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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  October 6, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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a violent attack caught on camera. an 85-year-old woman walking toward the camera is hit from behind, and pushed to the ground. good evening, i'm ken wayne. frank somerville is off tonight. >> i'm julie haener. berkely police release surveillance video tonight in hopes of finding whoever attacked an elderly woman from behind as she walked down the street. ken pritchett is live on alston street, where that attack happened. >> reporter: the victim and a family member were walking here on shaddic, and they made the turn onto all stone street.
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where you see that second street, that's where she was attacked. >> reporter: the two women walking the other way have no idea what's coming next. >> ooh. >> reporter: that was a common reaction to this. the attacker, purring a shopping cart, suddenly turns and pushes the victim to the pavement, face first. >> that was on shaddic? >> that was right by that curved tree. >> reporter: the attack was caught on this surveillance camera. >> the lady didn't say anything to the other. it was unprovoked, it was uncalled for. she didn't see it coming. >> reporter: police say that's true, and that the woman suffered serious injuries that put her in the hospital. >> attacked her, because she was 85, and more vulnerable than someone who is younger and stronger. >> reporter: from another
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camera, police were able to grab this still shot. she's described as african american, in her 50s, 5'6", medium build, wearing a long gray coat with dark green baggy pants. >> i think that there should be civility among people. and when i see something like that, it just makes me really concerned about the state of affairs, and how things are going here. >> i feel like the area is pretty safe, but i will say, i keep my card up at night. >> reporter: the video was released this even, but the attack happened a week ago tuesday around 9:30 at night. police are asking anyone with information to give them a call. and this attacker, if caught, berkely police say she she could face felony assault, and elderly charges. palo alto police are stepping up patrols especially around schools after a report
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of indecent exposure today. the victim called 911 after she saw the man expose himself. police say he was a white man in his mid-30s. they expect a sketch artist will work with the victim to try to come up with a likeness of the man. the head of a prestigious private school in marin county has been arrested on drug charges. 54-year-old thomas price has been leading the branson school in ross since 2006. he was arrested friday in a hyatt hotel room in rancho cordova along with 21-year-old brittany hall. deputies described the room as a den of drug activity. >> we're talking about a small motel room, almost everywhere the officers look, when they walk into the room, there was some evidence of either drugs, or drug paraphernalia, including cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, as well as prescription drugs. >> both were charged with several felony, including drug
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possession, and possession for sale. sheriff dips say it appears price had been living a double life. the board of trustees told us price has stepped down from his position has head of school. he is free on bail, and due in court november 24. a new first in the ebola epidemic. a patient has been affected with the virus outside of west africa. that patient is a nurse in spain who cared for a priest infected while he was in sierra leone. also today, the liberian man, thomas duncan is now receiving an experimental drug. an american tourist is now being treated in omaha, nebraska. president obama announced new measures against ebola saying it is now a top national priority. >> we're going tube doing additional passenger screening both at the source and in the
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united states. >> calling to set up screening procedures at all border crossings, and have fully staffed quarantine stations ready. tonight, bay area centers are sounding the alarm, saying they're not as prepared as they should be. >> hearing from a nurse who says she's worried. >> reporter: julie, nurses say they are not properly trained to deal with ebola. but kaiser hospitals tell me they are ready should there be ebola cases here. the california nurse's association held a protest to put pressure on hospitals to have a response plan. >> that plan is only on paper, or on the internet. that's not preparedness. >> reporter: the union says a survey of more than 1400 nurses from hospitals across the country found that nearly 80% say their hospital has not informed them of a policy in
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the admission of potential ebola patients. >> we have not had training where someone would come in and say, okay, here's the equipment, here's how you use it. >> reporter: nurse katie roamer tells us, the hospital has not offered any training, nor does she know if there is adequate protective gear, should staff need to treat an ebola patient. >> we're really worried. that communication is crucial. >> we need to be able to involve as the situation involves. >> reporter: dr. steven parody says the hospital does have a plan. he also says kaiser plans to hold ebola drills at all of its northern california hospitals, within the next four weeks. i asked why didn't this take place sooner? >> we have to constantly reevaluate and re-change, or execute on new plans as they need to be made.
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>> reporter: also waiting for information is stero-clean. franchises in six states. the operation manager in hayward tells us, it has the protective gear to respond. but it is not clear to take on an ebola job. >> there has to be an epa registered disinfectant to prove to treat it. >> nurses say the recent case in dallas, where an infected patient was sent home is cause for concern. nurses say they hope to spread readiness, not fear. reporting live here in san leandro, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. a san leandro company is recalling some of its meat products because of a processing issue.
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the recall products were made by galint food company, and shipped to a bay area store in northern california. the meat instiller was improperly cooked. new information at a bathroom brawl at levi stadium caught oncamera. it left a man seriously hurt. 34-year-old dario rebollero and amador rebollero are facing charges after throwing punches in sunday's game. one man who was hit was actually just trying to help. >> it was just stupid, but i could see it was going to happen. i tried to tell the guy in front of me, listen, just walk away. >> he was the third person in line in the men's restroom on
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the 300 level on levi stadium's north side, when he sensed a fight brewing before kickoff. >> they were arguing, why did you nudge me, and started using profanity. the guy that got hit, apparently was really nice, you know, it was like listen, i'm sorry, i was just trying to tell you there was an open stall. >> reporter: he described the attacker as belligerent with slurred speech. >> completely senseless. they were two 49er fans for god sakes. come on, have a little respect. >> reporter: police say the video posted on youtube is legit. stadium police say they arrested these two men for the assault. police say they initially ran off. another fan was also injured. >> one of the victims has been released from the hospital, the other one is listed in serious condition, and we're waiting for further developments on that. >> reporter: police say they have an ample amount of
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officers from private security to police personnel. this is the second assault at levi stadium, the first, a domestic violence case that happened during the 49ers regular season home opener on september 14. in santa clara, azimuth smith, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> in a statement today, the san francisco 49ers said quote, we would like to send our deepest concern and we will wishes to those involved in yesterday's incident. the ray mcdonald case may lead to changes for the san jose police department, and rules for off duty work. the san francisco 49er player was arrested on domestic violence charges. tonight, the mercury news reports, a sergeant was already at mcdonald's home when another officer responded to the call. the mercury news says that complicated the police investigation and an internal investigation is now underway.
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tonight, the san francisco giants are still one win away from moving on in baseball's postseason. >> ishikawa with a broken battle roller. there will be at least 4 games in this division series. >> the giants lost 4-1 today to the washington nationals at at&t park. with the win, the giants would have swept the team with the best record in the national league. the nationals needed today's win to keep them from going home. coming up later in sports, the game highlights, and the mistakes that cost the giants game 3. a lot of giants fans headed to bars such as old pro in palo alto to watch the game today. it wasn't only for the beer, but for the tv. the game aired on mlb tv, which isn't a part of many cable packages. >> i've been a fan since i was a kid. >> reporter: we also found fans
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multitasking, working on their laptops. some admitted they brought their laptops but hadn't actually gotten any work done. game 4 has a more convenient start time for many fans. first pitch is set for 6:07 tomorrow night. you can watch the game on tv on fox sports 1. moving company horror stories. >> i thought i was a pretty smart person. i didn't know that that could even happen. >> 2 investigates the industry's shady practices, and why scammers are so tough to stop. >> things are going to cool down at your house this week. >> next, pictures of a bold thief in action, stealing right from a victim's doorstep. the precautions you can take to make sure your deliveries don't disappear.
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new at 10, a package thief caught in the act. the woman targeted online shoppers twice in the same neighborhood. maureen naylor is live. >> reporter: this is not just a crime of opportunity around the holidays. investigators say the woman stole two packages from homes here in the st. francis acres area. one neighbor just came up and told me one of the items included an ironing board. under an almost full moon tonight, a thief is on the
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move. police know what she looks like. the woman wearing a black tank top and jeans is seen bent over, and taking a package. >> gosh, that's pretty creepy. >> reporter: it happened on this tree-lined street. police say the thief drove up and down lloyd way, and was captured on another surveillance camera, stealing another package from a home two doors down. >> you feel violated. you know, how dare them? why don't they do something good instead of this? >> reporter: another good clue that could help, these images. investigators say the woman is seen getting out of this white car, similar to an early 2000 model dodge stratus. >> it's very disturbing. i'm from new york originally. i was much more suspicious living in new york, but then coming in here, i kind of let my guard down. it's a little scary to know you can't do that. >> reporter: the neighbor gets amazon and google online
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passages delivered to her door stope. she in the past has used a surveillance camera. >> i set up a video camera because i didn't know why my candy was disappearing. now maybe i have to do one for my packages. >> i check on my next door neighbor. i wouldn't want to leave them overnight here. >> reporter: police advise you request a signature be required for delivery. do online tracking of a package, or have the package sent to your work. we reached out to google tonight. a spokesperson says for anyone who's package goes missing, she ask you contact customer support, so they can help. they say package theft is rare, considering the amount of deliveries. live tonight in mountain view, maureen naylor. pg and e released more internal emails about its dealing with the state public utilities commission.
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three pg ande executives were fired last month. all parties need to be aware of decisions. the emails showed inappropriate communications with pg and e, and the cpuc. >> there was a discussion about if pg and e gets 3 the million dollars for energy efficient incentives, then pg and e would donate $3 million to fight a proposition on the ballot. >> the utility reform network says it will propose a package at the state legislature to prevent something like this from happening again. a touching tribute to a pleasantton man who died while saving a stranger. he jumped into action to pull a man from a speeding train. how that good samaritan is being remembered. >> reporter: julie, it is a simple gesture to a man who showed tremendous courage, reaching for that stranger
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right there on the tracks, as that train came barreling down. his widow told me tonight, she's not surprised he tried to help. now visitors to an east bay park will be reminded of his selfless act. >> reporter: it is peaceful, and serene. a place for gazing out into the world. a place emily schultz finds comfort. >> makes me feel a little less alone. >> reporter: emily was looking forward to years of hiking with her beloved husband, phil. here he is, taking a break on a bench after a hike. this would be the couple's last visit to the park. >> it was shocking. >> reporter: it was back in january, here at the santa clara caltran station, when phil schultz' life came to an end. he saw a man down on the tracks with an express train hurdling toward the station. >> as it was coming, phil reached across on the platform
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to try to pull that guy off of the tracks to try to get him off of harm's way. both were struck. phil died. the other man survived. >> he wasn't somebody who was content to just drift on the sidelines, and let something terrible happen, and so, it's terrible, and i'm of course very sad he made that choice, but it's not surprising. >> reporter: his heroic deed is now memorialized. >> dedicated to the great life of phil schultz. taken too soon. >> reporter: a new wood, and metal bench sits in the park. a tribute to a man who gave his life to save a stranger. >> i just want them to remember that phil was here. maybe they'll see his name, and think about his story. >> it cost $2,500 to dedicate that bench. it will remain in place at the park for at least 10 years. the memorial foundation set up in phil's honor is also working
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with park officials to try to raise money to create new trails. we put up a link to that foundation's website. emily says her husband really appreciated the park system and said he would quote find it cool that he is being remembered this day. >> you said yesterday would be his 36th birthday. gone way too soon. got a little bit of cloud cover out there now. fogs showing backup at the coast. it will get a little further inland tonight. you can see the fog coming across the city now. this is up over twin peaks. the marine layer is getting deeper. that means we're going to see more fog pushing further inland tonight, than we have the last few nights, which leads to cooling. you see the cool air around here. these are current temperatures. so 57 in novato. 60 in oakland. over the hill, still in the mid- 70s. next few hours, that cool air will be everywhere. the winds are blowing pretty
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good up at fairfield, sustained at 15 miles an hour. that's the right direction too. lower fire danger direction, with the winds coming out of the west. this pattern, this westerly flow, this lack of heat wave, better air quality pattern is going to hold for the next few days. overnight lows are getting down there. up in the north bay, and san rafael as well. in the outskirts of napa, getting temperatures down to low 40s. daytime highs are getting into the upper 80s. 35, 40-degree bump between morning and evening. so just beware the kids are going to need jackets. the cooling trend continues. we'll go out on a long range forecast. a two year legal battle over the operation of an oyster farm. the drake's bay oyster company
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announced for a tentative closure of the farm. under the agreement, the company can harvest oysters until then. the parks service will also be responsible for removing extensive underwater equipment, and will pay for employee relocation. the battle began when former secretary of the interior, ken salazar refused to renew the oyster farm's lease. the owners plan to open up a restaurant nearby. a shocking crime in a quiet bay area community. >> we would like the public to be more aware. >> at 10:30, a warning from police after an armed robbery outside a popular mall. >> but first, the surprise move today by the supreme court, and where it leaves the national debate over same-sex marriage. well here's the truth: 46 will save lives. it will save money too. i'm bob pack, and i'm fighting for prop 46 because i lost my two children to preventable medical errors and i don't want anyone else to lose theirs. the three provisions in 46 will reduce
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to generate cleaner electricity, that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and why with our partner in brazil, we are producing a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane to fuel cars. let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go. congratulations! >> couples walk hand in hand, celebrating marriage, and a big
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milestone. today, the supreme court cleared gay marriages in five states. the justices announced they would not hear rulings on the issue. >> the latest twist in the national debate over same-sex marriage. >> reporter: you know, frankly, this has become such a huge issue, most people expected the court to weigh in. ever since san francisco ten yearsing a became the first to allow same-sex marriages. now 10 years later, some 24 states are set to allow it with more possibly to follow. the u.s. supreme court requires just 4 of the 9 justices to agree to hear a case. today that didn't happen. the court declined to hear five cases from states seeking to overturn apellet court hearings. >> we're overwhelm. >> reporter: couples in
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virginia and pennsylvania began getting married immediately. >> we have seen over 30 courts rule in favor of the freedom to marry, with only two courts ruling against. today's actions by the supreme court only add more energy to that nationwide momentum. >> reporter: already the district of columbia and 19 states allow same-sex marriage. after today's announcement, the five states hoping for a hearing will have to lift their stay. another six will likely follow suit. totaling 30 states where same- sex marriage could be legal. >> it puts pressure on those states that haven't decided yet. now they have to decide whether to recognize marriages that were made in other states. >> reporter: leaving the nation in a legal limbo. activists on both sides say the u.s. supreme court should intervene. >> a bunch of wimps. >> why is that? >> they're the ones that should
10:27 pm
decide. they're afraid to. >> they should make up their mind whether they're going to let it happen or they're not, overall. everybody should come up on one agreement. >> for all of the states. >> for all of the states. >> reporter: opponents of same- sex marriage are upset that the courts have overturned voter approved bans, and some are vowing to take this battle to congress next. reporting live in san francisco, jana katsuyama, ktvu, channel 2 news. what will soon be the nation's newest warship saled through the bay today. she is the navy's latest amphibious assault ship and will be commissioned in san francisco. until then, she will be available for tours by the public on wednesday and thursday. friday, the ship will be part of the parade of ships set to start at 11:00 a.m. shoppers stunned by crime in a quiet north bay community. >> two gunmen in a nordstrom
10:28 pm
parking lot. and we're talking to employees about why they may be the most vulnerable. >> plus, running dry. the new effect of california's drought on some bay area residents.
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an armed robbery at a north bay mall has some shoppers stunned. >> reporter: ken, an average of 9 robberies a year. that's why the scare for a mall employee here in the nordstrom lot saturday night is raising red flags. police say the suspects have been here before. it was 8:30. the village at corte madera closed. a 45-year-old employee found
10:31 pm
herself facing two men with semi automatic handguns, threatening her for her purse. >> she wants out of this picture, which is good. >> reporter: the purse quickly surrendered, police say, and the woman ran back into the mall for good. turns out, police were on their way, because the suspect and their car had been spotted, and reported as suspicious. possibly connected to a series of thefts, or fraudulent transactions in nordstrom in recent months. >> we have a lot of people who visit from other areas to commit crimesment we have people that reside in this county that also make crimes as well. >> reporter: officers searched, but the vehicle slipped away on a frontage road, leading to the freeway. surveillance video reveals two african american men. one tall, and then, the other average build, both with short hair, driven away by an african american woman. all three in their late teens or early 20s.
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the car, and older model white toyota solara. mall employees say they haven't been alerted to the crime, but many are always careful. >> i was very fortunate saturday, a coworker walked out with me. so we do that. i watch for someone to walk out with me here. >> one of our employees was actually jumped for her pocketbook. >> reporter: workers admit, they're at higher risk, because they leave late, and they're required to park further out. >> sometimes, i just do what i need to do to be safe, and hope that i won't get caught. >> we would like the public to be more aware, and we try to educate them in every opportunity that we have. >> reporter: police and mall security are keeping up a more advisable presence in the lots now. as it starts getting dark earlier, reminding everyone, no community is in a bubble,
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immune from crime. reporting live, debora villalon, ktvu, channel 2 news. gunfire inside an east bay wal-mart store overnight sent customers running for cover. it happened on davis street about midnight just as the store was closing. police say the trouble started when two men suspected of shoplifting were stopped, and questioned by security guards. >> wrestled with loss prevention, and then he wasn't getting away, so he took out a gun and shot like eight times inside the store. >> at first, we just thought it was someone popping big bags or something until we started hearing people screaming. >> police say no one was shot, but one of the suspects was hurt in a scuffle with the security guard, and is hospitalized tonight. the two men now face attempted robbery, and attempted murder charges. authorities believe a body found in shasta county is that of a missing man from bellmont.
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last seen september 4. the search moved to shasta county after several sightings there. the remains were found near meryl's mercedes in the remote town of burnie this weekend. a coroner will determine a cause of death. county elections officials started sending out vote by mail ballots. 40% are expected to use mail in ballots. the last day to register is october 20, which can be done online, or in person by mail. the last day to apply for a mail in ballot is october 28. governor jerry brown threw his support behind libby shaf in the race. >> this is from my heart, what i believe, and how i think oakland can move forward. that's why i am here. >> shaf is a former aide for
10:35 pm
governor brown, during his second term as mayor of oakland. she is proud and humbled to have the governor support. libby shaf is among 15 people who have thrown in their hat for the race. some people who rely on well water are seeing their water dry up in the north bay, as ktvu's rob roth reports, without rain, they may have to spend more money to dig deeper for water. >> reporter: the vineyard surrounding a secluded home. for jody, this is paradise, except for one serious problem. she's running out of water. the faucets ran today, but that hasn't always been the case. >> very upsetting when you go to turn it on, and nothing comes out. >> reporter: she relies on her own well for water. she's had to lower the pump to
10:36 pm
98 feet for water. >> she's on borrowed time, we've lowered the we will as far as we can go. we've added the house to a storage tank. if we don't get some rain, it's going to be kind of serious. >> reporter: dan is a manager for the pump company. he says worried residents are lowering pumps or digging new deeper wells at a $20,000 endeavor. >> i'm seeing a lot of the shallower wells drying out. not necessarily dry, dry, but loss of production. >> reporter: for many people, the drought so far has meant a relatively small sacrifice of conservation. for those living on well water, the drought is a constant threat. >> when you're actually living in a situation where you have a finite amount of water, and you have to figure out how you can use it, it's really a change. >> reporter: the good news is wells can be replenished, it just takes a normal amount of rainfall. which is exactly what everyone
10:37 pm
here is praying for. winds are going to turn temperatures down. the difference you're going to feel where you live in the coming days. >> after the break, a north bay building up in flames. the new video just into our newsroom. ♪ with kaiser permanente, you'll connect with your doctor any time, anywhere. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. ♪ become a member of kaiser permanente.
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because together, we thrive. ♪
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new video of a 3 alarm fire that burned in the north bay, it started around 7:40 tonight in fairfield. firefighters say the building was once a pet store, now vacant, and was known to be an occasional home to squatters. there are no reports of injuries. san francisco officials have put together a plan to speed up ambulance service in the city. that's in response to records showing the fire department was regularly missing its own goal
10:40 pm
of ambulance service within 10 minutes of a 911 call. the sprain chronicle reports the promised changes include eight additional ambulances on- call every day, and adding a city paid nurse at the next door shelter on polk street. the location that makes the most 911 calls in the city. hewlett-packard confirmed a breakup report today that sent the stock higher by almost 5%. it would split itself into two companies. one called hp inc. would operate the consumer oriented printer and computer business. the other called hewlett- packard enterprise would control the hardware services. it also includes a plan to invest the money saved into research and development. it was not enough to boost the broader market. the dow jones lost 17. the nasdaq lost 20.
10:41 pm
investors are waiting for word on interest rates from the federal reserve. islamic reserves appear close to taking a syrian town. a few thousand kurdish fighters are trying to protect the town. some 12,000 civilians are caught in kobani. leon panetta told u.s.a. today, the war against isis could be a long one. >> i think we're looking at kind of a 30 year war kind of history here in which it's going to take a long time. >> back in this country, 19- year-old mohammed hamsikan was arrested saturday trying to fly to the middle east to join isis. the director of the secret service began his first day on the job today. joseph clancy is a 25 year
10:42 pm
veteran of the secret service. before his retirement, he spent two years as chief of president obama's detail. it was the president who recommended clancy take over the agency. clancy replaces julia pierson. she resigned after a string of security lapses. most notably, an intruder with a knife who made it all the way to the east room of the white house. they are hired to make moving day easier, but some companies might actually make things much worse. >> i thought i was a pretty smart person. i didn't know that could even happen. >> up next, 2 investigates uncovers moving industry tactics that could cost much more than you bargained for. >> plus, chief meteorologist bill martin tracking a cool down on the way. he'll have a complete bay area forecast. >> it won't be a sweep. but the giants are still just one win away from moving on in the postseason. a look at what went wrong today.
10:43 pm
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10:45 pm
2 investigates extras claims of moving companies cheating customers and uncovers some questionable tactics that some say are rampant in the industry. prosecutors say it's easy for illegitimate firms to take advantage of customers under pressure to relocate quickly, and their techniques can be very sophisticated. >> melanie woodruff with what you need to know to protect your belongings. >> reporter: the sound of change. new job, new home, new city. opportunities that could leave you short changed if you choose the wrong moving company. >> i told them i wouldn't let them move my neighbor's trash to the curb, let alone my children to tacoma. >> reporter: the moving company tried to take advantage of her.
10:46 pm
2 investigates is not revealing their name. highland says the company used high pressure tactics. >> he was asking for my credit card for the deposit. >> reporter: she says the company charged her credit card without a signed moving estimate. highland later found out the company who booked her move was brokering it out to another one. who 2 investigates called, another company answered. we tried to visit the company's website, also listed on the estimate, but it didn't exist. finally, we visited the d.o.t. website to verify the moving company's intrastate operating authority. the one listed yielded no results. >> they seriously misrepresented themselves, and i thought i was a pretty smart person. i didn't know that that could even happen.
10:47 pm
>> reporter: he prosecutes moving companies. >> it's really hard to distinguish the scam companies from the legitimate ones. >> reporter: lynn says especially when it comes to brokers. >> that's an area that's ripe for abuse actually is for a broker to muddy the waters. to not distinguish their services from the moving company services. when in fact, they may be the front for the scam moving company. >> reporter: questionable companies cutting and pasting contracts from legitimate ones, then passing them off to customers as their own. he says some companies would even buy old trucks, and legitimate an illegitimate company's phone number. >> it's extremely difficult to prosecute these companies, because they often change names. >> don't let them rush you. take your time, and definitely don't get down to the wire to move. >> reporter: an attorney for the moving company she used sent us a statement that in part says it's not uncommon for
10:48 pm
brokers and carriers to work together. bottom line your best bet is to check whether or not the moving company you're using is licensed. for moves within california, you can do that on the california public utilities commission website. you can make sure it is both insured and licensed. if you're moving across state lines, you'll want to check for the same information on the department of transportation website. put in the name of the moving company, or the d.o.t. company, or mc number. we'll put these, as well as our tips on our website at just look under hot topics. >> you have a tip for our 2 investigates team, we want to hear from you. just email a little bit of fog out
10:49 pm
there right now. todays temperatures were slightly cooler than what we saw over the weekend, but not much. it was certainly warm inland, with 95 degrees in antioch. fog is back at the coast right now, it has been very dense out there over the last few mornings but now starting to push in. these high clouds, they're in advance of some tropical weather system to the south of us. a beautiful sunset, if you had a chance to see it because of these high clouds. there's high clouds over san francisco. we're also seeing fog move in across this area here. here's a live camera. if you look hard, it's not hard to see. there's that fog, it's up to about 800 feet deep now. so it's coming up over twin peaks. it's going to be a little deeper. the last couple of nights it's been just below the deck of the bridge. now it's deeper, which means there's going to be more cool moist air pushing inland.
10:50 pm
lots of 60s, and low 70s. the fog along the coast tomorrow morning is going to do something like this. it's going to push inland. it's a little bit further. we're going to see more of this in each morning as we go forward, the fog footprint will increase. a low pressure system to the north releases the inversion. tomorrow morning, don't be surprised to see a little fog in your neck of the woods. temperatures forecast for tomorrow, then, there you go. some 90s. not as many as today. the reds are 90s. tomorrow it's going to be a lot of 80s. so the forecast as we go through time is for temperatures to trend down, because of this weak low pressure center. it's just going to get cooler around here. 92 in clear lake. 90 in fairfield. 84 in san jose. 89 in morgan hill. then the forecast along the
10:51 pm
coast for fog will be mid-60s. so it's that time of year, october, when we start seeing less and less fog. just a nice looking weather pattern. fire danger not a huge deal. cool thursday, warms up a little for the weekend. >> sounds good, thank you, bill. mark's here now to talk about the giants. not the story we were hoping to talk about tonight. >> san francisco will probably be a little different party scene tonight. to err is human, but there is no divine forgiveness. there will be no broom service either for the visiting washington nationals. here's your ballgame right here. 7th inning, scoreless. madison, pitching a great game again. two on, nobody out. wilson ramos bunting. bumgarner thinks he can get him at third. no go. down to the bullpen it goes.
10:52 pm
one run in, two runs in. 2-0. the nats add an rbi single. harper takes over the ballgame. robbing travis ishikawa there. comes to the plate late and this is just a blast. a shot didn't quite make it into the bay, but it put an exclamation point on things. giants stranded a lot of runners today. doug fister, tough on the mound for the nats. a 2-1 series lead for the giants. >> can't throw the ball away, you know? just screwed it up for us. you know, we've got to come out tomorrow ready to play. i know we will. not worried about it. just unfortunate. we hand it to them like that. tomorrow about 5:00. some giants fans would actually
10:53 pm
like to see the giants and dodgers go at it in the division series. so the ultimate rivals would face off in the nlcs. both both teams, giants and dodgers have some work to do. st. louis taking it to the dodgers tonight. matt carpenter in the 3rd. solo shot. his 3rd of the series. dodgers did tie it in the 6th. one on for st. louis, kolten wong, deep and gone. unexpected power source. that home run stood up. a 2-1 lead for the cardinals, and the next game in that series will also be in st. louis. ned york, and jim harbaugh, an impromptu meeting this morning. sports part 2 next.
10:54 pm
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10:56 pm
of course you never know what could happen when the boss stops by for a little chat. that's what happened today. jed york into jim harbaugh's office. they had a real good talk.
10:57 pm
all about the rumors swirling around. whatever the case, niners field cleaning it up. although only scoring one touchdown in the win over kansas city. only 3 penalties. harbaugh seamed uncharacteristically calm. >> so everybody in the organization is doing their job. everybody is you know, working hard at the craft of helping us be the best we can possibly be as a football team. that's all you can ask of anybody. they're doing their best, and nobody appreciates that like i do. >> sure many of the niners took a peek at the monday night game. hoping something like, not that would happen. russell wilson having it together. 100 passing. 122 rushing. and a 22-17 win over the redskins. that's the sporting life for a monday night. >> a good game mark, thank you. thank you for joining us
10:58 pm
tonight. our next newscast, ktvu morning news starting at 4:30 a.m. >> follow us on twitter, facebook, or good night. at shell, we believe the world needs a broader mix of energies, which is why we are supplying natural gas, to generate cleaner electricity, that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and why with our partner in brazil, we are producing a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane to fuel cars. let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go.
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for, uh, town council reelection. oh, don't look. there's that jerk duane bailey. oh, yuck. i should say something to him, shouldn't i? i gotta be honest, i was just working off your tone. who's duane bailey and why do we hate him? honey, he's that councilman who shot down my stop sign. big phony. yeah... hey. duane bailey, seeking reelection, town council. hoping i can count on your vote. well, you just got it. all right. phil. you don't remember meeting me, do you? claire dunphy. last month's town council meeting? oh, yes i do! yes, i remember you. (gruff voice) i want a stop sign. (laughs) just having fun. here, have a pen. "duane bailey. councilman. citizen. puggle breeder." i love them because they're a different mix of breeds, just like america. i like what he's saying, claire.


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