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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  December 1, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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killing of michael brown in ferguson, missouri. protests both peaceful and destructive swept through cities during the past week. one week ago today a grand jury decided not to indict darren wilson. he is the officer who shot and killed michael brown. the president says he called these meetings to look at the relationship between police and civilians. >> when any part of the american family does not feel like it is being treated fairly, that is a problem for all of us. >> the president outlined an order to track the weapons and gear the federal government sends to police departments. and he wants to spend $263 million on a task force and plans to improve policing, including buying body cameras for police officers to wear to record their interactions with civilians. ktvu's noelle walker talk to a expert who say body cameras for
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all officers isn't a question of if, it is a question of when. >> reporter: police started using body cameras at the end of october. they are meant to provide transparency and act as a witness in the he said she said situations. police have a new crime fighting tool. >> i wear it down here. >> reporter: it is not a gun. it is an extra eye watching the streets. a month ago all officers started wearing body cameras. >> the cameras help us provide a more transparent record. >> reporter: from b.a.r.t. station to walnut creek officers are turning an eye outward. 14 law enforcement departments are getting body cameras. oakland was among the first. spending half a million dollars to equip officers with cameras. he says we can trace all the
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pointing camera lenses back to one point in history. >> go back to the rodney king episode. a few pictures were worth a million words. >> the beating changed the game. made cameras ubiquitous. >> it is not only harder to be a bad cop in the world of visual ubick wait, it is harder to be a sniper too. . >> reporter: that is because cameras are everywhere. on the street. with a view of anyone walking buy and those people on the street, the majority are carrying cameras too. >> the positive influence of being on camera almost always outweighs the negative. >> reporter: that is because deis human nature to put our best -- it is human nature to put our bestself to the camera. -- our best self to the camera.
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>> it means the department of human nature is operating at full incentive in ways that may improve things. >> reporter: because someone is always watching. >> we are all on camera. it will be an interesting cinch -- century. >> reporter: he doesn't know if it will be months or years but eventually all law enforcement officers will have the body cameras. noelle walker, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. dozens of arrests and damaged businesses in the name of justice for michael brown. coming up, san francisco police chief speaks out about the black friday protests. the bay area saw drizzle and cloudy skies today but another round of heavy rain is heading our way. drives faced wet roads but for the most part today was a break in the weather. chief meteorologist bill martin
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joins us now. >> the next storm system moving in tomorrow, this is bigger than the last one. it will pick up this moisture and push it north. it will hammer southern california. this is warm subtropical moisture. here is our storm. it will scoop this up and that is your tomorrow. tomorrow will be wet. starts out wet in the morning. stays wet through the afternoon commute. the light showers, perhaps slowing your evening commute. the story is tomorrow morning. 7:00 a.m. it gets going. showers will be drillly and light showers. wet at 7women. noon -- 7:00 a.m. noon it lights up. we could see lightning. we will get into a thunderstorm potential tomorrow afternoon. and then afternoon commute, see
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how it moves out of there? chance of a thunderstorm. winter weather warning in the mountains. strong winds. wouldn't be surprised if we saw gusty winds 40 miles per hour. we will be watching that tomorrow. when i come back we will break it down and get you through your day tomorrow and show you the rain that will be here on wednesday. >> thank you. the storm is good news for the larger bay area. depending on where you are it could be a problem. ktvu's john fowler is live now in san francisco where people in one neighborhood are dealing with a persistent problem. flooding. john? >> reporter: that's right. san francisco mission district, these sand bags tell a story of persistent flooding. >> reporter: nervous workers set sand bags outside the stable cafe. >> we do what we can. >> reporter: for decades when it rains hard this block
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floods. >> water comes up from the drains and rise and goes inside. >> reporter: he tells me his high end furniture is at risk. >> we raised everything. >> reporter: this is where mission creek used to run. strong rains, drains, over flow. >> sand bags and cross your fingers. >> hoping for less rain, several homeless people. he says police won't let him put up a tent. >> i will end up in the same situation. walking in the rain. everything all wet. >> reporter: they can't tolerate the conditions in city run shelters. they prefer the streets even in the rain. reporting live in san francisco, john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. thank you. new at 6:00 p.m. he went for a hike last week
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and was shot and killed on the trail. the victim was a father and a rider in oakland and his death is a mystery. today ktvu's allie rasmus went back to the trail and spoke to a friend of the victim. >> reporter: walking this trail was an almost spiritual experience for this man. >> perfect. holy. i hope david is in a good place. hard to think of him without thinking spiritual. >> reporter: this is where he spent the final moments of his life. he was a husband, father, grandfather and writer. >> he will be missed in so many places. >> reporter: he was talking tuesday afternoon -- walks tuesday afternoon when he was shot and killed. >> it is an unusual crime for that location.
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we are obviously urging people to take precaution wherever they are. >> reporter: witnesses told investigators there were two men before the shooting happened. police are trying to locate the two men and talk to them because they are considered persons of interest. one is in his late 20s. dread locks, high cheek bones and thin build. the second 6 feet tall, 240 feet tall, out of shape and overly friendly. >> we have been doing extra patrols in the area. >> reporter: police say they are looking for surveillance video from homes and businesses. investigators are following up on a hand full of tips. his best friend hope as reward will bring in more. >> we want whoever knows these people who did this, we want them to take our money. please. >> reporter: friends and family came up with the money for a $10,000 reward for information
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on the people who took his life. >> it will make it safer for other people. this is a plate issue now -- public safety issue now. >> reporter: allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. 10 new state senators and 27 new assembly members took the oath of office today that state capitol. >> today was the official squaring in -- swearing in ceremony. they will return in january to start their work. the new session begins with the loss of the democratic super majority. a few local special elections could boost democrat's numbers. more people shopped on small business saturday this year but they spent less money. they reported 88 million people shopped on saturday at small businesses. that is a 15% increase.
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the average shopper spent $162 and that is down 11.5% from 2013. today ktvu's tom vacar asked can small businesses build on this during the holiday season. >> reporter: 88 million consumers spent $164 individually, down 11% from last year. though individual spending was down an increase in the number of shoppers raised business to $14.3 billion. 2% higher than a year ago. >> increases the importance of shopping local. that is a focus over the last couple years. >> reporter: he is a believer. >> you would think was fluff, if indeed we weren't up 11%.
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it has had an impact. >> reporter: how can small business maintain the mojo longer than a day? >> offer service and an emotional connection people can't get in large retailers. >> have products that larger chain stores don't have available. >> reporter: unique is truly unique. a three pound chocolate covered caramel apple. >> what we do is so unique. it is fresh. our chocolates are only good for a few weeks. >> reporter: stick with them and look for more niches. >> got to be an ongoing process. and beyond just the holiday season. got to be all year. >> the key to small business survival, customer loyalty and the ability to trump the price. sometimes an impossible task.
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tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. you saw the crowds, the broken windows and the arrests. now san francisco police chief is showing the damage he says you didn't see during black friday's violent protests. >> and allotted of people talking about -- a lot of people talking about jim harbaugh and whether he will stay with the 49ers. his responds when asked if the -- response when asked if the trade would trade him.
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hundreds of protesters forced their way into union square last black friday and we showed you the broken windows and the arrest. ktvu's ken wayne is in san francisco with the police chief. some of the pictures are hard to look at. >> reporter: yeah. we will show you that in a minute. the chief said that the
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department facilitates many demtrations in san francisco. -- demonstrations in san francisco. what happened friday night, the crowd turned violent, some members did, when members of a protest started breaking windows and assaulting officers. that is when officers will take action. >> what went on on friday night is not first amendment activity it is criminal conduct. [ indiscernible ] >> we will not have that here in san francisco. >> reporter: police showed off the items recovered when the protests moved on to the mission district including rocks and bricks, bottles, knives. 5 officers were injured. and we want to warn you the next images may be disturbing. >> two of the officers were
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attacked and one of the officers was seriously injured. here you can see he was struck in the face with a bottom that came through the window of the vehicle. struck him under the nose. causing a laceeration that required four -- laceration that required four sits. >> reporter: 23 are from san francisco, the other are from around the bay area and elsewhere in california. six are from out of state. the chief is asking for anyone who might have video or pictures of the violent clashes with police to come forward so that they could identify those who are involved in assault and vandalism. >> ken wayne in san francisco. thank you. fire captain was hurt battling a house fire.
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happened after 8:00 a.m. this morning. we don't know how serious he was hurt. the cause of the fire is under investigation. new ktvu channel 2 news poll finds californians believe pre-school could be key to a child's success. high quality pre-school is important to a child in school and in life. 22% said it is somewhat important and 13% said it is not important. this comes as california expands funding funding for pre- schools. the budget provides 11,500 spots in pre-school. however 34,000 other california children do not have access because of a lack of funding. and 58% believe it is very important for california to spend more money to make sure all four year olds have access to pre-school.
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23% said it is somewhat important. and 15% said it is not important. when it comes to pre-school teachers getting training. 36% said it is very important. 30% said it is somewhat important and 29% said it is not important. teachers must get a permit that requires some college courses and teaching experience. while public school teachers are required to get a crudentional. our weather now. -- crudentional. our weather now. our chief meteorologist bill martin joins us now. >> good rain. not a monster storm, just a good one. this next one, tomorrow will deliver 1-2 inches around the bay area. that is a lot of rain. in the hills 3-4 inches. a nice looking weather system.
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we would get more rain if this phased in. if this phased in with this flow, it is slightly phasing in. if it pulled in, we would double our rainfall. but that is okay. we will do good. inch to 2 inches of rain. southern california will get whacked when the system moves through. scattered sprint cupels. here is -- sprinkles. here is the next system. as it gets closer it will get rid of the valley fog you saw this morning and the low clouds and we will push the rain in tomorrow morning and gusty winds. wind gusts -- depends. on the bridges, not so much tomorrow but like 9:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m. strong. 25-35 miles per hour gusts on the bridges. we will be tracking that. winter weather warning goes into effect tomorrow. snow up there. above 6,000 feet. so it is a warm storm.
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right? we talked about that. 6:00 p.m. now. here we are 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. morning commute. looks wet to me. into the afternoon commute more significant rainfall and probably thundershowers. the red areas representing convictivety. -- convectivety. the commutes, morning, if there is a noon commute -- noon time is wet. and the afternoon will be wet. wednesday morning, more of it. the low clears out. chance of a thunderstorm wednesday afternoon and then gone. and then a break into your bay area thursday with a few scattered showers. we will track more rain around here. temperatures are on the mild side. 60s tomorrow. again, just what we need. glad it is not on a saturday or
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sunday because it is the weekend. [ laughter ] >> it is also a drag because it does -- itilities in the heart of -- it hits in the heart of our day. >> probably safe to say leave extra time tomorrow. >> yeah. yeah. >> looks like all day. >> all day. >> thank you. the hot topic over the weekend, where will jim harbaugh be coaching next season. the coach spoke to the media today. what he had to say coming up in a moment.
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today is world aids day. a day to remember the 39 million people world wide who have died from aids. in the bay area people parked parked the day in golden gate park. it reinforces the link between san francisco's significance in the epidemic and the rest of the world. >> we remember this is an international reality. as we sit in this tent we stand with men and women and children around the world. >> after the speakers peek gathered at the circle of friends as the names of those who diedf aids was -- died of
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aids was read. mark joins us now with sports. there is always something new with the 49ers. >> if you get a sign it cover the 49ers never a boring day. after getting beaten by seattle on thanksgiving day, time before their next outing against the raiders. jim harbaugh over the weekend, couple of reports coming out the 9ers are potentially talking to a couple of teams about trading jim harbaugh and the juiciest of the rumors maybe to the raiders. today several members of the media wanted to talk about the reports and he was somewhat irritated by it all. >> you know, i -- i wonder -- got three questions from mark, from grant, from you. do you really want my answer or are you just asking for your own pleasure?
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>> i actually want to hear your answer. >> what i want is to attack this week. get it right. and -- >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> i think some of these questions are for your own pleasure. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> ball game? >> nobody wants to talk about the ball game. life is good if you are a warrior or fan. steph curry should be ready to play tomorrow night against orlando. mean time when you win everything is good. a perfect road trip. here is a look inside the life of the warriors on their last plane flight home.
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>> when you have a perfect road trip you can sing all the way home. the song is cocoa. they are in a grade mood. off to the greatest start in their franchise history. >> they are hot. >> live it up. >> thank you. coming up tonight at 10:00 p.m. on storm watch, tracking the storm making its way to the bay area, preparations and the forecast to help you plan your day. all tonight at 10:00 p.m. thank you for joining us. good night. oh, my god, mom!
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