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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  November 18, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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learned more about how he's been able to escape some severe penalties for crimes in the past. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somevville. >> and i'm cougar ii -- and i'm julie haener. 14-year-old ivan cruz was crossing the street on his razor scooting while hit. anderson is expected back in court tomorrow to be arraigned. we dig through anderson's lengthy and disturbing crass. eric is live in the newsroom where he's been looking over the papers. >> this victim, an elderly woman says anderson tried to kill him six years ago. we found anderson dodged the
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most severe punishment in several case. >> he just dropped me like a hot potato. >> reporter: this 80-year-old woman asked us not to identify her. but she described a terrifying confrontation with sonny anderson. >> he was in a disguise. and he looked just like the joker. >> reporter: when he broke in her house in the middle of the night in 2008. >> he came in and made a motion like this, and he went, tada. like trying to kill me while pressing on my throat. and then he did it. he pressed harder. he did it about three times. each time, it was harder than the other. >> reporter: did you think you were going to die? >> yeah. i went to my knees and knew this was it. >> reporter: anderson was charged with attempted murder. but prosecutors dropped that charge for lack of sufficient evidence. sonny anderson pleaded to elder abuse and sentenced three years in prison. >> why didn't he take my money or go? but he made the point that i was going to go in there and
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hurt somebody. >> reporter: 2 investigates found a long list of nearly a dozen cases filed against anderson the last five years. in 2007, oakland police say anderson stabbed the man but beat the case, again, due to insufficient evidence. he fled alameda sheriff deputies in 2008 and charged with misdemeanor driving under the influence of drugs. they say anderson broke into the triple pines ranch and stabbed several animals. now accused of hitting and killing 14-year-old ivan cruz fleeing police again. they say sonny anderson hasn't been police served. >> i just can't understand why in the world he's been allowed to be out there after having all these -- he's not a good person! >> reporter: we contacted sonny anderson's family. they didn't want to talk about any of the cases. the alameda district attorney's
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office has declined to comment. >> all right, eric. thank you. rain is on the horizon and our chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking the system. when will it get here? >> just time for the kind of mid-morning commute, especially the central bay. north bay, maybe early morning commute. that's the current radar image. you can see the clouds and moisture streaming close to us. the current imagery shows a little activity around montego bay. right now, no reports of this hitting the ground. i wouldn't be surprised out by mount tam and albany as well. this is really just moistening up the atmosphere for the stronger part of the weather system gets here. that will bring in the morning hours and in the mid-morning hours. so 2:00 a.m., there it is. it's wetter and there's some showers in the north bay. here we are about 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. you can see the north bay,
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right? they're getting hit. it's not a heavy rain. not a lot of rain with this. but it'll be wet. the roadways down to san jose, look for some drizzle for that morning commute. when we get back, it's no. 1, pretty week. no. 2 and 3 are behind that. we'll see you after the break with more on that. more information about a woman's body found in the middle of the road in wine country. she was discovered an highway 29 early sunday morning. we spoke with the napa valley police department today. they confirmed the 57-year-old woman died from multiple blunt force trauma, consistent with hit by a car. they're waiting on toxicology results which should take three weeks. they confirmed she's a bay area resident but haven't giverren a -- given a name because they're contacting her family still. there's been a string of thefts in parts of cars. what the thieves are targeting.
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>> reporter: laura hickey has had her property stolen before. but this was a first. >> low and behold, no tires! no wheels. just rest on the concrete. >> reporter: and resting on soda crates. they stole them from her grandmother's prius. >> if you need two wheels, this seems like the bottom of the choices. >> reporter: she wasn't the only targeted. a couple blocks away, they stole the rims of another older prius. last month, wheels were stolen off a prius in piedmont. a few weeks before that, they ripped off the wheels of a bmw in oakland. >> those rims are pretty expensive. >> but the rims of an old prius? >> i can't imagine them taking them for the monetary value only because there isn't much on the older cars. >> reporter: wheels and tires combined on a car like this may
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sell for $200 secondhand. >> go figure. who wants old prius wheels? that was totally random. >> reporter: but for thieves, it's fast, easy money. >> reporter: how long would it take? >> five minutes or under. >> reporter: you can get a wheel lock. you need a special tool to loosen it and take it off. >> the wheel locks for toyota run about $45 a set. i recommend those in the oakland area get wheel locks for their priuses. >> reporter: they say it's not an uncommon crime. it lantern creased lately, but they're not sure how much it happens -- it hasn't really increased lately, but they're not sure how much it happens because some people don't report it. we now know the name of a man who died in a car that caught fire yesterday inside a parking garage in san jose.
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they say 7-year-old bernard grandfather -- 70-year-old bernard garcia crashed into a pillar and another car before i burst into flames in san jose. he may have suffered some sort of medical emergency prior to the crash but will take an autopsy to figure out that. it also damaged three nearby cars. it's no secret the san jose police department is struggling with critical staffing levels. they updated the city council on the problem. he says he worries the number of officers could drop to its lowest level in decades. azenith smith is live on that. >> reporter: if you think the numbers are bad now, in three years, they could have 100 less officers. the san jose police chief admitting the department is losing officers at a faster rate than it can retain it. >> presentation -- >> reporter: larry addressing the council saying something
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needs to be done to help with the police department's police officer shortfall not getting before. >> our hope is we as a city can retract retain our police personnel. >> reporter: in a new report, current trends shows sworn officers are resigning at an arch of three to four per month as they struggle to keep recruits. if continued, they'll have 100 fewer street-ready officers in three years. the union says their numbers show a bleak picture. >> realistically, we could have another 50 less officers per year each year based on what the chief wrote. i'm not sure why he came up with the numbers or delivering these numbers but they're optimistic. >> reporter: the union is add meant the only way to -- adamant the only way to help is by giving more benefits, i think our issue is recruiting and hiring aggressively with the cooperation of argue police union. >> reporter: the police
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department has $13 million in reserves to help with recruiting and hiring aggressively. mayor elect is remaining hopeful he can help restore the department focusing on the common ground the city has with the union. >> we have proposals on the table now to increase pay for officers, increase incentives for officers retirement eligible. >> reporter: and to help with the staffing crisis now, the police department has a new coming service officer program, forcing officers to work one day a month on patrol. julie? >> thank you. hundreds of uc davis students protested tuition hikes on a pepperspray incident. you've probably seen these pictures, this officer sprayed protestors three years ago. he was later fired. today, the students marched to the administrative building and held a protest in the lobby. they're set to debate a plan
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tomorrow to raise tuition to up to almost 5% annually over the next five years. in less than an hour, the orinda police chief will release a plan to install license plate readers near highway 24. they're estimated to cost about $10,000 a piece. but some residents who support the idea have already offered private donations to pay for at least one. the meeting beginses at 7:00 tonight. last week, a council in tiburon had a similar proposal everyone the city of walnut creek unveiled two new diagonal intersections to keep people safe. they're called scramble intersections and at olympic boulevard and south street. they chose those spots because they're busy, especially with many making right tushes. here's how it works.
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traffic lights will let north and sound traffic first and then east and westbound traffic. the first cycle of lights will stop all traffic so pedestrians can cross in any direction they choose. new at 6:00, people who live here plotted plans to repave the street. it's scheduled for a section of the road between 11th street. they've been chaining for years the street is in bad shape and poses a danger to drivers. contractors say it'll take about six days to complete the project that could start next monday, weather permits. hundreds of gallons of gas stolen right of you the ground at a gas station. >> how did the thieves do it without being sod? -- spotted? >> also, data plan busted by apps that chew up more than their fair share. how you can keep those apps, like facebook, in check.
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chase. so you can. . they're looking for the thieves who took hundreds of gallons of deasil fuel from a gas station in fremont. they say the surveillance cameras caught a suspicious minivan and truck stop while it was closed. it was stolen from the storage tank. to access that tank, the suspects had to know what they were doing, he says. >> very, very hard to do that. they have to be professionals and they done it so many times which is very dangerous and has to be professional. >> the station's owner says the same thing happened at a valero in newark with the same truck and minivan. he's convinced it's the same thieves. new developments about a story we told you about last summer.
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it involves a san francisco woman with cerebral palsy whose wheelchair was stolen. maggie frazier's electric wheelchair was taken on judgment 4th. today we learned she's gotten a new chair. you can see her big smile. medical came through with the knew wheelchair. a new study out of ucla shows there's a lot of causes of low income schools getting less school time. they say kids in low income schools lose about 30 minutes a day. other issues in low income schools affecting performance for students, access to computers and noisy and dirty classrooms. new at 6:00, are you giving away too much control when you download those free apps? you may be and you may not even realize it until you get your
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phone bill. ken wayne found out a recent change to the facebook app is chewing up people's data on their smartphones and reveal justing how deep some apps go on your phone. >> reporter: it's a scary message on your phone: your data limit has exceeded. some are blaming facebook. >> not only will they always be downloading but kill your battery, right? >> reporter: they host "twit," a popular show called "this week in tech." >> well, videos playback now in facebook. it'll predownload any videos in your news feed. that's a real data buster. >> reporter: he wrote on my facebook page, explain why i owe now $700. other apps are draining your supply. >> even the navigation apps, too. they require data to get to where you're going and has to feed information to it continuously. >> reporter: a facebook representative tells ktvu that
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the facebook app does continuously use data even when the app is not on. the solution? use wifi whenever possible or disable the continuous updates on your phone so you're not getting that data use all the time or simply uninstall the app. in petaluma, ken wayne, news 2. first responders in san francisco are sounding the alarm about the emergency response network, the program used by police and other agencies to reach the 911 dispatch center or call backup to the field haven't been upgraded in 14 years this. essay the archaic program leads to dead air in some spot and they no longer trust the radio to work. >> you have blackout areas in pockets of building where you can't get out or unable to hear the transmissions going on. >> reporter: tonight at 10:00, ktvu's healther holmes looks in the problem of the outdated
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technology and why it'll take several more years to bring san francisco into the digital world. on to the weather now. finally, expecting rain. bill martin is here. unfortunately, not as mump as you'd like to see. >> yeah, very similar to the system last week. it's getting closer to winter time. you expect these to have more of a push. but on a scale to one to ten, i'd give it a four. rainfall accumulations, maybe 1/4-inch for some. some may get 1/2, but that's the typically wet regions. we do have reports of light drizzle showing up along the coast mainly. you see moisture in the atmosphere. radar is picking that up. but most likely, at least toward richmond, not hitting the ground. as the evening wears on and the atmosphere moistens up, past midnight, seeing more showers. but the morning hours, system no. 1 shows up and will be here for the morning commute, setting
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you up for a slowdown maybe. thursday afternoon, approximately there. and here's your saturdayom is. ironically enough -- saturday system. ironically enough, this looks smaller but it's the bigger of the systems. good to see, right? but the dynamics, the moisture push, everything involved with the systems, just not that great right now. but the computer model in terms of productive for a lot of rain. wednesday morning, there it is. even though it's not showing rain, you'll be welt in the peninsula and fremont. not a lot of rain but moisture on the roadways, wet, slick roads. and you'll obviously see some intermittent windshield wipers going. not a lot of heavy rain. there's tomorrow night. maybe a little wet on the roadway. but main story is tomorrow morning's commute for wetness. 7:00 a.m., thursday, the morning commute may have a little drizzle thursday morning. thursday around lunchtime, this thing progresses through and drops another 3/10 an inch if
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we're lucky. the next system rolls in. here we are friday morning. and it does -- it goes out that far. but saturday, this system is going to drop. so friday afternoon, increasing clouds. by saturday morning, showers. forecast highs with this system will be in the mid-60s. so pretty warm day tomorrow considering clouds and rain and showers. but that's typical of a low latitude system like this. typically, remember last year, hey, you have amid 60 temperature and a weather system, usually getting a lot of rain out of that. that is because warm air holds a lot of water. that's true. but in this case, there's not a lot of moisture available for the storm. it's a wet period. umbrellas needed. roadways are wet. the usual stuff. we'll be talking about the traffic tomorrow. >> i'm sure we will. >> thank you, bill. breaking news to tell you about right now in the south bay. we're getting word that a police standoff in san jose has ended peacefully. police say it started several
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hours ago after two people threatened someone else with a gun. they tracked the two people down to a resident on east court on highway 101. both have surrendered and will be booked in the santa claire county jail. news on a fatal accident on i-680 at arthur road. the sound lanes are closed in martinez in arthur road which is a connector to highway 4. you'll need a detour if you're in the area. that will be closed for at least the next hour because of the investigation. obviously, this could cause problems, issues with the evening commute. sound, 680 in martinez closed near arthur road from a fatal accident. as we get more information, we'll bring it to you hopefully on ktvu news at 7:00. the nfl handed down another season-long suspension to one of the pro running backs.
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>> and ravens hoping to get their first win of the season against an old rival this thursday. and mark is up next with sports. for commute conditions that impact you, live drive time traffic with sal castenada on news 2. for over 60,000 california foster children, the holidays can be an especially difficult time. everything's different now. sometimes i feel all alone. christmas used to be my favorite. i just don't expect anything. what if santa can't find me? to help, sleep train is holding a secret santa toy drive.
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bring your gift to any sleep train, and help keep the spirit of the holidays alive. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child.
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a double win today for san
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francisco's nancy pelosi. she was re-elected as the house minority leader and settled a little vote. she and emanuel senator made the bet on the kansas city rivalry. and the ribs he bought her were still hot [ chuckle ] >> looking good. the raiders, you know, they deserve a little you love and will need some. alex smith making his second return to the bay area. the first one, not too well for him against the 49ers. the chiefs lost but they're in the thick of it in the afc west along with the chargers and the broncos. raiders have kind of set their sights on, hey, let's win one and avoid 0-11. you see alex smith and company going through some of their workouts today in preparation for their trip west. and alex smith today was asked
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in his wildest imagination maybe his team is overlooking the so far winless raiders. >> not the type of group we have. we just do such a great job, i think, we're living week to week. you know, this week is a short week. guys immediately right after the game knew we had a hand. and division game on the road, i mean, there's too many things at stake here for us like that. >> the most talked about story around the nfl today, the suspension of adrian peterson. the star running back for the minnesota vikings has been suspended without pay for the rest of the season and will have to wait until april 15th for possible reinstatement. this action, of course, is directly tied to his child abuse chase. peterson's camp says they will definitely appeal the suspension. roger goodell basically summed up the motion today by saying
6:27 pm
there was no meaningful remorse shown by adrian peterson and that was one of the big reasons he laid the big suspension on him. that's the sports hour now. at 10:00, the valuable musical instruments stolen by students. that story and more coming up at 10:00. >> see you later. goodnight, everyone. >> goodnight. @@@
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