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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  August 28, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> greg: welcome back to our radio and tv simulcast. the audition of terelle pryor to make the seahawk has concluded as they've brought in b.j. daniels in at quarterback, former 49er, seven round pick. plus the deep touchdown pass. daniels can run. he runs like pryor. runs the read option, keeps it, come back from the hole. neiko thorpe will reach him from behind. what a run! >> tom: well, he better be able to run. he's not very tall, only 5'11". that's what wilson is but that was an impressive run, the field
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part. >> greg: he came back on a complete reversal from the other side of the field. first and ten. seahawks on the 37. he juggled the snap from center. and a handoff to bronson for a short gain. his numbers at south florida, from tallahassee florida and the niners got into the seventh round. and he had some, sighting moments for tackle earlier now. apparently not. side arms it. there by spencer hadler. no flag down.
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>> jim: this game is far from over for a lot of these guys who are still trying to make this team and show what they can do. >> so give us a hint, tom, how tomorrow work. >> the coaches will come in tomorrow early. and then they'll start, you know, some of the players will come in to get treatment or do whatever they can or whatever they're legally able to do because a lot of times you're not even to maybe tomorrow
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afternoon. >> greg: here's a big one by b.j. daniels going for richardson. broken up by keith mcguill. right through his hands. knocked that ball away to richardson. >> very close, we don't even t -- well, he's made a couple of nice throws tonight. you got to be con prrks there's a throw on the right flat. breaks the tackle of hadley and is finally dropped by carlos field, all the way to the 34 yard line.
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saturday each team has to go through from 75 to 53. so you're cutting 72 players around the league. daniels! first down inside the raider 13 yard line. presley, the tight end, with the catch. 23-yard dart. >> tom: that was almost reminiscent of double wilson himself. when he's standing there, he can deliver that football. it was on target. >> greg: i have some picks to
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do, still. flag down! there may be a hold here on the raiders! there are not as many holds, tom, as the preseason has progressed. >> greg: they said we are going to call it the same preseason game. >> i.
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>> greg: bates. and feel like, he's the great. i told her not to run into my mother's glasses, but i 4 bulldog: if you're like me,
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>> greg: little doubt who is the ford right player tonight. that will be the quarterback, derek carr. 20-yarder off the tip to michael ve rivera. and a quarterback raying of near perfection at 152.1. >> tom: not a bad quarter plus. >> greg: on-side kick here by
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the seahawks. they went to it early, plunk. they went to it fast there. >> jim: if you're going to try it, you might as well try it preseason. >> housh ka's leg on of all right. so mcgloin's the kwab now. carl willians, the fullback, offset left, handoff to dry the third. carr played so well, just in all respects. running the team, running away from pressure. the media's going to make a b k
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beck. >> it depends on her elbow. that's the thing coach said before the game. he's the starter regardless. but you never know so why really answer that. >> the one thing's for sure, if he has do rookie round two, next he stays inbounds to keep the clock rolling. you would think there would be some adjustment for him -- they did say he went out with 3:37 to play. >> referee: pass interference, offense. ten-yard penalty from the previous spot. repeat second down.
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>> greg: while the ball was in the air he was blocking wb i've thrown tomorrow passes in here career grt. >> greg: head coach of the seahawks, tom, you would think it's a playoff game. he's really going after it tonight. >> tom: he probably doesn't want to be embarrassed by losing. >> greg: they've won 11 of their last 12 presan season games.
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they don't usually lose in august. they start off hot and they keep still that winning attitude and tradition in their football teams and it rice to act very. >> greg, everybody's thinking about york and the jets. that schedule opens up at the jets. houston at home. the london games there, before that the patriots want to put this away in the win column. >> greg: holds on to third and he runs for a third down. george you conditions
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play. the seahawks do have two time-outs remaining. first and ten raiders on the 34. typeout seattle. that's their second. it's a will about bd. >> -- can i see what carroll's trying to do here. you can never stop trying to win a game. and they still have a chance to tie the game or win the game. if there were just a few seconds
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left, then you always have to have the attitude that we're going to game and high. >> greg: they call another time-out with 2:31 to go in the game. if the raiders get one, 4 her 3 three times. back to oakland. i've seen him a few times going out to seat approximately if you can notice the former head coach of the raiders. he's lot 140 pounds. he lost about 60 plus tlas year.
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a and, snrks. >> now we'll go to the two-minute warning here. >> greg: a super bowl champion, he's the leader of that running game and the offensive line for sure. a lot of decisions for you to
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tweeting about shooting. running and burning students with hot coffee. one bay area teacher's disturbing rant. >> plus criticized after a star player got a slap on the wrist. and a water leak that's lasted a month. how angry neighbors are drawing attention to the wait. after the game.
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. >> greg: and it is good. giorgio iftavecchio takes a one-point lead in all the forever jokes. >> you do love the italians. i will pooh head high but michelle bayers can go against a solily leg. i was a rookie free agents with
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the dlat. >> greg: last year they went into a different direction. david acres was there last year. >> han been there are for 21 years. and freese -- turned like only inning pitch he's through. >> the game is not over. 1:55 to play. this
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this, in. >> witness ed who to all if he goes down? zen then you want to clear him that it's all in. >> tom: in the interim he might about it. >> greg: he got braced balk up and football.
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>> he's out on the seattle 49 chased by neiko thorpe with 1.29 to play. >> i tell you, those running type kwars that they're bringing in the league more and more pir exciting and that what they can do. >> greg: second down and four hp they've got a twol stable of them. that was a false start. wasn't it?
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>> greg: a great read option across the field. that could have been a kill shot from brandon moss. but the young receiver mitch ardson, but that time with a will you the line are. a lot of ves ol tease on that side. and he throws kind of almost side arm. >> tom: it almost looked like it was a sending. >> referee: fourth down and four. three receivers get left. richardson the speed guy. neiko's back. looks lef. impressive i if took watch you
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mere say in gonna will. >> would sfwrjs. >> greg: none of those guys played. elevating his status, octavia strong, a lot of good nts on foo znl. >> the the. >> also then also, there's
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denial. >> greg: favorite play in victory. the a did day, dash cars throughs three at that time, the green bay packers and raiders open the year against the new york jets, ten days! >> a lot of hope in the air going back down to place the jets. >> greg: all right, plunk, we'll see you all year on the silver and black show. and -- >> greg: we're going over to radio in a moment. don't say good-bye to me yet. we're saying goodby to belong.
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>> greg: we are wrapping it up on t. we said before the start of the game, the raider goal was simple, win the game and build momentum for the first game of the year at the jets. they were able to do that. derek carr, three touchdowns on the day. an impressive performance by all tonight. quick reminder, raider tickets are available, football season is here. purchase tickets today by calling 1-800 -- >> i'm j.t., thanks for joining us at silver and black production. go to for all of
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your exclusive
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and did the raiders game tonight react to a new policy. >> all people should be held accountable for their actions. >> good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. you could see it a turn over for the league. the league is now adopts tough new penalties for domestic violence. the first offense would be six weeks without pay.
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a second offense would banish from the league for at least one year. >> reporter: what they cannot agree on is whether a player should be banned from the nfl. nfl players are known for their strength, football the a physical game that can be violent -- football is a physical game that can be violent. it's violent off the field, guestic -- domestic violence is what is not allowed. >> all people should be held accountable for their actions. >> reporter: this surveillance video shows baltimore ravens running back ray rice dragging his fiance out of an elevator
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after he allegedly knocked her unconscious. the commission suspended rice for two games. >> putting his hand on a woman. he definitely needs to go sit down. think about that. that is just not right. >> reporter: in a letter to team owners, roger goodell wrote in part, domestic violence is wrong, they're illegal. they have no room in the nfl. >> i think the commissioner did the right thing. >> reporter: under the new policy a first offense would be eligible for a week without pay. a second offense will result from banishment from the league. >> i have my grandson up here. they're looking at them for role models. i think when they do that they're sending the wrong message. >> reporter: three ramirez men are attending the game, they say that the conditions are too
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harsh. and that each circumstance needs to be looked at. victims often don't press charges, so he hopes a strong anti domestic violence message will change that. the new nfl policy goes into effect immediately and it applies to all nfl employees. reporting live in oakland, amber lee ktvu channel 2 news. now to our continuing coverage of sunday's earthquake and new damage that's still occurring. today a house in napa shifted off its foundation after being damaged during the quake. the pink victorian is on oak street near jefferson. crews also red tagged the houses on either side of that pink home as they worked to secure the area. also today the napa board of supervisors says an early estimate of damages is $362 million. this morning building inspectors red tagged five additional businesses in napa
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even though they're actually structurally safe. debora villalon is live with how one business is casting a long shadow over its neighbors building, debora. >> reporter: they're all over the bay area. unreenforceed buildings like this one on a retrofit list waiting to be strengthened but sometimes the quake hits first. >> we want pizza. >> we hope tomorrow night. >> reporter: the owners of the pizzeria are outside explaining why they're shut down. >> not one bottle that fell. >> reporter: their landlord had their property retrofitted. >> a brand new business, we went through all the steps they refired and we're building shut down because of a business that did not. >> my buildings have been
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through earthquakes. they're 100 years, over 100 years old. >> reporter: the lawyer who owns the brown stone building has been told for years to retrofit but hasn hasn 't. >> the idea of spending a lot of money on that doesn't make a lot of sense to me. >> reporter: he says says it's not necessary. >> it looks necessary to me. >> i don't know how he got away with that. >> reporter: but the owner of another newly red tagged business is angry. >> yes because he's jeopardizing everybody's business because he did not want to retrofit this business. the safety, if this happened at 3:00 in the afternoon. >> i was pleading with the city this morning not to red tag them. and i was arguing, this doesn't make any sense. >> reporter: silver believes the city is overreacting and he's being cast as the bad guy.
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but the businesses want to reopen and want a lesson learned. >> pretty much everybody on this block has been retrofitted and spent a significant amount of money on that. when somebody drags their feet, maybe he needs to put the screws on a little harder. maybe that lesson is here for us all to see. >> reporter: the plan first thing tomorrow morning, get engineers and contractors up on the roof on both streets to shore up what's damaged and protect what's not. with the goal of getting those small businesses open by this time tomorrow night. reporting live in napa, debora villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. the owner of the uptown theater in napa is hoping that engineers will give the all clear tomorrow so that his store theater can reopen soon. it's been red tagged since sunday because there are cracks in the stucco. but the owner says an initial inspection shows that the damage was only cosmetic and that there was no structural damage. that theater first opened back in 1937 it underwent a major
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renovation in 2000. comedian dana harvey is scheduled to perform there next month. now to the south bay where a woman was found dead inside a car in east san jose was likely stabbed to death. a passer by called police around 11:00 this morning after seeing a woman parked inside a honda. the woman was pronounced dead at the scene. the church pastor called it a sad situation and said the woman had no apparent connection to the church. >> i knew it wasn't associated with anything that happens here on a regular basis on the church. whatever happens happens but no relationship to our programs or the people who participate in our programs. >> the woman's name has not been released. this is san jose's 26th homicide of the year. meantime the santa clara county medical examiner is trying to determine the identity of a body found badly burned today along a busy road west of morgan hill. a couple of drivers saw smoke near oak glen avenue not far
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from the reservoir about 8:00 this morning. they pulled over, got out of their cars and found the body about 20 to 30 feet from the road. sheriff's officials say the body was burned beyond recognition. they're investigating the case as a homicide and are asking any witnesses to come forward. a follow up tonight to a two investigates report on what is being called one of the biggest cases of odometer fraud in california. the couple owns california car sales in antioch and they're both accused of misleading customers about the true mileage of some of the used cars on their lot by replacing or turning back old odometers. two investigates was there when
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authorities were investigating. >> she looks forward to the process moving forward. where we're going to have an opportunity to separate fact from fiction. opportunity to separate allegations from reality. >> reporter: prosecutors have filed 79 charges against the couple and george guv era facing up to 28 years in prison if convicted. keeping tabs on drunk drivers. two investigates reports on the secret list compiled by the dmv and used by some local police to monitor reoffenders. a photo has emerged of a state park's ranger arrested for drunk driving in humble county. take a look, you can see he's asleep and that's a beer pan between his legs. he was parked at at parking lot of the -- the chp arrested him
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for dui and the state park stripped him of his peace officer status and put him on administrative leave. president obama met with his national security committee to come up with a strategy jana katsuyama here with tonight's development. >> reporter: president obama said point-blank today that isis has to be stopped. but right now they're still unclear what action the u.s. should take. the national security association are coming up with options. new reports surfaced today that isis force has executed more than 150 captured syrian soldiers and burned three oil fields while retreating from a battle near mosul lake. >> my priority at this point is to make sure that the gains
10:41 pm
that isil made in iraq are rolled back. >> reporter: president obama said the islamic militants must be stopped. isis executed american journalist james foley and has threatened to kill another journalist. they're thought to be holding two other americans. isis holds oil riggs. two americans who reportedly died fighting alongside the group are said to have joined isis. >> the violence that's been taken place in syria has obviously given isis a safe govern there. >> reporter: uc berkeley officials say the group has also become more independent. >> the islamic state is now in position to sell oil on the international gray market to
10:42 pm
facile -- facilitate their activities. >> reporter: president obama says the focus must be on building partnerships with moderate sunne's --sunni's in iraq and syria. a new poll shows 66% of americans disapprove of president obama's handling of iraq. the president is sending kerry to iraq. nato the expected to discuss the situation when they meet next week. reporting live, jana katsuyama, ktvu news. more details you may have noticed the president used the term isil. most media uses isis for islamic state. now there's a new push for
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qsis. despite the differences, all refer to the same sunni extremist group. a professor is now steps away from sitting on the california supreme court. ariano florentino cuellar was nominated by governor brown. cuellar received a phd in political science. he will replace justice marvin baxter. the utility claims it's not a priority. >> i think it's very annoying. >> how frustrated neighbors are drawing attention to all the wasted water. >> a storm sending moisture up the coast. why this pattern will have some parts of the bay area feeling warmer. coming up, tweeting about shooting, stabbing, and burning students with hot coffee. >> that's scary. >> one bay area teacher's disturbing rant and the response from the school district. female announcer: through monday,
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happening now there's no traffic on northbound 280 into san francisco because the freeway is closed for seismic repairs. caltrans closed the freeway this afternoon and plans to keep it closed right on through the labor day weekend. it's scheduled to reopen at 5:00 a.m. on tuesday. this is the third time this year that the highway has been closed for seismic upgrades. the closure runs from the 101 interchange to king street near at&t park. so obviously you're going to want to plan ahead when driving into san francisco. also keep in mind that the 49ers have games, tomorrow, saturday and sunday. remember this moment. >> we'll be opening the bridge within moments. >> you heard it right there. i just spoke to the chp officer who says they're going to be opening this bridge within
10:47 pm
moments. >> reporter: ktvu news was live when the span was opened to traffic. now it's been tested by its first earthquake. how well did the bridge hold up. the work that one year later still needs to be completed, ken. >> reporter: well when the new eastern span of the bay bridge opened the work did not stop nor did concerns about its construction and costs. >> reporter: for one year, traffic has flowed over the $6.4 billion eastern span of the bay bridge. we've heard stories of broken bolts, steel rods and other design and maintenance issues and cost overreturn. but for shanty who drivers it every day it's a pleasant ride. >> it's nice. i like the scenery, makes me feel like i'm in l.a. with all the palm trees. >> reporter: despite opening a year ago there's still work to be done. caltrans says it's finishing up
10:48 pm
landscaping and completing small projects on the main path. >> in order to do that we have to have that portion of the old bridge removed in order to extend the bike path. >> reporter: the former eastern span has a gaping pan in the middle. demolition includes removing 68,000-tons of steel. the cantilever section has to be removed first. >> we're in time on the sections that need to be removed and we're very pleased with that. >> reporter: costs are rising up $20 million recently. as for the new span it was tested sunday, sensors on the bridge detected movement
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underneath the structure and above. >> we tested the bridge and the bridge based on its design reacted to design. there was no damage. >> reporter: the demolition is expected to call -- the project is expected to cost $4.5 billion. now there's new legislation to -- when the garbage truck rolled over 52-year-old alvin andrus. the department of public works says that andrus may have slipped and fallen right in front of the truck. >> most people that have practiced around this type of work unfortunately from what we're hering is this individual
10:50 pm
is one of the newer guys. >> reporter: andrus was recently assigned to the job by the human services. the truck driver is a temporary worker and has been suspended without pay and will be tested for drugs and alcohol. the mercury news reports the department will return a vehicle much like this one used by redwood city police. it's called an mwrap it's a mind resistant vehicle. some trucks that also saw action were sent to ferguson missouri and that was
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criticized about the militarization of police departments. students aren't talking about what they did this summer. >> she's a really great teacher. >> reporter: they're talking about what one teacher did. >> she was writing twitter posts about students and like, the tweets are threatening apparently. >> reporter: like this tweet, the problem with teaching summer school is i'm going to get the, expletive, two of which i want to run over with a car. last year's teacher shows the student that went by mrs. arrato with the caption. mrs.arrato bonding with students students in a way
10:52 pm
they want to understand. and we showed students a tweet. i already want to stab some kids. is that bad? 19 more days. >> so happy within done with school in 10 days but especially to be away from the ones that truly make my trigger finger itchy. that's scary. okay. >> kind of, disheartening to hear a teacher would say things like that. >> reporter: this substitute teacher was stunned. >> i mean you may have those feelings but that's not something you need to be putting out there like that. >> reporter: hodges told the mercury news she was joking. today the school district said they took action and confirmed she is still teaching. i asked the principal what would have happened if a student tweeted the same things. he paused and said there would probably be an investigation.
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here's the fog as it sits along the coast. that fog and low clouds will -- the place of that fog will be taken by high clouds that move in tomorrow with humidity coming from a dying tropical storm. the overnight lows tonight are in the 50s and low 60s. there'll be fog at the coast and fog right around the bay. a little fog trying to get up to castro valley peaking into the livermore valley. but you shouldn't see a big fog bank. yeah, sort of just rims the bay there and hangs out out here near the petaluma area. here come the high clouds. see those. those are coming in at a much higher elevation from that old hurricane marie which is bringing the big surf to california. we're not seeing the waves, we're seeing some of the waves but we're seeing mostly high clouds that are coming in tomorrow. they will filter the sunshine tomorrow that will filter temperatures a couple of degrees. they will also bring up the
10:54 pm
humidity. san jose 65 degrees right now. the forecast for tomorrow then as you take a peak, you can see the fog and low clouds right there. as we go into the afternoon hours we're going to see temperatures about where they were today but with increased humidity it'll feel a little warmer than it was today. when we come back we'll talk about the holiday week and that subtropical moisture will be out by then. we'll time it for you, when we see you back here. why the water told a customer it's not a priority. a mother accused of choking a child whom she thought was bullying her daughter. what she told us about finally being out of trouble.
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a santa rosa mom is not going to be charged after allegedly choking a boy who she thought was bullying her
10:57 pm
daughter. prosecutors say they got different reports from different witnesses. >> reporter: the sonoma county courthouse santa rosa. courtroom nine, on one side chief deputy bill broccoli, on the other. >> i was just really scared. >> reporter: garcia bradchad. >> i was really scared. i didn't know what was going to happen. >> reporter: she verbally confronted a 12-year-old boy and told the boy to stop bullying her little girl. prosecutors say that boy told them that the mom had choked him. soon after she was arrested. but today three months later -- >> we're not going to file any -- >> reporter: he said after interviewing 20 people including witnesses there was corroboration on both sides and therefor he cannot proceed. >> egg on a face. that's all it was as far as i'm concerned. they rushed to judgment. a lot of folks did. >> reporter: ben adam.
10:58 pm
>> i've never seen what is a relatively simple assault take three months to investigate. >> they knew i was innocent. and they were trying to make me take responsibility for something i did not do. >> reporter: chief deputy broccoli told bradshad she should be thankful it took long. we did a thorough investigation. she said after the trial she never touched the boy. >> i don't know why he would come up with something like this. but i just hope he grows. >> reporter: the mother said she took her daughter out of school and placed her in a new school. she says if her daughter ever gets bullied again she will talk to the school and not the student. the invites don't -- apple
10:59 pm
invites don't offer many people. some people are speculating that that larger venue means apple is making room for a larger crowd. and a more significant product launch. many apple launchers are expecting an i phone six with a larger screen and possibly a wearable computer. the so called i watch. an i pad with a larger screen is not anticipated tomorrow, but perhaps early next year. they live within walking distance of at&t park but they've never been to a game. >> i always wanted to go to a baseball game. >> reporter: still ahead we will tag along to a very special field trip organized for some inner city kids. it's a water leak that's lasted for weeks. how homeowners calling attention to the waste and the san jose water company's response to fixing the problem.
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