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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  October 1, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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and the curveball is hit high and deep to right field. it is gone! brandon crawford. silences the crowd here in pittsburgh with a grand slam! >> it was all giants tonight in the wild card game. now, they're moving on in the playoffs. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. unlike the oakland a's nile biter, the giants wild card game was never in any doubt. now they're headed to washington, d.c. to take on the nationals in the division series. the giants had plenty to celebrate in the locker room
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tonight. a dominant, complete game shutout from madison bumgarner. hunter pence said tonight's win means the giants will be coming back home to san francisco for at least one more gape. >> great work tonight. job well done, we're going to get to play a game at home in the playoffs, and another big series coming up. >> yes, yes, yes! >> we have team coverage tonight, our sports director mark ibanez has highlights of the game. we begin, though, with ktvu's paul chambers out at at&t park, and all the hometown fans. >> reporter: frank, tonight's game was exciting, and it had a much better ending, and outcome than last night's game for bay area fans. of course, as i said, that means the giants will be back here next week on monday, with a lot of people wearing these, and screaming yes. >> it wasn't a home game, but you couldn't tell from the
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excitement at at&t park. a few thousand people came together to celebrate the bay area's remaining postseason team. >> reporter: every year and boo. was directed towards center field. >> halfway through. >> reporter: where the san francisco giants played on the big screen. the crowd was pretty mellow until this. >> and the curveball is hit high and deep to right field, it is gone! [ cheering ] >> reporter: a grand slam home run. >> we were all hoping for it, and in the back of our mind, i think we all thought it was going to happen, and they came through. >> born and raised since 1989. my dad taught me well. we bleed orange and black, you know. >> reporter: this is my home right here. >> i feel the same way i would have felt at home as i do here. >> reporter: that's why he kicked up his shoes, and laid back, supporting his orange and black. >> i just bought this shirt,
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but i ain't no bandwagon fan. this hat, i bought at the world series game too in 2012. >> reporter: he couldn't imagine being anywhere else today. on his 45th birthday. >> i don't need any presents, i don't need anything. >> reporter: the giants delivered. now of course the giants next game will be in the nation's capital, where they will continue their run for another world championship. now to sports director mark ibanez, the giants decisive victory tonight should be a huge confidence building. >> i was just saying, you can believe how many people were out there just to watch it on a big screen? but i tell you what, you get the giants into the postseason, look out. they are playoff tested, road
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proven, and again tonight, 7 times this team has faced an elimination game and they have not lost. it was the small town kid from hickory, north carolina, and the other guy with the beard, brandon crawford from pleasanton, california. not only did he give the giants the 4th inning, 4-0 lead with the grand slam, he becomes the first ever shortstop in baseball history to hit a playoff home run. they add to it. brandon belt had a couple of hits back in the lineup. missed most of the year with a concussion and broken thumb. two walks as well. three rbi's. two runs there. nothing but the pits for the pirate fans. madison bumgarner's the big story tonight. but he had some defensive help. check out pablo sandoval's acrobatic catch. complete control. 109 pitches. here's the final out for
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madison bumgarner, who has now thrown 16 consecutive scoreless innings in the postseason, and he's got himself another victory, and also, resting the bullpen as well, as the giants go into full on celebration mode in the clubhouse. 8-0 final. and they will take on the washington nationals, interesting storyline there. matt williams, former great, with the giants is now the manager of the nationals. we have the ubiquitous scott reese with us. he was in kansas city last night, and tonight in pittsburgh, with a little different kind of a story, and probably a few more smiles from the home team. >> reporter: yeah, mark, it's lights out for the pirates, and now for the rest of us, as the lights literally just went out here at pnc. but we will persevere. this is the tried, and true giants formula. clutch hitting from an unlikely source, and rising to the occasion in a postseason elimination game, which they
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have now done 7 straight times. >> we thrive in those situations. we just keep fighting. no matter what the circumstance is. i think it just says a lot about our character as a team. >> reporter: i mentioned brandon crawford as an unlikely offensive hero, he hist just .213 in the regular season against right hand pitching. he becomes the first shortstop in major league baseball history to hit a grand slam in a playoff game. scott reese, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> more details now. the first two games against the nationals are in washington. game 1 is friday with first pitch in the afternoon. game 2 is saturday afternoon. then the teams come back to san francisco for game 3 on monday. the start time still hasn't been set. it is a best of 5 series. now to washington, where secret service director julia pierson handed in her resignation today in the wake
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of security breaches, involving the protection of the president. her resignation came one day after she testified before a house committee. she admitted that a lot of mistakes were made, and that allowed a man, armed with a knife to get past five levels of security and into the white house. then, right over her testimony, another incident came to light. it involved a contractor, who is also a convicted felon, carrying a gun, while riding in an elevator with president obama. the white house only learned about that yesterday. >> over the last several days, we've seen recent and accumulating reports raising questions about the performance of the agency. the president concluded that new leadership of that agency was required. >> the former agent in charge of presidential protection division, joseph clancy has been named the active director of the secret service. new developments tonight in the ebola epidemic, and the first case diagnosed in the united states. tonight, there is criticism
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over how a texas hospital handled a patient showing symptoms. today, we learned that man had gone to the emergency room days earlier, and told staff there, he had been in liberia, but he was sent home without being tested for ebola. jana katsuyama has been checking on emergency room protocols in the bay area, and is live at umc san francisco. >> reporter: the directers of the cdc and nih are calling for hospitals and clinic staff nationwide to make sure they're asking patients about their travel history. experts say this case shows why there is a need for even more vigilance. >> reporter: family members say the texas ebola patient is thomas duncan, he arrived in the u.s. for the first time september 20 to see family and friends. today, concern has spread over the lack of attention he received when he went to texas health presbyterian hospital with a low fever and an dome
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fail pain. hospital officials acknowledge that duncan told a nurse he had come from liberia. but that information was not conveyed to medical staff, who sent him home with antibiotics. >> if the emergency room technician had asked this person, do you have any recent travel out of the country, and if the person said, i just came back from liberia, that would have been an enormous red flag. >> two days later, duncan was resource. reportedly vomiting while waiting for an ambulance that transported him back to the hospital. those medics are now among some 20 people monitored for symptoms. including the patient's family, and five children from local schools. >> it's not a disease that would necessarily be on doctors' and nurses' minds, but right now we're in the middle of the worst ebola outbreak in
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history. >> reporter: many bay area chevron employees routinely travel to west africa. bay area health departments say hospitals have been warned about protocols. >> we are all very interconnected. health challenges, they don't respect national boundaries. >> reporter: he and other ucs staff will be hosting an imposeium tomorrow. he says this should be a wakeup call for americans, about the need for strengthening healthcare systems globally. reporting live, jana katsuyama, ktvu, channel 2 news. that ebola patient took two flights, as he came to visit
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his family. on september 19, he flew from liberia to belgium. on the 20th, he took a united flight from brussels to washington, d.c. airline stocks took a hit today. one analyst said there is a general sense people will travel less if the ebola outbreak gets worse. discount travel sites and hotels also fell. the dow industrials lost 238 points and closed below 17,000. the nasdaq dropped 71. now to the hot, dry weather, settles in around the bay area. our camera captured this keen around 7:15 tonight as the sunset. tomorrow, even warmer weather in the forecast, and that's prompting a heat advisory for the bay area. our chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking it all for
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us tonight. >> reporter: as you look at that sunset shot, you saw all the particulate in the air. the air quality is going to take a hit. these are the highs. tomorrow, warmer still, and warmer still on friday. it was 86 in antioch today. redwood city was 86. a heat advisory goes into effect tomorrow at noon for basically all bay area counties. now we'll start at noon, and end on friday at 9:00 in the evening. so this heat advisory will be in effect for a good 24 hours. mainly concerned for the big cities, like oakland, and san francisco. thursday and friday, those winds go offshore. we don't expect strong strong winds, but it will be breezy in the hills. fire danger will come up subsequently, we're not seeing a red flag warning, or any fire advisory. fire danger elevates, also air quality sort of degrades. when i come back, we'll put it
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all together and look at your bay area forecast. stranded on the side of the road. >> i thought these people were helping me. >> how a south bay woman's rescuers ended up stealing her ipad, her camera, and her guitar instead. >> she sat down, but her credit cards were walking away. >> i opened my wallet, but everything was gone. >> the sneaky theft. >> and next, jumped in front of his wife and children. the sucker punch that put him in the er and what his attacker yelled before leaving.
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punched out of nowhere. tonight, a sunnyville man tells us about being attacked. another just like it happened days earlier. >> reporter: julie, peter murray tells me was grabbing lunch with his wife and two young girls here at eric's deli, when someone sucker punched him out of nowhere. >> he called my name, and i barely turned, a it was lights out. >> reporter: describes the moments when a man approached murray from behind, and clocked him, just as he was finished getting his 2-year-old out of the car. >> it was like a truck
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slamming. he had a good shot. he did a nice job as far as his hit. i've never had like a big hit like that. >> reporter: what's worse for the 42-year-old, his girls witnessed it, and started screaming. >> i'm pissed. i'd love to find the guy. >> it was an unprovoked attack. >> reporter: a nearly identical attack happened last week, a few hundred yards away, involving a 63-year-old man. police are stepping up patrols in the area. >> there are going to be officers out here, and yes, we are looking for additional witnesses. murray describing the attack as unpredictable and scary. warning others who frequent the area to be careful. >> i sure just wish, a chance to be one-on-one with him, eye to eye, instead of a chicken
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shot, slap to the eye. >> reporter: murray describes the attacker as a caucasian man in his 20s, or 30s, with a goatee. he also had a backpack at the time, and the only thing he said to murray was you deserve it. ktvu's channel 2 news. surveillance video captured an armed man robbing a gas station in san rafael. it happened early yesterday morning. you can see the suspect standing in the shell station. the employee was out by one of the pumps, but came back inside thinking that the customer needed some help. that is when the suspect pulled out a handgun and told the clerk to give him money and lottery tickets. the suspect is described as a black man in his late 30s, to early 40s. his hat said oakland, and he had either dreadlocks or braids. two rewards are now being offered with the bludgeoning of hundreds of chickens in fresno
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county. someone broke into the foster farm shed and used a golf club to beat and kill 920 chickens. foster farms is offering a $500,000 reward. the group in defense of animals is offering another $2,500 to find the person, or persons responsible. foster farms issued a statement for the humane, compassionate treatment of all birds. a fire station is back in business after being closed for two years. noel walker tells us, the reopening of that station couldn't come at a more opportune time. >> reporter: they swore to serve their community. and the community cheered. >> fire trucks, they came back, yea. >> reporter: fire station 75 in rodeo reopened today. >> we need them there. being in hercules is too far away for the people of rodeo. >> reporter: today, it's open
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again with funding from fema. it's being staffed by veterans and new fire academy graduates. >> congratulations. >> reporter: who were presented with the final piece of their uniforms. >> that belt bucker said rodeo fire district. >> reporter: just in time for the bay area peak fire season. >> this is probably going to be our highest fire danger. >> reporter: some firefighters have already seen that danger up close this year. >> as the fire went through there, it was very hot. >> reporter: fairfield firefighter was on the king fire. a near constant string of wildfires exacerbated by our drought conditions has cal fire on pace to exceed its yearly budget before the extreme fire season begins. >> we know it's just going to get warmer and drier, and that's typically when we have an extreme fire season. >> reporter: perfect time to hire pour firefighters.
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>> waiting for years for this. >> reporter: and get this station running again. in contra costa county, noel walker, ktvu, channel 2 news a heat advisory goes into effect tomorrow at noon for basically the entire bay area. it's going to get pretty hot out there. i don't think we'll see any 100's tome, but it's going to be pretty warm, especially right at the coast and the bay where you don't expect 80s and 90s. there's no fog out there now, you can see we're looking at temperatures still in the 60s. 67 in livermore. 63 in san francisco. tomorrow at this time, these temperatures, i think san francisco at this time will probably be like 70 degrees. it's going to be warmer tomorrow. the winds are coming up a little bit, but they're starting to clock around. here's a north wind in novato.
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the westerly winds are pretty calm. livermore is coming northeast. calm in san jose, so the pressure is switching as we speak. the winds will start to come from that offshore direction, increasing the fire danger, and heating up the temperatures. here's the forecast tomorrow morning, no fog. then the temperatures will pop in here, you're going to see lots of reds. those are 90s. tomorrow, 8, 10 degrees warmer than today. air quality is not going to be great. fire danger goes up. we have that heat advisory. when i come back, this is tomorrow. friday is going to be hotter. we'll come back and talk about that, then we'll look into the weekend, and see where that fog is going to creep back in. she was robbed by people who were pretending to help. >> i don't know who to trust anymore. >> in two minutes, a night out with a purpose. the fundraiser to help in the search for missing children, and the lasting legacy, 21 years after a kidnapping.
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the family of jahi mcmath is going to court to prove that she is actually alive. she is the 13-year-old from oakland that was pronounced brain dead after suffering consequences from tonsil surgery. the attorney for her family plans to petition an alameda county judge to reverse the death certificate that was issued last december. he says jahi is now showing signs of brain activity. he told the chronicle, if it's determined that she's not brain dead, she would then be eligible for state benefits. however, he said that money is not the reason for the hearing. october 1 marks an anniversary that many in the north bay will never forget. it was 21 years ago, that polly class was kidnapped and murdered. today, a restaurant chain
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helped raise money for the foundation started by her father, which continues to search for missing kids. >> reporter: bay area pasta pomodoro restaurants reached out to every organization that brought a flier for that organization. they offer to help, and goes out to help any call of help of a missing child, anywhere in the country. >> reporter: over pasta and wine, some diners were also supporting a cause. the class kids foundation, born outside of the murder of 12- year-old polly class. >> what i'm asking people to do is to just contemplate her legacy, if they come here and choose to come here and participate in this tonight. >> reporter: mark class says his daughter's legacy is rich. before polly, the fbi did not have a written protocol for
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missing kids, a standard to do list, when a child goes missing. much has changed in 21 years. >> since then, we've had megan's law, which is about the registration of the community of sex offenders. we've had the amber alert, which is an immediate alert system for missing children. >> reporter: a west coast task force that helped in the unsuccessful search for daphne web. the task force has been deployed now to washington, d.c. to help in the search for their mother who is now under arrest. >> we have organized to do searching for missing kids. oftentimes, once law enforcement has pulled their search back. >> reporter: class says moving forward, the megan's law database should be expanded to include the user banks of sexual predators. one class says has improved in the search for missing kids. >> we have much higher priority, i think in society.
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response to missing children cases, both by law enforcement, the media, and the public. >> reporter: the man who killed polly is currently on death row. class says he is working on a ballot initiative to fix california's death penalty system, which is currently on hold in novato. ken pritchett, ktvu, channel 2 news. a texas girl taken in a child custody battle 12 years ago, has been found. sabrina allen was just 4 years old, when police say she was taken by her mother. the two were found and flown back to texas. sabrina's father had legal custody of the girl. he knows the transition won't be easy. he says her room is ready, just as she left it. the mother is now under arrest for kidnapping. some new inductees tonight to california's hall of fame. from hewsic, and sports to film
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-- music and sports to film and philanthropy. >> on her way to work, a woman's car breaks down. the person who helps her also robs her.
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new at 10:00, an active kindness turns into a crime, and tonight, the victim is warning others about trusting strangers. >> ktvu's amber lee is live in san jose, where a woman's car troubles were unfortunately, just the beginning of a very bad day. >> reporter: frank, we're along busy capitol expressway, and this is where the woman tells me her ordeal started. it's monday morning.
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cecilia is on her way to work. her camry breaks down, a man pulls over and offers to help her get to work. >> if you need a ride, i can help you get there, but would you mind getting me some gas in exchange? i said of course. >> reporter: she was unable to buy gas here, since it didn't take credit cards, so they drove to another gas station, and that's when things went wrong. she got off at the pump to pay, and the man drives off with her belongings. >> i thought these people were helping me, but instead, they robbed me, they stole all of my belongings. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: the musician says her guitar and ipad she borrowed, and her book bag, all gone. >> how can you sleep or eat at all, when this happens to you? ♪ [ music ]
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>> reporter: the 23-year-old opera singer says she doesn't have much of an income. she teaches singing to a limited number of students, while studying at santa clara university. >> at this moment, i don't know who to trust anymore. it's really hard for me to see strangers. >> reporter: police say they have identified a suspect, but have not yet been able to locate him. reporting live in san jose, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. a new class was inducted tonight into california's hall of fame. >> the state of california proudly honors kareem abdul- jabbar. [ applause ] >> governor brown and the first lady inducted the eighth class tonight. they ranged from music icon dr. dre and kareem abdul-jabbar. >> that's really the genius of california. there are so many different
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ways of heroically demonstrating your contribution to our state. >> maria shriver helped create the museum in 2006. other inductees include mimi silver, director francis ford coppola, and jimmy ivene. it was 50 years ago this month, that the free speech movement was born on the uc berkely campus. today, people gathered again to reaffirm the message. as christian captain reports, a new approach in the spirit of free speech. >> reporter: crowds filled crowd plaza on the uc berkely plaza 50 years to the day after the free speech movement started in this spot. a movement that started with a student in the back of a police car, and labor organizers, founder of the united farm
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workers on hand today, to reflect on 50 years of free speech, and to say the work isn't done yet. >> we have made gains in many areas, but we know some of the fundamental issues are still there. the issue of racism, poverty. not having access to education really for everybody. >> reporter: student organizers say they're ready to carry the banner of free speech. >> you know, it's not just complaining. it's organizing, and really working together to envision what free, or speech can mean. it's not just free speech, but it's speech for freedom. >> reporter: as today's sell brail round out, they marched to the engineers and architects building. using their free speech to protest the university's plans to develop a plot of land in albany, the sight of the occupy
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the land protest in 2012 and 2013. >> we've got 20 acres of vacant land. what can we do with that? >> reporter: that protest morphed into a sit in here that lasted for several hours. the protesters only leaving after they say the university met two of their four demands. catholic leaders are fighting a california requirement that health insurance cover abortions. the california catholic conference says the requirement discriminates against people who are morally opposed to abortion. the state department of managed healthcare sent out a directive in august telling seven insurance companies they could not sell group plans that exclude coverage for legal abortion. a san francisco art exhibit is raising awareness and money for wounded veterans.
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♪ [ music ] it's called the take a seat exhibit. tonight, the dance theser of san francisco was there. it brings together the leading designers to create one of a kind chairs. the chairs are on exhibit right now for the next two weeks at the galleria design center. the chairs will be auctioned off, thursday october 16. the proceeds will provide wheelchairs for wounded veterans. we detail the fire danger from hot weather, and historic drought, coming up, i'll tell you when the high temperatures will peak. >> up first, a police officer under investigation. video from a fight on vacation, where he's accused of pulling out a gun. ♪
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all around the world the dedicated people of united airlines ♪ are there to support you. ♪ that's got your back friendly. ♪
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vallejo police are investigating one of their own after he got into a fight while on investigation, and pulled out his gun. this is cell phone video of the incident in bend, oregon. vallejo police charge, kent tribele is in the blue shirt. you can hear shouting and swearing in the fight outside a bar. police in bend, confirm the sergeant pulled out his gun. he says the law allows officers
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to travel with department issued weapons. >> any peace officer can display a firearm under any circumstance that they feel threatened. >> no one was arrested, or seriously injured. the chief says vallejo's internal investigation could take 1 to 2 months. there are reports tonight that actor comedian tracy morgan may never walk again without help. this is the first we've seen of him since june, when his limo was struck by a wal-mart big rig. his attorney tells the new york post, the jury is out whether morgan will be able to perform again. he is undergoing rehab in new york city. an east bay site is about to become the testing ground for a high end line of self- driving cars. mercedes-benz has signed a deal to use the site. they say the facilities 20 miles of paved roads makes it
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perfect for testing driverless cars. it could also feature vehicles that communicate with special traffic signals. today marks the start of domestic violence awareness month, and san francisco is taking part. city hall is all lit up in purple tonight, the color is meant to be a symbol of ending violence. today, san francisco's district attorney announced a new domestic violence campaign. 2,000 ads will be placed on muni lines around the city, with the message love shouldn't hurt. >> up until recently, we have been very fortunate, we have gone up to three years without a domestic homicide. today we have had three. >> it is important for them to know they can reach out to authorities and advocates for protection and support. he also said his office --
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former president, jimmy carter turned 90 years old today. he attended a birthday celebration in atlanta. those attending said happy birthday to the 39-year-old president. he was elected back in 1976, and served one term. carter thanked his family and friends for coming, but said he still has more work to help the country reach its greatness. the ritz-carlton in san francisco is showing its support tonight for breast cancer awareness this month. the lotionry hotel is -- luxury hotel is glowing in pink to show support for the cause. the fund helps low income women in the bay area who are battling breast cancer. a victory celebration for the giants tonight in pittsburgh. >> reporter: yeah frank, it's an even numbered year, so you know the giants are primed and
10:43 pm
ready for a playoff run. we'll tell you about it live from pittsburgh, coming up in sports. >> 90-degree heat. chief bill martin's forecast, and what you can expect where you live. >> i don't know what's going on. i don't just focus on my friends. >> this surveillance video captured it all happening. the quick hands of a thief in walnut creek, and the spending spree that followed.
10:44 pm
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a brazen robbery caught on camera. a woman has her credit card stolen right out of her purse, and now year hearing from the victim for the first time. that woman tells us, she didn't know what happened until the thief rang up thousands of dollars in her name. but as ktvu's john sasaki reports, there's evidence that could lead to an arrest. >> reporter: the security video inside 10 degrees restaurant in walnut creek is clear, and it
10:46 pm
shows the suspicious moments of a woman in the foreground. >> i didn't know what was going on. i was just focused on my friend talking. >> reporter: the woman was to her left, then she moves to a table behind her. >> i didn't see her move. >> reporter: that's when it happened. you can see the woman pull out her wallet. she proceeds to rifle through it. >> we got the glimpse into the mind of the thief. >> reporter: instead of just stealing the wallet, she took everything inside. then the woman puts the wallet back. >> i couldn't believe it, she was so quick. and so sneaky about it. >> reporter: she says the person sitting against her left leg, so the woman risked taking the wallet and putting it back. >> that gives her some time to go out and do some shopping, before getting the credit cards
10:47 pm
canceled. >> within one hour, she rang up thousands of dollars. >> reporter: police say one store where the woman used the cards was target. they expect to get an excellent security photo of the woman, which they plan to release to the media. they want help identifying her. in palo alto, police are also looking for a bold thieve, who in this case snatched all four wheels off of a parked dollar. they say the man took the car off the wheels on the afternoon of september 19. police say there were a number of guards on duty at the time. free wi-fi internet access is now just a park visit away from san francisco. today, the city launched its new sf wi-fi service at 32 parks and plazas. the service was paid for in part by a grant from google. the city says use of the free
10:48 pm
network is unrestricted, and user data will not be collected. apple is looking to boost sales of its full sized ipad by offering a new color option. new versions of the ipad will be unveiled sometime this month, and the back metal cover will be available in the color gold. ipad sales have fallen in the past two quarters. warming up out there. there is no coastal fog. it went away early today, and it's been gone. it's not coming back for a couple of days. 90degrees was the high in santa rosa. see all these 80s all of these upper and mid-80s, are going to come up into the upper and low 90s tomorrow. a warmer day, that heat advisory of course will go into effect tomorrow, and stay in effect through friday. all the weather is to the north of us. there it is. that's where the jet stream is too. with the jet stream up there, high pressure firmly dominating the landscape up there, and starting the winds to go in a
10:49 pm
more northerly direction. the winds haven't really completely clocked around yet. but they will by tomorrow. the basic idea is fog will not be at the coast. gets pushed away. and this air that sinks kind of warms, and also dries out. that's why the fire danger will increase. there are no fire weather advisories. looking at the winds, they're kind of going calm now. the pressure gradients is what you check this time of night. right now, the gradient between nevada and san francisco is beginning to increase. that typically means the winds are going to start doing this. die an -- diablo winds, they call them the santa ana winds. not expecting super strong wind gusts, maybe 15 to 25. the model is suggesting it's going to stay mild in terms of wind. the air quality will fall as well. this high pressure center, kind of bumps in, it stays with us, and we warm up thursday and
10:50 pm
friday. fry is the warmest day, with numbers, maybe into the mid- 90s, upper 90s in the hot spots, but it's not about really record heat. it's about the low humidities and the potential for wind. because we've seen hotter days. 93 in vacaville, 93 in fair field. really about mid- to upper 90s, low humidity, and the potential for wind. with the lack of wind, that's where the air quality starts to take a hit. i think the air quality will come in at some point, and say a spare the air day, maybe tomorrow, maybe for thursday, and probably for friday now. 85 in pacifica tomorrow. the five-day forecast with the bay area weekend in view, this is not unusual. this is october. exactly what you expect. but what is unusual, is the severe unprecedented historical drought we're under right now with this pattern. so that's why we're concerned about fires. >> let's hope the winds stay
10:51 pm
down. >> looks like they're going to. a lot of giants fans still buzzing about that one-sided victory tonight. >> what you call a laugher. what is it about the giants in the even years? 2010, 2012, and now '14. there's just something about some guys who rise to the occasion. madison bumgarner certainly did tonight, as did, many giants fans will remember what brandon crawford did in his first big league game. he hit a grand slam. tonight, he becomes the first ever shortstop, ever, to hit a postseason grand slam. quiets the crowd. 4-0, and then leave it to matt who was masterful. he's got 16 shutout innings going in the postseason. he has 10 strike outs. yeah, and the pittsburgh fans, gosh, they just did not have anything at all to cheer about tonight. you see the final out right here. 4 hit shutout, 109 pitches, and
10:52 pm
with the victory, with 10 strike outs, madison bumgarner joins justin verlander, 2012, and sandy koufax, back in '65. how about panda with the beautiful catch? here's the final out. the giants will begin popping the champagne corks after this one. and yeah, the party is on. before they take on the washington nationals, starting on friday. and our own scott reese, right now is back there. scott is headed for south bend, to cover the stanford game saturday. he was in kansas city last night. pittsburgh tonight. you're just all over the map, man, and i suppose you had a little more fun in the clubhouse this evening, scott. >> reporter: well mark, there were two main storylines here at pnc tonight. the brandons, belt, and crawford combining for 7 rbi, and of course madison
10:53 pm
bumgarner, who was spectacular. twirling a 4 hit shutout. clearly, unaffected with the extra adrenalin, you expected to be associated with this one and done scenario. >> just me and buster back there. so really, i feel like most of us did a great job of that. as much fun as it is, you want to be excited. it's better for you, if you just try to stay calm, and just make the pitches. >> it's like we expected from him every time he goes out there. he did amazing again. it's unbelievable what he does every time he goes out there, big situations just don't phase him. >> reporter: of course it doesn't get any easier now for the giants. they move on face the nationals in a best of five series. during the regular season, the nats took five out of seven from the giants. the game 1 coming up on friday in the nation's capital. live in pittsburgh, scott reese. interesting story angle there, with former giant great matt williams managing the
10:54 pm
nationals. there will be more home games in san francisco, and a great one, speaking of this sunday in the bay area. it's alex, returning to the bay area. see what he has to say about the niners when we come back. insurance companies are spending millions of dollars trying to mislead you about the effects of proposition 46. well here's the truth:
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46 will save lives. it will save money too. i'm bob pack, and i'm fighting for prop 46 because i lost my two children to preventable medical errors and i don't want anyone else to lose theirs. the three provisions in 46 will reduce medical errors and protect patients. save money and save lives. yes on 46.
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all right, this sunday, the kansas city chiefs come to the new park, levi, and the 49ers are taking them on. you remember alex smith, and colin kaepernick taking over. here's what alex smith has to say about this sunday's match up. >> i'm trying to get a win. i could care less about the stats and dualing anybody. i know this is going to be a story, and they're going to have to deal with it. yeah, i'm going back there and playing against some of those guys that i've played with. but it's a different place, a different stadium. in a lot of respects, it's different. >> i'm sure he'll handle it fine. both teams are 2-2. >> that's going to be a good game. thanks for joining us tonight. our coverage continues now at >> if you missed any part of this broadcast, you can catch the replay on tv36.
10:58 pm
and the ktvu morning news starts tomorrow at 4:30. have a good night. >> good night. ♪ [ music ] bulldog: [yawning] it's finally morning!
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