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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 17, 2014 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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the crowd is loving the air show. it looked good until the moment things took a nose dive. bizarre image is caught on camera. >> i totally think this is cool. >> see what's sneaking up on the baby. >> he is homeless in new york. >> what he does is, he hooks up with girls. >> wearing his heart on his sleeve keeps joe off the streets. >> i'll go up to any random girl here. >> he goes up to girls. he ain't getting any. >> the buzz word for your chance to win a new ipad mini.
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a stripped-down street fighter. the diversion tactic that works every time. >> over the weekend an air show was happening. that is a world war ii era airplane. so far everything looks amazing. the crowds are loving that big dip he just took very close to the water. >> looks like a nose dive into the water. >> yeah. then he recovers. then he goes over to the edge of the water except in his case he kind of does nose dive right into. >> oh, no. oh gracious. >> yeah. the pilot seems to lose control, maybe misjudges a little bit and ends up crashing the plane into the water. the spectators of course gasping because they thought the pilot
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had actually perished. turns out he survived. 51-year-old martin keller survived with minor bruising. >> that thing is going pretty quick and comes to a halt relatively fast. >> it is a strong landing. he's lucky because it's in shallow water. it's on the sand bank almost. >> here is a picture on twitter what the plane looked like afterwards. >> there is hardly anything left. >> here is another one of what it looked like while it was still in the water. here is one of martin walking away. >> walking away. that's awesome. >> with a bandage on his knee. >> probably at the end is crawling out. >> they are territorial and protective. when simon cowell from the wildlife foundation found out that there was a signet baby swan caught in a fence, he knew what he was up against.
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>> this is likely where we are going to get attacked. >> i know. good boy. yeah, yeah, yeah. go on. you go down there. >> you could see papa. there stuck in the fence is the signet. >> all right. come on. back down. we're good. all right, baby. you've got to go back the way you came or you are going to get well stuck. all right, fellow. all right. don't do that. don't be silly. stop it. stop it. because it really hurts. they are such protective parents. they are so good. >> how did that happen? that is so sad. that's got to hurt. >> notice, he reaches over the fence and gets him. here you are, look. all right. come on. come on. he's coming with you. he's coming with you. good boy. >> even after he put him in the water the swan is like put my baby down. doesn't even say thank you. >> was going to protect your
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baby. don't go at me. i just let him out. >> here we are with a humming bird rescue. the people who posted this video says this should be a warning not just to throw your gum anywhere. that is what the humming bird is stuck in. it is stuck in somebody's gum. you can hear additional commentary by a young child with a wonderful voice. >> he's stuck? he wants to get out of there. >> they were actually able to get all the stuff off it. look at the very end. once they carefully pull everything off, very carefully, just with bare hands, no tweezers, nothing, watch what happens. >> he go over. >> we have dash cam videos. you are going to see pedestrians start crossing the road. >> there is clearly a red "don't cross" pedestrian sign.
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this is where the argument starts. you spotted sharply there was a red pedestrian light. you'll see the green sign for halfway. you've i got to press it again to get across the second part of the road. apparently the pedestrians were crossing when they shouldn't be. >> whether there is a sign there or not, there are two other cars directly in front of him. that should have given him some idea he is in an active roadway. >> according to reports, it's because the pedestrians are hammered. he gets up off the floor and starts a fight. his friend gets involved. it gets to a melee of these pedestrians going after the drivers. >> the driver was a little bit injured. in the end it becomes a knockdown drag out fight. >> that is ridiculous. >> i have the same video in a
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different way. this car pulls in here. he is going to try to execute a three-point turn. he falls the other way. boom. crashes into the train. this is where the video gets a little bit crazy. the driver is up, under the car. he is trying to drag this driver out. this is where the car empties. he may have bitten off more than he could chew. he tries to drag the driver out of the car. he starts throwing punches. eventually the driver of the first car gets back in the car and drives away. he decides to unleash his right foot and knocks him out.
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crazy. big congratulations to jessica, the latest winner of the ipad mini give away. >> you are going to need tuesday's buzz word. you need to be at least 18 years oferresident. >> coming up in a little bit. >> these two chaps squaring off in a park. one wearing dirty underwear, the other slightly dressed. the fighting style pathetic. slapping and stuff. nobody seems to be getting hurt. >> why doesn't this man have clothes on? >> it seems like here it's about to die down.
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dead bird. >> really, there's a bird? >> well done. >> it's sad. >> he's standing up, hulking out. maybe change your underwear. youtube star jenna is defining eyebrows. >> bushy eyebrows is everything. >> i'll have you know i get these puppies groomed. >> what they say about you next. what happens when you leave a camera in the hands of two teenage boys.
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follow the show all day long. >> this one from dover castle in the uk, footage that claims may have caught the ghostly apparition of a seafarer. >> that security guard went out because he saw that shadow? >> people have been theorizing. there were photos found in dover, as well. this was taken in january. you see on the right hand side, he's got the old fisherman's hat on. the video was shot in 2009 but uploaded in 2011. it started trending because it was spooky. >> i totally think this is b.s. >> somebody is shooting that off the screen. maybe there is a reflection of somebody walking in the room that just showed up on the
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screen. >> i think this could be totally real because there are things happening we don't know about. >> we don't know. >> i'm so glad this random shadow has generated this much conversation. i have a second video that is going to freak you out. >> this is from argentina. a video from 2011 picking up attention. it was on a blog called "mission gallon gallactic freedom." she is filming her son benjamin. >> i think this one was edited. this is so fake. >> prime real estate on your face. a i s what working eyebrows
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like to enhance my features and let my natural beauty shine through. >> the truth is, that's what every eyebrow should be. then we get to this other crazy stuff. >> i have no emotions. >> two different eyebrows mean guys are drunk. too high up mean, i'm so surprised and excited about everything. >> or it means, i'm on drugs. >> what kind of drugs does she take? >> eyebrows too close together mean they are lonely and need each other too far apart mean, i don't know where i am what are we doing? you know what else is this far apart? my nipples. bushy unkept eyebrows mean, i'm bold, high fashion. >> those are your eyebrows. >> i'll have you know i get these puppies groomed. >> a unibrow means you can laugh now but i'm going to be a dictator some day. i'm going to [ bleep ] kill you.
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. >> i don't think so, girlfriend. i love my eyebrows. >> i've been to prison for arson and murder. >> don't you wonder why certain people do certain things to their eyebrows? i can't say i ever had this much thought about eyebrows. >> this means i'm a witch. >> we asked and our "right this minute" fans answered. we asked them to post their videos on our right this minute page. you can't get more patriotic than a 3 1/2-year-old girl doing the "pledge of allegiance." >> i pledge of allegiance to the flag of the united states of america, to the republic for which it stands for a nation under god indivisible and liberty for all.
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>> very patriotic. then we have these two kids. they watch us in vero beach, florida. they got a go-pro. her son in the red shirt is noah and kyle in the blue. they were about to do the chubby bunny attempt here. >> sounds like a dentist appointment. >> i can't believe they try a third one. how are you doing this? this is pretty much the rest of the video. >> hitting the slopes to take a
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it may be too soon to talk about winter sports. for our snowboard enthusiasts, they are going to love this.
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brand-new trailer called "perception." put out by pirate movie production. this is gorgeous. this was collected from all across the world from the streets of russia and japan, steep mountains in india and alaska. boy these guys do a darn good job. >> did he just snowboard off a tree? >> yes, he did. spectacular footage of what i wish i could do. huge back flip off the building. i love this. >> that is a vertical drop. >> this is a true teaser trailer. he's got the board on an iceberg. makes you want to watch the movie. you can check it out on september 19th. they'll be doing an online premiere.
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it will be available october 14th on itunes. i'm sure you heard a sonata or two over your life time but never the one hand on piano. beautiful, right? this guy is a new pianist and new father. >> that is daniel montgomery. he has a background in music. he does now have a baby. >> when babies are that big, if you find something that will keep them quiet and stop them from crying, you will do it for hours and hours and hours. >> and that child looks at peace. >> soon as he started playing, the baby started smiling. >> he is mesmerized by his dad. look at the look in his eyes. oh, you're so amazing, dad.
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>> all right, everybody. it's rpm ipad mini give away. >> you need the buzz word, be at least 18 years of age or older and a legal u.s. resident. >> head to >> enter the buzz word on facebook or twitter or both. >> ready to reveal today's buzz word? it is social. >> click on the win ipad button and enter tuesday's buzz word social. >> good luck, everybody. >> to get by, he hooks up with girls so he has somewhere to sleep. >> if i lay a good pipe, i'm in there for days. >> the story behind his very unconventional lifestyle. pipi maru's in a box, maru's
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happy. >> i want you to meet joe, 26 years old from boston. >> this guy is never getting laid. just because of that attitude. >> he hooks up with girls in new york three, four times a week. there is a reason for that. joe is homeless and he lives on the streets in new york. >> 7:00 in the morning, girls will wake me up. you passed out on the sidewalk, you need to go home. i'm like, i'm [ bleep ] home. what usually dictates how long a girl will let you hook up it's how good the pipe i lay. if i lay the good pipe, i'm usually in there for a few days. >> if he spent as much energy trying to better his situation as he does trying to have sex with women, to find somewhere to
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sleep, he probably would be in a completely different scenario. >> he is so careless. >> he drinks every day. he gets loaded and tries to pick up girls. >> i would just not do drugs and not drink for a week i could go get a [ bleep ] house. how can you be homeless and not do drugs and drink? >> his mom found a stash of drugs in his bedroom and kicked him out. he said he was trying to make ends meet. he ended up on the street. >> i donsit do you consider yourself? >> a gypsy. >> how does he pick up all these girls? >> my responsibility is to try not to look homeless. how many outfits do you have? >> i have four pretty good outfits. >> he gets $150, goes in and buys alcohol. >> i'm going to drink this and go yell and people. >> that is probably one of the worst cases of addiction you can see. that addiction hold i don't
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think any of us can understand until you've been there. >> he tries to help other people on the street. >> that was me donating to somebody to go get a heart dog. >> he has a good heart. get yourself out of this situation. >> never become like me. >> it's a complicated story. head on to "right this minute" and click on today show or use "right this minute" app. we'll see you for the next edition of rtm.
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>> a medical mystery striking down children. >> young people healthy one day and on life support the next. >> a strange new virus. 1,000 kids across 10 states infected. and this is just the tip of the iceberg. plus -- robin williams' death. the growing crisis of depression. how to spot the warning signs. coming up next on "dr. oz". dr. oz: today's show is for every parent with young children. the centers for disease control sent out a health advisory about a respiratory virus they've been watching for weeks. virus is spreading across the country like wildfire. just this


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