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tv   KTVU News at 8pm  FOX  October 28, 2014 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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came by the booth. last friday they qualified for the 2015 world cup. 2015 women's world cup will be seen next year on fox and fox sports 1 as jason frasor takes over seventh game of this postseason. abby wambach is simply one of the best soccer players on the planet. 34 years old, born in rochester, new york, played in florida. sidney is actually from canada being acknowledging ucla, 24 years old. we wish them all our best next year in the world cup. >> harold: u.s. women, top of the world, set a bar that is attainable for all young ladies in this country. >> joe: role models for so many. panik up the middle. joe panik is on to start the eighth.
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meanwhile, ventura, guys, to finish on yordano, get the win barring incredible comeback in 64 of his 100 pitches tonight were 95 miles an hour or more. four were at 100. here is susac. >> harold: marvelous arm. it's easy. it's just easy really. there's no effort. listen to a lot of guys grunt with all the great microphones we have around here. no grunt. there it is. >> joe: only guy not it appear in this series as a backup catcher for kansas city, erik kratz. susac is the backup for posey. ball one. >> tom: you think about the job ven tur ra did, you almost lose track of how young he is. 23 years old. to win this game would be the
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second youngest game six winner in history. >> joe: that's outside for frasor, 2-0. >> tom: '34 cardinals was 22 years old when he won game six, also facing elimination, and the cardinals beat detroit in game seven to win the championship. >> joe: in the air to center field. back and dyson on the run. one out. >> tom: remember how this game fwan for ventura. he told salvador perez he was dedicating this game to oscar taveras, tragically killed in a car crash in dominican republic, friends growing up, competed against one another, and trained with one another at one time, in the same complex in the dominican republic. he was a man on the mission. didn't forget to enjoy it and to have fun.
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>> joe: dedicating that performance, as you said, to oscar. killed at the age of 22. >> harold: that was a couple of days ago. it's still hard to even imagine. >> joe: there's a strike to pablo sandoval. jason frasor is picked up from texas during the year to add to this bull pen. grew up in blue island, illinois, south side of chicago. brother, joe. mom and dad, sue and frank, rooting him on. and so proud of the pitcher he has become at this big league level. and handed this 10-0 game in the eighth inning here in game six. brian vogelsong, who started game four, getting loose for the giants.
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ball two on sandoval. they say in baseball momentum is only as good as your next day's starter. the starter for the giants would be 39-year-old tim hudson. starter for the royals would be jeremy guthrie, the winner in game three, hudson. that ball into right off the bat of sandoval. stopping at second is panik. two on, two out. we'll talk about that pitching matchup tomorrow. the other guys we may see. there it is. not many hits. ventura gave up three. frasor now in 1/3 inning has allowed two singles. >> harold: the stuff is not the
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same, clearly, after facing somebody who has faced 64 pitches at 95 plus, you're feeling pretty good no matter who steps out there on the mound. >> joe: hunter has a double and came back in the second. popped up. it is handled. infield fly rule in effect. perez has it. two down. guys, let's talk about tomorrow and about tim hudson, who will be the oldest starting pitcher to get the nod in a game seven in world series history against jeremy guthrie, the well-traveled jeremy guthrie. plenty of help between both guys tomorrow night. >> tom: i thought they both threw the ball well in game three. to me, it's a manager's game. you saw how quickly bruce bochy got jake peavy out of this game. same applies tomorrow, all hands
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on deck. no road team has won a game seven since 1979. that's what the giants are up against in terms of history. >> harold: willie stargell. >> joe: brandon belt. >> harold: tomorrow for me, it's not the beginning. it's not the first inning but the fourth and fifth. we know what's going to happen in the seventh. they're both going to go to their pen. so innings four, five and maybe six are going to decide this game tomorrow. >> tom: another reason why it's the best day in sports. all the general rules, engagements for playing a baseball game do not apply. 2,460 baseball games this year and it all gets distilled down to one game.
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it's been too long. one game seven in the last 11 years. we're in for a treat. >> joe: the 1-1. strike two as frasor tries to turn in an eight. >> harold: it's the best thing that can happen to our team, to have a game seven. >> joe: bumgarner at some point tomorrow night. man who has four wins in six starts, e.r.a. of 1.13 coming off a shutout in game five. but tonight belongs to kansas city. 2-2.
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>> joe: 1985. ♪ got to get back in time getting me back in time ♪ >> joe: this is what we all looked like. kenny! verducci, you look the same. same hair. number 77. find me on the bench. onions in them to stand by coach and ask him if i could just get into the game. he was tired of me standing on the bench. erin, little erin, little kenny. how about that picture of you with the mariners in 1985? >> harold: age has been good to all of us. >> tom: had a little product in there? >> harold: i had the curl.
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>> joe: that was nice. that's our producer. love to see what he and our director looked like back in 1985. probably working at cbs back then. >> harold: exactly. or pbs. >> joe: either one. would you like some more coffee, mr. madden? there are the numbers from game four. he did not get through three innings. first relief appearance for vogelsong, fastball missed. one ball, two strikes on lorenzo cain. first relief appearance since april 2011 against atlanta. and collins gets loose. >> tom: i didn't have an
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assigned seat in the press box in 1985 covering the world series. i remember that because after the game i went back to the press box, writing on an old radio shack computer, three lines was all you could see at the time and boks that had world series programs as a makeshift desk in a broom closet. >> joe: was that for sports illustrated? >> tom: new york newsday. >> joe: that picture used to be up in the press room at shea stadium. >> tom: it's still there, unfortunately. every time you walk in the back of the box -- >> joe: i'm eric straton. >> harold: that looked like you were getting ready to audition for travolta, saturday night fever. >> tom: long time ago, fellows.
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>> joe: 2-2 pitch from vogelsong. >> harold: how crazy was it when the royals won in '85? >> tom: you think everybody is writing their stories about the cardinals writing the world series. a lot different than tonight. lot of drama back in game six then. >> joe: 3-2 to cain. it's outside. lead-off walk. the manager back then was dick houser. tonight's telecast is sponsored by the new samsung galaxy note iv. the next big thing is here by taco bell. sometimes you have to live mas. by mastercard shall any time, anywhere you use your mastercard, you get a priceless surprise. the beloved dick houser, the late dick houser, manager of the '85 championship royals, died in 1987 at the age of 55 from a
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brain tumor. steve horner, editorial consultant reminds us all-star infielder, 1961 kansas city athletics, manager of the 1980 yankees team that won 100 games, lost to the royals in the nlcs. retired number by this great franchise, out there in left field. next to george brett and frank white. >> harold: weird thing, playing in '85 and, obviously, '87. and to hear of someone of that stature that you're used to seeing and knowing the complications he went through, it's wrust not as common as today. we have so many efforts, cancer or whatever the drive might be. there's a lot more efforts now than there were back then. i think you weren't always aware of the different things he might have been going through.
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>> tom: you said it, joe. one of only three men, you see it there, to wear a royals uniform, to have that number retired. what a job he did that entire postseason. they were down 3-1 in the alcs to toronto and down 3-1 in the world series and won both series. >> joe: 1-2, the count on hosmer. and now the strikeout for out number one in the bottom of the eighth inning. those numbers are retired, obviously, next to the number 42, retired throughout baseball sha for jackie robinson. >> harold: look at number 20 out there as well, frank white. eight gold gloves here. they had some players, man. frank white coming through that academy, ron washington, frank white. an academy that the royals had built. those guys came through there.
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such an organization. absolutely incredible. >> joe: frank white was the second baseman here from 1973 to 1990. names like willie wilson, willie aiken. here is butler. count even, ball and a strike. >> harold: i battled frank for gold gloves and won my first gold glove to knock off his streak. that same season, i had thrown a ball away, playing here at kansas city to lose the game. and at the end of the night, i'm walking out and frank waited for me to talk about what i needed to do on that specific play. slow down. take your time. >> joe: strike two on butler. >> harold: remember that gold glove.
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>> joe: we've had a good time, obviously, checking in with george brett every day. at one point last year, george brett was the active hitting coach for the royals. here is butler, ground ball to third. out at second. out at first. they turn the double play. that sends game number six into the ninth inning. giants will bat. tim collins getting ready. 10-0, kansas city on top. vo: no one ever claims to be ordinary. everyone wants to be the best. but what does that really mean? to us, it means giving you a wide selection of products, both online and in-store. expert advice. our geek squad agents to get you up and running. and thanks to our price match guarantee, you'll always get an unbeatable price. because best isn't just in a name, it's everything we stand for.
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8:25 pm
salvador perez gets another inning and morse pops it up. hosmer, one out. after 22 years of service to the game that he loves, commissioner of baseball will be stepping down at the end of this year, rob manfred is the commissioner elect. he is here. bud selig. luxury suite. juan perez steps in. >> tom: some paysing things to the game. ease toy talk about the wild card but what about the impact -- hank aaron award. you look at jackie robinson's retirement, the number. and just seeing everywhere you
8:26 pm
go, everybody involved in the game. >> joe: right side and base hit for juan perez. jerseys, jackets and more, get all the officially licensed world series category for the giants and royals at the shop, something, tom, you and harold both talked about coming into this world series. as you lk at commissioner selig, it was on his watch that the wild card was introduced into major league baseball. without that and now two wild card teams since 2012, these two teams wouldn't be here. >> tom: kind of fitting for the commissioner's last world series. think about why these games six and seven are in kansas city. it's because the american league won the all-star game. another idea that came out of the commissioner's office, trying to invigorate that all-star game. put something on the line. ned yost, press conference, made
8:27 pm
sure to thank the american leaguers the other day for making sure the royals got home field advantage in the world series. the commissioner, in his 22 years, will get to watch his fifth game seven. >> harold: he goes around, his legacy now as the greatest commissioner of all time. >> joe: down to ball one to matt duffy, getting his sixth at-bat this postseason. he is 1 for 1 in the series. >> harold: that goes without a doubt look at revenue and all the thing that happened in the game. >> joe: changeup. got him. two down. nobody has left this ballpark. they're packed in, waving towels. they want to see the period at the end of this game six to
8:28 pm
officially send this to game seven tomorrow night. strike one on blanco. >> tom: you think it's loud now. can you only imagine -- you won't have to imagine long -- what it will be like here at game seven? charged up for this place. >> joe: tim hudson, jeremy guthrie, the starters, with plenty of help behind them. the starter tonight for the giants, jake peavy, will go to 1-5 in his career in the postseason and 1-7 in his contrary ovcareer overall in this stadium. err yordano ventura will get his
8:29 pm
first win this season. the kid beat the best. still 0-2. manager for the royals, ned yost, didn't have to use his big three in the bull pen. you want to call them the big four with the left-hander, fi inform ni-- finnegan, they're ready for tomorrow. here is the 0-2. they'll do it again. >> harold: you talk about putting a period on a tremendous postseason, madison bumgarner knowing he will have an opportunity to throw tomorrow. and the question is how long will he go? two innings, three innings?
8:30 pm
he will be in the game. you can count on that. >> joe: how about tim hudson, all those years. 16 years to start a game seven of the world series! and it's official. game seven tomorrow night. royals win game six, 10-0!


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