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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  October 8, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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a motorcyclist is hit and killed. i'm ken wayne, frank somerville is off tonight. >> i'm julie haener. a hit-and-run crash left a motorcyclist dead this afternoon, jana katsuyama is live on mission boulevard, where the accident happened. the chp is notifying drivers to be cafe on -- careful on that stretch of the roadway. >> reporter: they're trying to
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find this semi rig by using tips and surveillance video. but as ken mentioned earlier, this driver might not even realize that he or she collide with the motorcycle. the motorcycle rider, a 61-year- old man was found in the middle of the street, killed when his motorcycle crashed. heavy traffic came to a halt as the chp closed the stretch of mission boulevard at 1:15 this afternoon. what caused the crash is a mystery that the chp is still trying to unravel tonight. >> a big rig that was towing two chrome colored tanks, it's potentially a vehicle that left the scene. >> reporter: the chp says witnesses told them the big rig collided with the motorcycle, and never stopped. now, investigators are searching for the silver big rig tanker. the problem is that the street gets a lot of truck traffic. the chp says it's more dangerous because --
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>> this particular stretch of roadway is also under construction right now. >> reporter: construction barriers have created another hazard that could have been a factor. >> it's lanes are not as wide as the normal lanes on other interstates. >> reporter: the chp says drivers should be aware of that danger. >> a nightmare, especially during rush hour. lots of trying to angle. changing the problem from one bay to the next. >> reporter: the chp officers have told they me have identified that 61-year-old victim, but they will not release his name until they notify his family. they're asking anyone to call them with tips, because they're trying to track that driver down. reporting live in fremont tonight, jana katsuyama, ktvu, channel 2 news. ready for a possible strike affecting the marin county commute. a strike left ferries idle.
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they're not saying what they are planning, the unions are fighting for wage hikes and contract negotiations. their last contract expired july 31. new video tonight from placer county, where a string of wildfires burned six structures and is threatening others. cal fire says 80 homes are threatened tonight. the fires are located along eastbound interstate 80 near the community of apple gate. one woman who lost her home this afternoon talked about seeing the flames heading her way. >> we ran around the house like crazy people, trying to pick up things that we knee we needed, or wanted. some clothing, and a couple of pillows and threw them in the car and left. >> the fire is just 10% contained, and there is still no word tonight on the cause.
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one lane of eastbound interstate 80 is open again. authorities were forced to shut down all lanes earlier today because of the fires. loved ones are mourning the loss of a cal fire pilot who was killed while fighting a wildfire. people lined the route as the pilots body was taken from the site. the air tanker crashed close to the town of foresta. members of the community gathered to share their thanks and pay their respects. >> reporter: people in town spent hours waiting and preparing. flags flew at half staff, others waved overhead. >> it makes me very proud of my husband and the rest of the guys and the gals that go out there and do that for us. it's been a rough fire season. >> reporter: at 1:30 this afternoon, people lined the streets downtown to pay their
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respects. >> and to hear that someone passed away protecting us, it's very humbling, it's very sad. >> there was silence. the prosession carrying the body of a cal fire pilot passed by. >> it's a very tight community with firefighters. >> reporter: dealing with the wildfires is a way of life here, and many have close family on those fire lines. >> it could be any one of our guys anytime they go out. >> reporter: it crashed while battling the dog rock fire in yosemite. >> i was in tears. >> reporter: national park search and rescue crews found the pilots body late last night. >> very dangerous, rugged at the rain. they decided to press on, and ultimately identified that the pilot had died in the crash, brought closure for the family, for all of us in the fire service. >> reporter: this morning, in a solemn process, an honor guard carefully removed the body to
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begin that 65-mile long prosession. because of the crash, cal fire's remaining 22 air tankers have been grounded as a precaution. the dog rock fire continues to burn. at last check, it consumed 210 acres and was 0% contained. in mariposa, allie rasmus, ktvu, channel 2 news. the state owns 22 of the former navy planes which were retrofitted. [ no audio ] on, you'll find the latest on the air tanker crash,
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including video of today's prosession. the liberian man, thomas duncan who was the first to be diagnosed with ebola into the u.s. died this morning. texas authorities say his body will be cremated in accordance with strict federal guidelines. also today, a dallas sergeant was taken to the same hospital. he had been in duncan's apartment, but didn't have any contact with him. his son says his father started feeling sick to his stomach today. >> just, experiencing somewhat flu like system, and again, my dad being the cautious person that he is, decided to be safe rather than sorry. >> they were in duncan's apartment for only about 30 minutes and were not wearing protective gear. doctors say the risk for ebola is minimal. the ebola epidemic is prompting
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changes at five major u.s. airports. why sfo doesn't have the same plan in place. two brothers were in court facing felony assault charges in a brawl at levi stadium. amador rebollero and dario are accused of punching a man who tapped amador on the shoulder to tell him a stall was free. the victim had to have part of his skull removed to remove swelling. another man was also attacked, the suspects remain in custody, and they're set to enter a plea at the end of the month. san francisco police today returned to the scene of a deadly officer involved shooting that we brought you as breaking news this time last night. investigators say the trouble started shortly after 9:00 last night near bryant street in the south of market area, not very far from at&t park. as ktvu's noel walker reports,
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police were patrolling for car burglars when they noticed suspicious activity. >> reporter: work in the busy south of market area went on today. right in the shadow of what's left in a police investigation, evidence tags, and discarded gloves marked the spot where san francisco police shot and killed a suspected car burglar. >> the officer at gunpoint ordered the person to drop the gun. the driver failed to comply. >> reporter: police say officers were patrolling the area during the giants game as part of a special crime suppression unit. they saw the suspect's vehicle casing the area, then witnessed him burglarize a mercedes suv and moved in to make an arrest. that's when police say the driver showed a handgun. >> only one officer discharged his firearm. but the officer definitely feels threatened. >> i see the police have taped off my neighborhood. >> reporter: paul has lived in
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the neighborhood for 10 years. >> every single night, there's a car broken into on this block, every single night. >> reporter: a constant blanket of glass on the sidewalk. his prius has been burglarized three times. >> one time, i'm looking out the window, and i see this guy standing here, he smashes the window of my car. >> while you're watching. >> while i'm watching. >> reporter: police were back in the neighborhood looking for witnesses to the city's latest officer involved shooting. >> in police work you never know what you may encounter. >> reporter: as is cust on, there will be a town hall meeting held, that is tomorrow night at 6:00 at the academy of arts on federal. allegedly attacked with a hammer by his uber driver. >> i'm not sure whether i'm going to lose my eye or not. >> we hear from the victim for the first time, and he says uber is trying to avoid responsibility. >> how long the cool down will
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last, and how far temperatures will dip where you live. >> their daughter was declared dead, but they say this video proves jahi is alive. how the community is coming out once again to support her family.
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back now to that cal fire pie pilot who was killed wile fighting a wildfire. >> kraig hunt died yesterday
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when his air tanker crashed. we have information back in holster where he was based. >> reporter: if you look over the fence here at the holister air fence base, you will see a gap where that air tanker should be. it was piloted by a very well respected pilot, and a family man. a husband and father of two daughters. >> even late tonight, people were adding to the flowers and notes. this couple, while they did not know 62-year-old kraig hunt. >> the fire crew average 20 to maybe 30 something years old, so he was there, their father figure, and they did what he said. >> reporter: battalion chief richard lopez says firefighters at the air attack base today are sharing stories, laughs and memories. >> last night it was doubt,
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anger, frustration, sadness. >> reporter: hunt lived in this san jose neighborhood. his family asked for privacy this afternoon, but his daughter did email photos and said that her father, a former navy pilot loved to golf, fish, and fly, and more. kimmy was neighbors with him for 25 years. >> we're definitely going to miss him. i just can't believe how this has to happen to him. >> reporter: she says hunt always looked out for his neighbors. >> more than good neighbor. it's someone that i can not replace. >> reporter: his fellow firefighters say he always looked out for them. >> if you were kind of out, down, he would ask if there was anything he could do to bring you back up. if you needed something, he was there to help you out. >> reporter: hunt's daughter sara released a statement today, and she said that my dad died a hero, there was not a day that went by that i didn't talk to my dad. he was my best friend.
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and the firefighters here say that they are receiving condolences from around the country. in hollister, ken pritchett, ktvu news. jay hiller says he will formally ask for the removal of the embattled head of the utilities commission. michael petey has been underfire by homeowners. hill, who's district includes san bruno says he plans to introduce a resolution on december 1 to remove peavy. critics say he fostered a relaxed relationship with pg and e. a man taking pictures of children coming and going from school. it's happening outside thomas hart middle school in pleasantton. paul chambers talked with
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concerned parents and district officials today. >> reporter: concerned parents lined up to pick their children up from school. police notified a man was taking pictures of students coming and going from thomas hart middle school in the last few weeks. >> i definitely don't want my son walking anywhere. >> reporter: tuesday, school officials sent home this letter and posted it on the website, alerting parents to the issue. >> saw something odd. they told their parents and their parents contacted police. >> reporter: officials say the man hasn't attempted to make contact with students. some parents we spoke with say this is creepy, and they're not taking any chances. >> my kids will no longer be walking to starbucks on fridays. and i'm here picking them up every day. >> i'm definitely concerned about it, i'm also hoping this is being communicated to other
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parts of pleasanton. >> reporter: police described the man as an unknown white male in his 40s, or 50s. he was last seen driving a pt cruiser, or red volkswagen bug. a case of mistaken identity on the golden gate bridge could be a sign of a bigger problem with the toll system. peter annie was ordered to pay the toll for a car that wasn't even his. it turns out the car has the exact same vanity license plate, but it's a different make, and model, and the car is registered in nevada. when he pointed out the error and refused to pay, he says he got the run around. >> bridge toll authorities say that's a dmv problem. and the dmv said you have to go back to the bridge toll, because we don't deal with out of state license plates. a van used to help feed needy families has been returned to an east bay food
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panary. police say the 2008 dodge van was stolen late sunday, or early monday from the south parish church pantry. without that van, the church had to rely on volunteers to pick up groceries for about 100 families a day. the van was recovered in a parking lot this morning, apparently undamaged. two separate shark attacks. on friday, a great white shark attacked a man in a kayak. the man was not hurt, but the shark left big bite marks in his boat. fellow kayakers say it had the boat in its jaws. >> he's in a 12-foot kayak. i'm in a 14, so it was double the size of our kayak. >> the mouth wide open, it was going through the air, and turned kind of to the right, like a 747 banking, and splashed into the water. >> on thursday, a surfer was hospitalized after a shark
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attacked him near jack's point also in santa barbara county. the 28-year-old surfer suffered bite wounds to his knee, but is expected to recover. a few beaches were closed over the weekend as a precaution. tog's returned to the -- fog's returned to the coast for now. overnight, you'll see fog in berkely and oakland and alameda as well. fog showing up along ocean beach. temperatures outside right now, around the bay, the greens are the cooler moist air. that's the marine push. further in, the marine is not getting into the valley. antioch's 80. still pretty warm inland, but within the next couple of hours, everybody is going to turn green. overnight lows tonight are going to get down there. i've been mentioning this the last few nights. in the north bay, and parts of the east bay, downright chilly. santa rosa, the airport is 47. you can find a 42 if you go
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inland a little bit. out in napa, you can find a 42- degree reading too, so very chilly in the morning hours, as you head off to school or work. it warms up tomorrow, just slightly cooler than today. this is the fog forecast for tomorrow morning. see us going over the gate. that fog, more of it tomorrow means a cooler day tomorrow, so temperatures trend down tomorrow. most of our numbers tomorrow will be in the 80s, not in the 90s in the hot spots, as we head into the next couple of days. things start to heat up again. fire danger increases. when i come back, i'll give you a detailed timeline on when you can expect the fire danger to come up, and what your bay area weekend temperatures will look like. a 72-year-old woman stabbed and killed. >> just felt stunned and shocked. just kind of helplessness. >> in 10 minutes, we hear from those who knew her. plus, what we've learned about the young man accused in her death. >> and not giving up. new developments in the case of
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a bay area girl declared dead, and her family's fight to prove she's still alive. get three years interest free financing on tempur-pedic, at sleep train's inventory clearance sale. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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a prayer service tonight in in oakland for jahi mcmath. the 13-year-old declared brain dead following surgery last year. tonight, there was a set back for the family as they fight to get the girl declared alive. >> it does not change the diagnosis that the teen is declared brain dead. a court hearing has been postponed. >> reporter: the family had planned to come here to superior court tomorrow to try again to convince a judge that the teen is alive. but that hearing has now been
10:24 pm
delayed. >> a song tonight for the oakland teen without a voice and declared brain dead 10 months ago, but the family insists she is showing signs of life. >> she is alive, and we want to declare that to the world. >> reporter: she was moved to a new jersey facility, where she's been on machines giving her oxygen and food. last week, jahi's family presented new evidence that they say shows she's able to respond to touch and voice commands. >> it's come out from diagnostic testing. eeg's showing there is electric activity in her brain. >> reporter: the family attorney says this suggests that brain death is not irreversible, as previously thought. >> there's no false hope here, there's real hope here. jahi is, according to brain
10:25 pm
experts, the nation and the world's foremost experts, she's alive. >> reporter: but the sanford doctor said this new evidence does not prove that the teen has regained brain activity, and he's sticking with his previous dig know sis, that she's brain dead. >> to let the world now that jahi is still alive. >> reporter: still, the family vows to keep fighting to bring jahi home. >> we've had to scratch and claw to make something happen. so this is nothing new to us. >> reporter: the family requested this delay. ken and julie, experts have said they no of no cases in medical history in which a brain death determination has been reversed. no date has been set for this hearing. police have arrested two teenage boys in connection with a fire in a san jose school. a ktvu crew was driving by simons elementary school early in the morning of october 1 and
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captured this video of the fire. firefighters arrived on the scene and quickly put it out, and arson investigator says two teenager boys from san jose were arrested yesterday, and charged with arson. they're both being prosecuted as juveniles. calling a haunted house with a serial killer theme a slap in the face. one of its haunted houses reenacts crime scenes from the late 1970s serial killer, richard trenton chase. he was known as the vampire of sacramento, and was convicted of six murders in the span of one month. a man who's pregnant wife was among the victims says he can't believe someone is making money from the tragedy. >> the worst part of it is that i was the one who got home after our terrible day at work and found her. which was what i live with
10:27 pm
every day. >> we've learned that organizers have now changed the house, and apologized after a sacramento television station started to ask questions. ebola concerns sparking some changes at some airports. >> stepped up screening at some of the nation's airports for ebola, but not as sfo the reason why. >> also, the event raising thousands of dollars tonight for a neighborhood in need.
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a new front in the fight against ebola. federal health officials announce plans to start screens passengers at u.s. airports. they will start screening passengers at new york's jfk, dulles, chicago, and atlanta.
10:30 pm
amber lee is live at sfo, where there is not stepped up screening, but still a heightened sense of awareness. >> that's right, ken. at sfo, no stepped up screening for ebola largely because there are no direct flights from the effected west african nations. travelers have mixed feelings about whether is it is needed. the wait for the flight has them thinking about the ebola virus. >> very concerned about it, most especially that people coming from different continents like africa. >> reporter: it prompted the cdc to start a stepped up screening process. the cdc says those airports see 94% of travelers from the affected african nations. >> we're stepping up protection for people coming into this country, and for americans
10:31 pm
related to travel. we will continuously look at ways that we can increase the safety of americans. >> reporter: enhanced screening mean travelers will undergo measures that include answering questions about potential exposure, having their temperature taken, being observed for symptoms of ebola. if a traveler has a fever, or other symptoms, or has been exposed to ebola, the cdc will determine if that person can continue to travel, or should be taken to a hospital, measures that this traveler says should be at sfo. sfo says there is already cdc staff here, and there is a screening inside the customs area. >> they're on-call, and they've got a required response time, so literally, they're in a position where they could respond to any flight at season
10:32 pm
fo, -- sfo if there is a flight. >> reporter: this effort is a way to strengthen its battle against ebola. reporting live, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> amber, how extensive is the screening of passengers leaving west africa? >> reporter: ken, it's similar to the one for passengers arriving here in the u.s. they are asked about exposure, looked at for symptoms and their temperatures are taken. the cdc says they have denied boarding to 77 people, and none have ended up with ebola. health officials today confirmed another case of enterovirus here in the bay area. another person under 18 was
10:33 pm
hospitalized, and has since recovered. the test confirmed the young person had enterovirus d68. cases have also been reported in san francisco, alameda, solano, and santa cruz county. there have been two indecent exposure cases in two days in palo alto, the man in both incidents is described as white, in his late 20s or early 30s. a man in a pickup truck exposed himself to a girl on bryant street. last night, a man
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of course we will continue to cooperate with authorities throughout the investigation. >> to just wake up and have
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doctors hovering over you was probably one of the scariest things i've ever experienced. >> reporter: his attorney did not return our call today. he's due back in court on november 4. in san francisco, david stevenson, channel 2 news. >> the governor signed a law requiring companies to carry insurance, in the event a driver hits or injuries someone on the street, and $1 million in coverage is required to cover uber passengers. the changes come in response to the death of 6-year-old sophia lou, who was hit by an uber driver last new year's eve while crossing the street with her family. during an nfl ownership family, has switched to the wrenching subject of domestic violence. >> i think this is an opportunity for every man to look inside himself, how do we redeem this moment? >> in new york, the owners watched this video, encouraging the league to have quote, moral courage, and integrity.
10:48 pm
the league is facing widespread criticism for how it's handled high profile allegations of domestic abuse by nfl players. the commissioner says the league plans toimplement policy changes as soon as possible. the royal academy of sciences awarded him for -- scientists can now see molecules act inside cells. that allows them to track proteins involved in parkinson's, alzheimer's, and huntington's disease. he is in brazil right now, and his wife got the call at 3:00 a.m. >> i'm very concerned that not enough people are studying science these days. i encourage everyone to ask the question, how does this work? >> he returns to the u.s. tomorrow, and stanford
10:49 pm
officials say they're working on a way to honor him. your high temperatures today were pretty warm, about where they were yesterday. tomorrow should be cooler. instead of these 90s, these will turn into 80s. upper 80s. temperatures in the 90s will drop to the 80s. slight schooling trend. as weather systems sort of work their way into our area, not rain, just enough to really stretch the fog, as low pressure will come to the north of us, let's take a look at our live camera, you'll see on the bay bridge out here, this is looking from san francisco back toward the east bay. we will see fog into the city by late tonight and early tomorrow morning across oakland, and berkely as well. the current temperatures, 78 in antioch. still pretty warm out there. those orange areas, that's where the sea breeze hasn't
10:50 pm
gotten to yet. san francisco at 63. san jose tomorrow, the forecast high, you're going to be in the low 80s. 80degrees downtown san jose. lunchtime, you're in the mid- 70s. a little cooler than today. right at the coast, they've been pretty cool because of the fog. the microclimate forecast, lots of mid-60s. then you get into the mid-70s, where there were 90s, you're going to be in the 80s. bay area microclimates from the coast to bay to inland. this will work for livermore as well. mid-and upper 80s tomorrow. the forecast for tomorrow, slightly cooler, this low pressure is the reason for that. this guy leaves. that starts to kind of move out on friday and this high builds back in rapidly, and temperatures start to increase. fire danger as well. saturday night into sunday, we're going to see a return to hot weather on sunday, but we'll see a return to that potential fire danger. so be watching for fire weather advisories saturday night into
10:51 pm
sunday. in the meantime, cooler tomorrow, and then a slow warm up until we get to saturday night, and into monday, when the winds turn around, and start to go northeast. the five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view. there it is, you can see it is just what you would expect for october. temperatures will be quite nice, and mild, especially into early next week. >> thank you, bill. mark's here now with opening night for the sharks. it turned out to be a good one. >> yeah, and you know, five straight years the sharks have won on opening night. seems it's always a good one. it's the end of the season that's got to work out better for them. they've kind of put themselves in a position where anything they do in the regular season, yeah, that's great and everything, but let's see how you do in the stanley cup playoffs. it's all about raising the banner like their opponents, the l.a. kings did tonight in l.a. their night was ruin. after the ceremony, it was all san jose.
10:52 pm
tommy wingle from the side, he has no angle. that is just an amazing laser shot that hit the back of the net and bounced out. now up 2-0. again, ahead of the pack, lightning like flick back of the net again. he buries it. two goals for him. along with, say good night to the kings. 14 seconds later, you will see marlo steal it from jonathan quick. antti niemi in the net, 34 saves, 28th shutout of his career. it was a great opening night for the sharks against the stanley cup champs. three days worth of stress relief for giant fans and a chance to reflect on the team's seventh consecutive postseason victory. they only scored 9 runs total against the nats. you know the pitching was out of sight. that includes ryan vogelsong.
10:53 pm
he would have liked to have thrown it a little early in the series. but the extra time turned out as a benefit to the big right hander. >> as much as i wanted to throw earlier in the series, it gave me a chance to sit down and do a lot of studying, and i saw some stuff that i wasn't doing right, and it gave me a chance to work on it, and get cleaned up. really, that's why a lot of the velocity was up. it just made all of my pitches better. meantime, raiders have been kind of laying low with the bye week. we're getting closer to seeing anything more than the coach change. you're going to hear from derrick car. insurance companies are spending millions of dollars
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all right, the raiders have been dormant of late, but we're going to find out if another coaching change can lift the needle for them. a very listless 0-4. the chargers coming up sunday. tony sparano with the coaching situation just like allen. derrick carr is the top dog. explaining how the coach put his mind at ease with regard to his position.
10:57 pm
>> a sensitive situation i was stepping into. now we're kind of past that. now it is my team. it is what he said. those are his words. we're past all of that kind of stuff, take it. you don't want to step on anybody's toes, you want to be a great teammate. here's the keys, take it and let's go. meantime, the l.a. kings tonight, they know all about it after getting their hats handed to them by the sharks. the nba champs from san antonio now also know how they feel. they're going gaga in berlin. that's her. they have the lead, berlin stole it. that was jamel scoring a game winning bucket at the buzzer, and yeah, they're pretty excited about it. they just beat the world champs. why not? that's the sporting life for wednesday night. >> who's pitching for the
10:58 pm
giants saturday night? >> madison bumgarner against adam wainwright. james garner, the actor, his name used to be bumgarner. >> thanks for joining us tonight. good night. ♪ at kaiser permanente, everything you need is under one roof. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. okay, a little easier. become a member of kaiser permanente.
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