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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  November 28, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PST

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a man holding a baby is suddenly attacked, forcing him to drop the baby on the ground. a crazy scene that sparked a gun battle in the streets. >> nine stories of old wood and rickety railing don't stop this daredevil. >> he has no fear. >> why he doesn't, but you will when you watch. >> people walk into a building with a gas leak. >> this guy is already passed out. >> the real story behind who stopped to help and who doesn't.
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>> what is going on here? >> it's a parade. >> the surprise that comes out of this truck. >> are you kidding me? >> you have seen it all, haven't you? >> security cameras in brazil catch some terrifying moments. this first one on the side of a road. you see a family. pay attention to this man carrying a backpack. he pulled out a gun that had a silencer on it and he approaches this family. >> no. >> the dude with the babe pulled a gun out of his pocket? >> you see the man drop the baby on the ground. the man who is holding a baby is a member of military police. he immediately springs into action and he starts firing at this man. he was able to shoot the guy who attacked his family. that man had to be taken to the
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hospital with serious gun shot wounds. the story gets crazier. it turns out this man who attacked this family had just escaped from a detention center. he had previously been arrested for robbery and drug trafficking. police wonder if this was a random attack or targeting this guy who was a member of the military police. fortunately, the baby was all right. did have minor injuries from that fall. the baby is okay. this second security video from brazil involving weapons. watch these guys come around the corners. they point the gun at this security guard's head. they're after that guard's weapon. he was able to get that security guard weapon. he took the gun, they ran away. the security guard goes inside for safety. >> this is a chimney 280 meters
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feet high in romania, about 918 feet. you see the amazing size of this thing. he is going to climb it. this is like an old cold war chimney in serious disrepair. >> how in the world -- suction cups? >> he is just climbing on cables that are hanging down. this is impressive strength. he just goes hand over hand. >> they could split at any second and crumble in his hands. >> look at the rickety metal he starts standing on when he finally gets to the ladder. this looks like the picture of safety. it is rotting and falling away. this entire area of safety fall
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away. he gets to the top 918 feet above. wow. heig hole in it because it's a chimney. >> does he jump off it? >> he is going across it. >> he has no fear. >> he seems to be in the circus. he does juggling, things like that. he does the high-wire stuff. this is another day at the office. he's got to get down. >> three traffic camera videos that show it's just not your time. this guy in china crossing a dark street. probably not a good idea to be crossing where he is. he is stuck in the middle of the street as he is waiting for traffic to clear. he gets crazed by this van and it knocks him down. people cannot see him in the
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road. he's injured. he can't move. people come to help. cars slow down but don't slow down enough because one car gets rear ended and they ran over him a third time. >> where is he? is he okay? >> broken leg and broken ribs. that guy is going to survive. he'll be okay. remarkably, just not his time to go. these next two videos from american traffic solutions. this one from tucson. red light up ahead. this car does not see it. pow. right into the side of that other car. minor injuries. this one, thank goodness people were paying attention. look how many people are in this crosswalk. the light is red again. people notice.
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i don't know how you miss the red lights. you see heads turn. everybody notices something is not right. >> i have three videos. the first two unlikely animals. >> dolphins love it. they just want to play and be involved. >> i know. it sounds like jackie was in the water swimming and the dolphins got curious. >> this friendship is awesome. >> it's a monkey and a dog.
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>> the monkey is having a great time just hanging out on the back of this dog. >> monkeying around. >> here is the cutest dog fight ever because it's two puppies. >> i love puppy fights. they make that noise. they fight with their mouths. >> two robbers take out a customer at a gas station. >> he decided to fight back. >> how his bare hands rival their weapons. and meet the real-life giant robot. >> i want it. that is so cool. >> hear into becoming
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follow the show all day long. unfortunately, an all too familiar scene here. men with masks going into businesses to rob them. in this case you see two men wearing hooded sweatshirts, masks. they look like medical masks. they break into this convenience store. they throw one of the customers on the ground why they try to go behind the counter to the register to steal the money that is in it. one of them while holding a hand gun walks over to the register. opens it up and tries to take the cash out. ends up taking the entire drawer. while they come back, you see that customer, a truck driver that happened to be there while this robbery was happening
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decided to fight back with his bare hands. in spite of the fact the other two were armed. >> that's brave. >> or stupid. >> both. >> fortunately, it doesn't look like they harmed him. they did end up running away with the cash drawer. police in russia still looking for them. these robbers came into this home to take a motorcycle and an audi. they drive off and one of them gets on that bike and drives off. police did find the audi some time later, but the motorcycle is missing. >> they took his driving leathers. >> police released this video hoping somebody recognizes something that leads them to the
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culprit. >> in russia, if you see a snowy road, you see a camera rolling and what looks like an 18-wheeler coming toward an intersection at high speeds honking the horn, what do you think? >> there is a reason the camera man is not running away. >> it's a parade. >> it's not a parade. >> we see all these trucks pulling into a parking lot. this is bringing a bride to a wedding. >> oh, my goodness. are you kidding me? >> you have seen it all, haven't you? oh russia, how we love the four dash cam videos. >> it looks like a wet road. things might get dangerous up
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ahead of the pedestrian walkway. lights start flashing. people start crossing. watch what happens. >> it's like hansel and gretel. >> no sympathy. couldn't give the dog three seconds to finish up. >> in a world of overpopulation. >> access civilian population control. >> take care of excess population control. >> are you excess population?
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you need to be controlled. >> of course it is a spectacular costume that's taken over 800 hours to build. >> obviously, everyone is terrified. >> i want it. that is so cool. i would wake up and put that on first thing in the morning just to walk around my house. >> this guy has gone to serious length. he's got the motor, the lights. you can hear it's got a microphone and a speaker that projects his voice and makes it sound roboty. >> my favorite part is his try purpose. >> you know what i also noticed, for the women they smile and look. the guys are chasing after him. >> it's not unlike the reactions right here at this table.
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>> escaping a sleeping baby. >> there are all kinds of tricks you would employee to get out. trust me. >> see if you recognize these moves next "right this minute." >> and still to come -- >> we're getting goofy in here. >> a popular youtuber teaming up with her extensive family. >> christmas album called "sparrow in the bird ♪ . >> hear their big album release. >> amazing selfies. >> you can be a very happy oing the simplest of things.
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want to see a video over and over again, head over to it's the day after thanksgiving. we are all feeling full and lazy. time now to get in the spirit of christmas. >> you are watching an ad for the release of the cross family christmas album called "sparrow in the bird." you are going to recognize a member of the cross family. >> we're getting goofy in here.
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>> collette is chez carl's wife. we can see behind the scenes video of the making of the cross family christmas album which is available on itunes. ♪ sing sparrow in the birch ♪ ring, ring bells of the church ♪ >> her mom lost a battle with breast cancer. her father remarried a few years later. they went from six to 13. they all have beautiful voices. >> it's like a christmas tree. >> it must be cool to have this bonding environment with the family. we get together and we are just sarcastic. >> this is beautiful. >> it's the right melody that you can let it play in the background.
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harmonies are beautiful. >> cat chows down on a dog biscuit. he's back. he's taken this which seems so simple, it's such a great video. it's like going on the theory of what would people do if they see
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a camera for the first time. you see some adorable smiles. they pick up the camera and it's just this. >> he captures what it means to be alive better than anyone. he captures the amazing experience. >> he didn't. they did. that's amazing he has such a way of doing things he doesn't even need to hold the camera any more. >> and they are all in focus. >> i love this because it shows you can be a very happy person doing the simplest of things. >> it's a video where you end with a big smile on your face. >> you have elephants and that is cool.
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unsuspecting door-to-door salesmen walk in to find -- >> man passed out on the stairs. >> not breathing. >> this dramatic prank that takes their breath away. of shaving stuff.
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and thankfully, being able to find backups.
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lifeand thankfully, of shaving stuff. being able to find backups.
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meat-thrashing machine on a farm. stuck in the snow. >> imagine yourself in this situation. you go in a building, see a man
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passed out on the stairs. you hear his radio saying, "don't breathe the air." this is a prank. he is pranking the door-to-door salesman because the office clearly has a sign that says no soliciting. that doesn't stop the door-to-door salesman. let's call up some food delivery people and see what they do. >> get out now. >> you okay? let's get out of here. he starts to get up. passes out again. i think the sweetest person is this girl.
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grabs her phone and hears the cries and gets concerned yourself. >> get out of the building. she bolts, too. at least she called for help immediately. >> she takes the pizza, too. >> you don't need to ruin a good pizza over this. >> they stop and say by the way, this is all a prank and they do get paid. that's it for "right this minute." we'll see you next time, everybody.
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a man is trapped by flood waters. how ordinary items make for one extraordinary save. the heat from a fire is so intense it damaged homes across the street. when low water pressure makes a high-pressure scene worse. >> why can't people go out and celebrate the good things. >> a traveler adventure show which we mean people affected by social and


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