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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  December 4, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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history. the issues and the weather problems in problem that have kept a test flight of nasa's deep spacecraft grounded this morning. nationwide protests after another grand jury decides not to indict a white police officer for the death of an african-american man. what happened as nonstraiters marched through. and before you get the flu shot, you may want to hear the advisory from the cdc. why they say the vaccine may not be effective. that story and more as the ktvu morning news continues. san jose planning to shut down for good if homeless camp known as the jungle. police just arrived. you can see they have the barricades ready to go. this is a 68-acre homeless
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camp. and in two minutes, we're out there and we are going to the see what's happening right now. again, in san jose. good morning. it's thursday, december 4th. >> a busy thursday. steve says you take an umbrella if you want to -- >> there's a little bit. not like yesterday. we still have light rain. maybe fog as well. >> and some of the rains. we need a break. we will get one for about a day. and that will not be a strong system but going to give okay rain. the mountains, very, very heavy rain. 7.36. that's since saturday. and san jose 2.5. oakland 3. so i realize some of have your own rain gauges and maybe more than that. and you can send it to me. i understand. scattered showers and sun and clouds and i'll mention showers here.
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but mild and muggy yesterday and the day before. this is one of the scattered showers. not a lot but still moisture from the west, southwest. doesn't take much to get up. and things are quiet here for lake county. there's not a lot. this is really light stuff. and still coming in, streaming into the mountains and highway 17. and in san jose, light rain. 50s on the temperatures to 60s. kind of a break here but the next system is right there. and updates on rain totals in about 12 minutes. mild to humid, not as windy as yesterday. and temperatures very mild with upper 60s to a few near 70. and i haven't heard anything yet. anything new? >> no. you're doing very well. and listening. thank you very much. you get an a for today urethra's for the first hour. let's go out and take a look at
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the commute on the east shore freeway. the traffic is moving along well if you are driving from the bridge to the maze. and move along to the bay bridge toll plaza, backed up here for a normal delay. traffic continues to look good as you drive-thru. and no major problems as you continue into san francisco. we're looking at the bridges now, san mateo on the map system. and you can see that all of the green yesterday. i showed the maps and we saw a lot of red. not a lot of green. and i want to focus on the area here. highway 9 shut down in both directions because of a tree blocking the roadway. you will have to think of another route. and likely delays in the area. 6:03. back to the desk. >> thank you. happening right now, san jose police are getting ready to clear out one of the biggest homeless camps in the united states. it's right in san jose.
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and something that happened moments ago -- >> reporter: yeah, noticed an up tick in activity. we are here at the homeless encampment known as the jungle. and a large amount of police officers have arrived here. and you can see the police officers moving some of the temporary gates we saw workers laying out around 5:00 this morning. and the officers have told us that we have to leave our area within the next half hour or so. and we will try to move probably across the street or to a lot nearby so we can monitor the situation here. and crews again out here about an hour and a half ago. and put the fences in place. and the crews that could actually begin the work of clearing this site could be here any time between 6:00 and 8:00 this morning. and the city has tried clearing the area out several times in the past. and they'll be installing a 1,000-foot long fence along story road. and it will be a permanent fence trying to restrict access
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and vehicle access to discourage the homeless community from returning to the area known as the jungle. and advocates say they'll be here on the scene to provide homeless with shelter vouchers and services. but say that the site has got to go because they say it poses a health hazard. >> we will begin removing major structures, debris, hazardous waste and biowaste. >> we have gone to the city and asked the city for legal campgrounds so we can set up in another place away from the waterways and a place where we can guarantee everybody's security. >> reporter: and some out here say there are not enough beds and shelters to southbound the homeless. an estimated 100 to 200 people still out here this morning. and you can see some of the work that they'll be taking care. trying to remove the waste out here. and those who do not leave this morning could be cited for trespassing and we have noticed a number of people who have
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been out here leaving. and again, those crowds of people leaving are starting to swell. and we are hearing again that the city crews could be here any time between 6:00 and 8:00. and one question we have for them when they arrive, what they'll do if the community picks up and moves to another site nearby. which again is one of the possibilities. and with the long-term solution to try to resolve the homelessness issue here. and the clean-up process could take about two weeks and we will stay here throughout the morning to the monitor the progress. and the latest is that we have san jose police putting up the temporary fencing and again, the city workers could be here between 6:00 and 8:00 this morning to clear the site. we are live here. and we will continue to monitor the progress. >> thank you. we will check back in. also right now, we are still waiting for the launch as
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the orion in kennedy space center in florida. it looks nice there at the launch pad but they've had very, very strong wind issues. that's delayed the launch. one time onlookers got too close and it was put on hold because of a fuel and drain that did not close. still waiting on an updated launch time for the mission which space engineers hope will lead to future manned missions to mars. and people have been gathering in mountainview to watch the launch. and look at the crowd. keeping an eye on them. we're going to check in with him coming up at 6:30. and we are going to continue to update you on when the launch might happen. and we will bring that to you live as soon as it happens. again, dealing with delays there. >> all right. now to the coverage of the stormy weather in the bay area. and san francisco city crews hope to finish repairing a
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massive sink hole sometime today. and it opened up yesterday morning at 6th avenue and lake street. take a look at it. it quickly grew to 20 by 20 feet and 10 feet deep. city inspectors are checking to see if the sink hole is connected to another one in this same neighborhood last year. >> a lot is just due to aging infrastructure. some of the pipes are a hundred years old. >> we don't know if the old pipe burst before or after the road caved in yesterday. and people in the area still don't have water this morning and they are waiting for repairs to be completed. the wet weather proved especially dangerous for one family. the roof of their apartment was under repair and partially collapsed yesterday afternoon. take a look at that video. firefighters say the water pooled and then a tarp gave way and then a plank crashed through the roof. a woman was home at the time but was not hurt. as people start to repair damage from the storm, california homeowners are being
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warned to watch out for scams by unlicensed contractors. the state licensing board says only higher licensed contractors for storm repair work because they are bond and that will protect you if anyone gets injured at your property. and workers have to carry insurance coverage for their employees if they're bonded and tree trimmers working on trees taller than 15 feet have to be licensed. if you're planning to get a flu shot, here's something to think about first. the cdc says the vaccine may not effective this year. the reason why. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. well, go to any pharmacy here and across the country and you have signs like this one promoting to you get your flu shot. and cvs, they are promoting no- cost flu shots. the cdc did a sampling and they found this year's strain has
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mew at a timed into a different one and the vaccine for this year may not be i agood match to combat it. it was september out earlier. they sampled those with flu from october to late november. and they found the vaccine was only good for just under half of the cases and suggesting that the virus is different than what was planned for. and the cdc says even though it appears it may not combat this year's flu, they recommend the flu shot because it will offer from text from severe complications and be effective against the strains that have not mew at a timed and. the cdc is warning doctors to stock up on medications like tamiflu just in case the flu season gets worse. >> before you go, have you heard anything about whether people who did get a flu shot, whether they have to go back and get another one or a booster or something? >> reporter: well, they have not come out with a new vaccine. and the cdc is saying that
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those who did get the flu shot will get some protection. but again, they're saying that this year's flu vaccine is not going to be effective against the mew at a timed strain. just be aware to stock up on the medications. >> that's interesting. thank you. time is now 6:10. the city council passed an ordinance alog neighborhoods all over the city to have residential parking permit programs. and the first program is going to cover much of the downtown area. it's a response to complaints from people who live in the area who couldn't find places to park on the street. and the city will provide permits for free but they're going to sell permits to people who work downtown. parking downtown will be limited to two hours for anyone that does not have a permit. well anger and protests from the new york city area all the way to the bay area, the grand jury decided not to indict a new york city police officer for the death of a
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suspect. coming up, the overnight protests not only in the big apple but around the country. plus, rallies that are planned right here later today. but first, a homeless man shot in san francisco during a struggle with an off-duty police officer. look at the video of the bizarre confrontation that ended in gunfire. still looking at the roads. and we have a new crash in san jose. but highway 24 looks good. from walnut creek to oakland. cloud cover around and still some rain. napa says rain. sfo, light rain and fog being reported. not done with the rain yet but better today. an update on the forecast. 22 bucks!
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welcome back. san francisco police are conduct more tests to determine who fired a gun in an incident that involved an off-duty police officer and a homeless man. it all started yesterday morning. the man went into a cafe. this video shows him branded in a blanket and walking up to a female customer. and when another customer intervened the, man grabbed the woman's coffee and threw it at her and chased her around a table before throwing coffee on the other customer. and he was chased out of the cafe by a work we are a baseball bat. and minutes later, the man we want into the lobby of an apartment building.
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police say he was armed with the leg of a chair. and tried to rob a man. and the man happened to be an off-duty san francisco police officer who was leafing his apartment. >> the officer draws his weapon, identifies himself as a police officer to beat back the robbery. the suspect tells the officer you're going to have to shoot me. >> police say the officer put his gun in his holster thinking he could subdue the suspect but there was a fight and during the struggle the gun went off. the suspect was wounded in the upper body. he's in the hospital during this morning. and he is listed in stable condition. the oakland raiders are increasing security for this sunday's battle of the bay. the raiders and 49ers will play at the oakland coliseum. and it's the first meeting since 2011. on that day, two people were shot. a former raider says the rivalry between the two team
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cans get out of hand. >> i played for 15 years and there was a rivally back in those days. >> the raiders say there will be more uniformed and under cover police officers at sunday's game. plus, an increase in private security. time is 6:17. new this morning, now we're getting more details about the next james bond movie. producers announced today the 24th james bond movie will be called "spector." the bond movies, that's a fictional terrorist organization. the filming begins monday. and daniel craig once again will be james bond. the movie is expected to be released in november of next year. and it will be shaken, not stirred. >> always good. look forward to those. let's check in with sal. >> and trivia -- >> okay. >> back then in the 60s,
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everyone used to stir martinis. >> that's right. >> and then strain it. >> except for james bond. >> except he wanted shaken. and now everyone, you go to the a bar and ask for a martini and it's shaken. >> intying involved. >> no, no. what we have now. the commute is looking good today compared to yesterday. normal slow downs, not ridiculous delays and. if you're used to go to the bay bridge, you will see it backed up for about a 20 minute drive. and i just got off the phone with bart, doing okay. the commute on 880, the coliseum, traffic does move well in both directions and traffic southbound all the way to hayword is looking good. and i want to remind you that highway 9 at 35, the road is closed but they have the shoulder open. vehicle are allowed to pass. obviously this is going to be causing a big traffic delay in the area. and move out to the rest of the
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south bay, an accident southbound 280. didn't really cause traffic issues. and really the south bay commute right now doesn't look too bad. you might want to get out there before things change. and the weather center. >> thank you, sir. a break but there's still some rain around san jose and napa and fog out there. so not done yet. and we do get some of the rain totals that have gone above average. and within a week's time, we went from about 50% to 152. and oakland at 121%. doing just fine. san francisco looks like more rain on the way. and san francisco 3.87. and 6.79 now since july 1st. and that's 137% of normal. and last year was 1 is .69 at this time. and only 34% of normal. and average is 4.94. and entire season 23.65. and not too bad here. although it was looking ominous for a while.
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and now things picked up and still getting light rain. and not much to the north. looks like areas of fog. so there's plenty of that to go around and a low cloud deck. and i see a cloud deck but reports of fog and light rain. right into napa. napa airport as well reporting rainment and some over them right now. probably american canyon i don't know. occasionally light showers just popping up and over walnut creek, highway 17, san jose, you can see mountainview as well, and morgan hill. so still getting light showers here. maybe moderate. 50s and 60s on the temperatures. last i saw, 60s down to southern california. 65 san diego. and las vegas 53. and moisture continuing to stream right off from the west, southwest. so mostly cloudy. and the next system is there. and it will roll in with heavier rain to the north.
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not a big system. and some sun can clouds and rain develops and heaviest will be the north. and linger into saturday morning and then a break. and some totals to the area and east bay will not be as great but for santa rosa, looking good into saturday morning with another inch or inch and a half. and scattered showers and mild today. 60s on the temperatures. and sun breaks and maybe near 70 degrees even though the days are getting short. and we do have scattered showers today, partly sunny and rain on friday. it's gone by saturday morning and generally dry into sunday. and next weak system on monday. >> and maybe a bigger system the next week. >> yeah, middle of december is looking wet. >> very wet ask that's on track. >> and then bug you about christmas later. >> is christmas coming? >> faster than you think. >> just ordered my first gift. >> my. i think you're ahead of dave.
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>> way ahead of me. crude oil prices inching back up slightly overnight after a surprising report that the supply in the u.s. is smaller than expected but that's not being felt at the gas pumpsful still paying low prices. two gas stations in oklahoma city are actually in a price war. that's dropped the price below $2 a gallon there. and dozen thes of people lining up to get the cheap gas. and some say they have waited more than 40 minutes. they can use that money for more christmas there you go. the golden state warrior, ridiculous. >> on the a roll. the wish they're granting one special fan tonight. plus remember him? >> yeah. >> he's doing the dance. a hit too big for the internet. how this video shut down
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youtube two years after the release. this holiday season, it's customer appreciation at subway! we're saying thanks with two of your favorite six-inch sandwiches for $2 each! the meatball marinara and the cold cut combo. join our customer appreciation celebration today. subway. eat fresh.
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right here in san francisco. whether it's helping local businesses like the fruitguys grow and prosper, supporting nonprofits like juma ventures as they fulfill their mission or helping neighborhoods like the tenderloin become vibrant communities. if there's a way to help the people of san francisco thrive and succeed, we'll find it. that's the power of local connections. that's bank of america. welcome back. time 6:25. the golden state warriors are giving a boost to the richmond
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high basketball team whose captain was killed in a shooting. the 16-year-old rodney frasier was shot can killed last month. the chronicle is reporting the head coach and several players offered their support and visited the team yesterday. the coach says rodney was not only the leader but the heart and the soul of that team. well speaking of the warriors, they are granting an australian man's wish today through the make a wish foundation. the 20-year-old trent frost has leukemia. and his wish is to meet the warriors center and to go to an nba game for the first time. and frost and his family will meet the team before tonight's game against the new orleans pelicans and he will have a special lunch in oakland and watch the pre-game shoot around on court side. well the county sheriff's office is showing off one of its two drones. it's a $97,000 purchase that is
6:27 am
ignited a controversy. the american civil liberties union and other groups are worried that the drones could be used for spying. but the sheriff says the drones will not be used for surveillance. >> this system is specifically for search and rescue, eod missions and other events that occur. >> the sheriff had really side stepped what was clearly supervisor concern and wide suppress community concern about buying drones and has secretly bought drones without any public debate. >> now the sheriff decided to use the county's own money to buy the drones after being told he could not use federal homeland security money. the supervisor says he will support the sheriff's decision to buy the drones but added, quote, i know the sheriff knows this is a sensitive issue so i wish he had come to the board of supervisors public protection committee to be more transparent. all right, our time now 6:27. san jose police just arrived in one of the biggest homeless
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camps in the country. what's happening right now to the hundreds of people living in what is called the jungle. and we remain on stand-by this morning for an important space mission. we're inside nasa's aims research center here in mountainview, a god size crowd onhand. and everyone is awaiting the launch of the spacecraft that should happen sometime this morning. we'll tell you the goal behind the mission coming up. good morning. looking at a commute where traffic is still doing well in san jose. even though there was an earlier accident. we're not getting the widespread heavy rain that we had yesterday but still some pockets of rain right now. san jose and up into napa. and a closer look at that and the off the chart rain totals the past three days.
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good morning.
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welcome back, live pictures are light there. the newest nasa spacecraft still sitting on the launch pad in florida. they've tried to launch it at least four times this morning. we just found out, nasa is going the try to launch it again at 6:44 this morning. that is the enof this morning's launch window. so this is critical. and we're at the viewing party as well in mountainview. and we will find out more about the significance of this launch to the bay area coming up in just a couple minutes. stay tuned for that. thank you for joining us. >> good morning. thank you for waking up with us. a much better day today. >> we are getting some rain. there's still some out there but nothing like yesterday. thank goodness. although, brown valley and napa pouring up there. and napa airport says rain. san jose reporting light rain
6:32 am
and same for sfo. still some out there. mix of sun and clouds today. and even fog being reported. that makes sense. first off, trying to work its way over towards richmond and maybe berkeley. but it is happening up in napa, highway 129, clipping near south. and then back over as well. a little bit around walnut creek, not a lot. coming out of the mountain, san jose, back over towards sunnyville. and definitely some on highway 17. and 50s and 60s overall. look for partly to mostly cloudy and scattered showers and next system on track right back here. more on that coming up in about 12 minutes and rain on friday. and that's heavier amounts to the north. not as strong as the past two days. and sun and clouds and 60s on
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the temperatures. and the an update on traffic. and a decent commute compared to yesterday. and a normal slow down for most of the drives. and a live picture of 280 in downtown. that's northbound 280 on the right-hand side. and you can see that the traffic looks good up to highway 17. and as we look at the south bay, an earlier crash southbound at 280. did not cause any slow traffic at all. and the commute continues to look good. and in the east bay, 580 westbound is slow. it doesn't really get too much better in dublin. and the slowest traffic is on highway 4. an accident near the willow pass grade on highway 4 westbound. and that's slowing traffic a little bit still. and a look at the toll plaza. and about a 25 minute delay. and back to the desk. >> huang. san jose police have
6:34 am
arrived at one of the biggest homeless camps in the country. and what's happening right now in the jungle. >> reporter: yeah, you have been monitoring our progress this morning so you might have notice we moved locations a half hour ago. and we have moved across the street from the jungle under orders from police. and they want to get our news vehicles out of the area as they put up the temporary fence. and you might be able to see the fence that they have put up in the area. and we're hearing that work crews could show up to begin the process of clearing that area any time between now and 8:00 this morning. and now sense those officers showed up this morning, we have seen streams of people leaving the area. and some of them have expressed angering it's a major disruption to their lives and they're being removed from the only home they have. and the city has tried clearing the area in the past and this time, they'll be installing a 1,000-foot long fence along story road and restricting vehicle access to the area to try to discourage the homeless
6:35 am
community from returning. and advocates say they'll be here onscene to provide homeless with shelter vouchers and services. >> working with all of the partner triesing to make sure that the resources and supports are in place so when we go tomorrow and begin removing the encampment and closing it down, people are safe and stable. >> they have 27 beds. do the math. there's 4,700 homeless people on any given day here in san jose. and there's only 275 shelter beds available throughout the county. >> reporter: the man you just saw a moment ago who lives out here estimated that this morning there could have been 100 to 200 people still out here this morning. and those who don't leave could be cited for trespassing. and again we are hoping that once the officials come out, we can speak with them more about the plan for the morning and specifically what their plan is, if the homeless picked up
6:36 am
and move to another nearby location. and we're hearing that the entire clean-up process could take about to weeks and. there's an area that's difficult to see that goes down into a canyon there. and there's clean-up work to be done there. and we're hoping to move closer and get a closer look at some of the work that's they're going to have to be doing this morning and get an idea on what the long term plan is for the homeless community. and for now, we are live here in san jose, back to you. new dell tails moments ago nasa announced it's scrubbing the launch of the space capsule. this is is a live picture from kennedy space center in. if we've been watching that all morning. and we have been watching there. and explain what happened to the mission. >> reporter: yeah, they just decided to cancer it will launch for today. and quite a bit of disappointment for the
6:37 am
researchers here. and also some disappointment here in the crowd. although, still some excited folks here. these are all people who came down for a viewing party hoping to see the launch of the spacecraft. but they had issues throughout in florida at the space center with weather and a valve issue as well. and that's why they scrubbed it for today. and let me bring in one of the researchers here with nasa here at aims research center. and first of all, talk to me about what went wrong this morning. we heard about the valve issue. >> well, obviously, what the involve issue, there's safety concerns that they don't want to launch because of that. so they have to investigate the issues first. and also the weather con trains we experienced today. >> reporter: all right. and frustrated sometimes isn't it? >> sometimes. i wish it went off today but tomorrow is another day. >> reporter: so talk to me about the plan moving forward. it's not a go today but what is the future look like? >> so tomorrow, we launch
6:38 am
window starts again at 4:05 pacific standard time again. and the launch window is roughly also two hours and 40 minutes so hoping that it will go tomorrow. >> reporter: all right. it will be a repeat performance of today. and another viewing party, right? >> yeah, not sure what they're planning but yeah. i'll be here and we'll see what happens. >> reporter: and i want to talk about this mission because it's really important. sort of one of the first steps on nasa's journey to mars. that's the goal is to have orion send humans up to mars. and in order to do that, you have to figure out how well it's going to work up in deep space. >> yeah. >> reporter: and specifically you want to figure out how well it's going to return to work. >> correct. >> reporter: and thank you thank goodness brings in the issue of heat shields and. you want to see how they work under pressure as they re-enter the atmosphere. and bring you back out here live. and we have a model here.
6:39 am
and flip it around a little bit for me. and you see on the bottom here, these are the heat shields and describe how they work. >> sure. what you see here, the black part represents the heat shield. it's made of a coat that's similar to what we used on the apollo mission. and the back represents the back shell and we have tile material on the be back because it has lower heating. >> reporter: we will have to leave it there. but this is technology developed right here at the aims research center. so obviously an important mission for folks, and researchers like yourself in the bay area. and we will do it all convention tomorrow, 4:00 in the morning they'll try again and open the launch window again and see if they can give it a go to get up into outer space. live in morning. >> all right. we know where he will be tomorrow. thank you. well more protests are
6:40 am
planned nationwide today after another grand jury decides not to indict a white police officer for the death of an african-american man. and while the case has similarities to ferguson, missouri it does involve new york city police taking down a 350-pound man eric garner back in july. the incident was captured on cellphone video. and you are looking at that now. it shows a plain clothed officer putting garner in a choke hold even though the maneuver is banned by the, inyp. and garner is heard seeming i can't breathe. and a grand jury consisting of 23 people decided that the officer should not face criminal charges. now that grand jury decision sparked protests across the country. the largest demonstration the happened last night at some of the most famous landmarks in new york city. protesters blocked access to the lincoln tunnel, stopped traffic on a major highway and march add cross the brooklyn bridge at midnight. and they also nonstraited at times square and tried to
6:41 am
disrupt the tree nighting ceremony and chanted no justice, no tree. there were also protests here in the bay area against the grand jury decision in new york. in the east bay today, demonstrations are planned for noontime at uc berkeley. >> we've never trusted you! >> the last night about 300 people were protesting in oakland against the grand jury decision. and they madged towards police had had quarters but they were turned away by a line of police officers in riot gear. and protesters then marched through downtown. no problems were reported by the police. meantime a group of stanford students protested last night. some of the photos of the protest were tweeted out. and now the group consisted of about 100 protests that briefly shut down both directions of highway 101 at university avenue. and they held up their arm to
6:42 am
show people reportedly shot by police, even while they were surrendering. if you're planning to get a flew shot, here's something to think about. the centers for disease control says the vaccine may not be as effective this year. and the reasons why. >> reporter: good morning to you. well the flu season is upon us and go to any pharmacy across the country and they're telling to you get your flu shot. this is pharmacy here promoting no-cost flu shots with most insurance. and while they are telling to you get the shot, the organization, the cdc did a sampling of those who got the flu and they found this year's strain has mew at a timed into a different one suggesting that the vaccine for this year may not be a good match to combat it. and it was through an advisory sent out this week. and they sample those who got the flu from october to late november. and they found that the maximum seen was only good for about half of the cases suggesting
6:43 am
that the virus is different than what was planned for. and they say the vaccine is typically created on which forms spread the year previous. and some year, the vaccine is better than others at battling the flu. and the cdc says even though it appears that mate not be affect the flu, they recommend still getting flu shot because it will offer some protection from severe complications and it will still be effective against the strains that have not mew at a timed. and they are warning doctors as well to stock up on many of the viral drugs like tamiflu just in case the season gets worse. and right now, the amount is increasing during these days. in 20 minute, we will tell
6:44 am
you about one city that says it has a plan. tmz coming to your living room. we will talk to the founder live about the show viewers will start seeing next week. i've been babysitting these kids for years. there's like eight of them - eight? maybe three. i don't know whatever. it's like really hard to keep track of them. it's a pretty big house. anyway, that's why i really love this nest protect smoke and carbon monoxide alarm. it tells you which room the smoke is in and tells you when things are getting bad. heads up - there's smoke upstairs. that's probably taylor. he's like so into fireworks right now. anyway, it's nice to- emergency - there's smoke upstairs. i should probably go. nest protect. welcome to a more thoughtful home.
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welcome back. 6:46. when you watch ktvu, you will soon be able to go inside the
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tmz news room thanks to a one- hour daily entertainment news program. the tmz founder joining us live. good to see you. haven't seen new a while. but tell me about -- >> well, we've been around. >> i know you have. i know you have. i remember covering stories with you on the streets of los angeles years ago. but tell me about tmz live. what's going to happen with the show? >> you know, i am really excited about this show. we actually started it online. and it kind of migrated into a television show. but it is, you know look, we break a lot of stories here, a lot of stories. and this isn't just some group of people just reading, you know, what other people have done. we break the stories. and there are stories always behind those stories that we know about that we talk about, that we argue about. and tmz live is literally inviting people in to our news
6:48 am
room. for an hour a day. and become part of this. and we talk about the stories that we've broken, people participate via skype, phone, twitter, all sorts of ways and they are equal partners. we don't call on people. it's one big conversation. and it's fun and funny at times and serious. it's all of that but really kind of rooted in the news that we break. and david i'll give you an example, we are about to put a story up on the website and as soon as i finish here -- >> okay. >> going to go to my desk and we will finish and probably within five minutes it will be. and it involves bill cosby. and turns out that a police department is going to investigate a serious criminal allegation even though they acknowledge the statute of limitations has run decades agoment but they are still going to investigate. and there's a lot to talk about awith that and that's one of the things we will talk aabout on the show. >> and i know you're a good solid news man.
6:49 am
and you have seem to have surrounded yourself with people aggressive like you. you broke the ray rice story and now bill cosby. how do you do this? >> look, sometimes everybody says how -- it's reporting. i mean, we have a lot of sources personally. i've been in the this business for 30 year know a lot of people in the industry. and we have a lot of really good sources but the people in this room behind me have all created and developed a huge bank of people who trust them who talk to them. we have all sorts of people that we're connected to. and you know, that's one of the reasons we break the stories. this is is a really great group of people back here. and you know, there's not a day when we walk in and say, gosh, there's nothing to do. there's always a lot of interesting stuff going on pgh and i am excited. i would love to ask you, what is the main get you still want to get but we are running out
6:50 am
of time. you have have to come back and tell me that. but congratulations on the success on tmz and the crew and appreciate getting a chance to talk to you. >> good talking to you. and david just so you know, the show debuts in san francisco monday at 4:00. and i'm going to do a live twitter. and we will do that during the show from 4:00 to 5:00. >> bravo. >> that's so good. you can catch tmz live every weekday at 4:00 p.m. starting this monday. >> great. going the tweet it out as well. >> yes. >> here at work, during that time, follow along as well. >> and dave, you are such a pro, talked eighth up to the satellite time. >> harvey is good. >> that was not a test of the emergency broadcast system. >> no, got every single second of that. >> yep. good morning. let's look at the commute. on the east shore freeway, 28 minutes from the bridge to the maze. and it's a little bit big but
6:51 am
not as big as yesterday when it's three times that much. and you thank the lucky traffic stars for small favors. and bay bridge toll plaza, a rather normal delay here. and backed up for about 25 to 30 minutes into san francisco. and we want to look at 580. a slow traffic there. and also highway 4 has a crash. going to be slow coming out. and 680 slows from 242 to walnut creek. and now time for the weather. >> thank you very much. and good morning. still some rainout there, not a lot but scattered showers. napa county getting some. and maybe where you are. east bay not a lot to go around there. and we are seeing some of that pop up herriment couple reports around brown valley. moderate to heavy rain. and pockets back. trying to work its way over towards rich monday. and not making it yet. and from highway 37, back over to napa, looks like american
6:52 am
canyon. and then off towards the hills. not much in the east bay but some. a lot of fog in discovery bay. thanks for that report. black hawk, and also fremont and union city. and this isn't heavy but there's a little bit. 50s and have 0s on the temperatures. mild pattern. raining up in tahoe and blue canyon last i saw. temperatures too warm, snow level above 7,000 pete. and moisture from the southwest. and scattered showers and the next system will arrive friday, probably late morning and early afternoon. and not as strong but some rain but the focus will be to the north. and it will takes into early saturday morning and a lot less to the south. nothing compared to the last couple days. scattered showers, patchy fog and mild on the temperatures.
6:53 am
and we have some mid-60s is a high humidity factor today. and rain to return on friday, not as heavy, and lingerings into saturday. and one more system on monday. >> all right. thank you. surveillance video of a bizarre attack inside a coffee shop. in just 20 minute, how moments litter same man ended up in a life or death fight with an off do youty police officer. and the mystery soled. what really happened to those human brains that went missing from the university of texas.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
welcome back. the heavy rains this week caused some of the bay area's worst flooding in years and. take a look at the scene. yikes. this was yesterday, heavy rains pounded the neighborhood near the river. the rain just overwhelmed the storm drains out there. and now here's better news, they're only expecting about 8 storm related flight cancellations this morning. that's a giant improvement over the 130 cancellations yesterday. and flightings are expected to go relatively smooth today at the oakland airport and san jose's airport. however still a good idea, call ahead before heading out to the airport. today fast food workers in oakland say they'll join a nationwide strike as they fight to increase their pay to $15 an
6:57 am
hour. fast food workers have been holding demonstrations for that cause for two years now. and the workers say that there will be strikes in 160 cities across the country today. and the oakland strikes starts at 3:00 this afternoon at the bart administration. and organizer sass they'll be joined by home health care workers who also want to be paid $15 an hour. new information about the brains of mental patients missing from the university of text tex. school officials say the brains were disposed of 12 years ago. now earlier, other university officials said the brains disappeared from a storage area. the brains have been used as a teaching tool but the university says the condition of them had worsened. and the university now says they're going to look into how the decision was made to dispose of the brains. it's more than two years old but a viral music video remains so popular that youtube
6:58 am
couldn't count the number of views anymore. so many people have watched the video that youtube video view count stopped working. it was programmed to max out at 2.1 billion views. and youtube announced this week that you the software has been updated and the video can register more than 9 quintillion. is that really a figure? i guess so. i think he has two hits. right? >> that's all he needed. >> that's right. >> all right. still coming up on mornings on 2, police have arrivedded at the scene of one of the biggest homeless camps in america. what's happening there right now at the jungle. also, you will see the new ad for a sinning home for rent in san francisco. stay with us.
6:59 am
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with a naturally formed crema on both coffee and espresso. nespresso vertuoline. experience the revolution of coffee. >> reporter: the sun is up and crews are cleaning out the area known as the jungle. we'll bring you the very latest. we recommend we


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