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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  December 3, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>> we are on storm watch. this was the scene in mill valley where the roads flooded over. nearby on highway 101 lanes had to be shut down to c this morning because that roadway was also flooded. our meteorologist mark tamayo is in the weather center now. one area got 5 inches of rain in 24 hours? >> that's right. the numbers are really adding up. we had the down pours in a short amount of time. as far as the totals and the 5 inches of rain. 5.05 inches of rain over the past 24 hours. everywhere, every neighborhood impressive numbers. an inch in most spots. santa rosa 1.66. san rafael 2 inches of rain. livermore an inch of rain. as far as the past 5 days, look at these numbers. ben lomond 5 inches. 10 inches of rainfall over the past few days.
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san francisco 4 inches. those numbers are adding up. the series of storms storms and the strongest part of the series moved in yesterday and this morning. right now a different story on live storm tracker 2. scattered showers in the santa cruz mountains, morgan hill as well. this was approaching near the peninsula an hour ago. right now over oakland. and up in the north bay not as much coverage. we will hold on to the chance of scattered showers tonight and tomorrow. and another system we are watching. more on that coming up in 10 minutes. >> thank you. as we mentioned the rain flooded many bay area roads, especially in the north bay. one spot was shut down to traffic. ktvu's paul chambers is live with the latest from there. >> reporter: we were on the air when the road reopened. good news for commuters but businesses say the roads still might as well be closed. >> reporter: state route 112
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and 12 reopened at 5:00 p.m. wednesday evening as a truck pushed water out of the roadway. but that didn't help them. >> we are closed today. depend thong rainfall -- depending on the rainfall through the weekend. >> reporter: it caused lots of flooding. >> 3:00 p.m. we got a cell pass through that dumped a lot of water on us and overwhelmed the drainage system. >> the rain cause two dimension-1/2 feet of watt -- 2- 1/2 feet of water to flood the center. he says he worried more about the roof, never worrying about the ground. >> vacuum and call the carpet company and see if they will help me out. >> reporter: heavy rains caused flooding, stranding some people and stalling others. crews will have other issues to
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stay on top of. >> mud coming down. it will be a constant thing to check up on. making sure the roads are clear. >> reporter: there was one good point. even though they were closed they were able to do a deep cleaning. by the time customers come back the restaurant will be spick- and-span. a pot hole grew into a sink hole. it is at lake street and 6th avenue. the sink hole measures 20 by 20 feet and 10 feet deep. officials say a water main burst. crews are digging holes around the sink hole to get to the water and the sewer pipes to repair them. >> due it aging infrastructure. some peoples are 100 years old. -- pipes are 100 years old.
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and make sure you are following had ktvu channel 2 news weather team on facebook and twitter. get the latest forecast. happening now, we want to show you a live look in oakland where hundreds of protesters are marching in the downtown area right now. they say they are angry over a grand jury decision involving a police killing. it happened in new york. a grand jury decided not to indict a white police officer following the choke hold death of an unarmed black man. emotions are still running high when a grand jury in ferguson, missouri made similar decision involving the shooting death of michael brown. once again live pictures from downtown oakland where a crowd is on the move. the protesters have been peaceful. we have been showing you this on the ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. we are continuing to monitor this situation. and now we want to show you what it looks like in new york city where we understand some arrests have been made from
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protests there. hundreds of protesters poured into the streets. weaving around traffic from union square to columbus circle and mixing in with people who were gathered for the christmas tree lighting at rockefeller center. there have been some arrests from the protests. we will continue a follow this and bring you more information. more on the grand jury decision in new york. a grand jury decided not to indict a white police officer following the choke hold death of an unarmed black man. and it was caught on video. [ indiscernible ] >> one of the police officers had the 43-year-old in a choke hold as he yeld he couldn't breathe. it was ruled a homicide but the grand jury said it found no
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reasonable cause to indite. protesters are expressing disbelief. and officials plan to conduct a investigation. police will have to find out who fired a gun when an off- duty officer got into fight with a homeless man this morning. ktvu's david stevenson explains how it all began with a confrontation inside a cafe there. >> reporter: surveillance video filmed this morning inside a cafe in san francisco shows a man wrapped in a blanket approaching a female customer. >> a guy came into the cafe and kind of tried to attack some lady. >> reporter: another customer steps between the two. the first man picks up the coffee and throws it on her, he charges the woman and chases her before throwing more coffee on the other customer.
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he is chased out. minutes later police say the man enters the lobby of this apartment building. armed with a chair leg police say he attempted to rob an off- duty officer leaving his apartment. >> the officer draws his weapon. identifies himself as a police officer. the suspect tells the officer you are going to have to shoot me. >> police chief says the officer a 15 year veteran holstered his weapon believing he could subdue the suspect. >> the suspect goes for the weapon and now it is a life and death struggle over the weapon. >> the officer was bitten. the gun went off and the suspect was shot once. he was taken to the hospital in critical but stable condition. investigators haven't released the suspect. name but he robbed and beaten a man prior to the shooting. >> i watched the video.
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seemed like it was somebody i have seen before but nobody i recognize. >> reporter: it is unclear whether the officer or the suspect pulled the strigger but both man's hands -- trigger but both men's hands will be tested. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco police are investigating two more bank robberies after a string of four robberies last week. the most recent happened yesterday afternoon. the first was 3:20 p.m. the second was two hours later. in both case as white man in his -- cases a white man handed a note to the teller and left with cash. it is not clear if they are connected. >> you never know when bank robbers hit. it could be related to the holiday season. might not be. someone who is looking for money at this time but at this
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point we are looking into each one individually. new at 6:00 p.m. nasa scientists in the bay area are giddy over the launch of the next generation of manned space craft. it has roots from mountain view and the hope is to use it to take astronauts to mars. ktvu's john fowler spoke to the excited nasa scientists today. >> reporter: above the tunnel at the research laboratory. >> super excited. >> reporter: she told me she is living her childhood dream, heading a team towards a stunning pay off. >> we would like it get humans on to mars. >> reporter: the aryan -- orion is designed to make two test orbits. and then plunge to earth at 20,000 miles per hour.
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>> this is a model. what is crucial is the heat child. developed here. shield. developed here. because it is moving so much faster when it comes in from mars and so much steeper into the atmosphere it gets much, much hotter. >> immersed in a plasma and the temperatures are as high as 10,000 degrees. >> reporter: they created a plastic that melts away taking the heat with it. they showed us years of computer modeling. but you have to actually fly it. >> i am interested in seeing how it flies down to when the parachutes come out. that is the difficult part of the flight. unsteady flow. >> reporter: space travel is a
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global endeavor. >> it will take the world coming together to actually do things like this in the future. >> reporter: the experimental first flight is planned for a splash down. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. >> they are inviting the public to watch the launch at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow. join them at the visitors center. scientists will explain what is happening from a screen. bay area university with a pest problem. what students say they have seen after aradication efforts at a -- aradication efforts at a dorm -- aratication efforts at a dorm.
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new at 6:00 p.m.
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a bay area university has been dealing with a reoccurring problem, bedbugs. stanford said the issue is now under control but it took them two months. the most recent incident effected 3 dorm rooms. ktvu's ann rubin found out they had bedbugs last spring. >> reporter: over the last two months students got new and unwanted roommates. >> i didn't know what was going on. i heard it was bedbugs. oh, my gosh. >> reporter: bedbugs, the biting bests move saided in on the -- moved in on the first floor. >> they said we took care of the problem. boom, they pop up again. >> reporter: officials say it takes time for a thorough
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eradication. >> concerning. you know it could spread and destroy property and clothes. >> i don't want bedbugs. and i don't want to move out. yeah. gross. >> reporter: students were provided with temporary housing. still in one case the university was forced to implement a three week tear down of the room. >> i only heard about it from one of my friends. it didn't effect me so i didn't care. >> reporter: students want to focus on finals and the holiday break without having to worry about bedbugs hitchhiking home with them. >> i feel bad for people who have to get relocated. >> reporter: stanford advises students check boths, backpacks
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ask beds and -- backpacks, and beds. ann rubin, ktvu channel 2 news. a new independent review is criticizing caltrans tests of the bolts and rods that support the eastern span of the bay bridge. the report says caltrans assertions the bridge is safe were based on unscientific and misleading evidence. he proposed replacing the bolts and rods but they said the testing phase is still on going. fill 'er up. the state's economy is improving. gas use in california is up for the first time in 8 years. according it a report, gas consumption rose ta14.5 -- to $14.5 billion in california.
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another reason for increased gas consumptiontion is the lower -- consumption is the lower prices. $3.03 in san jose. oakland $3.05 and san francisco $3.19 and those prices are 25 cents lower than they were a months ago. the sheriff's office hoed off one of -- showed off one of its two new drones today. the aclu that issued guidelines on surveillance says privacy is a top concern but the sheriff says they will be used in specific non-surveillance situations. >> i have no intention to utilize these for surveillance purposes. >> there is no policy to make sure they are not misused and this process lacked basic transparency and accountability. >> the sheriff says he used department funds to pay for the
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system. it could be six months to a year before the drowns are deployed. well, more now about our weather. it was really coming down earlier today and over night. our meteorologist now, mark tamayo, we got a lot of rain. >> interesting talking about a storm system. right now we have scattered rain showers out there. as far as the latest on live storm tracker 2 you can see the coverage and the bulk of the activity is to the east. the foolhills -- foothills and rain towards the south lake tahoe airport. showing you activity in the santa cruz mountains, the south bay as well. this one sell in the east bay, closer to orinda, walnut creek, 24 there, rain showers for this region. and pushing the maps to the
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north, not as much coverage. we will hold on to the chance of scattered showers tonight and thursday. beautiful looking towards san francisco right now. we have lots of clouds out there and scattered showers as we talked about. and another round could be approaching, not as strong as last night into today but still producing rainfall. tides were a factor today. 6.5 high today this morning at the golden gate bridge. tomorrow higher. we will have inflated water levels around the bay. here is today's system. next one off shore. you get an idea. we have a break and that is what we have tomorrow. we can't go completely dry. the chance of a shower for thursday. and the cold front approaches on friday. this will generate more rain chances. rainfall a quarter of an inch to possibly an inch. roar e more rain -- more rainfall in the forecast. the chance of scattered showers
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tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. and lots of breaks throughout the afternoon hours. and then friday, we will increase the rainfall chances into friday. throughout the afternoon hours. and that chance will last into saturday morning with decreasing chances by the afternoon. highs for tomorrow, 60s. mild out there. warmer systems moving in from the south and west. san jose 66. here is a look ahead, the five- day forecast, the strongest storm moved out but lingering rain chances for thursday. rainfall redevelops friday. we have a strong term journey in terms of the drought recovery. >> thank you. the raiders and the 49ers, this will be good. this weekend's battle of the bay is coming up that coliseum and what they are saying about the big rivalry. mark is up next with sports.
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to them. that is cool. 8 dancers put on a mini performance at children's hospital in san francisco today. the dancers and the nutcracker himself performed selections from the ballet. >> being able to come here and share that means a lot. you don't get the opportunity so often so this once a year opportunity when it comes around is something we cherish. >> afterwards it was great they chatted with the patience and let them get a look at their costumes and signed autographs. >> that is great. mark is here now. big game this weekend. 49ers versus the raiders. >> a lot at stake for the raiders. trying to regain dignity after what happened to them against the rams and the 49ers trying to prove after losing to seattle that they are a playoff team.
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talking about both teams today. the 49ers. say what you will but do not blame the defense. i mean, they have been incredible. down the stretch they have to continue that trend to have a chance. the core guys know exactly what needs to be done. >> football and -- you lose and dust yourself off and get ready for the big game. we have this one and three more after that. puts us in the show. we are where we need be. >> individually you can only control what you can control. be the best you can be. and we just rely on the offense to come around. we need to win the games. count on each other. >> equal time for the raiders. looking for any glimpse of good news after the ram game. murray is back. cleared to play after the
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concussion he sustained against kansas city about a week and a half ago. 4 carries. 112 yards. lunch touchdown run. two touchdowns in the that game. best game of his career. and then sustain as bad concussion. he has been cleared to play and ready to go out and do it again. >> tough, again, always -- when you want to be on the field. i had to be smart. and, you know, now i am back cleared and ready to go. >> stay positive and keep working through. says a lot about him and his character. to go through this time and have the right mind set. i will be excited to see, you know, what he can do. more touches. hopefully more 90-yard runs. >> man, how about the warriors. are they fun to watch or what? 10 connective wins. getting it done last night with the game winning shot.
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he has been named the nba's western conference player of the month. third time in his career. right now averaging 23.8 points a game. fifth best in the nba. and he had the game winning shot last night. that is the sporting life for right now. >> thank you. we are monitoring a protest and march in downtown oakland. they have been peaceful so far. this comes following a a grand jury decided not to indict a white police officer following the choke hold death of an unarmed black man.
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good afternoon. thanks for coming. it's so nice to spend my birthday surrounded by so many smiling faces. i was almost too depressed to come today. i realized i let my childhood slip away. claire: come on, everybody! we're gonna be late for manny's birthday! let's go! let's go! let's go! let's go! let's go! i'm ready, mom. you sure, honey? yep. then take a quick peek at your feet. oh! come on, luke! are you gonna walk faster, or should i get lily's stroller out of the car and push you? would you relax? the restaurant's like five minutes away from here -- ohh, free lotion.


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