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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  November 6, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PST

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tourists spot a strange showdown between lions and a porcupine. >> everything's up and on alert. >> see if the quill is mightier than the pride. >> the pilot is making practice runs. >> the plane lost lift. >> the moment a touch-and-go maneuver becomes really touch-and-go. >> a fan makes a run at fat mike. mike is not liking the interruption. >> plus the buzz word at your shot for a new ipad mini. a guy gets a video invitation from his girlfriend. >> marry me tonight.
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>> she planned an entire surprise wedding. the story behind the big day. you're about to watch two animals goat away. the means of their get away is completely different. we start in the cougar national park in south africa. this is in a game preserve. you see a porcupine. right next to it, a pride of lion. the porcupine, everything's up and on alert. guess what? they don't really charge at this thing because it is a porcupine and they realize this thing is kind of sharp. >> i feel like there's a bunch of juveniles in there and mom and dad saying, okay, this one you don't eat. >> eventually they start walking away. >> although some of them are look really hungry. >> this one got away because of
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nature. this one got away by catch and release. it was quite the catch. this is jule abrahamson in sweden but on the waters of norway. he is on a kayak. there is something very big at the end of his fishing line. he struggles with this thing. this has been going on for an hour so far. this guy does not give up. now it's about 90 minutes in. >> right about here we finally see what he's caught. >> is that a whale? >> it's not a whale. it's a greenland shark. they measured this thing. it was 13 feet 1 inch long, weighed 1,225 pounds. he set a world record catching
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the biggest fish by kayak. he caught this thing, but he let it go. >> the moments that affect our life can happen in the blink of an eye. sometimes it's off the top of a coin. we have three intense videos. this comes from russia and somebody learning to fly. they are coming down to do a touch-and-go. they are practicing landing. they touch and take off again. after they touchdown, up they go. they pull up to the left. they start falling. you notice the trees are already higher. the pilot turned a left hand turn. turns far too sharp and then -- after that touch-and-go, looks like they didn't have enough power to get back up. >> the turn was far too sharp. then the plane lost altitude
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because it lost lift. the miracle of this is while the pilot instructor actually succumbed to his injuries, the guy learning on the left hand side, he sustained head injuries, chest injuries, but he survived this crash which is miraculous. this next video is from israel. that's the color i want you to keep an eye on. he starts to pull on to the road. then suddenly -- that was a car bomb. what the police aren't sure about is if it was a criminal hit or if they were actually carrying the explosives and detonated before they wanted them to. it's not clear "e.t.." there were two passengers in the car. one succumbed to injuries from the explosion, the guy next to him survives. just burns and nothing else.
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that blows my mind. survival is almost on the toss of a coin sometimes. >> i have a little ode to clouds. it's time-lapse footage to clouds. this was produced by luke mcadam in canada. >> it's inspirational. >> heavenly, right? >> makes you feel like if you can't get out this weekend and sit on a mountain top and soak up nature, watch a little bit of this, gets the same feeling. >> everything from storm clouds to cumulus clouds. >> this is weatherman's favorite video. >> absolutely. >> you can see the earth breathe. that's my ode to cloud. >> guess what?
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it's about time for us to give away another ipad mini. >> you are going to need thursday's buzz word, be 18 years old and be a legal u.s. resident. >> the buzz word coming up in just a little bit. >> this is mr. v. demonstrating what it might have been like for the guys in trenches fighting, dodging bullets, dodging land mines. >> is that a broomstick? >> carrying a broom in place of a rifle. listen to some of the things he is trying to get across in his class. >> i want to go back to school. >> right. >> i'm having trouble breathing and this is just a minute in. >> how are they taking this? >> there are some chuckles and laughs because he is animated.
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>> we're too close. i don't need this. i'm not going to waste bullets. since you guys are right up on top of me, we are going hand to hand. >> he ran on the football field here to prove a huge point. that the allies fought back and forth and many men died in just hundreds of yards. >> wow. that is really impressive. there's a lot of impact. they are going to realize how ridiculous war really is and how it is over matter of feet. 11-year-old p.j. is afraid of heights but ready to face his fear head-on.
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>> the mission to take him to the top. >> oh, my god, that's amazing.
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we all have fears. p.j. has a fear of heights. he's 11 years old. his mom knows he is a darn good kid. >> one of the biggest things he put together himself recently is called's p.j.'s mission. basically helping homeless moms and their kids. >> now somebody wants to help him. the bucket list decided to help p.j. overcome his fear of heights. >> are you down? you want to do this? >> they start off bouldering. trying to climb up a few feet. see how p.j. reacts to just that. >> you're nervous. i could start to sense that.
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>> that's a big old boulder. >> give him credit, but you can see he's starting to panic a little bit. >> they have him slide out there. >> i did it. that's progress. >> you said this was step two. he has to take a bigger leap of faith? >> much bigger. they take him to one of these indoor skydiving facilities. >> these are so cool. >> you can see he's still got a smile on his face. that fear might be melting away. now the big test. they are not going to terrify the kid. just take him for a helicopter ride. >> that's still scary. >> you can see he's starting to retreat. he's starting to panic a little bit. >> you're okay. you're okay. you're all right.
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i think p.j. did a darn good job facing his fear meeting all these challenges. he's on his way. >> my day today was probably the most amazing day i ever had. he made me not scared any more. even if you're nervous at first about those things, try them. >> when the great inventions turn up today, why didn't i think of that? it's the gap gun. >> watch how quickly he does this. >> this could make the life of so many production assistants so much easier. >> that's amazing. >> many time people a wires likr fingers get stuck.
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>> and your back hurts because you're bent down taping this up. >> you literally put it down on top and push. >> don't worry. they've done these side by side comparisons. they've got their wires going back. ten seconds. this guy is still just trying to take the wire straight. >> it is 29 times faster. 96.6%. they are 199 for the basic ones. there are ones that come with accessories. the gap gun will be buying some of this. >> what do you think, should we buy one? >> a guy and girl in love in a
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gorgeous setting. next "right this minute." still to come, it's a bit cold outside. so buster does not want to get up out of bed. see the struggle to get a snuggling raccoon to move. >> plus, don't miss thursday's buzz word for your chance to win an ipad mini.
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sometimes when celebrities are involved you get so excited you lose control of yourself, what you're trying to do. this celebrity is in this video the rapper and san francisco celebrity jv and selena from the jv show on wild 94.9. there is an excited fan. she comes up to spend time with b.o.b. >> she starts working it. >> how does that stay up? >> oh! >> did he shove her or did gravity take over? >> no. if you look, he was getting into the beat. >> he was grooving to her groove and his knee hit her and she was a little top heavy and fell over. >> a little top heavy? >> this next video, a fan got super excited.
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this is fat mike. >> knocks him to the ground and kicks the poor guy in the face. after this event there was a twitter exchange between the fan and fat mike. go ahead and read that. >> i'm not australian. >> is this in australia or america? it's in australia. i hope it didn't hurt too much. mike says, i'm sorry, too. i was in terrible pain all night. when you grabbed me by the neck, i just reacted. alex wrote back, no worries. you do it in your australian accent. >> no worries, mate, i completely forgot your neck hurting. i was way too drunk. >> that explains it all.
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>> pets provide endless amounts of joy as proven by these two videos. >> you don't want to go outside but you've got to go outside. you do not like the cold. >> buster does not want to get out of bed. buster isn't having any of it. >> i want a raccoon so bad right now. >> puts his hands over his eyes like i don't want to get up. >> ready to get up? >> he's shakingno. >> turn off the lights, leave the room and let buster wake up on his own. >> they offer him food. at the end of the video, raccoon
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is still in the bed. the owner laughing her head off. take the box off. finally, the dog, the family's dog gets involved. he's like, oh, all right, let me help you. >> good boy. >> all right. time for us to give away another ipad mini. >> you are going to need the buzz word, be 18 years or older and a legal u.s. resident. >> then head over to and click on the win ipad button. enter on facebook, twitter or both. >> you can enter on each every day. >> it's time to reveal thursday's buzz word. it is triumph. >> get over to >> enter thursday's buzz word
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triumph. >> one day next week is bonus give away day. on that day we also will be giving away a flat screen tv. watch every day. good luck, everybody. >> she throws her fiance for a loop with a special video request. >> marry me tonight. >> how she pulled off the ultimate surprise wedding. appetizing.
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let's say that. >> hey, babe. right now you're on your way and i just want to take a couple of minutes to just tell you how much i love you. >> this beautiful woman is emily. she is speaking to her fiance justin. we are seeing justin's reaction to seeing this video. >> past three years have been
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the best years of my life. >> remember this video? >> i love that video. it's incredible. >> this is the first time they had seen a white man. it was indy gogo campaign. that got tons of attention. they raised more than $50,000. >> if it were up to you, we would have gotten married before you went to congo or even on the way to the airport or at the airport. >> something's up. >> will you marry me tonight, november 1st? i hope you say yes. and if you do, i'll see you at 7:00. i'll be the one in the white dress. >> his two best friends are with him. they are in on this. >> i can't believe it.
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yes. absolutely. >> i think that was a sigh of relief. i don't have to plan a wedding. >> family, friends from all over the country are there. a beautiful service, a beautiful couple. and that beautiful couple, they are joining us right this minute from their honeymoon in colorado. >> this is sh planning this? >> over a year. like before he left to go to congo, i got the idea. then i started talking to my friends about it. they're like, yeah, let's do it. >> while you are watching the video, i'm sure you could tell something was up. >> people don't normally keep secrets from me. i didn't know it was actually happening and she was asking me to marry her that night. and that she could pull off such
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an amazing surprise with all our loved ones from all around the country. it was just amazing. >> did you think, you know what? i don't have to do a thing. >> i didn't think that. maybe i did have a sigh of relief for that. i was ready just like she said. i wanted to get married before i left. it was incredible. >> that's it for "rtm." see you next time.
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a wild boar is chased by cops who are determined to control this beast. >> how this woman ends up bearing the brunt in one bizarre twist. >> that's how high he is hanging off this cliff, one-handed. >> a lot of people are like, you idiot. >> meet the dude defending his daredevil ways. >> a giant chicken is about to surprise two little girls. >> this is going to be like the stuff of their nightmares. >> why daddy's costume was not a crowd pleaser.


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