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tv   KTVU News at 8pm  FOX  October 4, 2014 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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get usc to 4- 1. no. in the basement. why can't we just get in the running car? are you crazy? let's hide behind the chainsaws. smart. yeah. ok. if you're in a horror movie, you make poor decisions. it's what you do. this was a good idea. shhhh. be quiet. i'm being quiet. you're breathing on me! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. head for the cemetery! >> joe: the lead is back to two scores for number 16, sc. joe davis, joey herring done, chris button at the coliseum. allen going over 100 yards on the night, giving usc the two score lead, as arizona state
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with no time-outs. the kick taken by middlebrooks. will middlebrooks out across the 25. how about our fox sports 1 play of the game? buck allen, heck of a day. took him a minute to get going. started to open up holes. had a short touchdown run. then this one hoas put it up by two scores for usc. guy from the tallahassee, florida, area. he has grown so much in his time in los angeles. bercovici on the move. completes it. there goes cameron smith. this one is not over yet.
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smith to the house for a 72 yard touchdown. >> joey: really? >> joe: second touchdown throw by bercovici. >> joey: you see him pointing, go, get out there. he dlifs it and smith does the rest. unbelievable. i can't say it enough. mike bercovici has fought and fought all night. >> joe: a lot of the fans had started to leave. you might want to come back in for the finish of this one. from the blimp, take a look at the scramble for bercovici. seymour took a chance. smith made him pay. every cut can be quicker. ed.
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every block can be stronger. every catch harder to defend. we all do things we love and when we improve the way we do them it feels amazing. that's why at degree we improve too. improved degree motionsense. the only antiperspirant that releases extra protection when you move. it keeps you fresher even as old spice deodorant fades. protection improved so you can do more. owe. >> joe: mike bercovici who went to the school at taft high school making his second career start. >> joey: give me the ball and i will take it down to score. i love the confidence and enthusiasm. >> joe: another chance for an on-side kick. this time he goes up the middle.
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not a great effort that time. usc takes it at the 42. >> joey: only so many places you can go with the on-side kicks. >> joe: mike bercovici so badly wants a chance. >> joey: no time-outs for arizona state. you are looking at about two minutes, depending how long each play takes. if you stop them from getting the first down you could possibly get the ball back. >> joe: usc thought they put the game away. arizona state out of time-outs. it's allen on first down. what a game jordan simone has
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played out of his safety spot. 19 tackles for the junior from washington. if they can run this inside of two minutes before snapping on second and nine. arizona state used two of its time-outs in the third quarter when they had ten men on the field defensively. burned the time-outs. they could use them right about now. they go to allen again and dropped for a loss. guess who, jordan simone. the clock will wind down to about 1:10.
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not a bad night for simone. so one play from getting the ball back to the offense. not much time. out of the pistol. low snap picked up. allen gets dropped. staying on his feet. finally the whistle comes, with 1:06. play clock running now. they can run it down to just inside of 30 seconds before the fourth down play. the question is, what do you do on fourth down? you worry about a punt block. >> joey: tonight i might say you quick kick, which may sound like a crazy idea.
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we have seen four or five of them. >> four of them. steve sarkisian is going to use his final time-out. your only option is sending the punt team out there. so arizona state will get one more chance in a two-point game. s if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >> joe: final seconds at the
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coliseum with steve sarkisian sending the offense out. >> joey: look at the depth of cody kessler here. almost eight yards deep. >> joe: his fourth quick kick of the night. off the side of his foot, not only is it short, it only runs off a few seconds. a field goal would win it for arizona state. but remember their all-conference kicker didn't make the strip. so it would be alex garouotte who would need to win the game for arizona state. >> joey: they realistically need about 45 yards to get into field goal range. tough to do with only 23 seconds and no time-outs. i wouldn't put anything past mike bercovici right now. >> joe: they need to get to the 32. bercovici, down the sideline.
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broken up. seymour on a ball intended for smith. >> joey: i like that he stepped up in the pocket and bought some time, tried to find a heole in the sideline. so tough. >> joe: bercovici over the middle, and caught in sc territory at the 45. he will spike it after the 27 yard completion to chambers. they spike it with seven seconds. do you have enough time to run one more pass play to get yourself into field goal range? >> joey: you have to run a corner route that gets into
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field goal range. what a nice catch over the middle. >> joe: they need to get to the 32 to get into that range. no time-outs left. bercovici sets, loads up. heaving one deep. and it is caught. jaelen strong. do you believe it? arizona state wins on a hail mary. mike bercovici in his second
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start, 25 miles from his hometown, completes it to jaelen strong for a play that will go down in arizona state history as one of the greatest ever run by the sun devils. >> joey: un-be-leavable. he is the backup at arizona state. his second start. i thought he threw the ball too early. >> joe: i thought he threw it too short. >> joey: we saw him all night throw the high back shoulder fade. what do they say, high point it? go up, knock it down. don't let it come down. when you have jaelen strong, six-foot three, 215 pound wide
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receiver who can go up in traffic. unbelievable. >> joe: chris button is todd graham. >> reporter: what are the emotions running through you right now? >> about to have a heart attack. i am so proud of our kids. he would didn't give up. we give up a big touchdown. offense comes back with a big score. so proud of mike bercovici, so proud of my kids. >> reporter: he loves his university enough to sty. what does it mean to see him pick up the win? >> i can't describe it. our coaching staff did an unbelievable job perrying. all those young kids. he would have missed out on the greatest night of his life. don't quit, never, ever give up.
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it's a great night to be a sun devil. >> joe: i was happy to see him smile at the end. that's a pretty good win, coach. what a night for bercovici. jaelen strong off of the hail mary wins it for arizona state. keeping arizona state's and the pac-12 alive. we will be back on the other side of this break. on my journey across america, i've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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not a bad way to wind down a good day of college football across the country. a hail mary from mike bercovici wins it for arizona state. >> in the race for the pac-12 south, look at this. mike bercovici throws the ball so high. three, four seconds in the air. the ball was in the air for five seconds. gives his receivers a chance to go down.
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jaelen strong makes the catch. this young man did a fantastic job and saved arizona state's season. >> reporter: mike bercovici tell me what was going through your mind? >> it was the next play. we practice that situation every thursday. that was something we have practiced. i have practiced it 40, 50 times. the first time we do it, amazing. >> you said, oh, my and put your hands to your head. can you explain the emotions going through you? >> i still don't know what happened. it says 38-34, that's all i know. >> your family is here today, 30 miles from where you grew up. can you even process it right now? >> if it wasn't for half of those people, i would never be
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on the field right now. i have had touch a crazy experience. the school, the fans, the city of tempe, that's why i do it. >> joe: what a moment for that kid. what a night at the coliseum. more good sports going on. lip over to fox sports. yients and nats in the 17th inning. things shift to st. louis. check your local listings for the start time in your area. coming up next on fox except on the west coast is your late lot news. that does it here from the coliseum. mike bercovici hits strong for the hail mary. he grew up about an hour from
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here. he told his dad i am going to play here when i grow up. he thought it would be as a trojan. wound up as a sun devil and one of the best moments of his life. for joe herring done, chris button, saying so long from l.a. we are! fox sports!
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it's still going on. this is the seemingly never ending game tonight, the san francisco giants in the 17th inning of game 2 of their playoff series against the national and all eyes on washington, d.c. as every at bat creeps closer and closer to a game ending swing. and music fans sweat through a day the entertainment and more as another round of heat kicks up temperatures across the bay area. meter mark tamayo is tracking when we might cool off. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news. good evening, everyone, and welcome to the special postgame edition of ktvu channel 2 news. i'm heather holmes. >> i'm ken pritchett in tonight for ken wayne. we are on the edges of our -- edge of our seats as the giants games continues in washington,
8:23 pm
d.c. >> right now tied at one each and a playoff game certain to be record book worthy. what a game, huh? >> college game wasn't bad either. >> i like it. >> man, the giants for a while it was just like our nation's capitol, fast and efficient for about 8 2/3 innings and then it was really bogged down. the washington nats fans know how important it is. runs hard to come by against their -- brandon belt whips and nails hunter pen. tim hudson looking good, the only run he will give up, anthony ran doan off the -- rendon off the glove. worked out of jams here in the fourth gets ramas looking with a runner at second and the 6th, rendon at third. gets him swinging and hudson a career high eight strike-outs. he was tough today.
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he went 7 1/3. 9th inning big play, matt williams after his starter walked tannic with two outs. that's all he did. in comes two runs after opposing singles, slide down the -- sliced down the leftfield line. buster posey chugs to the plate. ramos tags him out apparently. they appeal to the giants. you be the judge. it is upheld. he's out and that forced the score at 1-1 and that same umpire the nats were so happy withdraws their ire here as cabrera is ejected after a pitch he thought was a ball was called a strike. matt williams, the former giant is also ejected and we are in the 17th inning tied 1-1 and just in case you're wondering, 18 innings back in 2005 between the houston astros and the atlanta braves, that was the
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record for a national league postseason playoff game, so, you know, they are approaching a record and it's a record the giants don't want to hit because they'd like to end it, wrap it up quick and come back here leading 2-0. >> yeah. >> it's an amazing game. >> stretching on. >> quite a game. >> a gut wrench. >> get out there and get back to watching it. thank you, mark. and now to the heatwave that's hitting the bay area. people from san francisco to the south bay, everyone trying to beat the high temps today and even the animals at six flags, there in vallejo spent the day cooling off in the water and with temperatures in the 90s and some places in the triple digits, some are wondering when this hot weather will end. let's go to our meteorologist mark tamayo with a look at what's to come. >> a few changes tomorrow for parts of the area. a heat advisory in place until 9:00 tonight but today the last day of that heat advisory. taking a look at the numbers from this afternoon, the highs, look at the 80s, 90s, even san francisco 90 degrees, upper 90s
8:26 pm
out towards santa rosa, livermore 96, san jose 92, morgan hill 97. we are talking about these warm to very hot temperatures across the bay area. right now you can see some changes offset, some fog -- offshore, some fog, that's a change. you see clear skies over san francisco bay. that is a live camera looking out toward the bay bridge but here's a closer look at that fog bank. we have more of an onshore breeze so with that that's going to cool off the coast as we head into your sunday forecast. we still have some more low to mid-90s well inland. here is a look at some of the current numbers, san francisco cooling off into the upper 60s right now, san jose 75 degrees, still fairly warm inland out toward concord, walnut creek and livermore, livermore checking in at 80 degrees but we are tracking a changing weather pattern as we head into your sunday forecast and once again the heat advisory in place right now, that will expire at 9:00 p.m. tonight. more on the cooling temperatures and that five-day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. the heatwave rolled in just
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in time for one of san francisco's biggest events but as ktvu's christian kaplan found, the heat is not keeping people from enjoying their weekend and keeping cool. >> another day of hot weather and a saturday for thousands that meant hitting ocean beach, looking for a little sand, sun and fun. >> i checked the weather and said, oh, 80 degrees, we are there. day off, weekend, san francisco, let's go. >> reporter: but the beach wasn't the only hot spot in san francisco. the second day of the hardly strictly bluegrass festival brought out 10s of thousands of music fans. even the youngest fans know the number 1 tip, stay hydrated. >> drink a lot of water. we brought a water bottle anyway. >> reporter: david and susan had a plan to take advantage of all that sunlight. >> just a solar panel but just in case our -- we bought a wi-
8:28 pm
fi if we wanted to go get online. >> we are tracking the giants score. >> reporter: they also had a spray bottle, plenty of sunscreen and susan's secret weapon. >> i got my husband to hold the umbrella over my head and frequently go stand in the shade. >> reporter: a steroid stream of con -- steady stream of concert goers reapplied a layer of sunscreen. medical experts say the key to beating the heat isn't to take care of it once you're hot, the key is preparing early. >> a lot of people don't start until they get out here and they really should start the night before and the day before getting themselves ready and hydrated to be able to handle the heat. >> reporter: in san francisco, christian kaplan, ktvu channel 2 news. >> and for those of you planning on braving the heat, the hardly strictly festival continues through tomorrow. we have posted a link of the complete schedule at you can find the link under web links. oakland police are investigating a homicide and they are also offering up a big reward for any leads.
8:29 pm
the investigators say a 27-year- old man was found shot to death around 1:00 this morning on 72nd avenue near the eastmont mall. police and crimestoppers are offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of that killer. and an east palo alto police still looking for anyone involved in last night's deadly shooting of a 20-year-old man there. it happened around 5:00 in front of a home on laurel avenue. family members say that mark madden was going to visit his uncle and cousin but when he went through a gate to go inside the yard, someone fired about 12 shots. relatives say that madden was a student at san francisco state with a part-time job at stanford. a 30-year-old petaluma man is facing dui and vehicular manslaughter charges tonight after a deadly accident on a north bay freeway. it happened just before 1:30 this morning on highway 101 in san rafael near north san pedro road. according to the highway patrol, 30-year-old osmon deleon was driving an suv that
8:30 pm
rear-ended a toyota causing both vehicles to flip. the driver of the toyota died at the hospital. the passenger is expected to survive. officials say deleon will be jailed after being released from the hospital. police say that a taxi driver struck a man in a crosswalk in san francisco's marina district and then took right off. it happened shortly after 10:00 last night at buchanan and bay streets near the moscone recreation center. a witness tells us that three people were in the crosswalk, two people made it across the street safely but the cab hit the third person in the crosswalk. the witness says that the taxi kept going and that she followed the cabby in her car to bring him back to the accident scene. >> i told him that he has to stop and the police were coming, so he told me, yes, i'm going back to the scene. i'm going back. you can follow me, i'm going back. >> police say the man in his 20s suffered a fractured leg as well as injuries to his upper body. he is expected


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