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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  October 31, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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looks wet. >> and how are you getting to the giants victory parade today? >> plus two pedestrians killed less than an hour apart. what police are saying about each crash. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. good morning. we are live in san francisco for a giant celebration. and it is already growing. 6:00 is when the parade starts and in how many hours? they are already out there. this the civic center plaza of course. and sal is out there this morning. he's following traffic but he's also talking to the fans out there this morning. this is where today's parade will end. players and coaches will be addressing the crowd and we also want to take you over to market street this morning. people camped out there as
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well. they look a little more prepared. they have their blankies and chairs and hopefully they have their rain gear. we will be on it all day. it's friday october 13th halloween. >> i tweeted this out. it's not just orange. it's halloween. good morning, i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic. >> and they start the parade thousand. >> it would be good if they could. >> i wish they could. i really do. by noon it looks like rain will be coming in. it could be moderate to heavy. we are between really. there is some rain to the north. santa rosa light rain has started. and mendocino county there is reports of decent rain. front still has some ways to go. settling in on the backside of this is a system which will sweep in somewhere around the san mateo, santa cruz coastline.
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right now we are waiting on the system. the front is still offshore. it has three or four hours to go. most of the morning commute looks good unless you are up north. for us it's jesus a lot of cloud cover. if there is any rain, it's very light. the front is holding together. enhancing on the backside. once it does arrive, it will give us pretty good ride. 50s and 60s. the breeze is picking up here. here it is east, southeast 12 and 10 at hayward. it will ramp up 20-25. we will have rain in the morning until 2:00 in the afternoon. and then tonight the cold pool swings in. i just want to show you on the timeline. here we go at 10:00 and then there you two at noon. that is heavy rain. that is heavy rain. we will see a little bit of a break after 4:00 until the next part of the system comes in. it looks like it wants to swing in toward santa cruz mown
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tapes. cloudy and rain later. cooler for all today. winds out of the south and a lot of 60s. here is my good friend sal castaneda. >> reporter: you have been mentioning the rain. people here are aware of it and it seems for the most part committeely undaunted. they are all it's going to rain, so what. i've got my rain gear. we are here for the giants. that is pretty much from a man to a woman what we have been saying here. everybody is just ready for it. it's a celebration. people are already here. some people got here as early as midnight and walked up and got their spot. obviously here at civic center plaza is where they will do the culmination of the world series victory celebration. so we are going to talk about getting here and also some of the tips that we have for you if you want to come out. let's go out and take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we will start off there. traffic is now already crowded coming into san francisco. it's not too bad. there will be a little bit of a
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wait there at the toll plaza. once you get on to the bridge it does look good into the city. you heard steve say he's not expecting the weather to be a major factor for the morning commute. but later on, all bets are off. 237 westbound getting into the valley not too bad. the traffic looks pretty good as you drive through. and there have been no major delays on 237, 101 or 85. i want to go to a map of the north bay because southbound 101 at petaluma boulevard south you can see it's already getting slow. there was some sort of debris causing flat tires on southbound 101 right near petaluma boulevard south. watch out for police activity there. people are going to be slowing you down there. one of the things i want to mention also is that we encourage you if you are coming out to san francisco today to take public transportation. in fact, we have team coverage of all the aspects of today's plaid. tara will be talking about public transit and she has some things about bart. but first we will go to alex
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savidge who is already on market street and alex, it's not surprising, there are people getting their spot for today's parade. >> sal, good morning to you. giants fans are veterans when it comes to these parades. i think people have learned a lot. there is a lot of experience coming into play. they have learned from years past, you have to show up early to get a good spot. they came in from sacramento. you can imagine how early they got up to get here. the chairs are out. folks are ready to go. the parade route will fill in fast. some giants fans got here around 4:00 this morning to set up chairs and take out a section of sidewalken even with rain in the forecast, a million or so people are expected to be on hand for the celebration today. and of course preparing for a parade is nothing new for this city. workers have been busy building floats and transforming civic center plaza. of course police they will also
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be out in force along the route. the chief says there will be 20% more officers on patrol to make sure fans behave themselves. and this morning we caught up with a crew from south city decked out in giants gear. they are looking for a spot right next to the confetti machine. >> ain't to be confettid out. oh yes. i can't wait. it will be a wonderful party. >> that is something else we are running into this morning. giants fans tell me they need to remain anonymous. they called in sick to work today and they don't want to go on tv and get busted by the boss. but while of course we will likely see a lot of grown ups playing hook key today. the san francisco school district they are very serious about making sure that kids all show up to class today. they sent out a tweet urging students not to sky school and attend -- skip school and attend the parade. they have seen that in years
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past. six hours until the celebration gets started. people already lining market street. alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. >> those ladies drove from sacramento then this morning? >> yeah. you guys just drove in from sacramento this morning right? >> yeah. >> didn't stay the night or anything. >> no. >> reporter: how early did you get up? >> we left at 3:00 in the morning. >> reporter: that is dedication. >> that is a giant. we were here in 2010, we were here in 2012 and now we're here in 2014. >> reporter: you wouldn't miss it for anything. >> no. >> reporter: they are all here legitimately. they either got the days off or retired. the boss is a giants fan.
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>> there you go. it's funny you found some people that can't be seen because they are playing hooky. we'll see you in a little bit. [ laughter ] 6:07 is the time right now. bay area transit agencies are expanding service for today's world series parade. giants fans will have plenty of ways to get into downtown san francisco this morning. trick or treaters halloween partyers and tonight as well. tara moriarty is joining us from along the embarcadero. tara, more than just the parade that will make it a busy day in the city. >> reporter: you definitely want to take mass transit. all of them will be offering extra service today. in fact bart may be breaking an all time ridership. bart says today they will break that again. bart says you can expect long lines, crowded trains, services
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will be running until 2:00 this morning. bart police will have extra patrols and about 100 extra bart employees will be stationed throughout the system to help with crowd control. >> things like having tables set up at the end of the line stations to sell tickets. making sure we have enough staff in place to help get people through the turnstiles so there is not really long lines. make sure they get on escalators. those are the things we have learned. >> reporter: san francisco based area is expanding service from the vallejo alameda street to the jack london square terminal. they are encouraging everybody to take mass transit. it will be crazy down here if you ever came by for the last few parades. driving definitely not a good idea. live from san francisco i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. >> okay tara, thank you. once again the parade starts at noon at stewart and market streets. and then it goes up market, takes the turn to city hall. ktvu cameras are all along the parade route. you can watch the parade right
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here on ktvu channel 2. our coverage begins at 11:00 a.m. with live reports from up and down the parade route. we'll also be streaming it for you live at and on you are smart phone apps. new this morning san jose police are investigating two deadly crashes that happened just a couple hours apart. at 12:30 this morning police responded to the report of a car that hit a woman in the area of mckey road and challenger avenue. officers found the with in the street with serious injuries. he did die at the scene a short time later. the driver of the car stopped and is cooperating with the investigation. it does not appear alcohol or drugs was a factor in that collision. according to police that car did not stop. a second car also hit that man
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but the driver did stop and cooperating with the investigation. time is 6:10. we're still following developing news from san jose. police are searching for a homicide suspect. coming up at 6:30 what led to a deadly shooting. a parachute attempt failed near st. louis. how a man hung 125 feet in the air for two hours. >> have you heard? rain is on the way. if you haven't, it is on the way. it has already started north to santa rosa. it will move in for the parade. it doesn't look like it will be light either.
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three people are recovering from stab wounds in san jose. it happened late yesterday afternoon in the home whinney place way. police say one of the clients wept on a violent rampage and may have been under the influence of drugs. the three victims are expected to survive. after 48 days on the run one of america's most wanted fugitives is behind bars. survivalist eric frein surrendered inside an everyonety hanger in northeast pennsylvania. about 30 miles from where he was accused of ambushing two
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state troopers. one trooper died, the other injured. his capture ends weeks of weeks -- >> i can't explain what i'm feeling. >> we were afraid to go outside. we were afraid to do anything. and so this is amazing. we are waiting for this day. >> free was take -- frein was taken into custody and held with handcuffs that belonged to the trooper he was accused of killing. prosecutors plan to seek the death penalty. time is 6:15. more arrests are possible in connection with that video we slowed you that shows dozens of motorcyclists performing stunts and taunting a chp officer on a bay area freeway. they say he's the one that filmed a group of about 50
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motorcyclists here on interstate 680 near milpitas earlier this month. those cyclists are seen doing wheelies and other dangerous stunts. at one point a highway patrol officer here tried to pull them over but he was ignored. a daredevil is recovering after being rescued when a pair shoot attempt took a turn for the worse. the man climbed up the television tower to jump off but he got stuck. he was left hanging 125 feet in the air and it took firefighters about two hours to bring them down to safety. he was taken to the hospital where he was checked out. >> he was lucky. our time is 6:16. i don't know if we will be lucky with our weather today. steve has our forecast. it's already raining in some areas. >> to the north. we might see a little break for the early trick or treaters. it will be cooler, breezy. the front should have gone through by 3:00, 4:00. so by tonight, okay but then
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more rain starts to move back in. i think after 9:00 and 10:00 cold pool of air moves in. so we have a rainy system. we also have a colder system. the first part is on the mild side. so i will pencil in santa cruz mown tapes. breeze is picking up. it's 18 miles an hour now. not that windy but it will be a little blustery at times. they will have to wait awhile to get the system up to the mountains. we have a front moving in and development taking place at the bottom of the system. that is the one that will really give us pretty good rain rates and possibility of thundershowers. kind of waiting. there is is rain that is off the coast. there is pretty good rain on the north coast. it looks like rain has started ukiah. fort bragg has had over .75 inches of rain. not much over us right now.
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cloudy skies. the front continues to hold. it's slowing down slightly but it's still on its way. 50s and 60s very mild due to the cloud cover and that southerly breeze that is picking up. easterly at fairfield. it's turning south, to southeast for almost everybody. especially on the peninsula and the south bay. this holds a lot of rain. and it looks like a piece of that will break off and move in tonight. again it's kind of a broad brush once you get that cold in here. thundershowers could pop up. the storm prediction center has painted us all the way to saturday. rain moves in. it's cloudy for most. heaviest to the south. but thunderstorms friday afternoon into saturday. the timeline shows that 10:00 the rain has begun up in the north day. it's orange for the parade. >> yes, that is right. >> and it's orange because it's heavy. when you start to see orange and red that is moderate to heavy amounts. and then we will see a front go through. we will get a break 6:00, 8:00 there will be some rain in the
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area. but then we will wait for the next piece to come in. that will have the cool air. a lot of that looks like it's heading toward the coastline. some of the heaviest rain usually to the north bay might be a little different this time. more toward the san francisco south. i think everybody is in on pretty decent totals here. the winter storm warning at 5:00 today. snowfall real tricky. i think above 7,000 feet there could be some pretty good totals here. by the time we get to saturday night. cloudy with rain. cloudy you. cool for all. 60s on your temps. we had 80s there for a couple of days. you will feel it saturday into sunday. set your clocks back. >> all right and just to reiterate, you say people have been saying it's okay, i can hand a little bit of rain. it will be a lot of rain. they will get pretty wet. >> i would think so.
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it looks pretty good to me. >> heed the warning. bring the umbrella. we want to go back out to sal who is covering traffic. sal, i hope you have your rain gear ready. >> i do have it ready and i took extra care. i have rain gear that is blue but today i chose not to. i ended up finding a raincoat that is black. because you know. it seemed appropriate. there are a lot of security here. we were standing here from very early on and this place is just flooded with security people. already several hundred people have showed up here at civic center plaza. they are getting ready for celebration. there probably won't be until 2:00. because as you know the parade gets started down at justin hermanen plaza and makes its way here. some people will be here for a
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long, long time. they will see people like us doing our thing but that is about all. i hope you are all entertaining -- i hope i'm entertaining enough for you all. bart is running extended service. let's go to highway 24 westbound, that traffic is moderately heavy. there are not any major problems here. chp is not reporting any issues throughout. when you go to the bay bridge toll plaza, you can see there is a crowd there. there is a little bit of waiting to do. just a little lighter than usual. as we go to the maps, i want to show you the livermore valley. it's slightly unusual that 580 is not jam packed. 580 is not all that bad. but 680 however you can see the road sensors are a little bit red heading down to the sunol grade and fremont. once again if you are coming to san francisco bart, muni, and
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cal train are running extra service. and you can also walk and ride your bike. parking around here is just really not available. take public transportation if you are coming down here. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. 6:21 is the time. samsung plans to release the next smart watch in the u.s. next friday. samsung's gear s will be available at sprint and at & t locations on november 7th. t-mobile will start offering it two-days later. it is the first wearable to feature a cell connection to make phone calls and text messages. th samsung watch will cost between $350 and $400 but that is without special deals from wireless companies. subway is offering a new meal deal that pubs a new fast food limit. subway will feature a choice of six inch sandwich with a 21- ounce soft drink and a bag of chips for $6. the sandwiches featured are among the restaurant chain's
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ten most popular options. time is 6:22. it's a top concern for nurses. coming up in our next half hour what bay area nurses will be doing to demand tougher safety precautions against ebola. >> and next more recognition for madison baumgartner after his amazing pitching performance in the world series. the special items honoring him. ( siren wails ) ( pop music playing ) ♪ when you're ready ♪ ready, ready, ready ♪ come and get it ♪ get it, get it ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na ♪ na na na na na na na ♪ ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na... female announcer: it's a great big world and it can all be yours. here and only here. ♪ come and get it.
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welcome back to the morning news. time is 6:25. a suspected car burglar who was shot by richmond police after he allegedly attacked a police officer. he is still in the hospital this morning. now this happened on the parking lot of the pacific east shopping mall. along interstate 80 just about noon yesterday. two detectives say they saw a man breaking into a car and when they approached him, the 19-year-old suspect went back to his own car. an officer tried to get him out, but the car took off and dragged the officer about 30 feet. his partner fired at the windshield hitting that suspect. the suspect drove about a mile before hitting a fire hydrant. neither of the detectives was hurt. ghosts and goblins will be invading neighborhoods tonight. while halloween is fun, it can also be dangerous.
6:27 am
especially in the rain. the national highway traffic safety administration reports that halloween ranked as one of the top three days of the year for pedestrian related accidents. now if it rains, which it is going to rain at some point this evening as well, drives will face some slippery roads. they will have a harder time seeing so if you are going to be driving, be smart, slow down. parents can also take precautions to keep their trick or treaters safe. >> on halloween you want to encourage your kids to be seen. on their costumes add a little bit of reflective tape or glow stick or have them carry a flashlight. something that will make them visible to drivers. >> yeah the glow bracelets and necklaces always great. drivers urged to avoid cutting through the neighborhoods and if you plan to adult halloween celebrations, have a designated driver. you already know giants pitcher madison baumgartner is the mvp of the world series. now he has his own underwear
6:28 am
line. jockey created 2,000 limited edition mad bum underwear. but you can't go out and buy these at the store or online. instead jockey will pass them out today at the giants victory parade in san francisco. a major makeover in san francisco just finished just in time for halloween. we'll tell you about the search for the gunman and what the victim's family is sharing. >> already reports of heavy rain up toward fort bragg and ukiah. some rain has made it into sonoma county. and it looks like rain is likely for the giants parade. female announcer: you're on the right track to save big
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we are live in san francisco. there is city hall. we are getting ready for today's giant situation. we'll have live team coverage for you this morning. it is already busy out there buzzing at 6:31. we will check in with sal castaneda. he is doing traffic out there. alex savidge is out there as well talking to folks. they will be here in a couple minutes. friday, october 31st i'm dave clark. good morning, i'm pam cook. >> a couple reports of pouring. >> and it's going to pour in
6:32 am
san francisco. >> i think so at noon. we just need to know. >> i'm wearing blue for rain. i'm wearing blue for rain. >> i'm not giving you a hard time. >> i wore orange four times this week. i'm out of orange. speaking of orange we have an halloween forecast. it looks good for you for you late night trick or treaters. i think we will get a little bit of break around sunset. the system is on the way. it is holding together. there are two pieces here. some really good rain on the north coast. when things start to light up a little bit. ukiah right there. over to fort bragg. very heavy. just beginning to inch south. a little bit of rain toward santa rosa. the front is still there. it's slowing down ever so slowly. the rain is on its way. 50s and 60s on your temps. the mild breeze is beginning to creep up as well. i think about 20-25.
6:33 am
most of the morning commute will be all right but there will be rain. cooler for all. the breeze is picking up as well. all in advance of this front with a lot of 60s. he is dry out there right now, but he may not be at parade tile. sal, i heard you had the black rain jacket. >> i do. people are very sensitive. >> you're telling me. [ laughter ] >> you know how it is; right? very sensitive to color. that is why i've been wearing the same two ties for the last week. and it worked. you know. the tie that i wore on the day that they won the world series is going to be my go to for at least one more day. but i digress. i want to tell you something about bart. bart has a major delay out of daly city because of an equipment problem. even though there is a major delay, bart has extra trains today. just running in the system. just between trains. they have so many trains out there i don't think you will
6:34 am
notice major delays because they are trying to get everyone in and everyone out. they have done this a couple of times before and they are ready. some of the major stations have actually people selling tickets at the table so you don't have to go to the machines. but there is a major delay reported now out of daly city coming into san francisco on bart. we will keep an eye on it for you. let's go out and take a look at what we have now with the morning commute. you can see the traffic is finally getting slow. it took awhile but it is getting slow. if you are coming into san francisco, we do not recommend bringing the cars. simply no place to park. if you have to come in, just avoid the area of civic center and market street. that is where the activity is. san mateo bridge doesn't look that bad. it's about a 10-15 minute delay in the area. if we go to the south bay maps, the traffic has been okay but on northbound 17 it's slower than usual because of that earlier accident at redwood
6:35 am
estates. that crash is clear but there is still a lot of slow traffic coming down. the rest of the freeways are just moderate and again if you are getting here early, save your spot, it's not exactly an original idea. a lot of people are already here at civic center plaza and a lot of people are already lining up on market street. let's go to alex savidge who has been watching people show up in their giants gear. alex. >> reporter: sal, good morning to you. they are all here. the excitement is building. giants fans starting to fill in along the parade route. they are coming from all around the bay area. and you know what, all around northern california for that matter. this crew right here you came in from tulloch and this young man who are you waiting to see this morning? who is your favorite player? >> pablo sandoval. >> reporter: you've got it. panda. and you are not going to make it to school but you did all of your home work right? >> yes. >> reporter: giants fans coming in from all over the place. the barricades have gone up and
6:36 am
things will start filling up fast. if you want a spot along the parade route you have to get here soon. giants fans some got here at 4:00 this morning. that is how early we saw them getting here to set up chairs and steak out a section of sidewalk. even though there is rain in the forecast, a million or so people are expected to be on hand for this celebration and preparing for this parade is nothing new for the city, san francisco police they have a whole ran in place to monitor the crowd. the chief says they will have 20% more officers on hand to make sure fans behave themselves. and some of the folks that got here early say they just had to be here and wanted to make sure they had good view. >> it will be a title wave of people coming through the streets. it's going to be phenomenal. it will billion miraculous event. >> reporter: while most giants
6:37 am
fan did want to talk to us and be on camera, there are a few avoiding the camera. i think it may be a case of unites fever. a lot of folks told me they called in sick to work today. the bosses don't know and they don't want to get busted. a lot of people skipping out on work and some folks skipping out on school too. but like that young man he got all of his home work done. so he is good to go. things are filling in. we are less than six hours away from the start of the parade. you can see here along market, the chairs are all set up. the spots are limited at this point. if you want to get a good view, you will want to get here soon. we will keep an eye on things. for now we are live in san francisco alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. >> we are waving at them too. you set the stage. thank you, alex. again the parade starts at noon at stewart and market streets. look at the route. it goes up market and takes a turn to city hall.
6:38 am
ktvu cameras are positioned all along the parade route. and don't forget you can watch the parade right here on ktvu channel 2. coverage begins at 11:00 a.m. with live report from different advantage points up and down the parade route. we will also stream it live for you. at this hour police are searching for a homicide suspect responsible for shooting and a man in downtown san jose. janine de la vega is joining us from san jose. we watched as you spoke to the victim's family members a short time ago. >> reporter: yes. they are grieving and they are in disbelief. they just came from the hospital. they wanted to come here and see the scene. the victim's aunt told me that he is 24 years old and friends were with him when he was shot in the chest and abdomen. there is a heavy police presence here at second street and santa clara. so that police can investigate. officers say this happened just before midnight.
6:39 am
a group of young men were walking in fountain alley between first and second street and an argument broke out among them. one man took out a gun and started shooting be the victim was hit around four times. the victim returned fire at least once. the man hit, walked away injured with two other men and collapsed on second street. he was rushed to regional medical center family members arrived on scene in the last hour and they had just come from the hospital. >> we don't know the reason why. we do know that there was some friends with him. that apparently witnessed this. so i'm pretty sure we will get some answers. >> reporter: homicide detectives are interviewing witnesses back at the police department so they can get a good suspect description. at this point police to not know what this argument was about or if this was gang
6:40 am
related. police have taken the victim's mother to the police station so that she can answer questions that may help. but relatives identify the victim as tyrone. they say again he is 24 years old. he grew up in east palo alto but was living with his girlfriend in hayward. family is again still in shock. they want this gunman caught. at this point that there have no arrests. the investigation is impacting the roads out here. santa clara street is closed from third to second street. and vta is not running the light rail. and we are also being told two bus lines are being rerouted. police are asking you to avoid this area. reporting live from san jose janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. 6:40 is the time right now. major makeover of san francisco's castro district was finished just in time for halloween. there was a street party to ole bait the improvements new rainbow lights, wider
6:41 am
sidewalks, and plaques honoring well known figures from the lgbt community. business owners say they paid a price as shoppers stayed away from the construction. and they hope that halloween will mark the start of people returning to the castro. >> people came back when the streets opened up. so we are really keeping our fingers crossed with everything opening back up that the locals will come back. >> many restaurant owners say they have stocked up on food and added extra workers for the weekend because besides the giants parade and of course halloween today and tomorrow, tonight that is. tomorrow is what is called gay halloween. and the locals dress up and head out to the castro. time is 6:41. not a first. coming up in 20 minutes from now a bay area gymnastic studio under scrutiny after reports of two almost identical accidents that seriously injured kids. >> giants tans are pouring into
6:42 am
downtown san francisco as the giants victory parade draws near. we'll tell you how the city wants you to come to the city and let you know about an update with equipment problems on bart.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. ride sharing services such as lift will be busy tonight. if you request a lift in san francisco between 6:00 and 11:00 p.m. you could get picked up by a car like this one. riding in style. fox and the hit show sleepy hallow are partnering with lift to offer a special drive with a headless horseman in the passenger seat. and catch an all new episode on monday at 9:00 p.m.. our time is 6:45. bay area transit agencies expanding service for today's big giant world series victory
6:46 am
parade. now cal train just tweeted this photo, pam. this is at their station in downtown san jose. look at all of those people buying train tickets for the trip up the peninsula to san francisco. tara moriarty is joining us live. you know some trouble on bart. >> we will definitely keep you updated on that and let you though if it becomes a big problem. they have a bunch of trains. extra ones. about nine right now running making loops. so it shouldn't be too bad of a problem. if we look over here, you can see that wow, look at this. all of these people have already gathered down here. joust pouring out of the ferry building about five minutes ago, ten minutes ago. you can see that they have grabbed their spots behind the barricade. we just saw some exsided fans get off at the cal train
6:47 am
parade. bart can see this all time ridership record broken once again. as of 6:00 this morning we found out 3,000 more people are entering the system than on a normal friday. we are still waiting for the numbers from the last world series parade where nearly 570,000 people parked bart. we don't know if we will break that again today because of the rain. now bart says expect long lines, crowded trains, service is going to be running until 2:00 this morning. bart police will have extra patrols and about 100 extra bart employees will be stationed throughout the system to help with crowd control. >> so you are going to want to get to the station before 8:00 a.m. if you are looking for parking. on a normal day our slots are already filled up by 8:00. try to commute if you can this morning or get off. we will be really strict about no bikes on crowded trains. >> reporter: san francisco bay ferry expanding service from the vallejo main street and
6:48 am
oakland jack london square term that. the city is encouraging everybody to take mass transit. it will be nuts down here. and remember it is halloween so you have that added element. so this is definitely going to be one busy, busy day in san francisco. live in the city i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. right now let's head over to sal castaneda. he's got a little bit more at the civic center. sal, how sit looking over there? it's really getting busy over here. >> reporter: it's getting busy over here as well. a lot of people came out here early. we went on the air first at 4:30. there may be three or four dozen people. now there are hundreds of people already. let me step out of the way and show you there are hundreds of people already here. they were cheering for something that was going on. there was a big cheer that happened a little while ago. i want you to use public
6:49 am
transportation and we will talk about bart. bart has issues right now. we will talk about that in a moment. let's go to a live picture of highway 4 westbound coming up through the willow pass grade. it's not too bad. but the slow traffic is in antioch and 680 is getting a little slow. we are getting lucky because on fridays we do get a little bit of a break here. bay bridge toll plaza that is backed up for a 15-20 minute delay. getting into san francisco, it's not bad once you make it on to the bridge. if you are coming to the giants parade, we recommend you not bringing your car. a lot of the parking spots have been taken up already. there are a lot of no parking signs. a lot of more tow away zones in san francisco. i want to talk about bart. bart is having some major problems because of an equipment issue outside of daly city. so what is happening is a lot of the trains into san francisco are turning around at 24th so please you know give
6:50 am
yourself extra time if you can get to the bart station and there may be a delay. you might want to think about getting yourself to a closer bart station in san francisco for now. this is not effecting east bay trains into san francisco. but there are major delays. as we come back now, live here at civic center plaza, this is a party. hey guy, how are you? go giants. this is like a game on steroids. this is a game in the steroids era because so many more people. a lot of giants fans. people yelling. so bring your patience, don't bring your car. let's go back to you. sal better 6:50 a.m. than 6:50 p.m.. >> absolutely, steve. by the way i want to give you a weather note. it is still mild out here. be i know the weather will change. it's getting a little breezy
6:51 am
but not too bad. >> sal, you are doing a great job. thank you. it is breezy and mild. before i get to our weather, it snowed in chicago this morning. the first time snow has fallen on halloween since 1884. how about that? i love stuff like that. let's get back to our weather. moderate to heavy. the 6:00 a.m. observation from yew cay yeah was -- from ukiah was heavy rain. i know there is heavy rain around fort bragg. some light rain has made it into parts of sonoma county. phil said no, ma'am rain yet. it's beginning to move in. it being its front. really heavy on the north. that is our front. things are lighting up a little bit. no reports yet of any way. when you see the yellow red.
6:52 am
very light brand of rain. this won't do much. 50s and 60s on your temps. it is mild due to a southerly breeze. so some low to 60s for some here. san jose is east at 12. southeast at mountain view. i think we will see 25 miles an hour. front has to barrel through. there is enhancement taking place on the backside. this is a very cold pool of air. there is development taking place at the base of it. right there is low forming. that will swing in tonight and tomorrow. sure looks like there is a line that wants to take aim around san mateo, santa cruz coast. that will be the heaviest rain although everybody is in on it. we get rain today. the rain is on the way. the heaviest will be near the santa cruz mountains. wide spread amounts of an inch. there is our system by 11:00 as it moves through. we might get a little bit of break but i doubt it.
6:53 am
it just looks like it will be moderate to heavy. by 4:00 we will get more scattered as the front slides north to east. there is plenty more upstream. that is the cold pool working its way in. this is wrong in ukiah but i think it's right in santa rosa. if you want to go now, go now. because 5:00 today that is when the winter storm watch will continue. it will really take it up saturday morning. cloudy with rain. it will be cooler for all. that rain is on its way. if you don't have it yet, it will be here within the next three to four hours. 60s on the temps. there will be a break for early trick or treaters. by this evening then the next band comes in. set your clock back on sunday morning it will be cold. >> all right. >> so this is no joke. >> no joke. >> it will be pretty serious rain. which is needed.
6:54 am
much needed. time is 6:53. dozens of motorcycles doing stunts on a bay area freeway. you saw the pictures taunting. they defied a chp officer. how this video finally led to an arrest. >> and we are finally getting answers about that rocket explosion in virginia. the reason that was done on purpose. on the new tempur-choice. the triple choice sale ends soon at sleep train. mom? dad? big uncle wayne?nut. hot chocolate. green tea. uh, decaf, cuz. wow. i'm dying for an herbal tea. the all new keurig 2.0 is here.
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welcome back to the morning news. time is 6:56. all morning long we have been talking about the big giants parade at noon. live pictures. this is a on the root of market street. look at all the people up and early out. some of them have been out there for hours. staking out their special spot. ktvu will have live team coverage. let's switch gears now. the ebola crisis is still a major concern. top concern for bay area nurses. next month kizer nurses will hold a two-day strike demanding tougher ebola crisis. to raise awareness for what they call as a need for better equipment to treat ebola patients. we now know why that unmanned rocket exploded over virginia tuesday night. orbital scientists the company that owns the rocket says it
6:58 am
hit the destruction button and they did it after it became apparent there was a problem with the launch. now industry experts say that the move kept the rockets from causing damage over a populated area. still not clear exactly what caused the problem that happened seconds after lift off. the rocket was supposed to take supplies to the international space station. time is just about 6:58. coming up on mornings on 2 we are live in san francisco. another big day for giants fans. crowd out there. >> what you need to know if you are among the one million people expected to head into downtown san francisco. and today sal is now telling us about major delays on bart. we'll be right back.
6:59 am
7:00 am
. getting ready for another world series celebration here in san francisco. the fans are lining market street. we'll show you the scene here coming up. major delaying on bart this morning, find out how you can still get around the system, the latest


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