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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  December 1, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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monday. first day of december i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather, traffic. i saw fog coming in. but steve you are cig don't worry too much about wok. >> not today, but tomorrow. a lot of moisture in the air. we do get a break as the low spins offshore. it will rotate in tomorrow into wednesday. it looks like the whole mess is starting to eject toward us. it usually takes its sweet time. had a rainy pattern to end november. there has been pretty good. san jose has had a pretty good deal. tuesday into wednesday. this looks like a wetter system. some of the coastal hills should take the brunt of this. could be a few light showers. partly to mostly party today. and some of that fog is
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definitely set up shop. today you can see a little lift. that is a little weak high pressure building in advance of this system that will inch toward us. we will start to really ramp it up tuesday into wednesday. but partly cloudy to mostly cloudy. thick morning fog. but the main rain is coming in tomorrow on the mild side with lots of 60s here. here is sal. we are doing pretty well so far as you drive around the bay area. looking a the commute between the carquinez bridge to the mccarthur maze. looking good. no major problems at the bay bridge toll plaza westbound. you can see traffic is look good already slow traffic on
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the ultimate after a rainy weekend around the bay area another strong system is heading our way. alex savidge is here now with the preparations some people are taking and the problems we had over the weekend. >> reporter: we saw downed trees and mud slides. last night in marin county the rain sent mud and rocks down on the highway. as crews were called in to clean up from that mud slide. the good news there there is is no accidents reported. the stormy weather over the weekend brought down this large tree branch in san francisco. this is a fica history. it came down on top of several parked cars and fell right on to a taxi that happened to be driving by at the time.
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the a lot of people we talk to say bring on the >> it's perfect when we need the rain. >> reporter: this morning the next one is expected to dump quite a bit of rein business owners and home ordinary reasons arock like from we are supposed to get a lot more rain and rain related problems. i'm alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. tomorrow san jose city council will vote on a proposal to ban bike riders from city sidewalks. ktvu channel 2 reporter kara lou is joining us now. >> reporter: good morning.
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certainly to protect pedestrians safety. police officers and children under 12 would be especially senior citizens, people shopping at area businesses, downtown residents and those using public transportation. supporters say the plan would keep pedestrians from being blind sided by cyclists. critics say it would be dangerous for cyclists who would be forced to share the road with carsen be there is -- how a for there are compromises
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being -- city council is et is toen issue -- kara lou ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco school cafeterias are finding an effort to serve up healthier food is attracting rats. they stopped serving frozen food as part of a fresh food program. according to a the cafeterias are struggling to store and reever -- which is in turn attracting. time is 5:05. president obama holds white house meetings focused on the troubles in ferguson, missouri. the president will meet with young civil rights leaders about the mistrust between the
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police and communities of color. he will also meet with government and law enforcement officials on strengthening and building neighborhoods. and finally the president and his cabinet will exam federal programs to give military style equipment top law enforcement agencies. the mayor of ferguson, missouri says darren wilson did not get a severance package. wilson resigned over the weekend. the mayor says steps are being taken now to improve the community's relationship with the police department. >> this is the time for the city of ferguson to begin its healing process. and the citizens with the city of ferguson and the police department. >> now darren wilson's lawyer says wilson resigned because threats had been made against other police officers as well as the police department because he was still working there. oakland city and spiritual leaders are calling for an end to the recent surge of violent and vandalism.
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last night people gathered at a prayer service to discuss several of last weeks services. a 16-year-old boy said he finished a leadership course at the oakland police department and the major events made him want to become a -- that have a -- >> oakland mayor elect libby schaaf was art the service as well. she says the problem is a national problem and quote, we have to get over being afraid of
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. hundreds of people gathered to listen to a speech by reverend jesse jackson. and then the crowds moved into the streets. no injuries are reported. five st. louis rams players used the team's pregame disruptions for and the team's some witnesses say that michael brown had his hands raised when he was shot to death by officer darren wilson. the st. louis police officer's association condemned the rams gesture saying it was offensive and inflammatory. >> the rams followed that up with a dominating victory over the oakland raiders. yesterday they were just blown out by the rams.
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52-0. next sunday the raiders will host the 49ers in oakland. mean thyme there are reports that raiders may be going after from harbaugh has a year left on his 49ers contract. he would have to agree to any trade. according to espn, the 49ers won't make a decision until after the season. reportedly there is still a chance the 49ers would extend his contract if the 49ers bounce back and make it into the play off. it is 5:09. and cyber monday dave. officially under way. coming up at 5:30 we all take you behind the scenes. we will look to see how people are getting ready for what is expected to be an incredibly.
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good morning. right now traffic is doing pretty well if you are driving on the golden gate bridge. it looks good. heading south we will tell you more. >> monday will not be a rain day. could be a few showers but fog is the big story. we'll talk about that but then the rain returns on tuesday. that could be pretty heavy. i've been babysitting these kids for years. there's like eight of them - eight? maybe three. i don't know whatever. it's like really hard to keep track of them. it's a pretty big house. anyway, that's why i really love this nest protect smoke and carbon monoxide alarm. it tells you which room the smoke is in and tells you when things are getting bad. heads up - there's smoke upstairs. that's probably taylor. he's like so into fireworks right now. anyway, it's nice to- emergency - there's smoke upstairs.
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i should probably go. nest protect. welcome to a more thoughtful home.
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welcome back. time is 5:12. a man is facing charges of assault, vandalism and arson after a 13 hour stand off with san jose police. it began at 2:00 yesterday morning when homeowners on south 2nd street woke up to find a man inside their home. they called police and the man ran to the home next door, climbed up four stories and into the attic window. when police tried to negotiate with him, he began throwing bricks. >> it was pretty scary. never saw something like that. he lifted his hands up and cutting himself. it was awful. >>less say the man eventually surrendered and climbed down using a fire truck ladder. they do believe he was under the influence of drugs or
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alcohol. [ inaudible ] flight from sfo to washington, d.c. was delayed for three hours. some of the flights to los angeles and bakers field were canceled. >> it was just canceled. i'm waiting for my parents to pick me up so i can go home. >> today fewer travelers are expected out there. the weather nationwide may still cause a lot of delays. you're advised to check ahead with your airline or just look
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online. chicago's midway airport seems to be the most traveled. hundreds of travelers stood in a very long line. i read somewhere it was a mile and a half long. just trying to get through security. tv reporter stuck in that mess used her phone to track how long it was and it was more than a mile long. long lines are unusual. a busy travel day was complicated even more. and american airlines plane that just landed from spain was evacuated. somebody called in a threat. that plane was kept away from the terminal while it was searched but nothing was found. police are still investigating where that call came from. it may be fun but there is a real danger when it comes to
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decorating for the holidays. more than 15,000 people are admitted to emergency rooms for injuries related to hanging decorations each winter. and doctors say the most common injuries are falls. >> you have to pay attention. just be as careful as you can. it's not brain surgery. >> one safety tip is to make sure you use a proper secure ladder when you string christmas lights in high places. there are handy men. handy people i should say. that will come to your house and put up your lights. >> you could go a little lower with the lights. >> yes. [ laughter ] good morning, everybody. i thought about getting on the roof. i said no. let's go to the bay bridge
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westbound. it is not a bad commute. it's about a ten minute drive into the city. looking at 880 northbound and southbound. still wet from the over night and over the weekend rain. roads are clearly wet still. please give yourself extra time. a lot of slow traffic already on 580 westbound but that slow traffic has not made it to livermore or dublin just yet. that is the busiest traffic in the bay area. now it's time for the forecast. we do get a break from the rain today. it could be a few pop up showers. the main system is still a day away. moving very slowly. it will billion tuesday into wednesday in advance of that we get thick fog and mild 50 to 60 degrees. mostly cloudy and a few sun breaks.
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next rain will be tomorrow. system will finally move through and the low will move through as well. mild pattern. the low moves in late tuesday into wednesday morning. heavier rain will pick up that breeze. sierra nevada things have calmed down a little bit today. but we do have a winter storm watch out. snow levels pretty high. starts off around 7,000 might go up to 8,000. may get down to 65. very windy over the passes. could be a few showers today. a lot of cloud cover around but nothing really that strong. 50s on the temps to 59 half- moon bay and sfo. on the mild side here. but fog is a big deal.
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get a little easterly breeze here. oakland, concord, napa showing an easterly component. 50s for redding, eureka, yew coo yeah. our system is still a ways away. it is 24 hours at least. it will start sending in a lot of moisture. there could be a few little showers here this afternoon maybe eastern parts of contra costa. then we will bring rain until tomorrow morning. santa cruz mountains takes the brunt of it. now it looks to be a similar pattern tomorrow. we will continue that through the morning and swing in more moisture. the secondary, the low comes many. that will take us to wednesday morning. that will give us some shower activity.
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we will see if this verifies. there is a lot coming in. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy. very brief or light. identifys on your temps. things pick up again tomorrow. tuesday looks like a very active system. >> wow. so a decent amount of rain. >> for some. i'm telling you concord and livermore some parts of the east bay did not get that much. san jose got slammed. >> we're pretty steady rain in the north bay area. yeah. >> but not a lot. >> not a lot. >> i thought i was coming through healdsburg and i got bombed. crude oil prices continue
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to fall. right now crude oil is selling for $65 a barrel. that is the lowest price in five years and down 37% since the first of the year. some say it could fall another $20 a barrel. that is translating to lower gas prices. the average price in san francisco is $3.22. that is down a nickel in the last week. around the rest of the bay the average is $3.05 be. that is a drop of nearly $0.507. it is the bay area homeless camp. the looming deadline this week for the hundreds of people that call that home. >> taking an ordinary utility box and turning it into a piece of art. the project under way that is adding a bit of color to walnut creek. 22 bucks! these guys should've gone to my place, cuz right now, i have two breakfast croissants for just four bucks. they're both made with a freshly cracked egg
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and melting cheese on a buttery, flaky croissant. try the supreme with bacon and ham, or the sausage. they'll fill you up for - whoa hey! what are you doing? you can't make a commercial for your restaurant at my restaurant! not if you keep interrupting me, i can't.
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at kaiser permanente, everything you need is under one roof.
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another way care and coverage together makes life easier. okay, a little easier. become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ good morning to you. welcome back. today north bay assemblyman mark lavigne will rename a local landmark after robin williams. they want to change the name to the robin williams tunnel. it connects to san francisco where as you know he started his comedy career. 57,000 people have signed the online petition supporting changing the name. robin williams died a his -- died at his home in august.
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in san francisco the observance started last night. the aids memorial grove was aaluminated. the cdc says more than 1.2 million americans are infected. >> we had a gathering of over 600 individuals that came together to remember those lost and to share their hopes for a future without aids. >> congresswoman and aids activist nancy pelosi was among those attending the event. there will also be a ceremony at the aids growth later this morning. oakland aids health care foundation is offering a free health screen. this box is one of 11 that has been covered in art work by the business association walnut creek downtown. during the community service day back in september, the
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volunteers cleaned the big boxes that sit on the sidewalk and made them black canvass. a los angeles company used painted vinyl wraps to cover up the boxes. the project costs about $9,000. it may be expanded to even more utility boxes. a rhinoceros needs a name. the rhinoceroses 12 inches high, 18 inches long. it may have been used to hold wine or food. if you want to submit a name, you can go to the museum or submit your idea online before the end of december. the top three names will go up for a vote in january. if you do want to submit a name to the contest, go to our channel 2 website. we have posted a link to the
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website. look under ktvu web links. a driver shoots a 60-year- old pedestrian in san francisco's very busy north bay neighborhood. the argument that may have prompted it. why witnesses say they are not surprised. >> ever wonder how the packages from amazon get to your door so quickly? we are live at a warehouse and we will take you inside for the first time. >> good morning. we are looking at the east shore freeway and traffic is moving along pretty well here as you drive to the mccarthur maze. no problems in berkeley or oakland. >> a little break from the rain here. next system not due until tomorrow but there is a lot of fog out there. so far favoring the east bay.
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good morning to you. welcome back. ktvu channel 2 morning news. these are live pictures. you are looking at what will i know will be a very busy place today. cyber monday shopping starts. we are live with you inside amazon's warehouse in tracy. they are busy at this hour of the morning. this is the very first time a news camera has been allowed inside this plant. coming up in two minutes tara moriarty will be somewhere behind all of these busy people. she will take us around the
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warehouse and tell us more about their shipping operation. exciting. it's monday morning the first day of december i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. i think they are processing some of my online orders. i have a punch of stuff coming my way. >> see any uggs in that shop. >> are you doing any cyber monday though? >> not at work. >> never. >> we do have thick fog out there. river mother, concord, lafayette. that seems to be the area of the focus of the heavy fog. the system is on its way. it will be here tuesday into wednesday. finally the low is moving in and we get a break today. thick morning fog. mild lows 50s to 60 degrees. a lot of cloud cover continuing to pop up and there is a lot of
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moisture here. 50s to 60 degrees. a little bit of a break from some of that rain. still a component of an easterly breeze though. a little offshore. that almost turn southerly as our system gets closer to tomorrow. we will go with a front on tuesday. and low coming through on wednesday. that will give us thundershower activity. update on timing and rainfall projections in 12 minutes or so. 60s on the temps today. thick fog sal. >> and we're looking at it here, steve. i don't see anything on the immediate cameras here that we have around the inner part of the bay but it will probably move around. let's take a look at the commute here on northbound 101. that traffic is moving along okay coming into san francisco. bay bridge coming in from the east bay. a little bit of a crowd now.
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the slowest traffic in the bay is on the altamont pass. this is what tells me it will be a normal monday commute with a lot of slow traffic there on the other side. let's go back to the desk. >> this is of course cyber monday when millions of people will be doing some of their holiday shopping online. or a lot online. ktvu channel 2 reporter tara moriarty is in tracy where she is getting first look at amazon's distribution center there. it must be very busy. >> reporter: this is an incredible place. this is the first time that the media has been allowed inside to take a glimpse. look at this. this is the size of 28 football fields. you can believe that. the enormity of it all is a little overwhelming. joining me live is is the vp of
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amazon. this is amazing. >> it is amazing but it is really fun. we've got hundreds of people this morning that are just working really hard to get packages gifts that have been bought today and yesterday on the doorsteps as fast as they can. what you see behind you are those taking orders and packing them in boxes and getting them ready to go on the trucks. the real fun is what is happening to the right of me here is where our new robots are taking products and orders that customers have placed and bringing it to my associate here. telling him which bin to pull it up. as soon as it pulls it up the robot moves and the next order comes in. it has made things incredibly fast. we are taking record ever times where it used to take us a couple hours from the time the customer hit click to buy we have taken it down to minutes now. it's really exciting. >> come back here live.
5:35 am
we want to show you marcus. right over here. if you pan over. at the bottom of the big yellow things are the big orange. i don't know what to call them. >> they are the robots themselves. they are squat little machines. they actually weigh 32520 pounds and can lift these shelves up to 7250 pounds. is there is a whole grid system on the pavement and there are scaupers on the bottom of the units along with other scanners to make sure they won't hit each other. all the software in this building is telling the units where to go. once an order is picked they go back into the stacks. which is really amazing is not only the efficiency and speed but the capacity that these new shelves and the units allow us. we were able to take this building at 1.2 million square
5:36 am
feet. the new buildings can hold 50% more product. we are able to increase selection. >> reporter: i thought the dewy dewy system was connings. >> this is our 20th holiday season. we are really excited about number 20. we think it will be our biggest yet. >> we appreciate it. coming up about an hour into the show, we will tell you what the steals of the day are on amazon. there is a lot of them. and they continue every single day. reporting live from tracy i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. >> let us know if you see anything good going by there. time is 5:36 on our website we set up a list of online
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retailers offering cyber monday deals as well. you can find that on our home page at a new report out that says shoppers did not spend as much money this year during the unofficial kick off of the holiday season. the national retail federation says the average shopper not pam cook the average shopper spent $381 during the four-day thanksgiving weekend. that is $51 billion but that is down 11% from last year. there is also a new warning for you holiday shoppers. smart tvs are one of the most popular holiday gifts but they are also popular with hackers because through the web cams they have, the most private moments of your life can end upstreaming live on the internet. and they are not the only devices equipped with a web cam or microphone.
5:38 am
so are the baby monitors anden security cameras. >> 4,000 unsecured cameras we're hacked into in the united states. hundreds in the tristate area as unsuspected families were being spied upon. >> but the pekes earths say there is an easy way to protect yourself. all you have to do is change the factory settings or default pass words. change it to your own personal password. >> people at san jose's largest homeless camp are being give a 72 hour notice to clear out. between 200 to 300 people live in the camp known as the jungle. that is near coyote creek. for months they have been telling the people living there they would have to leave in december. the city's homeless response manager says it would be closed for good and dismantled on husband. 140 people have been placed in
5:39 am
subsidized housing so far. the cold weather shelters are opening their doors in the south bay tonight. home first will offer 100 beds. visitors will receive two meals and a hot shower. survey last year found more than 7600 homeless people live in santa clara county. time is 5:39. berkeley police investigating the discovery of a body found at aquatic park. he was found lying on his back on the south side of the park late yesterday afternoon. he was pronounced dead at the scene. police are asking for the public's help as they look for answers in this very mysterious case. >> if any members of the -- it's still not clear why the
5:40 am
police are investigating his death as a possible homicide. investigators are expected to tell us more information later this morning. san francisco police searching for a driver that shot and injured a 60-year-old man during an argument in the north beach neighborhood. it happened on columbus avenue yesterday afternoon. the victim is known in the neighborhood as roy. witnesses tell us he was crossing the street. he got into a confrontation with a driver and shouted a racial slur and hit the car with his cane. the driver pulled out a handgun and shot him. >> if he doesn't take his medication, then he attacks people all the time. verbally attacks them. >> the bullet apparently wounded him in the shoulder. he was take ton san francisco general hospital and is expected to survive. that bullet by the way also shattered a restaurant window. it is now 5:40.
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there is an effort to serve healthier food in schools. coming up at 6:00, the reason more and more rack rats are being found in school cafeterias. >> and should bicyclists be banned riding on downtown city sidewalks.  ♪ ♪ it's a marshmallow world in the winter. ♪
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♪ ♪ it's a marshmallow world in the winter. ♪ welcome back. it's 5:43.
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new proposal could limit where bicyclists in san jose is rated to ride. >> we certain listen quite a few cyclists already this morning. most of them riding along the streets in the downtown core. this is an issue that has seen strong debate from both sides. whether to ban bicycle riding on downtown sidewalks and protect pedestrian safety. police officers and children under 12 would be exempt. city memo says the ordnance is to enhance the comfort and safety for downtown pedestrians especially seniors, people shopping at area businesses, downtown residents and those using public transportation. transportation officials say they do not believe the police department hassed a vat resources to enforce the ban that applies to a larger area. supporters say the plan would keep pedestrians from being blind sided by cyclists. critics say the ban would be
5:45 am
dangerous for cyclists who would billion forced to share the road with with cars in an area that is not enough bike lanes. there are also different plans on how and which streets in the downtown area that a ban like this might be implemented. the city council is set to take up this issue tuesday afternoon. reporting live in downtown san jose carroll lou ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. we are learning more about a plan to leave parts of the old span of the bay bridge in police. they are considering leaving several of the old piers near the oakland shoreline. the idea would help save on demolition costs. they can be repurposed into a walk lane. >> the idea isn't to leave some ruin or relic there, the idea is to make it look nice. >> the plan would go against a
5:46 am
permit for the bridge project which requires all the -- several agencies would have tie prove the change including the coast guard and u.s. army core of engineers. the city of spokane washington spreading holiday cheer to shoppers with the help of parking pix cities. this is all part of the parking enforcement secret santa program. if a shopper drives downtown and parks when a parking enforcer happens to be nearby, that officer almost put two hours of free time on the parking meter for that shopper. the program helps create positive interaction between drivers and parking enforcement and something that is needed right about now. >> we get a few people that are pretty excited. it's a nice change of pace. that maybes them feel good. >> this is the city's second year of the secret santa program. the police officers gave out
5:47 am
$400 worth of free arking. this doesn't allow the officers to feed a parking meter while you shop or give a free pass if that meter expires on you. >> that is a really great idea. and more little towns should do that. >> big ones too. >> and big ones too. >> absolutely. i was listening to the police report soy didn't know what you said. you know we are listening to some -- things are waking up on the roads unfortunately. weaver had a couple things going on. northbound 280 traffic does look good. northbound 101 there is a crash reported. let me see if i move the map. i can tell that something is is going on because right here you can see some slow traffic. let me point it out to you.
5:48 am
right there where the arrow is, is where the accident is reported. i guess we lost the toll plaza. there it is. westbound bay bridge that is backed up for a little bit of a backup there. it looks like the metering lites have been switched on. there is fog out there. we can't show you some of the foggy pictures but seve says it's there. mainly east bay. but as you know it moves around a little bit. a little quiet on the rain. that will start to move back in tomorrow. not today. some areas have had pretty good rain others not so great. steve some of us cowboys a little concerned. a little bit of rain fell on
5:49 am
sunday. there is another system on the way and i'm standing right in front of it. past few days some may be a little different. san francisco almost an inch of rain. and the observer that i have had -- cazadero had two and a third. kent field almost an inch and a half. 2.91 san francisco. 88% san jose as of normal. san jose saturday morning really got hit with rain. thick morning fog and then focus our attention to partly cloudy to mostly cloudy.
5:50 am
tomorrow the rain returns. sierra nevada not much going on now. these are very high snow levels. starts off around 7,000, 8,000 and gets down to 6500. winter tomorrow watch starts tomorrow and goes into the evening. a lot of cloud cover over us. fog is a bigger story. so far 59 bookends. san jose 52. there is an easterly breeze. some of that fog concord over there. oakland napa. 42 mild degrees up in tahoe. 52 ukiah. one system finally moving. there will be two pieces to this. the front will come through. and then we will get the low to come by. that will have the instability and maybe a thunderstorm activity. today is pretty good.
5:51 am
could be a few little showers. and then tomorrow morning we'll see where it is. and then we will take that into wednesday morning. this is where we can get the thunderstorm activity. rainfall projections are really impressive if they maintain themselves. i think they will be eureka only .06. san jose picking up two inches of rain would be incredible. the pattern they have been in it seems to be favoring that area. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy today. a few showers. it looks like it's on the mild side. 60s on the temps. temperatures will take a drop tomorrow as that system moves this. unsettled all the way into wednesday. there could be one more system clipping us friday. it does look quieter. calming down. >> thank you steve.
5:52 am
time is 5:51. it's not just the bay area dealing with heavy rain. coming up in 15 minutes the damage that shut down part of a major southern california highway. >> but first movies you can feel and smell. a remote that lives on your phone.
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more wi-fi in more places. a movie library you can take wherever you go. internet speeds that have gotten faster 13 times in 12 years. the innovators and inventors at comcast labs are creating more possibilities for more people every day. comcast nbcuniversal.
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welcome back to the morning news. time is 5:54. happening today the u.s. supreme court debating whether threats made on social media are real threats or free speech. a pennsylvania man sentenced to almost four years in prison. he posted graphically violent rap lyrics about killing his estranged wife, shooting up a kindergarten class. but he said he was just venting. united airlines is testing a new app to help customers go more places. the airline allows people to buy certain things. and it rewards them with frequent flier miles. it's called mileage plus x. right now it's only available
5:56 am
by invitation. the brad pitt is a world hit. but it's costing a lot of money. it was stole nobody a cyber attack last tuesday. it has been down loaded a half a million times from one website alone that time. sony is investigating the breach. newceps re experiences try -- more sensory experiences. with seats that move leak that and effects that let you see, hear, smell, and feel what you are watching. now according to the new york times, big theater companies like re gal will start debuting
5:57 am
4dx. in june they opened a 4dx theater in downtown l.a. and appears to be a hit. often through screenings sell out. >> that is a cool idea. coming up next in our 6:00 hour highway crash with mud slides and downed trees. the rain and wind is causing problems in the bay area and an even bigger storm is under way. >> millions of holiday shoppers looking on frommest to coast. we are going behind the scenes on a very busy warehouse. >> and it's still a little slow out there because of wet roads.
5:58 am
5:59 am
weekend rain caused quite a few problems around the bay area including this tree that toppled on to cars and mud slides as well. we'll tell you about the issues we saw and how people are preparing for the next round of rain. >> fog might be a bigger issue this morning. we do get a break from the rain tomorrow. >> hundreds of holiday packages being shipped out every second
6:00 am
here at the amazon facility here in tracy. we will take you behind the scene. >> we are the city of love, acceptance, and tolerance. >> calling for an end to violent and vandalism. the prayer service in oakland. good morning. we are live in san francisco where you can see what is left after the storm moved through. we are moving in on a tree that came crashing down. it also caused some flooding throughout the bay area. alex savidge is going to show us more of the damage as another stronger storm moves in. it is monday, december 1st i'm pam cook. >> it was good to see that rain. >> it was very


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