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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  August 29, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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it is a late night for lawmakers at the state capital. right now they are scrambling to send bills to the governor before the end of the legislature session. i'm mike mibach in for frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. ken pritchett is live at the capital with the flurry of bills and the lawmakers ending their term. >> reporter: lawmakers have dozen of bills before them today. it was a last minute rush. some of the legislation is historic some of it will affect all of us. >> reporter: from the use of
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drones, to a statewide ban on plastic bags. and historic regulations on ground water now there are none. that 7-1/2 billion water bond passed two weeks ago. and just letter on this week, the governor signed a kill bill sponsored by senator leno. >> this is a serious new epidemic of crime. >> reporter: and today senator leno spoke on behalf of a new $300,000 tax credit for california's film industry aimed at stopping the exdouse of film projects to more generous states. >> this is a unique bill. it has accountability in it like we've never seen before. >> reporter: a ban on plastic
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bags is about to head to the governor's desk. perhaps the most controversial bills before lawmakers, new regulations on ground water now essentially unregulated with aquafurs running dry. >> it's necessary that in this extreme drought that we -- >> reporter: some call the ground water bill which passed tonight historic. others called it a rush job. >> we haven't had policy hearings on this stuff yet we can have far reaching policy that reverses 150 years of water policy. >> reporter: this final session will be the last for some termed out lawmakers. the bay area senator cornin is leaving after 15 years. >> there could no better way to leave than knowing you're leaving with the state better off than when you started. >> reporter: well as for that bill to ban the use of plastic
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shopping bags here in california. we're actually still waiting for a final vote in the senate on that bill. it is expected to pass lawmakers will be here past midnight for some last minute votes that mainly housekeeping they'll be back in january. in sacramento, ken pritchett, ktvu news. more details on the other last minute bills. the assembly passed a measure that allowed police officers to get a restraining order an take guns away from people who are at risk of committing crimes. the senate unanimously passed a bill that requires better security around the state's electric grid. one other project lawmakers hope to get done involves tesla. they're hoping to convince the electric car builder to build a
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mega planet. and ktvu's amber lee live for us tonight outside of levi's stadium in santa clara. this punishment is unusually hard. >> reporter: some say the punishment is hard however they say alden smith should be punished but question a nine game suspension. big dreams of playing for the nfl on the football field at santa clara high. these students are scrimmages and learning their parents say from mistakes made from professional athletes such as alden smith. >> i show them, look you see that. you can't play, there's no tolerance. >> reporter: johnson's son is 27, from fathers to sons skwr- tz that's what's going to happen to you if you follow in those footsteps. >> reporter: a series of missteps off the field will now keep smith on the sidelines for more than half the season. the nfl says it is suspending the defensive linebacker for
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violating the league's substance abuse and personal conduct policy. >> nine games is too much for anybody that's been in trouble for so many timeless. so you know, -- so many times so you know, they have to do something. >> reporter: smith has been arrested for dui, drugs and weapons charges, along with being belligerent with the tsa. the team said smith has continued to show growth. we will continue to support them. >> nfl players are portrayed because they have the baby mama drama. i don't think it's always a positive spotlight. >> reporter: shandre smith number 84 plays wide receiver for santa clara high. she's also the center of lewis moore. the single mother says she's
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thought her son that being in the spotlight, actions have reprocautions. >> everything you do, whether it's facebook, or in real life everything you do is going to come back and haunt you if you don't do right. >> reporter: because he took that step, they thought his punishment would not be so harsh. reporting live in santa clara, amber lee. nascar driver tony stewart says he is ready to race this weekend for the first time since he was involved in a deadly accident with another driver. fellow drivers and nascar officials welcomed back stewart today at the atlanta motor speedway. he spoke publicly about the deadly collision three weeks ago when his car struck and kill kevin moore jr. in a car crash three weeks ago. >>this is something that will affect me forever.
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this is a sadness and a pain that i hope no one will have to experience in their life. nascar officials say they cleared stewart to drive even though the investigation into ward's death is not complete. the united kingdom raised its terror threat level in response to recent events in iraq and syria. the move is meant to indicate that a terrorist attack is highly likely but added there is no evidence to suggest an attack by isis militants is imminent. the terrorist who executed american journalist james foley is just one of more than 500 british people who have gone to iraq and syria to fight with isis. he calls it a bigger threat to our society than ever. >> this is not some foreign conflict thousands of miles from home that we can hope to ignore. >> meantime there are reports that syrian rebels have
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recovered a laptop belonging to an isis fighter. files on that laptop seem to indicate the laptop's owner was in the process of planning an attack involving biological weapons. five people claim law enforcement violated their rights. the lawsuit asked for 40 million in damages from the city of ferguson, st. louis county and local law enforcement. the plaintiffs are accusing police of assault and robbery and making false arrest during the unrest that followed the police shooting of michael brown. we're also learning about one of the officers that was deployed to ferguson earlier this month. we're learning he has resigned. during one of the protests, lieutenant ray alberts was caught on camera pointing an assault rifle at protesters and threatened to kill him. caltrans is keeping with its habit of getting work done over the long holiday weekend.
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this time it's a seismic retrofit project in san francisco. debora villalon is live at the road closed overnight getting some much needed retrofit. >> reporter: a 24 hour operation, both here and about a half mile down where there's an identical construction zone. tearing gaps in this freeway to replace two 50-year-old hinges. it's the sound of concrete breaking up and for caltranss the sound of long awaited work getting done. >> there are benchmarks all across the project. right now we're actually, we're going on time. >> reporter: on time to get a hinge like the one berubber replaced. hinges allow the road to expand and contract and shift without breaking during an earthquake. more relevant than ever after this week's quake. but this retrofit has been on
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the board for years. >> how can we make it safer? it's something that's been planned this is more like maintenance that's been planned for a long time. >> reporter: interstate 280 carries about 1,600 cars each day in and out of san francisco. heavy ware and tear and after the recent quake, the elevated freeways got another inspection. >> they came back and looked at this. there wasn't anything that stuck out to them. >> reporter: losing a key artery northbound into san francisco south of market neighborhood caused traffic to back up during today's get away. vehicles are being diverted. drivers coming into the city for the weekend should allow extra time because unlike earlier closures for hinge replacements, over memorial day and the fourth of july the giants are playing at home. on the bright side the last two times caltranses tackled these projects, they reopened not only by their deadline, but with hours to spare. >> what we always build in some
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time because once you start a job, it just kind of like, working on your house. you discover dry rot or something. takes a little bit more time to do that. >> reporter: down below an immense pile of concrete and rebar. crews have new concrete to pour, new rebar to place. and the target to reopen tuesday 5:00 a.m. in time for the morning commute. reporting live in san francisco, debora villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. new at 10:00, late word of the south bay traffic track coach facing multiple charges of having sex with a minor. officers the arrested francisco lopez. lopez is a track coach and campus assistant at san jose high school. he was booked on three felony sex offenses involving a minor. no further information was immediately available. tonight we're hearing from a pilot of a small plane after
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a scary moment in the sky. the plane was carrying a the pilot and a passenger. the single engine plane landed on its wheels. the planes fuel pump quit as the pilot was coming in to land and he had to think quickly. >> i figured, i'm not going to make it. if i can get it a little bit but i'm still losing power. i had to pick a place to land. you're trained in this every time you fly. >> reporter: both the pilot and passenger walked away from the incident uninjured. found in his car with a mask and a baseball bat. >> i don't think there's ever really any call to taking a baseball bat to another human being. >> the attack on an unsuspecting woman that led to an off duty police officers arrest. >> i'll detail when the cloud cover will clear up. >> next, after a week of clean up it's time to come together as a community. how music is helping the
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music and signs of strength in napa tonight from those who's lives were shaken most by last sunday's quake. it's been quite a week in napa. the 6.0 quake did more than just rattle nerves it disrupted many people's lives. >> but the disaster has given a community to show its resilience. cara liu live where thousands of people came together tonight to show support. >> reporter: still more than 100 people lingering out here in this outdoor napa amphitheater right now. this was not just another summer concert, this is a community coming together five days after they were rocked by earthquake. musicians played at memorial park like they have most
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fridays this summer. but tonight was so much more than a final summer concert. >> i just want normal again. and for napa city nights is normal. it's what we do every friday night. i just wanted to kind of feel like things are back to normal. - - >> reporter: people brought their lawn chairs to gather with their neighbors. >> i really think that what people need is kind of a fresh start emotionally. because when the ground moves underneath you it feels, it unsettles you. >> reporter: earthquake trauma is still very fresh for many. >> it's sad, it's the first time i've come downtown to actually see. it's pretty sad to see how our town is affected. it's sad, people's livelihoods, lives. >> when you go to bed at night you're thinking of that night when the earthquake came. >> reporter: but there's also commitment to help each other
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regroup and rebuild. >> we really want everyone to know that napa is not dead. we're all here. we're not going down without a fight. >> reporter: napa strong, that's what we've been hearing out here. napa strong and we have certainly seen many signs of that. live in napa, cara liu, ktvu news. an unexpected problem is emerging for people cleaning up the damage from the earthquake. window glass left shattered on sidewalks and on the streets can be recycled. it turns out this type of glass melts at higher temperatures and experts tell us it must be disposed of in garbage bins. >> the glass that's coming out of a window is not a food grade glass. you can typically recycle a food grade glass like a bottle. >> there's people who lost
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their water. 20 remaining breaks were repaired today. as of this afternoon 153 buildings have been red tagged as unsafe to enter. about 900 more are yellow tagged meaning people who live or work there should use caution. sunday's earthquake is considered the likely cause of a mysterious flow of water that has suddenly appeared in wild horse creek near cordelea. neighbors say the creek is dry up until last weekend. they worry two large reservoirs that are above the creek may be leaking and sending water into the stream. the city of vallejo asked state inspectors to take a look at that dam. today the inspectors determined there are no signs of cracking. >> i think what happened was that the shaking opened up some of the fishes that are in this rock material. and i think we have pockets of ground water. my suspicion is that it's going to drain down. >> city officials said the tests show the water in the creek is chemically different than what's flowing in the
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reservoirs. >> the last major department store in downtown oakland is closing its doors this weekend. ktvu's rob roth reports on the changing times and the city's hope that new businesses will take its place and be a better fit for the area. >> reporter: at this sears it's almost closing time. everything must close and is going including the clothing rack. come sunday there will be no major department stores in a downtown that once included such major retailers as magden and of course sears. >> we really don't have much to shop from in oakland. there's not very much. whenever anything leaves we miss it. >> reporter: but there's hardly any tears being shed for the departure of sears. many people see department
10:20 pm
stores from a different era. there's more hipper stores with restaurants on the down floor with tech companies in higher floors. oakland has been courting tech companies. >> this is wow. what a great opportunity. >> reporter: new by the men's warehouse also closed this month. it's hard to determine what will take its place. there's a push to have smaller stores such as allen wood, a clothing store. >> it's time for something smaller and room for small and more businesses in oakland. >> reporter: but some residents still see fewer shopping options. >> what are you going to do now? >> reporter: go out of town. that's the only thing i can do. >> this community needs stores
10:21 pm
and businesses. i like downtown. it's kind of sad. >> reporter: the store is expected to undergo a renovation and should reopen in 12 to 18 months. rob roth, ktvu. a lot of clouds streaming in off the pacific. this is from that hurricane that brought all the swell to southern california. it's just kind of gone north. it's not a hurricane just a subtropical moisture. just pushing our way. as we go into the evening hour it's going to be cloudy. that's why it feels a little sticky out there. humidity is up. we have fog right along the coast. as we look in a little closer you have fog in nine bay area -- you have clouds in all nine bay area counties. sfo is 12 and nine in mountain view. kind of light winds. still 80 in antioch. 69 in fairfield. 67 in livermore. you can bet it's sticky and muggy. even in san francisco you have
10:22 pm
61. that's because that subtropical air mass that comes in warms everything up. overnight lows tonight are going to be most likely in the 60s in many places. it's going to feel kind of muggy. tonight here we are. here's the clouds. as we go into tomorrow. see the high clouds, they clear out. the fog pulls in along the coast and we will see temperatures tomorrow that warm just like today maybe a degree or two warmer in the fog right along the coast. when i come back, we're going to be looking at the long range holiday weekend. tomorrow a lot like today. a little more humid and it clears out with temperatures a degree or two warmer. then we come back and talk about your sunday and monday. and what may have turned out to be a case of mistaken idea. >> you don't take matters into
10:23 pm
your own hands and act violently. >> the twist in the case, the person was an off duty police officer. bulldog: if you're like me,
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a bay area police officer is under arrest accused of attacking a woman with a baseball bat while off duty. the officer is a 30 year veteran of the walnut creek police department. the victim is expected to survive. ktvu's allie rasmus found out what makes the case even more unusual is the victim and alleged attacker apparently did not even know each other. >> reporter: 2:00 a.m. on august 16th. people on wilson and clinton avenues in richmond woke up to a commotion outside. >> we had already gone to bed and just keep hearing a banging or something kind of hard to describe. >> reporter: cara found out later that something noise was the sound of a violent attack. >> the police officer said it was probably the gentleman's baseball bat hitting the car
10:26 pm
across the street. or hitting the woman. >> reporter: 53-year-old gregory thompson a walnut creek police officer is accused of beating a woman with a baseball bat. thompson is a 30 year veteran of the police department. the victim didn't know thompson she just happened to be walking through the neighborhood after her car ran out of gas. >> we don't have a motive in this case but we're looking at the possibility that maybe there was a mistaken identity. that maybe someone else was supposed to be targeted. we don't know at this point. >> reporter: the empty home near where the attack happened belonged to thompson's parents. even if thompson was trying to protect his family's property from vandals that night. >> you call the police, you don't take matters into your own hands and act violently. >> reporter: we we believe t he -- we went by a home listed in
10:27 pm
thompson's name but no one answered the door. he has been remained from patrol duties and will remain on paid leave during this investigation. allie rasmussen. it happened just before 11:00 last night a few hundred feet to the east of the bay bridge toll plaza. offices say suna bay ram hit the white plastic lane divider and crashed her bike. >> hit in essence a pedestrian now that was lying on the road and needed aid. >> police officers say they have a license plate of the driver. her motorcycle helmet likely caused front end damage.
10:28 pm
a mount diablo school district has found a way to beef up campus security by bringing back school resource officers. the school district did away with those officers in 2012 when their budget was cut. but a new fund has paid for their return. there's four resource officers and assigned to campuses in the district. adam jed you -- jedue is tasked with keeping a watchful eye over hundreds of students. >> i've been to classes in the past on school violence. it's always in the back of my mind. i think about it every day when i'm here. >> reporter: a superintendent of the mountain view district tells us bringing back school resource officers was a big priority. forget home field advantage. the california drought mean as high school football team doesn't even have a home field this year. plus hundreds of bay area students waiting for school buses. but they never came. why the district says it
10:29 pm
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this holiday weekend means classic cars, revved up engines and nostalgia. but this isn't just a story about cars it's a love story. jana katsuyama is live now in
10:32 pm
novato where people have spent years getting their cars ready for events such as this one. jana. >> reporter: i want you to check out this car. it's a 56 thunder bird. people might recognize it from that film american graffiti. just one of the many cars bringing the past to the streets of novato. revving engines signals the sounds of history rolling into town. >> looking good honey. >> reporter: classic cars bringing fancy paint jobs and chrome, lots of chrome. members attribute team american graffiti brought replicas of cars from films. >> we cleaned our cars, shined them on saturday and went chasing girls. >> reporter: today 250 engines roared and drove into town putting smiles on spectators. >> this as you can tell brought quite a crowd out tonight.
10:33 pm
>> reporter: each car a labor of love for their owners of all ages. tony raffi at 16 is just old enough to drive. his first car a 1922 model t ford hot rod. >> my dad and i restored it. i paid my dad back to restore it. >> reporter: it's been a lifetime love affair. >> it's a 88. i got 88,000 miles on it now. >> reporter: he got the car when he was 15 years old. these cars aren't just about getting from a to b. they're about the journey, a life's history on wheels. >> as i'm getting older i would lose a little interest. but as soon as i get back into it, it brings you back in time. >> reporter: nostalgia days
10:34 pm
continues tomorrow. and it all ends with another classic car parade at 4:00. reporting live in novato. jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. hundreds of special education students in oak -- oakland students were left stranded. one mother said when a bus finally did show up the 10 minute ride to school took 2- 1/2 hours. now the oakland unified school district is taking responsibility. administrators said they picked a new bus vendor called first student. and when school started this week the company did not have enough bus drivers and was apparently confuse about some of the bus routs. >> we're extremely disappointed in our own performance and we're working to improve it. >> there's some parents that can lose their job if they have to leave to pick up their children. >> reporter: the district say it is problem will be fixed for next week. the first student bus company says it's getting help to get the job done in a statement to ktvu the company said we are
10:35 pm
short a few drivers but are quickly closing the gap and have enlisted american logistics to assist us in servicing the osud this sunday. and the cost of riding munni is about to rise. the daily cost for adults will go to $2.25. that's the first increase since 2009. monthly passes for nummi will rise to $68. monthly passes for people to ride both muni and b.a.r.t. will jump. dometsk, reporters today said one of the six tanks they
10:36 pm
spot has russian army supplies. at least 1,000 russian crews are in ukraine. news chopper 2 was over the stadium and you can see crews had about half of the field sodded. this is the third time crews have had to put down sod in the new stadium. before their last home preseason game. coach harbaugh pulled the team off the field because his players were slipping. crews hope this new sod will be permanent. and the weekend be sure to catch our special all access pass to levi's stadium. it airs this sunday night at 11:00 p.m. right after the 10:00 news. the mother of a san francisco man who was struck and killed by a garbage truck is struggling to cope with her son's death. as david stevenson reports, alvin andru -- andrus was on the job cleaning up trash in the bay view district when the accident happened. >> reporter: the photo of alvin
10:37 pm
andrus was taken two years ago. >> no sisters and no brothers just him. >> reporter: the 62-year-old man was recently assigned by the human resources agency to clean streets alongside department of public works crews. yesterday morning a garbage truck backed over him killing him less than a mile from his mother's home. alvin loved baseball, football and wrestling and hoped to earn a full time job with the city. >> you have the man, the guy in that truck telling him what to do. >> reporter: the department of public works says it appears that alvin may have slipped as the truck was backing up this morning, the city ordered training for those who aren't used to working with trucks. >> the safety protocall in terms of alerting them when the truck was starting to move did
10:38 pm
happen. >> reporter: overton says she's relying with her faith to come to terms with her loss. >> it'll be okay. i think it'll be okay. because maybe it was supposed to be. >> reporter: the san francisco department of human resources tells us it's considering andrus a city employee and that its survivors are eligible for death benefits and funeral expenses. crews from oakland are cleaning up after a main break. water was blasting up right there from the ground. before crews arrived on scene some drivers though had a little bit of fun with it. at one point it looked like some of them used that geyser as a free car wash. firefighters managed to turn off that water a few minutes after arriving right there on
10:39 pm
scene. in touchdowns on friday night lights on this field. the problems that are canceling one school's games. and the box said toy car but that's not what was inside. the squirming surprise when security opened one package at san francisco international airport. female announcer: through labor day at sleep train,
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apple is getting lots of attention over a mysterious three story building it is building. apple is going to use the all white enclosure for major product announcement on september 9. a delivery truck driver told us that security is quite tight. >> as far as i know everything is top secret. they don't tell us anything. they make us sign nondisclosures and that's all i know. >> reporter: the location is significant for apple. steve jobs unveiled the first mcintosh 20 years ago. in 12 days apple is expected to unveil its new iphone with a larger screen and possibly a wearable computer rumors to be the long awaited i watch. customs agents say they made a surprising discovery at sfo while inspects a package from germany. they found about 20 giant
10:43 pm
millipedes in a box falsely labeled car model. it's believed the person shipping the millipedes expected them as a pet but didn't have the right -- the program has helped students with behavior problems, improving their social skills and fine tuning emotional needs. >> it really helped the classroom environment because instead of having these explosive students in the classroom everybody was able to be at a more normal level. >> when i started doing it i really didn't like it. but now, it calms me down when i'm angry. or like when i want to hurt someone. >> the nonprofit program was founded by a former teacher who realized how much children
10:44 pm
could benefit from a few minutes of meditation. some schools in richmond say they've cut the number of suspensions in half since starting yoga. well it is something hundreds of bay area families look forward to each year. but this holiday tradition may come to an end. what needs to happen to save the parade. plus how the drought is forcing a high school football team to play its home games on the field of its biggest rival.
10:45 pm
10:46 pm
just as the high school season is getting under way. one local program is being left high and dry by the drought. severe water restrictions have taken a toll on the football field at santa cruz high and as ktvu's ann rubin found out that means no home advantage for the cardinals this season. >> reporter: when they look at the brown uneven surface of their field santa cruz high school football players aren't
10:47 pm
thinking of the touchdowns that could have happened here. but rather the injuries. >> twisted ankle, concussions it's pretty dangerous out there. >> reporter: the field is considered unplayable. a long hard summer took its toll. >> the drought happened. the city is restricting water use and this is the result. >> reporter: over the past beak -- week, a late in the game exception has allowed for some additional watering but the damage has done. >> can you imagine being a senior football player and not having the opportunity to play on your home field under the lights on a friday night. >> reporter: the impact reaches further than just that. the athletic booster club will take a hit too. >> we rely on our snack bar which is located right over there to get that revenue. and through home games, well obviously we won't be here on
10:48 pm
home games we'll be at another school. >> reporter: they'll be at so cal high school which happens to have artificial turf it also happens to be their arch nemesis. davis says they'll be losing all the advantages of playing at home. >> playing at so cal we're not going to have as many fans as we would like. probably our biggest rival, cross town rival. >> reporter: still he says while the santa cruz field isn't in good condition the team is. >> it's pretty disappointing but, you know i think that we can get through it and still do pretty good this year. >> there's talk of replacing this field with new grass or even artificial turf at some point in the future. in the meantime the school hopes to rehabilitate this in time for senior night in november ann rubin. many oakland residents are reacting with disaappointment tonight to news that the city's holiday parade for children has been cancelled. america's children's holiday parade has been a tradition for the past 15 years but the
10:49 pm
oakland chamber of commerce who has been the primary sponsor has decided to switch its role. unless another organization steps forward the parade won't happen this year. holiday weekend is upon us and your saturday looks pretty nice. like today except less cloud cover. so it's kind of humid out there. these are the highs now slightly cooler today. but with the humidity the moisture it felt warmer right. antioch was 94. if you're out in the antioch it felt like 94. 73 in oakland and 79 in hayward. highs today add a couple of degrees. you can see the rotation still in that old hurricane. now that moisture is just getting caught up in the jet flow. it's going to pull over the top of us as we go into the next 12 to 18 hours. then it should start to clear out. pretty rapidly by lunchtime
10:50 pm
tomorrow. when it does we will get rid of the humidity or at least a percentage of it. that fog is going to be there. there will be some breaks. forecast highs tomorrow are going to be like i said a couple of degrees warmer than today minus the cloud cover. here we have the fog forecast for tomorrow morning. the high clouds have gone now by 8:00 or 9:00. the humidity will linger a little bit but the high clouds are gone. and there are your high clouds. which look a lot like yesterday's highs. san francisco you're 58. forecast high in san francisco tomorrow daytime high you're going to start out in the 50s and end up in the upper 60s. i think you will hit 71, 72 degrees up in noe valley and places like that. 61degrees for if official high in downtown san francisco. mid-80s in some of the warmest spots downtown. a nice looking saturday. sunday is not much different.
10:51 pm
monday is not much different. there'll be subtle temperature changes maybe a degree or two warmer but not much. the forecast high tomorrow, sorry about that first panel let me go back to it if i can here. okay now we're in trouble. there we go. 95 in clear lake. 93 in helena. 92 in antioch. 75 in san leandro. good air quality nice looking day. take these numbers and roll them right into sunday. roll them into monday and you will see that in the five day forecast coming up. nice looking holiday weekend ahead. i hope a lot of you folks have the time off because the weekend looks great. slightly warmer as we go into the next several days but no major stuff. it's time to talk about baseball and the giants. >> yeah, big night for them. and you know just the fact that, i know how closely you follow them frank. but the way they're talking baseball the way it went in
10:52 pm
june and july. tim lincecum ineffective and a list of giant abnormalities long. but just keep the killer ps healthy. posey and pence and the fans saw him. also saw for the first time just a true offensive explosion. the best of the year at at that time. there's hanson doing it all day long. buster posey unbelievable of late. first giant's catcher ever to have two five hit games in the same season. two run triple here. he's on fire, five for five tonight. three rbis. most runs at home this year. 19 hits, joe panic had four of them and gregoire blanco into the act. a home run, two run shot. 13-2 final.
10:53 pm
vogolsan final strong for his eighth win. downtown south. you don't have to tell a's fans when things started going down south. another reminder tonight. john lester on the mound wasn't enough to stop the angels heavy momentum. scoreless in the fifth. here's the big play. chris iannetta. look at the glove over the wall, his momentum knocked the ball lose. it's a 2-run homer and coco had to leave the game with a neck strain. 2-0. a's only five hits on the night. weaver mesmerizes him. 4-0. a's now trail the angels by three fold in the west. they did not look the other way and the lenience was not in the conversation when it comes to discipline nfl style for alden smith.
10:54 pm
details on his suspension, the raiders like to have themselves a rookie star at quarterback when the season opens in about a week. sports part ii next.
10:55 pm
10:56 pm
basically a two year rampage of misconduct.
10:57 pm
dui charges, illegal weapon possession with a bomb threat at l.a.x. to top it off. the nfl reacts harshly to alden smith's antics. nine game suspension stemming from all those run-ins with the law. can't play until after the new orleans game. can go to team meetings and is about to lose 10.2 million of his salary. they just might have themselves a star rookie quarterback. karr three touchdown passes against the seahawks. he could be the opening day starter. >> honestly that's up for coach allen to talk about. my job like he said from day one was to come in and compete your tail off and just help this team win. that's all i'm doing no matter what i'm in the fourth preseason game or whether i'm on the bench. it doesn't matter, i'm just going to try to help us win. >> kind of exciting for the
10:58 pm
raiders. they could use a little bump and opening against the jets he might be the guy. >> exciting to watch. mark thank you. thanks for joining us tonight. have a great weekend. good night. bulldog: you don't need to camp out 'til labor day to reward yourself. get a queen size serta mattress and box spring set for just $397. not to labor the point, but this sale ends monday. ♪ mattress discounters
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