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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 29, 2014 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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one on the right there. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> searching for turtles but ended up with humpback whales. >> and you see this mama and her baby. >> how lucky swimmers got the selfie of a lifetime. >> it may be the perfect flying machine for a beautiful view. >> the paramotor. >> the moment this perfect day is reuenned by an emergency landing. time to wake up and smell the coffee mixed with wine. >> it's delicious. >> see why we're all abuzz about national coffee day. the buzzword for your shot at a new ipad mini.
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and the cat who had to be saved from one tight squeeze. >> the shame. look at the shame on the cat's face. imagine jumping into the water off the gold coast of australia and you see this mama and her baby. >> so many of them. >> a humped back whale and her kaf. those two, brad and emmy rose curtis. >> one on the right there as well. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> they talked to 7 news in australia about the event and said it was a once in a lifetime thing, as you can imagine brad got a selfie. >> that close, can't let that opportunity pass by especially being all around us like they were. >> this is really crazy. we've seen footage of divers who encounter whales, that kind of thing. but these people jumped in the water with their workout clothes. they don't have snorkels, gear. >> they were there for over an hour. and watch what emmy does.
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she's like, they don't speak english, she said i'll flip my pectoral. so did the whale. >> that's how they took. you talk to them by communication they can't use. we figured we might as well use our pec fins. >> so crazy, right? >> if you get that selfie, that profile picture for the rest of your life. >> more whale footage, captured by a drone. what he observed off the central coast of california off car mel river beach, a feeding frenzy. everything was eating. you see a bunch of of difference species of birds, but wales, dolphins, seals, sea otters going at whatever was in the water, and they captured all on a single day. >> you frequently see lots of birds flying over the water and think they must be eating but you never get that bird's-eye view to see what else is going on around them.
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on this next video i feel like i have finally found the extreme sport ttorwith. beth can get on board with as well. it's the paramotor. great footage from this guy craig harrison. in utah, stunning vistas while he's in the air. of course he gets out of the begin, it gets cool while he spots in the distance a hot air balloon. just you see the beautiful part with the river curling through the middle of the shot, decides to have a drive-by with the hot air balloon. that right there's like a postcard view. >> such a cheap, easy way to fly. easy way to get into the air. if you're a beginner. >> certain safety element and feel to it as well. >> you already have a parachute and it's already open. >> look, i'll float to the
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ground. >> funfully you should say this. title is emergency landing. >> this wasn't just about the beautiful view. >> towards the end of the video you can hear the engine sounding a little bit unhealthy. it's going to be an emergency landing. ♪ >> this is extreme sport for me. permanently safe at every sort of moment and you just land at three miles an hour. it's great. paramotors. >> who doesn't like a warm, comfy comforter? they're awesome. >> i was going to raise my hand and be a jerk, but like them. >> you should pay for them. >> yes. >> unless you make it. >> unless you make it. but these guys didn't pay for them, nor make them. three guys walk into this macy's store, they start looking around, identifying what they like, and once they do they start walking away. the most heartbreaking part of
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the video, though, is not necessarily that they stole the comforters. it looks like that is a little boy. >> yeah. pretty young. >> stealing comforters. i don't get this. this doesn't make sense to me. >> how do you conceal a giant comforter? how do you hide the fact you're walking out of the mall with comforters? >> they got the comforters, they walked away, and police are still looking for them. i agree, they were spotted on surveillance video. >> the comfort bandits, they're wanted. >> check this other video out. you see this guy here? pulled up to the area on a bicycle. off to the side, brings out a saw and starts sawing down this tree here. >> why would he be taking down a tree? right? >> like a copper theft thing? trying to steal -- no, irrigation's not copper lining. >> maybe lights of the trees in. >> the tree is surrounded by an aluminum grate. he takes off and returns later with a cart that he's then going to load up the grate on to.
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police believe he probably will use it for scrap. >> huge. >> perfectly lovely tree providing us with some oxygen. >> still looking for this guy as well? brand-new week and we're celebrating with another ipad mini giveaway. buzzword coming up in a little while. >> to enter, you need month's buzzword, be at least 18 or older and a legal u.s. resident. >> again, the buzzword coming up. >> stand by for the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. >> thank goodness for dash cam because we get internet gems like these. >> you dumb ass! >> i'm getting a dash cam, because i'm afraid somebody's o going to try this. >> this is the reason dash cams are popular.
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>> this next gem, traffic jam created by a stalled vehicle. >> the car gets away from him. >> but the person steering just keeps hanging on. watch, watch the person steering. >> trying to avoid the other cars. >> no, you're going to make it worse. >> then she runs the car straight into that lamppost. >> oh. >> so much easier to steer a car from inside. >> last, but not least, a dash cam that catches a slice of life. from the owner's australia facebook page. child carrying a bright green balloon, crossing street with mom and dad and, oh, loses the balloon. the tension is building. what will happen to the balloon? the person driving the car with the dash cam, he's an officer of some sort, and watch what this good fellow does. >> it was australia. i was convinced he was going to floor it. >> no, look at this, runs into the middle of traffic, carries
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that balloon back right over to that family and watch him run back to the car. >> the poster of the video set the dramatic scene to hero but enrique iglesias. ♪ would you cry if you saw me crying♪ >> bronson the dog got into a messy situation when he got stuck in a storm drain and tanginged up in twine. how rescuers got their hands dirty to get him out. >> mountain bikers. >> launch and crash. >> whoa! >> what? beberoroccccaaaaaaaaaaaaa! [popping & fizzing sounds] susupppporort t bobothth m mens and phphysysicicalal e enenergrgy . prprououd d spspononsosor r ofo.
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today, monday, september 29th is national coffee day. >> delicious drink that many of us enjoy. >> what would make breakfast in bed even better? with friends, fun, wine, coffee. >> what? >> did i see chardonnay?
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>> you did. the world's first coffee wine. >> there's alcohol in this? >> 6% alcohol in this, as a matter of fact. it's a coffee/wine combo, and it's the world's first. it's in a can and this video, this commercial spot, was just released. >> curious, is it -- does it taste like wine with a caffeine kick? >> why don't we find out because we have some friends, fun, wine. they sent us just for taste test weep have the cabernet and chardonnay flavors. >> look. >> looks like wine. >> oh, and you can smell the coffee note. >> salut. >> second greatest day of "rtm." >> the world can end now. >> mother of god, it's amazing. >> very sweet. >> we minds me of blackberry. >> cabernet. >> have to try the chardonnay. have to try the white. >> i like there is, too.
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>> no caffeine. >> i noticed that. >> what. >> [ bleep ]. >> we have videos for you, it's going to be great. hey. hey. i want to tell you something. [ bleep ]. i really do like this, though. and it -- they say it is best to serve this chilled. that you should serve it chilled. it is delicious chilled. >> delicious. >> my hand is really, really [ bleep ]. >> lucy the frenchy is out cold. ♪ ♪ one place you don't want to be stuck is here. this is a drain. it's in australia. that's where bronson, a lab, was
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stuck. bronson's owner is a breeder. marilyn thorpe took bronson for a walk but he got stuck down in there. they had to call the confined space rescue team to get him out and she thought when he came out he would be injured. >> some place to walk because i thought he had broken legs. >> they say it wouldn't come out because it got tangled up in twine. rescuers had to go down, cut him out. he was 65 feet down. >> he didn't fall. this isn't a 65-feet fall. he was 356 feet into the storm drain and hanging out, being a dog. >> covered in sludge. look, there he comes out. sheepish like, was that my fault? >> the stand-up with the reporter in his suit, scratching a muddy dog belly. >> particularly concerned about him being in the area because there could have been gases that would have been dangerous for him. the owner's going to take him to the vet to make sure he's okay. >> 65 feet in but 3 feet away from the other side.
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>> exactly. >> i did think about that. >> and this happened. this cat needs a rescue. >> a cat stuck between the screen and window? >> the cat is stuck between the screen and window. >> the shame. look at the shame on the cat's face. >> goo-goo was okay. >> goo-goo? >> goo-goo's owner said the cat did get out from this area. she did say goo-goo -- >> goo-goo. >> goo-goo -- goo-goo actually fell asleep while stuck there. >> comfortable. >> the cat will take a nap anywhere and this is evidence. >> we've got mack dratle here. we have real or fake videos. look, ma, no hands. >> that was the no-hander, epic. >> lighting up with a scanner. and picking up a pie with a drive-by. >> i would have thrown my heels up and chased after this car. >> real or fake with ebaum's world, next. plus, monday's buzzword for
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your chance to win an ipad mini.
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>> closed captioning provided by -- "rtm" video app, watch videos while you wait. the cure for boredom. download it now. it's monday, to get our week started off right, mac dreidel from ebaum's world.
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>> real or fake. you can get real and get the fake out of here. >> first video. >> ready? >> impressive. >> a no-hander, epic. >> i'm going with real. >> five reals. >> yes. >> mac? >> i'm with you guys especially because she has the beer foam mustache afterwards making it authentic. definitely real. >> next video. [ laughter ] >> are we supposed to believe this guy seriously thinks the scanner will light a cigarette? >> yeah. i'm wondering, it's surveillance
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footage and the girls are shooting this off the surveillance screen. it's obviously happened but was he trying to be funny, cute? >> the guy looks generally confused. >> he really does. >> he could be in an alted state of consciousness. >> i'm going to say real. >> afterwards he does light it. they're pointing to something behind him. no, look behind you, dude. >> i see. real. >> yeah. >> number three. >> keep your eye on the people at the bus stop here. >> oh my gosh! >> they stole the pizza from the people waiting at bus stop. >> i would have thrown my heels up and chased after this car. huh-uh. >> i say real. >> i'm going with real. people really are that kind of stupid. it wasn't well shot, when i get suspicious. >> i'm suspicious. this could be set up and see a great idea go by.
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>> suspicious but real. >> fake. >> break it down. classic grab and dash. i've been on the victim end of this before. little story, when i was a kid, halloween, somebody comes up in their car, you seen my lost dog? me, nice guy, sure, let me get a little closer. grab my bag. they're out of there. stuff happens all the time. >> stealing candle from a dreidel. >> real. all three reals. >> keeping it real. >> that's right. >> most pilots tell you, taking off is easy, it's the landing that's a bit of a challenge. the thing applies to mountain bikes. utah the red bull rampage event. watch kelly mcgary launch. and crash. >> oh. >> ouch, ouch, ouch. >> impressive because that was quite the distance that he cleared. >> huge gap he spans. listen to the crowd as soon as mcgary leaves the ramp. they seem to know something's up. >> [ bleep ]. >> whoa. >> basically kelly overshot the
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landing. you can see he lands on flat ground. walks himself up. he walked away from this injured. he's a bit stunned there but the bike, the bike is a mess. another one of the huge gaps on the course is this one. this is from norway. he's talking about what it takes to work yourself up to gap one of the huge jumps. >> i try to roll towards the ramp and i like for the where the landing visual, because that's how i judge my speed and i try to make sure i got the setup right and how the setup feels and then rest of it just commitment. >> map it out, takes a couple of rides up the ramp to see where does that landing ramp appear before he goes. >> uh-oh. >> oh! >> nailed it! >> terrible. >> not terrible, but not right. and he knew something wasn't
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quite right as soon as he went off the ramp. again, you can feel it. >> you feel right away when it's going wrong. like just in the compression of the lift i felt it, like i knew. >> done by feel. >> all right, everybody. it's ipad mini giveaway. >> to enter, you need the buzzword, be at least 18 years old and a legal u.s. resident. >> head over to and click on the win ipad mini tton. enter twitter, bolt, enter on each every day. >> ready to reveal month's buzzword? >> let's hear it. >> it is fitness. >> so, get on over to, click on the win ipad mini button and enter monday's buzzword, fitness. >> good luck, everybody. a little boy practices a song for the upcoming holiday season. ♪ away in the manger >> so sweet. i can't imagine anything will go
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wrong. >> see how his show gets showed up. shade.
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>> it's a wrap. phone turns off and goes in the pocket. i have an adorable video for you guys here. posted by kimberly, youtube, and her son who has come over to her parents' house and he's going to sing "away in the manger." aww. >> it's the holiday season coming up, everybody's practicing for the holiday plays. >> it's so sweet i can't imagine anything's going to go wrong. ♪ away in the -- away in the manger♪ >> he starts singing his song, some of the viewers may have noticed something strange is going on. as we get towards the owned of the video, look at the background. ♪ >> oh. little humpy bear humping a pillow or something. >> looks like a dog house.
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>> way in the manger the romantic music dogs put on when they decide it's loving time. sweet moment punctuated by her parents' dogs going to down on his bed. >> the lord say, be fruitful and multiply. >> i know, but i don't think it's going to hurt. hopefully he'll call the vet in the morning. away in the manger, my jam! >> that's our show, everybody. thanks for joining us. we'll see you for the next edition of "right this minute."
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live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams qzshow >> today the break-up no one saw coming. wendy has the latest. and george clooney finally ties the knot. see how the event went down. plus, more money troubles for tori later online with the inside scoop. now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ]


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