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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  December 3, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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a new round of protests from new york city to the bay area after another grand jury decided not to indict a white police officer in the death of a black man. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. the coroner ruled it a homicide, but today the police officer was cleared. cell phone video shows police officers taking down eric garner back in july. one officer used a choke-hold, even though choke-holds have been barred by the police
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department for more than 20 years. garner reportedly had asthma, and is heard saying i can't breathe. police suspected garner was illegally selling cigarettes. >> the decision not to charge the officer so soon after ferguson sparked protests tonight. amber lee is live in oakland, where 300 people marched, saying there is a crisis of confidence in police. >> reporter: we're at frank ogallala plaza. it's been raining, but it didn't stop the protest, after several hours of marching, several people returned to city hall, where they chanted with police looking on. their message is clear. anger and distrust of law enforcement. even in the rain, their pace quick. their numbers in the hundreds, as they marched toward oakland police headquarters, only to be stopped a few blocks away.
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turned away, but undeterred. the protesters shifted directions several times tonight. whenever police in riot gear formed a skirmish line. he said today's grand jury decision was too much to bear. >> i can't believe that i have to be out here. yes. it seems black lives don't matter. people are being killed without due process. >> a 19-year-old college student says she joined this march, because she saw it was peaceful. violence and protests defeats the life of saving black lives. >> i'm marching for peace. everyone else who is marching for vengeance and anything else, that's not correct. >> reporter: closely monitoring the demonstration. several times protesters stopped at intersections and chanted, before eventually moving on. >> i think people should be able to voice their opinion in a peaceful manner. >> reporter: some watching from open businesses say protest is
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a reasonable response to the grand jury's decision not to indict a white police officer for killing eric garner. >> it's important that people come out, because it is a big deal. it is a big deal. >> it's very hard to prosecute, and convict a police officer. >> reporter: jim hammer says change is needed in grand jury proceedings which are almost always held in secret. >> with the secrecy of a grand jury and the public not able to judge itself what happened, i think it breeds suspicion among people. >> reporter: the protests here at city hall ended just a few minutes ago. the demonstration was peaceful. >> amber lee, live in oakland. thank you. now in san francisco, a small number of people staged a die- in tonight during the rush hour commute. one man told ktvu it was important for him to be there to show that black lives matter. later, several protesters move
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today market street, and blocked traffic there. in new york, protesters also staged die ins. some held signs saying, i can't breathe. all part of a massive demonstration throughout manhattan, and the boroughs. shortly after the decision was announced this afternoon, president obama commented saying it once again raises questions about minorities confidence in police, and the justice system. >> that is the concern on the part of too many minority communities that law enforcement is not working with them and dealing with them in a fair way. >> attorney general eric holder also announced there will be a federal civil rights investigation into garner's
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death. east bay congresswoman barbara reed reacted with a tweet with her arms raised. she also called for peaceful protest and for police to uphold people's first amendment rights. our ktvu storm watch continues tonight after another day of heavy rain in the bay area. all the wet weather triggered a lot of problems. in mill valley, flooded streets made for a slow commute this morning, as drivers carefully made their way through a few inches of water, only to face more delays on 101. a similar story in jacqueline square. we have live team coverage, ktvu's ken pritchett is in the north bay, where the big problem was flooding. >> julie, the heaviest rain has moved out of the bay area. still showers developing within the past two hours. most of the energy is heading out to the north and to the east. but as i mentioned, showers developing right now. here's a closer look at the
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radar, the showers in the santa cruz mountains. also for the central portion of the bay. a bit tighter here, around santa cruz. the estimate here, about a half inch an hour. .56inches an hour, pushing the maps up to the north here right around, i guess you can see, right around san bruno, just to the east of san mateo. extending across the bay. taking a closer look at this frame here, closer to oakland, san leandro, and the lorinda area. look at these numbers. ben loma, santa cruise mountains, over 10 inches of rain. look at san francisco, 4.33. even livermore, approaching 3 inches of rain, coming up, we'll break down shower chances in the thursday forecast, and the time of another system already approaching the coastline. >> now to ken pritchett on the
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heavy rain today that had the petaluma river rising. >> reporter: take a look under this old railroad trestle in downtown petaluma. you can see that storm drain down there, that was flowing at about three times this rate about an hour ago. so these waters are receding. this water flowing into the petaluma river. petaluma, just one of many communities in the north bay that had its fair share of flooding. too much water on a neighborhood street left one man pushing his car instead of driving. another motorist was towed. this was lindbergh lane at 7:45 this morning, as rain water overwhelmed storm drains. in tiburon, rain caused more than 2 feet of water to flood a shopping center. for some, the flooding and back breaking cleanup lasted most of the day. >> six hours. >> six hours you've been out here. >> reporter: we found jose clearing debris from this storm
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drain in shellville. the clogged drain caused water to backup onto the property beyond this fence, causing the water to rise. >> i saw the water come up to here and i was like well, i'm pretty in shock. >> reporter: just down the road, this road was closed. >> the inconvenience for drivers was a benefit to the deli. >> it's been closed all day. we've been busy with the stoppings. people asking where to go. >> reporter: the highway 12 closure went into the evening. flooding here familiar in these parts. >> every year. yeah. heavy rains and high tides. >> reporter: there were a number of north bay communities, including petaluma that provided sand bags to those who needed them. >> ken pritchett, live in the north bay tonight.
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coming up this evening at 10:30, bay area reservoirs. where they stand after all this rain and the water district that's on the verge of buying water from outside the area. and then passing on the charge to customers. a chain reaction charge in the south bay. this crash in san jose, initially blocked three lanes of interstate 280. it happened just before 4:00 this afternoon. right at the start of the evening commute. a witness says she saw one car fish tail before the crash, which involved at least five cars. >> we noticed that the person thats driving was throwing bottles out of their car. we don't know if they were on the phone, or distracted. >> officers reported only minor injuries. however, traffic backed up for several miles in both directions. packing up, and heading out. just a matter of hours, crews in san jose are vowing to close
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a massive homeless encampment that's known as the jungle. hundreds of people live there, but city leaders say it's unsafe, and unsanitary. the preparations for tomorrow's cleanup. >> reporter: these barriers will be used tomorrow to help control the crowds and the traffic. it is a soggy mess right now. we're told dozens of people have already left the camp, while others are waiting until the very end to move out. san jose's well known homeless encampment, the jungle isn't just filled with the homeless, it's also filled with uncertainty. >> they say anybody here after 6:00 tomorrow morning, 7:00, going to be put in jail for trespassing. >> reporter: jerry miranda, who's lived at the jungle for a year is gathering his belongings with no idea where his next move will be. he says he'll get in where he fits in. >> they're taking about a few
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places. talking about the park, talking about the shelter. >> reporter: he says to expect a crew of 30 people from the santa clara water district, the city of san jose, and the police department, along with heavy machinery. >> we'll go into the site and begin removing mainly structures, debris, and biowaste. >> reporter: they will shut down vehicle access, san jose police officers and park rangers will also be patrolling for any trespassers. >> working with all of our partners, trying to make sure our supports are in place. so if we go down tomorrow, and begin removing the encampment. >> as the city vowed to shut the jungle down, others vow to stay. >> some people are stating that they've been here for so long, that they're not going to go. i fear for them, and i fear for the law enforcement, or anybody
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who is down there. >> reporter: the city hopes it will be peaceful. they'll be here around 8:00 a.m., and crews will be working on the site for the next two weeks. live in san jose, azimuth smith. armed with hot coffee, a chair leaf and his teeth. >> a guy came into the cafe and tried to attack. >> a detailed assistant responsible for the rain. the brief break from the wet weather and what's coming in behind it. >> next, the battle for bay area brag rights, and the hits may not stay on the field. the scene of the last meeting of the raiders and 49ers, and what's being done to avoid a repeat.
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the 49ers/raiders rivalry heats up this week. it's the first match up between the two since 2011, when the game was marred by violence. heather holmes is live with the extra security measures just announced for the game. >> bringing in undercover units to patrol the parking lots and the stands, because no one wants a repeat of the 2011 candlestick chaos. the raging football rivalry between the san francisco 49ers, and oakland raiders exploded into violence at the
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preseason game in 2011. multiple fights and all out brawls broke out amongst fans both inside, and outside candlestick. a man was beaten unconscious inside a restroom, and two people were shot in a parking lot. >> by that time, his friend was on the grant. >> reporter: we talked with the father of one of the shooting victims. >> they were kicking him in the face in the head. they were pulling the guys off of him. my son got out of the truck, and took two steps and someone shot him. >> reporter: this time, when the silver and black face off with the red and gold at the coliseum, there will be more men and women in blue. the raiders announcing there will be a substantial increase of uniformed officers from the oakland police department, as well as extra undercover officers, and private security staff. >> 1977. >> reporter: oakland raider, cliff branch. >> battle of the bay, bragging rights. >> reporter: he knows the
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importance of this game. a rivalry that still simmers, and sometimes boils over. >> i played with the raiders for 15 years, and there was a rivalry back in those days. there's always going to be a rivalry because it's the battle of the bay. >> reporter: now that the game is back, no one is taking any chances. the raiders saying quote, public safety is a top priority for the team. and local law enforcement. all are working diligently to ensure fans enjoy a safe, and secure environment. >> have fun, enjoy. should be a great clash. >> reporter: so take cliff's advice. have fun. come out here and be safe. a crowd of 50,000 is expected on sunday. some of those in the crowd will be undercover officers, wearing game gear. gear from each team. they'll be looking for those unruly fans. >> cliff is right. it is the battle of the bay. heather thank you. a 7-year-old's fight against gender stereotypes is gaining some attention.
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last night, we told you about parker danes of milpitas. you will recall parker was outraged that a series of books on bugs and science was subtitled biggest, baddest books for boys. the problem is, parker says, girls also like bugs and stories about space. she wrote to the publisher, and the publisher took action. removing the word boys from the backs of the books. arrested on charges of grand theft and fraud. chief mark lattice is accused of a financial scheme with his wife. investigators say he set up fake businesses and conducted fake transactions. they say $35,000 in fraudulently obtained money was found in his bank accounts. his wife fled the country, but
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faces similar charges if found. it started as a pothole, then grew into a giant sinkhole that is now 10 feet deep, and it's not going to be fixed until tomorrow. the sinkhole is in the middle of the interstate of 6th avenue in san francisco. ktvu's noel walker was there all day. >> reporter: there is a river on lake street. and the beginning of a manmade lake. >> it looks like the size of my kitchen. >> reporter: it's a 20-foot x 20-foot sinkhole. it started as your average pothole this morning and grew to jurassic park proportions. >> not surprising, because we had one another year ago, just a couple of blocks up. >> reporter: in may of 2014, a sinkhole opened up at 2nd and
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lake. >> it seems coincidental. >> reporter: the public utilities commission is looking to see if there is a connection between sinkholes. >> a lot of it is just due to aging infrastructure. >> it is scary. >> just kind of discouraging to realize that wasn't a one off accident. >> reporter: it's not a one day repair. >> i'm glad i wasn't the one driving over it. >> reporter: until this century old pipe get as facelift, a river runs through it on lake street. the public utility spokesperson told me they've been working to repair, or replace, 15 miles of pipe around san francisco a year. it's certainly on the to do list now, and it will be a repair job at least through tomorrow. in san francisco, noel walker, ktvu, channel 2 news.
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heavy rain on live stormtracker 2, especially east of the bay area, towards sacramento, and snow showers toward the sierra, up above 7,000 feet. but some rain developing over the past couple of hours, especially the santa cruz mountains. a closer look yuns again. these yellows do respond to rainfall rates, about a half inch an hour. we move it up to the north, and have been watching more development. right around san bruno, extending across the bay. rain showers for oakland right now, towards san leandro. a good portion of the east bay. approaching danville as well. closer to concord and at clayton. not as much coverage up in the north bay. but we still have this one cell pushing across a portion of the east bay. we still have rain showers in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow. also watching the tide levels. today, we had pretty high tides this morning, 6.5 feet. actually goes up a little tomorrow as well. 6.6feet, the golden gate at 9:18. we will have inflated water
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level it's even without the rain. we fit have a chance for showers. it can happen virtually anywhere in the bay area. tomorrow morning, and into the afternoon hours, still a chance of a few afternoon showers. a different story compared to last night and this morning. but i'm tracking another weather system offshore. how much rain you can expect in your full five-day forecast coming up about 10:45. a key ruling in the debate over collecting dna from suspects. plus drones secretly purchased by a law enforcement authority. >> up first, surveillance video of a bizarre attack inside a coffee shop and how just moments later, it turned into what police say was a life or death fight with an off duty officer. grandpa. ere i met your right under this tree. ♪ (man) some things are worth holding onto.
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the california appeals court struck down a state law that requires dna to be collected from anyone arrested on suspicion of a felony. the court said directing dna violates the state's constitutional ban on unreasonable search and seizures. the justices also noted that when dna is collected after an arrest, some of those people are never charged, let alone convicted. the law was passed back in 2004, attorney general's office says it hasn't decided yet whether to appeal. police in san francisco say a suspected robber was shot and wounded today while reaching for an off duty officer's gun. as david stevenson reports, moments before the shooting, the suspect was involved in a bizarre confrontation at a cafe. >> reporter: surveillance video filmed earlier this morning in san francisco shows a man wrapped in a blanket approaching a female customer. >> a guy came in to the cafe, and kind of tried to attack some lady. >> reporter: another customer
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intervened, stepping between the two. the first man picks up the woman's hot coffee and throws it on her. he then charges the woman and chases her around the table, before throwing more coffee on the other customer. he's chased out by a cafe worker wielding a baseball bat. police say the man somehow enters the lobby of this apartment building. armed with a chair leg, police say he attempted to rob an off- duty officer leaving his apartment. >> the officer draws his weapon, identified himself as a police officer to beat back the robbery. the suspect tells the officer you're going to have to shoot me. >> reporter: san francisco police chief greg suhr says the officer, a 15 year veteran, and defensive tactics instructor, holstered his weapon, believing he could subdue the suspect. >> the suspect goes for the officer's holstered weapon. now it's a life or death struggle. >> reporter: the officer was bitten, the gun went off, and
10:26 pm
the suspect was shot once in the upper body. he was taken to the hospital in critical, but stable condition. investigators say he had robbed and beaten a man with a chair leg prior to the shooting, and this cafe confrontation. >> chief sur says it's unclear whether the officer or the suspect pulled the trigger, but both men's hands will be tested for residue. are there more victims? that's what police in morgan hill want to know about an elementary school teacher accused of molesting his students. 52-year-old john arthur lloyd was arrested in october after police received reports that he molested a female student in class. he had taught previously at elementary schools in holster. police say they have identified four possible victims. investigators urge anyone who may have been a victim to
10:27 pm
contact laurel hill police. the critical test set to launch just a couple of hours from now, for a program that could eventually send a person to mars. also the bay area connection. >> we are seeing a lot of rain, but many people are wondering if it's enough to solve the state's route concern. we went to find out what the reality check is on reservoirs here.
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back now to our storm watch coverage, and the drenching downpours that brought several inches of much needed rain to the bay area. the roof of their apartment was uner repair, and partially gave way. it happened on l street, just before 2:00 this afternoon. a woman was at home at the time, but she was not hurt. her husband works nearby and came home to find a gaping hole
10:30 pm
in the living room ceiling. >> i'm just glad my kids wasn't around at that point in time when the roof fell in, because you know, pretty bad things to have something like that happen to them. >> firefighters say water pooled, the tarp gave way, and it crashed through the roof. all of this rain is adding to the state's water supplies. so far, we haven't seen nearly enough to wash away the droughts. >> reporter: frank, certainly, all of this rain helps along with the snow in the sierra. but the east bay officials told me today they are still so concerned they plan to ask the board next week to consider buying additional water. in the bay area, many people hope the rain won't go away.
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>> i'm so glad that it's finally raining. >> especially with the low rain that california's been having over the last summer. i think it's probably good for us. >> good, but not good enough. east bay municipal water district officials say with the recent rain, total water levels for their five reservoirs are only about 52% of capacity. the staff is recommending the board of directors vote next week to buy more federal water from the sacramento river. about 16,000-acre feet. the district purchased water in april, but not the full amount, which expires february 28. >> if the district decides that the situation is dire enough, that we need to ask for more water, then district customers would be asked to pay for the cost of delivering that water. >> reporter: east bay mud officials say the 14% charge would add about $4.30 per month to average customer's bill.
10:32 pm
another option would be increasing observation. from the current 10% to 15% cut backs. some people say they'd briefer that to the higher rates. >> if it has to happen, it has to happen. for myself, i can figure out how to take shorter showers. >> i think i would rather conserve more water than to have to buy water from the sacramento river. >> the east bay mud board meeting is set for next tuesday, december 9. they are expected to discuss and possibly vote on whether to buy that additional water, which could equal a charge on your bill. another rideshare company is coming under fire tonight. minnesota senator al franken sent a later to the san francisco based company, lyft.
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a worker claims they had her trip logs without her permission. the house of representatives voted overwhelmingly today to approve a retroactive one year extension of $45 billion in tax breaks. mostly for businesses. this new plan includes a widely used research and development tax credit, and another credit that allows some movie and tv productions to write off the first $15 million in expenses. the house voted in favor. the extension only lasts through the end of this year. the next congress is expected to take a shot at a longer extension. the purchase of a drone is raising a lot of concern. ktvu's john sasaki explains why drones are so controversy and what the sheriff's office says
10:34 pm
it plans to use them for. >> reporter: this was show and tell day. >> we also have upfront, our technology world. >> the sheriff displayed the department's tools, including one of its two new drones. >> this system is specifically for search and rescue. eod missions and other critical events that occur. >> reporter: this is the same kind of unit flying last year. it's a $97,000 system that the sheriff obtained. but drones are highly controversial. for anyone worried this will spy on them, the sheriff gave a flat denial. >> absolutely not. >> the sheriff had really sidestepped was what clearly super adviser concern, and why spread community concern about buying drones and had secretly bought drones without any public debate. >> reporter: they just put up
10:35 pm
this guide on surveillance. leaders told me they were shocked that alameda county got the drones. especially because the sheriff said he worked with them to craft policy. >> the policy that the sheriff talked to us about over a year ago, we had made clear there were huge loopholes. so large that much more than a drone could fly through. >> reporter: the crones will be used in very specific situations. >> you can see what's kind of either behind train that the officers can't see from, if someone is armed, is on the move towards them, or away from them. >> reporter: ahern says it will be six months, maybe a year before the drones will be in service. john sasaki, ktvu, channel 2 news. late today, nate miley said he will support the purchase of those drones but added quote, i know the sheriff knows this is
10:36 pm
a sensitive issue. starting today, the oakland main post office is accepting letters to santa, and acting as santa's official mailbox. >> happy holidays. ho ho ho. merry christmas. >> children from the spire berkely manor academy helped launch the letter writing campaign. letters will all go to the main post office in oakland. people who want to adopt a letter can meet with one of santa's helpers. a major air bag maker remains defiant. >> a bedbug problem in a stanford dorm. what one student told us when he learned about it. i am an electric crew foreman out of the cupertino service center.
10:37 pm
i was born and raised in the cupertino area. it's a fantastic area to work. the new technology that we are installing out in the field is important for the customers because system reliability i believe is number one. pg&e is always trying to plan for the future and we are always trying to build something stronger and bigger and more reliable. i love living here and i love the community i serve. nobody wants to be without power. i don't want my family to be without power. it's much more personal to me for that reason. i don't think there's any place i really would rather be.
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you don't think much about it... you never dwell on how it was made... it's just a blanket after all. but when everything else has been lost, the comfort it provides is immeasurable. the american red cross brings hope and help to people in need every 8 minutes, every day. so this season give something that means something. support us at new video tonight of a fire at a fourplex in vallejo. firefighters arrived on the scene at about 7:20 this morning and found flames shooting from the second story. the fire went to a second alarm because crews feared people were inside. but firefighters say everyone is accounted for tonight and no one was hurt. they say the fire was contained
10:40 pm
to one unit. the cause is under investigation. a fire that burned 34 homes near big sur last year was caused by a water company's wiring. that is the conclusion of a report released today by the forest service. it says wires leading to a control switch were not properly encased, and ignited dry leaves, and redwood needles. the fire burned 900 acres of a los padres national forward. honda announced it is expanding an air bag recall to all 50 states. until today, it only was recalled in states with high humidity. the problem is the air bags can explode with such force they send small metal pieces into the car. the company is already issued recalled orders for about 8 million cars. >> have a confidence in the
10:41 pm
integrity of our engineering and our current manufacturing processes in the states. >> honda is the first major car company to expand their air bag recall to all 50 states. three more women who say they were assaulted by bill cosby shared their stories today. >> today i'm here to propose two new solutions to this public dilemma and a way to determine, if bill cosby is a saint, or a sexual predator. >> alred called on cosby to waive a statute of limitations defense. two of the women said today, they were drugged and attacked by cosby in the 1980s. a third woman says cosby groped her. stanford university has been dealing with a problem at
10:42 pm
one campus dorm. bedbugs. the biting insects were found. they have seen mattresses wrapped in play tick on the -- plastic on the hallways of the first floor. >> i heard it was bedbugs. oh, my gosh, this better not get to the second floor. >> students were given temporary housing. stanford officials say it takes time to thoroughly get rid of bedbugs and they think they are now all gone. mattresses, carpets and drapes have all been replaced. a holiday tradition goes on the road. still ahead tonight, a classic performed for children at the hospital. >> there's moo rain on the horizon, our meteorologist has the extended outlook for wet and dry weather. >> and up next, nasa's next big thing. the critical test in just the next few hours, and the public event set up to watch. a hot chocolate?
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ho ho ho... we'll all have hot cocoa! ma'am, need a strong pot of joe. the all new keurig 2.0.
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tomorrow is a big day for the u.s. space program. it is the first test flight of nasa's next generation spacecraft. they're inviting the public to watch the orion blast off from kennedy space center in florida. it can pave the way for a manned mission to mars. >> reporter: above the wind tunnel roar -- >> super excited. >> reporter: the stanford grad said she's living her childhood dream, heading a team toward a stunning payoff. >> we would like to get humans onto mars. >> reporter: launched by a rocket, the orion is to make two unmanned high altitude test orbits. 15 times higher than the space station. then plunge to earth at over
10:46 pm
20,000 miles an hour. >> this is the model of the spacecraft. what's crucial is the heat shield. it's similar to what you've seen in the early days of space flight. but because the orion spacecraft is moving so much faster when it comes in from mars and so much steeper into the atmosphere, it gets much, much hotter. >> actually immersed in a plasma. >> reporter: nasa scientists created a plastic that literally melts away, taking that heat with it. they showed us years of computer modeling. high and lower speed testing, but they told me, you've got to actually fly it. >> i'm interested in seeing how it flies down to about when the parachutes come out. that's the very difficult part of the flight. a very unsteady flow. >> reporter: orion is built by lockheed martin under contract.
10:47 pm
but space travel is a global endeavor. >> it's going to take the entire world coming together to do things like this in the future. >> reporter: planned for an old fashioned splash down. john fowler, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> nasa ames will be opening its doors in a few hours. the launch time starts at 4:05 our time a.m. putting on a show for children who are battling illness. dancers did a mini performance of the holiday classic, the nutcracker at ucsf san francisco. the dancers performed selections from the ballet on a smaller stage, but with the same joy and enthusiasm. >> being able to come here and share that means a lot. you don't really get the opportunity so often. so this once a year opportunity, when it comes
10:48 pm
around, is something that we really cherish. >> afterward, the dancers chatted with the young patients, they also let them get a close up look at their elaborate costumes and signed some autographs. if you're looking for fresh tracks in tahoe, this is the first great weekend to go. more than 2 feet of snow has fallen on squall valley since friday. they sent us this photo as more snow was falling. an additional foot or more is expected over the next couple of days. this is shaping up to be a busy december this year, with another nine resorts set to open. a few days of significant rain and yosemite's waterfalls have come back to life. the park took these pictures showing the falls are now in full force. peak flow happens in may, or june, but the waterfalls typically slow to a trickle by august. a completely different
10:49 pm
weather story across northern california over the past week. significant rainfall. we've been talk being flood advisories, winter storm warnings, and remember last week, if we were to show you the rainfall stats from a week ago, 47 to 67% of average. look at the most current information. see those numbers really going up over 100% for oakland, san francisco, mountain view, san jose, 164% at last check. take a look at the forecast. in fact, we'll show you the rainfall totals just over the past 24 hours from 4:00 p.m. tuesday, to 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. really adding up, especially in the santa cruise mountains. over 5 inches of rain. significant rainfall there. san jose over an inch. san rafael, just over 2.5 inches. significant rain to east. even snow showers toward the sierra, mainly above 7,000 feet. here we go with the rain showers. san jose, we have rain to report. also at least approaching fremont at last check.
10:50 pm
moving the maps around, not as much coverage for san francisco, but a few showers around alameda, and oakland, extending across a good portion of the east bay. up in the northern portion of the region, not as much action here. for tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy skies. a chance of a few scattered showers. temperatures starting out the day in the 50s. today's system moving out of town. our next one showing up here. you get an idea, there's a break. tomorrow, not as much rainfall. just a chance of a shower for your thursday forecast. lots of clouds out there, this next system moves onshore. that will be on friday, with rainfall redeveloping, and the chance of some lingering showers into saturday morning. rainfall expectations with this guy could be on the order of about a quarter of an inch, to possibly an inch for the north bay, coastal hills. also for the santa cruise mountains. here's our forecast model. tomorrow, holding onto a chance of showers. mainly partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. rainfall redevelops into
10:51 pm
friday. splitting apart here. then the chance of a few lingering rain showers into friday. temperatures for tomorrow, mainly in the 60s for afternoon highs. san jose, we go 66. livermore 65. half moon bay, 61. here is a look ahead. your five-day forecast still pretty busy. the most intensive part of the week that was yesterday and today. the rainfall redevelops on a friday. showers on a saturday morning. maybe more rain clouds. a chance on sunday, but a better bet into monday. i will say the rest of december looks pretty active as well. >> good stuff, thanks mark. mark is here now. almost a bad record set tonight. >> yeah, the kind of history you don't want anything to do with. nobody wants a silver star next to their name in the book of losers. the philadelphia 76ers narrowly avoid such a dishonor. had they lost tonight, that would have tied the mark for
10:52 pm
worst start in nba history. kj mcdaniels will have himself a nice touch here. led them with 27 tonight. then michael carter williams will get it to nerlens noel. philly ends their losing streak at 17. they were 0-17. remember the new jersey nets started the 2009-2010 season, 0- 18. it does look like the sixers have the inside track on the number 1 draft choice for next june. hey, if you get 10 straight victories, of course, all about the team. steph curry hit the winning shot last night with a couple of seconds left. nailing down the latest victory, but he has simply done it all just about every night, and everybody has in thed in the nba's western conference, he's the player of the month there. yep, he plays the starring role, but you would be hard- pressed to get him to talk about himself for very long.
10:53 pm
>> you're 15-2 and having your franchise best starts and things like that. you know, the mood around the team is really high. and a great honor. hopefully it continues for the rest of the season. hard to quibble with the victory, but cal needing double overtime tonight to handle montana. it doesn't really bode all that well for the bears in berkely this evening. that's ryan anderson of the new orleans pelicans. former bear in town to check out his old school. cal down 3. jordan matthews will can a three and we go to overtime. in fact, they'll go to a second overtime. 76-76. this time, cal's sam singer who won't get it to fall, but up there on the board is david kravish to board it. the bears off to a good start, 6-1. raiders/niners. colin kaepernick didn't feel like talking again today.
10:54 pm
so let's concentrate on the positives. that would be the defense. they don't mind doing the lions' share of the work. sports part 2, next.
10:55 pm
10:56 pm
you already know, it's super huge sunday. ordinarily, you would like to hear from the quarterback.
10:57 pm
scrap that from the 49ers. colin kaepernick asked 32 questions. he responded in 87 words. 88 if you count yep. forget him. talk about the defense. even with patrick willis out. clearly, they carried the bulk of the load, and it's got to continue if this team is going to make it to the postseason, but they'd like it if the offense would chime in a little bit from time to time. >> you can only control what you can control. i try to be the best i can be. the defense tries to be the best defense we can be, and just allow our offense to come around. we need them to win these games, and they need us. we just need to count on each other. >> it would be their super bowl if they up end the 49ers come sunday afternoon. >> that's two and a half words per question for colin kaepernick. >> you figured that out. did you count yep? >> yes, still two and a half. >> getting fewer and fewer every week. >> that's the sporting life. >> thank you for joining us
10:58 pm
tonight. our coverage continues tonight on >> have a great evening, and see you tomorrow, good night, everyone. (mom) when our little girl was born,
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