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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  November 25, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PST

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dad kept noticing bruises on his little girl. the story behind the video creating global outrage. paragliders try a running launch. >> they could have used a few extra steps. >> what happens when they don't get them. >> a deserving dad is about to walk into an elaborate prank featuring hidden cameras, celebrities and prizes. first lady michelle obama was
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involved in this. now mario lopez tells us how the team at "extra" managed to pull off one life-changing pranks-giving. >> it was a cool moment. >> the buzz word at your shot at a new ipad mini. >> wouldn't it be great to make a motorcycle swing? when dear old dad decides to open throttle. >> this surveillance video will disgust you, but this video also brought a nanny to justice. the video picks up on a home in uganda. that is the 22-year-old nanny feeding the 2-year-old child of the homeowner. >> wow. i felt that.
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>> you see the nanny slap the child as she is trying to feed this poor little girl. once she is finally done feeding the little girl, seems as though the nanny starts eating her own meal, the little girl sitting quietly by her side. >> oh, no. that's going to set that woman off, isn't it? >> the poor kid is probably sitting there nervous from the beating she's already taken. >> oh, my god. >> she throws the little girl down on the floor and begins beating this little girl. the father of the child kept noticing bruises on his little girl so he put the surveillance camera in there to see if the nanny was up to no good. when he saw this footage, he, according to reports, violently attacked the nanny beating her in what reports say to a pulp. she ended up reporting that beating to police. they initially arrested the father of the child, but when he produced these tapes and showed
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police this video, police dropped the charges against him. they arrested the nanny and she has now reportedly been charged with attempted murder. the most dangerous and difficult part of flying is take off and landing. that includes paragliding flights. these two guys making a run down the hill, trying to get their speed up to watch their parasail up in the air. >> is that you? >> no. >> that looks like you. >> i thought he was showing us his paragliding fail. >> if you have twigs in your
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teeth, i've done it wrong. >> they got no air under their wings at all. >> i do love they posted the video because this is pretty embarrassing. i love their sense of humor that they would go beyond it and post it. >> when you watch this video, you are going to say this guy should be an investigator for the kalamazoo police department. he caught this guy in that black honda running a heck of a lot of lights. this is on dash cam he collected over time. the guy in this black honda likes to do this. but you guys, he doesn't do this just once. the person taking this video noticed that this driver back in
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2012 was running red lights like this, getting in the left lanes, cutting traffic oaf and zooming in front of them. he got 23 minutes of footage of this guy doing it. here he is again. he goes around the car into the left lane. cuts those cars off. >> really impatient, dangerous driver. >> watch him do it from the right. he is in the right-turn only lane. once again he zooms and cuts off traffic. >> he was on the same commute you. notice the same cars if you're on the same schedule every day. >> he meets a truck face-to-face. they nearly have a head-on. you can see the guy driving for miles in the left lane, which you are not supposed to do. the sheriff is aware of the video. it was brought to their attention and this guy could be charged with reckless driving based on what's here. the man has not been charged
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yet. >> this is video evidence of crush the car. >> guess what? it's just about time for us to give away another ipad mini. >> you are going to need tuesday's buzz word, be at least 18 years of age or older an a legal u.s. resident. >> stand by for the rpm ipad mini give away. we see time and time again it's cool, the power social media can do great things. this is coming out of romania. what happened with these guys? they make tv and do editing and like cars and stuff like that. they saw friends were sharing this story about a guy in bucharest. he lives almost on the street. he doesn't have a door.
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in the winter it can drop below freezing. they raised $1,000 euros, about $1,200 u.s. dollars. that he bought a shipping container that wasn't in the best state but they did one of those renovations t it. they me this almost a contained home. they crane in this shipping container. >> that's awesome what you can do with $1,000. it doesn't take that much. there are so many of these shipping containers and this idea using these containers is catching fire. >> the power of social media doing something good. crazy carl is about to do something crazy. >> he is going to do this shirtless 70 foot double back flip. >> see if he can stick the
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stunt. and extra goodwill when mario lopez and "extra" pull off a hidden camera pranks-giving. >> when being patient doesn't go your way. >> oh, no. maman n (s(steternrnlyly):o you think you're going? mr. mucus: to work, wiwith you. itit's's t tacaco o tutuese. maman:n: y youou'r're e no. i took mucinex to hehelplp get rid of my mucusy congestion. i'i'm m gogoodod a alll. [a[annnnououncncerer] mumucicinex keeps working. nonot t 4,4, n notot , bubut 12 hours. lelet't's s enend d ts whwhoaoa!! [s[snonortrt]] yuyum!m! f flilintntststonone. jujustst l likike e rerealal d! ththesese e arare e didinon. chchewewy y ininsisidede, , cr. nenew w flflinintststotonenes s.
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'tis the season for giving and emmy-award winning "extra" is on the giving for a very deserving veteran. he is a decorated army veteran with two tours of duty in iraq. he got back to the states. he lost his role model, his grandfather to a battle with cancer. >> me and him always done everything together. >> he came on hard financial times. had to sell one of his favorite things. he had to sell his motorcycle. in order to help with family bills and to help pay for his
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grandfather's funeral. >> it's been pretty difficult. >> but he's got a sneaky girlfriend who teamed up with the folks at "extra" and "prank it forward" to create this incredibly elaborate heart-felt prank at universal studios hollywood. 14 hidden cameras. even first lady michelle obama. >> that's right, i'm talking to you. >> was involved with this. >> that's a lot of moving parts. >> to tell us all about it, we have mario lopez via skype from universal studios hollywood. welcome to the show! >> thank you so much for that nice introduction. that round of applause, that's great. >> tell us what went into this. >> a lot went into this. we are just ecstatic we were able to pull it off. >> what's your name? >> pranks-giving we are calling it. if it wasn't for a sneaky girlfriend -- who doesn't have one of those?
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she came through and made it all happen for him. >> what exactly was the prank? what did you guys do? >> this guy thought he was applying for a job here at universal. >> actually, i need someone taller. >> he gets pulled to be an extra in a commercial with michael with weatherly who happens to star in his favorite show "ncis." that took it to a whole other level. >> we have to tune in to find out exactly what happened? >> know this guy thought he was applying for a job, he gets surprised and it's one thing after another. >> hey, john. >> how difficult was it to get the first lady involved in this? >> that's right, i'm talking to you. >> we've done some stuff with them in the past. not too long ago it was mrs. obama in florida with her get moving campaign. i got to salsa with her. she is a supporter, a fan of the show and thought this thing we were doing was awesome. >> the fac she took that time
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was special. >> thanks for your incredible service and sacrifice. >> is that going to be something we see from you every year? >> i would like it to be an annual thing. if people become hip to us, it will be difficult to pull off. >> i think as the internet as imagination. what's happened, people got imaginative and we have crazy carl. >> getting ready to drop in on at shortless double back flip. >> he is going to dob the shirtless double back flip. >> he gets down low. he starts crossing his fingers. let's hope it goes okay. it's going to be awesome.
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we switch to beautiful wide slow motion shots. then we go to the gopro for the ultimate finale. >> it's a mash-up between animation, video and extreme sports. >> you see a whole bunch of stick men get out. >> this is great. >> this is awesome. >> it's brilliant. >> i love it. >> these guys have a sense of humor. i love the head, too. awesome. this is gigantic, too. >> because they are stick men, how many times my mind was getting tricked into not being sure it was real or not. really enjoyable. >> this is byron the poodle. he is being trained to wait for his treat.
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it's laid on his paws. sometimes dogs need a breath fresh freshener. something is about to happen. >> oh, no. >> that was a toy kapoodle who needs more training about not stealing treats. and byron is still waiting patiently. >> he is so well behaved, he didn't even try to protect it. >> japanese arcade madness. >> something is going on. >> what happens when these guys start winning big next "right this minute." and still to come, dude gets the camera rolling and catches one heck of a light show.
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here and only here. ♪ come and get it. rob mcgee started rolling a camera when a storm rocked sydney. quite the light show. five seconds long. >> that was good timing on is
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part. there were quite a few lightning strikes in sydney. so many that 14,000 people lost power. they had winds up to 60 miles per hour. >> you never know where lightning is going to strike, but you can determine where a car accident is going to happen if there is a lot of ice on the road. this guy starts rolling the video. that wasn't the only accident. keep watching. >> the crunch of cars is an awful noise. >> you hear the money evaporating from your wallet. >> obviously, you're videap too, bro. what am i supposed to do? i'm not going to get killed by your car. >> instead of getting video of everybody crashing, walk 50 feet up the street and say, okay, slow down.
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help people out a little bit. >> he was almost hit by another accident. >> because he was standing there taking video. >> guess what? more accidents happened. the guy says there was ice underneath the snow and the city had not come to clear it. >> kids, keep your eyes on your parents. they may be up to no good. this one decided it would be fun to make a motorcycle swing. this is dad. >> i can tell this is really fun, cool dad. >> he is definitely a cool dad. >> his kid came home to dad doing this. yeah, my dad's a child. >> i love this guy. >> this other dad, he's known as
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mad dad. he picks up his daughter and starts doing a little step. pretty good. now we know why he's got a little girl. he's got moves. >> he keeps going. calls his little daughter back after he lets her go. then you see people walking up in the background. >> and dancing with this girl. >> i am not mad at chad. >> all right, everybody. pay attention because it's time for us to give away an ipad mini. >> you need the buzz word, be at least 18 years of age or older and a legal u.s. resident. >> head over to "right this
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minute" and click on the win i pawed button. >> enter the buzz word on facebook, twitter or both each and every day. >> it's time to reveal tuesday's buzz word. it is parade. >> one day later this week it's bonus give away day. that means two winners. one will get a flat screen tv. you will have to watch every day for your chance to win. >> can't afford to not watch. >> dude's got a bit of a problem. >> i can't get to my car. >> see if he can face his fear of the scary deer.
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- that's what really sets scan apart from everybody else. scan cares. - i don't know a better way to say it than, the heart of scan. - scan, for your health and independence. >> i find it delightful, miniature little things that are working. >> in the morning just recently, this poor man -- >> was viciously attacked.
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>> look at this. >> what? this is a video posted by brian forte. he doesn't want to go to his car. >> he was having breakfast. >> they back there looking at me like i was scared t car. what if i walked to my car and they started running toward it? >> is he a city slicker? maybe his first day out in the country? >> i can't get to my car. >> is he a comedian because this man is funny. >> i got to go to work.
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>> this guy is a median. brian forte has a professional facebook page. this is really what he saw outside. >> i've been telling this cat like a dog. that one ain't scared. git. >> that's brian's attempt to get to his car. >> that's our show. thanks for joining us. we'll see you for the next edition of "rtm."
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to some at the beach with an underwater rescue. >> atv rider learns it can be a bit top heavy. especially when they are on top of you. >> kids, glorious kids. see who knows how to have a good time. plus, the buzz word for your the show at a new ipad mini. an epic game of ping pong in the london underground.


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