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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  November 19, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PST

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>> reporter: the s.w.a.t. team in san jose is on scene of a potentially dangerous situation involving an armed man and a child in a neighborhood. we'll tell you about the police response and how this is affecting a local high school. some rain moving through. i wouldn't call it much. we have a little bit. there's another line off the coast which will give us more. we'll talk about amounts -- coming up. a grocery store theft, an attack, and high-speed chase. the string of east bay crimes
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that has three people facing felony charms, including child endangerment. a higher education showdown today in san francisco. the decision that could impact tens of thousands of california college students for years to come. "mornings on 2" begins right now. 7:1. we're following a frightening situation in the south bay. san jose police have surrounded a home here after a report of an armed man with a child holed up inside. ktvu's janine de la vega will tell us about a major new development in the still- unfolding story in two minutes. good morning. it's wednesday, november 19th. i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. let's go right to the top story which is your weather and traffic. steve paulson is right there. >> i have some rain. not a lot.
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cazadero, usually one of the wetter locations. 18/100ths. that's it. there is a secondary part of the system moving through. we do have morning rain kind of scattered. nothing too heavy. the most has been around forestville and cazadero. and then .10. we had a squall go through. breezy, cooler. the breeze has picked up. the forecast average is 50, 62. 40, 1944, the record low. but the record high was 77 back in 1895. there's not a lot to the system. but it will give us more rain through about the noon hour and then things start to calm down. after that, hard-press to find rain. you can see some of that moving through. but i'm hard-pressed to find much. a little bit over san francisco which has had .06. there's the squall line that
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went through half moon bay and then into the foothills. that's about it for now. 40s and 50 on the temps. it will be cooler today. some morning rain will give way to partly cloudy skies. another system zips down which will give us another shot of rain. it's a fast mover. 50s on the temps. i know with the rain we usually have issues, sal, and we do. i want to start off with the south bay where we have slow traffic coming out of downtown san jose and getting up to the west valley. you are going to see slow traffic also on highway 101 and on highway 85 as you drive through. now, in the east bay, for the most part, we have a typical slowdowns, 580 is slow from livermore to dublin. 680 out of pleasanton and 880 from about the 238 interchange into fremont. cedar boulevard, avoid it. there's a train that's been stalled there for a while. they are trying to work on it.
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that won't be open for a bit. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza westbound, you can see traffic here is going to be a little bit busy. better than yesterday. about a 25 to 30-minute drive into san francisco. the time, 7:03. back to the desk. >> thank you. san jose police have surrounded a home after a report with an armed man with a child holed up inside on larch grove place near oakgrove high school. janine de la vega joins us live from our san jose newsroom to tell us that high school is now closed. good morning, janine. >> reporter: good morning, tori. a man has barricaded himself inside a home that's directly behind oakgrove high school in south san jose. we just learned from police that the principal of oakgrove high school has said that school is closed until this situation is resolved. let's go to some live pictures of the scene right now where you can see crime tape is up
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and police are there in the neighborhood. they have a house surrounded and their merge unit, which is their s.w.a.t. team, is there. this is happening on larch grove court and hayes avenue. the sounds you just heard, those were flash bang grenades that the s.w.a.t. team set off just a short while ago. that's usually what police do when they are trying to get a person out of a home. now, here, again, is video from earlier. this all unfolded last night at 9:45 when police received a call there was a man standing in the street holding a gun and child was with him. when officers arrived, the man had already retreated inside his home. police have been trying to make contact with this man. they are trying to ensure the safety of the people there and if the -- if the child is there with him. right now, we know there are no reports of injuries.
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again, with the flash bang grenades, police will enter the home most likely. we'll continue to monitor the situation and update you as soon as we learn more. reporting live from our san jose newsroom, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> just to review, you said that oakgrove high school has been closed until this barricade event has been solved. so people should -- parents and students should stay tuned to channel 2 or -- they might get a text or something? how will they know if the school reopens? >> reporter: we're still trying to learn that. we got that information from the police. it sounds like police are coordinating with the principal and are giving that information to the media. so yeah, keep it tuned to channel 2. >> we're getting a look at how close the -- it looks like the football field is across the street. we'll be following this story and keep you posted on all of the latest developments. thank you. this morning, a church in san jose will hold its first
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service since being badly damaged in a fast-moving fire. flames raced through the nearly 95-year-old church sunday afternoon. firefighters are monitoring the building and say is still in danger of collapsing. this morning's service is being held in a fellowship call behind the church. members will bal advantaging anything they can, including paintings, statues and books from the back of the church. 7:07. oakland bracing for possible violence and vandalism after the missouri grand jury hands down a ruling in the deadly police shooting of michael brown in ferguson. a decision could happen at any time on whether to indict officer darren wilson for shooting the unarmed 18-year- old. jean quan says several groups plan to gather at frank ogawa plaza after the verdict. mayor quan is advising business owners to activate their security cameras, dead bolt their doors and empty out of
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their cash registers at the end of each business day. meantime, governor nixon has created a commission to help ferguson heal from the michael brown shooting and all of the chaos that knoll -- followed. a missouri minister and businessman will lead the commission. the commission's report is due next year. >> the issues raised in ferguson touch every part of our region just as they have touched us all. they are the same issues that rest at the very core of our democracy. >> now, governor nixon also declared a state of emergency ahead of the grand jury's decision on whether to indict officer wilson which means the national guard will be brought in to keep the peace. if officer wilson is indicted, possible charges range from involuntary manslaughter to first-degree murder. back here hat home, three people -- at home, three people due to appear in a courtroom on charges of robbing a grocery
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store and leading police on a high-speed chase all while a little child was in the back seat of their car. now, the pursuit began at a safeway in castro valley. then it stopped in san leandro and ended in oakland where the child was found safe. ktvu's tara moriarty reports from where this wild chase began. >> reporter: we're at the safewa on castro boulevard. three people were stealing baby products inside the store. they attacked two security officers on their way out and then led authorities on a high- speed chase up to speeds up to 100 miles an hour, all while a toddler was inside the car. here's the suspects of the suspects. all from oakland. they will appear in a hayward courtroom sometime today on robbery charges. monday, sheriff's deputies found two suspects holed up in a home in oakland as well as a
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2-year-old who they didn't realize was in the getaway car. in san leandro, the suv pulled over and the child's mother thurman jumped out. that's when she told officers that her toddler was still in the car. deputies called off the chase then and later found freeman and trent barricaded inside a bedroom. the suv was hidden in the backyard and inside officials say they found items stolen from the store including diapers and baby products. both freeman and trent face kiming and child endangerment charges in addition to the robbery charges. i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. brentwood police and the secret service are investigating a possible counterfeit money operation. an officer discovered thousands of dollars in fake cash during a routine traffic stop. according to the contra costa times, the officer pulled over 22-year-old marlin henderson last tuesday on lone tree way. he noticed and envelope filled with bills that were only printed on one side.
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investigators have not yet determined if the counterfeit money is tied to a larger operation but recent police reports show local businesses have complained about recent receiving fake bills. police are urging businesses to closely examine all cash they receive. more snow is expected this morning in a storm that's killed at least five people in western -- in the western part of upstate new york. the national weather service says the storm is dumping 3 to 4 inches of snow per hour. that's about four months worth of snow in the past 48 hours. when the storm is over, buffalo's mayor says the area will have received a year's worth of snow in just four days. today, many schools and roads have been shut down. a local state of emergency has been declared because of virtually impossible driving conditions. i know steve was talking about the hockey game, the sharks. they did play. but no one was there. it was basically an empty
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arena. i think they lost, the sharks lost. >> all right. 7:11. right now, there are hundreds of students rallying over a a -- over a big decision by the uc board of regents. probably the most germs you will come across, on an airplane. >> that's comforting. you better pack common sense and hand sanitizer. the dirty truth about planes and the way to protect yourself. we have a look at the commute where traffic is busy in many places. we also have a look at the san mateo bridge here. that's moderate heading over to the pill. some rain out there. not a lot. but thanks to greta in middletown with .27. that's it. that's the most rain we can
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love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. president obama has ordered the review of how the response is when an american is taken hostage overseas. three american hostages have been beheaded by islamic state militants in syria this year. some family members of the hostages have criticized the u.s. government for not doing more to try to get the hostages released. some european governments have paid millions of dollars in ransom to win the release of hostages. but a white house spokesman says the u.s. ban on paying ransom will not change. friends of a uc berkeley graduate jailed in southeast asia are petitioning the u.s. government to bring her back.
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41-year-old stacy addison is a veterinarian who hit her job last year to travel the world. she was arrested in september when she unknowingly shared a cab with a man who went to pick up some illegal drugs. she was initially released but then detained again last month as the case is investigated. friends are trying to raise awareness about her situation. 7:16. new york health officials conducting tests to see if a woman who died yesterday of an apparent heart attack had the ebola virus. now, she had come to the u.s. from west africa 18 days earlier and didn't show any symptoms of ebola before she died. but the health department says they are being cautious because she did have a travel history within that 21-day incubation period for ebola. the head of the centers for disease control and prevention says the spread of ebola is slowing down in parts of west africa. however, the epidemic is still out of control. he testified yesterday at a congressional hearing to update lawmakers on this global
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crisis. the obama administration is asking congress for $6 billion to help fight ebola around the world. if you are traveling by plane during the holidays, a new study might have you thinking twice about what you touch. a germ expert took a flight from san francisco to phoenix and collected samples from a tray table, a bathroom door handle and a bathroom sink. he analyzed the samples and found what he calls disturbing and dangerous results. >> actually had more bacteria almost ten times more on the tray table than you did on the toilet seat. >> wow. the airplane sink was the dirtiest area. the second dirtiest area was the tray table and the cleanest area was actually the door handle but it still contained unsafe levels of bacteria. travelers are urged to use sanitizers to clean their hands and tray tables.
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i have a little container in my purse. i always forget to use it. >> tori, i will never look at a tray the same bay again after -- way again after that story. >> handle it with care. >> i know. let's check in with sal. >> how much of a downer must it be to be around a germ expert around the house. don't touch that! let's take a look at the commute. it's better than it was yesterday. that's my general statement. we still have slow traffic out there. we have a crash reported just now with injuries. ail va raw da niles road which is a busy intersection. union city police and the fire department are responding. i want to mention that besides that, the freeway traffic will be busy on southbound 880 as you pass 84 and all the way down into fremont which is kind of typical but it's worth mentioning. let's take a look at the live pictures, bay bridge toll plaza, a little bit of wet roads here. not too bad as steve has said.
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it's coming through. not so much of a rain event as it is a traffic thing when suddenly people can't drive when it's wet out there. also looking at the commute in san francisco. that's moderate. our san francisco camera is also bumping a little bit. maybe windy there. but traffic is just moderate here getting into the city. i just want to remind you that if you are in the north bay coming from petaluma to novato, you might need an extra 15 minutes. less go to steve -- lbts let's go to steve. we do have some rain moving through. not a lot. but there is a little bit. this is why i -- i talk about these systems the day before and i go, watch. these things won't do much and that's been the trend. the friend has been your friend -- the trend has been your friend. middletown, lake county, .27.
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cazadero, 18/100ths. forestville, .15. san francisco, .06. yountville, concord, oakland, napa, about .02 to .04 or .05. not very much rain. our system is moving through. there's a system offshore going through sonoma county, that's it. that's it. we do get some morning rain. a lot of cloud cover. but we get occasionally bursts of moderate rain. it will be a cooler, fast- moving system out of the northwest. i think we'll get more rainfall with that. cloudy with light rain. breezy, cooler, mix of clouds and sun later on. today, 55. average is 50, 62. the record high, 77 back in 1895. our system moving through. this is the one line that has to go through. after that, things will calm down. through the noon hour, off-and- on rain. but there's something heavy here.
7:21 am
maybe guerneville, ox dent tal, russian river area to santa rosa, sebastopol. also moving in towards point reyes, dylan beach to western marin county heading towards mount tam. not a lot there. also san ramon out to livermore. maybe parts of the altamont pass. this is really light stuff. and then towards the santa cruz mountains. had some rain. and then along the san mateo coast, there could be pictures here. had a decent squall line go through half moon bay. 30s in the mountains. the system tomorrow looks better. amazingly cold. it's really rebounded. i think new orleans was 33. atlanta, 22. they've warmed up. there will be a south wind in advance. there will be a pattern change throughout much of the country in the deep freeze. although 78% of the country was below freezing this morning. the lake-effect snow. the pictures, you cannot believe. they are mind boggling out of buffalo. 40s and 50s. any breeze? oakland southeast, 13. half moon bay had gusts to 24 earlier. this line has to go through. once that goes through, things
7:22 am
will start to calm down. the next system will zip down out of the northwest. afternoon, evening. as i feared or predicted about an hour ago, they would cut back the forecast models on tomorrow's rainfall projections. i think they will cut back on that further. but tomorrow's system has more promise than i think the one we're getting this morning. not much on the system. by noon, we'll be on the back side. i think this is overdone at 4:00. tomorrow morning we'll cloud it up and get the system tomorrow afternoon, evening. morning rain, clouds. a little cooler. the breeze has picked up for some. for others mid-60s. it will cool off tomorrow. we'll start off all right. cool and breezy, friday. >> this is almost good because you don't want too much rain at once. it sounds like -- we could use more but at least it's -- >> we could use like inch instead of .10. that's the pro be plem -- problem. these are not producing enough.
7:23 am
>> i just went outside. >> and? it's chilly and damp. >> it's a little damp. >> it's not raining. what we had earlier -- >> a couple 1/100ths. >> yes. barbie declares she can be a computer engineer. but there is a technical problem. coming up, pam cook will tell us about the children's book that's supposed to encourage girls does the opposite. bet the butter ready. the annual crab harvest in full swing. we're told it's easy to catch the crabs. the hard part getting them off the boat. the frustrating problem for bay area fishermen. ♪
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unloading. they are stuck in these long lines to transfer crab from their holds. some of them are selling them directly to the public, to you, at about $6 a pound. >> a lot of the locals are saying it's the most crab they've seen in decades. so much out there. >> it's created a few problems. the masses, the volumes of crab that have been coming in. >> this is driving -- some say it looks like this could be a record crab season. >> strange-looking creatures. curious things are happening in the parking lot of at&t park. up next, we go live to the bigtop for a behind-the-scenes look at the new cirque du soleil show. >> reporter: we are live in san francisco where hundreds of students have blocked off entrances ahead of the uc regents board meeting upset over possible tuition hikes.
7:28 am
coming up, how this will affect students both financially and emotionally. a lot of slow traffic out there for this peak of the commute, especially in the east bay where highway 24 is slowing down through la fayette. secondary ban coming through giving us rain. i have updated rainfall totals. nothing great. a little bit. we'll see if there's any more. yes, there is. i will give you the timing, coming up.
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7:30. we're live at ucsf where hundreds of students have blocked off the entrance to a building where the board of regents are supposed to meet this morning to vote on a highly controversial tuition increase. ktvu's brian flores is there monitoring the protests and what's expected to be a heated hearing. brian will tell us more about this major decision that impacts thousands of students. good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. interesting weather today. >> at least we're getting some rain. >> yeah. >> not a lot. everything is in the middle of the country. it's tough to get a system in here when there's that much to the east. we're getting some rain. some of the totals are okay. middletown, .25. cazadero, 18/100ths. heard from gary. this is up i think about 1,000
7:32 am
feet, calistoga, 17/100ths. marty in larkspur, 11. san francisco, .06. so generally less than .10 to about 15/100ths. our system is moving through. this system has the -- we're getting another band beginning to move onshore especially up in the north bay from sonoma county to marin county. there is not a lot here. we'll get a little bit more rain. give you another .10 or a .25. run river area towards bodega bay and through marin county. it's pushing inland. after that, things are quiet. but there's light rain off eastern solano and contra costa county. not a lot in the santa cruz mountains. there is a little bit on the san mateo/santa cruz coastline. 40s, 50s. breezy. higher elevations as well. also along parts of the coast. one more band has to go through. the timing on this is by noon. i think most of this will be gone. we'll get a break until tomorrow afternoon. that one has more cold air with
7:33 am
it. we'll have more cold air coming up in ten minutes. morning rain. low clouds. 50s and 60s. when it rains, sal is usually busy just like me. we are busy in the east bay. a lot of the commutes have slowed down. the rain did enough to slow traffic on the eastshore freeway. 52 minutes the drive between the carquinez bridge and the maze. that trip usually takes -- well, at this time of the morning, it usually takes under 30. so we're a little bit heavier than normal. yesterday, we were up at 90. i guess you won't be complaining too much. but it's still pretty slow. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, it's backed up a little bit. this is about a 30-minute drive into san francisco. i want to talk about marin county and the north bay. we had a lot of slow traffic coming out of petaluma earlier. now in novato, it starts to slow after roland all the way down to the civic center area. but it's extra slow. it's not the usual. it's a little slower than normal. highway 37 is also slow heading
7:34 am
west over to novato out of vallejo. back to the desk. 7:33. hatching today, the uc board of regents due to vote on raising tuitions. the regents including governor jerry brown have a big decision to make about raising fees at all uc campuses. brian flores is live in san francisco where we've been seeing students are already holding rallies. if you look over your shoulder. this will have a big impact on their wallets. >> reporter: good morning, dave. huge impact for many of the students out here. very emotional, as we've been talking about. you are taking a live look outside of the mission bay campus. this is just a small portion. amount of students that are out here this morning protesting these possible tuition hikes at all uc campuses. there are hundreds of students from all over the state. some from berkeley, davis. we've seen some students from santa cruz as well as riverside, even ucla here
7:35 am
talking about this possible tuition increase over the next few years. but several students already outside of the front of the entrance. this meeting is scheduled to start at 8:30. this particular topic is scheduled not to be talked about until about 10:15. the proposal again is to raise student fees 5% over the next five years. university of california students currently pay about 14,000 to 15,000 for tuition and fees alone which is about 30 grand per year. governor brown who has come out publicly and opposes the tuition hike will be here at ucsf. and janet napolitano says she will back off the proposed tuition is the governor agrees to increase funding by $100 million. as we mentioned, talking with many students this morning, they say they can't afford it anymore. >> i will take out more loans. luckily, i'm in a situation where i have access to more loans. a lot of the students don't. and they would have to drop out of school.
7:36 am
taking more loans is not a financially viable option that more and -- more and more debt i will have to pay back. >> reporter: now, according to uc officials they say the reason for this increase is to offset pension benefits from several years ago. somewhere i've read from the sacramento bee upwards to $7 billion in terms of the type of pension that needs to be covered from possible tuition increases. as we take it back out here live, this is one of the entrances here to the board of -- to the regents of the board meeting here. that's scheduled to take place at 8:15 this morning. several hundred students blocking entrances in front of parking lots and also the entrance to where usually governor brown and other regents arrived. that's being blocked off by students as well. many are expected to arrive here in the next few minutes to attend the meeting which is scheduled to take place at 8:30 this morning. but very emotional for many of the students who say they simply cannot afford it anymore. we'll be live in the next hour for another update. we're live in san francisco,
7:37 am
brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. it will be a busy day. thank you. 7:36. the ride home from school for a sacramento kindergarten student ended with a big scare. he found himself alone on a parked bus. now, school district officials say the child apparently fell asleep. he didn't wake up until the bus had already returned to the bus yard and the bus driver had left the bus. the child called for help and the school staff and they notified his parents as soon as they found him. >> it was alarming and scary for a small child and so the staff did their best to console him. >> the little boy was not hurt. cool officials say he was not -- school officials say he was not in any danger. the. the drivers are required to inspect and check every seat before they leave a bus that didn't happen. the driver has been placed on paid leave while administrators figure out if he or she should
7:38 am
be punished. ed lee may have some competition in the race for mayor of san francisco next year. state senator mark leno has been hinting at a run and now the website beyond cron says he's set to make the announcement after thanksgiving. leno previously served on the board of supervisors, then the state assembly hand now the state senate where he will be termed out in 2016. earlier this month, mayor ed lee confirmed that he will run for re-election next year. leno may try to target lee for his support of tech companies, development and the economic expansion blamed for driving up the cost of living in the city. san francisco supervisors have elected an interim board pld to replace outgoing supervisor david chu. they picked katie tang but the decision did not go down without controversy. eric maur and av va lows walked out of the room protesting the
7:39 am
time of the election because campos is away on election. tang will officially start on december 5th. chu will be sworn in at the state assembly. tang will serve at the beginning of january when the board will vote to select a full-term president. today a petition drive to stop a recently approved pay raise for contra costa county supervisors gets underway. last month the supervisors voted to give themselves a 33% pay hike boosting their salary to $139,000 a year. that did not go over well with county employees who got raises of just 4% during contract negotiations with the board earlier this year. many community groups are vowing to fight the pay raise which is set to take affect in january. 7:39. new this morning. it's looking like the oakland zoo will move ahead with its big expansion plan. according to the express, the
7:40 am
oakland city council finally voted after midnight on the project. zoo officials say the project will open the zoo to more visitors and create an exhibit for animals that are native to california. now, opponents say this will take away open space from nolan park. scoo officials first started planning the expansion back in 1998. well, they call it a world where seeing is disbelieving. kurios is now showing in san francisco. alex savidge is out there live. you are inside the bigtop near at&t park with a behind-the- scenes look. >> reporter: dave, good morning. yeah, we're working on juggling. this is what i call one-ball juggling. i'm pretty good at it. i've kind of mastered it morning. i want to introduce you to one of the performers of kurios. did i say it right? >> yes. >> reporter: say it again. >> kurios. >> reporter: you are a
7:41 am
professional juggler. one of the performers in the show. show me what you do. tell me what people can enjoy. >> okay. >> reporter: high into the sky. >> into the sky. >> reporter: he wakes up in the morning and does this anyway. >> that's it. >> reporter: whoa. that's some speed right there. >> just a warmup. >> reporter: he's only 22 years old. the youngest performer in the show that's been playing here in san francisco, right now, just started this past weekend. goes through january 18th. it's the setup in the parking lot in the at&t park near third and channel street. it will be here for the next couple of months if you want to check out performances. tell me a little bit, how do you -- can i -- [laughter] can i get the microphone in here. how did you learn to do this? >> i just practiced.
7:42 am
>> reporter: can you teach me? >> you want me to teach you? >> reporter: i have very little skills. >> you did one-ball juggling. >> reporter: i did. >> okay. i will make sure of this. >> that's for you. >> three and three. >> reporter: three and three. >> reporter: okay. >> i like to throw things away. can i throw you away? [laughter] all right. let's go. >> reporter: what's the technique? >> really simple. you have to go in front of the camera. >> reporter: okay. >> present yourself to the public. >> reporter: i'm gonna try to juggle. wish me lu -- luck. >> okay. the one-ball juggling. eyes closed. >> reporter: eyes closed.
7:43 am
>> [laughter] >> you have to loop it and do it three times in a good rhythm. >> you can do that. >> i don't think so. >> so like this. >> reporter: hold on. [laughter] >> all right h. >> way to go, alex. >> because we're working in front of the camera, let's make an illusion. >> reporter: isn't there a tv trick we can do here? >> yes. >> reporter: you can teach me how to juggle instantly. >> present yourself to the public. >> reporter: go, go, go. >> and then -- >> alex, i knew you could do it. that's fabulous. looks great. yeah. he has a new future. >> reporter: can you hear me? kurios is here until january 18th in the parking lot near
7:44 am
at&t park. tickets available but get them fast. they sell out quickly. send it back to you guys. i'm a fast learner, right? >> yes, you are. and you heard alex say kurios. i love the way he says it. it's running through january 18th. the tent, in the parking lot of at&t park. you can get more information about tickets and show times at just look for it under web links on our home page. >> that is very cool. 7:44. well, a potentially dangerous situation unfolding in the south bay. coming up in the next hour of "mornings on "mornings on 2," the reason police have surrounded a home in san jose and a nearby school has been touched down. also, a book it's called i can be a computer engineer. it's meant to empower young girls but people are saying it's sending the wrong and opposite message. up next, pam cook is here. she will tell us why there's
7:45 am
such a backlash. traffic is busy on northbound 280. not a lot of rain. there's system. a system is moving right in. we'll have updates on totallals coming up. ♪
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with kaiser permanente,
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you'll connect with your doctor any time, anywhere. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. ♪ become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ there is a new book out starring barbie. the story line is not one that every parent wants their kids to read. pam cook is in the studio with more on the controversy. >> good morning. barbie's newest hobby not sitting well with parents. it's titled i can be a computer engineer. barbie tells her sister skipper she's designing a computer
7:48 am
page. skipper asks if she can play the game and barbie says i'm only creating the design ideas, she says laughing. it's steve and brian's help to turn it into a real game. in the book she accidentally gives skipper's computer a virus and cannot fix it without the man's help. some parents say this is giving the wrong idea to girls they cannot have these careers without a lot of help. we posted this story on our facebook page. people are chiming in. amanda says when i was a kid, none of this mattered to me. cristina says, as a mom and a teacher, i'm just glad when kids are reading. who cares she asks for a man's help. if she would have only asked women, people would say these a feminist and hates men. go to our facebook page, join the conversation. a lot of very interesting comments in there. we'll share some more of those
7:49 am
in the next hour of "mornings on 2." ive will have more from the book and more comments on facebook. tori and dave? >> yeah. >> very interesting. thank you, pam. 7:48. hey, sal, everything interesting in our morning commute? >> well, nothing too interesting. it's better than yesterday, which is saying a little bit. but it's still slow out there, dave and tori. northbound 880 is slowing down now approaching the coliseum. today, though, is more of a normal slowdown day. yesterday, everything was -- to use a technical term all jacked up. and today we're just seeing kind of slow traffic in the usual spots. out to the bay bridge toll plaza 25, 30-minute delays getting into san francisco. we haven't had any major problems on the bridge. 580 westbound still slow through livermore. 680 is improving but still slow
7:50 am
out of pleasanton, it improves by the time you reach fremont. let's go to steve. thank you. we do have a system moving through. there's not much to it. but it is there. it's giving us -- there is a secondary system coming in. that's giving rain up to the north bay. a lot of the cloud cover. not much rain. there's been a little bit of rain. i will get totals here. it looks like rain to the noon hour. there's our system. the secondary part that i'm talking about is right there. it's moving through from ukiah, up to willits getting worst reports of rain there -- getting reports of rain there. middletown, just over .25. calistoga, .17. mill valley, 12/100ths. larkspur about the same. napa, novato, .08. santa rosa, .11. after that it tailed off. san francisco .06. bane wanna vista park .09. clouds and sun later on. this is mainly a morning event.
7:51 am
there's our line. we'll take a closer look at it up from ukiah. lakeport, willits, fort bragg. this is light stuff. in the russian river, guerneville, cazadero, bodega bay, to santa rosa, pushing over to st. helena, looks like calistoga. not a lot but heading towards novato, san rafael and tiburon. this is light stuff along the san mateo coast. our system doesn't have a lot to work with here. it's falling apart. we're getting some light rain. a lot of cloud cover. this will not do much for the sierra nevada but a system tomorrow could help. 40s and 50s on the temps. you can see the system right there. after that, there's not much left. again, we'll 'start to wind things down in the next couple of hours. we'll wait for a system to zip down from the northwest tomorrow afternoon and evening. rain totals again, i think is overdone. they will back off. they always do as we get closer to it. i think tomorrow will be more of what we're used to.
7:52 am
that's a colder system. not one of these mild systems. the track on this takes us through noon. after that, i believe things calm down before 4:00, 5:00. i think we'll see the rain end. the next system comes down out of the northwest. i think it comes through a little bit later than noon. 2:00, 3:00 looks about right. that will have a lot of cool air with it. the next system on saturday looks to paint the picture for the rain north. i will deal with that on friday. morning rain, clouds. afternoon sun. a little bit of a break. but a cooler, breezy pattern today. highs 60s or even upper 50s. higher elevation, santa cruz mountains. for some up to parts of mendocino county, lake county. it will be tough to get above 60 degrees. we'll get a break tonight. thursday afternoon and evening, fast-moving cool system. that could give snow to the sierra. a cool and breezy day friday. there listen some rain. how far it fakes it remains onen didded. i think rain north but not
7:53 am
south. we'll get more rain tomorrow afternoon. >> all right. thank you. a prank on neo-nazis. ahead in the next hour of "mornings on 2," the way the one town tricked the extremist into raising money for a good cause. and stealing from a local gas station. up next, the promising clue police are looking at to find a thief who stole hundreds of gallons of fuel. female announcer: it's posturepedic vs. beautyrest
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♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ 7:55. benjamin netanyahu has ordered two homes destroyed as a deterrent to terrorism. the homes belong to the two palestinian men who killed five people in a jerusalem synagogue. thousands attended a funeral for the four rabbis killed in yesterday's attack. three of them had joint u.s./israeli citizenship. an israeli police officer was also killed. the attackers, two palestinian cousins, were killed by israeli police. fremont police hope surveillance video will help them track down the thieves who
7:56 am
stole hundreds of gallons of diesel fuel from a gas station. it happened early friday morning the valero station at mowry and fremont boulevard. the station has 16 surveillance cameras which caught two suspicious vehicles driving around the pumps while the station was closed. no camera shows exactly what the drivers were doing. but the owner is certain they were receivenning the fuel -- siphoning the fuel. >> before they steal it from the pumps, we did everything we could to stop them. now they steal from the tanks. nothing i can do about it. >> the owner says the thieves made off with more than 750 gallons of diesel fuel. he's offering a $5,000 reward for information that leads to their arrest. 16 surveillance cameras at one gas station. >> i know. >> that's -- bough. >> that's surprising. they lost their historic church in san jose in a weekend fire. coming up in about 12 minutes, what members of a san jose
7:57 am
parish are doing this morning for the first time since the church building went up in flames. but first, more changes for facebook. after the break, the reasons some users will be able to communicate more efficiently with family and friends. good morning. we're still looking at slow traffic including on the approach to the bay bridge, although it is improving a little bit. we'll tell you more coming up. another round of rain moving through. not much. we're getting reports out to antioch, the east bay and the north bay. one more piece of this system.
7:58 am
7:59 am
welcome back to "mornings on 2." the lady you are looking at is about to hold a news conference in san jose. it's not begin yet. >> ready? let's try it again. last night at 9:45 p.m., we received a call from a reporting party that there was a subject standing in the street in the 100 block of hayes avenue. it was reported he had a gun and a small child with him. officers responded out to the scene and at that time determined the subject retreated into a residence. we surrounded the house and were able to contain everyone
8:00 am
inside the residence. we were able to extract some of the res residents inside. we're searching. our merge team is on scene and clearing the house. we don't have any information about the suspect and whether he's in custody or not at this time. >> how many people were removed from the home? >> at least six people. there were approximately five children. we're still sorting out the information about who lives there and how many people could possibly be inside. this was this morning. >> is that when the flash bangs went off? >> yes. >> our merge unit did respond. they did make entry into the house and are still clearing the residence. >> so six people adults an five children? >> i know there are five children that have been removed from the residence. we're still working on who potentially could have been removed from inside. they are clearing the residence. >> sergeant, are you considering this a hostage
8:01 am
situation at this point? >> you know, we're still investigating it. we're not sure what led up to this. we're not entirely sure if we have the suspect in custody. so this still is a static situation. and once we can debrief the residents, we can figure out what happened. >> what triggered this? >> a call from a resident. they reported a subject was in the street with a gun and small child. that's what caused officers to respond to the res residence. we're still clearing the house. we don't know who else is inside. >> is it a house or an apartment? >> i think it's a town home. >> you said there were six people. five of them are children? >> at least. we're still sorting through. they are debriefing witnesses right now and trying to figure out what happened, who could potentially be left inside the
8:02 am
residence. once we determine that we can start to piece it together and what precipitated this whole event. >> to you know what the relation is between the people inside? >> we do not know. >> were the kid in any danger at any point? >> we don't know. we're still debriefing and figuring that out. >> do we know if he was pointing a gun at the child or if the child just a happened to be next to the man at the time? >> we don't know. >> was there contact with anyone inside the house overnight or was it -- >> you know, during this whole event, we were attempting to make contact with the residents and there was some success towards the end. but ultimately, they did have to make entry into the residence but people were called out and exited. >> you made entry into the residence. did you spot the man? is he still there or gone? >> we don't know. we're still clearing the residence. >> anything about the school can you -- >> the school is closed until further notice. the principal is still updating us. right now, it's closed.
8:03 am
they are not letting anyone on campus. right now anyone on campus is in a shelter in place. >> did you find a gun? >> not yet. we are with's still clearing the -- we're still clearing the residence. we're gonna talk to the residents inside. we did have someone call and report this information to us. that will be part of the process. >> was it one family or multiple families? i have to ask that. >> we don't know their relation yet. but again, they are being debriefed. >> there was a pit bull. >> they were aware of the dog. it's always something we're concerned about but at this time it didn't cause any problems that we're aware of. 13 and under. i don't have their genders or ages just yet. we'll have that once the scene is static. i will have an update for you. 0ing? >> was it a man and woman pulled -- >> i don't have the information. again, our merge unit is on scene. they have them. they are debriefing them as they clear the house.
8:04 am
i don't have information about who was pulled out or what the relation is is the subject or if they live there. we don't know that quite yet. >> you are looking for a 7th person? >> we don't know who is left in the house. we don't have a full account. >> if someone is in the house -- it's not like someone is a room and there is a locked door? >> that's correct. our merge unit is scene. when they are done and they've -- they've cleared, they will give us an update. >> the man with the gun, you don't know where he is? >> we don't know at this time. >> one person is in custody? >> we have a few people who are in custody. however, whether they are witnesses or associates, we'll still sorting through. all of them will be debriefed. >> is it possible the man with the gun escaped overnight? >> we don't know. it's very possible, yes. but we'll have to wait until the house is secure until we do
8:05 am
a thorough search. it's a very slow and methodical search. once that is completed, we'll have information for you. >> in isn't really a barricaded situation and you are it -- and you are waiting for something to happen? >> it's a slow search. our merge unit is conducting the search. okay? i will have additional information once they are completed with their search. and i get briefed. ive will come out and give you guys another briefing if you would like. okay. thank you. >> all right. we've been listening live, tori, a news conference. that's heather randol of the san jose police department. police surrounding a house in san jose. it was believed a man with a gun was standing in the street with a child last night. the call came in last night. and you can see a lot of police out there. they are inside the house clearing the house and some people have already been taken out. >> they said there were at least -- the sergeant said
8:06 am
there were five children, ages 13 and under. didn't know specific gender or ages. this is in the area of larch grove place and hayes avenue. it's near oakgrove high school. sergeant randol did repeat the high school is still closed because of the proximity. if we pan across, you can see from the home, the high school -- it looks like the football field is right across the street. that high school is still closed right now. anyone inside the high school is sheltering in place. it's still to be determined when the high school will be open. we'll keep you posted on that. again, no word on whether the suspect is in custody. and sergeant randol made it clear, they are clearing the home. >> six people have been removed. five children. that's pretty much -- they are still not clear where the man is. >> you saw it live as we saw it. we wanted to bring it to you. we well one you back to
8:07 am
"mornings on 2." it's wednesday, november 19th. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. we're getting a little bit of rain this morning, causing some problems on the roads. we'll get to sal in a minute. but steve, still showers? >> one more band has to go through. i think the afternoon looks better. we'll have a quick mover tomorrow which will keep some rain in the forecast. some of this rain is -- we haven't had more than .25. most locations have had about 5/100ths to .10. it looks like okay rain up towards lake county. lakeport, back fossum in mendocino county -- back from mendocino county. also moving into marin county. we had some rain briefly. went through antioch, oakley, berkeley after that, there's not a lot. but there's still a little bit. this is the fromment moving into san francisco. south san francisco, the peninsula, san mateo coast down to the santa cruz mountains. after that, there's not a lot
8:08 am
let. we'll still have some -- rain in it until about the noon hour or 1:00. 40ss, 50s. a lot of 50s. tomorrow's system will dip right down out of the northwest. that will be tomorrow afternoon/evening. morning rain, a lot of cloud cover. some breaks in the cloud cover. a little bit over san jose right now. but 50s and 60s on the temperatures. when there's rain, i'm busy and soap is this man -- so is this man right here. we're looking at some slowdowns. i want to show you the traffic is going to be slow this morning in some of the pictures. we'll also see the bay bridge toll plaza here. you will see traffic that's busy coming through. no major problems on the bridge. but you are definitely gonna be waiting for about 30 minutes getting onto that span. if you are driving in the main part of the east bay, 580 is slow. so is 880. now 880 northbound is slowing out of san leandro all the way through downtown oakland. not only southbound but northbound and it looks like the san mateo bridge is also
8:09 am
getting quite a bit of a slowdown. likewise for the dumbarton bridge. this looks like the peak of the commute. out to 280 northbound this has improved on the way into the valley. 8:08. back to the desk. thank you, sal. some developing news. new development in fact in a potentially dangerous situation in san jose involving an armed man who had barricaded himself inside a home. we just heard san jose police sergeant heather randol say they are in the process of clearing that house right now. they have taken six people out, including five children. but they are not saying whether they have the suspect in custody. it was a man seen with a gun and a small child in the street last night. this is in the area of larch grove place and hayes avenue near oakgrove high school. janine de la vega joins us live now from our san jose newsroom with more on the new information we just learned moments ago. janine? >> reporter: yes. right now, it's still a very active scene out there.
8:10 am
it's located directly behind oakgrove high school in south san jose. that police spokeswoman, sergeant heather randol, had said they are doing a search of that hone -- of that home. right now, they don't think they have the man in custody who had the gun. they are unsure. they are in the middle of questioning all sorts of people right now. they are still out there at that scene where you see the live pictures there right now. they had flash bang green neighborhoods -- grenades that went off. let's go to video of what it was like earlier. this s.w.a.t. team used those to troy to get a man inside that house that had barricaded himself. that's what the original report came out as. police responded at 9:45 last night after guesting a call there was a man standing in the street holding a gun and that a child was with him. when officers arrived, the man
8:11 am
had already retreated inside the home. soap the s.w.a.t. team came out and has been spending all morning long trying to make contact with people inside that house. now, after that flash bang grenade came out, they said that people were removed from the house. they were saying about five or six children under the age of 13. right now there's no reports of injuries. they are doing a lot of questioning of witnesses. people who were there in that area. so again, a very developing situation. we have put calls into the principal at oakgrove high school. again, this is all happening behind there, as well as the school district. we haven't heard back but the latest police mentioned to us was that school was gonna be closed until this situation was resolved and right now, it's not. so we'll continue to monitor this. reporting live from our san jose newsroom, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. thank you. 8:11. three people due in court
8:12 am
today, they are accused of leading sheriff's deputies on a high-speed chase through alameda county with a little child in the back seat. 22-year-old ka she that you freeman, marquez trent and -- katrina freeman, marquez and one other suspect. the officers called off the chase when thurman told him her 2-year-old child was still in that car. you can see here the child is in the arms of an official there. deputies later tracked the suspects to a home on 69th avenue where they found that child unarmed and the two suspects were arrested. brentwood police and the secret service investigating a possible counterfeit money
8:13 am
operation. an officer discovered thousands of dollars in fake cash during a routine traffic stop. now, according to the contra costa times, that officer pulled over 22-year-old marlin henderson last tuesday on lone tree way. the officer says he noticed an envelope filled with bills that were only printed on one side. investigators haven't determined yet if the counterfeit money is tied to a bigger operation. but recent police reports show that local businesses are complained. they've been getting fake bills. the police are urging all businesses to closely examine the cash that they receive. 8:13. physical magic. real magic under the bigtop. in 28 minutes, a live, behind the scenes look at the cabinet of kurios. generally the most germs you will run april cross is on an airplane. >> if you plan to travel this holiday season, pack common
8:14 am
sense and something to wipe things down. after the break, the dirty truth about airplanes and the simple way to protect yourself. we're still looking at a lot of slow traffic. especially on the east bay commutes. we'll run that down for you. rain is picking up, especially from cazadero and petaluma. and also san mateo coast, santa cruz inching in as well.
8:15 am
8:16 am
welcome back. 8:16. new this morning, facebook making it easier for groups to communicate. right now, posting to a group
8:17 am
takes some work and digging especially if you have a mobile device. facebook has launched facebook groups. it's a stand along app for reading and posting to groups. this new app is available for both apple and android devices. it's meant to be especially useful for power users who check several groups every day. if you are traveling by plane during the holidays, a new study might have you thinking twice about what you touch. a germ expert took a flight from san francisco to phoenix and collected samples from a tray table, a bathroom door handle, and a bathroom sink. he analyzed the samples and found what he calls disturbing and dangerous results. >> actually there -- almost ten times more bacteria on the tray table than you did on the toilet seat. >> the airplane sink was actually the dirtiest area. the second dirtiest was the tray table. the cleanest area was the bathroom door handle but it
8:18 am
still contained unsafe levels of bacteria. travelers are urged to use hand sanitizers. >> hey, sal -- >> let me do something while i'm talking to you. think of how fascinating it would be to be a germ expert. >> yeah. >> at your house. >> but kind of scary. you wouldn't want to breathe the air. afraid you will get sick. >> you would know what germs are good. you have germs in your house -- >> yeah. >> some are bad. >> you would would be the protector. >> sal is kind of stalling for time with the maps -- >> you found me out. highway 24 is ready now and westbound 24 is better. there goes b.a.r.t. b.a.r.t. is doing well. 24 is better than it was a little while ago. la fayette traffic seems to be loosening up. you will see slow traffic
8:19 am
approaching the caldecott tunnel. there is slow traffic on 680 heading south. so please -- it's not a great commute out there. it's better than it was yesterday. but yesterday was -- we went from -- we went from horrible to just kind of bad. out to the bay bridge toll plaza, it is backed up for a 25 to po-minute delay -- 30-minute delay. i want to show you some improvement. 580 was very slow from 205 out to the altamont pass. traffic is going to be a little bit slow in the dublin area. but no major problems on 680 heading south. i want to -- i want to toss it to steve. steve? >> sal? >> we've had awful snow in -- back east. >> sal, twitter alone for the snow pictures coming in from buffalo, 63 inches in lancaster. people are showing their garage door opening up and it's -- you can't get out. it's this deep.
8:20 am
>> and yesterday, you know, that sharks' game people didn't show up. >> they had like 6,000 something like that? >> 10,000 paid. 6,000 showed up. that is for a team not very good. 6,000 still showed up. there's been more snow. this is probably a case -- can we just get out of here? give credit to those who did. >> the sharks lost. >> they lost 4-1. >> steve, can i say one thing? >> do you know what happened last night? the coach he had to suit up as the emergency goalie, guy my age. all righty. >> probably hurt himself. [laughter] >> thank you, sal. we do have -- i just want to mention there's been more snow in one storm in buffalo than denver gets in an entire year which is 58 inches.
8:21 am
there's some areas, 58 to 63 inches of snow. we have some rain here. not a lot. but there's some. it's picking u thank you, gary in petaluma. a couple of reports also up in the russian river. up to ukiah as well. i think it was pete's bottle shops who said it's raining up here. thank you for that. also rain on the san mateo coast. cazadero, .04. intensity picking up there. probably more middletown. 17/100ths in calistoga. cloudy, rain picking up. front is coming through. it will move through by noon. we should be on the back side. breezy, cooler. there will be another system coming in tomorrow. upper lake, lakeport to hop lynn, cloverdale to clearlake and hidden valley lake. then we pick up from windsor, it looks like it's gone through guerneville. bodega bay, rohnert park. heading towards glen ellen and yountville. san rafael towards southern marin county into mill valley. up to novato. also the line moving into
8:22 am
oakland. it looks like from berkeley, emeryville back to san francisco as well. just went through the sunset district. and then along the san mateo/santa cruz coast right there it is. picking unright off santa cruz. that's near the radar people. 30s up in the mountains. not gonna do much. but tomorrow's system looks better. 40s and 50s on the temps. 61 at sfo. once this next ban goes through. we'll get quieter conditions. the next system will zip through. tomorrow afternoon and evening. i think it will pick up cooler air. maybe not. we'll see. usually the forecast models back off as we get closer to it. but another round of rain tomorrow. morning rain, clouds. afternoon sun. it will be cooler and breezy today. highs 50s and 60s. there is a stronger system coming in on saturday. it looks like it will favor areas to the north but tomorrow could give a shot at known. that will help.
8:23 am
a cool and breezy day on friday. >> can you imagine how much will be generating from all of that snow in buffalo? >> you hope they don't get a rapid melt. >> they are worried about that, the flooding. >> all right. thank you. 8:22. barbie, under fire this morning. in 23 minutes, the complaints over the book titled, i can be a computer engineer. it's the longest wrongful incarceration in california history. after the break, why after three decades this man is about to be set free. female announcer: the mattress price wars are ending soon at sleep train! we challenged the manufacturers to offer even lower prices. now it's posturepedic vs. beautyrest with big savings of up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three years interest-free financing. plus, free same day delivery, set-up, and removal of your old set. when brands compete, you save! mattress price wars ends soon at sleep train.
8:24 am
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8:26 am
a man is set to be released from prison in southern california after serving more than 30 years for a crime prosecutors say he may not have committed. in 1980, michael hanline seen in this picture was convicted of shooting and killing jt mcgavety. at the time, prosecutors argue he was jealous because they were dating the same woman. now the venture raw county -- ventura district attorney say documents were withheld at the trial that show other people may have been responsible for the crime. hanline has served 32 years in prison. that's the longest wrong f.m. incarceration in california history. he's set to be released next monday. 8:26. a village in germany pulled off a prank this weekend and they tricked a group of neo-nazis. the locals found a way to turn a march into a fund-raiser for
8:27 am
organizations that oppose hate crimes. it happened the as the nazis held their march through the hometown of redolph hess, he was the top deputy to hitler. they convinced local businesses to make a donation for efevery step the nazis took during the march. more than $12,000 was donated to anti-nazi groups. 8:27. today's big showdown in san francisco, we're out there live this morning in the rain. the detoday -- decision today that could affect tens of thousands of college students all over the state. >> reporter: and cirque du soleil is back in san francisco. we're hanging out with the crew from kurios. coming up, i'm gonna try to do that. i promise i will keep my shirt on. [laughter] all right. northbound and southbound 101 in san francisco are doing okay. we're also looking at some of
8:28 am
the freeways approaching the bridges. even though the bridge is heavy, 880 is busy. some rain is picking up, especially in the north bay. we'll take a closer look at that and see how much we can expect maybe into tomorrow. bulldog: oooh!
8:29 am
bulldog: mattress discounters' $197 mattress sale! television announcer: get a serta mattress, any size, for just $197 each piece when you buy the complete set. the $197 mattress sale... bulldog: oh boy! television announcer: ending soon. ♪ mattress discounters
8:30 am
good morning. welcome back. we're live. these are live pictures. the ucsf mission bay campus hundreds of student protesters standing out in the rain. they are trying to block the intransto a building where a -- entrance to a building where the uc board of regents is supposed to start about now. they are protesting a plan to raise tuitions. brian flores is out there as
8:31 am
well. he's keeping an eye on this protest. he will -- he's also keeping an eye on what is expected to be a heated hearing. coming up in two minutes, brian will tell us more about the big decision, one that affects thousands of students. you see the police are out there as well. stay tuned. thank you for joining us on "mornings on 2." wednesday, november 19th. i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic. steve paulson is here. you are monitoring the weather. >> i just told you, dave. glen park bonzi qi just tweeted me. >> we haven't heard from bubba th tortoise up in petaluma. i know it's been raining up there. it's cool and rainy for some. the front is moving through. that's going to give us some rain. there's not been a lot. we'll had light stuff. mill valley and larkspur both 12/100ths. napa, novato and san francisco down to ben lomond, san
8:32 am
francisco around .08. it looks like it's moving through mendocino county. lake county, lakeport, hidden lake, windsor, san francisco, and russian river, not a lot. tiburon looks like it's getting rain. also berkeley, el cerrito, not a lot. i know el cerrito had .04. decent line. that's picked under and moved through san francisco. right on the san mateo/santa cruz coast. this is the front. this will be it after this by the noon hour we should start to calm down. 40s 50s and a few -- 40s and 50s. but cooler air is coming in behind that. there will be a system tomorrow afternoon. more on that in ten minutes. 50s and 60s on the temperatures. rain picking up a sal. any impact on the traffic? >> i want you to see this picture. we're gonna put it on tv. let's look at the east shore picture.
8:33 am
you can tell there's rain coming down on this -- in this area. our picture is picking unsome of the rain. westbound 80 is slowing down from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze and your average speed is 30 miles an hour. that will slow things down as steve said. the rain is moving through the bay bridge toll plaza. that is backed up for a little bit. i just picked up a 10, 15- minute b.a.r.t. delay at 24th street in san francisco and mill pray. due to an earlier equipment problem on the track. i just got that off a tweet from b.a.r.t. b.a.r.t. tweets alerts out. let's take a look at the commute here in contra costa county on 680 southbound. it's pretty slow. still from concord to walnut creek, we've had a couple of minor wrecks. southbound 680 is slow into alamo. 8:33. back to the desk. we're still following. the developing news from the south bay. we're out there live. san jose police still at the
8:34 am
scene of a barricade situation. it forced oakgrove high school to close down. again, these are live pictures, a very busy street. a lot of activity. you can see up ahead. the police are still in the middle of the street and that area is blocked off. we're in the area of larch grove place and hayes avenue. just a little while ago -- and you saw it live -- police spokesperson heather randol said the situation involves reports of an armed man and several children all under the age of 13. >> there were at least six people. there were approximately five children. we're still sorting out the information about who lives there and how many people could possibly be inside. >> now, so far, we've no reports of injuries. police have decided they will keep the high school closed while the search goes on. make sure you stay right here with us at ktvu for any updates
8:35 am
on this still developing story from san jose. happening now, emotions running high as the u cu. board of regents prepares to vote on a tuition increase. brian flores in san francisco this morning where a student protest -- this has been underway since early this morning. they are still out there in the rain. brian. >> reporter: yes, they are, dave. good morning. they are very emotional. very upset over this increase. i'm gonna step aside and show you the scene. it's gotten very much calmer than it was since we last saw you about an hour ago. but still, hundreds of students out here this morning, blocking entrances. some holding unsigns saying education is a right, not a privilege. fund us. different signs from students. this is not just a financial hit but an emotional hit because they tell us the hopes and dreams from graduating could be dashed. now, we have met students from all over the state this
8:36 am
morning. in terms of this proposal, it's to raise student fees 5% for the next five years. university of california students currently pay about over $12,000 in tuition and fees alone. but if you include other things like food, room and board, it comes out to 30,000 per year. we also spoke to an out of state student from new jersey who says he pays about $55,000 a year. these proposed increases would affect him also. a lot of finger pointing on the gn with the -- going on this morning. the uc says the blame should also go to the state because despite a relatively better economy, there's been little to no funding towards higher ed funding. no question as you mentioned, dave, that will be a very heated discussion going on right now and later on this morning. >> the expense has blown up. it's making it harder and harder on students like me. a lot of other people.
8:37 am
you know, decreasing -- >> i think tuition is one of the funding options. the state could support the university more. so when we look at this, the fee issue is -- remember, half of our students pay no tuition at all. we really support our low- income students. i think it's a fair discussion about what we can do for california. >> reporter: we should mention that governor brown, who is expected to attend the meeting later on, does not support the tuition increase. i want to take it back out here live, where several students at the entrances, three of the entrances into the meeting this morning. we have seen students from all over the state, riverside, ucla, berkeley, davis, just to name a few. i can say there's been pushing and shofning as police had to clear paths for the regents to enter the meeting. many regents had to be escorted by the police to enter in. but very emotional. we'll be out there throughout the morning. we'll have another report for
8:38 am
the ktvu news at noon on whether they will make a decision for this tuition increase. we're live here in san francisco. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> okay. thank you. 8:37. well, it's being called one of the best cirque du soleil shows in a long time. kurios. it's now playing under the bigtop at san francisco's at&t park. now, so for this morning, alex savidge, who has tried biking, juggling and he sur -- and he survived. now he shows us with -- alex? [laughter] >> what will you doing? >> reporter: i can't hold this pose much longer. doing some -- chip, what are you doing? you will killing me, man. >> i'm doing the iron cross. >> reporter: we're pack in the warmup room. >> not quite, alex. >> reporter: you didn't buy it? >> no. >> reporter: we're back stage. this is the area where all of the acrobats do all of their warm up js before the show. we'll bring in one of the
8:39 am
professionals. this goo i is a professional. roman. let me move the chair unless you need it. [laughter] >> reporter: he will show us how it's done. cirque du soleil back in san francisco. kurois is the show. it goes until january 18th. that's how it's done. >> wow. >> reporter: that's the iron cross. >> that's so hard to do. >> reporter: unbelievable. this show just started this past weekend. this is the premiere here in the u.s. and then it will be moving onto other cities. we get first crack at this brand-new production. let me bring in chad. you train these folks? >> that's right. >> reporter: that's pretty easy to do. >> i'm sure everybody can do it after 20 years of training. >> reporter: a couple of cups of kof give and you are ready to -- kochfy and you are ready to go. what does it take? >> discipline. a lot of these artists have grown up doing this.
8:40 am
so many people in the u.s. grow up playing traditional sports, these artists grow up in circus skills. roman's brother is also an artist in the fact. his father -- >> reporter: it's a family affair? >> it's a family affair. >> reporter: this is the 35th production. is that right, of cirque du soleil? we've seen the shows here and around the country and around the world for that matter. it's really incredible to see the shows. should we give roman a break? >> yeah, take a break. >> reporter: you shust hang out at home -- just hang out at home and you have straps at the house. >> yeah. >> reporter: how hard is this to do? what does it take? >> it takes a lot of training. >> reporter: why do you think people need to see you and the other folks in the show. >> it's an amazing show for sure. >> you will give them a good production. >> there you go. you heard it here first. give me a quick lesson. i was messing around with the
8:41 am
chair. can i try this, can i do this? a leg guy like me who doesn't make it to the gym as often as i should. >> oh, god, tori. >> reporter: you want to -- get the ambulance on standby if you can [laughter] >> we don't want to do that. >> reporter: give me some biceps. >> not bad. >> i'll accept that, alex. >> not a hair out of place. >> reporter: break time. january 18th. it listen a blast as all of their shows are. >> awesome job. >> impressive, alex. >> very proud of you. >> exactly. that's not easy. >> now you can collect. >> alex savidge live at cirque du soleil, kurios. >> at at&t park. 8:41. still ahead -- more trouble ahead for bill cosby. a new comby special now
8:42 am
postpone -- comedy special now postponed after the latest allegations of sexual abuse from a supermodel. and why parents believe a new barbie book on being a computer engineer sets a bad example for girls. we're looking at 101 in san jose. righter here its improving -- its improving and soap has 280 through san jose. we'll show you other improving commutes ahead. not too much to the system. it's moving through. light rain around. there's another system on tap for tomorrow that's a little different from this one. i will explain. female announcer: it's posturepedic vs. beautyrest
8:43 am
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8:45. i can be a computer engineer. that's barbie's claim in a new book. sounds great but some messages in the book are stirring up controversy. pam cook joins us now in the studio with the barbie doll backlash. you have interesting comments. >> very interesting comments. i had a chance to read more of the book. barbie has an extensive resume from police officer to rock star. but her latest pursuit is not sitting well so some people. in a new book, barbie tells her sister skipper she's designing
8:46 am
a computer game. but on one page skipper asks if she can play the game and barbby said i'm only creating the design ideas. i will need steve and brian's help to turn into a real game. in the book, he she accidentally gives skippary computer a virus. in her defense, i read the best of the book and barbie is a computer ennearing student. so she's still learning. by the way, look at that, her professor is a woman who gives her advice about fixing skipper's computer. interesting perspectives on facebook. nina wrote, if your daughter is getting her encouragement and self-esteem from barbie and not her parents, the problem is you, not barbie. in response to that, ryan wrote, there will always be negative outside influences on upyouth. a parent should be able to teach their children to distinguish between the two.
8:47 am
we want to hear what you think about the story. go to our facebook page. join the conversation. very interesting. some are very entertaining as well. dave and tori? >> before you go, tell me the truth. how many barbies did you own? >> i can't even count how many barbbies i have in my house. >> that you still have. >> i'm sure my daughters don't get their self-essometime from barbie. >> from their mom. >> absolutely. >> thank you. someone who has no problem with self-esteem, that would be sal castanedo. >> i like the intro. i had gi joes. how to break stuff. >> that's true. >> it's a boy thing. >> i'm looking at the monitor and i'm seeing a list of problems that just pop up correlated with some of the rain that went through. and it wasn't a lot but all it takes a little bit. people start running into each other unfortunately. we have an accident on highway
8:48 am
4, a minor one at pleasant -- women low pass road. southbound 280. it looks like we have a traffic hazard. a bunch of things popped up. be careful out there and pain attention to what you are doing. northbound 880 is backed up from san leandro as you head up toward the macarthur maze. also looking at the commute at the bay bridge, we do have a backup. it's still stretching 25, 30 minutes. this is much better than yesterday. but still not a walk in the park as you drive through. i also want to mention if you are driving on 680 southbound into san ramon. it has been very slow. looking at the north bay, it's still very slow out of novato. usual lie by now we have a break. it's backed up to san rafael. we had earlier issues to blame. very slow. 8:48. >> yes, it is. as you know, we've had the rain. the system is moving through right now. it's been hit and miss. has not been that much. jen. ly less than .10. in some areas, especially san jose and to the east bay, barely any rain.
8:49 am
but the system, they just don't have enough to work with. not enough cold air, not enough dynamics and jet stream support. we're getting a little bit of rain. there's so much energy back east. by the way, some of the ten-day outlooks send temperatures up 50 degrees for some that are subzero. this may be a big melt issue as we go forward in the next seven to ten days. we do get the system going through cazadero. .50. forestville .25. mill valley, 12/100ths. a couple of reports from mill valley coming in at 12/100ths. napa, novato .08. it looks like the rain has moved through most of mendocino county. upper lake, lakeport, clearlake into lake county getting rain. we take that back into san jose, windsor, glen ellen, yountville has had .04. napa .08. san rafael has had 12/100ths as well. back to hercules, question day yo, richmond. right over san pablo bay. again, not a lot.
8:50 am
kensington, berkeley getting rain. also oakland. east bay beginning to punch in towards walnut creek. a little bit out towards clayton. san ramon, danville. it's been very light. the last part of the system is moving through san francisco. peninsula now right along san mateo coast and also towards santa cruz, santa cruz mountains. as will be light. 30s up in the mountains. this will not be a good snow producer. 50s and 60s for us. after the system goes through, we'll focus the system to the northwest. the system will dive in. i think it will give us more rain. it will be a much cooler system. that does help. sometimes you get the told air -- cold air to help it out. morning rain, a lot of cloud cover. it will be cooler. breezy with highs in the as an 67 os, especially to the north and some of the higher elevations. dealing with a pretty cool air mass. not much of a cold front. we'll have a quick one. it will give us rain thursday. light snow in the sierra and a coomb, breezy day.
8:51 am
rain in the north bay. i don't think it will make it south. >> we'll take what we can get. 8:50. the creator of paddington bear says he's amazed there's been a parental guidance rating given to it in britain. ♪ >> the british board of film classification originally warned the film included mild sexual references among other things. they later changed that to innuendo. it refers to a scene of flirtation involving a man who dresses as a cleaning lady. paddington will be released in britain this month and in the u.s. in january. i love the bear. very polite, but also got into a little bit of trouble. >> yes. >> yes. an exciting discovery by the probe, the one that landed on the comet. after the break, what the spacecraft found and the implication those findings have
8:52 am
to life right here on planet earth. 22 bucks! these guys should've gone to my place, cuz right now, i have two breakfast croissants for just four bucks. they're both made with a freshly cracked egg and melting cheese on a buttery, flaky croissant. try the supreme with bacon and ham, or the sausage. they'll fill you up for - whoa hey! what are you doing? you can't make a commercial for your restaurant at my restaurant! not if you keep interrupting me, i can't.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2." time is 8:54. we want to give you an update on this hour's developing news from san jose. san jose police just reopened the streets around the scene of that barricade situation that's believed to have involved an armed man and seven children. this is in the area of larch grove place and hayes avenue
8:55 am
just behind oakgrove high school. police just told us they still have not found the suspect. the children were in the home where the police fought the man -- thought the man was barricaded but police removed all of the children safely. we also just found out that nearby oakgrove high school will reopen at 9:15 this morning, just 20 minutes from right now. again, we'll have much more on what is happening in san jose on the cute news at noon -- ktvu news at noon. netflix is postponing bill cosby's upcoming comedy special. they haven't said why but this comes after a growing number of allegations that bill cosby allegedly sexually assaulted women. the most recent claim is by a former supermodel, janice dickenson. she claims he sexually assaulted her in lake tahoe in 1982. cosby and his advisers reportedly agree with the decision by netflix. no word on when cosby's special
8:56 am
called bill cosby 77 will air. 8:5 a. there is exciting news from the space probe that's still riding a comet toward the sun. the lander has discovered carbon which is the basis for all life forms on the comet. scientists say that could mean comets brought the building blocks of life to our planet. the european team says it's still interpreting information sent by the lander. right now the probe still-- still does not have power. scientists hope as the comet approaches the sun, fresh sunlight will power the lander's solar panel. this year's people's magazine is a demigod, chris hemsworth took home the title for sexiest man alive. he's a father to three young children.
8:57 am
he told "people" magazine if nothing else, it should excuse him from doing dishes and changing diapers for two weeks, if his wife is smart, she will say yeah, right, buddy. >> bravo to him. hey, sal, you are still the man. >> well, thank you, dave, tori. [laughter] >> you know, i am afraid i have bad traffic news. things are not clearing up as we hoped for this commute getting in san francisco. still a big crowd here at the toll plaza. kind of lining up. very big crowd. if you are driving on 880 northbound in oakland. look at all of that slow traffic coming up. it's kind of this late morning commute. it doesn't end. a little windy there. if you are driving in marin county, it's slow from novato to san rafael on southbound 101. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. some rain is moving through. it looks like the front is about ready to get through, not a lot of rain but 57/100ths up
8:58 am
in cazadero. that will be the most, generally less than .10. we'll get another system thursday afternoon, evening. that will be a much cooler system than rain to the north on saturday. next week looking dry. >> all right. >> but it's thanksgiving next week. might not be a bad thing for people traveling. >> correct. >> all right. that's our report for this morning. we thank you for making ktvu your choice near news. at noon, more on today's big meeting in san francisco, the uc board of regents and the tuition increase. thank you for joining us. television announcer: mattress discounters' $197 mattress sale $197 mattress sale is ending soon. bulldog: mattress discounters' $197 mattress sale! television announcer: right now, you can get a serta mattress, any size, for just $197 each piece when you buy the complete set. bulldog: any size mattress - twin, full, queen, or king - for one low price!
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