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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  December 2, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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1-2 inches of rain. driving conditions pretty horrendous. >> sometimes just be careful what you wish for. we've been wishing for rain. we'll talk about amounts and how long this will last. >> if the storm is causing new threats in the areas burned by a major wild fire near the sierra, we'll tell you the two things crews have done to prevent mud slides. >> and it's a national day of giving back. the best way you can donate to bay area charities on this giving tuesday. it's all ahead on ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning. we are facing the rain in san francisco and now we are in san leandro where you can see there is a live picture coming down pretty hard. alex savidge is out there this morning. he's going to have more on the road conditions. we are checking the road conditions all over the bay area. it is pretty bad in some spots.
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stay with us. we'll get out there in a couple minutes. it is tuesday, december 2nd i'm pam cook. >> you had a rough time driving in. >> it was rough. >> a lot of rain. be prepared. steve is here with your forecast. this is is no joke. >> this is a good one. we've had some rain for other areas. north and south for the last coulden of days. the east bay is saying where is the rain? this will give rain wide spread. mendocino county all the way down to monterey. we will start north. nothing too heavy yet. it looks like it's picking up in lake port. had reports of greg and healdsburg coming down. nobody is going to escape a wet commute this morning. also 680 eastbound picking up rain and very moderate rain moving on shore. san mateo coast around pacifica to san mateo.
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280 looks like a mess. and even over highway 27 sup moving on shore. santa cruz over los gatos. so 50s on the temps. the breeze has picked up for some. kind of a foggy, wet very tough morning commute for some here. just be advised winter storm warning starts at noon today. goes until 4:00 a.m.. the snow level will go up, up, up. it may be around 9,000 to 10,000 feet. this is a warm sector. we have to wait for the cold air to move in. pretty good swath of rain. so rainy, cooler day. just hunkered down if you have to. if you can work from home good for you. 50s and 60s. here he is mr. sal castaneda. steve, we will be busy. we do have a lot of fender benders out there already. we will see the bay bridge toll plaza. see a little bit of a backup here. if you want to leave the house early, it's a great idea. a lot of standing water. what is really hard you can't see it when it's dark.
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moving along and taking a look at the expansion span of the bridge. it's actually okay. as we look at the peninsula and the south bay, the traffic here is not all that dad. in san jose we are off to a decent start. let's go back to the desk. we are certainly on storm watch this morning and the nonstop rain now creating some very dangerous conditions on bay area roads and highways. ktvu alex savidge just talked to a chp officer in the east bay. you're in san leandro so what is going on? >> reporter: dave, good morning to you. the rain is coming down pretty good where we are this morning. this is really the kind of morning you want to take your time getting off to work. the driving conditions are certainly hose douse. we are right off of 580. we are seeing a lot of water on
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the roadways. that means dangerous conditions as we head out the door. we just checked in with the chp. so far for them no major issues to report. just a couple spin out crashes possibly related to the rain. so far it has been fairly quiet. no serious accidents. the rain playing a roll in crashes. that is why the chp is asking everyone as they always do to take it easy out there. let up on the gas just a little bit and slow down. the big concern is that water that pools up on the roadways and the freeways and if you do find yourself going through one of those pools of water on the roads and going at a pretty good pace here's what a chp officer recommends to avoid hydroplaning. >> what you don't want to do is apply your brakes or lock them up. just roll through it and keep your tires going and try to keep traction on the roadway. any time you react and apply your brakes heavily you can
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cause that uncontrollable skid to happen. >> reporter: ahead of today's storm a group of volunteers worked to clear storm drains around oakland. this was the scene last night. they are working to clear debris. this is part of a unique program in oakland. this is oakland's adopt a drain program. this is a motto catching on all across the country. we have more than 10,000 storm drains and 300 of them have been adopted by people living nearby. while the concern is flooding. just off of 580 the concern for the chp is the conditions out on the roadways and the concern about crashes. they are expecting to see more crashes throughout the morning. we are live this morning in san leandro alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. >> how was the drive into your location right there? >> yeah. you know dangerous. you do see a lot of standing water already on the roadways and the rain hasn't been coming
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down for that long. i would certainly say a very good idea to take it slow out there and the windshield wipers working overtime this morning. meantime in san francisco new concerns more ficus trees may come crashing down during this storm. the city is tacking guessive steps to remove dangerous trees. to determine which trees to be removed. this new order covers trees on both public and private property. >> san jose homeless shelters are adding beds to protect as many people as possible during the cold winter months. they are also trying to offer an option for people about to be displaced from the city's largest homeless camp. now yesterday morning workers began handing out 72 hour eviction notices to people who live near coyote creek. it's the area known as the jungle. the jungle is unsanitary, unhealthy, and dangerous.
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people at homeless shelters say they are lucky to have found a place inside. >> i'm fully clothed and i'm warm but i'm still homeless. there is other homeless people that don't have that. >> the city says about 50 homeless people agreed to leave the jungle yesterday. shelters say as the temperatures drop, they feel they do fill up faster. one shelter says last year it had to turn away 50 people in one night because there wasn't enough room. time is 5:07. we are getting a lot of rain right now. a though california badly needs rain, the current series of storms creates a possibility of dangerous mud slides in those areas burned during the king fire. that fire burned 12 homes earlier this year in placer county. over the weekend more than 2.5 inches of rain fell in the burn zone. even more rain is on the way. crews have been preparing for weeks. they've been installing new
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drainage openings. and they have also dropped in tons of rice straw like you see here in parts of the burn area. a nine-year debate on preventing a repeat of the 1991 east bay hills fire storm may be ending soon. the federal government recommends thinning out eucalyptus trees in the hills. if there are no lawsuits, the government is expected to grant more than $5 million to thin out the eucalyptus groves. critics say leaving any eucalyptus trees in the hills would increase the chance of another massive fire. also happening today an online campaign is asking people to donate to nonprofits on what is being called giving tuesday. kara lou is in our newsroom. >> reporter: it's all about giving back. the tuesday after thanksgiving
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has been designated as giving tuesday. the nation-wide campaign is designed to raise money and awareness for a variety of causes. this is a saw of a local charity servings over the thanksgiving holiday. the organization provides services to needy and works to break the cycle of poverty. the president and ceo of national philanthropic trust offers suggestions on what to give. >> if you have something to give to an organization, make sure they can use it. if you have old furniture or computers, don't just leave them on the doorstep. call them beforehand. if they can't use it, you may want to donate the parts for recycling. however, there are organizations that have wish lists and you might want to look add the wish lists and see if you have things they can use. that is wonderful. that means they don't have to buy them. >> volunteering have a great way to give.
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consider volunteering more than just once or twice because of the time or effort that goes into training. in the newsroom cara liu ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. today sam liccardo will officially be declared san jose's new mayor. a manual recount of 1% of the ballots determined that the machine count was accurate in last months election. liccardo beat dave cortese by 2700 votes. questions were raised. liccardo will be sworn in as mayor on january 6th. state lawmaker from san mateo has introduced legislation that will overhaul california's system for recounting votes in tightly contested elections. the bill from democratic assembly men kevin medicallen would require the state -- mullen would require the state
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to pay for a recount. mullen claims that the june primary in the states controllers race highlighted flaws in the current system. a familiar holiday site and sound may not be as common this year. coming up in 20 minutes what the salvation army is lacking this holiday season and how you can help. >> he's trying to pinpoint an odor. as he got closer to the floor board i noticed what looked like a small plastic wind l. >> close call for bay area police dog. >> good morning. right now we are looking at a commute where traffic is going to be slowed by the wet weather. highway 24 moderately heavy from walnut creek to oakland. >> rain rates are picking up.  and it's moderate to heavy already. since midnight two-thirds of an inch of rain in san francisco. and it will be a rainy wet day. we'll have updates on that and snow in the sierra.
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♪ the world is your snowball just for a song. ♪ ♪ get out and move it along. ♪
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♪ that's how it goes whenever it snows. ♪ ♪ the world is your snowball just for a song. ♪ ♪ get out and move it along. ♪ welcome back. 5:14. a police dog is back on the job after being rushed to the vote for inhaling drugs during a recent search. we caught up with four-year-old cota and his officer during a training exercise at a petaluma post office last night. last week the german shepard was called to search a suspects
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car. cota sniffed out cocaine hidden in a car and found methamphetamine which hi accidentally inhaled. >> depending on the dosage. i didn't want anything to happen to my partner. it's a long 2.5 year relationship. we built a bond that is not like any other. >> officer rushed cota to an emergency clinic where the dog was treated and released the next day. the dogs are trained to get very close to controlled substances but cota has never inhaled a drug. it happened yesterday afternoon at the lux hotel after police responded to a robbery. police say a teller placed a gps tracking device in a bag of cash and they tracked one of the suspects to the hotel as he was trying to check in. the investigation shut down busy rodeo drive and caused quite a distraction for
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tourists. state senator mark leno wants to raise california's minimum wage to $13 an hour. it's $9 an hour right now but it's scheduled to go up $1 at the beginning of 2016. but senator leno wants it to go up $2 to $11 in 2016. and then jump to $13 in 2017. since then several cities including san francisco and oakland approved wage hikes. house republicans plan to vote on a one-year extension of a temporary tax breaks. so the extension would only run through the end of this month. that would allow taxpayers to claim the tax breaks when they file their 2014 tax returns. benefits commuters and teachers and the people that live in states that don't have a state income fox.
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this morning about 90 people will repel 26 stories down a san jose building and all for a good cause. this is video from two years ago. this morning people will be heading down the side of the san jose heir yacht. it's part of an effort to raise money to prevent drug and alcohol addiction among children. the event is being sponsored by over the edge. an organization that holds similar events eachier to raise money for various causes. i like helping out organizations. i'm not going to be repelling 26 stories. >> i let out a few because recently they looked at doing it in downtown oakland. i was looking at those pictures thinking, i don't think so. i will let sal do it. >> unlike you dave i have a trouble saying no. not on your life. >> he is here. i said no for him. >> exactly. good. thank you. let's go out and take a
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look at what we have. this morning's commute is going to be wet. you are just waking up. perhaps you haven't looked outside. it is rainy. all of us driving to ktvu experienced any water and that is what you will be facing out there with the wet weather. some of the drains are not working as they should. this is a look at the westbound bay bridge. still early but a lot of cars out there. an extra half hour. maybe an extra 40 minutes. an extra 40 minutes in the morning that is near impossible. i know how that is. if you can swing it, you might want to do it if you can. this is a look at san jose northbound 101 and 280, 85. traffic there is just moderate. it's getting slow because of the wet weather. 5:18 let's go to steve. sal. >> yes, sir. >> i think some bug was trying to get my yesterday but today i feel better. >> some days you are just stuck in second gear. >> i think it caught sal though. >> shake it off. >> yeah.
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shake it off. thank you. we have a system here that is impressive. already two-thirds of an inch of rain in san francisco. mint hill the official reporting station .60. the old rain gauge is cooking right along. rain rates are light to moderate to heavy. this is about as good as it gets. some of the heaviest rain and snow we've seen since december 2012. it's been a long time. a lot of this swath of moisture coming up from the southwest will get pushed off toward central and southern california. but it has been entrained into this. the low begins to move off later tonight and tomorrow. it is raining from top to bottom here. all the way to minute see know county and lake county. you can always tweet me or e- mail me or whatever you want. also into marin county. back over to mill valley which has had a half an inch of rain. that is probably a half an hour
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old. what you are seeing here are the wind machines from the sacramento radar picked that up. people have asked me why doesn't that move? that is because of the wind machines out there. still though green. the dark green. that means the steady rain. oakland also hayward over to fremont. you can see san mateo pretty good rain right there on highway 1. so this looks like moderate rain and also into the santa cruz mountains from santa cruz proper to highway 17 it will be slow going. and sal is right. if you can leave early today even i left early today. rain windy and coast and hills. wide spread rain and possible thunderstorms later on. probably more likely late tonight and tomorrow. but everybody has been painted into that category today. 50s on the temps. they won't budge. the reason is not too bad but it's picking up. water temp at bodega bay is 61
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degrees. that is amazingly warm for this time of year. that might be a record. all the way down to monterey. they have not changed since june to be this warm. this late in the season or i should say into december. 28 for tahoe. all the way down to southern california. winter storm warning starts at noon. but it's 45 at blue canyon. it might stick at lake level for a bit. but the wind turns southerly that will start to send it up. 65-75 and even higher in central sierra. probably around 8,000 to 9,000 feet. for us it will be a rainy day. some of it will be light to moderate. projections through wednesday night into thursday look really good. from ukiah all the way down to san jose. you folks in ukiah that is three to four inches of rainfall. rain cooler windy at times.
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possible thunderstorms in the afternoon. highs will be in the 60s or 50s. looks like a very cool day for many here. upper 50s for san rafael. rain heavy at times. will take us into tuesday night. wednesday more rain possible thundershowers. decreasing a little bit but still unsettled. >> oh wow. okay. >> thank you. 5:22 is the time right now. felony charges filed after the oakland protest over the ferguson grand jury decision. coming up in 158 minutes what under -- coming up in 15 minutes what under cover officers witnessed. >> military members urged to make changes to their social media accounts. coming up next the threats from isis prompting this warning. for over 60,000 california foster children,
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the holidays can be an especially difficult time. everything's different now. sometimes i feel all alone. christmas used to be my favorite. i just don't expect anything. what if santa can't find me? to help, sleep train is holding a secret santa toy drive. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help keep the spirit of the holidays alive. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child.
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welcome back. new this morning authorities in lebanon say they have detained a wife and son of the leader of the islamic state group. reportedly the woman who is believed to be one of the wives of the isis leader and her nine- year-old son were detained near a border crossing with syria. an official says they were using fake identification cards and that they were taken into custody after some information from foreign intelligence agencies. federal officials are warning u.s. troops to scrub their social media account that could make them a target. the warning was sent in a joint bulletin by the fbi and
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department of homeland security. the bulletin expresses concern over calls of isis militants for their supporters to look through social media for addresses of u.s. military personnel and carry out attacks at their home. steve jobs is expected to be a key witness in a class action lawsuit. apple used software in its itune store that required song buyers use ipods instead of less expensive music players. lawyers for consumers and retailers say that inflated the price of millions of ipods sold between 2006 and 2009. apple steve jobs recorded a deposition for this case in 2009 before he died. december is usually a quiet month on wall street but three bay area tech companies plan to make a splash this month. they are all updating filings
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to go public. the biggest name is lending club. it's a san francisco based online lending platform. its ipo could be the biggest in california this year. two others are new relic of san francisco which makes cloud based software for businesses. and horton works which has its headquarters in palo alto. they could raise $376 million. buying more than 50,000 body cameras. president obama is following what happened in ferguson, missouri and what it means for police departments right here in the bay area. >> a lot of solo vehicles on bay area roadways. we'll tell you how much rain we are expected to get. ♪
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it's raining. these are live pictures. welcome back. ktvu channel 2 morning news. we are live until san francisco. it is really raining hard practically everywhere. the camera is panning around. you can see how slick the streets are. there is not a lot of traffic right now. be careful. give yourself plenty of time. tara moriarty is out. she has been driving around. coming up in two minutes she will tell you about the problems the rain is causing on
5:31 am
this tuesday morning. tuesday december 2nd i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. time is 5:30. definitely be careful out there. steve says we will get a lot more. >> we've already had christie until san francisco and bonnie in mill valley pouring. it will be a mess. christie who tweets me said i can't remember when it rained this hard in san francisco. already two-thirds of an inch and the rain rates are picking up. and bonnie said it's pouring. please slow down and drive safely. there is a lot going on here. there is not only a rain day today but probably tomorrow as well. first part of the system is punching in and out. sal will echo the same thoughts. raven rates are picking up. some of the rain is lighter as you go north. the low looks like it will move in toward the north bay. lake port it looks like they are getting some rain. it looks like picking.
5:32 am
i'm sure ross is getting pretty good rain as well. east bay officer todd clark said steady heavy rain. you can see why that stretches all the way out to highway 4 and also around sfo getting moderate to heavy rain. right over 280, highway 1 and over toward oakland as well. some of the rainfall has been a quarter of an inch to three quarters of an inch. it will be a tough go. rain windy coast and hills. we'll have wide spread rain lingering today. possible thunderstorms. 50s on your temps. they won't budge another degree. it will also be a cooler day and the rain looks really good going wednesday into thursday. it will be in inches here. santa rosa might pick up a lot of ground. rain cooler here windy at
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times. possible thunderstorms. 50s and 60s. sal. >> all of this rain has to be making a difference. >> it does. >> it makes a difference in the commute. and we will talk about that right now. first of all let's take a look at a new crash. we have westbound 580 just past the fairmont exit in castro valley. overturned suv that is blocking lanes there. now nearby we also did have an accident northbound 880 at eighth street. that is blocking a lane. that has prompted chp to give a cig alert to the area. it is still nice and light. golden gate bridge southbound 101 approaching the span. there is a car or truck that came up on the sidewalks on the north end of the golden gate bridge. you will see slow traffic coming out of marin. let's go down and take a look at the toll plaza. we don't have a big backup but some of the lanes are slow.
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and there is plenty of standing water there. in san jose northbound 280 moving well. you will not avoid the rain. the rain receiver where. it will billion part of your commute. plan accordingly. the chp is reporting a number of crashes that could be tied to all of this wet weather. flooding already has been reported in some areas. ktvu tara moriarty is in san francisco where the rain is still -- it hasn't let up. >> reporter: no, it has been going steady since i got up and made the drive and back over here. we are here at the fourth street off ramp. you can see behind me here the folks coming off the freeway here. there has been a lot of flooding on freeways. here's a look at some video that we actually took this morning. when we were driving on 101 northbound just before the 7th street off ramp. there are two dozen accidents on the chp log.
5:35 am
a lot of problems. you want to make sure you are careful. especially on 101 through hospital curve. there is a lot of standing water in bothth north and southbound directions. we know that there are going to be a lot of -- there is going to be a lot of rain. the national weather service predicts up to five inches in the mountains today. and 1-2 inches in our injure cities. by the end of the week the rainfall totals could approach normal for the season. for the first time in a long time. but remember these last three years have been well below average. so still a lot to make up for as showers are expected to tomorrow and there could also be gusty winds. and in marin they are expected to get quite a bit of rain today. >> you can see behind you a lot of rain on the road. time is 5:35. this rain is certainly a welcome sight after years of
5:36 am
record breaking dry weather. the rain also creating problems when it comes down this hashed. nervous workers have been placing sandbags outside of a cafe on folsom street in san francisco. business owners say when the rain comes down hard, this area floods. >> water will come up from the drain that is here out in the street and started to rise and go underneath the door and straight inside. >> this is the same area of san francisco where mission creek used to run years ago. and during heavy rain drains on the street this stretch of folsom street often overflows. this is interstate 80. you can see quite a bit of snow on the road. there is squall valley over the weekend. gorgeous shot. they got a foot of new snow. the snow is expected to start falling anergies morning and stick around for wednesday night and thursday. cal tran is warning people the
5:37 am
highways and passes could be dangerous. if you are heading up to the sierra you might need to use your chain. >> we are getting a lot of rain this morning. state water agencies though hope the rain doesn't make you think california's historic drought is over. it is not. and they are reminding you to conserve water despite the welcome rain. >> a normal year we get 50 inches of rain. right now we are under 7 inches. there is a lot of room in those reservoirs. >> the critical water shortage could still mean higher water rates for customers of east bay mud. the water agency will see how much rain they get this week before they make a final decision. later on today we will get an update on california's campaign to save water. the figures released earlier this year shows water use range from 49-gallons a day in santa
5:38 am
cruz to 580 gallons a day in one neighborhood in san diego. make sure you keep an eye on us. you can find steve paulson and all of our ktvu meteorologists on twitter and on facebook. three men have been charged with burglary in oakland in connection with a protest against the grand jury decision in ferguson, missouri. >> police say under cover officers spotted them forcing their way into the store in downtown oakland early last tuesday morning and police say they were leaving with stolen goods. at least 135 people were arrested during protests last week. so far the three men are the only people charged with felonies. they are due back in court next week to enter pleas. san francisco police say they arrested 79 people during friday's protest in the city.
5:39 am
police say hundreds of people tried to disrupt the tree lighting ceremony in union square. some protestors began arguing with police officers. others started smashing windows. and then the crowd headed to the mission district where things became even more violent. police chief greg suhr said five officer were injured badly enough to need medical treatment. we do want to warn you one picture is a bit graphic. >> he was struck in the face with a tequila bottle that came through the window of the vehicle. struck him just under the nose causing a laceration that required four stitches to close. >> chief sur displayed some of the items that were confiscated. they include rocks a chain, bricks, and a knife. chief sur says 23 of the 79 people arrested actually live in san francisco. time is 5:39. in response to what happened in ferguson, missouri. president obama wants more
5:40 am
police officers to wear body cameras. the president is asking congress for the funding to buy more than 50,000 body cameras. he says he's also looking for ways to build more trust and confidence between the police anomie authority communities -- and minority communities nationwide. 14 police departments have or will be getting body cameras. the city of oakland was among the first. last month all 80 officers started wearing body cameras. uc berkeley professor of criminal law says it's human nature to be on your best behavior when there is a camera present. >> so the fact that a camera is on it simply means that the department of human nature is operating at full insent i have in ways that may very well improve things. >> bay area police officers say they like having another eye
5:41 am
looking out for them. they say it's only a matter of time before every police officer in the nation has a body camera. right now it's 5:40. another rally is planned against uc tuition increases. coming up at 6:00 where uc berkeley students are gathering today and the historic moment they are also marking. >> i thought i was going to die. i really did. >> wow. rain causing the roof of an auto shop to collapse while two people were inside working. up next the piece of equipment that probably saved their lives. >> good morning. on the richmond san rafael bridge approach here, you can see traffic looks good here. it is light. it's also raining pretty hard. that is what makes the morning commute tricky. >> it's been a long time that i had viewer comments that said pouring from levi stadium to pacifica to mill valley and larkspur.
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welcome back. it's 5:43. a familiar holiday sight and sound may not be as common this year the salvation army has a shortageover volunteer bell ringers. many of the long-time red kettle workers have retired or back at full time jobs. we found just two bell ringers in court maine terra. the salvation army has dozens of kettles in the san rafael office that could be taking in money if there are bell ringers. the organization hires bell ringers at $59 an hour. that means less money to buy food and toys for needy families. >> the ideal situation would be if we could have volunteers come in and actually volunteer
5:45 am
to bell ring. i think that would be a great help to us. >> crab pots were the original kettles used. we are posting information about volunteering for the salvation army. just look for the web link section on the front page. >> here's an incredible story. heavy rain caused a roof to collapse in sacramento. and two people were inside working. firefighters say a pool of water collected on that roof causing a 20-foot section to crash down. the owner and an employee they were working on a car directly underneath this. the collapse came without any warning. >> it sounded like something falling off a shelf. and i'm looking around and then the next thing you know water like a title wave was coming down. >> he says a small hydraulic lift just happened to be in the right place.
5:46 am
it kept a huge beam. that one there from crushing them. they were able to get out of that building without any injuries. firefighters say dry rod also added to the collapse. the building is now off limits. 5:45 is is the time. some of the roads should be off limits this morning. pretty bad out there. >> yeah it's a lot of standing water pam and dave. we do have an advisory for you. i guess it's a sal advisory. leave early if you can. steve has been saying it too. let's take a look. in fact, let's hold on for one second here. let's see if we can get this going. i will talk about the golden gate bridge. southbound 101 there is a crash approaching the span here. traffic will be a little bit slow. they are removing it now. it was a weird accident where a truck came up on the bridge sidewalk and got into a crash northbound 101 might also be slow if you leave san francisco. at least as you approach the marin side. there is an injury crash there.
5:47 am
there is also a crash reportedly southbound 280 at east moore in daly city. let's move over to the east bay that crash northbound 880 has been removed. traffic will be busy. westbound 580 near benedict off ramp there is a crash there as well. let's take a look at live pictures. the bay bridge toll plaza we do have a backup. the metering lights looks like they have been turned on. watch for slow traffic in the area. and i want to show you the carquinez bridge to the mccarthur maze commute is getting a little bit slower. 28 minutes which is kind of early for this backup. at 5:47 steve we have our hands full today. >> we do indeed. i think we will have our hands full today and tomorrow as well. there is plenty going on. first we get the warm sector and the low has to move over. that will give us some heavy downpours. again that won't be as wide spread. it looks like that low wants to move into the north bay.
5:48 am
north bay missing out. all the way up to windsor and fort brag and parts of mendocino county it's not raining that hard from san jose and santa clara and pacifica. i think the leader of the pack here it's pouring. also into san francisco just had over three quarters of an inch of rain. the system has arrived yet. there is lighter amounts. don't worry you will join the party if you haven't yet. this is all lifting northward. once the low comes in i will tell you you will have a wide variety. marin county and mill valley and over to larkspur. right over toward the east bay. even toward lafayette, pleasant hill and walnut creek out to highway 4. looks like pretty good rain around pacifica. also probably up to la honda as
5:49 am
well along skyline and sfo which reported heavy rain. and then even down to the santa cruz mountains. highway 1 to highway 17. so windy coast and hills. wide spread rain will continue. possible thunderstorms kick in later today. the per ramates for severe are okay for us. not off the child support or anything but for us they look good. the storm prediction center has painted us for a general area of thunderstorms. i will show you the water temp because without an el nino this may be a record for december 2nd. 61- degrees is bath water. get out the bubble. that is amazingly warm. they have been in the 60s almost since june. just incredibly warm. that is feed into this system. you have to believe that. 54 ukiah and sacramento and monterey. 28 tahoe and truck key.
5:50 am
i did see 45 add blue canyon. measure in feet. it might be a pretty high snow level and come back down. a lot of moisture and good rain. statewide not yet but it's getting there. we will have rain in the morning and some of this is really going to stack up. in fact, through wednesday night into thursday morning take your pick. ukiah three inches. if it's not raining that much yet, it will. and san jose an inch and a third so it looks good for everybody there. best system since december 2012. rain, cooler, windy at times. there is going to be some downpours. 60s on your temps or 50s. we're getting a steady, steady rain. rain rates are coming in pretty heavy here. about a third of an inch per hour. we'll have unsettled weather. still one system late saturday into sunday. sunday does look better. >> all right all the way into the weekend. time is 5:50. today auto makers are reporting sales for november the numbers
5:51 am
are expected to be strong. chrysler to be the big winner with sales up 20% from this time next year. new car shoppers were drawn into the showrooms by early black friday promotions. new models and cheaper gas prices. total sales topped $1.27 million. that would be the strongest since 2001. there is another recall by general motors. it is the 79th so far this year. this time the problem is with the headlights on mid size suvs and buick lacrosse sedans. the low beam lights can suddenly cut out making it difficult to see. the recall effects 273,000 vehicles here in the u.s.. and pizza hut is testing what it calls the world's first subconscious menu. it involves a special tablet menu that shows 20 most popular pizza toppings and the tablet tracks the eye movement of the diner and suggests a pizza that you looked at the longest.
5:52 am
there are nearly 4900 possible combinations. it does make a suggestion in less than three seconds but one possible snag customers could look at something longer if they can't figure out what it is. because they are little pictures of the toppings. hells angels bikers become real life angels. coming up in 25 minutes why they stood in line for days just top get a specific black friday deal. >> high speed chase took a strange turn when the suspect tried to get away on a space board. ♪
5:53 am
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check this out a high speed chase came to a strange ending in los angeles. a suspected car thief tried to get away from police on a skate board. the pursuit ended after a driver in red pickup truck realized what was going on. he cut off the guy and blocked the skate border that gave the police a couple extra seconds to catch up and capture him. jay johnson will appear before a congressional committee. in a written testimony prepared for the house homeland security
5:56 am
committee he called the plan simple common sense. but republicans vowed to do what they can to block the president. one option they are considering is to withhold funding for immigration in a government spending bill. that means there could be a show down ahead of december 11th deadline to pass a spending bill to keep the government running. it's beginning to look a lot like christmas in washington, d.c.. so the washington capitol christmas tree almost officially be it will tonight. it's an 88-foot tall white spruce from minnesota. it will stay it will from dusk until 11:00 p.m. every night through january 1st. we are searching for the bay area's best holiday display. do you know where it is? is it your house? if you already your neighbor is all decked out for the holidays, we want you to post your photo to our facebook page or send us a tweet. your photo.
5:57 am
using the #2deckthehall. we will track which displays get the most likes. and we will send our crews to check out the top displays. now you the viewers you will vote on your favorite display and before christmas, we will tell you who wins the title and bragging rights for having the bay areas best high school display. i hope it's you. >> there is a house i know of in novato that should be there. it's not my house. coming up next in our 6:00 hour, we're on storm watch this morning. this morning's pounding rain causing trouble all across the bay area. we'll continue with our team coverage as the storm gets even stronger today. >> and today's special online campaign after black friday and cyber monday. how you can become part of giving tuesday. >> and right now we've had traffic that has been doing pretty well on the golden gate bridge south side. there is a crash on the north.
5:58 am
>> since 1:00 in the morning san francisco now is not that far away from nearly an inch of rain pouring for some. there is a pretty good little system there. we will talk about today and tomorrow. tomorrow it could billion really interesting. i'm the first to admit, i'm not the best student. i got into my back-up college, but on the acceptance letter it did say, please be aware, you barely squeaked in." which is why our new thermostat is the last thing i need. it's called the nest "learning" thermostat. it learns the temperature you like and programs itself to save you money. now my parents keep saying, "why can't you be more like the thermostat." not a confidence booster. the nest learning thermostat. welcome to a more thoughtful home.
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6:00 am
the rain has arrived and the roads are wet. we will show you what conditions look like as you head out the door d what the chp says you need to do to stay safe. >> probably the best system since december 2012. rain and i mean some really good rain rates already in san francisco. maybe where you are. we'll have details on today's system and tomorrows. >> rain in the bay area means snow in the sierra. how much expected to fall and warnings to you drivers. >> and a nationwide campaign to donate to charity. the black friday alternative happening right now online. ktvu channel 2 news continues. all right i want to take you out live this morning to one of the trouble spots. this is emeryville. we are all over the bay area. we have tara and alex out there checking in on


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