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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  December 1, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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a break in the rain is coming to an end as storm clouds gather off the coast with heavy rain forecast for tomorrow. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. california sure needs the rain. we should see a drenching tomorrow. we are on storm watch tonight with rain expected for the morning commute and more rain during the evening commute. we have team coverage. we begin with our chief meteorologist bill martin in the ktvu weather center. >> rain on the way, frank, this weather system promises to be stronger than the last few weather systems we've seen, with heavy rain showing up by
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early mid-morning tomorrow. right now, this is the current radar. you can see the showers just offsore. this is just a lot of moisture streaming in, by 1:00, 2:00 this morning, we're going to see light scattered showers. a little bit of drizzle. here we are at 5:00 a.m. a little more drizzle. your morning commute, slightly wet. but not heavy rain. the real heavy rain starts right about here. right about lunchtime. for noon, that's the heaviest time, we could see thunder showers. we're going to see a nasty afternoon commute. when i come back after the break, we're going to talk about rain totals, and what's this going to do for our accumulations, and we'll take a look at the forecast details for you tomorrow. see you back here. now to ktvu's katie utens live in oakland, with what people are doing for the next round of rain. >> reporter: we're seeing a lot of those temporary solutions from sandbagging to buying tarps. but we're going to show you a program that actually helps year-round here in oakland.
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it is a storm drain volunteer program. it's getting attention nationwide. in a break between storms, people across the bay area prep. in the north bay, from shoveling sand to stocking. >> over the weekend, we pretty much got cleaned out. >> reporter: come storm or sunshine, there is a small army of volunteers in oakland. they clear storm drains. >> a paper plate inside a bag and it refuses. >> reporter: as part of the city's adopt a drain program. >> it saves us a ton of money. >> reporter: oakland has more than 10,000 storm drains. >> there's 17 city staff that are in charge of maintaining those storm drains, plus all the connecting pipes and infrastructure. >> reporter: help from volunteers frees up staff to work on other projects. around 300 drains have been
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adopted by people who registered on >> reporter: she takes care of four drains on her block. >> if everybody just took two minutes. >> reporter: city leaders from texas to vermont are taking note. >> they're calling saying how can we do this? so oakland has been a model for urban volunteerism. >> reporter: others simply want to stop water from seeping into their homes. >> we can't tell. it's always best to be prepared. >> reporter: knowing they're ready for the next round of rain. since there are 10,000 storm drains in the city of oakland, that leaves applicanty more to be adopted. we've posted the website on web wednesday, so if you'd like to help out in your neighborhood, it's pretty easy to sign up. frank, julie. >> the volunteers will be busy tomorrow. katie, thank you.
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>> reporter: despite the rain, california is still in the grips of a historic drought and water agencies desperately want people to conserve for the future. >> a normal year, we get about 50 inches of rain, right now, we're just about 7 inches for this rain year. >> with reservoirs only partially full, east bay mud may still need to buy water from outside agencies. that would mean a rate hike. it's going to see how much rain we get this week before making a decision. in san francisco, falling ficus trees are creating problems. several lost branches and fell over during the rain this month. yesterday, a large branch fell onto three cars. to prevent further damage, the city has issued new guidelines to streamline the process for removing a dangerous ficus. >> we have trees that haven't
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been maintained as often as they should be and now we're starting to pay the price for it. >> if residents have concerns, the city says it will evaluate trees to determine whether they are good candidates for removal. stay with us, in 13 minutes, bill will be back with the timing for the heaviest rain. at 10:30, a look at the sierra, and the outlook for much needed snow there. at 10:45, your extended outlook and the chance for more rain at the end of the week. homeless shelters in the south bay started adding beds tonight to bring in as many people as possible from the elements. the wet weather coincides with a move to close a large homeless encampment known as the jungle. >> reporter: julie, we're inside the bicardo center. for some of the people
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displaced from the jungle. >> it can be very scary. >> reporter: she became homeless for the first time in her life just three days ago. she says a medical problem and being laid off from her job started the downward spiral. she is among the dozens benefiting from the newly added shelter bed. >> i can be out there. >> here you go. thanks you guys. >> reporter: out there includes the jungle, where an estimated 200 homeless people were given eviction notices this morning. >> let me give you one more just in case. >> reporter: orders them to leave the homeless encampment within 72 hours. >> there's been a lot of confusion. there's been a lot of stress, turmoil. >> reporter: city and county officials say the jungle is unsanitary, unhealthy, and at times dangerous. >> there's been increasing acts of violence here every day. people are being victimized.
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people are being abused. >> reporter: about 50 homeless people from the jungle agreed to leave today. as of tonight, only two people from the jungle registered at the shelter. although 27 beds are designated for them. home first, says people often have the wrong idea about the homeless. >> a lot of folks in encampments are working. they have jobs. i met a guy down there who is working concessions at the 49ers stadium. >> this woman says she's grateful for a warm bed, and feels for those who have to brave the elements. >> i've seen a lot. >> reporter: as the temperatures drop, the folks here at home first tell me the shelter does get full and last year at its worst, they had to turn away up to 60 people in one night. >> hard to turn away a lot of people. amber, thank you. it's been four weeks now since election day, and the race for mayor in san jose is finally over. santa clara county's registrar
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of voters says a final check of voters turns up no mistakes. the registrar says a manual recount of 1% of the ballot determined that the machine count was accurate. you will recall the departure of the registrar's i.t. manager on the day before the election and the closeness of the race had raised questions about the tally. liccardo will now be sworn in on january 26. a call for volunteers this holiday season. we've learned there is a shortage of bell ringers for the salvation army kettles. >> reporter: julie, it's the organization's biggest fundraiser, but help wanted signs are up across the bay area. because the bells won't ring themselves.
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a sound of the season. >> immediately says it's christmas time, yeah. >> that's my technique last year. just simple. >> reporter: but the ring-a- ding, and the donations are fading. >> thank you. thank thank you. >> reporter: because there aren't enough bell ringers this year. >> if you had a full time job would you still do this for no money? >> yeah. >> why? >> because i love it. they may not know there's even an opportunity to do it. >> would you do it? >> of course, sure. >> do you have the time? >> no, but i'll try to make some. >> i was a little nervous at first, because you don't know what to expect. >> reporter: picked up a kettle as a volunteer at 17. now he's looking at a room full
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of unmanned pots. >> right now, we only have two bell ringers out. >> reporter: each kettle could generate a few hundred dollars a day. >> have everything that an individual would need. >> reporter: producing food boxes during the holidays. 500 boxes are needed in marin for christmas, plus thousands of toys. >> it's a real simple process. all you have to do is stand there, ring the bell, and smile. the people do the rest. >> no special training required. >> no special training required. >> reporter: the army lost ringers when they found jobs in an improving economy, and as a generation of older ringers got too old. >> they're out in the cold. it's sometimes a thankless job. it's nice to help out. >> you know they need volunteers? >> i didn't know that. now i can volunteer my kids. >> those who ring say it is needed, appreciated, and very satisfying. >> i'm deeply grateful for them
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turning my life around. you know, and so i would recommend anyone coming out that can ring a bell to help others, you know get their life together. yeah, it's worth it. >> reporter: volunteers can work a variety of shifts in convenient locations and even bring a child with them. the money in the kettle stays in the county where it's collected to help those in need. debora villalon, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> at, we are posting information about volunteers for the salvation army. just look for the web links section right on the front page. a teacher, author, and grandfather shot dead on a quiet hiking trail. >> he's going to be missed so many places. >> how his friends and family are working to help catch a killer. >> it definitely made me nervous. >> how the k-9's nose for trouble landed him in the emergency room. >> i told you, there's a strong
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storm headed our way. up next, a closer look at the timing on the heavy downpours, tomorrow. ♪ the world is your snowball see how it grows. ♪ ♪ that's how it goes whenever it snows. ♪ ♪ the world is your snowball just for a song. ♪ ♪ get out and move it along. ♪
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♪ that's how it goes whenever it snows. ♪ ♪ the world is your snowball just for a song. ♪ ♪ get out and move it along. ♪ a police k-9 is back on the job after is a scare last week. it ingested drugs while searching a car in el cerrito. live in petaluma after talking with the handler about the frightening incident. >> reporter: yeah, it was frightening indeed, julie, we spent some time with el cerrito
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officer, dell prado and his great german shepherd, koda, as the two trained on patrol work and also narcotics protection. these two are happy to be back together again after that very close call. they never know where the search for illegal drugs will take them. that's true in the real world, and in this training exercise. el cerrito police officer, joshua dell prado, and his k-9 partner koda scoured in petaluma. it doesn't take long for the 4- year-old german shepherd to sniff out illegal drugs. in this case, crystal meth. drug at the detection is exactly what this team was doing last wednesday. the team was called out to help assist with a traffic stop here at carlston boulevard, koda went to work, searching the vehicle. finding crack cocaine, and
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something else. >> he's trying to pinpoint an odor. as he got closer, i noticed small plastic bindle. >> reporter: then it was gone. >> i didn't want anything happening to my partner. a long two and a half year relationship, we built a bond. it's not like any other. >> reporter: he rushed koda to the emergency veterinarian, where they determined koda had ingested methamphetamine. a concerning 24 hours for the officer, who was grateful his partner made a full recovery. >> very relieved. i was really excited the next day to go pick him up. couldn't wait for my shift to begin. >> reporter: and the two have been at it ever since. officer dell pradda tells me this is the first time koda
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ingested any of the drugs, which they admit is one of the dangers of the job. a scary situation this afternoon in southern california's upscale beverly hills. police shot and wounded a bank robbery suspect inside the lobby of the lux hotel on rodeo drive. a gps tracking device inside the bag of stolen money led police to the suspect who was reportedly trying to check in at the hotel. the suspect was taken to the hospital. an l.a. tv station says he is in critical condition. no one else was injured. 10 freshman senators and 27 assembly members took the oath of office to become members of the california legislature. >> reporter: today was the official swearing in ceremony. current lawmakers showed up to support their new colleagues.
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the lawmakers remain on recess for another moment. david shoe was among those new lawmakers who were sworn in today. he is now in the state assembly. last month, the board selected supervisor katie tang as its interim president. the board is set to vote on a permanent replacement on january 8. a san francisco airman who has been missing in action since world war ii has finally been accounted for. shot down on april 10, 1944. in 2001, the wreckage was found in a dense jungle, and some remains were also discovered. the defense department says dna from a niece and nephew were used to identify gardener's remains. the sergeant will be buried at arlington national cemetery on thursday. a high school student says being born with one hand actually has made him a better athlete. >> riley quinn is a triple threat playing baseball,
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basketball, and football. as ktvu's rob roth reports, he's part of a team headed to a championship game this week. >> it's been said it takes good hands to catch a football. but what if you have just one? if you're riley quinn, no problem. >> you're kind of at a disadvantage to start. the only way you can make up for that is to work harder than northwestern else. >> he was born without his hand and forearm did we mention, he also pitches for the varsity baseball team? quickly putting on his glove after he throws the ball? he's also on the basketball team, and he's a straight a student. he says he never wonders how good of an athlete he'd be, if he had two arms. >> i think the whole reason i work hard and really care is because of having one hand.
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>> reporter: he also has a name for his partial limb. >> marty is my arm. that was named by my good friend, nolan when i was 11 years old. >> he continues to prove everybody wrong and has never used his handicap as an excuse for anything. he just continues to get better and better. >> reporter: remi says he prefers not to be thought of as a kid with one armament as he's gotten older he begins to understand that his story could inspire others. >> there's going to be bad things in life. you've just got to keep fighting and working. >> reporter: riley quinn is proving you can overcome a raw deal and all you really need to succeed is a lot of heart. ktvu, channel 2 news. >> next time you think you can't do something, just think about riley. varsity basketball, baseball, and football. >> a quick change artist. good for you, riley, and marty.
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i like how they nicknamed the hand. let's go back to our storm, the coverage due overnight. >> late tonight, the storm shows up. we've had showers around here, and it's helped our sense of average. these are approximations almost 70% of average rainfall for this time of year in oakland. san jose, coming up on 90%. san jose might be 100% by the time this is said and done. this is the shower activity that i'm tracking. mostly right now just tropical moisture streaming in off the pacific. sitting offshore right now. right around 100 miles, as that shower activity moves in, we're noticing shower activity. thunderstorms in the forecast as we go into the next 24 hours. here we are tomorrow morning. drizzle. a lot of moisture, just, the roads will be soppy, a little bit wet. that's at 5:00 a.m. about 8:00 a.m., you start
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seeing showers coming down from the sky. not a heavy rain event for the morning commute, but wet roadways for your tuesday morning commute. here's what happens. about noon time, it really starts to go. that front gets close to us. this is real rain here. that's at lunchtime. about 2:00, or noon. at 1:00, a good chance in here for thunder showers around 12:00 and 1. you see the back edge here for the afternoon commute it starts to clear out, but scattered showers remain in the forecast. tomorrow, wet in the morning, but not horribly wet. lunchtime is real wet. your mid-afternoon commute, very wet and less around 5:00. snow in the mountain as well. we'll talk about that winter storm warning when i come back, and those snow levels. some business owners aren't taking any chances with the weather. coming up at 10:30, the san francisco neighborhood where a forgotten feature from long ago
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is to blame for an increased risk of flooding. >> first, the president's call to equip police officers with cameras. how video is changing the dynamic between law and order.
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hundreds of students at stanford walked out of class today to protest the grand jury decision in ferguson, missouri. palo alto police thanked the students for exercising their constitutional rights in a nonviolent way. president obama is calling for more transparency in u.s. police departments because of what happened in ferguson. >> a simmering distrust that exists between too many police departments and too many
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communities of color. >> the president is recommending changes in a program that provides surplus military gear, to guard against a militarized culture. and is asking a task force to come up with other concrete proposals. ktvu's noel walker tonight on the bay area departments that already have the body cameras, and why some say their impact is only just beginning. >> reporter: san rafael police have a new crime fighting tool. it's not a gun. , it's an extra eye watching the street. a month ago, all 80 sworn officers started wearing body cameras. >> the cameras help us provide a more transparent record of our interactions with the public. >> reporter: from the platform of bart stations, to walnut creek, officers are turning an
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eye outward. at least 14 have, or are getting officer body cameras. oakland was among the first, spending half a million dollars to equip more than 400 officers with cameras. uc berkely professor of criminal law, says we can trace all of those pointing camera lenses back to one point in history. >> go back to the rodney king episode, and the point was, that a few pictures were worth a million words. >> reporter: it made cameras ubiquitous. >> it's not only harder to be a bad cop in a world of visual ubiquity. it's harder to be a sniper too. >> reporter: those people on the street? the majority of them are
10:27 pm
carrying cameras too. >> the positive influence of being on camera almost always outweighs the negative. >> reporter: it's human nature to put on our best face, be our best side for the camera. >> the fact that a cam are ray is on simply means that the department of human nature is operating at full incentive in ways that may very well improve things. >> reporter: because someone is always watching. >> we are all on camera. it's going to be an interesting century. >> reporter: sergeant aguilar says he doesn't know if it will be months or centuries, but believes all departments will eventually have cameras. 79 people were arrested during friday's protest of the ferguson grand jury decision. several hundred people tried to disrupt the tree lighting in union square. several people got into verbal
10:28 pm
confrontations with police officers. then the protesters headed to the mission where things got even more violent. police chief greg suhr said five officers were injured, including one who needed stitches. >> you can see he was struck in the face with a tequila about thele that came through the window of the vehicle, struck him just under the nose, causing a laceration that required four stitches to close. >> police displayed some of the items that were confiscated. they included rocks, a chain, a wrench, and a knife. just 23 of the 79 people arrested are residents of san francisco. an emotional ceremony tonight remembering all of those lost to a.i.d.s. at 10:45, the demographic now seeing an increased number of infections. >> first, fresh snow in the sierra, and more on the way for tomorrow. bill will have an updated forecast for the mountains.
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blue skies today. this picture is from heavenly mountain. from they could see another two or three feet snow at the higher elevations, as we go into the next day or so. that's great news. here's the system i am tracking. a couple of things going on. the big low pressure spinning. you see the signature low spin here right off in this area. then you see this moisture plume, that is significant. most of that moisture is moving into southern california. they're going to have a lot of flood concerns, especially in the debris areas or in the burn areas of southern california from those southern fires. for us, we're looking for this to develop into the mountains late tomorrow afternoon. a winter storm warning will go into effect tomorrow at lunchtime. it will stay in effect until
10:32 pm
4:00 a.m. on thursday. 1 to 3 feet of snow. here's the caveat. you're talking about snow levels above 6500 feet to about 7500 feet. so the snow levels are pretty high. it's going to be breezy up in the mountains as well. they got 5 inches over the last few storms. this one storm is going to knock off a good 1 to 3 feet of snow over the next 24 to 36 hours. when i come back, that's the snow forecast. when i come back, we'll break out the next weather system in behind this one. it's going to bring more rain into wednesday and a little bit into thursday. the rain and snow are obviously a welcome sight for most. but the wet weather can cause a problem when it comes all at once. how people in one san francisco neighborhood are crossing their fingers tonight. nervous workers saturday sandbags outside the century old stable cafe.
10:33 pm
business owners tell me for decades. >> it just has to go right out the door and straight inside. >> reporter: his high end furniture is at risk. >> we've raised everything since the day we moved in. >> reporter: this is where mission creek used to run. >> put up sand bags and cross your fingers. >> reporter: also hoping for a little less rain. several homeless people we spoke with, 47-year-old renee garza has called this street home for five years. he says police won't let him put up a tent. >> walking in the rain, drenched, soaked, and everything all wet. >> reporter: garza and companions like many of the homeless, tell us they can't tolerate the conditions inside city shelters. they prefer being on the street, even in the rain. you can follow the ktvu weather team for the latest on
10:34 pm
this approaching storm. you'll find bill and all of our meteorologists on twitter, and facebook. police in sunnyvale say they've identified suspects in a burglary. they are wanted in connection with a burglary last friday on east duane avenue. officers say they were caught on videotape and the quality was good enough to identify them. investigators say both are on probation and have warrants for their arrests. in the east bay, family and friends of a homicide victim are joining together to offer a reward for information about a trail side shooting. crime there is highly unusual. walking this trail at the huckleberry regional preserve was an almost spiritual experience for this oakland man. >> kind of perfect.
10:35 pm
it's holy. and i hope david's in a good place. it's hard to think of david without thinking spiritual. >> reporter: this is where he spent the final years of his life. he was a long time educator and writer. >> he's going to be missed so many places. the ripples of this are so vast. >> reporter: he was walking this trial tuesday afternoon when he was shot and killed in what police believe was an attempted robbery. >> we are obviously urging people to take precaution. >> reporter: several witnesses say there were two men in this parking lot shortly before the shooting happened. they are considered persons of interest in the case. one of the two men is described as being in his late 20s, early 30s, with dreadlocks, and a medium build. the second is 6'4", 240 pounds,
10:36 pm
clean shaven, out of shape, and was described as overly friendly. >> we've been putting out fliers. >> reporter: they're looking for surveillance video from nearby homes and businesses. investigators are following up on a handful of tips so far. his best friend of 20 years hopes a reward will bring in more. >> we want whoever knows these people who did this, we want them to take our money, please. >> reporter: they came up with the money for a $10,000 reward for anyone with information on who took the man's life. >> make the streets safer, make the woods safer for other people. this is a public safety issue now. >> reporter: the people who loved him continue to grieve privately. in oakland, allie rasmus, ktvu, channel 2 news. a federal jury is now considering the case of two san francisco police officers accused of corruption. they are among six officers accused of stealing money, and
10:37 pm
property during searches. the investigation began in 2011. that's when surveillance tapes came to light of a series of police raids in which residents of single occupancy hotels say they have been roughed up, and that some of their items had been stolen. one officer has pled guilty. a new effort to raise california's minimum wage. >> going through the models, checking on heavy rain coming our way. >> a ktvu camera goes inside for a rare look at's massive shipping center in tracy. see how robots are used to help get products on their way. a hot chocolate?
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ho ho ho... we'll all have hot cocoa! ma'am, need a strong pot of joe. the all new keurig 2.0.
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it appears holiday shoppers may be changing their patterns a bit.
10:40 pm
the national retail federation says black friday sales fell 11% compared to last year. today is cyber monday. while sales were expected to be stronger fewer people said they planned to shop online today. experts say people may have started early for bargains, and that businesses have to be nimble to keep their customers. >> those that are going to survive are going to continually change their marketing strategy. >> the national retail federation says overall, it expects about a 4.1% increase in spending this season compared to last. put an army of robots to work to help put items out the doors quickly. it's about the size of 28 football fields. this is where the new robots are used to gather merchandise for an order. they can carry up to 750 pounds and help associates get orders packed and shipped at lightning speed. >> in this building, we've taken that time down to
10:41 pm
minutes, so we're really becoming efficient and really getting fast at taking customer orders and getting them off the shelves into boxes, and onto doorsteps. >> amazon says it shipped almost 37 million items globally last year the retailer expects to beat that number this year. a bill to increase california's minimum wage. the state's current rage is $9 an hour, but is set to increase $010 an hour in 2016. the senator wants it to reach $11 an hour in 2016 and $13 in 2017. last year, he introduced a wage increase bill that was defeated. but since then, voters in other states in cities, including san francisco and oakland have improved wage hikes. the wife of ray rice says their highly publicized fight
10:42 pm
in an elevator in which she was knocked out with a single punch was the only time he has every abused her. video showing rice punching her last february launched a national discussion about how the nfl handles accusations of domestic abuse. ray rice initially received a 2 game suspension. after the actual video surfaced, rice was given an indeaf gnat suspension. >> have you seen the second tape? >> i refuse. i refuse. i'm not going to let the public bring me back there. you would think we lived in a country full of people who never made a mistake. who never sinned, ever in their life. >> the federal arbitrator reinstated rice to the nfl last week. at this point, it's not clear if any team is going to sign him. an antitrust case involving apple goes to trial tomorrow. how testimony from the late steve jobs is expected to play a role in the case. >> a major storm headed our
10:43 pm
way, and our chief meteorologist bill martin takes us right through tomorrow and the rest of the week. >> it's more widespread than ebola. the concern over hiv on this world a.i.d.s. day and the group of americans who are increasingly infected.
10:44 pm
10:45 pm
the bay area marked world a.i.d.s. day today. despite 30 years of education, a startling number of new cases are going untreated. jana katsuyama is live in concord with this story. >> reporter: julie people stood here tonight with candles, sharing stories, and also a commitment to fight this disease that continues to spread. >> long as we remember those who have past. >> reporter: mighty lights on this damp night drew people together in concord.
10:46 pm
a circle of hiv/a.i.d.s. survivers, and people remembering those who passed away. >> we've lost several people in our community over the last few years, for me personally, chad was a close friend who helped me a lot. >> reporter: the human toll was clearly marked in san francisco's golden gate park. names etched in the stone of the memorial grove. and in the hearts of survivers who remembered them at the annual service. in the united states, an estimated 1.2 million people are living with hiv/a.i.d.s. now. of those, health officials estimate 63% are not getting treatment. >> that means we have a very large number of people walking around with hiv infection that is not suppressed, meaning they're very contagious. >> reporter: in oakland, groups set up hiv testing. >> we're also seeing an increase in hiv in young women of color. between the ages of 13 and 24. >> i have hiv, but hiv doesn't
10:47 pm
have me. >> reporter: women organized in response to life-threatening disease. brit learned she had hiv in 2003 who she came down with pneumonia. >> i never thought the test would come back positive, but it did. i always call it an unwanted 40th birthday present. >> reporter: now she counsels young girls, as young as 13 who are diagnosed with hiv. after decades of hoses, the hope now is for gigger gains in the battle for prevention and a cure. >> women, when people of color are still being affected, in this community, in this country, every day. it has not gone away. stigma is what's killing them. >> reporter: and so far to
10:48 pm
date, hiv/a.i.d.s. has led to the death of tens of millions of people worldwide. >> 39 million around the world. same population as california. jana, thanks very much. a $1 billion class action lawsuit against apple over its ipod software goes on trial tomorrow. the late steve jobs is expected to be a witness in the case. they claim apple used software that required song buyers to use ipods instead of cheaper music players made by rival companies. the attorneys said it inflated the price of ipods. attorneys plan to use the deposition during the trial. wall street started the week on the down side.
10:49 pm
riding your bicycle on san jose sidewalks may soon be illegal. supporters say the ban is needed to protect pedestrians from aggressive cyclists. city transportation officials recommend the ban. critics say it would push cyclists into sometimes dangerous traffic situations. the ban would not apply to police and children under 12. tracking showers, as we head toward your bay area tuesday. it's going to be a wet one tomorrow, especially in the noon time hour until about 4:00. there is the moisture moving onshore. streaming onshore. those showers will start to pick up in the terms of light, scattered drizzle. light sprinkles after midnight. showers now just a little under about 100 miles offshore in some cases. i am seeing lightning strikes out here in the yellow areas. we are seeing lightning
10:50 pm
offshore. a good indication that lightning and thunder are a good chance tomorrow. especially in the afternoon. 8:00a.m. on thursday morning, this is big time stuff. when you look at san francisco, coming up on an inch and a half of rain that's great. almost 2 inches of rain in concord. this will be a little over the next 24 hours. that would be great. this is a nice looking weather system. it would be even stronger if the moisture this phased in with this. it could come together and be a lot more rain. this will work out real nicely for us. as we head into tomorrow morning, it's wet on the roadways. lunchtime tomorrow, it starts to go off, and it's wet. it's wet right through the afternoon commute. winter storm warning in the mountains. now we move into wednesday. wednesday morning's commute, wet again. here's wednesday afternoon's commute, wet. that's two afternoon commutes in a row. then we go into thursday morning and some sprinkles. there will be fog thursday
10:51 pm
morning as well. the big story will be tomorrow morning, actually tomorrow morning's lightly wet commute, but then the real rain comes in about noon. a chance of a thunder shower as we head into the afternoon hours. so around, 1, 2, 3:00 something like that. notice the warmth on these temperatures, that's because it's a low latitude storm. that's why snow levels are so high. that's why we're going to see significant rainfall accumulations, because warm air holds a lot of water, a lot more than cold air. the forecast tomorrow, it's a wet one. all the commutes tomorrow, i think the heaviest activity is going to be between noon and 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. thunderstorms are a real possibility. it's exactly what we need at exactly the right time. even getting some breaks. >> up to 3 inches in napa, and santa rosa. good dose. thank you bill. mark is here now. a new week and new things to talk about when it comes to the 49ers. >> sometimes, you've got to take it lightly.
10:52 pm
sometimes serious, but you know what? drama, always a part of the 49ers world these days. at the very least, you would have to say their entire organization top to bottom, they're all enablers. even relatives now getting into it. they seem to relish in this drama. over the weekend, several reports seem to be that the 49ers may be discussing trading coach jim harbaugh. most noticeably, to the raiders. naturally the head coach would be asked about it. naturally, he would not give a straight answer. >> i don't know about my future. i don't participate in that speculation. i think i have a recessive gene for worrying about my own future. >> do you believe in some way -- >> what i want is, i want to attack this week. i want to get this right. >> all right, well it didn't look like a must see tv event
10:53 pm
at the marquis. but at the very least, monday night football, jets dolphins, passing the jbw test. that would be just barely watchable. these are not your dan marino dolphins. but ryan tannehill coming along. we've got 13-13 in the 4th quarter. they add a field goal, and take a 16-13 lead. pass deflected. jones, the interception for miami. game, set, match right there. the dolphins are 7-5. if the season ended today, they would be in the playoffs. you know what? you've probably never heard of the guy, but his dad is one of the greatest wide receivers of all-time. he's been hiding away up in canada. as of today, he may be ready to follow in his father's game breaking footsteps. tell you all about him, sports part 2, next.
10:54 pm
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all right, we don't hear much about canadian football down here in the states, but there is one player, american fans may to know soon. his name is daron carter, he is the son of former nfl great
10:57 pm
hall of famer, cris carter. daron carter, great speed. kind of reminds me of a young randy moss. carter, like his father, has had major off-field issues. evidently turned his life around. now, no less than 10 nfl teams scouting him. he cannot play until next year. probably would look great in a raiders or niners uniform too. the warriors living the high life. seth curry tweaked his ankle sunday, x-rays are negative. won't miss any more time. when you're 14-2, everything is riding first class. ♪ [ music ] >> pretty good chemistry going. and fun on the flights home. like i say when you're 14-2,
10:58 pm
you can have fun on the plane. the chemistry is good. >> thank you mark, and thank you for joining us tonight. our coverage continues at >> good night. >> good night.
10:59 pm
11:00 pm
that is so freaking funny. [ laughing ] i know, right? what? dad just wrote another classic one. tell her. oh! i don't know about "classic," but here we go. "if you're looking for a two-story house, i'm your man. "i'll tell you one story before you buy it and then another story after." luke: no, you didn't! [ both laugh ] tonight is the s.c.a.r.b. the southern california annual realtor's banquet. i think they know what it is. mm-hmm. it's the mother of all residential-real-estate banquets. now, for the last five years, gil thorpe has hosted, but as luck would have it, he's having a sketchy-looking polyp removed, so they've asked me to..."phil in."


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