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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  November 5, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PST

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>> someone on this bus is going to punch you. >> a woman is fed up with a fellow passenger who blatantly says, i hate kids. what comes after that is the real jaw dropper. >> a surfer does not one but two barrel rolls, but you know what's better than two? >> why this guy knows better than you. >> a dog who lost his leg is released from the vet. he's like, let me get out of here. sheridan got done with cancer and back to life. >> bonus give away day. all you need is the buzz word
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for your chance to win an ipad mini or flat screen tv because we are giving away both. >> and what doctors found in a man's intestine. and it was still alive. the story behind the shocker in the o.r. >> what is that? what is that? some really disturbing footage caught on a bus in australia. 9 news has the story. you see an argument taking place on this bus. of course, cameras start rolling when people get out of hand. the woman in the brown shirt really upset because she had to move seats to make room for moms and their strollers. blatantly says, i hate kids. >> i'm sick and tired of kids. >> she is annoyed kids are anywhere. they bother her no matter where she is. i bet kids don't like her either. >> but the woman in front of her takes issue with this because the woman in front of her is
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pregnant. >> someone on this bus is going to punch you in the face. >> then she says i might be the one to punch you in the face. >> listen to what the woman in the brown shirt says. this one comment has people fuming. >> a repelling human being, exactly. >> that's what passengers told 9 news. >> you have to be cold hearted to say something like that. i'm glad people in the back gathered around the pregnant lady to protect her. >> this argument lasted 20 minutes. some people got their camera phones rolling. other people did surround the pregnant woman to make sure nothing got too out of hand. you can imagine this video getting attention asset's being shared because people are so appalled by mainly that comment.
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>> at some point you have to turn around, shut up and let her spew in her own misery. >> no charges have been filed. the remarkable video pouring in from russian dash cams just never ceases. >> what was that? >> the windshield is busted. >> the windshield is cracked and something is sticking up. what the heck was that? the driver gets out of the car. he's got his 12-year-old and 5-year-old in the car. look what happened. it's a giant piece of metal reenforcement bar that was stuck in the ground. he accidentally drove over it. that pierced the bottom of the car, went up through the floor between his feet, through the dashboard and out the top of the dashboard, busting the windshield. >> what if they had been a few inches further down the road. that would have shot straight through the driver. >> any one of them that were
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inside the car. there have been complaints about old rebars sticking out alongside the road. he cut it out with his own tools. he didn't feel like waiting for the police. believe it or not, the car still drives. doesn't appear to have serious damage. >> this can kill you on russian roads. it gets longer and longer. >> we give russia a hard time. here is something we rarely ever see. kind, courteousness and patience. from a compilation of russian dash cams. did you see that? oh, thank you for not running me down. thank you for not running me down. it goes on and on. >> what a weird video to put together, but it makes sense someone did put this together. >> it also shows we give them a hard time, but look. there are nice drivers in
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russia. woo-hoo. >> this is one of those stories that is going to tough your heart and if it doesn't, you are pretty awful. this is sheridan. sheridan loves walks on the beach, loves to play frisbee, loves to walk, loves to run. sheridan is going to under go surgery because sheridan has bone canc sheridan's owner morgan and her boyfriend zach put together this video. they wanted to take people through sheridan's journey of fighting cancer. they have a video enjoying life. they even take us through his surgery. here is sheridan at the hospital, about to under go the amputati amputation. they are cutting off that leg to prevent further pain and slow the spread of the cancer. this is sheridan coming out. >> you want to go outside.
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>> must be very strange for animals. there is no way you can explain. anyone else, any human being going into this surgery, they are going into it knowing what's coming out. for a doggy waking up going, um. >> sheridan. >> like a champ, just starts moving around. >> he seems just fine. as happy as can be. >> let we get out of here. people don't like staying in a hospital. >> sheridan had to undergo chemotherapy, six treatments. hug me because i'm receiving chemotherapy and i'm cute. he is a resilient pooch. >> slowed him down a little bit. that's about it. >> this is a beautiful story of resilience, of hope. >> if you don't like this, there is something wrong with you. >> guess what? we are about to give away's ipad
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mini. today is bonus give away day. that means we are also giving away a flat screen tv. >> all you have to do is have wednesday's buzz word, be at least 18 years old and a legal u.s. resident. >> the rtm ipad mini way is coming right up. i'm bringing you a surfing video from north carolina. he's in the outer banks, north carolina, and goes straight into a beautiful barrel. he's out of it. the camera is in his left hand because there is another barrel coming. gets this awesome shot going all the way through. you know what's better than two? three. he keeps going further up. the power turns up.
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>> way to go through north carolina waves. i'm impressed. >> because of this video, gopro selected it as their gopro winner. he won $1,000 in cash, a gopro in the black edition and subscription to "surf line" for that video. he's combined for months a quarry with a wetsuit you can have some fun. >> oh, man. >> that was a shock to the system. >> you really have to want to dive off a cliff to do this in 39 degree weather. >> you have to be desperate for a good time. >> which is a bigger shot, the jump or when you just hit the water? >> when you hit the water, yeah. >> oh! it must be such a cool feeling. i don't have the guts to do it. >> a national guard sergeant traveled a long way to surprise
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his wife who -- had his daughter 22 hours before. >> the amazing moment he reunites with the whole family. see how this dude puts your pushup to shame. >> oh, my god! rere i have the worst cold with this runny nose. i better take something. dayquill cold and flu doesn't treat your runny nose. seriously? alka-seltzer plus cold and cough fights your worst cold symptoms
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look who's coming home. that is national guard sergeant john borab. he is so excited because he, and ladies and gentlemen, grab your hankies, just had a daughter 22 hours before. except who doesn't know he is coming home. >> his wife doesn't know? >> no. he is about to surprise his wife, his 2-year-old son and brand-new baby born daughter at the hospital. >> oh, my god.
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look at her. >> did we mention the rather perfect timing of that return. missed all the screaming and all that stuff. >> he didn't miss any of it. he didn't have clearance to leave and be there for the birth. in fact, as he is sitting there watching the birth of his daughter via space time, his commander slips him a note that says, you can go home, dude. he immediately packs his bag, 22 hours later, he's there to surprise them. >> oh, my gosh. >> that must have been the longest 22 hours. >> he's been gone in the middle east for about five months of a year deployment. the good thing is, he was able to be there. >> whoever the commander is, you're the man. >> here is another incredibly precious moment in the video. that is his 2-year-old son jethro. takes him a second to realize
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that man, that man's my dad. >> you're so big. come here. oh, my goodness. you're so big. >> two videos that show simple things being done in extraordinary ways. this guy is known around the gym as joe doing some pushups. he's going to do pushups like you've never seen. extraordinary strength, balance and core. look at him. he's just springing off the floor like he's hydraulic. what is that, four feet maybe? >> yes, holy smokes! i want to call bs on this so bad but i know this guy is that good. >> look at this. right toes down, left foot doing pushups like that mid air. he's balancing on those dumbbells. that is extreme dedication of strength. >> he's got a weight on his back as well.
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oh, my god, i don't know anything about the gym. >> this makes me feel really bad about myself. >> a group of guys doing a pretty neat trampoline act. very synchronized, very well planned out and just so fun to watch. >> that is cool. >> they are jumping off the wall, on to the wall, standing up on it. it's all so smooth and fluid. >> this video a few years older, but now you know it's getting a ton of attention. scared of heights? see how this 11-year-old conquered his fear. >> next "right this minute." >> still to come -- some familiar faces take to the sky for a paramotoring adventure. >> see why they are not the only ones going extreme. >> bonus day buzz word you need if you want a shot to win an ipad mini or flat screen tv.
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paramotoring is extremely fun to watch. very similar to paragliding, except this time you've got a motor. this guys an expert. hep there video, i guarantee y
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be shocked. everything is going beautifully. this is in arizona, but watch. right about here. i couldn't help myself watching all these different videos. i've got to know what it felt like. i went up with mo. it feels like you are riding almost a motorcycle in mid air. it is such a smooth flight. i had another bit of a surprise while i was up there. gail joined me, too. >> i recommend anybody terrified of skydiving, this could be the first step. it's easier and you're up there longer. oh, my god -- so cool. oh, wow! it's not what i expected, but
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it's wonderful. >> the dog is a maniac. every time she see mo getting ready to fly, she wants to go. >> she goes nuts every time someone goes up. >> he made this special doggy harness. she sits in the front of this thing like the king of the world. i mean, so calm, cool and collected. >> loves it. >> she loves it. i can't thank mo sheldon enough. look him up. >> we need to start understanding these things. who wants to go volunteer driving in russia? >> i'll do it.
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got a couple of videos that are all about family. this first video a family get together. >> thank you to our parents for the example they gave us all our lives. >> listen closely to that prayer. >> please let us continue with our kids. >> this is the first grandchild. >> april has only been married for three months. >> they got down to business. >> this next video part of the rtm family. we followed this couple through all their major milestones. ryan barber and his wife irene at their wedding in seattle, washington. ryan needs help with his wedding
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toast. used siri to help him out. then we saw the feature film where ryan and irene announced they were pregnant. guess what we have now? we have a baby boy named solomon. he was born on july 4th. they just got around to making this video. it's a halloween-themed video. they take little baby solomon and place him around different seattle, washington, locations. >> i cannot believe this. this is so cute. >> we keep following the barbers as their family grows. it's time to give away an ipad mini. >> you need the buzz word, need to be at least 18 years old and a legal u.s. resident. >> head over to and click on the win ipad button. >> facebook, twitter or both and each, every single day. >> the buzz word is heritage.
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>> get this, today is bonus give away day. that means one winner is going to get an ipad mini and a second winner will get a flat screen tv. good luck, everybody. a girl shows off her boobs next to the car then on the car. she starts grinding on the hood. the driver takes off and watch this. why some are calling her dancing style the road rash.
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>> pulled a couple videos from our file from france. what would you name this dance craze? dancing lady comes up and grinds up on the window of this car. >> it's like a dance by. >> it is kind of a dance by. >> there you go. she gets on the hood of the car.
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she starts grinding on the hood. the driver takes off and watch this. people are calling this dance crazed road rash. >> some people don't think about their action. they do not think about the cause and effect. >> we do believe this woman is okay. >> switching gears completely. this is in brazil. we are watching a surgery in progress. i want you to see what is coming out of this man. >> what's that? what is that? >> this was a two foot long lungfish and it was still alive. you can see it wiggling as it's being removed from this man's
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intestines. some doctors believe this eel-like fish burrowed its way into this man's body. you might be wondering what happened to this lungfish. it was euthanized. >> it probably had to be at that point. >> are lungfish bottom feeders, by any chance? >> that's it for "right this minute." we'll see you next time.
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two paragliders face what's probably the worst thing that can happen to you. >> tandem flight's descent into terror. >> how did that happen? as police chase a suspect. >> a package threw out the left hand side. >> ditching the goods can't help them ditch the cops. >> what looks like a giant hair ball in the drain is a portly hedgehog. >> he got out of a


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