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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  November 17, 2014 9:30am-10:01am PST

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it's an impressive fireworks display. >> however, there is explosion coming up that's bigger than they were hoping for. >> why this one really was a real show stopper. >> a squirrel finally works up nerve to steal a gopro and starts dragging it away. where's it going to take him. >> how the stunned owner couldn't predict the twist at the end. plus, the buzzword for your shot at a new ipad mini. and a dad gets fed up with his son's questions. >> what is -- what's this -- >> it's cool. >> i know. but what's the project? >> dad's getting way out of
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hand. >> story behind one tough assignment. >> ask me a [ bleep ] question! ever since the chinese invented the fireworks 140 years ago we love them, they go up in the air, fourth of july. let's not forget, they are exclosive and can be dangerous. >> they can blow your fingers off. >> first video comes from italy and it's quite the dramatic one. lots of explosions. however, explosion coming up that's bigger than they were hoping for. >> boom. >> you see that huge explosion there? what happened was a whole group of mortars, hundreds of fireworks, exploded at the same time. no one was killed but people were injured. when it exploded, shrapnel flew out, people were cut. somebody with an open wound in
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the arm. the second video, from juken, you can see, looks like fireworks night in the uk. november 5th we get together, fireworks and celebrate. this shows you how things can go wrong. they can't wait for it to go flying up into the air and explode in a flurry of colors and happiness. >> [ bleep ]! >> it goes flying off to the side. there's silence. turns around, he's like i hope everything's okay. and then -- somebody's neighbor's not going to be too happy as it flies into their house and detonates outside the window. >> keep in mind, fireworks are not built by nasa scientists. >> and not set off either by nasa scientists. >> [ bleep ]! [ bleep ]! >> street justice takes a very literal meaning in this video. in this intersection, there's a pedestrian crossing.
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a red car is blocking the entire thing, right? this pedestrian does not like it. right in front of the car, traffic is going to go except not the red car. [ horn honking ] >> seen this so many times in singapore. went to open the back door, walk out the other side, brilliant. >> the red car starts backing up slowly and with every backup the guy just walks right back up to the front bumper and stands there until right about here when the red car finally backs up enough where the guy's satisfied. he starts walking back to the sidewalk. watch this. >> is this like the pedestrian vigilante? >> it's pedestrian batman. >> all he does all day long. >> he's fed up. he's a fed-up pedestrian. happens so often this guy's had enough. stands in front of the white car
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and stays there the white car is now stuck [ rn hon >> i can't believe this is happening right across the street. >> from ontario, canada. and as you can see, that's a house fire. >> oh, that fire is burning quickly. >> the person behind the camera, her dogs were trying to get in the house and she couldn't figure out what was going on. when she let her dogs in, she saw the neighbor across the street, the house is on fire. >> i'm shaking so badly right now. >> no one was home, but these people have pets. so these kind, lovely, awesome neighbors break inside. they go in, and we watch them rescue the pets off the first floor of this home. >> here, boy. good boy. good boy. >> they got the dog out, thank god. >> is there only one cat? >> they got the puppies out. >> you can hear them talking
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back and forth. how many pets? i think there's a cat. >> there's a dog upstairs, too isn't there? >> [ bleep ]. >> there's a dog upstairs, i'm sure there is. >> they were so concerned about the pets, they did risk their own safety to make sure that these pets got out safely. >> they got another puppy out. they got another dog. >> did you get them out? >> i think they got the pets out. >> we see the moment the fire department arrives, able to get the fire under control. fortunately no one was hurt, not even a pet or neighbor. >> super. neighborly as well. breaking into the neighbor's, to save the pet, awesome. >> another fire that was confusing for animals, a barn in fletcher, ohio. yes, animals inside this barn when this barn caught fire. five fire departments respond to this fire. and get this, one of the sheriff's deputies on scene, he risked his own life to try to save the live stock. he ended up having to be treated
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for smoke inhalation because he rushed in to get the animals out. >> everybody, it's just about time for us to give away another ipad mini. >> and you're going to need three things. you need monday's buzzword, to be at least 18 years of age or old somewhere a legal u.s. resident. >> monday's buzzword coming up in a little bit. >> stand by for the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. this is a story of treachery, of deceit, of maximum cuteness because what we have here is a gopro napping. who is the culprit? look who's coming into screen right there. that cute, little squirrel. he starts executing these michael jackson-like moves like maybe they'll see me. goes sideways. the tail is moving and it's going back and forth like maybe i should take. should i take it? it's not a nut but, hey, it's interesting. hey, it's by itself.
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maybe i should take it. >> picked up like no problem. >> finally grabs it. >> oh. >> it's going up the tree. >> this is like a caveman squirrel. dragging this poor gopro by the hair. >> it's obvious this is the owner right there. he's like, dude, you've got my camera. >> she's staring like, how am i going to get that thing down? >> watch, great thing is, the squirrel, is using it to shoot. there's a human being down there this is amazing. great. >> you're right. looking you even see its claw come in the screen like it's adjusting it. let me turn that thing around. and he drops it. >> whoops. >> trying to crack it like a nut. like i got to bring it up the tree if i want to get to the meaty center. >> the owner's like, i got it back, doesn't have to climb the tree. >> love how the squirrel gets it up the tree, checking it out, position it right and i'll film. >> that's the baby-sitter caught on camera. >> looks like a dealer in vegas. are those playing cards?
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like us on facebook.c >> what do you think's going on here. >> not burning rubbish? >> kind of burning rubbish, part of the reason we're watching. cuts the wind chime. go over and chucks the wind chimes on the fire. >> he must hate that sound. >> that is a police officer, paul duke, married to a detective. and he is basically, he's a neighbor to these people right here. because they've got evidence they presented it to the police
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and he's getting charged. this guy's a 26-year veteran of the police force. and because of this crime, he may be dishonorably discharged. >> you could have settled this with a nice little conversation. >> he had to pay $25 to reimburse for the price of the wind chime. trying to figure out what's going on. >> looks look a dealer in vegas. are those playing cards? >> actually money. counting through a huge chunk of money, 250,000 rubles she found. what is in her pock? she realizes i don't want to keep money in my pocket, might not be safe. >> that's not the owner. is that the nanny or something? >> making a deposit. >> yes. she is the nanny, nick, well done. the baby-sitter they hired to look after their infant right there. but they did have a camera set up just in case. she was going through, found a stack of 250,000 rubles which is almost $5,000 u.s. she went leafing through it, took a big chunk out of it, put it in her under wear.
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>> dirty money. >> who hides money there? >> facing up to five years of imprisonment if found guilty. some of the best pranks are the most simple pranks. this guy's buddy has walked away, left his drink on the table. so the buddy opens it up, takes a ketchup packet, tears it open, puts it at the bottom of the guy's straw. >> that's good. >> and puts it back into the drink. the guy sits down and -- >> poor guy. >> bonus, if your buddy really hates ketchup. >> super funny. that guy could have used a straw like this one. this is called the life straw. and it is a water purifying device. >> this handy device filters out
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99.9999% of water-borne bacteria. >> this guy's testing that straw out in a store. and nasty old pond. right into the mississippi river. >> is he really drinking or punking us? >> no, the life straw is a real product, designed to help developing countries get clean water. this is a relatively cheap device. it's only 20 bucks. >> amazing. >> right into the urinal. it's already yellow. >> i don't want to watch that! >> i don't like when people drink pee. >> let's prove the efficaceffic. our buddy will puke into a pitcher. >> he is not. >> yeah. >> starts drinking his own puke. >> life straw's pretty good. >> i need a life straw. >> all of those things aside, one of the coolest inventions. it's time to check out real
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or fake videos. this time a bird's chirp goes tech. >> laser gun. >> a sketchy tire trick. >> i wouldn't drive on those. >> and a snore like you've never heard before. [ snoring ] >> that is absolutely real. >> watch and decide. ebaum's world next. >> monday's buzzword for your chance to win an ipad mini. weren't so routine ur m. introducting one a day vitacraves chewy bites... .....c.comomplpletete e mumulth nutrients like... .....b.b v vititamaminins.s....n d... n hahardrd s shehelly chewy bites. nenew w frfromom o onene a y
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whwhoaoa!! [s[snonortrt]] yuyum!m! f flilintntststonone. jujustst l likike e rerealal d! ththesese e arare e didinon. chchewewy y ininsisidede, , cr. nenew w flflinintststotonenes s. ( siren wails ) ( pop music playing ) ♪ when you're ready ♪ ready, ready, ready
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♪ come and get it ♪ get it, get it ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na ♪ na na na na na na na ♪ ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na... female announcer: it's a great big world and it can all be yours. here and only here. ♪ come and get it. >> closed captioning provided by --
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one thing we love to do on mondays, we love to watch videos and decide if they're real or fake. along with the help of mack dreidel from ebaum's world. >> good to be back. got the fresh, new headband. one of our models model it here this week. >> creepy. >> everybody's digging it. >> let's dive into these videos. video number one. >> is he pulling the tread off the tires. >> trick is here on the video, when your tires get old, you can take off some of the rubber, make new treads, recycle tires, give them new life. >> he regroomed the tires. >> once you start getting tires thin, doesn't it seem like they would blow quicker? >> definitely real. >> it's real. bad idea but it's real. >> i wouldn't drive on those. >> i'm with you guys. >> it's real.
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great idea. thrifty, too. i can understand wanting to get the most out of your product. >> next video. >> laser gun. >> no. i think this is editing. this is all, yeah. >> look. >> i did. >> the larynx move. >> doesn't mean that sound is coming out of its mouth. it means they timed it properly. >> nature is a wonderful creator, and this is real, girls. >> this is going to be girls against guys. you think it's real. three of us think it's fake. >> it's not because i'm a guy, it's because they're right. >> thank you. >> it's the liar birds. song bird native of australia. they imitate any sound they hear. and the crazier the imitation they can do, the more likely they are to find a mate.
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it's real. >> all right. last video. >> oh. >> that is absolutely real. maybe he's got a bit of a cold. maybe he's got dry boog going on. that's real. >> real as well. >> that's real. it's real. >> mac, five reals. >> girls redeemed themselves here. definitely real. this is from user named jossup and his dad heard him snoring like this while he had a cold. his dad happened to catch him in the act, so it's 100% real. >> dad going for the viral video and shooting it horizontally. >> i'm in heaven because it's animal time with the ferret. cage is open three ferrets get out and start playing. as you can see, whoever owns the ferrets set up apply ground.
9:51 am
running through there, having a good time. when the rc car comes out, nick will say, i need to get ferret. >> you know this is going to be youtube gold. >> like peanut butter and jelly. >> heaven. >> one was scared. he backs up in his little hopity hop step. >> i always wanted a ferret but now i know i need three. >> they need friends. >> after they play, you gotta give them something to eat. there you go. animal play time with the ferret. and check out who's playing at the read park do. mandy, one of the newest members of the zoo. in a play pool, a giant ball, baby elephant. you know wonderful times are about to happen. >> this is the best scene from dumbo. >> she's a baby, as you can see. nandy can't play in the regular
9:52 am
pool because it's too dangerous for her. this is her playing pool time. the other pool's been drained. >> there is is flippin' cute because she loves so much. in head first, butt first, kicking her leg out, rolling around. >> mud. >> ecstasy for you. >> it really is. all right, everybody, time for us give away another ipad mini. >> to enter, you need the buzz word, to be at least 18 years old and a legal u.s. resident. >> head over to and click on the win ipad mini button. >> enter the buzzword on facebook, twitter or both. enter on each every day. >> time for us reveal monday's buzzword. it is viral. get on over to, click on the win ipad mini button and enter monday's buzzword viral. >> and get this, one day later this week, bonus giveaway day. that means we have two winners. one will get an ipad mini, the
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second will get a flat screen tv. >> you have to watch every day for your chance to win. he's asking dad questions for a school project. >> what kind of questions are these? >> dad is not into the project. he's not into answering these questions. >> hear what pushes pops over the edge. >> ask me a normal question!
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mom? dad? big uncle wayne?nut.
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hot chocolate. green tea. uh, decaf, cuz. wow. i'm dying for an herbal tea. the all new keurig 2.0 is here.
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but the truck, in the ditch. you're going to a nightclub and any country in the world and it's one night, what country would the nightclub be? >> according to the post or of the video, the guy on the left, aaron, doing a project of his sociology class, a blog. in the car with who he says is his dad, asking questions for this blog. >> like for sociology, why don't you ask me an honest question. >> if you could live in any country in the world, but you have to live there for a year, what country would you go to. >> fun questions to answer,
9:57 am
though. it makes you dream. it makes you think. it makes you wonder. >> if i found a magic lamp, what would i wish for? i'll do a good question. >>ance answer me a [ bleep ] question. >> looking for deep, intraspeculative questions about the universe as opposed to which club in which country. >> what happens happening with education? how are these the only questions you're coming up with. >> i'm watching your education just be [ bleep ] away. >> it's sociology. i'm not going to be a sociology. if you get $1 million a year -- >> no. >> can get the question out. >> ask me a normal question. i'm more than happy to help you out with this project, but don't ask me [ bleep ]. >> i think the project is how long does it take to really piss your father off. >> if you could be the engineer for any building in the united states, what -- >> how the [ bleep ] am i going
9:58 am
to be an engineer fire buior a g that's already been built? >> this actually might not be his child. turns out, we believe, that aaron and dad are not father and son. in fact, it seems that they are both into improve comedy in los angeles. this could be a way to put their names on the map. >> ask me a normal question! >> that's it for us here at "rtm." we'll see you next time.
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