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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  December 1, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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now at noon, getting ready for a powerful storm that's on its way to the bay area. when it's going to hit and how much rain it's expected to bring breaking news out of west virginia where a man hunt is under way. four people killed in three shootings. who police are now looking for. plus, it is cyber monday and we'll take you behind the scenes for a look at how amazon is handling the shopping rush to get customers their gifts in time for the holidays. the bay area is on track to
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get slammed by the more powerful storms we've had so far this year. we're tracking the radar as the storm approaches and people throughout the bay area are preparing for the rain that's expected. good afternoon, i'm torey campbell. we have team coverage. let's begin with ktvu's rosemary rusco as to where and when the storm will hit. >> for today, partly sunny skies and we'll take a look at what's happening outside right now. you can see the clouds pushing through overhead but if i back it up, about 440 miles off the coastline, there's the storm. this, again, going to pack a bigger punch than what we saw over the weekend. we're expecting rain in addition to that, we're expecting strong winds at times, so winds expected about 35 miles per hour. perhaps even stronger gusts right along coast and in our hills.
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there's also the possibility of thunderstorms, so we'll be tracking that for you as well. i would definitely plan on a little bit of minor flooding at times and anywhere from 1 to 4 inches of rain expected, not only as we get into tuesday, but wednesday and perhaps lingering into thursday. we have to keep in mind this is beneficial rain. this is exactly what we need. i'll talk more about rainfall amounts, i'll talk about the stronger winds, and i'll have a timeline for you coming up. >> all right, look forward to that, thank you. around the bay area, people are preparing for the heavy rain. ktvu's michael safeke alex -- alex savage is live. >> reporter: people are doing everything they can to protect their homes and businesses. we're on the back of fire station no. 2 in san of a fayel where we've seen people coming to fill up sand bags for free. the rush is on to get ready for the rain.
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>> over the weekend, we got cleaned out. >> at goodman's building supply, there were a lot of empty shelves in the storm sections. people are scooping up batteries, rain gear and tarps. chris lapointe is trying to wrap up his rv. >> i want to cover the whole thing. the roof is a little shoddy so i want to get it sewed up for the rain. >> reporter: gretchen will be riding out the storm on her boat hoping this tarp will keep things dry. >> i have a leaky spot and can't figure out where the leak is coming from, so i just want to protect, protect, protect >> people used the plastic to lay down before they lay the sand bags down >> reporter: with several inches of rain expected in the
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coming days, standing water will be a real issue on the roadways. the advice from the chp, just take it easy. >> when you apply your brakes too hard, the potential of hydro planing is there with the water and roadways. >> reporter: and another concern with this storm, rain- soaked trees that could easily topple with strong winds. early this morning in san francisco, this was the scene as we attached city crews cutting up ficus tree that fell on top of several parked cars and a taxi that was driving by at the time. the good news, no one was hurt out there this morning. this sandbag already to go and by the way, they just came by and dumped a hole new load the sand at fire station no. 2. >> thank you, alex. cold weather shelters are opening their doors in the south bay tonight. beginning tonight, the san jose bay's nonprofit group home
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first will offer 100 beds at the national guard armory in gilroy. visitors receive two meals and a hot shower. a survey last year found more than 7600 homeless people live in santa clara county. don't forget, you can follow our kerks tvu meteorologists on facebook and you can go to facebook and twitter to potion pictures you capture of the storm. we're following breaking news out of west virginia where four people have been killed in a shooting spree. state police say there were three attacks this morning near westover. all schools in the area were placed on lockdown. two of the victims have been identified. they are adults. there is no word yet on the other victims or on a possible motive for the shootings. this is in west virginia. the shooter was seen driving off in a pickup truck with blacked out license plates. president obama is calling for widespread use of police
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body cameras in response to public outrage over the shooting of michael brown. the president is meeting with cabinet members, civil rights leaders and others today to discuss the racially-charged situation in ferguson, missouri. the issues are ways to rebuild trust between the officers and communities. president obama said police body cameras could help do that, along with police department reform and officer training. the price tag would be good $263 million. [ chanting ] this morning in washington d.c., protesters chanting "black lives matter" blocked traffic for a second day in a row. but this time it occurred during the peak of the morning commute. they blocked the 14th street bridge. some protesters were lying in the middle of the street as part of a lie-in. they're planning another rally today in front of the justice department. americans are expected to
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spend more than $2.5 billion this year shopping online during the holiday season. today, amazon kicked off cyber monday with a flourish at its packing facility in tracy. ktvu's tracy more yacht yachty was there and showed us something the shipping company never revealed before. >> reporter: it's the size of 28 football fields, a maze of conveyor belts, boxes and automated robots. >> today i feel like it's the robots coming are like santa's elves. >> reporter: connie gilbert is one of those elves packing up everything from toys to electronics. >> to be able to know we're putting smiles on a child's face brings me joy. >> reporter: for the first time ever, amazon is letting the public seeing how it's able to deliver the online orders skwikly. >> in this building, we've taken this time down to minutes. we're getting efficient and fast at taking customers'
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orders and getting them off the shelves, into boxes, on to trucks and on to door steps. >> reporter: last year, amazon sent out 126 packages per second and this year they expect to top that. >> we have great deals all day long. >> reporter: one of this is this portable charger for smartphones and tablet. jackry, a bay area company decided to sell its item through amazon. >> i get to be here on cyber monday talking to you instead of being back in the warehouse packing up and filling orders. >> reporter: what is the hottest item? >> everything "frozen." the elsa doll is flying off the shelves. >> reporter: with lightning deals every ten minutes, it's easy to see why this holiday season the amazon packing facility is looking more like santa's workshop every year.
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>> and on our website we have a list of links to some of the retailers offering cyber monday deals. a sanlta clara county fire captain was injured this fighting a house fire in camp campbell. the two-alarm fire was reported ed in a house on villa rita drive. the man who lived inside said he, his family and dog all got out safely thanks to a passer by who saw smoke coming out of the garage. >> we heard pounding on the door. we thought it was her scratching because she has been making noise and it was louder than normal and we went and checked. >> several neighbors were evacuated as crews worked on the fire. the cause is sfil under investigation. berkley police are investigating a bed found at aquatic park as a possible homicide. officers say the man who appears to be in his 50s was found lying on his back in the
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south side of the park late yesterday afternoon. he was pronounced dead at the scene. it's not clear why the death is being investigated as a possible homicide but more information is expected to be released later today. police in san francisco are searching for a driver who shot and injured a 6-year-old man during an argument in north beach. it happened on columbus street and vallejo avenue. police say the victim was crossing the street when he got into an argument and struck the driver's car with his cane. that's when the driver reportedly pulled out a gun and shot him. the victim is known in the area. >> if he doesn't take his medication, he attacks people all the time. verbally attacks him with his cane. he attacks cars in the middle of the road. >> he was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. a bullet fired by the driver also shattered a restaurant window.
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she says it's been hard to remain silent and nfl player's wife talks for the first time about a notorious domestic violence incident. >> everybody makes mistakes. >> we'll hear more from the wife of ray rice. there's a new plan regarding the demolition of the eastern span of the bay bridge. why officials are proposing leaving parts of the old structure behind.
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the wife of former baltimore ravens running back ray rice is speaking out for the first time since being abused by her husband. she told nbc's today show she was furious after the assault and that it was the only incident of domestic violence during their relationship. two videos of the assault pushed the nfl into the forefront of the discussion about domestic violence. rice said she refuses to look at the video >> i refuse. i'm not going to let the public bring me back there after this whole situation, you would think that we would have been a country full of people who never made a mistake. >> who never sinned ever in their life.
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>> janay rice said the hardest part had been staying silent until a decision was reached on her husband's appeal to the nfl. there are reports that the oakland raiders may be interested in a trade for san francisco 49ers head coach jim harbaugh. the new york jets are also reportedly interested. harbaugh has one year left on his contract and would have to agree to any trade. according to espn, the 49ers will not make a decision until after the season. there's now a proposed change in the demolition plans for the old eastern span of the bay bridge. the metropolitan transportation commission is considering leaving several of the old piers near the oakland shoreline in order to help save on demolition costs. they say the piers could be repurposed into a walkway or left as historical marks. >> the idea is to leave some, you know, ruin or relic there. the idea is to make it look nice. >> the plan would go against the original permit for the
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bridge project which requires all the piers to be removed from the bay floor. several agencies would have to approve the change, including the coast guard and u.s. army corps of engineers. the san jose city council is set to decide whether to ban bicycle riding on downtown sidewalks. supporters say it would keep pedestrians from being side swiped but it would be dangerous for cyclists who would be forced to share the roads with cars. >> maybe it's true, it should be banned, because a lot of people on the sidewalks can get hurt. >> i can see the part where the cyclist wants to be on the sidewalk and be safe, but at the same time, there's kids, women with strollers and it opens up the door to a lot of people who aren't paying attention. >> there are different plans on how a ban would be implemented and on which downtown streets. city council is set to vote tomorrow afternoon. san francisco's coalition on homelessness is launching a
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campaign to try and change the perception of homelessness. today ads are going on muni busses featuring people, like ronny goodman who gained attention for running the marathon this year. another ad features a mother holding a little girl with the caption, there are enough homeless children in san francisco to fill 35 muni busses. busses. between two and three hundred people live in the encampment known as the jungle near coyote creek. he said about 140 people have been placed in subsidized housing and another 50 have housing vouchers and are looking for places to live. it's the mostly cloudy,
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mainly dry day over the bay area. we're getting our break before the next storm rolls in. a live look into san francisco where the clouds are increasing overhead and these clouds ahead of the wet, windy weather. let's take a look at storm tracker 2. we showed you at the top of the hour, clouds outside our door this afternoon, but as we get into the second half of the day, this system is going to continue to work towards the bay area. i think we have a mainly dry day in store. actually want to shift it this way. but as this moves toward the bay area, we are going to be, again, seeing an increase in the clouds. the winds will begin to pick up. and i think by tomorrow morning, the rain begins to fall. here we are for you tuesday morning, 6 a.m., so as we get off to work tomorrow morning, i think we have that possibility of light showers beginning to fall and slickening up the area. it's going to be a rainy day all of tuesday. we're now into wednesday morning. as the center of the storm moves in over the bay area, it's going bring unstable air with it as well.
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widespread rain, heavy at times and the possibility of thunderstorms this the forecast with this next system that, as you can see, will last into wednesday night. some models even bringing us scattered showers for thursday, as well as a possibility friday. today is going to be our dry day but it's going to change. here's a look at what i do expect for us as we get into tuesday and wednesday. that widespread rain, heavy at times. rainfall amounts, 1 to 2 inches possible for our urban areas. our coastal range as well as the hills could pick up anywhere from 2 to 4 inches and for the sierra, one to three feet of additional snow. that's great news there. for today, outside of our doors at this hour, 59 in novato, 66 in san jose. for the afternoon, relatively mild nims but with the cloudy -- numbers but with the cloudy skies overhead, it could be feel. 64 degrees for antioch. as we get into the extended
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forecast, so notice again today is our last dry day for several days. the rain looks like it's going to move in for the morning drive, so that will make it hectic and slick. keep the umbrella handy and be prepared for gusty winds. the rain will continue for wednesday. we may have showers in forecast for thursday and looks like our weekend will be partly cloudy and mostly dry with temperatures in the 60s. >> all right, but going to be a good soaker. we need it. >> sure do. golden state warriors are heading home after a five-game road trip and ninth straight win. tramon green led the people with 20 points. five warriors scored with double figures in the 104-93 win. the team's five-game road sweep is only the second in fireman dhis history and the fist -- in franchise history and the first in 30 years.
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it is the biggest animated film in history and it's been shattering records for disney since it debuted. now what one of the stars is saying about reports of a possible sequel.
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a weak start to the holiday shopping season has helped
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knock the stock market lower today. particular interest, stock to watch, apple share took a sharp dive early this morning about 20 minutes into the trading day dropping about 6% before recovering. right now, apple sock is still down -- stock is still down 3%. and an lists aren't sure why. possibly from a rating change by morgan stanley or investors getting ready to cash out. the s&p 500 is down 10. oil prices are at their lowest level in five years and that's translating to the lowest prices at the pump. according to aaa, the nationwide price for a gallon of gas is $2.77. that's nearly 50 cents lower than this time last year. of course, here in the bay area where it was a little higher
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than the rest of the country. the average price is $3.21. ? oakland, $3.07 and san jose, $3.01. just in time for the holidays, there's help for shoppers trying to determine which toys are the most dangerous. the public interest research group today released its annual report called "trouble in toy land." it warns parents of toys with small parts that are thoek choeking hazards, balloons, magnets and toys that contain lead. >> think about the specific child you're purchasing a gift for. if they're a younger child who puts things in their mouth, be very careful about small parts as well as potential chemicals. >> according to the report, riding toys, including wagons and collapsable scooters are to blame for many injuries and account for 43% of the kids who end up at the hospitals with
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toy-related injuries. could disney be working on a sequel to its hit musical "frozen." according to one of the stars, a second film, and a "frozen" stage musical are in the works. "frozen" has turned out to be one of disney's biggest money maker. it's the fifth top grossing move of all time. today is world aids day. as you can see at the white house, a big red ribbon is hanging to commemorate the day. according to the centers for disease and control prevention, 30 million people are living with aids worldwide. president obama urged americans to remember those who lost their lives to aids and provide supported and comfort to those living with aids.
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david runsel was killed on a hiking trailing in the oakland hills in the hukill berry botanical regional preserve. tonight, at five we're looking for information on this case. we're always here for you on and you can follow us on twitter and facebook. have a great day.
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- [woman] on this episode of xploration outer space, the reasons for why we explore can be endless but we're going in search of a few answers. from astronauts to scientists to entrepreneurs. our journey sends us coast to coast for an inside look at one of exploration's most import inventions. and in europe, one man's mission to mars is gaining a lot of attention despite the catch. there's no coming back. welcome to xploration outer space. people dedicate their lives to space exploration for many different reasons. nasa's vision summarizes this nicely. to improve life here, to extend life there,


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