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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  December 1, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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3:00 a.m. tonight. okay? watch what happens. the atmosphere is very prime. here we are 5:00 a.m. right about the time you go driving the rain to move in. it sicks around through the afternoon commute. it will be wet. might see a thunderstorm tomorrow winter weather warning in the mountains. rain, maybe a thunderstorm and gusty winds. when i come back, we will dial it in for you and give you a time line for your day tomorrow. >> lot of rain on the way and a lot of people are preparing for the worst. in san francisco the city is concerned more trees could come down in the storm. you will recall several fell over during a rent storm. ktvu's john fowler is in the city with how crews are racing against had clock. john? >> reporter: that's right. some older trees in san francisco, especially the ficus trees are hazards according to
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the city and crews today got very busy. >> reporter: crews hurried to take down this old tree. a large branch fell on three cars. >> this is what we want to avoid at all costs. >> reporter: she said three trees were taken out this day. the same day the city eased requirements for residential tree removal. something that is becoming critical. >> we have trees that have grown very large, haven't been maintained and now we are starting to pay the price. >> reporter: some people want the city to go slow. >> it is what part of what san francisco is. it should be looked into to see if there is a way to save the tree. >> reporter: crews also getting debris off the streets trying to prevent storm drain back ups. across the bay a run on
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supplies at hardware stores. from bat trees rain gear and tarps. >> i have a leaky spot and i can't figure out where the league is coming from -- leak is coming from so i just want to protect, protect, protect. an old wooden boat. >> reporter: and sand bags set out in what seems like unlikely places. >> water comes up from the drains and goes underneath the door and inside. >> reporter: we will show you why sand bags are important in one san francisco neighborhood, although the flooding in this problem area has been known about for decades. >> john fowler in san francisco tonight. thank you. san francisco police chief is speaking about the violent protests in union square last
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friday. >> demonstrators threw a barrier into the window of a store. this is part of a protest over the ferguson, missouri grand jury decision. ktvu's ken wayne is live now with new information. you talked with the police chief this afternoon. >> reporter: that's right. wrapped up his new conference 20 minutes ago and he outlined the events during the black friday protest in the city. the chief talked about a large crowd that converged on union square. there were violent demonstratered in the peaceful crowd who tried to disrupt the christmas tree lighting ceremony. after the crowd started breaking windows, they dispersed to the mission district and that is where things turned more violent when some people assaulted officers, including two officers who were injured in their patrol car. >> two of the officers that were responding in a vehicle to
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that were then attacked and one of the officers was seriously injured. here you can see he was struck in the face with a bottle that came through the window of the vehicle. struck him. just under the nose. causing a laceeration that required four -- laceration that required four stitches. >> reporter: 5 officers were treated for their injuries. police showed some of the items that were recovered including bricks, rocks, chains and stolen electronics. 79 people were arrested including six juveniles. most of them were sited and released but four people were booked on assault, possession of stolen property and patrol violations and 70% of those who were arrested last friday are from outside of san francisco and 15% of them are outside of california. the police chief said he understands people's frustrations with the decision in ferguson, missouri and he
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said the police department always trying to facilitate peaceful demonstrations but when things turn violent criminal activity will not be tolerated. ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news. >> back to the damage and the violence, similar things happened in oakland. friday night was the worst night we have seen in san francisco. >> reporter: absolutely. the chief said that they are trying to let the demonstrators have their time protest that decision but he said it is very difficult to control the crowds when some people in the crowd who just want to create violent situation, cause vandalism, most of the people were arrested on charges of blocking the street. he said most of the vandals and the people who made the assaults got away. >> ken wayne reporting live. president obama wants police to wear body cameras.
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it is one part of an effort to increase accountability and improve policing policies. this comes in the wake of the michael brown shooting case. >> reporter: following had ferguson, missouri shooting and other violent incidents president obama is trying to change the way police do business. calling for $75 million in spending for officers to wear body cameras. the money is part of a bigger plan to expand officer training and police department reform. >> some initiatives are meant to address the concerns that are evident in communities across the country. >> reporter: the ferguson commission is meeting, tasked with finding solutions to the problems the city faces. >> we have to work through that process with truthful conversations about racism, poverty, educational inequality, law enforcement and
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their needs and community police relationshipsships and the court system. >> reporter: demonstrations continue. hundreds in the streets of los angeles. similar scenes in new york. and a public protest in st. louis. five members of the rams stood with their hands raised before sunday's game. the image now synonymous with the hands up don't shoot movement. in response the police officer association is demanding an apology from had nfl and the players be disciplined. >> this is a big tragedy. we hope something positive comes out of it. >> the league said it understands the concerns on all sides. in ferguson, missouri, fox news. a man hunt is underway in west virginia for a gunman in connection with a shooting spree that left four people dead. there were shootings in three
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different locations this morning. the gunman is a 39-year-old jodie lee hunt. he may have been upset over a break up with one of the victims. she filed a domestic violence case against him last month. part of the eastern span of the bay bridge could be preserve to save money. they are considering leaving several old peers. they would be repurposed or left as historical markers. they are required to get rid of all concrete and metal right now. >> we have to remove the old peers. it is very expensive to do that. >> they would have to approve saving the peers. they estimate doing so would save $10 million. possibly more. today he introduced a resolution to name a local land
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mark for robin williams. the tunnel would become the robin williams tunnel. it is on highway 101. he hopes it will be approved by next august which would be one year after his death. he was struggling with parkinson's disease took his life over the summer. is cyber monday losing steam? the sales are still huge but ktvu's tom vacar tells us why fewer people were shopping online today. >> reporter: specials have been advertised online and available for weeks. the internet will generate record sales but 127 million folks will shop online during today's cyber monday. that is down from 131 million who planned to shop online last
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year. >> bargain over load. which isn't to say they don't want burgens -- bargains. they just don't want millions of promotions. >> reporter: her website is being can -- becoming important. >> we have 30 different items online. which is all the time favors over and over again. we ship nationwide. >> reporter: it is the heart and soul of her business. but 70% of holiday sales are done over the internet now. >> the ones that will survive will change their marketing strategy. >> that is why their business is growing 10% a year. >> they come in and pick their books up or have it delivered. >> reporter: if customers want home delivery they can draw on a warehouse that sends the book to the customer the same day it
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is ordered. bottom line, the spreading out of the holiday shopping season will only have one important day soon, the day they add up all the seasons' sales. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. he plays three different sports with only one arm. how this high school senior defied the odds and become an all star. >> shutting down the south day's largest homeless encampment. >> it represent as dangerous environment. >> -- represents a dangerous environment. >> where the people are going now and what is to stop them from coming back. >> and jim harbaugh and his future with the team. for the first time hear what jif cephhas to say about -- jim harbaugh has to say about the talks of a potential trade. n t. subway. eat fresh.
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a two alarm fire forced a couple and their dog from their home this morning after 8:00 a.m. the man who lived inside said he got out thanks to someone passing by who saw smoke coming out of the garage. >> pounding on the door. we thought it was her scratching. been making noise lately with that. louder than normal. and then went and checked. >> several neighbors were evacuated. the chief says a firefighter was hurt. >> we did have one fire captain, struck by fall diagnosebry. i know he was treated -- debris. i know he was treated. >> the fire started in garage. the cause of the fire is still under investigation tonight. rumors are swirling tonight about jim harbaugh's future with the 49er and whether the
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team might try to trade him and one of the teams being mentionicide the raiders -- mentioned is the raiders. ktvu's mark ibanez is here. >> just another day at the office for the san francisco 49ers. of course, there has to be an off the field issue. a couple sources reporting the 49ers might be engaged in trade issues regarding their coach. particularly after that completely crummy game against the seattle seahawks. jim harbaugh not wanting to talk about it that much. the browns had a conversation with jim harbaugh this off season. it is not beyond the realm of possibility that a trade could be mentioned or discussed but today jim harbaugh was having none of that. >> i really don't worry about my future.
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i haven't participated in any of that speculation. i just -- i think i have a recessive gene for worrying about my own future. >> reporter: do you believe -- [ talking at the same time ] >> what i want is -- i want to get this right. >> nothing is ever transparent with the 49ers organization from top to bottom. you would think jim harbaugh could just say look, you know i can't talk about this till the off season. so that is off the table right now. nobody is going to ask a follow up question after that. it is always some kind ofzer that takes you -- of answer that takes you off. >> oakland or somewhere else, does he have to approve this, can he say forget it, how does that play out? >> great question. say the raiders worked out a trade with the san francisco 49ers organization. jim harbaugh would have last say. he would have to approve that.
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why would he approve that knowing the 49ers would have to give up a draft pick to get him? he would just say you got to fire me. he has one year left on his contract. and take it from there. i would doubt really that he would approve a trade to anywhere. >> if it does happen, the raiders traded john griden to the bucks. what kind of fit do you think it would be for jim harbaugh to go to the raiders? >> i think it would be fantastic. his strength rebuilding organizations. did it at san diego, of course, made stanford's program a power house nationally and we know where the 49ers were before jim harbaugh arrived. they hadn't made the playoffs in 10 years. his strengths are taking a program in trouble, building it up to a competitive level. on the bridge of a super bowl
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with the 49ers. i don't think his strength longevity and i think we are seeing cracks in his armor this year. >> going back tocollege -- to colleg? . >> there is no way jim harbaugh will go back to college football unless it was at the end of his career where he had nowhere to go. he wants to win a super bowl. he would like to go to the raiders organization to build them into a competitive team. i don't see anyway. it is not going to happen. that would be a big demotion. that would not be looked upon as a move up. why would he do that? >> a sunset move. >> absolutely. >> thank you so much. tracking showers into your neighborhood as we head into
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tonight and tomorrow. the main system. look that moisture from the subtropics. southern california will get a bunch of rain out of this. it would be nice if they were phased together, which often happens. we will get some moisture from it. if it was pulling this north we would be doubling our rainfall totals. we have a few scattered showers by concord and fairfield. light stuff. drip, drip stuff. that is how it goes tonight. tomorrow, in the morning, it is raining. afternoon, raining. wet day tomorrow. wetter days in terms of intensity. we will see rainfall accumulations for tomorrow that could eclipse two inches in san francisco. that is a lot of rain. today, here is tomorrow. the system gets closer to us. heavier rain is still south of the san jose area. so heaviest rains in the
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mountains, big sur. computer model, 7:00 a.m., wet morning commute. you see intensity right here. 9:00 a.m. morning commute winding down. a little break. watch what happens after lunchtime. boom. this is when we could see thunderstorms. mountains, winter weather warning in effect. tomorrow wet one. good day to work from home if you can. both commutes and a lot of water. lot of water. inch of rain brings out the run off. 58 brentwood. a mild to warm storm, right? this system is warm. we are still talking about temperatures in the 60s. the five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view, on tuesday, it is just a wet day. and thunderstorms in the forecast. wednesday we have more scattered showers. we will see more sunshine in here. maybe a chance for a
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thundershowers. the main act is tomorrow from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. something like that. it will be a nice storm and it will help out with the rainfall. thursday, there is a chance, something on friday and by the weekend we dry out. so good news. that is the idea for tomorrow, anyway. again, an inch of rain in san jose, which they could see an inch of rain, that is a lot of water. you get a lot of ron off. that is the -- run off. that is the concern. a lot of times we will get a storm over night, everybody is in bed. we will get it all day while everybody is up. the idea that it will be right on us. >> thank you. republican aid resigns after a facebook post about the first daughters. after the break,tuate she said about sasha and malia that -- what she said about sasha and malia that cost her her job. >> julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00 p.m.
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>> friends are returning to the spot where a man was killed on a hiking trail. >> perfect. you know, holy. i hope david is in a good place. i am sure he is. >> what the friends are doing help police close the case. >> plus preschool for every child the state is ready to spend more money to make it happen, but do californians think it is worth it? these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00 p.m.
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san francisco police are looking for the driver who shot and wounded a 60-year-old man during an argument. it happened yesterday afternoon on columbus avenue. winds say the victim got -- witnesses say the man hit the driver's car with his cane and the driver shot him. people in the neighborhood said the victim is roy and authorities say his injuries were not life threatening. bill cosby resigned from temple university. a dozen sexual assault allegations. no charges have been filed against him. temple university board chairman said bill cosby stepped down because he doesn't want to be a distraction. sony pictures'somes were knocked -- sony sony pictures'
5:26 pm
systems were knocked offline last week. last week's attack was credited to a group calling itself the guardians of pass. there peace. a republican aid resigned after making comments over the weekend about barack obama's daughters sasha and malia. elizabeth lauten was the directedder of communications -- director of communications and she wrote that sasha and malia looked bored at the turkey pardon they attended with their father. elizabeth lauten commented on their clothes saying dress like you deserve respect. not a spot at a bar. she added and don't make faces during televised event. she apalogized today. -- apologized today. she has now stepped down from her position. 200 people told to get out of a homeless camp. >> we were there when the city
5:27 pm
told theme leave -- told theme leave -- told them to leave. >> the wife of former baltimore ravens running back ray rice talks about the night he a knocked -- he knocked her out, what she says was the most difficult part of the incident. >> and a place most people will never see in real life, amazon letting the public take a look inside his packing facility and how the robots are helping.
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complete bay area news coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. >> san jose city crews posted up eviction notices to shut down a homeless encampment. it is home to 200 peoples. there have been repeated rape as thet site. ktvu's as neth -- rapes at the site. ktvu's azenith smith has more. >> reporter: i wanted to show you the city bought 27 beds in the shelter reserved for the people at the jungle, not to mention that is on top of the 80 beds for the homeless
5:31 pm
because of the cold weather. the people we spoke with say they have no idea where they plan to go. >> reporter: early this morning people in the largest homeless encampment called the jungle were given one of these, a 72 hour notice to vacate a massive tent city. the city says environmental, safety and health and legal issues propertied the -- prompted the closure. >> there is increasing acts of violence that occur here every day. people have r being victim -- are being victimized, abused. >> reporter: the city invested $4 million to house 137 homeless people throughout san jose. in addition 60 people have housing voucher. 275 winter beds have been set up. >> a lot of confusion.
5:32 pm
a lot of stress. turmoil. >> reporter: he called the jungle home says he is confident he will find a place but he is concerned about his neighbors. >> they will go wherever they can. it could be somebody's house. it could be under a bridge. >> reporter: he showed us what he hopes will be done. he says the concept of micro housing is what the country is exploring. he fears the consequences the clean up could bring. >> it will scatter people out into other neighborhoods throughout the city. >> reporter: this thursday crews will begin dismantling the homes. the last time the city did a clean up of the jungle was in may of 2012 and they collected 200,000 pounds of waste.
5:33 pm
>> you are showing us one option but again, the camps get cleared out, people return. is the city doing something to make sure it sticks? >> reporter: i mentioned the city has devoted 4 million dollars and they are putting up additional fencing. and they will have police officers and park rangers working over time to patrol the area and prevent reencampment. >> thank you. just minutes ago we got new information in the shooting spree that killed four people in west virginia. state police now confirm the gunman has been found dead of a self-inflicted gun shot pound. there were three shootings this morning. the gunman is identified as 39- year-old jodie lee hunt. police in berkeley say the death of a man yesterday may be
5:34 pm
a homicide. investigators say the man appears to be in his 50s. he was found lying on his back yesterday afternoon and was pronounced dead at the scene. his name hasn't been released. investigators also haven't said why his death appears suspicious. doctors will be looking for signs of brain injury while conducting a examination of a athlete found dead over the weekend. police say kosta karageorge died of a self-inflicted gun shot wound. his body was found yesterday. family members reported him missing the day before thanksgiving. he had a histreof a concussions -- history of concussions. this case involve as man convicted of making -- involves a man convict offend making threats on his facebook page. he posted messages including there is a thousand ways to
5:35 pm
kill you. attorneys say he didn't mean to threaten anyone and the government must prove his comments were intended threats to others. a disabled u.s. army veteran says u.s. air refused to allow his service dog to travel with him on a flight at mineta international airport and he is not sure why. he was headed to hawaii yesterday morning to help lead therapy session for veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder. the website said service animals are welcome but he says a worker told him his service dog could not board. >> he started off saying he needed rabies paper work. i said it is a service dog. it coveralize of that -- covers all of that. somebody said he is missing a
5:36 pm
leg. . . [ indiscernible ] >> he missed the flight as a result of the dispute and had to rebook on another airline. his father drove to san jose to pick up the dog. u.s. air has not respond for comment. full of toys, gadgets and gear. we go inside amazon's packing facility to show how robots help the companies send out hundreds of packages every 2nd. >> -- second. the wife of former baltimore ravens running back ray rice goes on camera. >> she talks about the emotion she and her husband went through and why she is talking now. >> a plan to ban bikes on sidewalks in the south bay. why critics say it is a dangerous idea and the compromise other are pushing for. i love this new sirachi burger.
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[ band playing ] washington high school band kicked off schools week on the steps of san francisco city hall today. it is an effort to make sure all students are supported and valued. in san francisco they say this kind of work goes on year round. >> we do not discriminate on
5:40 pm
disables, because of gender, ethnicity, language. we welcome immigrants as well as our native born sons and daughters. >> this week's event include reading, art projects and teacher training. company says it detected a team of e-mail intruders that target company executives. the company says it attacked 100 companies or advisory firms to play the stock market. most of the businesses are healthcare companies. the stock which can move after clinical trial results. the wife of former baltimore ravens running back ray rice is giving her first interview since he knocked her out with one punch inside an elevator. she says it was the only incident of domestic violence
5:41 pm
during their relationship. >> after this whole situation i -- you would think that -- [ indiscernible ] >> she told nbc she was furious after the assault and ray rice was terrified. it happened back in february in atlantic city. two videos of the assault pushed ray rice into the forefront of the discussion about domestic violence in the nfl. the league suspended him. she says she refused to watch the second video of the attack showing her being punched. >> i refuse. >> she said the hardest part was staying silent till a decision was reached on the appeal to the nfl. on friday they over turned his
5:42 pm
suspension. battery fires on boeing jets were due to a manufacturing flaw and miscalculations. the national transportation safety board issued the results today on a battery fire at boston's logan airport. it blames boeing for over looking the possibility of a fire. the faa for a lack of over site and the manufacturer for mattery contamination. the fleet was grounded for three months while the issue was redesigned. a remarkable story about a local high school student. a three sport athlete and he has just one arm, why he said it made him a better athlete. and getting a second chance. the heart breaking place these 7 puppies were abandon and what happened to them now. >> grab the umbrellas. it will get wet around here. especially for your day tomorrow. both commutes impacted. we will talk about more rain behind that. see you back here.
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7 pups found in a trash bin are getting another chance at life. volunteers nursed the pups back to health and they should be ready for new homes by christmas. they are a few days -- they were a few days old when they were dumped left to die. in san jose a vote is
5:46 pm
expected tomorrow on a plan to ban bicycles from downtown sidewalks. pedestrians say they are offer blind sided by aggressive bike riders but critics say it would push bike riders into city streets. officials are recommending the ban and some say it is a good idea. >> maybe should be banned. a lot of people on the sidewalks could get hurt. >> i could see where the bicyclists want to be on the sidewalk and be safe but at the same time there is kids, women with strollers. >> some people are pushing for a compromise that could limit the ban to certain streets and hours. police and kids under 12 would be company. cyber monday, retailers are hoping today helped boost disappointing weekend holiday sales. ktvu's tara moriarty will show
5:47 pm
you how robots are helping process all the holiday shopping orders. the size of 20 football fields. a maze of conveyer belts and boxes and robots. >> i feel like the robots are like elves. >> she is packing up everything from tize electronics. >> to be -- tromtoys to electronics -- from toys to electronics. >> amazon is giving us a look inside. >> down to minutes. we are really becoming efficient and getting fast at taking orders and getting off the shelves into boxes. and on to the door steps. >> reporter: last year amazon sent out 426 packages per second and this year they expect to top that.
5:48 pm
>> we have great deals running all day long. >> one of them is this charger for smart phone and tablets -- smart phones and tablets. . >> amazon has a huge awesome operational efficiency. i get to be here on cyber monday talking to you instead of in the warehouse packing up. >> what is the hottest item? >> every frozen. the elsa doll. >> reporter: it is easy to see why this season they are looking more like santa's work shop every year. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. excitement by fans of frozen. a second film and a stage musical are all in the works. but now she is saying she has
5:49 pm
no idea, adding she assumed there is something cooking because the film has been so successful. it is the fifth top grossing movie of all time and the number one seller on amazon. >> i knew it was big. i didn't realize it was that big. our weather now. we have heavy rain that is on the way. >> have you seen the movie? >> yeah. [ talking at the same time ] >> there is rain on the way. it will impact your commute tuesday. not just the morning. not just the afternoon. but the later evening commutes. it will be a wet day tomorrow. it is december. an inch to two inches of rain in the urban areas around us. so san francisco could get an inch and a half of rain. that is a lot of rain when you
5:50 pm
deal with concrete. urban centers, that run off starts flying down the walkways. with the heavy rain expected tomorrow, look for standing water on roadways and into -- you know, downtown walnut creek, lucky drive. standing water in places. in the hills, the santa cruz mountains, 4 inches of rain. that is the extreme end. inch to two inches. mountains, winter weather warning that goes into effect. it goes into effect midnight tonight and the snow levels, talking 6500 to 7500 feet, the snow levels are high. it is raining but the snow levels could be right up there at pass level. tomorrow the winter weather warning. the computer model.
5:51 pm
8:00 a.m. we will look at tomorrow and wednesday. there is more behind it. tuesday morning. tuesday afternoon commute. you see the yellows and reds, those are convective, more thundershowers activity. san jose, mission peak. mean as good shot at thundershowers. especially tomorrow around 4:00. that is right on the commute. there is the commute. breaking off a little bit. going off in the mountains tomorrow at 6:00. there is 7:00 a.m. wednesday morning commute. right? wednesday afternoon better. you get the idea. a progressive pattern as we go into the next couple days. see how warm they are? this moisture is originating, you are seeing temperatures in the 60s. warm air. holds a lot of water. cold air doesn't hold as much
5:52 pm
water. wednesday will be scattered showers and thundershower chances. mountains tuesday and wednesday. they will get hammered. snow levels will drop wednesday morning in the mountains. good one. right on us as we do our business tomorrow. it will be an issue for those out and about. >> we were talking 1-4 inches depending -- [ talking at the same time ] >> you know, 1-2 inches where we live. if you get in the santa cruz mountains, you might find 4 inches of rain. for you and me, inch and a half of rain. >> a lot of rain. thank you. a straight a student, plays football and a pitcher, and he plays basketball. still all that, why she someone -- he is someone you won't soon forget. >> julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00 p.m. >> a killing of a oakland man
5:53 pm
on a hiking trail has friends and family banning together tonight. >> to be standing here where, you know, his last -- day. [ talking at the same time ] >> what they are doing to help police solve this case. >> also president obama wants all police officers to wear body cameras. we break down which bay area agencies already use the equipment and pinpoint the key event that prompted police to look at the cameras. these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00 p.m. for over 60,000 california foster children,
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today san francisco coalition on homelessness launched a new campaign to try to change the perception of the homeless. it ads feature a homeless artist who gain said publicity for running the san francisco marathon and a mother holding a girl with the line there are enough homeless children in san francisco to fill 35 muni buses. the ads will appear on muni buses. new at 5:00 p.m. a student athlete playing football, baseball and basketball for a high school and he has been able to do it despite a birth defect. that never slowed him down. he told ktvu's rob roth it helped him on the field. >> reporter: it has been said it takes good hands to catch a
5:57 pm
football. but what if you have just one? no problem. >> you are at a disstrategic start. only -- disadvantage to start. only way to make up for it is to try harder than anyone else. >> reporter: he is a star safety on a team that is preparing for the championship game friday. did we mentioned he also pitches for the varsity baseball team. putting on his glove after putting -- throwing the ball and plays on the basketball team and a straight a student. >> i think the whole reason i work hard and i really care about the sports is because of having one hand. >> he has a name for it. >> marty is my arm. that was named by my good friend when we were 11 years old. >> he continues to prove
5:58 pm
everybody wrong. has never used, you know, his handsy cap as an -- handicap as an excuse. >> reporter: he prefers not to be taught of as the kid with one arm. he is beginning to understand it could inspire others. >> there will be bad things in life, you have to keep fighting, keep working. >> reporter: he is proving you can over come a raw deal and all you really need to succeed a lot of heart. rob h, ktvu channel 2 news -- rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. she appeared on the cover of sports illustrated in august and now she is named sports kid of the year. she became a sensation after becoming the first female
5:59 pm
pitcher to win a little league world series game. the bay area police agencies using body cameras and why the president fiends them appealing. >> the sand bags are being filled and the trees are being trimmeds the bay area braces -- trimmed as the bay area braces for rain. >> and a man was shot and killed. >> he will be missed. >> the effort friends and families family are making to help police solve this case. complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. >> president obama turns his focus to ferguson, missouri promising to do what he can to improve relations between police and the communities they serve. good evening. i am julie haener. >> and i am frank somerville. >> the president is holding meetings with leaders and law enforcement all of this in the wake of protests over the
6:00 pm
killing of michael brown in ferguson, missouri. protests both peaceful and destructive swept through cities during the past week. one week ago today a grand jury decided not to indict darren wilson. he is the officer who shot and killed michael brown. the president says he called these meetings to look at the relationship between police and civilians. >> when any part of the american family does not feel like it is being treated fairly, that is a problem for all of us. >> the president outlined an order to track the weapons and gear the federal government sends to police departments. and he wants to spend $263 million on a task force and plans to improve policing, including buying body cameras for police officers to wear to record their interactions with civilians. ktvu's noelle walker talk to a expert


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