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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  December 4, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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all right. good morning. we have been waiting for the launch of the rocket carrying the space capsule. orion. >> gosh -- >> just give it three names. >> it doesn't sound right. and we are live there. kennedy space center in florida. and we also have coverage at the field. it's been delayed for the third time. again, we are watching live, waiting for the launch any time now. and we will go right back out to that as soon as it happens. >> yeah. >> thursday, december 4th. >> good morning. >> let's talk about the weather and traffic. everybody still focused on steve even though -- >> i hope not everyone.
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>> i thought it was a big break this morning. >> you did a little bit? >> yeah, i did. >> yes, everyone because of the heavy amount of rain totals and i'll tell you, almost 7 inches of rain, over 6, a couple observations from there. look, if you take a rain total, these are the past three day, you could have six. there's a lot of flooding up there as well. san francisco nearly 4. oakland almost 3. san jose about 2.5 as well. i know here, it rained and rained and rained. reports about 6 to 7 as well. and some shower activity. not a lot. but a little bit here and some hit and miss showers. but to the north, not a lot. and also out. but this is light stuff. mainly the observations saying cloudy to mostly cloudy and fog
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will pop up. very, very mild. temperatures will stay on the mild side. and today is a cleaner day and then a break this afternoon and tonight. and the next system on friday. and heavier rain to the north. there will be scattered showers. and kind of mild to humid though. highs, 60s on the temperatures. what we hope is a quieter day. i'll tell you, when you have days like this, a little bit of time to dry off, is it better so the water gets soaked into the ground? >> yeah, it came so fast, some of that, the ground can't hold that quick so it ran off. that's what happened yesterday. >> okay. >> and the more rain of course, you know, means terrible terrible driving. if it's raining when it's driving, we see a spike in crashes. right now it's not raining in most areas. in fact, you heard steve say that we're going to be kind of for the most part going to be okay with scattered showers. that's really going to help.
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westbound bay bridge looks normal. don't have big puddles or big delays right now. and looking at interstate 880 north and southbound, the traffic is moving along nicely in both directions. and looking at the chp list for those of you in the know, looking at the cad. you know that if you're a caltrans worker. traffic is looking good on westbound 580 through the 680 interchange. and we did get a report just before 5:00 of roadway flooding. but again, on this same cad, it doesn't put the location. so hopefully it won't be a big deal. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you. happening right now, we are still waiting for nasa to launch a rocket carrying the orion space capsule. and we are live. you can see of the launch pad. this is is the kennedy space center in florida. and so far the launch has been
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delayed three time, twice because of wind and once because onlookers were too close to the launch site and they had to clear the area near there. and so far, nasa has not no provided a new launch time. and we are waiting for that right now. and this mission is being watched very closely here in the bay area because local researchers had an important hand in developing this. and the scientists say this is a very important mission for the space agency. if all goes planned, it could pave the way for us to send astronauts to mars. and we are live that nasa aims research center. >> reporter: good morning to you. yes, this test flight is one of the first steps in nasa's journey to mars. that's the hope to send humans up to the red planet. and you can see here, an anxious crowd inside the research cent they are morning. about a hundred or so people are gathered here and here awaiting the launch from the
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kennedy space center which we hope will happen soon. you can see there on the big screen, they have a shot right there of orion with the delta four rockets. and the rockets all ready to go and they'll send this up into deep space. hopefully this morning. i want to bring in one of the researchers. >> yes, i am. i'm a research engineer here. >> reporter: thank you for joining us this morning. can you walk us through what we're going to see this morning after the rockets take orion up into deep, deep space. >> sure. what will happen, once it launches, it will circle around the earth once in the low earth orbit and after that, it will orbit further out about 3600 miles out and then return at very high velocity, about 20,000 miles per hour. so the heat shield, what we're
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trying to measure and test here, we want to see if we can predict that very well with the flight test data. >> reporter: and holding here a model here. show to me how it will re-enter the earth's atmosphere. that's really the key part of the mission. >> yes, the key part. the black part represents the heat sheet material. similar to what we ewe for apollo. on the back where -- what we used for apollo. and on the back, the space shuttle tile. what happens, once it re-enters the atmosphere, it will compress the air in front of it and generate a strong shock and creates a lot of heat transfer to the heat shield. and the way the heat shield works is that the material burns away and that dissipates a lot of emergency and protects the spacecraft from the high heat transfer that it experiences.
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>> reporter: and this is technology, the heat shield developed here. and now you want to see how it's going to operate in the real world. >> exactly. we have been testing the material for a number of years and maybing sure that it's behaving correctly. how much it recesses and we want to verify our models with the flight data. >> reporter: and keeping your fingers crossed, i know. the long-term goal obviously is to send humans to asteroids, to the, to the moon and eventually to mars right? >> yes, that's a long-term mission, to go to mars and have a human space flight to mars. >> reporter: why mars? >> it's a very interesting planet. there may be life. and certainly there's water on mars. so very attractive for us to explore there. >> reporter: great. one of the researchers here. and talking about this mission this morning. they're waiting for the ideal conditions here in florida. and this crowd i know is ready
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for the launch. and we will be on stand-by here throughout the morning and have reports later here. for now we're live in mountainview, channel 2. >> all right. happening today, crews in san jose getting ready to shut down one of the biggest homeless encampments in the united states. we are live now from san jose to tell us what's happening at the jungle right now. good morning. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. we are had in the community known as the jungle. one of the largest homeless encampment areas here in the bay area. and city crews started showing up. and this isn't the actual crew doing the cleaning. these are workers setting up fencing in the area which is part of the long-term plan. and they are laying the ground work for the crews who will be here later on to clear out the community. and the city has tried clearing the area several times in the past and will be installing 1,000 feet of fencing and restricting vehicle road to discourage the homeless community from returning.
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and workers say they'll work with the homeless trying to get them into shelters but some have vowed to return. >> some people are stating that they have been here for so long that they're not going to go. and i fear for them. and i fear for the law enforcement or anybody down there. >> reporter: those who don't leave could be cited for trespassing. now as we come back to the live picture, they are starting to process the of picking up and trying to figure out where they're trying to go. we spoke with one gentleman who estimated the number still here is somewhere around 100 or so individuals. so certainly a lot of people still here waiting to find out what will happen later on this morning and once the city crews arrive later on, we will figure out where this community will
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be moving to. and how many beds are open. and one is telling me that they believe they only have about 27 beds available for the hundred or so people that are here. and we will continue to monitor the process here throughout the morning and bring you live reports. for now we're live, back to you guys. >> all right. reporting live from san jose, thank you. city crews in san francisco hope to finish repair work on a massive sink hole today. it opened up yesterday morning at 6th avenue and lake street. the sink hole quickly grew to a 20 by 20-foot crater 10 feet deep. and inspectors are check to see if it's connected to another one last year in the same neighborhood. >> a lot of it is due to aging infrastructure. >> now it's unclear if the old pipe burst before or after the road caved in yesterday. and people living in the area are still without water this morning and they are waiting for the repairs to be complete.
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california homeowners are being warned to watch out for scams by unlicensed contractors. the state licensing board says he only hired license contractors for storm repair work because they are bonded and they have to carry work insurance to cover employees. and tree trimmers working on trees talling than 15 feet have to be licensed. the city council passed an ordinance, it allows neighborhoods to have residential parking permit programs. now the first program is going to cover much of the downtown area and it's a response to complaints from people who live in the area who couldn't find places to park on the street. the city will provide permits to residents for free but they'll sell permits to people who work downtown. and parking downtown will be limited to two hours for anyone without a permit. more anger after another grand jury decides not to indict a police officer for the
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death of an african-american man. >> we've never trusted you! >> at 5:30, the protests across the country including here in the bay area. but next, call it a christmas emergency, two little boys say they wanted to talk to the big man. the one in the red suit with the long white beard but instead they found themselves answering to the police. good morning. if you're driving, northbound 101 looks good approaching the 80 split. more about this commute and some of the commutes getting into san francisco. a little better today but still light rainout there. some of the rain totals were unbelievable the past couple days.
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welcome back. san francisco police say they'll conduct further tests to determine who fired a gun in an incident involving a off duty police officer and a homeless man. it began yesterday morning with a man entering the cafe. and video shows in there, he's wrapped in a blanket, approaches a female customer and another customer intervenes and he picks up the woman's coffee and throws it at her and chased her around the table before throwing coffee on the other customer. he was chased out of the cafe. now minutes later, the man sneaked into the lobby of an apartment building. and police say he was armed
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with a chair leg and tried to rob a man who happened to be an off-duty police officer leaving his apartment. >> the officer draws the weapon, identifies himself as a police officer to beat back the robbery and the suspect tells the officer you're going to have to shoot me. >> police say the officer then holstered his weapon thinking he could subdue the suspect. and during the struggle, the gun went off. the suspect is in the hospital this morning in stable condition. the rivalry between the 49ers and the raiders, it really heats up this weekend when the bay area teams face off at the oakland coliseum. in fact, it's their first match- up since 2011 when there was violence at the game. the extra security measures just announced for sunday's game. >> reporter: the israel ring leader between the san francisco 49ers and oak l.a.p.d. raiders exploded into violence
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at the pre-season game in 2011. multiple fights and brawls broke out amongst fans inside and outside. a man was beaten unconscious inside a restroom and two people shot in the parking lot. >> by that time, the friend was on the ground. >> reporter: and we talked with the father of a victim the next day. >> kicking him in the face and head. so they were pulmonarying the guys off of him. my son got out of the truck and took two steps and someone shot him. >> reporter: but this time when they face off at the coliseum, there will be more men and women in blue. there will be an increase of uniformed officers from the police department and sheriff's office as well as extra undercover officers and private security staff. >> super bowl xi. >> reporter: the oakland raider was at the raider shop ahead of sunday's big match-up.
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>> bragging rights. >> reporter: ariel ring leader that simmers and sometimes boils over. >> i played for the raiders for 15 years and there was a rivalry back in those days and always going to be ariel ring leader. >> reporter: and hopefully not a battle of the fans. the teams used to be to meet once a year but the violence ended the annual series and now that the game is back, no one is taking chances. >> have fun and enjoy it. >> and 50,000 people are expected to be at sunday's game. in addition to the uniformed police officer, there will be undercover officers in the crowd. all right, right now 5:18. and we understand the launch has been rescheduled now for 5:26. >> yeah. >> but not holding our breath because it's been delayed three times but we will go there. and hope it launches -- >> hopefully.
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>> and we have a live shot also. >> so nasa is teasing us. >> well, and plus steve was talking about, they've got really strong winds. how strong? >> i see. >> well -- >> yeah, strong. >> if you stay with us, we will let you know. >> all right. how's the traffic? you know, glad you asked me that. let's go out and take a look at what we have now with the pictures. bay ridge toll plaza, no major problems up to the toll plaza. and the traffic in a word, better, three words, better than yesterday. that's three words no. major problems at 880. the traffic looks good. and the big difference, not raining right now. and even though the roads are wet, we don't have big flooding going on. hasn't rained for hours and that's helping us out. and 580 westbound up to the 680 interchange, that's looking good. off to a good start on this wednesday. and let's go toaster in the
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weather center: >> -- go to steve in the weather center. >> thank you. we have a little bit of rain but nothing compared to yesterday. and we need to get a break here between the next system which will be here on friday. doesn't look nearly as strong. although maybe the end of next week. 7.36. mountains, 3.75. oakland 3. san jose 5. really good rain. for the bay area, 5.05. san francisco 6.79. but more importantly, 164% of normal. and 137, and 121. so one week we made up so much ground and looks like a rather wet pattern here into the extended outlook for december. and we get rain on friday, maybe monday in the north bay. and a break by this time next week. and light showers around as we
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talk about napa. you can see little bit there. maybe bursts of moderate rain but light stuff. and the airport, that's where that's originating from. and san jose reporting some. and a little bit, maybe discovery bay. but i don't think too much. and then from san jose right over highway 17, scott's valley, boulder creek as well over into san jose. and not a lot there but a little bit. and kind of in between, this is not a big system coming in and open the door, it doesn't take much to bring in more systems and wringing out moisture. saturated here. 50s and 60s on the temperatures. and 41 raining in tahoe. so very mild system. snow mainly thousand feet. and at least we will take the precipitation. a lot of flooding yesterday. all sorts of issues with rain. and we had our own here. and then towards the mountains picking up a lot of rain.
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sun and clouds today. scattered showers, hit and miss. mild to humid. and patchy fog as well. and does not surprise me. especially with calm area, probably a little bit of that popping up. and sun and cloud, rain returns friday, into early saturday. and it will kick out. and monday another system that's week but it will bring rain to the north. >> so it will clear out saturday about when? >> by noon. >> okay. not that i have outdoor plans on saturday but -- >> you will text me at 12:00 going it's still cloudy. >> yes, i will. >> thank you. did you get your flu shot? well, in 15 minute, the disappointing news about the vaccine that could put some people at risk of actually catching the flu. and we have been monitoring this. this is a live picture. the launch of a rocket carrying the space capsule. it's supposed to happen in the next couple minutes. we will take you back to florida up next.
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for the fourth time this morning, nasa has postponed the launch of that space capsule. we have been talking about the weather being the biggest factor. and steve checked on it, very strong winds there in the cape canaveral, kennedy space center area of florida.
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the first three times that the launch was delayed was because of winds. actually first two times was strong winds and the third was because some onlookers got too close. and i heard they had to clear some water, some boats too close to the launch area this morning earlier. and now nasa says the latest is actually over technical issues. you can hear them a little bit of mission control there. and engineers aims in mountainview played a major role in the project. >> and we are at, in mountainview. and look at the right side of the picture. a viewing party happening there at aims right now. and they are watching and they are waiting and trying to anticipate what's going to happen out there as well. the weather, we don't know what else may be going on. but they're keeping an eye on this just like we are. and we have to point out, this is an unmanned rocket. >> right. >> just to, it's going to go
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up, and be about 3600 feet above earth and then parachute back down and land near san diego. >> yeah, that's right. >> so we will be watching the weather -- >> yeah. >> in california as well. all right, well we are again, we have a live picture at florida. we are watching for that. and we have other news that we will get to after the break. another large demonstrations on the streets of oakland. it's tied to a controversial decision, thousands of miles away from the bay area. the city of san jose working to remove a homeless community. what the progress has been this morning. and on the grade, traffic does look good. more about the east bay commute. still some widely scattered showers around. and nothing compared to yesterday. but there's another system on the way for friday. updates on that. 22 bucks!
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good morning. welcome back. live pictures. we're in san jose today, today is eviction day at the homeless camp called the jungle. now people from the bay area's biggest homeless encampment, they are packing up and leaving. they are being forced to leave. we are out there right now. we're going to have an update on everything that's happening including what you see here in just about two minutes from now. stay tuned. it's thursday morning, december 4th. >> good morning.
5:31 am
thank you for joining us. it's now 5:30. and we want to talk about the weather. a little bit of a break but yesterday, you were talking about so much rain so fast that the roads couldn't clear. and i know a lot of people they never even made it into the city, they went home. >> i saw pictures. the water was so high, i mean, i even saw over the bridge here. i haven't seen water that high in a long, longtime. >> right near that high school. yeah. >> a little break today. thank goodness. and more rain on friday. and maybe a little system on monday. and could be a bigger system into next week. looking that far out. yes, i am because it's looking very wet into mid-december. and today we have a little bit of rain. not much. san jose, i mean not a lot. but let's face it, some shower activity. and this is shower activity. usually i say rain but this is shower activity. not a lot but there could be a little bit. and south bay, still getting
5:32 am
some. and san jose has some. boy it's mild. 50s and 60s on the temperatures. and even up to the north, we can't find 40s and 50s and hold on to patchy fog as well. and overall, look for a partly to mostly cloudy day. and watch what happens on friday, the next system comes in and lingering into saturday and heavier amounts to the north, lesser to the south. but everyone will get in on rain. and scattered showers today, sun and clouds, mild to humid, a lot of 60s on the temperatures. and here he's with an -- and here he is with an update on traffic. we look at the east shore freeway. still about a standard 18 minute drive at the bridge and the maze with no major problems and the traffic continues to look good to the toll plaza. and looks good all the way through. though some is a little bit slow as you drive-thru.
5:33 am
it is definitely better than it was yesterday at this time. and you can see traffic continues to look good. and i want to mention that the county traffic since yesterday, we had such a bad day, just in case you're wondering, right now looks good all the way down to the golden gate bridge. and the road sensors are green and we don't have standing water. and of course yesterday some people had such a bad commute that they probably want to hear that. there you go. let's go back to the desk. crews in san jose are getting ready to shut down one of the biggest homeless camps in the united states. we are out there this morning in san jose. and you're talking about what's happening at the jungle right now. >> reporter: yeah, we are here in the jungle. city crews were here earlier. and you might be some of the temporary fencing that they have brought in to mark off the area here. and they have, in the last half hour, they have left. but we are expecting more crews this morning.
5:34 am
and you can see some of the members of the homeless community here. the activity here has certainly increased since we first arrived at about 4:30 this morning. folks are starting to move about. and looks as if some folks are getting ready to go. and we have heard from one homeless advocate here that there are about 150 to as many as 200 still in the area. and this is part of the reason why the city wants to remove the area. they say they pose a health hazard that conditions are unsanitary and unsafe. and the city has tried clearing the area in the past and this time they'll install fencing along story road and restricting vehicle access to try to discourage the homeless from returning to the area. and city workers will be trying to get them into shelters and advocates say they have nowhere to go. >> working with our partners and trying to make sure that our supports are in place. so tomorrow, begin removing it
5:35 am
and closing it down, people are safe and stable. >> they have 27 beds. okay? so do the math. it's not going to work. there's 4,700 homeless people on any given day here in san ho and a only 275 shelter beds available throughout the county. >> reporter: now those who do not leave could be cited for trespassing and we are hoping to speak with city officials to find out what the city will do if the community picks up and moves to another nearby location or try to return here. the clean-up expected to take about two weeks and we will stay on the scene this morning to continue to update and figure out exactly what's going on. and we are expecting those crews to show up here later on this morning to actually set up the fences that we showed you earlier and begin the process of clearing out the jungle. and we will stay here throughout the morning and monitor the progress and for now, we are live here in san jose. back to you. >> all right.
5:36 am
thank you. time is 5:35. more protests planned today around the country. after another grand jury decided not to indict a white new york police officer for the choke hold death of an african- american man. the latest case is similar to ferguson, missouri but this involved a new york city police officer taking down 50-year-old eric garner back in july. and this was captured on cellphone video. and you can see a plain clothessed officer putting garner in a choke hold. and garner can be heard screaming "i can't breathe." the grand jury made up of 23 people decided that the police officer should not face criminal charges. >> do not do your job! we've never trusted you! >> about 300 people protested in oakland last night against the decision of that grand jury. and they marched towards the police headquarters and they were turned away by a line of
5:37 am
police officers. the protesters marched through downtown in the piedmont business district. >> i can't believe that i have to be out here. yeah, it seems that black lives don't matter. and people are being killed. without due process. >> now this march ended at city hall. police reported no problems. the demonstration was more pearceful than the ferguson, missouri protest last month. that led to 169 arrests and several businesses vandalized. and protests over what happened in new york are scheduled today at uc berkeley at noontime. a group of stanford students protested last night. photos of the protests were posted on twitter. the group consisted of about a hundred protesters and briefly shut down highway 101 at university avenue. they held up their arms.
5:38 am
during the rush hour last night in san francisco, a small group of people staged what they called a die-in as the cable car turn around. one told us that it was important for him to be there. he says he wanted to show that, quote, black lives matter. and afterwards, several protesters blocked traffic on market street. and the largest demonstrations last night happened in new york city. thousands of people gather add cross the city to voice their anger and they blocked access to the lincoln tunnel, stopped traffic at a major highway and march add cross the brooklyn bridge at midnight. and they tried to disrupt the annual tree lighting ceremony. they chanted no justice, no tree. new york police arrested at least 83 people throughout the night. well pam, president barack obama at a washington, d.c. event honoring native american tribes talked about the choke
5:39 am
hold case and said it's a larger issue of minorities not trusting the police. >> the concern on the part of too many minority communities that law enforcement is not working with them and dealing with them in a fair way. >> now u.s. attorney general eric holder has ordered a federal civil rights investigation into eric garner's death. although the police officer is legally cleared for now, he may still lose his job for violating the police department's ban on choke holds. and now the east bay congresswoman tweeted out this photo of her hands up in the air. she says she is disgusted with the new york grand jury decision and says the senseless murders of black men cannot continue. she's calling for peaceful demonstrations and also for the police to uphold first amendment rights. well current storms are helping with concerns over a water shortage in california
5:40 am
but not enough to solve our drought problem. the east bay water district says total water levels for the five reservoirs are slightly above half of the total capacity. so district staff is recommending the board of directors buy more federal water from the sacramento river. and if board board approves the plan, the average customer would pay $4.30 more a month to cover that cost. the district says the other option is for customers to cut their water use even more. >> whatever happens has to happen. but for myself,ky figure out how to take shorter showers. >> i would rather con sever more water than buy water from the sacramento river. >> they are scheduled to make a decision at the next meeting on tuesday night. two little boys were hoping to get on santa claus' good list but what they did get on, well, they got a visit from the police. a 6-year-old boy from wisconsin and his 3-year-old brother,
5:41 am
they dialed 911 trying to get in contact with santa claus. they wanted to make sure he knew what they wanted for christmas. >> the phone was unlocked. >> they have to understand that the north pole is out of our jurisdiction. not much we can do to help them contact. >> and the police had a serious talk with the little boys. just reminding them to only call 911 in an emergency. >> it was a christmas emergency. they wanted to make sure santa knew. >> yeah. >> had to know. >> they should write a letter. >> yeah. the city council made the decision early this morning. coming up at 6:00, the complaints that will lead the city to start issuing park et permits. and we have a good crowd this morning at -- issuing parking permits. >> and we have a god crowd here this morning. you can -- we have a good crowd here this morning. they have the rockets ready to go but the launch has been
5:42 am
delayed. we will tell you the goal behind this unmanned mission to outer space. good morning. looking at a commute where traffic is still doing well. much better than yesterday on highway 24 as you head to oakland. still scattered showers out there but a rest from the last couple day where is the rain totals were anywhere from 3 to over 7 inches of rain.
5:43 am
5:44 am
well good morning to you. welcome back. nasa just told us why the launch of the space capsule was postponed for the fourth time this morning as we look live at kennedy space center in florida. nasa told us, there were two readings that said a fuel valve was not properly closed. so the engineers are going to
5:45 am
the perform a series of procedures to hopefully fix what's wrong and try another lift, another launch this morning. we will keep watching that launch pad for you. and this mission is very important to the bay area because engineers at nasa aims worked on the project. and nasa is hoping that it will take astronaut all the way to mars. and we are live this morning at the field. there's a large viewing party going on right now. and even with the delays, i know it's got to be exciting out there. >> reporter: yeah, a lot of excitement. and obviously people are anxious for the launch to happen here. and let me let you look at the crowd here that built up. and they're making announcements here. nasa is over the loud speakers. but you can see the crowd that's waiting here. and some of the folks here for quite some time. and you guys are ready for the launch to happen. >> got here about 3:00 30. >> reporter: why did you come to the viewing party?
5:46 am
>> i worked on orion. >> reporter: wanted to see what it looked flake the real world? >> absolutely. there you go. >> reporter: and let me show you video. we'll talk to you about what the mission is all about this morning. it's going to take off from the kennedy space center a short time from now and fire with the rocket and launch into deep space. and the craft will make two high altitude test orbits and scientists will be analyzing how the systems onboard are operating in the conditions. and then after all that is said and done, it will make the decent, plunging back toker and that's when it will get the trial by fire as it re-enters the atmosphere. it will be enduring temperatures of 4,000 degrees, putting the heat shield to the test. the shield was developed here at the research center and we talked a short time ago with one of the researchers about
5:47 am
how the technology works. >> once it enters, the heat shield will compress the air in front of it, generate a strong shock and that creates a lot of heat transfer to the heat shield. >> reporter: and this whole test flight when it's said and done will take about 4.5 hours and it will crash down into the pacific about 600 mills southwest of san diego. and again, bring it back out here live to a picture this morning. and you can see a good size crowd here gathered here and everybody hoping that the launch will be a go. the window only about an hour or so left on it. and so far, they have delayed things for technical reasons and because of weather conditions in florida. stand by for the launch and let you know when it happens and the reaction from the crowd here. everyone excited. we are live this morning, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you.
5:48 am
an active day. we will check back later on. >> yeah. fun to hear from the people there who had a part in that. >> sure. we were talking about yesterday. i know quite a few people who live there and work in san francisco, they never made it to work. just turned around. >> and went back. this is is gripping live television, but in general, the morning commute for now is much better than yesterday. normal slow downs opposed to ridiculous delays. i said it on tv and i'm going to hit the tweet button. we are mass media here. >> wow. >> we're right with you. >> mass communicating. westbound 24 at less president hill road, still rather normal eight minute delay. people are yesterday wrote a lot of things about the commute and even this morning are saying, just as bad. well it's not. the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering rights went on a
5:49 am
few minutes ago. and normal slow downs. and it looks good from the bridge to walnut creek. and driving on the freeway, so far, so good. and san mateo bridge looking good as it should for this early hour but probably won't stay this way too much longer as people get on the road. and another man super busy, steve. you know, i had this buzz. i did the the noon yesterday. a live shot from the roof which was a blast. >> nice. >> and then get home, you know that buzz. >> i understand. >> it was fun. you know. but boy, wow. we do have a break today. thank goodness. and some scattered showers around. not a lot. and take a look at the totals and we need a break after so much rain yesterday. and a lot of moisture in the air. the humidity factor is high as well. and temperatures mild. past three days san francisco with 3.87 since july 1st. that gives 137% of normal. last year at this time, 1.69,
5:50 am
only 34% of normal. what is a july 1st to december 1st normal? 4.9 there. for an entire season, 23.65. and signs of more rain. 5.5 for oakland. and san francisco and san jose, 164% to 121%. everyone is doing well. but yesterday, that was seen down to the mountains, they took the brunt of this. but everybody got really good rain. and still some light rain now. not a lot but some holding over the county. this is really just scattered stuff. nothing too heavy. although occasionally you can get some where it might be moderate but things will be quieter today. and 50s and 60s on the temperatures. really mild due to the cloud cover and moisture. and it's been raining in tahoe. and mild as well. and 60 to 65 in los angeles to
5:51 am
san diego. but we get a break today into the next system. and yesterday's whopper of a system is filling and moving north. and a mix of sun and clouds and friday's system comes in. and heaviest rain will be to the north and some rain will lingering into saturday morning and it's okay saturday afternoon into sunday. and rain totals into late friday and saturday. you can see the heaviest amounts. less to the south. everyone will get in on this. and. sun and clouds today, scattered showers, mild to muggy around there and 60s on the opens today. and not be surprised if we get sun there, maybe upper 60s to near 70. and tomorrow, we will bring increasing clouds in the morning and rain will develop. and nothing too heavy but make it on friday and linger into saturday. and a break sunday. and next system on monday. >> take an umbrella today or -- >> you could have it handy because there's a little bit out there. >> and then a lot of wind yesterday. >> my gosh, it was howling. >> yes.
5:52 am
and that died down. >> correct. steve likes james bond. >> yes, he does. >> get ready for the 24th james bond movie in 25 minutes. new details just came out this morning about the latest film that will hit theaters next year. uninvited guests at a bay area college. the pest problem that forced students out of the dorm. ♪
5:53 am
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welcome back. stanford university says a problem with bed bugs exist in a dorm but it's now under control. the bugs can pull out blood. they were found in the hall last month. some of the dorm residents say since then, they have seen mattresses wrapped in play nick the first floor hallways and they're seeing pest control people around as well. >> i didn't know what was going on. and then i heard that it was bed bugs and tiffs like my gosh, this better not get to the second floor. >> and the students who lived in the rooms that had the bed bugs, they were given other housing. the university paid to have all of the clothing washed dry cleaned and the mattresses and carpets and drapes have been replaced. there's new information on the missing brains of mental patients missing from the university of texas.
5:56 am
school officials say the organs were disposed of 12 years ago. earlier other university officials said the brains disappeared from a storage area. the brains had been used as teaching tools but the university says their conditions had deteriorated. and the the university will investigate how the decision was made to dispose of the brains. well a few minutes ago, the labor department reported that the number of people reporting for benefits dropped 17,000 last week. it's below 300,000. and that signals an improving labor market. and today they release the jobless report for all of november. some automakers taking action on their own to recall more vehicles aquipped with the air bags. honda agreed to a u.s. government request to expand the recall nationwide. chrysler and ford have added more states to their regional recalls but the company based
5:57 am
in japan still says the expanded recalls are unnecessary and that the focus should remain in the states that are hot and humid with the air bags had the most problems. this week, many families headed to the christmas tree farms, they're way behind me. but a study show, actually more people want artificial trees. eight out of 10 people say they're going for pre-lit fake trees. the best time to buy an artificial tree is from now until december 4th. kmart and home depot have good deals. nothing like the smell of a real tree though. today's deadline day at the jungle. we are out there live. the police just showed up. getting out of trucks right there. what's happening right now at one of the nagle's largest homeless camps. and a massive sink hole in one neighborhood. what neighbors hope will happen today. ♪
5:58 am
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police here in san jose are moving into position to clear out people in the jungle. and we are looking live and still waiting for a space
6:00 am
history. the issues and the weather problems in problem that have kept a test flight of nasa's deep spacecraft grounded this morning. nationwide protests after another grand jury decides not to indict a white police officer for the death of an african-american man. what happened as nonstraiters marched through. and before you get the flu shot, you may want to hear the advisory from the cdc. why they say the vaccine may not be effective. that story and more as the ktvu morning news continues. san jose planning to shut down for good if homeless camp known as the jungle. police just arrived. you can see they have the barricades ready to go. this is a 68-acre


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