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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  November 10, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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dramatic rescue from an ocean cliff after a 4-year-old boy falls more than 200 feet and survives. >> he was just throwing rocks with mom and he tried to pick up a big rock and he lost balance and slipped right off. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. a 3-year-old is being treat for brokennen bones after family members say he lost his balance and fell off a steep cliff in the pacific. it happened on the sonoma
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county coastline. heather holmes is live where she got the latest information from her father, heather. >> reporter: just a short time ago i spoke to his father who was here dropping off his son's favorite stuffed animal. he fell more than 200 feet to the rocky shore below. an anxious father paces outside the emergency room at santa rosa memorial hospital just minutes after seeing his young son bruised and bandaged. >> he had a scratched up face, broken arm and a leg. and it's just sad to see him like that. his eyes are swollen over the impact. i'm just worried over him. >> reporter: the family was exploring nature when his 4-
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year-old sebastian slipped. >> me and my daughter were reading. and we were waiting and i thought they're taking too long and as soon as i said that i look and he fell. >> timing and coordination were key to the rescue. >> i think it's pretty remarkable that they were able to find him. affect the rescue and bring him up and have him still be alive. >> reporter: several different agencies participated in this rescue. this is a reminder that while beautiful, bodega bay can be dangerous. that's something that the father talked to me about tonight. he says he will be much more careful after this close, this very close call, julie. >> just amazing he survived.
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heather thanks so much. six days after the election and dave cortese has finally conceded the race for mayor. sam liccardo is the mayor elect. both men received more than 80,000 votes. the difference between them, just 3,500 votes. ktvu's maureen naylor live where sam liccardo is preparing for his relocation. >> reporter: was know now who will be relocating. liccardo is in after cortese conceded tonight. >> reporter: he walked into a meeting at sacred heart just an hour after receiving a phone call. >> we were two campaigns one week ago, we're now one city and the work is ahead.
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>> i would like to welcome. truly mayor elect sam liccard. >> reporter: the congratulations come after months of very hard work. >> i had to call my opponent and concede today. >> reporter: after 575,000 votes liccardo only leads by 4%. >> i will probably kick myself for the rest of my life of not being able to do that. >> reporter: liccardo plans to
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meet with the unions that didn't support his campaign. >> i know it's not going to be a situation where we hug it out, we have a lot of work ahead. >> reporter: liccardo pointed to give incentives for those who are planning to leave their jobs. >> a new day there in san jose tonight. there's another race for mayor that's still up in the air and the difference in that case is just 127 votes. these are the latest numbers in the race for mayor of alameda. challenger trish spencer has that slim 127 vote lead over incumbent marie gilmore. the county registrar of voters has 1,000 mail in ballots that still have been to be counted. those come with the entire county and the city of alameda mixed in. tomorrow is veteran's day so there will be no counting then.
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we could be the outcome by wednesday. a police officer is recovering tonight after she was involved in a car accident in fairfield. it happened on air base parkway just after four -- four o -- after 4:00 this afternoon. police say she suffered nonlife threatening injuries and is expected to be okay. there's shock and sadness tonight among family and friends of a young man who was found dead at a fraternity house. friends of lumba say they all went to a party at zeta phi but that the group got separated. the next day lumba was found unresponsive in the fat house. today we learned that lumba was class president in lafayette. he was from antioch and recently enrolled at uc davis. >> i really just can't believe that he's gone and that i'm never going to see him again.
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and it's just, i'm really in disbelief and devastated. >> reporter: police are investigating whether drugs or alcohol were factors in the meantime friends are planning a memorial for lumba to be held this weekend. 49ers defensive lineman ray mcdonald will not face charges in connection to his well publicized domestic violence arrest. prosecutors made that announcement today as ktvu's azenith smith says, they refer to his fiance as jane doe and site why this case will not go forward. >> reporter: after mcdonald left he repeatedly said. >> the truth will come out, you know. hey, i can't say too much right now. but the truth will come out. >> reporter: today the santa clara county district attorney's office announced it will not file charges. >> because of conflicting accounts.
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the lack of verifiable eyewitnesses. and the lack of cooperation by jane doe we cannot prove that a confrontation occurred. >> reporter: the fight happening at mcdonald's san jose home back on august 31st. mcdonald did not answer his door to comment but issued this statement that said in part i appreciate the seriousness of the situation and understand and respect that law enforcement had a job to do. i am relieved that law enforcement did not look for charges. >> you have to let that process see a conclusion, and i think it's done that and we're going to move forward. >> reporter: at his weekly press conference, jim harbaugh says he thought mcdonald had told him the truth. legal analyst clark says what
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complicated this case was the presence of off duty sean prichart. >> the d.a. had to recreate this entire investigation to ensure that the actions of sergeant prichart didn't come compromise this investigation. >> reporter: what also complicates this case is when mcdonald's fiance fired a gun in the home. azenith smith, ktvu channel 2 news. more detailing now, mcdonald was worried about women that he had met before showing up at his birthday party. the confrontation began when mcdonald's fiance confronted a woman mcdonald had been talking to. both jane doe and mcdonald
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agree that jane doe struck first. jane doe says it was a single push. we have posted the story on our web page. you can now add mo if, fett field to the google portfolio. a google subsidiary plans to add millions. plans to use the site for technology research including space exploration and robotics. nasa will continue to run its ames research on the site. as many as 18,000 nurses plan to go on strike tomorrow morning at kaiser permanente hospitals in the bay area and
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beyond. 65 kaiser hospitals and clinics will be affected. nurses plan to pit the picket line then return to work two days later. kaiser says it has contingency plans and nurse replacements. but some elected procedures and appointments could be cancelled. contract talks began back in july. the nurses say the job action is about patient care, staffing and training for ebola. solar panels failing and catching fire. >> we have had roofs burn. two investigating examines the claims that one of the biggest energy companies knew about the problem for years. live storm tracker 2 showing rain on the way. the updated time line on when it's expected to arrive. >> and next, mourning a high school student and basketball player with was killed right in front of his house. >> he was a really nice kid. >> how his loved ones are
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channeling their grief into a call for action.
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new at 10:00 a young life lost. tonight family and friends are trying to make sense of a shooting that killed 16-year- old basketball player. amber lee is here now. she spoke with the boy's father figure this evening and amber is in richmond to tell us how the community came together to remember andrew fraizer.
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>> reporter: tonight his coach and family tell me they don't want this to happen to another teenager. >> he's a really nice kid. >> reporter: 16-year-old rodney fraizer started playing basketball here at richmond high's gym when he was only 10 year old. rodney collins is his coach. >> he's a good boy. i really miss him. my team misses him. >> reporter: me -- messages from his team and teammates to be given to his family. for the point guard wearing number four, this court was like his second home before he was shot. after working on his motorcycle at a neighbor's house. rodney's grandfather josey evans says about 30 shots were fired. >> they were shooting him and hit him in his side here some where.
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and he fell in my yard. >> reporter: one bullet struck the kitchen counter. >> i got my, that's the bullet right there. >> same bullet. >> that that's the same bullet my cousin got shot with. >> reporter: he suspects it's a case of mistaken identity. evan says he and his wife rodney's grandmother raised him since he was a baby. >> just a little bit before she passed, she told me to make sure i take care of that boy. so that's what i've been trying to do. take care of him. >> reporter: as for coach collins, he says rodney was never one to give up when things got tough. >> he wouldn't quit. he wouldn't quit. so i'm not going to quit on him. >> reporter: neighbors and friends have started a memorial outside rodney fraizer's home to remember a teenager who had
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a dream of playing college basketball and becoming a mechanic. and the public peace rally will be held here at richmond's civic center plaza, 5:00 p.m. wednesday. >> those pictures of coach collins crying there, obviously he touched a lot of people during his short time. amber, thank you. a car and motorcycle collided late this afternoon sending the motorcyclists to the hospital. police say the crash happened near edge water drive west of interstate 880. so far tonight there's no word on the condition of the motorcyclist and police are still investigating the circumstances of that crash. new information now on a small plane crash near gilroy that killed two people. authorities identified the victims today as a grandfather and his granddaughter. they were on their way to watsonville. 69-year-old john dennis of
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gilroy and 18-year-old kiley took off from holster saturday night. the wreckage of their cessna was discovered by a rancher. today chp arrived to begin investigating the cause of that crash. the death of a 19 -month-old gorilla is showing us that heartbreak comes in many formless. the zoo sent us this picture today. it says that the gorillas family has been comforting her grandmother. the baby's primary caretaker. today the zoo said it also brought cavibe's body back to the enclosure so that all of the gorillas could see her as they would in the wild. >> reporter: security is everywhere and zoo officials continue to refuse to talk about the gorilla's death. while the zoo has banned news cameras, it did allow cell phone pictures of fresh flowers at a gorilla statute and phone video of the gorillas this morning.
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it's also where we found some visitors upset over what happened. >> i think it could be prevented. i just feel that that's a mistake that shouldn't have happened. >> really sad. sounds to me it was negligence that they weren't watching when the automatic doors were closing and they have to be more careful. >> unfortunately when an institution closes its doors during a situation like this it many times gives people the impression that they're trying to hide something when that may not be the case. >> reporter: singer was the zoo's spokesman when a tiger escaped its enclosure. he says the zoo needs to be more forth coming. >> first they need to do their investigation then open it to the news media to show people what happened. >> reporter: and katz says management is more concerned about themselves. >> this zoo has a history of
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poor executive directors. >> accidents happen we all understand. i'm just really feeling for the keepers and for the whole gorilla family. >> reporter: an e-mail sent to us from sfzoostaff at yahoo says that zoo employees are frustrated with zoo management but when asked if they would talk about it, they responded, we're afraid to lose our jobs. a special swearing in ceremony was held in alameda today for three veterans and the wife of a soldier. 28-year-old marine sergeant anthony catalins was among them. he immigrated from the philippines as a child and joined the marines at 19. >> i felt like i was doing exactly what i signed up to do and that's exactly to serve my country. >> today's ceremony was held on board the coast guard cutter
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waishi. it's the first ever ceremony on board a coast guard vessel. the last few mornings we've had fog right down on the deck. poor visibility. so what's happening now, it's up over the coastal hills there's a strong breeze out through the fairfield area now pushing that fog on shore. and so tomorrow morning when you wake up instead of that really dense fog, we're going to see fog, low cloud further inland and not as dense along the coast. the winds blowing pretty strong there. and it's ushering the coolness in. that will begin, and lead us to some showers as we head into the bay area wednesday and thursday. so when i come back i'm going to get to the bigger weather we'll talk about that. current numbers are in the 50s. overnight lows are going to get into the upper 30s in cold spots. 46 in napa at the airport.
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you get out in corners and nooks and crannies. even the east bay up by clayton you're going to find upper 30s, even mid-30s. it's just that time of year the nights are getting longer. the days are getting shorter. the fog forecast for tomorrow morning there's a big push of fog tomorrow morning. you can see it up to that ta. it won't be dense lightbulb it was on the bay bridge and the golden gate bridge as it was yesterday morning. these are the forecast highs for tomorrow, greens. 70s are the yellows. might see a few more 70s. fog tomorrow, a lot of low clouds but not as dense. then it will begin to rain. so i'll dial in the timing on that and we'll see you back here. there's a warning out for people headed to the beach this week. be aware of rip tides. the warning stretches from sonoma county down to monterey county including ocean beach in san francisco. the national weather service says there's a growing danger
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from sneaker waves and rip currents. forecastest say the waves are being generated from waves in alaska. 10 day and no signs of a san francisco software engineer. >> we don't know where he is about. we really don't know. >> the new lead family members and police are following in this case. and solar customers are fed up. their class action lawsuit accusing a global energy company of intentionally ripping off customers.
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the u.s. postal service is the latest target of a cyber attack. hackers broke into a computer system and stole the personal data of more than 800,000 employees. the stolen information includes social security numbers, birthdays and employment codes used in postal service payroll systems. the breach also compromised less sensitive data of almost 3 million customers.
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the customers had contacted call centers and provided names, addresses, e-mails and phone numbers. it also appears hackers have a new way to break into iphones and i pads. a new report fire ice says a flaw in the ios software allows hackers to trick users into downloading fake app that is can leak their information. so far there's no evidence of hackers exploiting the apps here in the u.s. and the latest on the case of a missing tech worker in san francisco. his family says that a surveillance camera may have captured an imagine of ha before he disappeared. debora villalon has more on how the family is working on leads. >> reporter: dan ha lives and works and where his picture is on most every block. >> we don't know where he is
10:26 pm
about. we really don't know. >> reporter: in dan ha's apartment tonight his family prays for his safety. >> he is a good boy, good son, good brother. not only so he love us so much. he loved people. >> reporter: his parents from canada and brothers from new york and boston arrived to find the 26-year-old's bedroom neat. clothes and luggage, laptop still here alongside his piano and the white board where he would list his plans. but no hint of what happened to him. >> the last few days have been pretty tough as you can imagine for our family. >> reporter: ha was last seen walking out this same door halloween night about 8:00. giving his roommates no indication where he was headed. tonight his family sat down with his boss for clues since dan called in sick that day. left behind at his workstation, medicine for the migraines he sometimes suffered. as far as his family knows, he's otherwise healthy and
10:27 pm
stable, a high achiever, always looking for self-improvement. >> he singing, he plays piano, he hikes, he is physically fit. he is someone who likes to live life to the fullest. >> reporter: word has spread of dan ha's disappearance. the tech community using everything they have. >> all we want you to know is we're looking for you and we hope you're safe. >> reporter: ha's family is waiting to get a record of his text messages and credit information. his mom touches his poster, sending a kiss to her son as she passes. >> staying strong and collected and focusing on the search and not dwell on what could be happening. >> ♪
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>> reporter: and a prayer vigil will be held at st. matthew in the mission. and volunteers needed starting here in soma. that possible super market sighting is something the family hopes to delve more into tomorrow. >> i can't imagine what they are going through, debora thank you. and his mother kissing and touching the picture on the poster. >> let's hope they find him. solar panels putting homes at risk. and allegations and the claims that the company knew about the problem for years. >> but up first, san francisco's police chief addresses concerned community members after a police shooting and video that may show what happened. >> and get ktvu news to go. download the new ktvu app. click the live icon and you will get the newscast live right to your mobile device. ♪
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new at 10:00, san francisco police host a community meeting to talk about a recent police shooting. an officer shot and wounded a man last thursday night on potrero hill. plain clothed officers say they saw a potential robbery happen. one man pulled out a gun and refused to drop it and that's when an officer opened fire. at tonight's meeting, police seed pictures -- showed pictures of the gun and confiscated drugs. one woman says they would like to see the video that police have. >> everybody would be more confident in the decisions that you guys are making in saying yes he had a gun. >> i would love to be able to have the entire thing completed in four days but that's not realistic. >> reporter: police identified the wounded man as jason seymore. he is currently hospitalized in stable condition and is now facing a number of charges. the last ebola patient undergoing treatment in the u.s. has been declared free of
10:32 pm
the virus. new york health officials plan to release dr. craig spencer tomorrow. they said after being treated at bellview hospital is no longer a health risk. he did not show any symptoms until after he returned home. officials say dr. spencer plans to make a statement when he is released. solar panels overheating and catching fire. shattering and putting homes in danger. frustrated customers who bought bps solar system are telling two investigating that the corporation has left them on the hook for dangerous defective panels and a warranty they say is no good. >> tonight ktvu's tom vacar on the class action lawsuit that claims bp knew about the problem for years. >> reporter: for three decades until 2011, bp made solar panels, systems sometimes running 15 to $16,000.
10:33 pm
dave redfern bought the solar panels. >> i would have thought bp was the premium and it was made here in the united states. >> reporter: bret mohrman bought his home because it had a bp solar system already installed. 94-year-old robert sprue says his wanted solar for two critical reasons. >> it didn't need any maintenance or care or anything. all i knew that every month i save money. >> reporter: big part of the pitch, small electric bills or none at all. but for these bp customers it all started going bad with burnt and shattered panels well within the warranty period. >> we have a lot of junction
10:34 pm
split panels. and the wires have melted away from high high temperature. >> reporter: when a panel fails, fire is a real danger. >> we have had roofs burn on the composition it has burned. and the actual panel catches on fire. >> in fact, it could have very well been an open flame under here with vegetation. >> reporter: here at a panel testing station, bp panels fail regularly and one day one failed touching off a 30-acre wildfire. >> that kind of condition is absolutely unacceptable. >> reporter: attorney david burke has filed a lawsuit against bp for violating state and federal warrantee laws. the lawsuit claims that bp knew of the problem as early as 2005 but continued to sell the systems for another five years until it quit the solar business. >> these failures are what we call signature failures. they're identical. they continue to fail again and again.
10:35 pm
this seufpg is going to get worse it's not going to get better. >> reporter: because bp panels are hooked up in groups like in old christmas lights there's a chain reaction if only one panel fails. >> so there's 20 total panels. and nine out of the 20 were still considered to be working at some degree. >> reporter: norman says he asked the experts to hook up the remainder panel. >> he said it would be an extreme danger to have them on the house given that two of them have already caught on fire. >> reporter: nearly 2-1/2 years later. >> reporter: we still haven't gotten anything from bp. >> reporter: of the 60 solar panels, nine of them, 15% have failed. robbing them of solar power they were depending on. >> i just assumed that it would just get taken care of because it was a worldwide company. >> reporter: but bps warranty says it will repair or replace defective systems but only to the cost of the physical system. the warranty does not cover any t labor cost, removal, reinstallation, or shipping of
10:36 pm
the panels and parts. >> they just are offering me probably a quarter of what it would cost me to replace the system. and then they want me to sign a form that says it will never bother them again. >> reporter: bp no longer makes solar systems sending other brands to replace defective ones. >> the only cure for this problem is to remove and replace the panels. new panels and reimbursement for all their lost energy. >> they have shorted their responsibilities as a manufacturer. >> all i'm interested in is that the system start to work again. >> reporter: tom vacar, ktvu news. >> two investigates made several attempts to get a comment from bp but did not receive a response. bp lawyers argued that the company did fulfill the terms of its warranty by offering to replace the defective panels for two of the named plaintiffs. a settlement conference is expected next month. there's new information regarding the death of comedian
10:37 pm
joan rivers. today new york state investigators sited errors by the clinic where rivers died but did not accuse the clinic of negligence. doctors failed to intervene when her vital signs began to deteriorate. the report also found conflicting information on how much sedation joan rivers was given. rivers was 81. she died of brain damage back in september after she stopped breathing during nose and throat surgery. the doctors involved no longer practice there, says the clinic. rain on tap for your workweek. i'm tracking when and where it will arrive and how long it should stick around. and officers are collect uniforms. the reason, paper projects and how it's helping veterans heal. and a lava flow that has not been contained has now consumed its first home.
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a slow moving lava flow that's been threatening a town has now destroyed its first home. the lava flow stalled about 10 days ago but today a finger of lava split off and engulfed a home. the residents had already evacuated. the lava flow has been on the move since june. snow and bitter cold conditions are giving the mid- waste an early taste of winter. the first snow of the season brought out the plows in south dakota. there is concern that farmers won't be able to harvest the last of the corn crop. the early season snow is part of a strong storm that hit alaska and dragged the come air down into the lower 48 states.
10:41 pm
a man accused of posing as a sheriff deputy then forcing his way into a home was arrested this morning in sonoma county. investigators say the suspect was aftermarijuana plants. they say he went to a home in wilcox and threatened a resident. he took plants and then sped off in a car but then lost control and slammed into a tree. he was just arrested a few days ago for getting into a chase with police in santa rosa. two san francisco police officers went on trial both accused of stealing money and other items during searches. the crimes allegedly committed by ian ferminger and robles came to life. residents claim that plain clothed officers conducting raids stole items including
10:42 pm
laptops, money, alcohol and never booked them into evidence. former officer reynaldo vargas already pled guilty to charges and in exchange he's scheduled to testify against the two officers now suspended and now on trial. >> this officer can fill in the gaps if you want in that story. so it does increase the force of the government's case there's no doubt about it. defense attorneys representing the two officers on trial indicated they plan to attack vargas credibility and his actions. vargas was fired from the force two years ago after being accused of falsifying his time sheets. punishments are coming to thousands of workers at v.a. hospital. plus a veteran on a mission. the unique project that turns a piece of the past into a symbol of service. and rain in the forecast this week plus significant amounts of rain expected later this month. our chief meteorologist bill
10:43 pm
martin's complete forecast coming up in a few moments. ♪
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today the department of veteran's affairs announced a major restructuring. it was about a year ago when reports began to surface that some v.a. staffers were falsifying records in order to hide delays in care for tens of thousands of veterans. now disciplinary action including firings will be taken against as many as 5,600v.a. workers. and the agency says it's taking steps to address a massive shortage of doctors and nurses. >> i'm going to medical schools and telling people the v. a.s are great places to work. and we're hiring more people. >> reporter: the v.a. secretary says the agency is planning to hire 28,000 medical worker. veterans day is honored many days with parades and memorials and speeches. but one iraq war veteran has
10:46 pm
found a very different way to share the stories of u.s. servicemen and women. new at 10:00 tonight, jana katsuyama is live at the university of san francisco with that veteran and his mission. jana. >> reporter: julie, it's called combat paper. the veteran is drew cameron here in san francisco of he's part crossman, part artist you just have to see his work and how he's using fellow veterans combat uniforms to tell their stories. as the san francisco fog rolled in, cameron stooded in middle of the campus. hands wet. plunging into a vat of clothe and making sheets of paper. >> i'm an iraq war veteran. >> reporter: a veteran who spent six years in the army he came home and found a new vocation as paper artist. his paper doesn't come from wood this comes from another fiber. torn from fabric. >> the first batch of paper was
10:47 pm
my desert camouflage i had worn in the war and i took that and turned it into paper. >> reporter: combat paper he calls it. cut from the cloth of combat uniforms worn by u.s. veterans. something personal, worn close to the skin of veterans. >> these uniforms come from soldiers that served. if you think the distance this fiber has traveled that's interesting to me. when the person received it how many times they stood in line and how many miles they've walked in it and then got on to a plane and were sent some where. >> reporter: a story woven into fiber. >> things like this. we come home and still have a lot to give. >> reporter: cameron's favorite is this gray green pulpy mess. >> this is a combination of
10:48 pm
uniforms that span every branch of service. and every conflict the united states has been involved with since including world war ii. >> reporter: what he calls a lineage line. the fabric of society and veterans stories bound in a single sheet of paper. >> reporter: and frank and julie, cameron has taken his paper making workshops tphaáeugs wide to 29 different states and overseas to five countries -- workshop nationwide to 29 different states. wall street is still climbing having recovered from the slump in early october and then some. the dow rose another 39 points today to close at a new high of more than 17,600. so far this year the dow is up more than 6%. nasdaq added six points today. go proin san mateo is going big with another stock sale. the maker of wear about video
10:49 pm
cameras homes to raise $100 million. the company plans to hire more employees and make acquisitions. go prohas seen wild swings. it was selling today at $76 a share. kind of a nice day out there today. but temperatures cooling as we head through this week that's because the clouds moving in in a very deep marine layer. lots of fog and clouds pushing well inland this evening. that's going to be the story the next few nights as weather systems come knocking at the door. the next weather system is trying to get in here wednesday night into thursday. we have fog and low clouds at this point pushing up over the coastal hills into the east bay hills. by tomorrow morning, we've got fog up in here. it's not going to be the dense fog we've been seeing the last week or so with the shallow inversion it's up to 5,000 feet
10:50 pm
now. the fog at that point becomes low clouds doesn't it and presses well inland. that's why temperatures outside you see how uniform they are. that's because you're getting marine air over everybody. the story with the fog is this low pressure center that released the inversion. you see the low here: as that low gets closer on thursday. wednesday night into thursday morning. it looks like it's going to produce some showers for us. that's the weather story. a cooling trend leading to rain showers. thursday morning commute looks wet to me. certainly the early morning commute. here we go let's take a look at the forecast. here's tomorrow morning. there's the push of low clouds and fog. maybe a little drizzle in the morning. afternoon that's tomorrow. the afternoon commute fog, low clouds. no big deal. not a big issue for the mute. and then wednesday night look what goes on here. a big on shore flow. lots of moisture. showers here, that's wednesday night late. and there's thursday morning
10:51 pm
3:00 a.m. that's the frontal passage. timing is going to take a little while for the models to bring it together. the idea your thursday morning commute will at least have wet on the roadways. if this thing slows down for couple of hours it's going to be wet from the sky. so we'll be watching that for you. then we get a break and as we get into the thanksgiving week. looks like there's a couple of storms that are going to come together. the models at this point are suggesting real rain, real snow in the mountains real winter storm stuff. so we'll be watching that closely for you. a couple of thins going on. wednesday night, thursday morning. and i think thursday morning commute, i wouldn't say it's in jeopardy but anything wet during any commute. things are happening, things are starting to get lose. rain in the forecast wednesday night thursday morning. >> not bay or everybody. >> i think it's going to be a good winter storm. mark is here now, that guy
10:52 pm
chris boreland. that rookie linebacker, that guy is incredible to watch. >> has the intangibles. it goes to show you that it's not how big you are. ultra entertaining start to nerve a numbing finish. more importantly for the 49ers it's a victory that keeps the uphill climb to the postseason on point. leaving everyone. talking about that guy wearing number 50. chris boreland out of wisconsin filling in for patrick willis. how about 39 tackles in his last two games. and unexplainable nose for the football coach harbaugh. knows he's got a good one on his hands. >> fun to watch. you know he's doing a great job. he does have a, he's got a sense for the ball. you watch it in practice, you watch him in the game. he's like a thief in the night, he's going to get under, he's going to get around somebody.
10:53 pm
he plays the game, it means a lot to him you can tell that by the way he plays. >> thief in the night. high flying times for the eagles of philly. if you're looking for monday night drama forget it. panthers done early. sprawl bringing this punt back. 65yards. one of his two tds. 17-70 eagles early. rough night for cam newton. turned the ball over four times. this pick six. fletcher bringing it home. there you go. not even close. basketball stuff usually calm and collected but the l.a. clippers doc rivers a bit heated with regard of what happened to his team against the spurs. see what ruined his mood. sports part two next. it's a relief to be able to keep the same doctor. i was born with a back condition that required surgery. i'm paying a fraction of what i used to pay. even with my back issues, i'm able to afford health insurance.
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a challenge for the last couple of weeks for the warriors. this time around it's steph curry the conference player of the week. both will have to show up live tomorrow night. greg popovich and troops trail all night long to the clippers.
10:57 pm
the fourth quarter melt down that's where it's at. leonard stealing doc not happy at all. there's your american league rookie of the year. jose abreo. eye popping stats in his first year. the cuban import. 36 homers, 107 rbis. great power source there. over in the national league it's mets right hander jacob d era m. 9-6 record. 2.96 era. if you're wondering about joe panic he didn't get here in the big leagues until june 21st. so not big enough sample size you might say but had he played all year at the level he was, he's your national league rookie of the year but didn't turn out that way. >> turned out okay. >> they still won a world series. >> there wasn't a better rookie
10:58 pm
in the world series say that. >> thank you for joining us tonight our next newscast the ktvu morning news beginning tomorrow at 4:30. have a good night everyone. >> good night.
10:59 pm
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[ siren wailing, indistinct conversations ] do we know anything? oh, no. they're in there now with the doctor. we're lucky, though. the paramedics said it could've been a lot worse. my god, how did this even happen? there he is. big day's coming up. what do you want for your birthday, big dog? it's okay. i'm good. come on. the sky's the limit. dream big, my boy. well, i guess i could use a belt. a belt? yeah, you're right. i don't need it. an extension cord works pretty good. phil: every year, luke's birthday falls right around thanksgiving, and so it gets lost in the holiday shuffle. yeah, one year we forgot completely, and we had to improvise a cake out of stuffing. which, by the way, he was fine with. he's one of those kids, you get him a gift, and all he wants to do is play with the box.


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