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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  November 11, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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the nation's safest refineries. u.s. chemical safety board investigation was prompted by the chevron refinery explosion and fire of two years ago that sent 15,000 neighbors to hospitals. it says california's way of generating refineries in general and other states is inadequate and in need of major enhancements. >> the report documents 125 spills, fires and explosions at a fire refinery in a single year. the year that chevron also blew up. >> reporter: asked chevron specifically, the board says chevron repeatedly failed over a 10 year period to update piping in its crude oil processing unit. >> ancient aging infrastructure being increasingly corroded by more extreme cheaper dirtier oil that got ignored in a, in what ultimately the root cause was a management failure.
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chevron declined an interview but issued this statement saying, safety remain our priority to increase industry safety and the safety of workers and our surrounding communities. that's a statement communities for a better environment rejects. >> the corporate management, the people who are maximizing profits have been fighting safety requirements and they still are. >> reporter: it's a very important to note, that the u.s. chemical safety boards recommendations are just that, recommendations with no enforcement power under law and says, it is often ignored anyhow. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. in menlo park police today opened fire on a burglary suspect who they say was threatening them. it happened on willow place near willow road. since then, officers have been combing the area looking for evidence. ktvu's david stevenson is there with how this crime scene has changed since we were there
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first live at 5:00, david. >> reporter: frank still an active kraoáeupl -- crime scene as you can see behind me. i want to show you now some video we shot. this is a car that law enforcement a law enforcement source tells me was tied to the man who was fatally shot by police this afternoon. it happened at about 12:30 just down the block here on willow place. menlo park police received a call about a suspicious person outside an office park. taking a look at another video shot earlier today. police say they spotted a male suspect possibly engaged in some kind of burglar activity. they chased him. one officer fired a taser. and one or more officers fired on a suspect after they said he produced a weapon. he died at the scene. a gun was found here at the scene. and neighbors say they were stunned by this afternoon's violence. >> we heard these four shots. they were pretty loud. didn't sound like a little gun. so we went inside because we
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were afraid something had happened. >> the fight, it's supposed to be here. always very peaceful. >> reporter: there's always a couple of equity firms in the immediate area of the shooting. one man told me they heard what they thought was a lawn mower misfiring. they stayed inside their building. one officer was injured in the chase. he was taken to the hospital and released. the last officer involved shooting in menlo park was back in december 2006. and that left a lot of people here kind of shaken to see it happening again here in this quiet street. frank. >> pretty lucky there that no one else was hit. david stevenson live in menlo park tonight. three men are behind bars in santa clara county on election day. they arrested brandon brown,
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jose quiros sr. and his 17-year- old son jose quiros jr. they are all from san jose and charged with gang enhancements in the death of juan guillen. the shooting happened outside a vacant apartment last tuesday. police say the suspects and the victim were members of rival gangs. the younger quiros will be tried as an adult. happening now, nurses on strike. tonight we are going inside the command center where hospital administrators are managing patient care including moving nurses around for specialized care. kaiser nurses are manning the picket lines this evening. john fowler is in oakland now with an exclusive look at how technology is helping kaiser cope with this strike, john. >> reporter: well frank, first i want to show you nurses, they have been out here 11 hours now, this sometimes noisy picket line. but the hospital kaiser says that dealing with this strike
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is helping it benefit patient safety. thousands of kaiser nurses went on strike this morning. at 21 hospitals and 35 clinics if they last through tomorrow. >> we're striking because our patients are suffering. they have a denial of care. they're not achieving receiveing the care they've actually paid for. >> reporter: kaiser says it trained 2,800 temporary nurses for this two day strike. cancelled some elective procedures insisting there have been no patient safety problems. this afternoon, we got exclusive access to kaiser's regional command center. 300 staffers. doctors, pharmacists and nurses monitoring each hospital unit minute to minute. >> looking for gaps in care or changes in patient conditions.
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>> reporter: melinda skeart showed me their patient updates realtime. she calls it extra eyes. the patient she said was getting the attention he needed. today the neo intensive care deteriorated and care was needed. they brought in three extra nurses. they've now learned how to use the best in the industry technology to give it an unprecedented quality of care. >> we will do whatever we can. whether they're in the medical offices or in our hospitals are safe. >> reporter: we're back live now. the quality assurance techniques they're learning in this strike will be applied to all of its hospitals within about six weeks. frank. >> john, it's pretty unusual to let reporters inside a command center like that during a strike. what was it like in there? >> well, it was unusual: i had
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heard about this in previous strikes but this was the best they had put together so far. they had quite a few people there. this is all based on their technology for electronic medical records. and using this, modifying it for day-to-day operations they say could be the new standard for hospitals around the country, frank. >> all right, john fowler in oakland tonight. thank you. thousands of people lined the streets of downtown petaluma for a parade honoring those who have served our countries. veterans from all branches of military service took part along with marching bands, police and firefighters. the parade paid special tribute to world war i veteran who decided to put on his
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uniform and walk down the street with a flag as years went by others joined him. the petaluma parade is the largest veteran parade north of the bay bridge. and 97-year-old herb lowden was on a navy hospital ship anchored in pearl harbor when it was attacked in 1941. another local veteran's day celebration drew a crowd in san bruno today. thousands of people gathered at the national cemetery where more than 140,000 veterans and their family members are buried. some of the veterans at the gathering told us they're grateful for the way veterans are treated today. one vietnam war vet told us that he felt like a baby killer when he came home. and that it was nice to see people supporting troops returning from iraq and afghanistan. ktvu viewers are sharing
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their gratitude for the men and women who are sharing their badge. he said the truth will come out and it did. today ray mcdonald spoke out since the district attorney's office announced it would not charge him with domestic violence. azenith smith has been covering this story since august and she's now at levi's stadium. >> reporter: mcdonald told me outside of county jail he was a good hearted person. today he echoed that and he thanked those who supported him during this two month long investigation. >> it feels great. you know it was a long process. i understand that the police department they have a job to do. and you know they 100% made the correct decision. >> reporter: ray mcdonald happy to talk to reporters one day after the district attorney's office announce it will not file criminal charges for
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felony domestic violence. the defensive tackle arrested after his fiance dialed 911 and claimed he hit her. >> i'm not the kind of guy that would put my hands on a woman like that. i think i'm a nice dude. >> reporter: mcdonald admitted he tried to not let his legal troubles affect him. >> it's tough. i had to keep my mouth shut and let the who process play out. >> reporter: mcdonald told ktvu that the truth would come out. he says it was difficult that he was talked in conversations with other nfl players in domestic violence situations. >> i'm not ray rice, i'm not.
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>> reporter: the nfl let mcto be that would -- let mcdonald play and for that he's grateful. >> my coaches know the kind of guy i am. they let my play and i am appreciate them for. >> reporter: he and his fiance are working things out. >> he seems relieved to get a chance to speak out. alden smith was back at work today. he practiced with the team for the first time following a nine game suspension. that suspension involved off the field legal issues including weapons charges and drunk driving arrests. he says he is now focused on playing football. we have more on his return to the field coming up a little later in sports. a 16-year-old on her way to school hasn 't been seen in a week. now her family is trying to retrace her steps in a desperate effort to find her. the umbrellas will be coming out here in the next 36
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hours or so. i'll have all the specifics on when the rain gets here. how much we can see and what's behind that. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] follow your joy to a celebration like no other. start your new orleans holiday at
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new at 6:00, a frantic father desperately trying to find his missing daughter trying to retrace her last steps. trying to figure out what happened. 16-year-old janela poindexter was last seen last tuesday morning when she left her house to go to school. unfortunately she never made it there. claudine wong talked to her family about their frantic efforts to find her. >> reporter: family videos show a young girl celebrating a milestone. >> happy birthday. >> reporter: a month ago, janela poindexter celebrated her sweet 16 surrounded by her
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family, last tuesday she disappeared. >> it's not like her at all. >> her stuff is still here. it's like she went to school and never showed up. >> reporter: he says the last time anyone saw janela was tuesday morning. she and her younger brother usually leave for school together. >> i asked nika where's janela. he says she left already. >> reporter: her father assumed she was on the way to the 12th street b.a.r.t. station to go to san lorenzo. >> i text her i said have a good day. and i never got a response back. >> reporter: but when her brother came home that's when they realized something was wrong. >> he came home. so i said where's janela he said i don't know i didn't see her all day. so i called the school, and they say that she didn't come to none of her classes. so that's when i started calling her cell phone. >> reporter: calls to her phone have gone unanswered. >> i'm calling her right now. this is what i get when i call. >> i'm sorry the person you are
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trying to reach has a voice mailbox that has not been set up yet. >> reporter: yet he still calls and her aunt still texts. >> please call me now. and i just put i pray nothing bad has happened to you. >> reporter: and they postfliers. hundreds of them. >> i'm ready like now for her to come home. >> reporter: as one day turns into the next. they don't know what else to do. >> she's been here since she's 2 years old. she's been right here since she's two. >> yeah. >> never a night away. >> no. never. unless she spends a night at her aunties house. >> reporter: so many memories overwhelmed by fears. they don't know what happened. >> all i know is she's not here. >> reporter: claudine wong, ktvu news. janela's family say they have filed a missing person's report and we did reach out to oakland police today but we haven't heard back yet. the family says they're planning on handing out more fliers tomorrow. the city of richmond is planning a vigil for peace tomorrow after a string of shootings in that city many
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involving students. since last tuesday, police say five teens have been wounded. along with a 21-year-old. and on friday, a 16-year-old boy and a 29-year-old man were killed in separate shootings in richmond and north richmond. the recent spike in violence is hitting richmond high school hard since five of the victims are former or current students including the two people who died. >> it's like a kick in the gut. i was so hoping we were past that. this has been the central issue in this district, in this community for a long time. you know education gets pushed to the side. everything gets pushed to the side when young people are spilling blood in the streets. >> it's not clear what sparked the violence. richmond had been enjoying a period of relative peace and quiet. the peace vigil is set for 5:00 tomorrow night at civic plaza led by richmond high's basketball team. a little boy who fell more than 200 feet down a cliff in the sonoma coast is in serious
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condition. the 4-year-old was fell as he was hiking with family. a rescue team had to repel down the face of the cliff to reach sebastian johnson. he suffered a broken arm and leg and scrapes to his face. sebastian fell while throwing rocks down the cliff. >> that was one of the most technical difficult areas to get rescuers down into. >> reporter: park workers are now warning visitors that bodega head there's lose ground in the area. they say that everyone need to be careful when walking or hiking there. >> i just still can't believe that. it's amazing he survived. and frantic how his parents must have been. >> can you imagine as parents watching your child going down 200 feet down that cliff. wow. and we go to weather. looks like we might get some
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rain. >> what we have is a wet morning commute on tap for us. early commute on thursday morning. these are the highs today. so the main story yesterday was cooling trend and then this rain coming. temperatures did cool off today. here's a system i'm tracking. the motion of, if you look at these you see the trajectory. it's going this way. the main dynamics are going to be up in here. we're going to get hit by the tail of this thing. maybe a half inch of rain. not as much as we could see if we had a direct hit. we will see showers around here, some rain. 58 in walnut creek today. or right now pardon me. 61 livermore. overnight lows tonight will be chilly but not as cold as they would be if you didn't have the clouds. because now the fog is turning into low clouds right. clouds are already up into santa rosa and antioch. that's the way it'll look like tomorrow as well. there's the morning, there's the afternoon and here's the evening. so we went through yesterday or tomorrow. tomorrow. into tomorrow night and that's
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when the showers start to the north bay. around 9:00 we will start seeing radar returns. those showers the heaviest rain up here see this area we're in this zone here. so as we go into around 11:00, midnight or so. showers into san jose and stretching into sacramento. we will see a winter weather advisory for the mountains and then more showers for the early morning commute friday. pardon me thursday. then thursday morning, it's 7:00 a.m. the morning commute. so what's going on it's overnight late wednesday into thursday morning. early commute. and by the afternoon commute things should be back to normal. so that's the plan for this system. the models have been amazingly consistent with that plan. that's why i'm getting a little more. looks like it's going to time out that way. it'll be an hour this way or an hour that way for the next few hours into tomorrow morning. the idea is basically morning commute, early looks wet. not a lot of rain. but maybe a half inch in a
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place like san rafael. .25 in san francisco. your five day forecast then wednesday night, into thursday morning and it dries out. and then next weekend we have a nice weekend but after that, things start to get wet again. so it's going to be a nice little string of systems headed our way. >> i don't know why i feel like this but i just want to think. i will believe it when i see it. it's been so long. i mean i know it's coming but i will believe it when i see it. you know. >> we did have rain just last week. >> feels like it's changing now. today was an in between day. thanks bill. well we told you earlier about linebacker alden smith back with the team but there is bad news. >> mark is up next with sports.
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okay mark is here with sports, the 49ers get an all prolinebacker back. unfortunately they've lost an all pro linebacker for the season. >> a lot going on with this team. when you say the comings and going for the 49ers literally. for them the goings mean the perennial all pro, patrick willis is out for the rest of
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the year. he's had an ongoing problem with his left big toe. and now it has been mutually decided upon with the team and patrick that having missed the last three games with an injury that's not getting any better. team realizes surgery is an absolute necessity at this point. >> too lazy to go buy some tires for your car and you start to see the wires show in the tire. you tell yourself if you would like to get on the pedal a little bit, you tell yourself you can't do that because if you do, you're going to blow your tire out. and that's kind of how i've been playing the last few years. >> seems like he's taken it pretty well. the 49ers defense will certainly miss him. unfortunately. but on the other hand, they are getting alden smith back and that is a good thing and he's been sidetracked with a myriad
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of wrong doings. but alden smith serves his nine game suspension. he'll be ready to play again. he was asked today what he has learned in this period of time. >> you know get out in the community, you know spend time with my family. spend time with my son and then just, look at the game from a whole different aspect. definitely just, you know being happy for the chance that i have to play this game. and you know i'm excited. >> all right, we'll see how he does and the sharks having a rough go of it. you know how many games they've started on the road. the panthers down in florida tonight. and jimmy hayes with a back hander for the home squad and they are leading the san jose sharks in the third period 3-0. sharks beaten in their last three games. excited about this one tonight as the warriors take on and
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host the san antonio spurs the nba champs. that's the sporting life for right now. >> too bad about -- poor californians detained in russia. we'll tell you about the costly problem that ultimately got them deported. that's coming up tonight at 10:00. >> we're always here for you on, facebook and twitter. thanks for joining us tonight. good night. >> food night. -- good night. ♪
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