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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 17, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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command will introduce the president today as they wait for the president to take the stage, senior white house senior correspondent life for us on the north lawn. good morning. >> good morning, martha. the president is matching the assembly a day after the joint chief of staff said he might recommend u.s. ground troops join the fight against isis or isil. now, mr. obama has said u.s. forces will not have a combat mission, though pilots and drones will fly air strikes. general mark dempsey supports that strategy but he also says "if we reach a point i believe our advisors should accompany iraq you troops on attacks against specific isil targets, i will recommend that to be president." the house voting to authorize money to train and equipped syrian rebels. palmer's will move on the military authorization ac aftere
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november election when democrats are less likely to object. the president coming under fire from republicans is the u.s. should commit to defeat this terrorist group whatever it takes and has come under fire from some democrats who are skeptical about the 1600 troops that mr. obama has already sent to iraq to bolster security at the u.s. diplomatic installations and train iraqi forces be at general dempsey says he has already turned down one request for u.s. spo spotten the battle to take multiple dams. he's a found a way to do that without putting u.s. troops on the ground. the new prime minister says they are neither wanted nor necessary in the fight against isis. martha: we have heard from nancy pelosi who said she would not vote to put combat troops on the ground and as you point out, general dempsey is now on the record saying he feels that is was necessary to achieve the goals of degrading and destroying isis as the president has presented it, he will as any
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field commander or chairman of chief staff go to the president and say this or president, this is my recommendation. the president said he will not go that route, so we now find ourselves in a situation wondering who will win that discussion if it ever comes down to it as they didn't need to wait and watch for the president to make his appearance adjusting the camera as they get ready for him to be there. one of the other things discussed in this whole thing is whether or not the president will have follow-through on his decision to degrade and destroy this group and that maybe some of what we're seeing today. the attention to this issue and the message to the american people that he is very serious about this. >> the white house explains general dempsey comments by saying it is the military's role to come up with potentially planning for all sorts of contingencies.
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it is a president's role, they say, to set policy. they make it clear mr. obama will do that. if consultation with the general to central command and on the ground in iraq, central command governs the middle east, central africa. as the president takes the stand. martha: let's listen in. president obama: hello, macdill. i want to thank general austin for his introduction, exceptional leadership. go ahead. it is better when lloyd is not standing next to me, because i don't look small. general austin has done such extra night work commending our forces in iraq today as a commander. i want to thank somebody else for his lifetime of service to america first as a soldier who fought in vietnam now as our century of defense, chuck hagel.
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give it up for chuck. [applauding] chuck was here a few weeks ago to welcome the new head of special operations command, general job hotel , give joe a big round of applause. [applauding] for those of you who don't know, 13 years ago joe led his team of army rangers in afghanistan to establish our first stay there. by jumping out of the plane alongside him, joe is a tough guy. and he knows what he is doing and cannot think of anybody who is more qualified to head up our special forces, so we want to thank joe for accepting this assignment. you'll remember congress, kathy
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is here, give kathy a big round of applause. [applauding] there she is right there. your wing commander. your senior enlisted leaders, sergeant chris grecka, chief master sergeant matt lusuh. and most of all i want to salute all the spouses and military families on base, because let's be honest, they are the force behind the force. [applauding] i spent time with some of them last night, and it is clear why our military's finest force in the history of the world,
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because our military families are serving right alongside them. i know we have some air force in the house. [cheering and applauding] it is great to be at the home of the six air mobility wing. 927 air refueling wing. we have some army here, maybe n, marines, coast guard. [laughter] we love our coast guard. now, i'm not here to give a long speech but what i want to do is come down and shake some hands did i just received a briefing from general austin and met with your commanders. i met with representatives with
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more than 40 nations. it is a true team effort here at macdill, and i came here to say the same thing i have been saying to troops on bases across this country, around the world, and a few months ago. on behalf of the american peop people, i want to thank all of you for your service. i want to thank you all for your sacrifice, wants to thank you for your commitment to each other and your commitment to our country. as your commander in chief, i could not be more proud of each and every one of you. for nearly 75 years, the men and women of macdill have lived a commitment to airmen mission and communities. you supported our troops through each generation of challenges. and as home to central command and special operations command, you have shouldered some of the heaviest response abilities in dealing with the challenges of
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this new century. for more than a decade, ever since that awful so tender morning 13 years ago, ever since joe and his rangers took that jump a month later, you and all our men and women in uniform have borne the burden of war. some of you are quite professionals, special forces among the first to go. when the decision was made to go into iraq, you were there. when we refocus the fight back to afghanistan, you were there. you have served with skill and honor and commitment and professionalism, and some of you carried the wounds of these wars. some of you lost friends. today we remember all who have given their lives in these wars, and we stand with their families given more than most americans could ever imagine. and we honor those sacrifices forever.
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but here's what i want every single one of you to know. because of you, this 9/11 generation of heroes have done everything asked of you and met every mission tasked to you. we are doing what set out to do. because of you, usama bin laden is no more. because of you, the core al qaeda leadership in afghanistan and pakistan has been decimated. because of you, afghans are reclaiming their communities. afghan forces have taken the lead for their country's security. in three months because of you our combat mission will be over in afghanistan and our war in afghanistan will come to a responsible and good that's because of you. you and our counterterrorism professionals have prevented terrorist attacks, saved american lives, made our homeland more secure. but we've always known that the end of the war in afghanistan
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didn't mean the end of threats or challenges to america. here at macdill you knew this and have known this as well as anybody. you played a central role in our combat and counterterrorism operations. you make sure our troops and pilots get what they needed in order to get the job done. you trained forces around the world for countries can take responsibility for their own security. the six air mobility wing is continually deployed supporting our humanitarians and combat operations around the world. ready to defend. your work is as vital as ever. because in an unsearchable world full of breathtaking change, the one constant is american leadership. in a world where technology provides a small group of
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killers with the ability to do terrible harm, it is america that has the capacity and the will to mobilize th world againt terrorists including the group in syria and iraq known as isil. our intelligence community, as i said last week, is not yet specific plot against america, but if leaders have repeatedly threatened america and our allies, and right now the terrorists pose a threat to the people of iraq, the people of syria, the broader middle east including our personnel, our embassies, our consulate and our facilities there, and if left unchecked they could pose a growing threat to the united states. the last month i gave the order for our military to begin taking targeted action against isil. and since then, our brave pilots and crews with your help have conducted more than 16 150 airstrikes against these terrorists. because of your efforts, we can
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able to protect our personnel in our facilities to kill isil fighters and given space for iraqi and kurdish forces reclaim key territory. that helped our partners on the ground break isil sieges, help rescue civilians cornered on a mountain. help save the lives of thousands of innocent men, women and children. that's what you've done. going forward as an old last week, we're going to degrade and ultimately destroy isil three, hence of and sustained counterterrorism strategy. and whether it iraq or syria, these terrorists will learn the same thing the leaders of al qaeda already know. we mean what we say, our reach is long, if you threaten america, you will find no safe haven, we will find you eventually. [cheering and applauding]
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but, and this thing i want to emphasize, this is not and will not be america's fight alone. one of the things we learned over this last decade is america can make a decisive difference, but i want to be clear, the american forces that have been deployed to iraq do not and will not have a combat mission. they will support iraqi forces on the ground as they fight for their own country against these terrorists. as your commander in chief, i will not commit you and the rest of our armed forces to fight another ground war in iraq. after a decade of massive ground deployments, it is more effective to use our unique
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capabilities in support of partners on the ground so they can secure their own countries futures. and that's the only solution that will succeed over the long-term. we'll use our air power, we will train and equip our partners, we'll advise them and we will assist them. we will lead a broad coalition of countries who have a stake in this fight. because this is not simply america versus isil, this is the people of the region fighting against isil, the world rejecting the brutality of isil in favor of a better future for our children and our children's children, all of them. but we're not going to do this alone. the one thing we have learned is that when we do things alone and the people of those countries aren't doing it for themselves, as soon as we leave, we start hitting in the same problems, so we have to do things different differently.
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this is why we have spent the past several weeks building a coalition to aid in these efforts, and because we are leading in the right way, more nations are joining us. overall more than 40 countries so far have offered assistance to the broad campaign against isil. some nations will assist from the air, already france and the united kingdom are flying with us over iraq with others committed to joining this effort. some nations will help us support the forces fighting these terrorists on the ground, and already saudi arabia has agreed to host our efforts to train and equip syrian opposition forces. mostly and canada will send military advisors to iraq, german paratroopers will offer training, others have resupplied arms and equipment to forces in iraq including the kurdish. those nations have agreed to strengthen their support for iraq's new government and to do their part in all the aspects of
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the fight against isil. and our partners will help to cut off isil funding and gather intelligence and send the flow of foreign fighters into and out of the middle east. and meanwhile nearly 30 nations have helped with military relief to help innocent civilians driven from their homes whether they are sunni or shiite or christian or any other religious minority. and yesterday at the white house and met with outstanding american leader, retired marine general john allen. he worked with iraqi tribal leaders as they fought to reclaim their own communities from terrorists and he will serve as america's special envoy to coordinate this incredible coalition. and i've called on congress to make sure you've got all the authorities and resources you need to get the job done. but the point is, we cannot do for the iraqis what they cannot do for themselves. we can't take the place of our
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partners in securing of their own region and a better future for their own people. but this is an effort that calls on america's unique abilities and responsibilities to lead. in a world that's more crowded and more connected, it is america that has the unique capability to mobilize against an organization like isil. in a world full of broader social challenges, it is america that has the unique capability and know how to convey and combat a threat like ebola, the epidemic in africa. and on top of what we are already doing to help, announced a major boost to our response establishing motori military cod center in liberia at the request their governments to support efforts across the region.
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major general and commander of our army forces in africa arrived yesterday and is already on the ground and our armed forces will bring their unique, unrivaled expertise to command and control and logistics and engineering including creating an air bridge to get health workers and medical supplies in fast capacity. all our efforts, safety of our personnel will remain a top priority. a nation of liberia, one person was reported to say we have been praying to get the disease wiped out of our country so that, if u.s. troops will help us get that done, we will be happy. and that's the story across the board. if there's a hurricane, if there there's a typhoon, if there is some of crisis, there is an earthquake, there is a need for a rescue mission, when the world is threatened, when the world needs help, it calls on america.
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even the countries that complain about america, when they need help, who do they call? they call us. and then america calls on you. to all the servicemen and women here and around the world, we asked a lot of you. any mission involves risk. and any mission separates you from your families. sending our service members into harm's way is not anything i take lightly, it the hardest decision i make as president, nothing else comes close. i do it only when i know the mission is vital to the security of this country that we love, i do it only because i know that you're the best there is at what you do, and frankly there just aren't a lot of other folks who
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can perform in the same way as you good in fact, there are none. and there are some things only we can do. there are some capabilities only we have. that's because of you, your dedication, your skill, your work, your family supporting you, your training, your command structure. our armed forces are unparalleled and unique, and so when we got a big problem somewhere around the world, it falls on our shoulders. and sometimes that's tough area but that's what sets us apart, that's why we're american. that's what the stars and stripes are all about. and between war and recession, this has been a challenge and start, we've been busy. this has not been an easy 14
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years. and many of you came of age in these years, i want you to know i stand here with you today, i miss confident as i've ever been that this century just like the last century will be led by america, it will be and is an american century. at home where bouncing back better positioning ourselves when the future of any nation on earth. overseas we're moving forward answering the call to lead. and even when it seems like our politics is just dividing us, i want you to remember when it comes to supporting you and your families, the american people stand united, we support you, we are proud of you, where in all of your skill and your service. only 1% of americans may wear the uniform and shoulder the
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weight of special responsibilities that you do. but 100% of americans have to support you in your families. 100%. this is a moment of american leadership. thanks to you, it is a moment we're going to meet and i will keep standing up for your interest and for our security and for the human rights and affinities of people wherever they live and we will keep on working with our allies and partners to take up the terrorist who threaten us a the matter where they hide because in stark contrast of those who only know how to kill and maim and tear down, we keep on building up and offering a future of progress and hope and like the generations before us, we're willing to defend this country we love. we're willing to help others on this planet that we share. we are protected by patriots like you and for all those reasons the united states of america will remain the greatest force of freedom in the world has ever known. thank you very much, everybody,
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i'm proud of you. god bless you, god bless the united states of america. martha: there you have it, the president talking about american leadership, many will listen to this speech and say he described america as exceptional saying only america in certain situations can set forward. and he said it is because of you, you are the people who make the difference, you are the people that build american leadership and our forces across his earth to expel the forces of evil. he talked about isis, he thought about the strategy, he continued to say we will not see american boots on the ground as he put it in iraq. i will not send in combat forces, he said. we will however sent advisors so to speak to backup and iraqi forces that will be trained. the same with forces that will be at work in syria as well. we will can continue to do
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airstrikes. anyway to take on enemies that we do not need combat forces on the ground, and he believes the goal can be accomplished. he said we will degrade and destroy isil, isis, we will get them, we will expel this evil from the world. he talked about afghanistan as well, she said that if you have fought in afghanistan. in three months wil we will be t of there. he talked about the compass meant on the ground in afghanistan and said we will leave afghanistan. no discussion over an agreement that will be put in place. critics have said he left the door open that created this situation with isis in iraq by not having a forces agreement, he did not address that specifically. a lot of people watching how that outcome going to be brought in that situation in three months. let's bring in wendell who has been watching this from the white house as well. wendell, what do you take away from the president's statements today?
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>> martha, the president reinforced his position the american forces sent to iraq will not have a combat role. he really punctuate that hard. he said this is not and will not be america's fight alone and set as your commander in chief i will not commit you to another war in iraq. those comments, a day after the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff said under certain circumstances the current plan of training syrian rebels and using iraqi troops is a snag, he might recommend the president send u.s. advisors to iraq. president obama today made it clear that will be a tough sell. he says we cannot do for iraq where it will not do for itself. he also noted his decision to send several thousand servicemen and women to s africa to deal with the ebola outbreak there. we are told they will carry supplies, trained doctors, put up portable hospitals but will not have a direct role in treating ebola patients good martha. >> thank you, wendell.
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he said he has been offered assistance from some 40 countries. the specifics of that assistance remains to be seen but he did point out the uk and france are flying air strike missions over iraq alongside the united states, so the president begins his reinforcement of his claim we will be graded and destroy isil, and it will happen as it gets underway. wendell, thank you very much. joining me from d.c. please stay tuned to the fox news channel end of this fox station for continuing coverage of this story and all the days breaking news at any time online i am martha mccallum in new york. clouds.
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stand by, stand by. >> a motorcycle cop gets no warning when a suspect floors it. and takes out his bike. >> what happens when one hard hit leads to another. >> the daredevils take highlines to new heights. that's not all they're doing. watch this. >> these are mid-air limbo games with their wing suit buddies. you are seeing a time lapse of a vehicle being 3-d printed. >> meet the man behind history in the making. >> i mean, it was thrilling for us. it has been an epic


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