmm. gloria? he better cool it, or i'm gonna introduce him to the captain and tennille.


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