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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 1, 2014 9:30am-10:01am PST

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a mountain biker with a go pro catches an alarming site. >> what is that in the woods? >> oh. >> look at how fast he can go. >> why a giant bear is not the only surprise in this video. a guy claiming to be a u.s. marine flips out on a driver. >> and this woman had kids in her car. >> what it was that set off the ugly exchange. >> you need -- >> i protect the country. >> a little girl has some explaining to do. >> do you want to go over with me how she got in here? >> the priceless response of who
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let a cow in the house. >> and grandpa's bringing sexy back on the dance floor. >> how do you think they became a grandpa. >> how khaki's, cargo and music made for a night out. >> that's why we couldn't baby sit the kids. we were at the club. >> he decided to go for a bike ride in the ukraine. it's going to be fun. he has a go pro and he gets on his bike and goes for a ride but things go strange very quickly. >> oh. >> look at how fast he can go. he looks back as well. there you go. >> oh. that thing is huge and it's going right at him. >> of all the things to come across i found that very strange. in fact i found it ridiculously strange and i started watching that video again and again and again. i don't think it's real. >> come on. it has to be. >> i noticed that the bear isn't moving in the same way the camera is moving and in fact
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there's a perfect freeze frame of the bear in crystal clear vision but motion blur o well. >> you're right. >> also looks like it's looped as well and when you look back later and use freeze frame doesn't look well. >> i believe that a bear would chase a mountain biker because we all know does the question creep in the with wood and this biker interrupted it. >> bears are more likely to run than charge at it. >> it generates a lot of debate. head up to this minute and sound off in the comments. you heard that, that guy on the motorcycle saying i am a marine. the woman behind the camera rolling down the window in this suv says. >> i don't [ bleep ] if you're a marine you stop at a stop sign.
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>> she claims that she posted this video online that this guy cutoff several drives and then followed her to this point where there were stops in the road and started parading her. >> you went around. >> wow, there's some horrible language being used and this woman had kids in her car. >> i don't care, you stop at a stop sign. >> get [ bleep ] out of here. >> you get out of here. >> there's nothing that says when you become a marine you don't have to follow rules. >> i have a problem with right off the bat he threatened to beat the dickens out of her. >> she was frightened by what was going on but then she says to this guy i'm recording you right now. you're a marine show some respect to civilians as well. you're a disrespect. >> lucky. >> lucky for what? lucky for what? >> guy's a jerk and she didn't help either by rolling down the window and engaging this guy.
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>> while he claims to be a marine we were not able to confirm that but either way it does seem to be con duduct unbecoming. >> joe was asked by panasonic to go shoot greenlan and iceland and look at the beautiful images he gets. six days in greenland and four in iceland and you see the beautiful houses, that's the last of civilization we'll see because the rest of it is just the wild. he got video and it's spectacular. a will the of beautiful images he was able to capture while he was there. >> that's number one on my list. to go to iceland, ride a motorcycle all over the place and see that. >> it looks like it shouldn't actually exist or happen.
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it looks magical. >> what's cool about being in the middle of nowhere as well as there's no light pollution just seeing the stars is amazing. >> you do see some falling stars and some air traffic but it's lovely. you're there by yourself with just your equipment. >> really, really long days as well. you saw when the sun was setting it was going down. >> very cool. >> you're going to need some warm clothing. >> major traffic jams on a road in mexico because of that. huge smoke up ahead on the other side of the highway. that's a rupture's pipeline. look at that. >> oh. >> just landed there. >> look at it go. >> it looks like a bomber attack. the highway not closed. at that point you can see vehicles going in the opposite direction. >> how is that highway not closed. this goes on for what looks like more than a mile.
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>> i don't know how they didn't cut it down but obviously it caused a lot of congestion and detours. the pipeline erupting and there were new reports of injuries related to this incident as well. now another fire the driver tried to put out the fire before it spreads to the tank on the back of the truck. look at the extinguishers that obviously didn't work and now the cement truck has moved up and is using the water line to try and cool down the cab of this truck but the tank carrying liquid propane gas. >> oh, step away. >> they're so close. this thing could explode. >> they were able to cool it off. no explosion, no rupture of the gas tank. no injuries reported either. >> oh the things you see on this guy's security camera.
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you might remember not that long ago i was showing you these videos from this guy in pittsburgh with cameras around his door and house and he was captioning all kind of random occurrences well he's back with a couple of more. first up we all know when it comes to alcohol and you're a male of 20 years old you decide to have fights with objects and often you'll lose. video start with screaming. somebody is going to have an issue. he's going to start a fight with the garbage can. the garbage can wins and he runs
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off. kicks it and he's an idiot and now he's tripping over it. >> that's tequila right there. >> in the next video there's a lot of ladies on the other side of the road. they're having a discussion involving sweariness. one gets bored and goes around the other side. perhaps she needs to answer the call of nature. she may be part horse as well. it's phenomenal. we have gone for about 20 seconds now. >> alert fema. >> look at the little pee footprints in the road. >> that's why i don't believe in the three second rule. >> you fly a glider with no engine. you have one chance to get your landing right. up there turning base, turning final. getting ready to line-up for his landing. everything going perfectly well
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and so does his landing. there he goes. perfect landing. >> look at that. >> not even the little bumps. how do you ruin a perfectly good landing? >> oh shoot. >> yeah, derrick says he fly twos gliders normally. the one he is flying on this day has a different brake set up. they're a little touchy so he gave it too much brake and causes it to tip over on its nose and also didn't check the wind speed on the ground and he had a little bit of a tail wind. but you have to give him credit for posting his mistake on hien and you learn from your mistakes. >> i was looking out that way
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and i came in. >> what is this little 5-year-old adorable girl explaining to mom behind the camera? what did she let in the house? >> that's not a dog. >> that's a cow. >> that is a cow. that's their pet cow izzy. we believe that they live in pennsylvania on this adorable farm. you can see there's other videos of the little girl with their other farm animals. but this video is so adorable it's just now trending and thousands and thousands. >> what if it's a dog. >> mom's like well maybe there's snow out side and she got a little cut. >> she goes and starts being a nurse. i'm sure it's nothing. she just scraped it. >> i'm not sure. >> no this must be the recovery room huh? >> yeah. >> the cow is going to be a star in this video. >> good thing you're such a good
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doctor. >> i'm not a doctor. >> she gets down in the cow's face and is giving her kisses. then watch what happens. >> oh my gosh. that is adorable. >> it's amazing. this little cow just lays her head on this little girl's lap and falls asleep. >> we need to stop eating beef. you know that didn't you? she's going to get me to stop eating beef for sure. >> yeah, because beef makes you tired. >> tell that to the cow. >> the cow knows. >> it's real or fake time. >> i just want to stay real because i want stuff like this to happen in the world. >> real or fake? >> you need to have it when you need to have it. >> i think this is fake.
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>> i don't know if you guys are ready to have fun but the person having fun on this monday is matt. >> all right guys. back again. young and old rcmers another episode of real or fake. roll the clip.
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i think this was a set up. >> yeah. >> it's to perfect. >> with the sign of the store in the background. >> yeah. >> who are they advertising for? >> i just want to say real because i want stuff like this to happen in the world. >> i'm going to go with ollie because it's weird enough that it could be. >> too real. too fake. >> >> there's like a soccer player right there and some kind of sporting goods store is what i'm assuming so i'm thinking she went in there and got her new biki. she is ready to rock it and confide confident. >> no way. video number two. >> i believe this. >> definitely real. >> for real. >> i used to have a fish.
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they're pretty friendly once you get them used to your touch and probably wants some food so this is real for sure. >> are you seriously like 2. >> yes. >> last video. >> dairy queen. >> i like it. let's go. right now. >> blizzards are delicious. >> i think this is fake. i think she's doing a terrible job acting. >> i think she is acting. i think she has a serious case of the munchies. >> i'm saying real. >> i give you credit for saying she is fake because this girl is putting on an act for sure. so i think what she is doing is fake for sure but she probably does this stuff all the time so in that regard i'm going real. >> matt. >> you disappoint me again.
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>> i thought you were about to redeem yourself and you break my heart. >> i was giving you credit though. >> puppies afraid of the paper products. >> come here. you can do it. you can do it. >> come here. come on. come on. come here. good boy, come here. come here, you can do it. come on, come here. come here. come here. good boy. >> this guy here a plumber in scotland still feeling the fun from his saturday night. he's having a good time and he's feeling the club and he has no idea his buddy is there
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watching. [ laughter ] >> he got busted getting his jam on. >> we've all been there. let's be honest. we have more video. people on the street in australia were drinking and decided to have a dance. somebody is going to call the police. they did call the police and the police are having a dance off with them across the street. everybody is enjoying it. it was a really good fun moment. >> nothing like line dancing at a crosswalk, you know? they're both on each side of the street. they're doing it safely because you can tell they don't have the signal. think if police officers did dance like that. there would be no problems on the street. >> you would literally get served and dance off at the same time. >> it's a real thing but there is grande dad dancing as well. it turns out it does get better. >> he really is a grandpa. >> here we have video of them
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having a funk on down to salt and peppa's push. ♪ >> grandpa's don't thrust their pelvises. >> how do you think they became a grandpa. >> that was years ago. >> also salt and peppa inspired moves. all the way to thground. >> they bet they have a really great marriage because they have fun together. >> good for him though because that's fantastic exercise and people always say they want a dancers body. well there you go. >> >> thanksgiving dinner never looked like this hopefully. see a psycho thanksgiving on right this minute. tis lasts 8 hs but aleve can last 12 hours. anand d alaleveve e isis p woworkrk b betetteter r onon p l arthritis. soso w whyhy a am m i i ststilit this? hohow w arare e yaya?? gogoodod..
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alaleveve.e. p proroveven n be.
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they think it was a joyride or would they get scared. >> it's a ghost. >> dogs scared of the cat.
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what's the matter. the kitty terrifying you? >> the thanksgiving weekend is behind us. a lot of people though when they have those thanksgiving family lunches things go wrong. >> i think it's stupid. >> well i know you think it's stupid. >> they can't force their religious believes on me. >> this is before grace they're starting to light up on each other. >> thank you for everyone around the table and i emphasize please find him a job come monday morning. >> it's the x book kid. it's the kid that's dad ran over the xbox and the other dad that
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threw the xbox through the window. it's that kid. >> you're absolutely right but this one gets dramatic. >> real funny dad. make me look like a stupid idiot in front of the whole family. >> let's do it. i'm grateful for the food. i think it looks good. walmart does a bang up job. it's so good and i'm grateful for mom for buying me the xbox one after my stupid dad destroyed it. >> threw her under the bus. >> that's your response there. you're not part of the family the way you act. >> i'm not part of the family. >> no. you don't act right. you're not part of the family. >> whoa. god. >> oh my lord. >> and you're filming, god. i'm done. i'm done. >> everybody is upset and then the rest of the family is left in tears forced to pick up all
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of the pieces. >> i think this is a great thanksgiving family moment. they have gotten together to create a great youtube video for his channel. >> they're going to great lengths now. really? all of this. >> well already has more than a million views so probably worth the time an effort. >> you got your great thanksgiving video. what a great family this is. >> i'm thankful for it. >> [ bleep ] you. >> that's our show everybody. we'll see you for the next edition of right this minute.
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"the wendy williams show." today from the sexy takes to new music, we're catching up with nick jonas, and who is the sexiest man alive? find out. people bring the inside scoop on their issues. plus celebrity chef nadia g. shows us ways to put the bite in your thanksgiving menu. plus all of today's juiciest hot topics. ♪ ♪ >> now here's wendy! ♪ ♪ ♪


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