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tv   KTVU Channel Two News at 430am  FOX  September 8, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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a pretty good little breeze. a little cooler here this morning. a lot more 50s and 60s. napa is west. oakland is west. it looks like it's mainly south. all the way down into southern california as weld. for us it will be fog and low clouds. could be a few little clouds and showers off to the east. high clouds south and east. coolest day of the week. low 80s for some. here is sal. all right, steve, good morning. we are off to a decent start. the traffic looks good. you can see traffic is moving along well. even the traffic is doing good. for the most part, we are off to a decent start. if you are drying to the to plaza, that traffic continues to look good with no major
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issues. also looking at the nimitz freeway, that traffic southbound is off to a nice start. if you want to get a nice start on the s. senator mccain bridge. 4:30 let's go back to the desk. a search for a mountain lion that attacked a six-year- old boy will resume this morning. it happened on a hiking trail behind a winery. janine de la vega has more on the boy's condition and the plan for this morning. janine. >> reporter: good morning. the boy is in fair condition at the hospital but dangers still exist for anyone who may want to use this trail here. right behind the winery. park rangers and wardens will come in and search for the mountain lion. they will use dna testing from it to make sure it's the right animal. and then they will kill it. yesterday afternoon the six- year-old was hiking with his
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family when a mountain lion came from behind and dragged the boy off. he suffered lacerations and rushed to the hospital for treatment. >> that makes your heartbreak and to think the child's participants were nearby and what they were going through i heard the mown tape lion attack them from behind and i can't imagine going through that. >> while mountain lion sightings are common attacks on humans are rare. but they must be identified, tested for rabies and destroyed. search crews will be out here looking for the animal. reporting live janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. the department of fish and game says the mountain lion attacks are rare in california. since 1986, there have been 13 incidents. the most recent was in 2012 when a 63-year-old man was
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attacked in nevada county. there have been three deadly attacks. the last person killed was a 35- year-old man. that was in 2004. fish and game says if you do see a mountain lion don't run. instead, try to make a lot of noise. a dog died in and a firefighter is recovering from injuries after a fire at an apartment building. it happened on restreet at 5:30 yesterday afternoon. four families evacuated safely but two dogs got trapped in the fire. one of the dogs died. the oh is expected to survive. a firefighter was also taken to the hospital for minor injuries. investigators say the fire was caused by unattended food that was left on the stove. arnold schwarzenegger will be back in california. he will join jerry brown at a imsymposium. and then he will attend a
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ceremony at the state patrol to unvail his official governors portrait. republicans appear to have made progress in attracting tech voters. antitax advocate grover attended this years burning manifest val -- burning man festival. mark zuckerberg hosted a fundraiser at his house last year for chris christie and accepted christie's ice bucket challenge. waste management is fighting the city of oakland's new for a ballot measure challenging the contract. if the company can gather enough signatures by the september 28th deadline, the measure would be on the ballot but not until 2016. waste management has also filed
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a lawsuit over the city's decision to award a $1 billion contract to oakland based california waste solution. hawaii legalized same sex marriage in december so that appeal may be dismissed but the ninth circuit court of appeals has scheduled two hours of arguments. the appeals court has previously ruled in favor of gay marriage so have federal judges across the country over the past year. expect in louisiana where a judge upheld a ban in that state last week. the founder of one of the nation's largest fast food chains has died. two years ago kathy's son dan said he supported the biblical definition of the family unit which drew protest by gay
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rights groups. today chic-fil-a has surpassed kfc. as expected 49ers defensive tackle ray mcdonald starts against dallas. hotter coach jim harbaugh said he allowed mcdonald to play. and mcdomed was entitled to dew prom syces. enter it's a situation that has to go through the process. we don't know any situation on what happened that night or that morning. >> no formal charges have been filed against mcdouble. however, critics say the decision to play him makes a mockery of the nfl's new zero
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tolerance policy toward domestic violence. the ray mcdonald controversy did not appear to distract him. running back frank gore passed 10,000 rushing backs. derrick car was the only rookie quarterback to start during week one of the nfl season. but car had a rough nfl debut in yesterday's game against the new york jets. the jets beat the raiders 19- 14. the raider rookie also struggled trying to connect with his wide receiver. the 49ers will play their first regular home game on seasoned. but police report a numb of problems inside and outside the stadium spur an international soccer game from saturday night. santa clara police say there were 45 arrests. mainly for alcohol related crashes.
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a suspected drunk driver hit his officers outside the stadium. tonight the city of oakland is scheduled to hold a public hearing on plans to build new homes. right now there is a proposal for a coliseum city which would feature a sports and entertainment complex. last week the chronicle reported the raiders and city reached a tentative deal for construction of a new stadium. the idea is have restaurants, businesses for fans to go to around the stadium generating money for the city and developers. tonight's meet willing take place at 6:00 at city hall. and the raiders will formerly present a $2-h thousand check to oakland's park and recreation department. the grant money will help pay for a turf field. the ceremony officially kicks off raider week in oakland. also new this morning buckingham palace is confirming
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kate middleton and prince william are expecting their first child. the new baby will back fourth in line for the thrown. >> they don't mess around. >> no. coming up another fire eventing yosemite. this time inside the park. the dramatic evacuations at one of owe semisee test big -- yosemite's biggest tourist attractions. >> right now we are off to a decent start as you are driving around, looking at the system system bridge. that is an excellent choice. it looks good. we'll tell you more about the bay bridge and the other bridges as we cross the bay. >> a lot of high and mid level clouds south and east of us. temperatures it looks like this will be the coolest day of the
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week. we'll show you what is on the extended outlook.
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welcome back. time is 4:42. relatives of the victims of may lay sha airlines flight 370 gathered in beijing today. the flight was in route from beijing to malaysia when it dropped off the radar. there were 239 people on board. search crews are focusing their efforts in the southern indian ocean. they will begin using a wide range of sophisticated sonar equipment. however the process could take up to a year. a hotel in kentucky partially collapsed a after a driver collapsed into the bidding and hit a gas meter. it appears the driver was trying to pull into a parking space at the fairfield inn in lexington last night but he accidentally hit the gas pedal instead of the break and crashed into the building. gas started leaking from the
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gas meter and hotel employees began evacuating guests. ten minutes later there was an explosion. >> all of a sudden we just hear boom, shake. everybody goes different directions. chaos. >> two firefighters suffered minor injuries. two men are behind bars after a hit and run that killed two women and a four-year-old boy. a woman, her daughter-in-law, and her grandchildren were walking in their neighborhood saturday evening. police say a car veered off the road and hit them. the car hit a nearby home. the two women died at the scene. neighbors were able to catch one of them. the other was found in and arrested several hours later. police believe alcohol and speed were factors in that crash. two people are recovering after being hit by a speaker.
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he was watching a romantic movie when a 60-pound speaker came loose from the wall. the speaker left a huge gash on his fore head along with cuts on his knows and chipped tooth. his girlfriend was also hit on the head. time is 4:45. health officials are worried about the spread of a rare virus that has sent hundreds of children to the intensive care unit in ten states. >> a couple days ago i couldn't breathe at all. >> matt is just one of more than 900 kids in colorado hospitalized for the illness. doctors say symptoms start out to look like a common cold but
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can worsen into life threatening breathing problems. doctors are especially concerned for kids with asthma. >> my head started hurting after my lungs started sort of closing up. >> he just passed out. >> doctors have not identified the mystery virus. but it's similar to the inter row virus in 68. a hearing is scheduled on whether a teacher accused of molesting 14 students will be retried on some charges. the district attorney office is expected to ask for more time a
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jury acquitted martin of 21 counts including three boys. martin is still being held in jail. san francisco workers may be able to stay with that plan for another year. that was supposed to change at the end of the year because of the affordable care act. now there is word that the department of public works could extend the health think coverage. san rafael police department is is using social media to help reunit people with their lost items. the pinterest page will be used to post photos of items that were turned in.
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as apple prepares to unvail new products in cupertino apple fans are waiting in line. analysts believe apple will unvail the iphone six, possibly a smart watch. technology leaders are in san francisco. this is video from last years event. ceo's from uber, air b & b and others will be there. >> good luck to you, sal. if you have other business to do at an apple store. that is always a bummer. you just want to get in and do
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one little thing. >> sometimes they set things up so you can get in. >> that is true. >> let's see what we have with the morning commute. it starts off pretty well at the bay bridge toll plaza. no major problems get into the city. the drive time is 8-10 minutes from the oakland side all the way over to san francisco. there are no major problems on the lower deck. on the san francisco side or the new east span. san mateo bridge looks good heading out to the high-rise with no major problems. if you are drive into the livermore valley already a little heavy truck traffic coming in. but livermore traffic looks good. 4:49 let's go back to steve. low clouds in place. the remains of know bert.
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but this system right there will probably prevent any cloud cover from coming in here. provides more of a drier south, southwest flow. a little cooler here on the lows. more 50s and 60s. some of the cooler locations i think will change some upper 40s and low 50s to the north. westerly component even out to livermore. west at hayward. west at sfo. water temps are very mild. 48 up in tahoe. for us a few clouds out to the san joaquin valley. maybe southern sacramento valley. the main source of that
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moisture continues to be the south. phoenix is getting slammed. look at that. that is a lot of moisture. and a little bit of it looks like light showers. norbert falls apart. sends the cloud cover of our way. some clouds partly cloudy. this can be the coolest day of the week. temperatures will warm up a little bit more on tuesday. fog, sun, breezy, high clouds south and east. it could be a few pop up showers. for us 70s and 80s. temperatures start to pop up here again tomorrow. and then after that. bay side and inland will be in some of the warmer categories. putting immigration on the back burner until after the november election. >> time for him to comply.
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and actually do something about that now. >> why the president will wait to take executive action.
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welcome back. 4:53 is the time.
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an airport near atlanta cleaning up the damage from a weekend storm that over turned four small planes. officials say the strong winds damaged more than a dozen planes. this sat henry county airport in georgia. flipped over for them. no one was hurt. one plane was moved almost 1 hurricane yards by that wind. the threat of flash flooding in southern california now over but that is after a series of thunderstorms moved through the area flooding streets and submerging cars. yesterday's rain lasted less than an hour but dumped about three inches in parts of river side county. in some areas the water was up to four feet deep. hundreds of drivers became stranded in their cars as the freeways and roads quickly flooded. >> i walked out to that car because it had lights on it. we called 911, no one was there. this car here it started floating. >> officials are reporting
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thousands of damage. they will be built in sections. future construction will hinge on the availability of funding about $4.5 million in funding so far. the trail is is expected to cost $17 million. the continuing drought is forcing bears out of the nevada wilderness. they captured a six-year-old female bear last thursday. it's the second time the bear has been caught near a populated area. officials say it's normal for bears in search of food and water to move closer to homes. >> she is a drought bear coming down this time of year look for apples. not really causing any problems. just being a bear. >> wildlife officials put a tracking device on the bear.
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dozens of homes were evacuated at one point. investigators determine that fire was started by a target shooter. no charges were filed. it's also been two weeks since a major earthquake caused damage in the north bay. the new service that is opening today. >> safe and sound after a frantic search. a six-year-old boy is back with his family. the surprising place where he was discovered. >> right now we are look at san francisco. northbound 101 approaching the 80 split. the traffic looks good. plenty of low clouds in place. and also thundershower activity. today looks to be the coolest day of the week.
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we are life in san
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francisco where a critical shortage of ambulances happened in the city for the second time within a weeks span. we'll let you know what we found out. >> a growing wild fire forced hikers out of yosemite. >> plus a missing autistic boy found safe at a homeless camp. good morning. we want to take you live to the cupertino area. this is where the search will resume this morning for a mountain lion that attacked a six-year-old boy. ktvu janine de la vega will have more on that attack. the boy's condition, and why authorities need to track down that mountain li it's monday, september 8th i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm d.c. kg. let's talk about weather and
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traffic. steve paulson is busy in the weather center. he's pulling everything together for your monday morning. >> some of those rain totals. over a quarter inch to three inches for some. a lot of that moisture is east and south of us. we have the low clouds in place. up in the sierra. for us 50s on the temps. noticeably cooler here. and you get 26 gusts to 35. there is a westerly component for everybody. plenty of fog and low clouds. you can see that right there. mother load up toward the sierra. generally south of tahoe. fog, sun, breezy. high clouds south and east. us will be the coolest day of the week. temperatures will start a little rebound tomorrow. we'll have more of that coming up. 60s and 70s and mayly -- and


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