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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  November 3, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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completed ballots are already being processed tonight on the eve of california's general election. and there's a full slate of candidates and issues to be decided. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. at this time tomorrow, millions of votes will be counted as californiaens elect a governor, and two of the three bay area cities choose their mayors. there are also six statewide propositions, plus a full state
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of propositions. there are also controversial soda tax measures in san francisco and berkely, and a hotly contested congressional race in the south bay between veteran congressman mike honda, and challenger, roak hana, both of which are democrats. we're going to begin with the race in oakland. >> reporter: frank, tomorrow, the alameda county courthouse on o'fallon will be an extra busy place. the registrar tells me 4500 people will be working on the election. tonight, oakland's candidates were working to get out the vote. at the rockridge bar station, they were treated by several candidates for mayor. each offering their vision for a city dealing with issues from crime to gentfication, and a rank choice voting system. >> i will move immediately to
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restore the walking neighborhood beat officers to every beat. so that we prevent crime. >> only the only candidate that's presented in writing to police officers. >> i'm clearly the most progressive candidate among the major candidates. i stand for raising the minimum wage to $15. reorganizing the police department to make it more effective. >> reporter: at the mcarthur bart station, mayor jean quan says it will be a tight race, but that she deserves a second term. >> if i'm going to be blamed for all the things that have gone wrong for the past ten years, then i want to get all the credit for everything that's gone right in three years. the majority are saying that the city is going in the right direction. >> reporter: volunteers are
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working the phone. >> we sped up new officer redramatic and training. we also partnered for the first time with an outside law enforcement agency. alameda county sheriffs to put an immediate presence on the street. >> we've got to go beyond just adding police. we've got to make sure we're investing in education. >> reporter: registrar tim dupree encourages all voters to mark their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices for mayor. >> the least vote getter will take those and go to the second- choice, and redistribute them. we'll continue going through that process until we get a candidate that has over 50% of the vote. >> reporter: the registrar tells me, it will take at least until the end of the week to get a good idea of who the winner of the mayor's race will be because of rank choice voting. reporting live here in oakland, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. now, to the race for san jose mayor in the last minute
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push for votes there. ktvu always maureen naylor is live. >> reporter: not only did we visit the campaign headquarters for both sam ricardo, and dave lortesi, we spoke with voters who think it will be close. turning in their vote by mail ballot, including san jose residents choosing a new mayor. >> i voted for sam. >> why? >> i see him more in japantown, than other candidates. he's been very approachable. >> dave. >> why? >> i don't trust anybody who's on the present council, especially sam ricardo, and chuck reed. glad he's out.
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>> reporter: meanwhile, at cortese headquarters, they were busy on the phones. >> a little excited. we're going to get votes in the next 24 hours. cautiously optimistic. >> reporter: dave cortese says phone banking is key to his final push. >> we have tens of thousands of people who have said yes to our campaign. who have said yes, i'm going to vote for dave. the job at hand is just to make sure they're reminded to vote. ingly feel good. we came from 20 points down last year in the polls to the point now, where we're virtually deadlocked. i feel very confident, that we're going to put this over the goal line. >> we're calling to see if you will be standing up for san jose. >> reporter: at ricardo headquarters, the san jose city council was joined by tom mchenry for his own phone banking session. >> i believe this will be a close race. that's why we're all working hard. we know that every vote
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matters. that's why you've got so many motivated volunteers here working hard. >> reporter: back here live, we're seeing people still come drop off ballots at this hour. see the drop box there. workers will be starting at the registrar's office at 7:00 a.m., until 8:00 tomorrow night. so voters can essentially drive through, and drop their ballot off. maureen naylor, ktvu, channel 2 news. stay with the 10:00 news for continuing coverage. at 10:30, tomorrow's big prize, the u.s. senate, and the shift in a balance of power. plus, our exclusive voter turn out forecast. it's a number never seen before here in california. new at 10:00, a hazmat team responded to a call for help at the doubletree hotel in san jose tonight. right now, they still can't pinpoint the problem. when first responders arrived, they found about six employees complaining of nausea. you can see a number of guests were evacuated, and waited outside the entrance on gateway
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place. the workers were treated at the scene. we're told hazmat crews cleared the lobby and tested the air. at this point, authorities say they still don't know what made all those people feel sick. a man charged with killing a young mother of four in east oakland made his first court appearance today. according to court documents, carl stephen debose confessed to the crime after his arrest. he told a judge today, he is trying to hire a private attorney. police arrested the 20-year-old oakland man last week in elk grove near sacramento. he's accused of fatally shooting 30-year-old pearl avina, as she was driving in a car with her husband. encouraged to adjust habits now that we've rolled back our clocks and it's getting dark earlier. this time of year can be deadly because of the poor visibility in the switch back to standard time. >> bicycles have a
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responsibility to be scene. and motorists have a responsibility to slow down, and be much more careful when they drive. >> they're encouraged to wear reflective gear as well. police in petaluma are looking for a thief who made off with a large excavator from a construction site. it was parked next to a small commercial building at east washington. police say neighbors did see a flat bed truck in the area. investigators think that the thief may have simply loaded up the excavator, and then drove away. in marin county, it's home remodeling projects that are being targeted. thieves there have stolen thousands of dollars in tools from unoccupied homes. in san rafael tonight, where it's now happened at least eight times. >> eight times in the city. several more around the county. it's possible, thieves are looking up building permits
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online for leads on where to hit. >> reporter: many of the power tools on the job are new. or the ones burglars left behind. >> it was a little full. unfortunately. it was full. >> reporter: several big boxes carrying expensive tools were broken into last week. the burglars failed to pry this box open, but it's dented where they tried. >> i'm really glad they didn't. really glad they didn't. >> reporter: the crew is six weeks into a six month remodel. the thieves hit as soon as they broke into the stucco. so the walls were open to walk right through. >> this wasn't random. this wasn't just a random. this was a planned operation. >> reporter: the loss, almost $4,000. >> the money part now, i'm kind of resolved with, about the emotional part.
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the violation thing is lingering. you could actually see the palm print. >> reporter: burglars also broke this garage door. they also raided the homeowner's wedding gift, stored downstairs. >> they stole crystal, they stole china. left our wine collection, but took the scotch collection. i would love to know who did this and to see them go to jail. that would be great. i'd be very happy for them to get caught. >> reporter: with at least eight construction burglaries so far. police are warning workers to carry more of their equipment home with them. with any luck, the thieves might slip up, or get spotted. >> they'll make a mistake. they'll press their luck. and usually their luck runs out with a neighbor calling us. >> your shocked. you're shock. you are shocked. >> i think you may have a false sense of security in marin county, it's not going to
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happen here. >> definitely. >> reporter: locks on the tool boxes were snapped with heavy duty cutters. it's too late for the victims so far, but they don't want to see it happen to any other builders. the total losses so far, close to $30,000. reporting live in san rafael, debora villalon, ktvu, channel 2 news. san rafael police will soon get body cameras after the city council approved funding this evening. the vote was unanimous. they will spend $45,000 to equip their officers. the new purchase will bring the total number of cameras to 74. that's enough to equip every officer in the department. the cameras will help reduce liability claims. thousands of law enforcement officers gathered today in roseville to pay tribute to a sacramento sheriff's deputy named danny oliver. he was killed in the line of duty last month. >> we will always remember your sense of humor, your compassion for your fellow man, and your
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love for your family. we will remember your passion for this profession, and the sacrifice you made doing it. >> deputy oliver was 47, and had two kids. he was shot and killed after approaching a couple in a motel parking lot on october 24. police say after the shooting, the two suspects then stole a vehicle, and later killed placer county deputy michael davis jr. the memorial service today was held at a church in roseville, and then continued with a long prosession along interstate 80 to a cemetery in sacramento. a memorial service for deputy davis will be held tomorrow. accused of stealing explicit photos from women, he arrested. >> do you have anything to say? >> sorry, no comments today restroom his attorney tell us why the former officer says he did it. >> key senate races that could shift the balance of power. talking with a political analyst, but the high stakes for the country and california. >> they were suppose to make
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your money safer, but 2 investigates glaring concerns about the light inside this tunnel.
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tonight, 2 investigates serious concerns about the lighting inside a busy san francisco tunnel. an employee of the san francisco public utilities commission contacted ktvu about the problems at the broadway tunnel. eric rasmussen is there to explain how a project designed to save public money did not go
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as planned. eric. >> reporter: well, we are keeping both hands on the wheel. the idea was to put energy efficient lights in here, and save about $40,000 a year. instead, we it tell you the tunnel actually got brighter, and these new lights saved almost no money. at least one whistle-blower at the sfp thinks this tunnel is still too bright. >> reporter: 1600 feet long. taking 30,000 driver as day between chinatown and danness avenue. the lights got an extensive makeover in 2009. >> it was clear something had gone wrong in the design process. >> reporter: this employee with the san francisco public utilities commission says he noticed a problem. after the agency finished a $310,000 retrofit, designed to make tunnel lighting more energy efficient. >> it was a lot brighter than
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what it should have been. >> reporter: he asked not to be identified, but pointed to a city audit of several sf puc energy efficient projects. most of them saving enough money to pay back their investments in 15 years or less. the pay back time for the west bore broadway tunnel? 298 years. not the result barbara hail was counting on. >> to see that come back at 298 years. how do you explain that? >> part of the challenge there is, they're always going to find that what you've predicted isn't always your outcome. that's pretty far off, and that's in part in this case, because the system wasn't performing like it should have in the first place. >> reporter: in a letter design firm, m core conceded savings were below expectations, and light levels were higher than expected. so bright, internal emails at sfpuc describe driving through the tunnel at night like passing through a super nova.
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>> i experience driving through the tunnel and coming out with essentially what would be described as flash bulb blindness for a certain distance. >> reporter: comparing broadway tunnel to the much lower lighting in nearby stockton tunnel. he says the agency was slow to act. >> you have managers who didn't want to be the person to walk in and say, you know that half million dollar tunnel project that we did? well that's just a half million dollars we threw in the garbage. we're going to have to redo the whole thing, because the tunnel is unsafe. >> reporter: the employees sought production through the whistle-blower program. the puc has acknowledged, they're taking steps to correct the problem. that year, crews change changed the lights again to improve the
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safeness. they still insist the lighting levels were never unsafe. >> i don't think there's an issue of the tunneling about too bright. we have heard that, and we have looked into that. and in advance of your coming, we looked even closer. >> reporter: last year, managers paid $10,000 for another study of the lighting in broadway tunnel, lighting design firm studio 321 concluded current lighting levels generally meet industry guidelines. it's a conclusion this man disputes. he worries going from this bright tunnel to a dark street is still a danger. >> someone is going to get hurt or killed. >> reporter: sfpuc managers say they spend as much as $1.5 million a year on energy efficiency projects. most of those come back with high marks. ktvu, channel 2 news. a legal battle is brewing between one of the nation's largest vacation home rental
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sites in the city of san francisco. home away, which also operates is suing the city over the airbnb law. the legislation says only permanent residents can rent their homes to short term travelers, but most of the listings on home away are second homes of owners who do not live in the city year- round. the company says that part of the measure unfairly benefits its rival, air bnb. commuters can use the clipper card to get around the north bay. four bus lines are now accepting the transit fair system. clipper cards are also good on the san francisco bay ferry between vallejo and the city, and include a discount. the cost of the new eastern span of the bay bridge is still going up more than a year after
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it opened. the price tag is $6.4 billion, included a $900 million contingency fund, that is almost used up. crews have been fixing water leaks, troublesome bolts and more. meantime, demolition of the old bridge is delayed. nesting sea birds have refused to move to new nests that have been built for them. exact numbers for the cost overruns are expected to be revealed tomorrow. showers through the pacific northwest. that's where the jet stream is. up in the pacific northwest. a ton of water up there. this is a very productive rainfall pattern for anybody who gets it. see the zonal flow, how everything is coming from thousands of miles out in the pacific. just like a fire hose. this pattern, we can get 3, or 4, or 5 inches of rain from it. alas, it's too far north. we're in the ridge of high
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pressure, which is going to set us up with warm weather. we'll see low 80s toward the end of the week. right now, a little bit of fog along the coast. there will be patchy fog in the morning hours. that fog is going to go away, because the winds are going to start. now they're going basically onshore. west and southwest at 5 here. that's an onshore wind. you see the northwest wind up here at santa rosa. pretty soon, all the arrows are going to look more like this, or more northerly. a warmer direction. typically, we'd be worried about fire danger. a few east winds here, so it is starting to click a little bit. we're going to notice the temperature start to increase with that offshore wind. fire danger shouldn't be a real concern, because a little bit of rain, the days are short. it's pretty cool overnight. overnight lows tonight are going to get down there. we're going to see numbers in the north bay. santa rosa at 48. santa rosa area, you're going to get 35, 36 degrees tomorrow morning. really cold as you get going. temperatures warm tomorrow, and
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warm further as we head towards the middle of the week. when i come back after the break, we'll talk about the five-day forecast, and go looking for rain, because boy do we need it. we'll see you back here. a chp officer charged with forwarding nude photos from a woman's phone. the apology offered at the courthouse today, and the deal that may be in the works. >> up first, new video from the scene of a deadly collision tonight involving a train and a pedestrian. what we know about the investigation that's underway right now. ♪
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new video tonight of a deadly incident on the train tracks of san francisco. we've learned an amtrak train hit and killed a person. the fireman on the scene said the victim was an adult man. the alameda county fire department says it happened about 8:15. authorities don't know if the man deliberately tried to kill
10:25 pm
himself, or was just unaware of the approaching train. the coroner's office in contra costa county is working to notify family members of a person found dead on a b.a.r.t. station track today. >> part of the investigation is going to be what exactly happened. we don't know if the train hit the person, or if the person was deceased from other means. >> service returned to normal after several hours. a chp officer who resigned last week went to court today and apologized for sharing revealing photos of women he had arrested. his attorney says the officer regrets taking the photos from women's cell phones. ktvu's allie rasmus was at the courthouse in martinez, and tells us, a plea deal may be in
10:26 pm
the works. >> reporter: he didn't answer questions as he rushed out of contra costa county court. his attorney spoke for him instead and said his client is sorry. >> i want to make this clear, his apologies extend to all of the members of law enforcement who's reputations are potentially tarnished. >> reporter: harrington faces two felony counts for illegally searching the cell phones of two women he'd arrested for dui. he's accused of forwarding semi nude pictures to himself, and other chp officers. >> did he give any indication about why he did it? >> his statement to the authorities was that this was a joke. he thought it was humorous at the time. >> you go into somebody's cell phone, and you take their nude selfies without their permission, that's a crime. >> reporter: harrington resigned from the chp. as an officer for the agency, he patrolled both contra costa and alameda counties.
10:27 pm
barry grove says other dui cases harrington had been involved in, are now underreview, and could be dismissed. a spokesman for the alameda county d.a. says they're reviewing the criminal cases he was involved in, in that exact. >> it's undermines the public trust in the criminal system. >> reporter: his attorney asked the judge for more time to study the case, both sides hinted at the possibility of a plea deal. >> i don't think it will end up with a trial. >> reporter: if convicted on both charges, harrington could be sentenced from probation to up to 3 years and 8 months in prison. big changes are expected in the high profile retrial of an elementary school teacher from concord, accused of fondling male students. the proceedings against joseph martin were postponed today because of a scheduling complication involving a judge. martin paced 150 molestation
10:28 pm
charges. the jury acquitted him of charges involving 3 students. other charges were dropped, and jurors deadlocked on the rest. coming up at 10:45, a surge in auto sales. the trend being seen at car lots dealers haven't seen in a long time. >> up first, the high stakes effort to get out the vote with control of the u.s. senate hanging in the balance.
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♪ s♪ in the lane,ng, arsnow is glistenin' ♪ ♪ a beautiful sight, we're happy tonight ♪ ♪ towin' in a winter wonderland ♪ with the disneyland resort wrapped in holiday magic, the happiest place on earth, just got merrier. ♪ towin' in a winter wonderland... ♪ weee hoooooo!
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if the polls are right, tomorrow could tilt the balance of power in the u.s. congress.
10:31 pm
the polls suggest republicans are posed to win enough seats in the senate to win majority control from democrats. the key races that will determine the majority. >> reporter: midterm election day drama will focus on a few key states. all of these states that are here, highlighted yellow, a total of 36 seats are up for grabs tomorrow in the u.s. senate. of the races that will take place tomorrow, you see these states turning blue, these are the races that democrats are expected to safely win. republicans are expected to pull off 15 victories. you see those here in the states that are highlighted red. now this is where things become a little tricky. that will leave ten seats up for grabs tomorrow. these states here in the green, those are the states that political observers are watching very closely, as republicans seek to recapture the senate majority for the first time since 2006. they're knocking on doors at homes across several states
10:32 pm
tonight. >> 2154. >> in a last minute push to get voters to the polls. >> victory is in the air. we're going to bring it home tomorrow night. >> reporter: republicans are feeling confident they'll reclaim the senate. >> this has the potential to be a very bad day for the democrats. >> reporter: it's too soon for the gop to celebrate. republicans have good reason to be optimistic. >> it's a bad year for democrats nationally. opinion toward the president is not very strong. the incumbent party generally loses seats at the second midterm election. it doesn't set up well. >> reporter: still, the campaign ads continue. in at least ten states, iowa, kansas, and kentucky are among the tightest races. if republicans are successful in the senate, they will control both houses of congress. professor cook says that's a blue print for more washington gridlock. >> that's why voters are unhappy with congress. they're unhappy with their members. they're unhappy with the president. yet, the likely prescription for this election is going to be the same. >> reporter: to give you an
10:33 pm
idea of just how difficult victories will be for democrats tomorrow, 7 of their seats in play tomorrow are in states carried by mitt romney in 2012. remember, frank and julie, republicans just need 6 seats. when you take a look at that, and the map that i showed you, it's going to be difficult for the democrats to pull off victories tomorrow. it's all about the race to 51. >> we'll know soon enough. healther, thank you very much. it's a different story for democrats in california. the latest polling numbers here suggest there won't be any hanging chad drama tomorrow. ken pritchett joined students, as the forecast for voter turn out was unveiled. >> reporter: on the eve of the election, polling data shows the california democrats running for statewide office can breathe easy, and this election could be historic, but not in a good way. a room fool of polypsych students, the big number
10:34 pm
revealed is actually a small one. >> we're talking 46.1% of registered voters turning out, which would be an all-time low. >> reporter: the students we talked to were disappointed, but -- >> it doesn't surprise me at all. i'm not saying it's good or bad, but it just doesn't shock me at all. >> we've tried all of these different lines. people literally look in the eye, and walk away. >> really? >> really. >> reporter: it could be busy lies, or perhaps a lackluster competition for governor. with jerry brown enjoy joying 54%. >> to me, the most important statistic in the governor's race is the number 30. 30% is the number of californians who could answer the question, who is the
10:35 pm
republican candidate for governor. >> reporter: kashkari's numbers are equivalent to fellow republicans running for state office, who are mostly unknowns. >> for all his efforts, and he's certainly put a lot of elbow grease into his campaign. he's tried to do what he could, you have no measurable affect. >> reporter: the previous low for midterm election turn out was just above 50%. that was in 2002. that was the graydavis, bill simon race for governor. another contest that was short on excitement. ken pritchett, ktvu, channel 2 news. more details now. there are eight races on the state ballot. governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state, controller, plus, treasurer, attorney general, insurance commissioner, and state superintendent of public education. of the eight, that's the only race that's expected to be
10:36 pm
close. incumbent, tom torelickson is facing off against marshall tuck, and early polls suggest this could be close. >> opponents be, including health insurance companies argue it gives too much power to one politician. supporters contend it will lower health insurance rates. >> health insures are going to do anything they can to distract us, confuse us, and scare us, and to hide. >> or we have prop 45, that will give one politician the power to override the commission, and at the same time, take millions in campaign contributions from special interests. >> the no side says prop 45 would create more costly bureaucracy and would interfere with treatment options for patients. voters in milpitas, will decide on a measure that could bring a card room into their city. measure a would allow the bay 101 to move from san jose to milpitas. opponents argue, it would tarnish the city's small town
10:37 pm
appeal. supporters say the casino would bring 900 new jobs and much needed revenue. >> if they move into the city, it brings $8.4 million in annual tax revenue to the city alone. >> why should we look for a sugar daddy to come in with $8 million? there's something wrong about this. >> the move would also benefit the casino by dropping its tax rate from 15% to 10.5%. one of the cohosts of the popular npr show car talk has died. he cohosted with his brother ray. they were known as click and clack. they built a huge following by giving out car advice with jokes, and also banter with callers. he was 77 years old. a great blue haren found shot. the reward for information in
10:38 pm
the case. >> plus, headed for a warm up around here. >> tropical sea life where you wouldn't expect it. what's behind the phenomenon, being seen right here in northern california. - ( helicopter whirring ) - ( roars ) ( siren wails ) ( pop music playing ) ♪ when you're ready ♪ ready, ready, ready ♪ come and get it ♪ get it, get it ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na ♪ na na na na na na na ♪
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♪ [ male announcer ] follow your joy to a celebration like no other. start your new orleans holiday at state and federal authorities are searching for the person who shot a great blue heron. california wildlife services is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the person responsible. the great blue haron is being cared for in fairfield. marine biologists say
10:41 pm
they're seaing fish, dolphins, even sea turtles that are normally found in mexico or hawaii. they say water temperatures on the west coast are several degrees warm were than normal, because winds from the north that normally push colder water to northern california have eased this year. federal investigators are looking at pilot error as a possible factor in the breakup of the virgin galactic rocket last friday. the copilot was killed, and the pilot was injured, but is expected to recover. investigators say the copilot unlocked the ship's pivoting tale section prematurely, and 2 seconds later it disintegrated. a new type of fuel was also being test indeed this flight. the final report in the crash is expected to take about a year. santa ana police say the suspect in that hit and run, the deaths of those three girls on halloween night has a long criminal history. 31-year-old joaquin bell is being held on a half million
10:42 pm
dollars bail. his most recent trouble was a hit-and-run conviction and driving under the influence in august. bell was driving with four children in his car when he struck the three teenage girls last friday night. the victims were 13-year-old twins and their friend who was also 13. more big banks and credit unions are rolling out support for the apple pay service. u.s. bank, the navy, federal credit union, and usaa have all begun to offer the mobile payment service to their customers. apple pay allows customers to link their credit card to their iphone 6, then make purchases securely without swiping a credit card. in russian, a monument to steve jobs has been taken down now after tim cook revealed that he's gay. the monument is shaped like an iphone, and stood on a university campus in st. petersberg. the russian company that put it there, cited tim cook's coming
10:43 pm
out as the reason for its removal. under vladimir putin, russia has become decidedly unfriendly to gay people. virgin america plans an ipo. how much the bay area company hopes to raise. >> in five minutes, bill martin's forecast, and the warm up that he's tracking this week. >> the impact of low gas prices on auto sales. we'll tell you what's hot. what is not, and where people can find some bargains. introducing the new subway "simple 6 menu".
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it would have been unheard of not long ago, but you can now find gas prices below $3 in the area. live in walnut creek with how the auto industry fared in october. and what consumers might expect going forward. >> reporter: when gas was well above $4 a gallon, it was not
10:46 pm
the easiest things to move suv's off the lot, but it does appear, they are hot sellers again. >> the one we have now is slowly dying on us. >> reporter: it's a night of shopping. they can't hold off any longer, replacing their suv. >> we have a '97 jeep cherokee right now, but it's got 250,000 miles on it. >> reporter: auto companies are seeing more customers like this couple coming in. october brought big sales to the auto industry. up 6% compared to 2013. >> definitely, seeing a lot more traffic. >> reporter: small suv's have the fastest growing sales this year, up 20 to 50%. making up one in every four vehicles sold. >> we seem to sell quite a bit of the smaller mid-sized suv's. >> reporter: experts say low gas prices are driving up demand for suv's. sales of hybrid cars, such as
10:47 pm
toyota prius dropped. with low gas prices, low interest rates, and pent up demand, automakers are seeing a brighter road ahead. >> people were scared. people didn't know what was going on with with the economy, or the world, or their jobs. they didn't know where they would be. >> we want to feel good about it. we want to do as much as we can to make sure we're doing this. buying the best deal. >> reporter: experts say they expect to see strong sales continue through the end of the year. and they say consumers should look out for some bargains, particularly in smaller cars, which are not in as high demand. reporting live in walnut creek, jana katsuyama, ktvu, channel 2 news. korean automaker hyundai,
10:48 pm
and its subsidiary, kia agreed to pay a penalty. it said it would adjust mileage lower by 1 or 2 miles per gallon. that applies to more than 1 million vehicles sold from 2011 to 2013. the justice department has not said whether criminal charges would be filed. wall street closed mixed today. the dow dropped 24 points. the nasdaq added 8. one piece of positive news was that manufacturing remains solid. virgin america is poised to go public. it offered terms, saying it plans to raise $320 million. the company says that money will be used to buy more planes and expand service to other areas. currently, virgin america serves 21 markets. shares will be listed on nasdaq under va. a milestone when the first tenants moved into the new 1 world trade center with little
10:49 pm
fanfare. it's been more than 13 years since terrorists through jets into the twin towers. publishing giant conde nast began moving workers in today. one world trade center is now the tallest building in the country. temperatures warmed a little bit today. cool over the weekend as temperatures rebounded from that rain, and even snow in the mountains. we got back into the upper 60s, low 70s today. temperatures tomorrow even warmer. here's what i pointed out earlier, the jet stream pushing into the pacific northwest. that's a nice looking weather producer, but it's too far north to give us anything. we're headed up for a high pressure system that's going to give us light winds. not strong offshore, so we're
10:50 pm
not expecting a high fire danger which is often something you see late october, early november. a little bit of fog along the coast here. so the winds haven't shifted quite yet, but they will, and start to turn around by tomorrow morning. a little more northerly, and certainly by tomorrow night, we'll notice a north, maybe even a northeast component to the wind. it keeps the fog clearer to the coast. overnight, not the big story, but i think it's the weather story. tomorrow morning when you wake up, these inland bay valleys are going to be in the mid-30s in some places. i think you might even find low 30s in the north bay. might even find a little patchy fog up in the north bay as which. no, sir way out of the unusual, it's just, we haven't had a lot of cold overnight lows. a little bit of patchy fog at the coast. temperatures warm. yellows or 70s. look at all the mid-70s and low 70s. lots of upper 60s.
10:51 pm
it's going to be cool mornings all week. mild to warm afternoons. and the rain stays north. we're going to be warming on wednesday. we'll see numbers on wednesday in the low 80s. even on the weekend as well. so more warm weather. no record heat i don't suspect, but just warmer and no rain. that's the drag. it would be nice to get a little rain in here as we go to the five-day forecast. but this one, there's nothing in it. there's something down the road, but as i mentioned this earlier in the broadcast, this time of year, with the drought we're under, i'd like to see something unsettled in the five day every week. it would actually take something like that to make a dent in the drought we're dealing with. anyway, that's not great news. i'm kind of being half empty guy. that's a nice looking forecast. >> it sure is. >> enjoy this week, looks like maybe some rain coming. mark's here now with sports. they've got a long way to go probably before they sign him, but at least the giants made an
10:52 pm
offer to pablo sandoval. >> it's a start. >> a good way to put it. he says he's going to make the decision with his heart. but the giants want pablo sandoval to be clear about one thing in his head. yeah, they want him back. the we can work it out process begins with the giants extending a qualifying offer of $15.3 million. what it does is first assure the giants will receive a draft pick compensation it he does leave, and allows the giants to continue negotiate on a contract they feel both sides will agree on. sandoval, a career .344 hitter in the world series, and is the only player in major league history to hit a home run in his first three world series at- bats. yeah, worth keeping around. no question about it. the absolute low point of the harbaugh era. halfway through this season, 4- 4 is the team's record. problems everywhere you look. quarterback has been sacked 14 times in the last two games.
10:53 pm
a quarterback who fumbled on the final play of the game yesterday, costing a victory, and an unimaginative offense, that scored only one touchdown in the 4th quarter all year. inexcusable. still, that last play sunday is one that's going to stick in their claw for a long time. >> the ball came out. i have to hold onto it. i know i crossed the line. >> might have been a little bobble early. >> yeah, i did bobble the snap. but regardless, we had opportunities in both halves we didn't take advantage. >> you've been sacked 14 times total the past two games. how tough is it to do your job when you're under such duress. >> that's why i'm here. i have to make plays under such situations. i have to be better back there. >> techniques, dumb schemes, played like [ bleep ]. >> pretty much describes it.
10:54 pm
rough times for the former sanford coach harbaugh. but a couple of his former students, you might say, living it up in new york tonight. monday night football all about andrew luck. and another former cardinal teaming up. sports part 2, next. at shell, we believe the world needs a broader mix of energs, which is why we are supplying natural gas,
10:55 pm
to generate cleaner electricity, that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and why with our partner in brazil, we are producing a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane to fuel cars. let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go.
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10:57 pm
nothing lucky about it. put up 7 consecutive games throwing for 300 yards or more, you've got it going on as a quarterback. andrew luck would fit that description. michael strahan, honored at halftime by the giants. new york could have used him to put a little heat on andrew luck. the hall of famer, famous pass rusher. 4 touchdowns for luck tonight. wrestling it away from dominic rodgers-cromartie. who wants it more? you've got your answer there. 354 passing yards for luck. flips it to reggie wayne. gets the move, got the sideline speed. 40-24, colts now 6-3. looks like we're about to witness the leap. a player going from very good to full on superstar. claire thompson into rarefied air. averaging 25 points in the first three games. he is the western conference player of the week. the warriors are 3-0. that's the sporting life for a monday
10:58 pm
night. >> all right, mark, thank you. thank you for joining us tonight. our coverage continues on ♪
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