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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  November 6, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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now at noon, breaking news, the san leandro b.a.r.t. station has just reopened following the death of a woman struck and killed by a train. latest on the investigation and how b.a.r.t. riders were being immathed. immath -- impacted. and the university considers increasing tuition every year for the next five years. why supporters of the proposal say it's beneficial for students and their families. plus, now that oakland leaders have elected a new face to lead their city, the current mayor speaks out about how she plans to help with a smooth
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transition. ktvu channel 2 news starts right now with breaking news. >> we begin with breaking news out of san leandro, where a woman is dead after being hit by a b.a.r.t. train. right now, service through that station has just resumed after being stopped for a couple of hours. good afternoon, i'm tori campbell. noelle walker joins us live from the san leandro station with what b.a.r.t. riders need to know. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. we can hear the b.a.r.t. train honking coming into the station right now. just a short time ago, this stakes was packed with people whose commutes just stalled in their tracks but now within the last ten minutes or so, the b.a.r.t. trains here at the san leandro station have started running again. so this station is back up and running for business. take a look at this video we shot from chopper 2. this was shortly after that train stopped in its tracks. it was a fremont to daly city bound train stopped because of a death investigation first reported as a person under the train. now, b.a.r.t.
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is now saying that person was a 30-year-old adult female who died on the tracks and that witnesses reported seeing that woman step off the platform in front of the train. we talked to one of those witnesses. >> you heard the conductor panicking. there is a medical emergency. we need to stop the train. >> when we got off and people were saying there was someone under, you could feel. people didn't look at each other in the eye. when we did look at each other in the eye, you could sense there was this grief. this -- immense amount of grief and helplessness. >> reporter: so the witness that i talked to told me she was really shaken by what she saw. she said she saw a woman looking down onto the tracks and then didn't know what was gonna happen until it actually happened. she said to her eye it appeared that this woman waited until the conductor the train operator simply had no time to
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stop before she simply stepped off the platform in front of the train. a lot of people around here who saw it including b.a.r.t. employees shaken by what they saw. this stalled the commute for hours. b.a.r.t. for a time was talking sets up -- setting up a bus train. they didn't need to do that. to reiterate, the b.a.r.t. says is back up and running. business as usual. but certainly not for that woman's family or the people on the train who saw this horrible thing happen. noelle walker, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you for the update. an investigation is underway into a bus accident in san francisco that killed a woman out for a morning jog. she was hit by a golden gate transit bus around 6:15 on van ness avenue. the bus was turning left from lombard street. police say the jogger, a woman in her 50s was taken to sf
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general where she died about an hour lath -- later. the driver said he had a green light when he turned the corner. passengers on the bus were interviewed by investigators. the jogger's name has not yet been released. a person is being treated for serious injuries after being hit by a car not far away in the north beach district. the crash happened at columbus and green streets before 9:30 last night. police say the driver stayed at the scene. the victim was rushed to san francisco general hospital. the cause of that crash is also still under investigation. for the first time in three years, university of california leaders are proposing across the board tuition increases. alex savidge is live often the cal campus to to -- to tell us how students are reacts and where the money would go. >> reporter: the plan is to raise the tuition by as much as 5% during each of the next five
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years. it's an idea not necessarily sitting well with students. if it proposal were to go through, tuition for in-state students could go to up 12,804 flex-- next year. administrators say it's necessary to cover rising costs of retirement benefits and recent salary increments. recently uc students have experienced sharp increases in tuition prior to the tuition freeze that's been in place. today the system's chief financial officer says this plan will provide students more stability. >> having this kind of plan, i think is, you know, a prudent fiscal plan but it does really does serve our students and their families. part of this plan is to add 5,000 more california students over the term of it. you know, that takes money because we're not only just increasing, you know, the size.
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we're also adding. >> reporter: uc tuition has been frozen for the past three years with staffing cuts put in place and some critical maintenance put off. uc leaders say under this plan, tuition could go up as much as 5% a year or it could not go up at all depending pong the level of state funding the university gets during that time period. some students we talked to say they just want to know what the extra money is going to and they want to know it will be well spent. >> school is definitely expensive as it is. i think it's a problem because there's not a lot of tran barncy with students and where the -- transparency with students and where the money is going. >> reporter: and if the proposal goes through, it do rise to $15,000 a -- it could rise to $15,000 a year. they will need to give the plan the green light, and they will discuss the five-year plan at their meeting coming up in san francisco. we're live in berkeley, alex
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savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, alex. san francisco man is now in fbi custody for attempting to resurrect an underground drug operation. this morning, the fbi tweeted "operator of silk road 2.0 arrested yesterday by fbi agents in san francisco, california." investigators say the site allowed thousands of drug dealers to illegally buy and sell drugs anonymously over the internet. agents say the original silk road website was created by another san francisco man ross ulbrich. authorities say he ran the site from his hayes valley apartment. he was arrested and the site was shut down last year. we have breaking news out of antioch, war we've just learned of a fatal shooting near a 24-hour fitness. the gym is located in the somersville town center on somersville road. police have not yet commented on the shooting and we don't know yet if anyone is under
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arrest. we have a crew on the way. we'll bring you more details today on the ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. today, we're hearing more about the new oakland mayor's plan for the city. sal castanedo joins us live now with the pledge made together from the current and incoming mayors of oakland. good afternoon, sal. >> reporter: tori, good afternoon. there seems to be a spirit of cooperation here at city hall. mayor quan and mayor-elect schaaf walked out together and pledged cooperation during this transition. the mayor will be in office until january, when schaaf will be sworn in. today, the current mayor spoke about her accomplishments and said she wants to help the new mayor, the mayor-elect says her first priority is the safety of oakland residents. >> the big work ahead is continuing the efforts that mayor quan has so ablably begun in making our city safer. that's our challenge, to make this city safe, to make it
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clean and to take better care of its children. >> reporter: crime and policing was a big issue in the campaign. analysts say it will continue to be a big issue. schaaf says she plans to give special attention to east oakland and improving the quality of life for residents of those neighborhood. i also asked the mayor-elect about keeping the as and raiders in oakland. she said she grew up as an as fan and can't imagine the team in any other city. >> sal -- [laughter] >> i'm sure you grew up like i did, loving sal bando of the as. i'm an oakland native. how can we have a city without our sports teams? >> reporter: so, mayor quan said she' continuing to move the ball forward, if you will, with the as and raiders talk to keep both teams in the city. another thing is both women seem to agree that the city of oakland is going through a
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rebirth and both say they want that to continue. live in oakland, sal castanedo, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, sal. we're learning more about why it took so long for santa clara county to post election results. santa clara county ranked last, dead last among metropolitan areas in the state, when it came to finishing counting ballots on election night. while most bay area counties posted results by midnight, santa clara didn't until 4:00 a.m. election officials say that's because the county does not have electronic scanners at each precinct. instead, ballots must be driven to the registrar's office, opened, sorted and scanned. funding is needed for a new system. >> even if we were gonna buy a voting system today, there -- the only systems on the market are older systems that are, you know, 12 or more years old. so if we buy new systems, say, two years -- a year from now or two years from now, we probably
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would have more options in terms of better voting systems, better technology and a more advanced system. >> even if the county had an upgraded system in place, it would not have spread sped up the place of the absentee ballots. it could only have affected the ballots at each precinct. a security guard now recovering after being shot during a gun battle outside a bay area starbucks. we're now hearing from that guard and what he says led up to the shooting. hazy conditions around the bay area today with a warmup in store. mark tamayo will be here to tell you if he's seeing any rain in the forecast. a warning to apple users, and a threat. what the malware is targeting and how many people may be affected.
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a security guard in antioch is now talking about being shot during a dangerous incident in front of a starbucks. 41-year-old linzi gourden was caught in the crossfire yesterday on a street. he said he was hit by a bullet that went through his arm and lodged in his back. gordon tells us he had just removed two people who were trespassing at starbucks. those two people got into a dispute with a third man who
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pulled a man and began firing from a nearby bus stop. that's when gordon fired once, then ducked down for cover. the gunman ran off but was later captured by police. >> it could have been a whole lot worse. no one at the shopping center was injured. and -- other than that, i feel fine. i've been doing this for a long time. i've always prepared myself this might happen. >> gordon is now at home recovering and says he will be back on the job as soon as he is healed. san francisco police are investigating two late-night shootings that left six people injure. in the first incident someone opened fire at alabama and 33rd streets at 10:15 last night. four people were wounded including an innocent bistanner. all victims have non-life- threatening injuries. and then 20 minutes later,
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shooting at the cesar chavez exit. two people were wounded in that shooting. investigators geev it may be gang-related. suspects are in custody for both shootings. police are trying to determine if the incidents are connected. parents at an east bay high school are speaking out about a sex ed course developed by planned parenthood. at a packed school board meeting, some parents supported the program. but others said an organization with ties to abortion should not be involved with a school curriculum. >> if you want to opt out, then don't have them attend. don't try to change it for the other 5,000 students in the district because of your own personal beliefs. >> totally unnecessary. they have school nurses that can do the job. >> school officials say planned parent hood has consulted on their sex ed program for the past decade. officials also say parents can choose to opt out of the course and that only one student has
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chosen to do so this school year. 2 investigates uncovers how an apparent sweetheart deal nearly cost several merchants their businesses. owners of a flower shop and nail salon signed with a company whoip advertised lower than average fees -- which teared lower than average fears every time they used a credit cards but the merchants didn't know they were sign on with a second company to lease the equipment. when they tried to cancel, they were stuck paying for the hardware that cost a lot more than the actual device. >> we were in the market for another credit card processing company and a guy came in here at the right time and was offering us the world, you know, we would get rates like the big, you know, chain stores like walmart and target get. it didn't sound too good to be true. it sounded like oh, wow. here is our answer. >> tonight at 10:00, we investigate the fine print in the contracts and reveals why an attorney who tried to help
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says his hands are tied. expect to see more road repair work in san francisco in the coming weeks. crews are scheduled to resurface hundreds of city streets sealing cracks and then mutting down a thin layer on the existing asphalt. the worth is expected to continue through the end of the year. people who get their water from the east bay municipal utility district could get hit with a rate hike. the utility says there's a 36% chance drought conditions will continue next year. that could trigger the need to get water from the sacramento river. that move would automatically require a 14% rate increase. some customers say they are already cutting water usage and the biggest water users should be the ones paying rate hikes. >> i live in a cooperative housing situation. it's 57 people distributed across three houses. we work really hard to conserve water and energy. it's part of the reason we're all living together. >> east bay m.u.d.
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says it's working out how it will penalize people who use too much water. and it would be nice to talk about some rain in our forecast. but that's not the case. in fact, the long-range weather maps are keeping us dry. with the stable weather pattern in place, you could see a lot of haze out there with the high capping the pollutants close to the surface, a layer of haze trapping the stable air mass in place. this won't change too much. there's one weather system moving into northern california also approaching the bay area but no rain hopes with this guy. in fact here is the sweep showing you partly cloudy skies and a few showers way up to the north. it's not much, up toward cape mendocino closer to eureka. that's about it. current numbers, fairly mild out there for your thursday afternoon. showing you 70s. walnut creek, 71. santa rosa, 71. san francisco, downtown, in the upper 60s to near 70 and livermore reporting mostly
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sunny skies and 74 degrees. here's our live camera looking out toward the bay bridge. some of those high clouds picked up in this image. for today, we have hazy sunshine, some friday morning fog. i think tomorrow will be cooler than today. as we increase the onshore breeze a little bit. then we go the other direction this weekend. temperatures warking back up for saturday and into sunday with a report of upper 70s in the forecast for those two days. for today, high pressure begins to back off. it keeps all of the rainfall up to the north. we once had hope the cold front would generate rain. that was earlier in the week. but the resulting a fern is today, a few high clouds out there and minor cooling for today and into friday. here's our forecast model. i will take this into friday morning. 6:00. it shows you some of the fog trying to regroup the coast and also a few patches into the bay and then same deal by friday morning at 11:00. the marine layer establishes
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itself. the onshore breeze cooling us off a few degrees but then into the weekend we'll warm back up. forecast highs this afternoon. very nice out there. hazy sunshine, temperatures will be in the 70s. upper 70s for livermore, san jose 74 and pacifica, 69 degrees. numbers today a little bit cooler than yesterday. a look ahead to your five-day forecast with your weekend always in view. and temperatures no major changes for your friday. probably coastal cooling out there. then we'll warm things up back up for saturday, sunday and into monday. tori, i'm not seeing any rain clouds. it would be nice to talk about how things could change but right now, it's just looking very dry and i will say it's still very early in the season. >> yeah. >> but i said that about a thousand times last year. have to be careful. >> okay. keep our fingers crossed. an. users, listen up. a bay area company is now warning about a new cyber attack taking aim at apple computers and mobile devices. what we know about this newly discovered malware and how many millions of devices could be affected.
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there is a report that apple products are the report of new malware. palo alto network said it discovered an unprecedented type of malware that attacks apple computers and mobile devices. it's called wire lurker. it's the first to infect apple's operating system. palo alto networks says wire lurker acts like a traditional virus and can install third- party an applications on phones or can be delivered through a usb link. the silicon valley security company warns wire lucker could affect 8million apple devices. thanksgiving still three weeks away. but retailers have already kicked off their holiday shopping season. in the report, san jose-based adobe says thanksgiving day will be the best day for holiday diehls. adobe also says more than 30% of online shopping that day will be done on smartphones and tablets. the average consumer is expected to spend $248 for
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gifts online this holiday season. >> retailers have changed. it started happening mostly last year. if you think back to last year, it was the shortest shopping season between christmas and thanksgiving that retailers experienced. they will continue to push up further upstream in terms of buying in november before we get to thanksgiving day. >> adobe predicts hot sellers this year, including the newest iphone, the fit bit watch, sewn nip's playstation -- sony's playstation 4 and anything to do with frozen movie. seven-day postal delivery is set to run through christmas in major cities. they say the demand has grown. good news for amazon
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primary members. the company's extending some of the prime pi like free shipping -- perks like free shipping. the membership grants privileges such as faster service and and -- and the library. thank you for making ktvu your choose for news. we're always here for you at kuts--
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this week on "eco company" -- >> we're at the university of california davis. >> it's one of the greenest schools in the country. >> and they're doing cutting edge research on energy and energy efficiency. >> they're building the largest planet zero energy community in the country. plus smart lighting for the future. researchers look at light in a way most of us can't even imagine. and then farm to fork to fuel. it's the circle of life with new technology creating electricity from organic waste. and a glimpse into the future of wind energy. we meet an engineering team who is going high-tech to build better turbines. >> all that


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